The Children of Light

Chapter 9

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‘Mamma, is Aunty G there?’ Alex asked quietly.   He was out on the balcony calling his mother.  
‘Are you alright my darling?’ Mrs. Braddock asked hearing the concern in his voice.  
‘I’m okay.   I just wanted to ask Aunty G about that prayer she taught us.’ The Italian asked.  
‘It protects you while you are at home.   Did you say it before you entered your apartment bambino?’ Aurelia asked.  
‘Both Quinn and I did.   Nothing happened when I walked inside.’ Alex started.  
‘Nothing is supposed to happen my darling.’ Aurelia cut across her son.  
‘Then why did Quinn feel like he was walking through a fire when he came in?’ The Italian asked abruptly.  
‘He what?’ Mrs. Braddock asked.  
‘He said he felt like he was walking through a fire.   He stumbled over when he walked inside.’ Her son said with panic.  
‘Gilly? Come here.’ Mrs. Braddock called to her sister.   Alex heard her rattle away to her sister in Italian.   He managed to catch a little of what she was saying but didn’t understand the full conversation.  
‘Bambino?’ Giuliana said taking her sister’s phone from her and speaking to her nephew.  
‘Aunty G?’ Alex replied.  
‘Is he alright?’ She asked.  
‘He’s fine.   I’m not.   What did you do to him?’ Her nephew asked getting a little annoyed.  
‘It was a protection spell for you and your apartment.’ Giuliana said detecting Alex’s annoyance.  
‘Then why did Quinn feel like he was burning?’ The Italian said with frustration.  
‘Was he burnt? Did you check?’ She asked.  
‘Of course I checked.’ He said angrily.   ‘He’s fine physically.’
‘Then the spell worked.’ Giuliana said with satisfaction.  
‘Then why the hell did it try to burn my boyfriend?’ Alex had finally had enough.  
‘It didn’t.   Quinn is a special person.   It’s not safe to speak here at the moment.   I will talk to you tomorrow alright baby?’ His aunt said, trying to be diplomatic.  
‘Aunty G…’ Alex began but his aunt cut him off.  
‘Tomorrow baby.   Quinn is fine.   Don’t leave the apartment.   All three of you.’ She said with finality.   Alex sighed and agreed.  
‘Alright Aunty G.   Thank you.’ He said disconnecting the call.   He threw his cigarette over the balcony and went back through the doors.  
‘Everything alright babe?’ Quinn asked as Alex sat on the sofa, lifting the blond’s feet and putting them in his lap.  
‘Yeah babe.   Just making sure Mamma is okay.’ The blond smiled at his lover and went back to watching the television.  

When Alex and Quinn went to bed, the blond wrapped in the Italian’s arms, that same odd dream visited Alex.   He saw the person standing in a field, clutching at their chest.   But as the perspective changed, he was running towards the person who fell to their knees, and then collapsed on their side.   He threw himself on the grass, kneeling down, with tears in his eyes as he grabbed for their bloodied hand.   He pulled their head into his lap and wailed with grief, looking down into the intense green eyes as the light in them faded.   Like the other dreams, as soon as Alex recalled he had a dream, the details simply vanished from memory.  

‘Hi everyone.’ Alex called as he entered the kitchen.   It seemed to be the place where everyone gathered in numbers.   Everyone called back “hello’s” and “welcome’s” to the three men who entered.  
‘Alessandro!’ Giuliana called as she came in from the deck.   ‘Bambino!’ Alex met his aunt halfway across the kitchen floor and hugged her tenderly.   ‘Come outside with me my darlings.’ She said taking Alex’s hand and leading him, Quinn and Mikhail out onto the large deck.  
‘Alright Aunty G.   What’s going on?’ Alex started as soon as they were seated on the far side of the deck.  
‘Tell me darling, when you stepped into the apartment, what exactly did you feel?’ She asked looking at Quinn.  
‘Well, it felt like I had walked through a wall of fire.   It was hot, I could feel the flames licking at my skin, and then Alex had his arms wrapped around me.   I couldn’t see properly.   It was like I had stared straight into a spot light and was then thrown into darkness.’
‘Really?’ Giuliana said observing the blond carefully.  
‘Um, yeah.’ Quinn answered lamely.  
