The Children of Light

Chapter 6

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‘Sì Mamma.   I’ll be there at 9am.   No, don’t worry about breakfast.   I’ll see you then.   I love you.’ Alex said ending the phone call on his cell phone and putting it on the bench.  
‘Alright boys, I need to head off now.   Early start tomorrow morning.’ Mikhail said standing up from the sofa.   ‘Thank you for a lovely meal Quinn.’ He said scooping the Canadian up into a bear hug.  
‘You’re very welcome Rasputin.’ The small blond said giggling.   As soon as Mikhail put the blond back on his feet, Quinn skipped over to Alex and gave him a hug.  
‘I’m gonna head off too.   I have to get up early for Uni tomorrow.’ Quinn said giving his Italian lover a tender kiss on the lips.  
‘Mickey, you catching a taxi?’ Alex asked looking over to his Russian friend.  
‘Da.’ The Russian said standing near the kitchen island.  
‘Would you drop Quinn off on your way please? I’ll give you some cash.’ Alex asked tightening his embrace on Quinn.  
‘Don’t worry about the money Alex.   I’ll take care of him.’ Mikhail said smiling to his friend.  
‘I’ll be outside the campus gates at midday tomorrow cutie.’ Alex said kissing Quinn one last time.   The blond melted against the firmness of the Italians body for a moment then pulled back.   Quinn trotted over to Mikhail and both men made for the door.   As they stepped out into the hallway, Quinn turned around and accidentally bumped into Alex who had followed them out.  
‘Sorry!’ Quinn laughed.  
‘Don’t be.’ Alex said taking Quinn into his arms and gave him a firm hug.   ‘See you tomorrow.’ He kissed the blond softly on the lips.  
‘Sleep well.’ Mikhail said clapping his friend firmly on the shoulder.   Quinn watched and thought, if Mikhail had clapped him that hard on the shoulder, it might have broken his collar bone.  
‘You too sobrat.’ The Italian said, grinning at his friend.  
‘Good night handsome.’ Quinn said waving meekly as he walked away.  
‘Sleep well beautiful.’ Alex said quietly.   He waited a moment and stepped back into his quiet apartment and locked the three locks on his door.   He scooped up a half glass of wine and went outside onto his deck and had a cigarette as he made a phone call.  
‘Michelle? Hiya.   Hey look, I don’t think I’m gonna make it in tomorrow.   Yeah, I’m sorry, but my Papà isn’t well.   I have to go make sure everything is okay.   Yeah, thanks Michelle.   I’ll call you tomorrow afternoon.   Lovely.   Good night.’
He sat lost in thought, slowly sipping his wine, going over everything that had happened in the last few days.   He still struggled to understand why it was happening to him, but he knew it was inevitable to deny.   As he refilled his wine glass and lit another cigarette his phone vibrated, displaying a text message from an unknown number.   He opened it and read, “Home safely.   Mikhail walked me to my door, the gentleman.   I also asked him for your number, as we were too busy to exchange them.   Hope that’s okay?”
Alex smiled to himself as he finished reading the message and saved the number as a contact.   He tapped the reply button and typed, “It sounds like I’m going to have to watch that Russian around you.   Heh.   Absolutely fine about getting my number.   I’m sorry I didn’t give it to you myself.”
He put his phone down and took another mouthful of wine and sighed contentedly.   In a matter of seconds his phone lit up and vibrated with a text message from Quinn.  
“You don’t need to worry.   I’m all yours!” Alex laughed out loud reading this and replied, “Good to know.   I’m glad you’re safe.   Nearly bed time?”
He put his phone down and took another mouthful of wine.   As he barely put his glass back on the table, his phone vibrated and lit up with another text message.  
‘Bloody hell he’s a fast texter.’ Alex said picking up his phone.   The message was from Mikhail.   “Home safe.   Made sure your cutie got home safely too.   See you after work tomorrow.” Alex replied quickly saying, “Thanks Big Guy.   What would I do without you? Sleep well.”
As that message was sent, another text came through from Quinn.  
“Not quite.   Shower first!” Alex replied, “Mmm, good idea.   Wish you were still here.”
Alex finished his glass of wine and went inside, locking the door behind him.   He put his glass on the kitchen island and turned off the lights as he wandered to his bedroom.   As he turned the light on in his room, his phone vibrated.  
“I wish I was too.   I’ll text you after my shower.” Alex smiled as he turned on the shower faucet.  
“I look forward to it.” He tossed his phone on his bed and jumped into the steaming hot shower.  
After his shower, he popped out onto his bedroom deck and had a quick smoke before bed.   He opened an internet browser on his phone and searched for a suitable hairstyle for himself.   He found an interesting style, a long sweeping fringe, short sides and a bit of length at the back.   With a straightener and a bit of wax, he could probably pull that off.   He saved the image to his phone and tossed his cigarette end over the balcony.   After locking the door behind him, he turned his television on to a random movie, turned the heating on and turned his lights off.   He climbed into his large, and suddenly, empty bed and turned the lamp off.   As he got comfortable, his phone vibrated.  
“Can you send me a picture of you please? Just so I can look at you when I fall asleep?” Alex smiled as he turned the lamp on and sat up.   He held his phone out in front of him and took a picture of himself.   His hair was still damp and made him look a bit wild, but it would suffice for now.   He messaged the picture to Quinn and asked, “Can you send me one of you? For the same reason.”
