The Children of Light

Chapter 5

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Alex and Quinn sat on the edge of the bed, both lost in thought as they gazed out the bedroom window, where hours earlier they had seen the red haired twin floating just outside.   Quinn shook his head slightly and glanced at Alex.  
`Are you alright?' The smaller man asked.  
`I'm not sure.' Alex declared his eyes still unfocused.  
`Can I help with anything?' Quinn asked, not entirely sure what he could do to help.  
`Just being here is enough for now.' Alex said, his voice thick with emotion, as he reached out and put a hand on Quinn's thigh.   The blond looked down to the hand and smiled to himself.   Both men were startled when there was a knock at the door.  
`Alex.' Came a quiet voice through the door.   Alex stood up quickly and walked to the door.   He pulled the door open and saw the blond twin standing there, head bowed in respect.  
`Yeah?' Alex asked curiously.  
`Jaden and I need to go somewhere.   May we come back at sunset?' The quiet twin asked with the utmost respect.  
`Of course.' Alex said, smiling, not entirely sure why he felt so engendered to this person.  
`It's because I remind you of him.' Jaden said glancing over at Quinn and smiling to him.   Alex noticed that when this brother looked at Quinn, his eyes seemed to come into focus and a genuine smile stole over his face.  
`Well, I would like some time out of the presence of mind readers.' Alex said with a sardonic smile to the twin, who blushed with chagrin.  
`I apologise.   I'm not quite used to being around non-telepaths.' The blond twin said with deference.   `I will try to be mindful of it from here forward.'
`Thank you Caiden, but you don't have to worry.   Just give me some time to get used to it.' Alex said reaching out and gently grabbing the twins shoulder.  
`We shall return as the sun sets.' The blond brother said as he turned on his heels and walked silently back down the hallway.   `Mikhail would like to speak with you.' He called out over his shoulder as he reached the end of the hallway.  
`I'll be one minute.' Alex said glancing to Quinn, who nodded with a smile.  
`Alex, I'm going to head home for a bit.   Give you and Quinn some time to yourselves.' Mikhail said approaching his smaller friend and hugging him tenderly.  
`Alright big guy.   Come back in three hours, okay?' Alex said patting the giants shoulder.  
`Da.' The Russian said heading out of the apartment.  
`We'll see you at sunset Alex.' Jaden said taking his brothers arm and hooking it into the crook of his own.   They stepped outside onto the large veranda; the sliding doors closing behind them of their own accord, and in a gust of wind vanished from sight.   Alex took a steadying breath and smiled to himself.   He skipped to the front door and slid the 3 locks into place, then walked briskly back to the bedroom.   He saw Quinn standing by the window, glancing out across the road to the building opposite.  
`Alex?' He called when he heard footsteps enter the bedroom.   `There's a rather frisky woman in that apartment over there.' Alex laughed and stood beside Quinn, looking for the woman in question.  
`Oh dear.' He said as he noticed the woman had her hand stuffed down the front of her jeans.   `She's a worry that woman.' Alex laughed, as he pecked his companion on the cheek.  

`We are completely alone right now.' Alex said stepping behind Quinn and wrapping his arms around him, nuzzling into the smaller man's neck.  
`Except for the horny bitch over there.' Quinn giggled as both men watched in morbid fascination as the woman fingered herself while watching them.  
`She really needs a hobby.   Or the internet.' Alex laughed with Quinn.  
`Would you mind if I have a shower?' Quinn asked pressing his body back into the warmth and security of his Italian lover.  
`Not at all.' Alex said running his tongue over the ridge of the blonds right ear.   Quinn giggled.  
`I would ask if you'd like to join me, but, I need a, um, personal moment, if that's alright.' Quinn blushed profusely when he said this.   Alex looked mildly confused trying to figure out what that meant.  
`Um, sure, that's alright.' He said deciding it best just to forget what he was trying to work out.   `Let me get you a towel.' He stepped over to the walk in wardrobe and grabbed a towel from a shelf just inside the door, walked over to the bathroom and flicked the second light switch on, which cast a soft golden glow over the bathroom, rather than the stark piercing white of the fluorescent bulb above the mirror.   Quinn walked over as Alex held out the towel to the smaller man.   `Enjoy.'
`Thank you.' Quinn said taking the towel and standing on tip-toes to kiss Alex on the lips.   He smiled and stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.   Alex smiled to himself and went to collect his cigarettes from the lounge and came back to his bedroom, went out onto the balcony and lit one.  