‘What’s your mother’s name Quinn?’ Giuliana asked without taking her eyes off of the blond.  
‘Sarah Beauchamp.’ Quinn said uncertainly.  
‘Spelt B-E-A-U-C-H-A-M-P, correct?’ Giuliana clarified.  
‘Wait, it’s spelt like that, but you pronounce it “Bow-shum”?’ Mikhail asked with confusion, pronouncing the word bow like “bow and arrow”.  
‘It’s French, right darling?’ Giuliana said smiling.  
‘Yeah.   How did you know?’ Quinn asked returning the woman’s smile.  
‘Sarah Beauchamp, daughter of Aradia Beauchamp.’ Giuliana stated.  
‘Um, yeah.   Nana Beauchamp’s name is Aradia.   How did you know that?’ The blond asked.  
‘Where does your mother live now bambino?’ The woman asked.  
‘She lives out west on a life-style block on the outskirts of town.’ Quinn answered her with confusion.  
‘I must go and visit her.’ Giuliana said with a big smile on her face.   ‘We know your mother and your grandmother.’
‘I beg your pardon?’ Quinn stammered.  
‘Your mother and grandmother.   We know them.’ The aunt said with joy.  
‘Wait, you know my mum and nana?’ The blond asked, clearly stunned.  
‘Yes my darling.   And that explains why you reacted to the spell we taught you.’ Giuliana stood up and stepped toward the French doors.   ‘Wait one moment.’ She disappeared inside leaving Quinn, Alex and Mikhail all looking rather stunned.  
‘What the fuck?’ Quinn said after a few moments.  
‘Franny, you are never going to believe who this is.’ Giuliana said dragging her sister outside and pointing to the blond.  
‘It’s Quinn you demented old goat.’ Francesca said with a smile to the blond.   The boys sniggered quietly.  
‘No Franny.   Look closer!’ The older sister said pushing her sister toward the blond.   ‘Look into him.’
Francesca stumbled closer to Quinn and squinted at him.   The blond felt slightly awkward with Francesca staring at him like he was some bizarre art piece in a gallery.   The sisters both took a few moments looking at Quinn, Giuliana smiling, Francesca frowning in concentration.   Suddenly, a light exploded behind Francesca’s eyes.  
‘Sarah?’ She asked slightly confused.   ‘Wait… Aradia?’ She said louder.  
‘He is Aradia’s grandson!’ Giuliana said clapping her hands together and laughing.  
‘Fuck off!’ Francesca said clapping her hand to her chest.   ‘The Holy’s grandson, is our nephew’s boyfriend?’
‘So it would seem!’ Giuliana said laughing to herself.  
‘Can someone explain what’s going on please?’ Alex asked pulling Quinn to his feet and wrapping his arms protectively around him.  
‘Quinn’s grandmother, Aradia, is the Holy Strega.   She is the descendent of a powerful witch, powerful Italian witch, who mothered the old religion, Stregheria, or as we knew it, La Vecchia Religione.’ She said quickly.   ‘Quinn is the descendent of the most powerful witch in our history.   Which means my darling, that you are a witch.’
‘And part Italian.’ Alex added as a side.  
‘I’m a witch?’ Quinn asked in disbelief.   ‘And part Italian?’
‘Why do I feel like I’ve stepped into the Twilight Zone?’ Mikhail asked as he sat down heavily.  
‘Yes bambino.’ Francesca said as she reached out for Quinn with both hands.   Quinn looked scared.   The woman reached the rest of the distance and clutched Quinn to her.   ‘You are related to us through the craft!’ She said with pride.  
‘A witch?’ Quinn muttered again.  
‘And part Italian.’ Mikhail finished for him.  
‘Oh mio bambino.   I knew there was a reason I liked you.’ Francesca said.  
‘What is it Gilly?’ Aurelia said as she was dragged out onto the deck and pushed toward Quinn and Francesca.  
‘This ‘Lia, is Aradia’s grandson.’ Giuliana said pointing to a meek looking Quinn, still firmly in the clutches of Francesca’s arms.  
‘Beauchamp?’ Aurelia said slapping a hand to her chest.   ‘Aradia Beauchamp? Why didn’t I see it?’ She cried reaching out for Quinn, who was finally released from Francesca grip.   Aurelia took Quinn into her arms and hugged him tightly.  