Alex turned the lamp off and snuggled back into bed.   A few minutes passed and he had a message arrive.   It was a picture of Quinn, with his leg shakingly beautiful smile.   Alex couldn’t help but smile at it.  
“Beautiful.” He replied, and then saved the picture to an album.  
“And you’re handsome.” Came the reply.  
“My bed is empty without you here.” Alex responded.  
“My bed is complete shit compared to yours.   Haha.” Came Quinn’s reply.  
“Well you’re always welcome to join me.   Perhaps tomorrow night? Maybe take a spare change of clothes to Uni with you?” Alex asked.  
“I might just do that, I think.” Was Quinn’s reply.  
“Excellent.   Well, I think I should get some sleep now.   Big day tomorrow.   Good night beautiful.   See you at midday tomorrow.” Alex messaged.  
“Same here.   Can’t wait to see you.   Good night! Xoxo.”
“Night cutie.   Mwah!” Alex responded.   He opened the photo of Quinn once more and smiled to himself, as he locked his phone and put it on the bedside table.   He watched a few minutes of the movie on the television and his eyes began to droop as he fell into a peaceful sleep.  
That night, Alex had a dream that he was unable to recall in the morning.   He had dreamed of seeing someone, possibly himself, at least it looked like him, standing in the middle of a field, their hand’s clasped to their chest.   They pulled their hands down and looked at the blood covered hands and fell to their knees.   The perspective of the dream changed and Alex was looking down at the bloodied hands, his body shaking with fear and weakness.   He felt his heart thud violently against his rib cage and he fell to his side, lying on his side, his eyes staring blankly as people came rushing over to him.  

‘Morning Mamma.’ Alex said stepping in the front door.  
‘Alessandro!’ Mrs. Braddock said as if surprised to see her son.  
‘How are you?’ He asked leaning over and embracing his mother.  
‘As well as can be expected.’ His mother said smiling.   ‘He’s upstairs in bed.’
‘Grazie Mamma.’ Alex said looking up the stair case.  
‘I’ll make you something to eat.’ Mrs. Braddock said heading for the kitchen.  
‘Mamma, I’ve eaten already.   Why not make yourself a cup of coffee and relax for a bit? I’ll come and talk to you soon.’ Alex smiled to his mother and made his way up stairs.   He turned right at the top of the stairs and made his way to his parent’s bedroom.   The door was slightly ajar and he rapped quietly on the doorframe.  
‘Come in.’ His father’s weak voice said.   Alex’s face dropped slightly when he heard how frail his father sounded.  
He pushed the door open and walked in quietly.   When he saw his father lying in bed propped up by a gaggle of pillows, the morning sun bathing him in a mysterious halo of light, his stomach lurched painfully.   He saw not the father he was familiar with, but a skeletal old man with wisps of grey hair, his face barely recognisable as all the flesh was missing, leaving what looked like a skull with skin pulled over it.   It was a horrifying sight for Alex.   He lowered his eyes to the floor as he approached the side of the bed.   He saw a skeletal hand pat the side of the bed in a gesture to sit down.   He lowered himself to the bed carefully, still not looking up.  
‘Are you okay son?’ Came the frail voice, as the same skeletal hand came to rest on his forearm delicately.  
‘I’m fine Papà.’ Alex said, almost feeling like it was a lie.  
‘Then look me in the face son.’ His father said with pride.   Alex’s gaze slowly moved from the bone thin hand, up the equally frail arm to the gaunt, old face of his father.   A tear formed in the corner of his eye as his father smiled at him.  
‘Don’t son.   I deserve this, you know it.’ The old man said sadly.  
‘But you don’t deserve to die.’ Alex said sadly.  
‘Apparently I do son.   And when I do, I will finally be at peace.’ The old man said squeezing his sons arm, Alex barely registered the feeling.  
‘Why Papà? Why me?’ Alex begged, tears rolling down his face.  
‘Because you are you.   You are worthy of it.   You are so much better than me.’ His father said, petting his son’s hand.  
‘But why does it feel like I’m trading your life, for mine?’ The son said through quiet sobs.  
‘You aren’t.   I gave my life to save yours.   If I had given you my abilities, they would have hunted you down and killed you.   And you wouldn’t have known how to defend yourself against them.   I did this to save you.’ Mr. Braddock said with pride.  
‘But now you die and I lose my Papà!’ Alex said sobbing into his hands.  
‘Humbug!’ The old man snorted.   ‘When the time comes, you will inherit all my belongings.   You will make peace between you and me.   And to help you do that, take this.’ Alex felt a book being pressed into his lap.   ‘My diary.’
‘Papà?’ Alex gasped looking into his father’s eyes, seeing the exact same colour as his own eyes.  
‘Read it.   And then you’ll understand, I promise you.’ The old man smiled to his son.  
‘Read it Alessandro.   And you will understand everything.’ Mr. Braddock interrupted his son.   ‘I need to rest.   Your mother would like to speak with you son.’ The old man said lying back slightly and closing his eyes.  
Alex stood up and looked down at his father’s decaying body.   He put a soft hand to the old man’s shoulder and squeezed gently.  
‘Goodbye Papà.’ He said tenderly and walked out of the room.  
Alex walked with a slow gait into the kitchen.   He shuffled over to the table, placed the diary on it and sat down heavily into a chair.   His mother raced to the kitchen and grabbed a coffee and came back, putting it in front of her son.  
‘He’s a good man you know.’ His mother said softly, reaching out and taking her son’s hand in his.   ‘Misguided, but good.’