He sat for a few minutes thinking over the day, and everything that had happened.   Then when he thought about Quinn in the shower, and his comment about wanting a personal moment, he finally clicked.  
`Oh!' He exclaimed standing up.   He took a final drag on his cigarette and threw the end over the balcony, walked back inside and all but ran to the main bathroom.   He turned the faucet on, stripped out of his clothes and jumped in the shower before the water had even warmed.   He quickly soaped himself up, wet his hair and shampooed and conditioned, rinsed and got out, all in five minutes.  
He got out and toweled himself off looking in the mirror.   He ran his hand over his 5 o'clock shadow and thought he may as well shave.   A few minutes later, he walked back to his bedroom toweling his hair dry.   He walked into the wardrobe and fished out a pair of boxer briefs, white ones, pulled them on and found a hair tie, gathered his hair into a rough pony tail and pressed his ear to the en suite door.   He could still hear the shower running and decided he had time for another cigarette.  
He came back inside after disposing of his cigarette butt and locked the balcony door behind him, then pulled the blinds closed, after of course waving to the furiously masturbating woman, and turned the air heater on.   He walked to the bed and lay down on his back and was staring at the ceiling, his hands behind his head, feet pointing to the en suite.   He didn't hear the bathroom door open and was still absentmindedly gazing at the ceiling.  
`Hi.' Came a timid voice from somewhere near his feet.   Alex jumped at the surprise and sat up.   He saw Quinn standing beside the bed, between his feet, with his towel wrapped around his very small waist, his blond hair lying damp on his head, and over his forehead.   His hazel eyes were shining brightly with excitement.   Alex sat up and smiled warmly.   He looked over Quinn's lithe body and felt a pull in his loins.   He marveled at the smoothness of Quinn's skin, the compact musculature of his arms and chest, the flat 8 pack abdominals, the small, cute inner bellybutton, the defined oblique's contouring his stomach down to the pubic area.  
`Hi yourself cutie.' Alex said reaching out for Quinn.   Quinn smiled that heart melting smile and took Alex's hands and pulled gently, the taller man standing up.  
`Did you shower as well?' Quinn asked when he felt the dampness of Alex's skin and his now smooth face.  
`I did.' Alex said wrapping his arms around the warm body of his blond lover.   He leaned back slightly, as he lifted Quinn from the ground and the two of them fell onto the bed, Quinn landing softly on Alex's muscular frame.   He shuffled up the muscled body of Alex and kissed him tenderly.   Alex responded warmly and opened his mouth, running his tongue over the soft lips and against the waiting and willing tongue inside.   Their hands roamed about their bodies, touching, feeling, squeezing, titillating.  
Alex pressed gently and managed to roll Quinn over, following himself until Quinn was on his back with the muscular body of Alex pressing down on him.   The dark featured man leaned down and began a second assault on the fair featured man; his tongue wrestling for supremacy over the smaller man's tongue, while his hands molested every piece of skin of Quinn's that they could reach.  
Somehow, Quinn's towel and Alex's boxer briefs had been removed, and Alex only just realised, their throbbing manhood's were rubbing against each other, between the muscled stomachs.   Alex relented in his oral assault and backed off of Quinn slightly, and looked down into his alluring hazel eyes.  
`You are utterly beautiful.' Alex breathed softly.  
`You're fucking hot.' Quinn grinned with glee.   Alex leaned down and softly kissed Quinn.   He shuffled back and off the bed and gently tugged on Quinn's hand.   Quinn followed and the two gentlemen stood up.   Alex stepped into Quinn and felt the head of his penis jab Quinn in the abdomen.   Quinn looked down and gasped loudly.  
`Fucking hell!' He exclaimed, seeing the overwhelmingly large and fully erect penis of his lover.  
`What?' Alex asked rubbing Quinn's shoulders.  
`Your dick!' Quinn said, still staring at the enlarged member.  
`What about it?' Alex asked with confusion.  
`It's fucking gigantic!' Quinn gasped, looking up to Alex's face.  
`Don't panic.   I'm not going to do anything to hurt you.' Alex said slightly concerned that this encounter wasn't quite going as planned.  