‘My darling, you’ve no idea how happy I am!’ Mrs. Braddock said with pride.  
‘Does that mean something to you Mamma?’ Alex asked.  
‘Sì caro.’ Aurelia said with a tear in her eye.   ‘Aradia was like a mother to us all.   She taught us the way.   She taught us our magic.’
‘I fucking knew you were special Mamma.’ Alex said clapping his hands together.  
Mrs. Braddock’s smile was of pride and embarrassment.   ‘I knew there was something you weren’t telling me.’
‘Can’t blame me darling, considering what your father was up to.   I had to keep it a secret.’ Mrs. Braddock said releasing Quinn who moved quickly to Alex’s side and wrapped himself in his boyfriend’s protective arms.  
‘My son found himself a witch for a boyfriend!’ She said clapping, Giuliana and Francesca flanking her with pride.  
‘So what does that mean for Quinn?’ Alex asked, worrying slightly.  
‘I’m taking him to his Mamma’s house later in the week.   We’re going to have a good catch up.’ Giuliana said with glee.  
‘I’m coming too, you old bat.’ Francesca said with a cackle.  
‘I will too.’ Aurelia said.   ‘I’ll just tell them that I have to go do something.’ She finished looking at everyone inside.  
‘I’m a witch.’ Quinn said turning in his boyfriend’s arms and looking up into the piercing blue eyes.  
‘And you’re part Italian.’ Alex said with a smile so huge and illuminating, Quinn’s knees buckled slightly.  

‘No Aunty, we can go pick them up.’ Alex said as his aunt and mother discussed collecting the Italian contingency from the airport.  
‘Bambino, your car is big, but not that big.’ Francesca said with a giggle.  
‘True, but, I have a second car in Mamma’s garage.’ Alex replied.   Quinn choked on his coffee and stared with shock at his boyfriend.  
‘Wait, not only did you forget about the Audi in the garage of your apartment, but you forgot about the SECOND car you have in your folks shed?’ The little blond said loudly.  
‘I’m sorry babe.’ Alex said with embarrassment.   ‘I forget what I have until I need to use it.   It didn’t occur to me that you wouldn’t know.’
‘Oh dio!’ Mrs. Braddock exclaimed as she slapped her eldest on the arm.   ‘Don’t worry my darling.   I will tell you everything you need to know.’ She said smiling to Quinn.   The Canadian smiled meekly.  
‘Alright, who’s going to drive the spare car?’ Quinn asked of his lover.  
‘Well, Mikhail can drive the Q7, and I can drive the A6.’ Alex said mentally calculating the seating required.  
‘Wait, not only do you have a second car, but it’s another expensive car at that?’ The blond said stunned.  
‘Darling, it’s nothing to concern yourself with.   The A6 was a gift from my husband and I when Alessandro graduated.   Do not worry.’ Mrs. Braddock said stroking the blonds arm in an effort to calm him.   The Canadian blinked away his nerves and smiled to his lover’s mother.  
‘Dio I love that smile.’ Francesca said with a smile of her own.  
‘I really do think there’s a sun in there.’ Giuliana said peering at Quinn’s mouth with fascination.   The blond blushed an amazing shade of pink.  
‘Alright, it’s settled then.   Let’s go.’ Alex said leading the family inside.  
‘We’re just going to pick up Aunty G and Aunty Franny’s families from the airport.   We won’t be long.’ Alex said to everyone who was in the kitchen.   Alex noticed the sour look on his Uncle’s face, and then the angered look of his father’s sister when she saw her brother’s face.   He was beginning to like this other aunt.  

‘You didn’t curb my tires did you big guy?’ Alex asked as the Russian hauled his bulk out of the SUV, parked next to the station wagon.  
‘No, but I think you need an alignment.   It’s a bit wobbly.’ Mikhail said with a slight frown.  
‘I think it’s because you were the only one in it.’ Alex said gesturing to the very large Russian.   Mikhail glanced down at himself and grinned foolishly.  
‘Perhaps.’ He said locking the SUV and heading towards the arrivals gate.   Alex and Quinn followed their friend, holding hands and laughing quietly to themselves.   After what seemed a half hour of walking, they were in the arrivals waiting area, all 3 craning their necks to see the passengers coming through the gates.  