‘This is all too confusing Mamma.’ Alex said wiping a tear away.  
‘I know my baby.   But you can handle it, I know you can.’ She said smiling at her son.   ‘Drink!’ She said nodding to the coffee.  
Alex picked the cup up and he could smell the aroma of the coffee and he began to feel better.   He took a mouthful of the hot liquid and felt it racing through his body, warming the sadness.  
‘Better?’ His mother asked with a knowing glance.  
‘Much!’ He said smiling for the first time since climbing the stairs.   His mother reached out and stroked his cheek softly.  
‘Those twins told me that our family is protected by forces.   Do you know what they are Mamma?’ Alex asked with a pleading tone.   Mrs. Braddock considered her son for a moment then sighed.  
‘I do.’ She said simply.  
‘What are they?’ Alex all but shouted.  
‘You aren’t quite ready to know my darling.’ She said quietly.  
‘Not you too?’ Alex said feeling frustrated.  
‘Not me what?’ Mrs. Braddock questioned.  
‘It seems everyone is keeping secrets from me, expecting me to just shut up and leave it alone.’ Alex answered, feeling the weight on his shoulders get heavy.  
‘My darling.   My son.   I will tell you what protects my family soon.   But not just yet.   You have enough on your mind.’ Alex’s mother said with a kind smile.  
‘Mamma?’ Alex queried.  
‘No Alessandro.   I will tell you in due course.   You are burdened enough.   Now, stand up, lift your shoulders up and smile for your Mamma.’ Alex chuckled as he stood up, squared his shoulders and smiled his fantastic smile down to his mother.   In return she responded with a loving smile to her son and wrapped her arms around his waist, hugging him firmly.   Alex leaned down slightly and rested his cheek on the top of his mother’s head.
‘I’m getting my hair cut today Mamma.’
‘Oh Dio!’ Mrs. Braddock said pulling back from her son and looking up into his face.   ‘But your hair is beautiful.’ She said reaching up for her son’s hair, which he had left out and resting on his shoulders.   She stroked a lock of his hair tenderly.  
‘It’s getting too long Mamma.   I need something shorter.’ Alex said smiling at his mother’s reaction.  
‘Let me take a picture then son.’ She said shuffling out of the dining room and returning a few moments later with a digital camera.   She gestured to her son who posed in his best supermodel pose for his mother.   She cackled with delight as she took the picture and smiled at her son.   ‘Perfetta!’
‘I might have to get a copy of that picture Mamma.   Maybe I could be a model?’ Alex asked his mother, pouting slightly.   Mrs. Braddock looked at her oldest son and laughed loudly.  
‘Get out bello mio!’ His mother said smacking him on the bottom.   ‘Come for dinner tomorrow night piccolo.’
‘I have company tomorrow night Mamma.’ Alex said, hoping that Quinn would be spending a second night.  
‘Bring the boy with you.   And my Colosso.’ Mrs. Braddock said with a wink.   ‘I would like to get to know the boy who has captured my son’s heart.’ She finished with a heartwarming smile.  
‘Sì Mamma.’ Alex said blinking back a tear.  
‘Off you go son!’ His mother said shooing him toward the front door.  
‘See you tomorrow Mamma.’ Alex said slipping out the door.  

Alex was leaning against a small fence, one ankle over the other, and his arms by his side, wearing a tight grey shirt, which did nothing to hide his perfectly sculpted torso, and arms, his tight black boot leg jeans which made his behind look plumper and his package look tantalising.   His multi-coloured canvas shoes broke the monotony of the plain colour scheme.   With his sun glasses on he could observe the people walking past and he smiled to himself with the reactions he was getting.   Even the men were being blatant in their observations of the handsome Italian.   Alex was watching a girl of average looks eying him up with lust, practically salivating, just off to the side.   She took a step toward the hunk and opened her mouth to say something.  
‘There you are!’ A familiar voice called from behind the slobbering female, who looked like she had just lost the lottery.  
‘Hey!’ Alex said taking a few steps towards the attractive Canadian.   ‘Have a good morning?’
‘Yup.   And it just got much better.’ Quinn said wrapping an arm around the Italian and leaning up to kiss him briefly on the lips.   ‘And your morning?’
‘Uneventful.’ Alex said catching a peculiar look on the upset woman’s face.   ‘Whoever that woman is behind you, she is not impressed with us.’ Alex said quietly with a giggle.   Quinn looked over his shoulder and laughed.
‘Madeline Andrews.   Campus bike.’ Quinn said looking back and walking away.   ‘She’ll be pissed off that there is a tall, muscled and quite frankly, fucking sexy Italian on campus, and the slag will never get her lips wrapped around his salami.’ He laughed.  
‘Oh the poor thing.   She needs a hobby.’ Alex laughed with Quinn.  
‘She has one.   Fucking all the men on campus.’ Quinn replied with a grin.  
‘She needs a hobby that doesn’t involve being on her knees in front of a man or with her ankles as earrings.’ Alex said wrapping an arm around the blond’s shoulders and pulling him close.  
‘So, are you ready for your hair cut?’ Quinn said hiking his back pack on his shoulder and leading Alex off campus.   Alex ran his hand down Quinn’s back and took the blonds hand in his as they walked.   Quinn smiled to Alex.  
‘As ready as I’ll ever be.’ Alex said with a smile, as he pointed down the road.   ‘Salon is that way.’