Quinn shook his head slightly and looked up into Alex's eyes, and saw the passion and concern in those impossibly light blue eyes.   His fear melted immediately and he felt a sudden need to have Alex in him.   He wrapped his arms around the taller man's neck and pressed his body against him, the larger penis being forced up between their muscled abdomens, his own seven and a half inch penis, being forced between Alex's legs, nestled under the rather large and warm testicles.  
Quinn pulled back from the kiss and smiled.   Alex picked him up carefully and tossed him easily onto the bed playfully.   Quinn was giggling as Alex crawled onto the bed between his legs.   Alex smiled to Quinn and licked, from the smaller man's testicles, up the underside of the impressively thick shaft, all the way to the circumcised head, where his tongue swirled playfully around the top.   Quinn was sighing with pleasure as Alex licked every centimeter of the throbbing member.   As Quinn began squirming with delight, Alex quickly engulfed the entire shaft, all the way into his mouth, part of it sliding into the recesses of his throat.   The blond man gasped with excitement and sat up slightly, taking hold of Alex's head and thrusting gently, trying to push his manhood further into the throat wrapped around it.   Alex backed off slightly, took a breath and went back down again, his tongue swirling around the flesh pole invading his mouth until his nose was nestled in the short and sweet smelling pubic hair of the blond man.  
Quinn thrashed about in ecstasy as Alex came back up for air.   Without hesitation, the blond clapped his hands to the side of Alex's face and hauled him up his body, thrusting his tongue hungrily into the mouth of his Italian lover.   The two men tongue wrestled for a few moments as their throbbing members were thrust against one another.   Alex broke the kiss eventually saying, `I wasn't quite finished down there.'
Quinn blushed slightly and smiled as Alex shuffled back down again, taking a few moments to lick a nipple and kiss his way down the flat and defined stomach.   He lapped at the underside of the throbbing shaft, down to the compact testicles in their rapidly contracting protective skin.  
The licking continued past the testicles as Alex lifted the blond's legs up, hooking the heels over his shoulders, as he continued the tongue assault at the area between the man's testicles and the real target of his attention.   Alex shimmied his hands under each buttock and lifted slightly, forcing the blond to lift and expose that tight little pink pucker.   Alex looked at it for barely a second, noticing there wasn't a trace of hair anywhere near it, and ran his tongue across it.   Quinn groaned.   His ran his tongue over it again, this time slower, and Quinn moaned loudly.   Alex took a few more swipes at it, tickling it, pressing against it firmly, as his blond lover was driven to ecstasy.   Alex licked and lapped furiously, tasting the faint musk scent, as Quinn thrashed about on the bed, moans being forced from his lips with every touch of his entrance.  
Alex put a hand on either side and pulled apart gently, pressed his tongue against the entrance and felt it give slightly.   He pressed a bit harder and the tip of his tongue gained entrance, tasting the clean musk of the entrance.   Quinn's breathing had doubled as he struggled against the intense pleasure Alex's tongue was giving him.   Alex pressed harder against his entrance, gaining more depth, as his tongue began wiggling inside.   Panting in pleasure, Quinn ran his hands through Alex's hair, pulling the hair so that his face was pressed harder against him.   For several minutes, Alex worked the entrance with his tongue and fingers, slathering as much saliva in as he could, while stretching the entrance with his fingers.   Unable to take much more, Quinn grabbed the sides of Alex's head and pulled him up his body, shoving his tongue forcefully into his mouth, tasting himself on the rapid moving tongue of his lover.  
`Please fuck me.' Quinn gasped around Alex's tongue.   While the two were tongue wrestling, Alex reached over to the bedside table and opened the top drawer.   He took out a tube of lubricant and a condom.   Quinn looked over and saw these.  
`Do you need a condom?' He asked, still finding it hard to breath.  
`Well, not really.   I haven't had sex for a while, and I tested clean.' Alex said watching Quinn's reaction.  
`I got tested last week, and I'm clean too.' Quinn said licking the soft lips of his lover.  
`You sure you don't want me to use one.' Alex said, his tongue being sucked on.  
`I trust you.   And I know I'm clean.' The blond said wrapping his legs around Alex's waist, pulling him down against him.   Alex shrugged his shoulders and tossed the condom aside, grabbing the lube bottle and demolishing the blond's mouth with his tongue.  
