The Children of Light

Chapter 7

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‘We’re here Mamma.’ Alex called as he stepped into the front door of his parents’ house.  
‘We’re in the kitchen darling.’ His mother called back.  
Alex, Quinn and Mikhail all made their way to the kitchen where Mrs. Braddock, Franco and Sofia were.   His siblings sitting at the breakfast bar, his mother working away in the kitchen.  
‘Alex.’ Franco and Sofia said together, both standing to hug their older brother.  
‘Nice hair.’ Franco said with a laugh.  
‘Sofia.’ Alex said taking his sister in his arms and squeezing firmly.   ‘Franco.’ He said embracing his brother firmly.   ‘You both know Mikhail?’ He said gesturing to the Russian who winked at them both.  
‘How could we forget?’ Sofia said with a slight blush.  
‘And this is Quinn.’ Alex said indicating the smaller blond.  
‘You’re right Mamma.   He is beautiful.’ Sofia said with abandon.   She took Quinn’s hand in hers and gave him a warm hug.   Quinn was a little stunned.  
‘My brother always has the finest things.’ Franco said with a warm smile as he embraced Quinn.  
‘Thank you, I think.’ The blond said with a slightly surprised look.  
‘I’m guessing Mamma already told you then.’ Alex said with a grin to his mother.  
‘Of course I did.’ Mrs. Braddock said with a smile.   His brother and sister both smiled with their mother.   ‘I love your hair by the way caro.’
‘Thanks Mamma.’ Alex blushed subconsciously running a hand through his hair.  
‘And thanks for being okay with me.’ He said with a small smile.  
‘Think nothing of it.’ Franco said sitting back down.  
‘Come, sit with me.’ Sofia said to Quinn, leading him to the window seat.  
‘I brought some wine Mamma.’ Alex said putting his bag on the breakfast bar and taking out a half dozen bottles.  
‘You know where the glasses are son.’ She said as she turned her attention to the stove top, where a few pots were steaming.   Alex retrieved 6 wine glasses and poured a generous amount into each glass.   He and Mikhail handed the glasses out to everyone.   As Alex walked over to Sofia and Quinn, he heard the two laughing about something.  
‘I see you two are getting along.’ Alex said handing the glasses to his sister and his lover.  
‘Your sister just told me about the time you got your braces stuck in the carpet.’ Quinn said cackling with laughter.  
‘And with that, I’ll leave you to it!’ Alex said smiling at the two of them.  
As Mrs. Braddock was putting the food on the table, her children, which she now considered Mikhail and Quinn a part of, sat themselves around the dining table and waited for Mrs. Braddock to sit.   She took her seat at the head of the table and smiled to her family.  
‘Dig in.’ She said gesturing to the wonderful meal she prepared.   As she watched them plating their food, she heard a shuffle from the hallway.   She glanced to the doorway and watched as her frail husband slowly made his way into the dining room.   Alex noticed his mother’s glance to the doorway and was on his feet in seconds, rushing to his father’s side, helping him to the table.  
‘I’m glad you came down Papà.’ Alex said as he practically carried his father’s ravaged body to the table.  
‘I wanted to see my children together one last time.’ He said quietly.   Alex tried to smile but felt uneasy about it.   He helped his father into a seat at the opposite end of the table from his wife, and the oldest son sat back in his own.  
‘Mikhail, do you ever stop growing boy?’ Mr. Braddock said with a grin that looked grotesque on his gaunt face.  
‘No sir.’ Mikhail grinned.  
‘Dear Lord boy, you’re going to be ten foot wide if you carry on like that.’ The old man said with a wracking laugh.  
‘All the more of me to protect this lug.’ The Russian said clapping Alex on the shoulder so hard the Italians chair creaked in protest.  
‘Break my chair and I break your nose my Colossus.’ Mrs. Braddock said barely managing to hide her smile.  
‘Can you reach my nose Mamma?’ The Russian asked with the cheekiest of grins as everyone broke out in laughter.  