A few hours later, Alex and Quinn stepped out of the salon onto a sun drenched sidewalk.   The sun hitting Alex’s hair allowed Quinn to see the masterful work of the stylist.   His hair was fantastic.   Short sides, almost shaved, a little length at the back that was spiked chaotically, and through the top it got longer, until the front, where it swept to the side slightly, in a long fringe, pulled down the side of his face, curling to the arc of his face and finishing somewhere around his chin.   With the sun shining on it, Quinn saw the very subtle purple highlights, giving it a slightly punk-ish look.   It really was quite becoming on the tall, muscular Italian.   Quinn smiled to Alex and kissed him on the cheek.  
‘You look amazing!’ The blond said with his brilliant smile.  
‘Thanks!’ Alex said reaching out and taking Quinn’s hand in his as they walked toward the Italian’s apartment.   ‘My head’s cold though.’
‘Oh no.   Shall we get you a beanie?’ Quinn asked with barely restrained humour.  
‘I’m sure I’ll be fine.’ Alex grinned.   ‘Let’s grab some food and head home, yeah?’
‘Sounds good to me.’

‘Alex!’ Exclaimed the Russian upon seeing his Italian friend.   ‘It looks wonderful!’ The Russian clapped both his hands on the Italians shoulders and had a good look at the new haircut.   ‘It looks good tovarishch!’ Mikhail pulled his best friend in for a hug and let him go.   He saw the small blond hovering behind the Italian.   ‘Did you choose the style?’ He asked looking at the blond and smiling.  
‘Nope!’ Quinn said, taking Alex’s hand into his own.  
‘Alex, it really does look good.’ Mikhail said smiling to them both.  
‘Thanks big guy!’ Alex said blushing slightly.   ‘That means a lot to me.’ He finished, tentatively running his hands through his now much shorter hair.  
‘Good day at work Rasputin?’ The little blond asked with a twinkle in his eye.  
‘Da! Very good day.’ Mikhail said laughing at the blond’s nickname for himself.  
‘Excellent.   Let’s stop by the supermarket and get some bits for dinner.’ Alex said looping his free arm around the Russian’s arm and leading them both toward a supermarket.  

In the supermarket, Alex was getting a lot of attention.   Much more attention than he used to get.   It made him feel better about his hair cut.   Mikhail was cackling to himself whenever he saw someone staring blatantly or stare a bit too long and walk into something or trip over themselves.   Quinn was grinning humorously.  
‘It’s just a haircut.   Why is everyone going bonkers?’ Alex said blushing madly.  
‘It really does look good on you.   You look like a model.’ The Russian giant said through cackles.  
‘He’s right.   You do look like a model.’ Quinn said smiling shyly.  
‘Weird.’ Alex said, trying to hide behind his Russian friend.   ‘Let’s get out of here.’

‘So, Mamma wants you guys to come for dinner tomorrow night.’ Alex said as he tidied their dishes into the dishwasher.  
‘What’s the special occasion?’ Mikhail asked, wiping a bench down.  
‘There isn’t one.   Mum just wants to get to know Quinn better.’ Alex said closing the dishwasher and stepping to Quinn’s side, putting an arm around him and squeezing tenderly.  
‘Should I be scared?’ Quinn asked with humour.  
‘Not at all.’ The Italian said kissing the top of his head.  
‘She’s a lovely lady.’ Mikhail said stepping around the kitchen island and making his way to the lounge.   ‘I need a cigarette.’
‘Ooh, good idea.’ Quinn said breaking free of Alex’s hug, collecting his cigarettes and heading for the sliding door to the balcony.   Alex followed with his and Quinn’s wine glasses, and Mikhail redirected to the door.   As Alex came through the door, Quinn and Mikhail were already seated at the table.   He sat down next to Quinn and took the offered cigarette in exchange for the second wine glass.  
‘I know its early stages, but, with mum wanting to meet you properly and all, I was wondering…’ Alex drifted off nervously.  
‘Are you asking me if I want to be your boyfriend?’ Quinn asked with a bright red blush to his cheeks.  
‘Yes.’ Alex said to his glass, not quite brave enough to look at the blond.  
‘Of course I will.’ The blond said reaching over and taking Alex’s hand in his own.   ‘I’d love to be.’
Alex smiled as he looked up to the beautiful blond boy and his heart stopped momentarily as he saw the dazzling smile on his lovers face.  
‘I thought you two had sorted that out already?’ The Russian said with a giggle.  
‘Not officially.’ Quinn said, as Alex leaned over and kissed the blond tenderly on the cheek.  
‘Now it is!’ Alex said with a face splitting smile.  
‘O bozhe!’ Mikhail exclaimed, feigning nausea.   ‘You two are going to make me vomit.’
‘You’re just jealous.’ Quinn said, turning his smile on the Russian.  
‘Of course.’ The Russian said honestly.   Quinn’s smile faltered momentarily as Alex tried to work out who his best friend was jealous of.   ‘You’re beautiful Quinn, but my friend has a soul of pure light.   And he’s pretty fucking hot.’ Mikhail said looking Alex dead in the eyes.   Alex tried to hold the Russians gaze, but faltered after a few seconds.   He loved his friend, truly, but, his heart wanted the beautiful blond holding his hand.   From the moment he first saw him, from the moment he heard that beautiful voice, saw that heartwarming smile, he wanted him.  
‘Mickey!’ Alex said finally looking back to the Russian, glad to see the intensity of his friends gaze had weakened.   ‘I love you mate.   You’re like the big brother I always wanted.   But, I just can’t love you like that.’ Alex felt a tear escape his eye and as he was about to wipe it away, Quinn had done so.  