Alex opened the tube, while still tongue bashing his lover's mouth, and managed to get a liberal amount of lube on his fingers.   He shuffled around slightly and found the entrance he was moments ago tonguing into submission.   His fingers found the entrance and smeared the lube on and in it.   Using a finger, Alex pressed inside firmly, gaining entrance all the way up to the webbing of his digits.   He pulled out and using two fingers, he did the same again, meeting little resistance.   He pulled out and adding a third finger, pressed firmly and slowly, pressing against the natural resistance of the tender hole, managed to work all three fingers in to the third knuckle.   Quinn exhaled explosively as he groaned in sheer joy.  
`Please Alex.   Fuck me.   Fuck me now.' He begged.   Alex didn't need to be told twice.  
He squirted a liberal amount of lube onto his hand, slapped it against his rigid member and smeared the lube over his impressive shaft.   He hooked the right leg of his lover over his shoulder, and using a hand, guided his manhood into the cleft of Quinn's bottom.   It met the puckering entrance and Alex pressed gently, yet firmly.   It slowly made entrance as Alex watched Quinn's face, his eyes closed in concentration, or was it delight? He pressed a bit firmer and felt Quinn's hole open slightly and felt the tapered head of his penis slide in with little to no resistance.   Quinn's eye's fluttered at the intrusion.  
Alex lifted himself up slightly and put his weight behind him, and pushed a few inches deeper into the blond, still watching his face for any pain.   The tiny pink hole was now being stretched around the girth of the invading penis.   With a final deliberate push, the monster cock pushed through the last resistance and bottomed out in the blonds now fully stretched hole.   Quinn was panting, and Alex was unsure if that was pain or pleasure.  
`Are you alright?' Alex asked quietly, holding still.  
`Holy crap that is HUGE!' Quinn shouted the last word.   Alex panicked slightly and tried to pull out.   Quinn threw his free leg around his waist and held him still.  
`I didn't say pull out.' Quinn gasped through the pleasure.   `It feels fantastic.'
Alex smiled at Quinn and leaned down to kiss him.   Quinn opened his mouth and Alex's tongue snaked in, as the Italian pulled his shaft out half way and sank it back in, Quinn grunting into his mouth.   He pulled back again, slightly further this time, and pushed back in to another grunt.   Alex felt sure that Quinn wasn't in pain and he picked up his speed, withdrawing almost completely and slamming back in, faster and harder every time.   Five minutes in and Alex was practically doing press ups on top of Quinn, pulling till just the circumcised head of his penis was still inside, then slamming all the way back in, all 9 thick inches of manhood stretching out the tight pink ring, his hefty testicles slapping against the tailbone of the blond.   With every thrust, Quinn would grunt with pleasure.   Alex watched Quinn's face like a hawk, enjoying watching the facial expressions of his blond lover change from relief to ecstasy, from empty to full.   He was beautiful before, but getting his arse reamed out by a monster cock, Alex thought he was downright fucking gorgeous!
Their copulation went on for well over an hour and half, changing positions every few minutes, trying to find new positions and pressures.   Alex was impressed that in the entire time they were fucking, he hadn't lost his nut.   He got close several times, but he bit down and held back, trying to make it last as long as possible.   As their fuck session neared its peak, Quinn was gasping for breath as the monster cock of his lover was pulled completely out and slammed back in over and over with absolute precision.   The angle at which Alex was now long dicking him, stabbed at his prostate.   Quinn panted and thrashed about gasping and moaning as Alex changed his angle of approach slightly and jabbed the internal joy button right on target.  
Quinn threw his arms to the side and with a primordial scream of pleasure, he let go to his carnal instincts and his cock exploded with a thick load of hot semen between their muscular torsos.   One shot managed to hit his face.   Alex leaned down and licked this blob of cum up, then tongue fucked Quinn's mouth with the salty fluid.   Moments into this orgasm, Alex's manhood throbbed viciously and he began unloading what felt like a mammoth of a load of his own semen into the well-used bottom of his beautiful lover.   He grunted loudly as he shared the fluids in his lovers mouth, as his own nut poured through his throbbing manhood into the waiting depths of Quinn's arse.  

`Holy shit, my arse hurts.' Quinn whimpered quietly, trying to catch his breath.  
`Are you alright?' Alex asked panting slightly, as he lay beside Quinn.  
`I think so?' The blond lover said not sure if it was the truth.  
`Can I just say, you have the world's BEST arse!' Alex said rolling over and pulling Quinn into a post coital cuddle.  
`Why thank you.' Quinn said chuckling.   `I do believe your cock may just be the best I'm ever going to have.' Alex laughed heartily.  