‘I actually have no idea what or who I’m looking for.’ Quinn laughed to himself.   Alex squeezed the blond’s hand, which he was still holding.  
‘You can’t miss them.’ Alex said, scanning the crowds.   ‘George and Fabz look like me.’
‘Oh Lord.   More hotties.’ The Russian exclaimed, searching for anything that looked remotely like his best friend.  
‘There.’ Alex called pointing into the thicket of a group of passengers.   Quinn and Mikhail both squinted in the direction he was pointing and noticed two tall young men, both with short dark hair, and eyebrows the same shape as their cousin.  
‘Jesus, you were right.’ Quinn said noticing the similarities to his lover.   Quinn felt a familiar pull in his loins and blushed.   Alex squeezed his boyfriends hand tenderly and smiled at him.   Instantly, Quinn forgot where they were, or why they were there, losing himself to that magnificent smile.   The blond was hypnotized by his boyfriends crystal blue eyes and felt himself drawn into a loving embrace, as Alex leant down and kissed him tenderly on the lips.   Quinn’s knees buckled slightly as his breathing faltered.  
‘I don’t think my cousins can do that as well as I can.’ Alex said with a cheeky glint in his eyes.   Quinn blushed profusely.   It was as if Alex knew precisely what he was thinking.   The Italian leaned down and kissed his boyfriend with a bit of passion.  
‘Alex.   Leave that handsome man alone and give your cousin a hug.’ Called a boisterous Italian.   Quinn reeled in shock at how very similar it sounded to his boyfriend.   His jaw hit the floor when he looked up into the handsome face of his lover’s doppelganger.  
‘Georgie!’ Alex said loudly as he released the small blond and embraced his cousin.   Quinn was staggered at the similarities.   Georgio was the exact same height as his cousin, had the exact same facial features, the high cheek bones, the handsome square jaw, an identical arch to his eyebrows.   His eyes were even blue, though not at pale as Alex’s were.   Quinn would have guessed that if Georgio were naked, he would match Alex in both muscle and sexual appeal.   Quinn was mesmerized by the new comer.   ‘Georgie, this is my boyfriend Quinn.   Quinn this is George.’ Alex said smiling to his lover.  
‘A pleasure to meet you.’ Quinn said holding his hand out.   The older cousin took the small blond man’s hand and shook it firmly.   He smiled down to the Canadian and Quinn smiled back.   It was like looking at Alex.   His smile shone even brighter when the cousin looked hypnotized by Quinn’s smile.  
‘Dio! Cousin, if you ever tire of this one, send him my way.’ Georgio said with a cheeky grin.  
‘That will never happen.’ Alex said snaking an arm around Quinn’s shoulders and pulling him in close.   ‘And this is his little brother, Fabrizio.’ Alex said smiling to a slightly shorter version of himself.  
‘Bloody hell.   What do they feed you in Italy?’ The blond said looking up into the two handsome faces of his boyfriend’s cousins.  
‘Lots of meat and protein.’ The younger cousin said with a wicked grin to the Canadian.  
‘You guys remember Mikhail.’ Alex said gesturing to the Russian.  
‘Colosso!’ The cousins said in unison.   Quinn grinned slightly.  
‘Tovarishch.’ Mikhail said extending his hand.   Both cousins snorted with laughter and jumped at the Russian, attempting to knock him to the ground.  
‘Bloody handshake.’ Quinn heard one of the cousins say with laughter.   Mikhail looked like a human statue with two men trying to climb on top of his head.   The blond giggled quietly at the scene.  
‘Get off him!’ An older Italian gentleman said with a smile.   Quinn once again was staggered at the similarities between yet another man and his boyfriend.   In 30 years, this is quite possibly what Alex will look like.   Though visibly older, the gentleman had the exact same facial structure as his lover, although his eyes were more grey than blue.   ‘Nephew.’ The man said to Alex.  
‘Uncle!’ Alex said embracing the man warmly.   ‘Good trip?’
‘Not with these two stupido.’ The man said rolling his eyes.   Quinn smiled with humour as the older man spotted him.  