‘I know my brother.’ The Russian said with emotion.   ‘And I will always do my best to be the best big brother for you.’
Alex stood up and walked to the Russian’s side, took his hand and pulled him up.   As the Russian stood, Alex threw his arms around his neck and hugged him with fierce intensity.   Mikhail returned the hug with abandon.   It wasn’t until he heard his friends spine crack a few times that he let go.   ‘Sorry.’
‘It’s okay Mickey.’ Alex said wiping his eyes.   He glanced at Quinn and smiled before disappearing inside to tidy himself up a bit.   The blond looked at the Russian and smiled half-heartedly.  
‘I’m sorry Mikhail.’ Quinn said with sadness.   Mikhail saw the saddened look on the blonds face and felt tears of his own threatening.  
‘Don’t be sad.’ Mikhail said stepping around the table and pulling the blond out of his seat and up into his arms.   ‘He’s a good man, a good person.   He will love you absolutely.   And you my new found friend are beautiful and caring as well.   Be good to him.’ The Russian finished with a kiss to the blonds forehead and set him back in his seat, as Alex came back outside.  
‘Sorry about that.’ The Italian said sitting in his seat as Mikhail took his own.   ‘Did I interrupt something?’
‘Not at all.’ Mikhail said with a smile.   ‘I was just telling your boyfriend that he has nothing to be sorry about.’ Quinn blushed a rather bright red as the Russians eyes made contact with his own, his love and happiness visible in them.  
‘Man we’re a soppy bunch today!’ Alex said with a laugh.   ‘We need to lighten up!’
‘O bozhe.   I know what that means!’ The Russian said wearily.  
‘Not tonight big guy.   It’s a school night for some of us!’ Alex said squeezing Quinn’s hand firmly.   ‘I think we should pull out that damn Kinect and get our groove on.’ He said with enthusiasm.  
‘Oh fuck no!’ Mikhail said with shock.   ‘I am not going to embarrass you in front of your boyfriend when I destroy your dance moves!’
‘Let’s do it!’ Quinn exclaimed with a laugh at the challenge thrown down by the Russian.  

‘No, no, I’ve had enough.’ Alex said puffing with exertion.   ‘I submit.   You win.’ The Russian thrust his hands into the air in victory.  
‘For a tank, you sure can move.’ Quinn said slightly winded, sitting down next to Alex and putting a hand on the Italians thigh.  
‘Da.   My sister is a ballet dancer.   She taught me a few things.’ The Russian winked, swallowing the last of his wine.   ‘I should probably go.   It’s getting late.’
‘I’ll see you out big guy.’ Alex said hauling himself out of his seat.   He walked into the kitchen and waited as Quinn skipped over to the Russian and embraced him warmly, then kissed him on the cheek.  
‘See you tomorrow night Mikhail.’ The little blond said sweetly.  
‘Good night cherub.   See you tomorrow.’ Mikhail said kissing the blond on top of the head.   ‘You too tovarishch.’ He said pulling Alex into another back breaking hug.  
‘Night big guy.   Love ya.’ Alex said patting the giant on the back.  
‘Bye.’ Mikhail said closing the door behind himself as he left the apartment.   Alex slid the three locks into place and made his way back to the lounge.  
‘Top up cutie?’ The Italian asked holding up the wine bottle.  
‘Please.’ Quinn said smiling from the sofa.   He sat up and picked up Alex’s glass as well as his own and met the Italian halfway.   Alex filled both glasses, put the bottle back on the island and walked back to the sofa, where Quinn was already seated and flicking through the channels on the television.  
‘Anything good on?’ The Italian asked as he sat next to Quinn, put an arm around his shoulders and pulled him closer to his side.  
‘Not really.’ The blond said resting his head on his lover’s broad shoulder.  
‘I think I need a shower.’ Alex said running a hand through his shorter hair.   ‘I’ve got hair everywhere.’
‘Would you like some company?’ Quinn asked snuggling closer to the Italian.  
‘I’d love some.’ Alex said squeezing the blond firmly.   ‘Let’s go.’ He said taking the remote from Quinn and turning the television off.   Quinn trotted off to the bedroom as Alex followed, turning lights off as he went.   When he got to his bedroom, Quinn had turned the lights on in the en suite and was getting the shower ready.   Alex closed the blinds and turned the heat on, then made his way into the en suite, taking his shirt off and tossing it at the hamper in the corner.   As he stepped into the bathroom, his lover was already undressed, waiting with the door of the shower cubicle open, steam billowing out.  
‘After you, handsome.’ The naked blond said with a sparkle in his eyes.   Alex laughed and undid the dome fly of his jeans, kicking his shoes out of the bathroom and shedding jeans and underwear, leaving him as naked as his lover.   Quinn’s eyes roamed erratically over the Italians muscular body, frequently stopping at the slabs of muscle on his chest, his muscled stomach, his half plumped, circumcised penis, his lightly hairy thighs.   Alex smirked at the confusion in Quinn’s appraisal of him.  
‘See something you like?’ The Italian asked, sauntering to his lover.  
‘I see a lot of things I like.’ The blond said with ragged breaths.   ‘You’re so beautiful.’
‘As are you.’ Alex said leaning down and softly kissing Quinn’s lips tenderly.  