‘Oh mio signore, I should beat you with a hot frying pan!’ Alex’s mother chuckled with everyone else.  
‘And who do we have here?’ Nathaniel asked fixing a piercing stare on the quiet blond.  
‘This is Quinn, Papà.   My boyfriend.’ Alex said resting a comforting hand on the Canadians shoulder.   Alex heard his brother and sister holding their breath.  
‘Of course he is.’ Mr. Braddock smiled warmly, his eyes softening slightly, as his siblings exhaled quietly in relief.   ‘Only my boy would come home with the most beautiful of men.’ Alex beamed at the praise of his father.   Quinn turned bright red and tried to hide behind Alex as everyone laughed at his discomfort.  
‘Welcome my boy.’ Mr. Braddock said smiling to Quinn.   ‘It is good to see my boy has found a worthy love.’
‘Thank you Mr. Braddock.   That’s very kind of you.’ Quinn said still blushing slightly.  
‘Nathaniel dear boy.   My name is Nathaniel.’ The old man said to Alex’s boyfriend.  
‘Well, thank you Nathaniel.’ Quinn said flashing his brilliant smile to Alex’s father.  
‘And you may call me Mamma or Aurelia.’ Mrs. Braddock smiled to Quinn.  
‘Whichever you are comfortable with calling me.’
‘Thank you Mrs. Braddock.   Though I love your name, and perhaps one day will be comfortable calling you by it but I will call you Mamma for now, if you do not wish me to call you Mrs. Braddock.’ Quinn said politely.  
‘Look at those beautiful manners.’ Mrs. Braddock cried as she gestured to the blushing blond.   ‘Franco, you could learn something from him.’ She continued as she clipped her youngest son around the ear to great laughter.  
‘Mamma!’ Franco called out in pain, cowering from his mother.  
‘You bring me home a girlfriend as beautiful as him,’ She gestured to Quinn, ‘and I promise not to hit you ever again.’ She finished with a devilish grin to Quinn.  
‘Oh Dio!’ The youngest brother said out loud, ducking another slap from his mother.  
The Braddock family ate their fantastic meal in the happiest of spirits, with laughter and love.   Mr. Braddock not showing his waning health at all as he laughed heartily with his family.   Mrs. Braddock was bursting with happiness, which seemed to explode from her smile.   Franco and Sofia didn’t stop smiling the moment their father came into the room.   Mikhail had a goofy grin stuck on his face throughout dinner.   Quinn was lighting up his side of the table with his beautifully radiant smile, as Alex’s love for his family and his new lover shone through his heart faltering smile.  

‘Thank you Mamma.’ Alex said as he closed up the dishwasher and set the timer.  
‘It was my pleasure mia creatura.’ Aurelia said as her eldest son wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace.   ‘It was a pleasure having you my raggio di luce.’ Mrs. Braddock said hugging the blond tightly.  
‘Ray of light.’ Alex whispered into his lover’s ear, as Mrs. Braddock was lifted off her feet into the arms of her Colossus.  
‘Thank you for having me Mamma.’ The Russian said as he put Aurelia back on her feet.  
‘Anytime my darling.   Anytime.’ She said as her daughter kissed her on the cheek.  
‘Thanks Mamma.’ Sofia said as Franco kissed and hugged his mother.   ‘It was good seeing Papà up and about.’
‘Sì.’ Mrs. Braddock said with a slightly sad look.   ‘Thank you for taking him upstairs bambino mio.’ She said as she grasped her youngest son’s arm.  
‘It’s my pleasure Mamma.’ Franco said.  
‘Okay, you all, off you go now.’ Their mother said as she herded them down the hall toward the front door.  
‘Goodbye Papà.’ Alex called up the stairs to his father.   A very faint “Goodbye son” could be heard in response.  
‘Goodbye my darlings.’ Mrs. Braddock called as her children vanished into the darkening night.  
‘See ya Franco, Sofia.’ Alex called as his siblings made their way to Sofia’s car on the driveway.  
‘You want a ride brother?’ The youngest of the Braddock children asked.  