‘This is my boyfriend, Quinn.   Quinn this is Uncle Vincenzo.’ Alex said.  
‘A pleasure sir.’ The Canadian said with a smile.  
‘O dio, you keep him away from my ragazzi, or you’ll never get him back.’ Vincenzo said with a smirk.  
‘Your son’s wouldn’t stand a chance uncle.’ Alex said with an evil grin.  
‘Don’t!’ The old man said wincing dramatically.   ‘I don’t need the mental images nephew.’
‘Prude.’ Another gentleman said stepping around Vincenzo.   ‘Claudio.’ He said taking Quinn’s hand in his own and shaking it gently.   ‘And my daughters, Claudia and Cristina.’ Two beautiful Italian women stepped forward and smiled demurely to the blond.  
‘Nice to meet you all.’ Quinn said smiling to everyone.   Mikhail had finally managed to dislodge his Italian attackers and was laughing raucously.  
‘Let’s go guys.’ Alex said to everyone as they all picked up their luggage.   Alex and Quinn, hand in hand, led the Italian contingency to the cars.   When they got to the cars, Alex’s cousins commented on them.  
‘Alex you show off.’ The younger male cousin said looking at both vehicles.  
‘Typical.   Making up for a small penis I think.’ Georgio said with a leer to his cousin.   Quinn blushed bright red and Alex’s cousin grinned mischievously.   ‘So my cousin has a big cherry buster huh?’ The little blond turned even more red, if that were possible, and jumped into the passenger seat.   The uncles and cousins all erupted with raucous laughter.  
‘Get in the car you dirty bastardo.’ Alex said to his oldest cousin.   After discussing who was going in which car briefly, the uncles and female cousin’s climbed into the Q7 with Mikhail, and the two male cousins climbed in with Alex and Quinn.  
‘I’m sorry Quinn.   I didn’t mean to embarrass you.’ Georgio said leaning between the driver and passenger seats, resting his chin on the blonds shoulder.  
‘It’s alright.’ The Canadian said with a smile.  
‘So, does he have a big one?’ The cousin asked with a laugh.  
‘Bigger than yours I’d imagine.’ Quinn retorted with a blush.  
‘We’ll just have to see about that.’ Georgio said sitting back and glancing to his cousin in the rear vision mirror.   Alex had a grin playing about his eyes.  
‘So where is our hotel cousin?’ Fabrizio asked gazing out the window.  
‘You guys are staying with me.   Uncle Vinnie and Claudio are staying in a hotel with Claudia and Cristina.’ Alex said.  
‘Oh excellent.’ Georgio said with a twinkle in his eye.  
‘Cousin, you touch my baby and I will tear your dick off.’ Alex said with a toothy grin in the mirror.  
‘Wouldn’t dream of it cousin.’ He retorted.   ‘But what if he comes to me, asking him to reach that spot you can’t?’ He giggled.  
‘Never gonna happen smart arse.’ Quinn said with a cackle.   Alex roared with laughter as they hurtled along the freeway.  

‘Guess who’s here?’ Alex called through the house as he walked in the front door.  
‘Bambino’s!’ Francesca called as she came clicking into the foyer.   Georgio and Fabrizio hugged their mother simultaneously as Claudia and Cristina disappeared into the kitchen looking for their mother.  
‘Let’s get a drink.’ Alex said taking Quinn’s hand and pulling him toward the kitchen.   He quickly made three coffees and disappeared onto the balcony with them.  
‘I like your family Alex.’ Quinn said as he sat between his lover’s legs on the bench and leaned back into him.  
‘I’m glad.’ Alex said nuzzling into the blond’s neck.   They sat quiet a moment before Mikhail came outside.   ‘Here you go big guy.’ Alex said handing him the third coffee.  
‘Thank you.’ Mikhail said taking the hot drink and sitting in front of the couple.   Just as Mikhail was about to ask something, Alistair came out onto the deck.  
‘Alex, may I have a private word please?’ He asked with a cursory glance to the two companions.  
‘Whatever you have to say, you can say in front of these two.’ Alex said not moving.  
‘Alex?’ His father’s brother pleaded.  
‘No Uncle.   I have nothing to say to you in private.’ Alex said still not moving.  
‘Alex you are making a foolish mistake.   Think of the danger you are putting these two in.’ Alistair said with a wave at the Russian and Canadian.  