Alex stepped past his lover, into the shower, and reached back to take his hand, pulling him carefully behind him.   Both men stood in front of each other, their side to the shower head, both being doused in hot water.   The blond put his arms around the small waist of his Italian hunk and pulled himself closer to the firm body.   Alex snaked an arm around the blonds shoulders and leaned down to kiss his lovers forehead.  
‘Can we perhaps continue this after a quick clean?’ Alex said barely audible over the fall of the water.  
‘Sure.’ Quinn said looking up, a small spray of water catching him in the eye.  
Alex, holding Quinn gently, stepped forward slightly so that his head came under the water stream, saturating his hair within seconds.   He released his hold on the blond, closed his eyes and ran his hands through his hair.   When he stepped back slightly, Quinn held out a bottle of shampoo for him.   Alex took the bottle, squirted a small amount into his hand and massaged his head with the soapy solution.   Quinn took the opportunity to step forward into the water and wet his own hair.   He stepped back, picked up the shampoo bottle and applied some to his own head.   As he massaged his head, Alex watched as the blond closed his eyes.   He looked down the lithe frame of his wet lover and took pleasure in watching the flat, wiry muscles play as the blond moved.   Alex stepped forward into the water and rinsed his hair then stepped back as Quinn took his turn under the water.   Alex ran some conditioner through his hair and watched as the blond did the same.  
‘You’re so beautiful.’ The Italian said with a husky voice.   Quinn looked into the impossibly blue eyes, and felt a pull in his loins.   He glanced down his wet frame and noticed his manhood moving of its own volition.   He blushed slightly as Alex’s hand reached out and took his shoulder firmly in its grip.   Quinn looked up to Alex’s face and the Italian gestured to look down.  
The Canadian looked down the wet, muscular torso of his lover and marveled at the water cascading down the sculptured physique.   When his eyes came to crotch level, Quinn was awed at the sight of the huge slab of meat that was sticking out from the manicured pubic hair.   It was honestly the thickest penis he had ever seen, and having a laptop and internet access, he’d seen quite a few, natural and photo-shopped.   It was thicker than his forearm, and probably just as long.   It had a slightly tapered head which seemed to flare slightly with the heart-beat of the Italian.   It had a few small veins running just beneath the surface, from the base of the shaft to about half way up.   The lower part of the penis was slightly darker than the rest of the Italian, and changed to a slightly lighter colour as it neared the head.   The head itself was a pale pink, flesh colour.   It was beauty in phallic form.  
Alex watched his lovers face as he observed his inflated manhood.   He saw the shock at first, and then the lust.   He smiled to himself as he looked over the physique of his beautiful Quinn.   He was smaller than himself, but not by much.   He had broad shoulders for his height, his chest though not as pronounced as his own, was still muscular, in a flatter sense.   His stomach though not rippling with muscles was flat and firm.   His pubic hair was trimmed short, almost non-existent.   And sticking out of those near invisible pubic hairs was a magnificent circumcised penis.   It was certainly circumcised, but had a slightly tangible skin, which made it possible for the blond to masturbate without the use of lube.   Perhaps a few inches shorter than his own, and probably only half as thick, but it looked beautiful.   It had a tapered head, much like his own, but the head was a darker shade of pink, compared to his own.   The shaft of his lover’s penis was a shade or two darker than the pale white skin covering the rest of his body.   To Alex, it was perfect.  
As Quinn made eye contact with him, Alex took a handful of body wash and beckoned his lover to come closer.   The Italian ran his soaped up hands over the shoulders of the blond and down the arms, over the chest and across the back.   As he reached his buttocks, he pulled gently and Quinn pressed against the hard muscles of his boyfriend.   The two sighed contentedly as Alex’s monster manhood throbbed against the flat stomach of the blond, whilst the blonds own hard-on made itself known between his lovers thighs.  
The blond looked up to his lover.   Alex looked down into Quinn’s hazel eyes and felt hypnotised.   He leant down and kissed the blond with passion, as their hands roamed over each other’s body.   Quinn began to rhythmically move against the Italian, causing a welcome friction against the slab of meat against his stomach.   His own manhood burrowing into the warmth of his lovers thighs, just under the pendulous testicles.   He kept moving back and forth, up and down, against his lover as their kiss intensified.   Alex began moaning softly into the warm mouth of his blond lover, as their motions became faster.   Alex leaned back against the wall as Quinn leaned into him, gyrating harder and faster, the Italian penis pulsing with desire, the Canadian penis burrowing deeper and deeper between the legs.  
‘Oh shit.’ Alex gasped as his lover leaned back slightly.   Both men looked down their torso’s as the head of Alex’s penis flared and fired a huge volley of semen straight up the owners torso.   It landed with a noticeable splat on the solid pectorals of the Italian as a second explosion hit Quinn in the face.   The blond was gasping in awe as the third volley was fired, and it caught him on the lips and some went into his mouth.   Before he could register this, a fourth shot was fired from the inflamed penis head and hit him on the chin.   He stuck his tongue out and licked up some of the warm, salty load from his bottom lip and chin.   Several smaller volleys were fired over the heaving torso of the Italian and the smooth, velvet soft skin of the Canadian.   As the Italian monster finished firing, Quinn shoved his own hard member a few times between his lover’s legs and felt his orgasm explode against the shower wall Alex was leaning against.   Quinn fell slightly against the Italian as his orgasm came to an end, Alex holding the blond up securely.   As his orgasm subsided, he looked up to his lover as Alex leaned down and licked his chin, cleaning it of the thick load that stuck to it.   Alex licked a few more times, gathering his semen in his own mouth, no stranger at all to the familiar taste of his own ejaculate.   Quinn smiled with lust as he watched Alex working to gather his cum from his face.   When Quinn was sure it was all collected, he leaned up and kissed his lover deeply, running his tongue over the soft lips, and finding the deposit of cum that his lover had cleaned away.   He pulled it from his lover’s mouth into his own and swallowed some of it, enjoying the taste, and then pushed the remnants into Alex’s mouth.   Alex took the offering and swallowed the delicious load, sucking on the blonds tongue tenderly, cleaning the remaining tastes of cum from it.  