‘No thank you Sofia.’ Alex called across the lawn as he wrapped an arm around his lover.   ‘We’ll be fine.   See ya.’
‘Bye guys.’ Quinn called out as Mikhail waved farewell to Alex’s siblings.  

‘Thanks for letting me stay over Alex.’ The Russian said as he headed for the guest room.  
‘No worries big guy.   We’ll see you in the morning.’ Alex replied as he was turning the lights off.  
‘Night Rasputin.’ Quinn said with a giggle.  
‘Goodnight blondie.’ The Russian guffawed.  
‘I like your family Alex.’ The Canadian said as he turned down the duvet on the large bed.  
‘I’m glad babe.   They really seemed to like you as well.’ Alex said as she stripped his jeans off.   ‘Sofia took an instant liking to you.’
‘Yeah, she was lovely.   All those stories she said about you.’ Quinn giggled as he climbed into bed naked.  
‘Oh don’t, please?’ Alex begged as he climbed in the other side of the bed.  
‘Did you really have braces?’ The blond asked as he cuddled up to Alex’s side, the Italian wrapping an arm around his lovers shoulder.  
‘Yes.   They were removed when I was 15.’ Alex said resting his chin on top of Quinn’s head.  
‘I bet you looked cute.’ Quinn said stifling a yawn.  
‘I looked like a nerd.’ Alex laughed.   ‘I was tall, scrawny, horrible acne and a mouth full of metal.   Not very attractive.’
‘Oh come on, I bet you were a hottie.’ Quinn giggled.  
‘Yeah, nah.’ Alex laughed loudly.  
Quinn yawned as Alex pulled him closer to his body.  
‘Tired raggio di luce?’ Alex asked kissing Quinn on the forehead.  
‘Very.   Do you mind if we go to sleep?’ The little blond asked through another yawn.  
‘Not at all.’ Good night beautiful.’ The Italian said rolling toward Quinn, wrapping both his arms protectively around his lover.  
‘Good night handsome.’ The blond said drifting off to sleep almost instantly.  

The next few days passed relatively quickly for Alex.   Quinn returned to his own apartment the day after meeting Alex’s family.   Alex felt a bit lonely, but Mikhail visited every day after work.   He spoke with his mother every morning and would receive the odd text or two from his siblings.  
Occasionally, Alex would have that odd dream where he saw someone, possibly himself, standing in the middle of a large field, hands pressed against their chest, blood soaking their shirt, drenching their hands and collapsing to their knees.   Though still unable to recall all the details of the dream, Alex was left with sense of loss.  
Alex returned to work on Wednesday morning and was glad for the distraction.   He explained to his supervisor, Michelle, everything that was happening with his father, and that things were not looking good.   Come Friday morning, during his phone conversation with his mother, things were about to become very gloomy.  

‘Alessandro, I think it’s time.’ Mrs. Braddock said with saddened tones.  
‘What time Mamma?’ Alex asked with a bit of confusion.  
‘Your Papà darling.   I think his time is near.’ She said with a slight break in her voice.  
‘Has something happened Mamma?’ Alex asked panicking slightly.  
‘He hasn’t woken this morning.   I can’t get him to wake up.’ Aurelia said, struggling to keep from crying.  
‘I’m on my way Mamma.   I’ll call Sofia and Franco.’ Alex said rushing through his apartment gathering his belongings.  
‘Hurry mio bambino.’ Mrs. Braddock said, her tears finally breaking through.  
Alex hung up from his mother and immediately called his brother.  
‘Alex?’ Franco said as he answered his phone.  
‘Franco, Papà is dying.   Get there, now brother.’ Alex said quickly.  
‘I’m on my way.’ Franco said with barely concealed panic.   He disconnected the call as Alex was climbing into the elevator.   Alex dialed Sofia’s number next.  
‘Hello big brother.’ Sofia said as she answered the call.  
‘Sofia, you need to get to Mamma and Papà’s now.’ Alex said quickly.   ‘Papà is not well.’
‘Merda!’ Sofia exclaimed loudly.  