`Wanna grab a shower?' The Italian said nuzzling Quinn's neck.  
`Mmm together?' The blond asked.  
`For sure.'

Having had their shower, Alex lent Quinn a spare change of clothes and the two migrated to the living area of Alex's apartment, where the Italian was making a very late lunch for the two of them.   He had some sausages frying in a pan with onions, and Quinn was buttering some bread.  
`So, that quiet twin, Caiden?' Quinn asked.  
`Yeah, I think that's his name.' Alex answered.   `His brother called him Cade.'
`Hmm.   He said that you'd understand and accept everything in three hours.' The blond stated.  
`He certainly did.' Alex said not sure where this conversation was headed.  
`And, do you?' Quinn asked cautiously.   He watched Alex, his face in profile as he was moving the sausages and onions about in the frying pan.  
`I think so.' Alex said.   `Well, I don't understand the history behind it, but, I understand what they were doing, what they've done.   I kind of accept that.'
`He said that you were also going to need training.' Quinn said watching the forehead of his lover wrinkle slightly.  
`Mmm.   That I'm not entirely sure about.   I'll have to ask about that.' The Italian said flicking the heat off and moving the frying pan to the counter top.  
`He also said that he reminded you, of me.' Quinn said, his last word barely audible.  
`Only in appearance.' Alex said reaching out to Quinn and stroking his cheek with his thumb.   `You both have the same hair colour, similar facial features, the same physique, and in certain lights, your eyes do look green.   But the comparisons stop there.' Quinn smiled his heart stuttering smile to his lover at this last part.  
`You're such a charmer.' Quinn said taking a piece of bread, throwing a sausage in it and taking a bite.  
`And you,' Alex said coming to sit beside Quinn, `are just fucking beautiful.' He finished, kissing his blond lover on the cheek.  
`Eat.' Quinn said around a mouthful of food.  
As Alex put his second sausage to his mouth, there was a knock at the door.   He stood up and went to open it.  
`You're early!' Alex said around the half eaten food in his mouth, attempting to smile at his Russian friend.  
`Perhaps I should have waited a few more minutes, to let you finish the food in your mouth.' The Russian said grinning to his friend.   Alex swallowed his mouthful of food.  
`Sorry about that.' He said stepping back and letting the giant in.  
`You Americans have no manners.' The Russian said jokingly.  
`I'm British, thank you very much.' Alex said feigning offence.  
`And I'm Canadian.' Quinn said loudly around his mouthful of food, eliciting a chuckle from the Russian.  
`It's the bloody UN in here.' Alex laughed loudly.   Quinn and Mikhail laughed heartily with him.  
`You hungry Mikhail?' Quinn asked the Russian, indicating he should sit down.  
`A little, but, I'm not allowed to sit on the stools.' Mikhail said blushing slightly.  
`Fat fucker will break my stools.' Alex said winking at the Russian.  
`Jesus Mikhail.   How much do you weigh?' Quinn asked, taking another piece of bread and sausage.  
`Lots.' The Russian said collecting himself a sausage and bread, standing at the end of the counter beside Quinn.   `Any word from the creepy twins?'
`Nope, but it's not sunset yet.' Alex said wiping his mouth with a napkin.  

A few hours later and the trio are sitting on the sofa in the lounge, all three of them enjoying a glass of wine and chatting amongst themselves.  
`Quinn, what do you do for work?' Mikhail asked as the giggling subsided.  
`I'm studying at the moment.   My third year of medical.' The blond answered.  
`Ooh, doctor or nurse?' Alex asked sitting up slightly and smiling to his blond lover.  
`Doctor.' The blond smirked.   `The uniform is sexier.'
`Oh I don't know about that.' Alex laughed.  
`You might look good in nurse's outfit.' The Russian guffawed.  
`I'm beginning to think a goat might look good in any outfit to you Rasputin!' Quinn cackled with laughter.  
The Russian slapped a hand to his chest with a noticeable slap of flesh on flesh.   `You offend my honour!' He howled to the laughter of the Italian and Canadian.  
"Will you please open the door Quinn?" All three of them heard the strange multi-faceted voice echo in their mind, causing Alex and Mikhail to jump in fright.   Quinn merely stood up and walked to the sliding door and opened it.  
`Thank you.' The blond twin said bowing his head in reverence.   The red head smiled to Quinn, his first genuinely friendly gesture to anyone.  