‘Good morning beautiful.’ Alex said as Quinn’s eyes fluttered open.   The morning sun was beaming through the floor length windows, bathing the bed, and the two occupants, in warm sunshine.   The blond was using Alex’s chest as a pillow.  
‘Hi yourself handsome.’ Quinn said rubbing his eyes and stretching beside the Italian.  
‘Good sleep?’ Alex asked leaning over to the bedside table and picking up a cup of coffee.   He handed it to Quinn.  
‘It was great.’ The blond said taking a mouthful of the just hot coffee.   ‘Have you been up long?’
‘Not terribly long.   Half an hour maybe?’ Alex said finishing his own coffee and hopping out of bed, still naked.   He strutted over to his walk in wardrobe, Quinn watching his every move, and fished out two bath robes.   He walked back to the bed and offered one to Quinn, while putting on the other.   Quinn slid out of bed and put the bath robe on, and followed Alex into the living area of the apartment.  
‘Do you have any classes today?’ Alex asked sliding the balcony door open and stepping outside with a cigarette.  
‘Two classes today.   I should be finished at around 3.  30 this afternoon.’ Quinn said following his lover outside.   He took the offered cigarette and leaned into Alex for a cuddle.   ‘Should I come back here afterward?’
‘Sure.’ Alex said wrapping an arm around the blond.   ‘We can head to Mamma’s from here.  
‘I might pop home first and get a nice change of clothes.’ Quinn said contemplating his day.  
‘No worries.   Just head on over when you’re ready.   Just text me when you’re downstairs and I’ll open up for you.’ The Italian said.  
The two of them were quiet as they finished their cigarettes, Quinn finishing his coffee as well.  
‘I should probably go get ready for school.’ Quinn said as he finished his cigarette and tossed it into an ashtray.   He stepped inside and made his way to the bedroom as Alex went into the kitchen and tidied away the dishes.   He followed Quinn into his bedroom after a few minutes and found the blond pulling his shirt on.   He stepped up behind him and wrapped his arms around the skinny waist and hugged firmly, trapping the boys arms above his head in the shirt.  
‘Alex!’ Quinn laughed as he realised he was trapped.   He shrugged a bit and Alex let him go.  
‘I couldn’t resist.’ Alex said smiling.   He walked to the wardrobe and collected some clothes for himself.   He returned to the bed and dressed himself quickly.  
‘Are you working today?’ Quinn asked watching Alex dress.  
‘No, not today.   I called in earlier and said I wasn’t up for it today.’ Alex said with a little sadness.   Quinn noticed and was immediately by his side.  
‘Are you going to be alright by yourself?’ He asked, taking Alex’s hand in his own.  
‘Yeah I’ll be fine.’ Alex said shrugging his shoulders.   ‘Probably just tidy up the apartment and do some shopping.’
‘Well, text me if you want, okay?’ Quinn said pecking him on the cheek.  
‘Thanks beautiful.’ The Italian said hugging the blond.   He fished out a $20 note from his top drawer and gave it to Quinn.   ‘Grab a taxi.   Faster.’
‘Thank you.’ Quinn said smiling his wonderful smile which made Alex’s heart skip a beat.   ‘I’d better head off now.’ He said heading out of the bedroom.   Alex followed him to the living area.  
‘Have a good day.’ Alex said stepping into the kitchen behind Quinn.  
‘I will.   I’ll see you at about half past four.’ The blond said kissing Alex tenderly before disappearing out the door.  

‘Hi Mamma.’ Alex said into his phone.  
‘Hello bambino mio.   How are you today?’ Came Mrs. Braddock’s response.  
‘I’m okay, I suppose.   How is Papà?’ Alex asked quietly.  
‘He’s okay.   He’s resting upstairs.   Are you okay Alessandro?’
‘No Mamma.   I can’t help but think he’s like that because of me.’ Alex confessed.  
‘No, no, no, my darling.   He is like that because of his own foolish decisions.   He knew the consequences of his choices.   He is making peace with it.   This is not your fault my son.’ Alex’s mother said, comforting her son.  
‘But Mamma…’ Alex began.  
‘No child.’ Mrs. Braddock interrupted.   ‘This is not your fault.   Stop blaming yourself.’
‘Mamma?’ Alex begged unconvincingly.  
‘Child, do not make me take you over my knee and smack you.   You might be as tall as my Colossus, but I will get you over my knee.’ She said with confidence.  
‘Sì Mamma.’ Alex said dropping the matter, but still not feeling happy.  
‘I’ll see you lot at 7 tonight, sì?’ Mrs. Braddock asked.  
‘Sì Mamma.’ Alex affirmed with a smile.  
‘Good.   Your brother and sister will be here as well.’ She said happily.  
‘Is that such a good idea Mamma?’ Alex asked with mild concern.  
‘Of course it is my child.’ Mrs. Braddock responded.   ‘Your brother looks up to you, and your sister loves you.’