‘Hurry Sofia.’ Alex said as he squeezed through the opening lift doors.  
‘I’ll be there soon.’ Sofia said disconnecting the call.  
Alex walked quickly through the parking complex in the basement of the apartment building, heading straight for the opposite wall.   There, by itself, parked against a wall, was his gun metal grey Audi Q7.   He pressed a button on his remote to disable the alarm and unlock the doors.   He threw his backpack into the passenger seat and climbed into the sleek SUV.   Turning the vehicle on, he grabbed his cigarettes from his bag and lit one while pulling out of the park and making for the exit.   Once out on the street, he was belted in and on his way.  
He placed his phone into the hands-free kit and heard the connection tones.   He pressed a button and using voice command, dialed his supervisor’s number.  
‘Hello Michelle speaking?’
‘Michelle, it’s Alex.’ He said with a shaking voice.  
‘Alex, are you alright?’ Michelle asked with concern.  
‘No.   Dad’s on his way out.’ The Italian said, his voice cracking with emotion.  
‘Go babe.   Don’t worry about work, alright?’ Michelle said without hesitation.  
‘Thanks Michelle.’ Alex said, feeling his emotions bubbling above the surface.   ‘I’ll keep you updated.’
‘No worries hun.   Look after yourself.’ Michelle finished as she hung her phone up.  
With another voice command, Alex called his Russian friend.  
‘Mickey?’ Alex asked, his emotions finally breaking through and his voice faltering noticeably.  
‘Tovarishch? Vot is wrong?’ Mikhail said with immediate panic.  
‘He’s dying dude!’ Alex said as the tears he was holding back began pouring in earnest.  
‘O bozhe! Where are you?’ The Russian asked.  
‘I’m on my way over to Mamma and Papà’s.’ Alex said through a few sobs.  
‘Are you driving, my friend?’ Mikhail asked.  
‘Yeah, it was faster.’ The Italian said wiping his eyes roughly.  
‘Drive safely Alex.   I’ll get a taxi and be there shortly.’ The Russian said without even asking.  
‘Mickey? Can you bring Quinn please?’ Alex said with hope.  
‘I’ll call him now.   We’ll be there shortly, da?’ He said as he ran to his bedroom.  
‘Okay, see you soon.’ Alex disconnected the phone call and sniffed back his tears, focusing on the road.   He was driving faster than he should have been, in an effort to get to his parents’ house quickly.  

Barely 10 minutes later found Alex screeching to a halt in the driveway of his childhood home.   He grabbed his phone, bag and cigarettes and jumped out of the vehicle.   He took off at a run to the front door, hitting the engage button on his remote, locking and alarming his car, without even looking at it.   He all but ripped the front door off its hinges barging through it.  
‘Mamma!’ Alex shouted through the house loudly.  
‘Upstairs darling!’ Called his mother in reply.   Her voice sounded scared.   Alex took the stairs three at a time, and bolted down the hallway, bursting into the bedroom of his parents.   His mother was in a seat next to the bed, holding her husband’s hand in hers, rocking back and forth, crying to herself.  
‘Mamma?’ Alex asked throwing his bag against a wall and rushing to his mother’s side.  
‘He won’t wake up, my baby.’ She sobbed.   ‘He won’t wake up.’ She rocked back and forth as Alex sat on the bed, beside his father’s legs.   He reached over and took his father’s free hand and squeezed firmly.  
‘Papà?’ He asked shaking the hand gently.   ‘Papà, wake up.’
His father didn’t respond.   Mrs. Braddock began sobbing louder.  
‘Please Papà.   Wake up please.’ Alex begged through his own sobbing.  
‘Mamma? Alex?’ Came a voice from downstairs.  
‘Upstairs Sofia!’ Alex called, not taking his eyes from his father’s still face.  
Sofia came into the master bedroom and gasped when she saw her oldest brother and mother sitting around her father’s still body.  
‘Is he…?’ She began, but couldn’t finish answering.  