`Why did you ask Quinn to open the door?' Alex said suddenly appearing beside the blond protectively.  
`He was the only one who noticed us waiting.' Jaden said calmly, still smiling at Quinn.  
`May we come in?' The blond twin said focusing his attention on Alex's face, a smile playing at the corner of his lips.  
`Of course.' Alex said gesturing for them to come in.   `Grab a seat.'
`Would you like a drink?' Mikhail said standing up to get two glasses for the new comers.  
`Allow me.' Jaden said holding a hand out to the kitchen.   `May I?' He asked looking to Alex for permission.  
`Sure.' The Italian said, grateful for the request of permission.   Two wine glasses came flying out of the cupboards toward the table, settling with a small jingle of glass on glass.  
`We brought a few bottles of our own.' Caiden said as half a dozen wine bottles appeared beside the glasses.   `I quite enjoyed that wine you offered us earlier.'
Jaden waved his hand and not only the two glasses on the table were filled, but the three glasses in the Russian, Italian and Canadian hands were refilled.   Alex raised his glass in salute to the twins, both of whom smiled in reply.  
`Do you have any questions, or shall we just get on with it?' The red head asked as he sat on a double seat sofa, facing the three friends.   His blond brother joined him momentarily.   Mikhail and Quinn both glanced at Alex.  
`One question.' The Italian said, looking to his Russian friend with concern, and then glancing into the hazel eyes of his new found love interest.   He glanced back to the twins with a slightly worried look about his face.   `Why me?'
`What do you mean?' Jaden asked with barely noticeable animosity.   Alex glanced at him with slight malice.  
`Why me? Why not your brother? Why is it me? Won't that put the ones I love at risk?' He asked with concern, as he took Quinn's hand in his own and squeezed.   Quinn looked at Alex and smiled his breath taking smile.  
`To have the Triumvirate all come from one family is destined to fail.   You were chosen as the balance, the mediator of the other two.' The blond twin said with his unusually hollow voice, as if he wasn't actually there, answering this particular question.   His brother glanced at him briefly.  
`Basically, the third is usually the one who stops anything from happening, if the other two decide to go a bit, nutty.' He said with a nervous grin.  
`I see.' Alex said, not sure he really did.   He glanced to his Russian friend and nodded to him.   `And my friends?' He looked to Quinn, whose hand he was still holding and nodded.   `And those I care greatly for?' The Russian and the Canadian both smiled appreciatively.  
`Worry not for your beloved.' Caiden said, his attention focused again on the couple holding hands.   He looked into Quinn`s eyes and smiled.   `He is protected.' Quinn returned the smile as he heard a voice echo in his mind.   `You are utterly fascinating.'
`And the Russian has nothing to fear either.' Jaden said smiling to Mikhail.   Mikhail shifted uneasily in his seat.   `Honestly, who would be stupid enough to take him on? Just look at him.'
Mikhail laughed quietly as he thought about it.   Alex and Quinn both smiled at him.  
`Okay.   One more question.' Alex said.   `My family.   My mother, my brother, my sister.   What about them?'
`Your brother and sister are protected by magnificently powerful forces.   Forces even we don`t comprehend.   Jaden said with a glazed look.  
`Something you don't comprehend?' Alex asked for clarification.  
`Quite so.   There are things in this world even we don't understand.' The blond brother stated.  
`Odd.' Alex said quietly.  
`Anything else?' Caiden asked, putting a hand softly on his brother's knee, as if to stop him from speaking.  
`Not for now.' Alex said shaking his head slightly and returning his thoughts to the current situation.  
`Then I request three things from you.' Jaden said softly.  
`And they are?' Alex asked raising an eyebrow in curiosity.  
`Firstly, in 2 weeks from tomorrow, you will accompany us to our Sanctuary, where you will begin your training.' The red head stated.  
`Can we come?' Quinn and Mikhail asked at the same time.  
`You both may.' Caiden said, gently squeezing his brother's thigh.  
`The second request?' Alex nodded to the twins.  
`Make peace with your father.' Jaden said, his head tilted downward with respect.   `He is dying.'
`And you know this how?' Alex asked, his eyes boring holes into the top of Jaden's head.  
`It was his stolen powers keeping him alive.   Without them, he has little more than a week left.   Make peace with him.' The red head said softly.  