‘Only if you’re sure Mamma.’ Alex said smiling slightly.  
‘Tonight then my darling.   See you then.’
‘Bye Mamma.   I love you.’
‘I love you more.’ Mrs. Braddock said hanging up the phone.  

“Doors open cutie.   Come on up.” Alex texted in reply to Quinn’s message saying he was here.   The Italian raced around and made sure everything was tidy and orderly, then quickly poured two glasses of wine.   He stood in the kitchen waiting for his lover to enter.   After a few short minutes there was a timid knock at the door and then it opened slowly.  
‘Alex?’ Quinn called out.  
‘Right here babe.’ Alex said smiling to his Canadian lover.  
‘I wasn’t sure if I should just come in or not.’ Quinn said with an unsure tone.  
‘I should get you a set of keys.   That way you’ll know you’re welcome to enter.’ Alex said as he handed a wine glass to Quinn and taking the blonds school bag.   They walked to the living area and sat down comfortably close to each other.  
‘How was your day?’ Alex asked before taking a mouthful of wine.  
‘It was okay.   Subjects are getting more intense, but, I like that.’ Quinn answered.   He took a swig of wine and put his glass on the coffee table.   ‘We have to find work experience in a few weeks.   I’m really looking forward to that.’
‘Where are you looking to get placed?’ Alex enquired as he gently stroked Quinn’s cheek.  
‘At the hospital.   Best place to start I suppose.’
‘I guess it is.’ Alex replied.  
‘And how was your day?’ Quinn asked as he placed a hand on the Italian’s arm and squeezed tenderly.  
‘Uneventful.   Spoke with Mamma, cleaned the house, did a bit of shopping.’ Alex answered.   ‘It got spectacularly better a few minutes ago though.’ He added.  
‘Oh? What happened?’ Quinn asked, not quite making the connection.  
‘You came in.’ Alex smiled his stunning smile.  
‘Oh.’ Quinn blushed a bright red.  
‘You’re beautiful when you blush.’ Alex grinned.  
‘Stop it.’ Quinn protested.   ‘You’re gonna make me turn red, permanently.’
‘Alright then beautiful.’ The Italian said leaning over and kissing his lover on the cheek.   ‘Mickey will be here in an hour.’
‘Okay.’ Quinn said unsure where that statement was leading.  
‘Would you like to watch TV?’ Alex asked.  
‘Sure.’ Quinn said.  
‘I like watching the music channels.   Any objections?’
‘None at all.’ Quinn smiled.   Alex turned the television on and changed to one of the music channels.   The room was filled with soft music.   Quinn leaned in to Alex’s side and closed his eyes, inhaling his lover’s wonderful scent, feeling the warmth of his muscular frame against himself.  
The two lovers sat quietly for a while, enjoying their physical contact and shared warmth, occasionally sipping their wine.   Before either of them realised the time, there was a knock at the door.  
‘It’s open big guy.’ Alex called out, not getting up from the sofa.  
‘Hello.’ Mikhail called from the kitchen.   Alex raised his glass over his head in salute to his Russian friend.   Mikhail helped himself to a glass of wine and came into the living room, sitting in the other sofa.  
‘Good day my friends?’ He asked of Alex and Quinn.  
‘I had a great day.’ The blond answered.  
‘Mine was boring.’ Alex admitted with a grin.  
‘Well, mine was horrid.’ The Russian said with a glum face.   ‘I think it’s time I found a new job.’
‘That’s no good.’ Quinn said sadly.  
‘Net.   But, it won’t be hard to find a better one.’ The Russian said with a smile.  
‘What exactly do you do?’ Quinn asked tactfully.  
‘I work in Social Services, as a Social Worker.’ Mikhail said with pride.   ‘At the moment I work in domestic violence, but, I’ve been thinking about moving into the Youth field.   Helping with abused youth.’
‘Wow Mikhail.   That’s awesome!’ Quinn said with pride.  
‘Spasibo.’ The Russian said with a hint of a blush.   ‘My supervisor and I were discussing my move into Youth Support.   She’s all for it.’
‘Give me shout if you need any help with that dude.’ Alex said raising his glass.   All three men took a drink in the Russians honour.  
‘And what do you do Alex?’ The Canadian asked of his lover, realizing for the first time that he had never asked before.  
‘I’m a counselor for the local victim support.   I specialize in youths who have been physically, mentally and sexually abused.’ The Italian said puffing his chest out with pride.  
‘Holy shit.   You guys are legends.’ Quinn said raising his glass to his lover.  
‘I’m just trying to make a difference and help those who truly need it.’ The Italian said.  
‘As am I.’ Mikhail said smiling.  
The trio sat talking for about an hour before Alex said it’s time to get ready.  
‘I’ll just go and put some tidy clothes on.’ Quinn said making his way to Alex’s bedroom with his bag.  
‘I’m ready to go.’ The Russian said looking down to his dark jeans and bright red t-shirt.  
‘Same here bud.’ Alex said holding his arms out and showing off his black, skin tight boot legs and long sleeved black t-shirt.  
Quinn came out after a few minutes wearing a light pair of jeans and a pastel blue, long sleeved t-shirt.   ‘Do I look alright?’ He asked.  
‘You look wonderful.’ Alex said reaching out to his lover and hugging him tightly.  
‘Alright, let’s go.’ Mikhail said heading for the door.   Alex collected a small back pack he had packed earlier and followed Quinn and Mikhail out of the apartment door, locking the door behind him.