‘No.   But he won’t wake up.’ Alex said regaining control of his sobs.  
‘Oh Papà!’ Sofia cried as she threw herself onto the bed beside her father, resting her head on the frail old man’s shoulder, her own shoulders heaving with her crying.  
‘Is he gone?’ Called a male’s voice from the door.  
‘Not yet Franco.’ Alex responded.  
‘Come here my baby.’ Mrs. Braddock said looking over to her youngest son, standing in the doorway with a lost look on his face.   ‘Come here.’
Franco walked unsteadily to his mother’s side where she reached up and pulled him down onto his knees where she could bury her face into his chest.   Franco reached around his mother and pulled her firmly into himself.  
Alex reached over and grasped his brother’s shoulder firmly, as his sister reached out and latched onto his other hand, still holding his father’s motionless hand.  
‘Francesca and Giuliana will be here shortly.’ Mrs. Braddock said with a hollow voice.  
‘Wait, they’re both over here? From Italy?’ Alex asked with surprise.  
‘I called them on Monday and told them what was happening.   They were prepared.’ Aurelia said without emotion.  
‘I haven’t seen the Aunts in so long.’ Franco said coming out of his reverie.  
‘They’re looking forward to seeing you three.’ Mrs. Braddock smiled slightly.  
‘Maybe I should go and get some food together or something.’ Alex said making to stand up.  
‘No need tovarishch.   I got some on the way.’ Mikhail said from the doorway.   He looked so sad.   ‘Mrs. Braddock?’ He began, unsure what to say.  
‘Come here il mio Colosso.’ Mrs. Braddock said with love, standing up and holding her arms out to the giant Russian.   Mikhail stepped into the room and Mrs. Braddock saw the small blond standing behind him, wringing his hands together, looking thoroughly sad.  
‘Il mio raggio di luce!’ Mrs. Braddock cried.   ‘Come here bambino mio! Come here.’ Quinn followed the Russian as Aurelia reached out for Mikhail and collapsed into his massive arms.   She stretched her arms around the giant’s waist as best she could and hugged him fiercely.   After a few seconds she surfaced and turned to Quinn, who had tears in his eyes.   She reached out for him and pulled him into a strong hug.   He nuzzled his face into her neck as he sobbed quietly.  
‘Go to my son piccolo.   He needs you.’ She said as she released Quinn and pushed him to the bed.   He walked to the side where Mrs. Braddock’s chair was as Franco stood up and hugged him.   Quinn let out a sob as Franco cried onto his shoulder.   Alex looked up and saw the sadness on his lovers face.  
‘Hi beautiful.’ Alex said as the two made eye contact.  
‘Hi.’ The blond said quietly.   Alex let his father’s hand go and stood up, holding his hand out to the Canadian.   Quinn, who still had Franco clinging to his side, reached out to Alex.   The Italian stepped to his lover’s side and wrapped an arm around his shoulder and buried his face into the soft neck, crying quietly.  
Mikhail interrupted the silence.   ‘I’ll go get some morning tea for everyone.’ He said as he picked up Mrs. Braddock, who was clinging onto him at the end of the bed, and placed her gently in her seat beside her husband.  
‘I’ll come help you Mikhail.’ Quinn said patting Franco on the shoulder, who was still holding onto the smaller blond.   Alex kissed him tenderly on the forehead and let him go reluctantly.   Franco collapsed to the floor and put his head in his mother’s lap.   Mrs. Braddock gently stroked her son’s silky hair as he cried.  
‘Back soon.’ Quinn said quietly to his lover.   Alex took hold of Quinn’s hand as he walked away, and didn’t let go until the blond squeezed it gently in reply.  
A few minutes of silence was interrupted by someone clearing their throat at the bedroom door.  
‘I apologise for the intrusion, but I came to offer you something.’ The blond twin said his eyes focused entirely on Alex.   His usual air of aloofness was completely absent.   Instead, he seemed entirely confident and coherent.  
‘Who the fuck is he?’ Franco asked jumping to his feet as Sofia sat up on the bed, her eyes blood shot.   Mrs. Braddock studied the twin with earnest.  