`Did you know this before you forced him to give them up?' Alex asked, anger and hatred bubbling beneath his calm surface.   His father may have done some horrible things, but he was still his father.   Both twins looked at each other for a moment, and then to Alex with sorrow on their faces, Caiden actually made complete eye contact with him.  
`Yes.' They both said, lowering their heads in sorrow.  
`So you have both killed him, as surely as you killed the others?' Alex demanded, standing up in outrage.  
`You saw what he did!' The red head shouted, standing up and pointing a finger at the Italian.   `You watched him kill our mother!' He screamed as an invisible force pressed against Alex.  
`Jaden, stop!' The blond twin said standing beside his brother and putting a hand on his brothers outstretched arm.  
`If it weren't for him and his lackeys, our mother would still be alive.   Our brother would be alive.   We wouldn't have been forced to kill them!' Jaden said as his eyes glowed brightly with the unrestrained power within.   `It's his fault and he deserves it!'
Alex took an unsteady step backward as the force of the power pressing against him became stronger.   He closed his eyes and from a place deep within, a place he didn't know existed, he opened his eyes, which were now glowing very bright, and threw his arms out in front of him.  
`ENOUGH!' He shouted and everyone in the room clapped their hands to their ears from the extreme volume of his voice.   Jaden fell backward into the sofa with a look of shock.   Caiden was on his knees, his hands still clapped to his ears as his head shook back and forth, as if trying to shake something from his head.   Quinn was standing beside Alex, a smile playing across his lips, a hand on his shoulder, while Mikhail was on his knees on Alex's other side, shaking his head as if trying to dislodge water from his ear.  
`Did you have to yell?' The Russian said standing beside his friend and resting a hand on his shoulder.  
`I'm sorry.' Alex said patting the Russians hand.   He took Quinn's hand in his own and sat down again.   `What's your third request?' He asked looking at Jaden as he helped his brother to the sofa and sat down.   Occasionally the blond twin would jerk his head gently, much like Mikhail was.  
`Our third request is part of our second request.' The red head said, a shade of anger darkening his eyes.   `Your father's diary.'
`What about it?' Alex asked with unbridled anger.  
`We wish to read it.' The blond twin said quietly.   `It details exactly what happened to our mother.   We wish to know what happened, from their point of view.' He finished with a note of pleading.  
`I'll see what I can do.' Alex said with clipped tones.   `I think for the time being it best you both leave.' He stood up, the twins following suit.  
`May we return, two weeks from today?' Caiden asked his pleading tone quite apparent this time.  
`You may, but if he,' Alex pointed to the red headed twin with anger, `pulls any of that shit on me again, this whole thing is OVER!' The twins both winced as if Alex had raised a hand to them.  
`Agreed.' The red head said lowering his gaze in deference.  
`We shall go now.' The blond said looking at all three faces in turn.   As he glanced into Quinn's eyes, the Canadian heard him speaking telepathically.   `We shall speak more in two weeks.   I look forward to it.' Quinn smiled in farewell.   Both twins stepped outside and vanished as the door was closed behind them.  
`Shit I'm hungry!' The Russian exclaimed, startling his two friends.  
`Me too.' Alex said running a hand through his hair and pulling out the pony tail.   Quinn stepped beside him and ran his hands through the long dark hair gently.  
`Think it might be time for a haircut.' Alex said looking into Quinn's eyes.  
`I like it this length, but I bet you'd look great with a shorter style.' The blond Canadian said with enthusiasm.  
`Are you at university tomorrow?' The Italian asked taking Quinn's hand in his and leading him to the kitchen.  
`I have a morning class at 9 and no afternoon classes.' He answered.  
`I'll make an appointment tomorrow afternoon, you can come with me.' Alex said smiling.  
`I'm working tomorrow.' The Russian said, trying not to feel left out.  
`We'll pick you up afterward and go for dinner.' Alex said smiling at his Russian friend.  
`Okay.   I'll make us dinner tonight then.' Quinn said skipping to the fridge.   `But, I'll need to go home tonight.' He said quickly glancing at Alex.   He saw the saddened look in Alex's eyes.  
`Okay.' Alex said trying to mask the sadness.  
`I'll see you tomorrow at midday, I promise.' Quinn said taking a leg of lamb out of the fridge and setting it on the bench.   He quickly skipped to Alex's side and kissed him tenderly on the lips.  
`That makes me happy.' The Italian said as the Russian feigned vomiting.