‘He means us no harm.’ Aurelia said.  
‘Indeed.’ Caiden said addressing the matriarch of the family.   ‘May I come in?’ Mrs. Braddock nodded once, glancing briefly at Alex who was staring at the blond twin.  
‘As I said, I have come to offer you something.’ The blond twin said, lowering his head to Alex.   After a few moments of no response from the Italian, Caiden continued.  
‘I cannot stop him from dying, but, I can revive him enough to say goodbye.’ He said looking at the floor with sadness.  
‘Can you?’ Alex asked stepping toward the twin.  
‘Yes.’ Caiden answered.  
‘Please, will you do it?’ Sofia asked from the bed.   Franco nodded in agreement as Mrs. Braddock did as well.   Alex looked back to the twin and nodded, holding out a hand to him.   Caiden stepped forward and took Alex’s proffered hand and moved to the end of the bed.   He looked down to the frail old man’s face and closed his eyes.   Alex felt a rustle of hidden energy about the twin as he heard Sofia gasp loudly.   All three children and their matriarch now looked at Nathaniel’s face, as his eyes stared blankly at the ceiling.   He blinked and seemed to focus.   His gaze lowered and fell onto his wife, and he smiled.  
‘My dearest Aurelia.’ He said in a frail voice.  
‘Amore mio.’ Mrs. Braddock replied with a smile.  
‘I am so very sorry my dear.’ Nathaniel said with sadness.  
‘Don’t be darling.   I’m not.’ Aurelia said with a smile.  
‘I love you.’ Her husband said with a weak smile.  
‘And I you.’ She replied blowing him a kiss as her eyes filled with tears.  
‘Sofia, my daughter.’ He said, looking at his youngest child.  
‘Papà…’ She said between sobs.  
‘You be a good girl now.   You do what you believe is right.’
‘Yes Papà.’ Sofia said collapsing against her father in a new bout of tears.  
‘Franco.’ Nathaniel looked to his youngest son, now kneeling beside the bed with fresh tears.   ‘Be strong my boy.   Stand tall as your brother, stand with pride.   I will be forever proud of you.’
‘Goodbye Papà.’ Franco sobbed as he buried his face into his mother’s lap.  
‘Alessandro.   You’ve no idea how sorry I am.’ The old man began.  
‘Papà, that’s enough.   You don’t need to apologise.’ Alex said holding a hand up in protest.  
‘Hush boy.   Let an old man say what he needs to, and then you can say what you want.’ Nathaniel said with a smirk.   Alex smiled slightly.   ‘I am, and will be eternally, so very proud of you.   You will look after this family.   You are a strong young man, and you will become a very strong and impassioned force of love.   I die now, happy, knowing you will be magnificent.’
‘Oh Papà.’ Alex said as tears took over him.  
‘I love you all, so very much.’ Nathaniel said as he looked at his wife, daughter and sons one last time.   He looked to the end of the bed as Caiden opened his eyes for the first time since Nathaniel regained consciousness.   Caiden smiled sadly at the old man.  
‘Thank you.’ Nathaniel said smiling at the blond twin.   Caiden nodded solemnly and bowed his head with respect.   Mr. Braddock laid his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes.   He inhaled once and his chest fell, never to rise again.  

Sofia cried out with sadness.   Franco sobbed hysterically into his mother’s lap.   Mrs. Braddock closed her eyes and lowered her head.   Alex stood staring at the lifeless body of his father as he felt a soft hand grasp his shoulder.  
‘I am sorry Alex.’ Caiden said softly.  
‘It’s okay.   Thank you for letting him speak with us.’ The Italian said patting the twin’s hand.  
‘Will you be okay? I think perhaps I should leave you all be.’ The twin said gesturing to his family.  
‘We’ll be fine, thank you Caiden.’ Alex said.  
‘We’ll speak soon then.’ The blond twin said as he stepped backward out of the room.   Alex heard a rush of energy as Caiden vanished from sight, looking very sad.