‘You’re threatening them now?’ Alex said standing so quickly, Quinn was nearly thrown into Mikhail’s lap.   Mikhail stood up and stepped between his best friend and this horrid man.  
‘What are you going to do to me, old man?’ Alistair turned bright pink and stumbled away from the Russian slightly.  
‘It’s not what I would do.’ He said through clenched teeth.   ‘Watch your backs boys.   There’s not much three insolent boys can do against a full attack from the order.’ He said vanishing into the house.  
‘What did he mean by that?’ Quinn asked with a shaking voice.  
‘He doesn’t mean anything by it.’ Alex said not quite believing the words.  

‘Make yourselves at home guys.   The bed should be large enough for you both, or one of you can crash on the sofa.’ Alex said gesturing to the couch.  
‘We can share a bed I think.’ Georgio said pulling his younger brother into a headlock and ruffling his hair.   Fabrizio yelped in frustration.  
‘Anyone for a drink?’ Mikhail said from the kitchen.   He had already pulled out several bottles of wine they had taken from Mrs. Braddock’s cellar.  
‘Sì!’ The cousins chorused together.   Alex and Quinn both nodded quietly from the sofa.   Mikhail carted the wine bottles into the lounge as Fabrizio skipped into the kitchen to collect the glasses.  
‘You have a beautiful apartment cousin.’ He said as he came back into the lounge.  
‘Thank you Fabz.’ Alex said with a smile.   He and Quinn both stood and stepped outside into the darkness of early evening, both lighting a cigarette.   Georgio came out with them and lit a cigarette for himself.   Eventually Mikhail and Fabrizio joined them.  
‘Well cousin, I must say, it’s great to see you again, and meet this beautiful young man.’ The older cousin said with sincerity.  
‘And you too.’ Alex said lifting his glass in salute.  
‘Shit.   I just realized I need to get home.’ Mikhail said abruptly.  
‘Can you not stay?’ Fabrizio asked with a saddened face.  
‘I’ll be back tomorrow friend, I promise.’ The Russian said with a smile.   He quickly hugged his best friends and the cousins and was gone in a flash.  

‘Gee I’m tired.’ Quinn said with a stretch.   Georgio watched with lust as the blond’s shirt lifted up slightly, exposing his flat, toned stomach.   Alex caught the look and smiled to himself.  
‘So cousin, you were going to prove something to Quinn weren’t you?’ Alex asked, pulling Quinn onto his lap and cuddling him.  
‘Was I now?’ The older cousin said with a leer.  
‘Fabz, right drawer in the coffee table, tape measure.   Get it please.’ Alex said with a coy smile as he stood up and placed Quinn on the seat.   He moved around the table and stood next to his cousin, who looked slightly embarrassed.  
‘Here we go.’ Fabrizio said as he placed the tape measure on the table and sat next to Quinn.  
‘Shall I go first then Georgie?’ Alex asked unbuttoning his dome fly.   Quinn was mesmerized the moment Alex undid his fly.   Fabrizio was leaning forward slightly in his seat.   Alex hooked his thumbs into the top of his boxer briefs and hiked them down and under his already plumping package.   Quinn couldn’t take his eyes off of his lover’s nether region.   As he watched, the monster salami plumped up to its full and thick 9 inches.   Alex took the measuring tape and ran it along the top of his pulsing shaft.  
‘9 inches.’ He said proudly, tossing the tape measure to his cousin, who had just hauled his penis out.   Quinn glanced quickly and already knew that Alex had won.   Georgio ran the tape along the top of his shaft and blushed profusely when he said, ‘8 inches.’ Quinn smiled to Alex, who strutted over, his manhood pointing the way.   Quinn stood up, took the large appendage into his hand and kissed his boyfriend with passion.   Fabrizio stood up and walked over to his brother who was watching Alex and Quinn making out.   The younger brother put a hand on his older brother’s shoulder and he finally looked at him.  
‘I like your penis brother.’ He said with a smile.   Georgio smiled brightly and leaned into his brother slowly, and with the tenderness of a feather, kissed his younger brother with love.  
‘Let’s go to bed.’ Alex said slightly short of breath.   Quinn glanced over his lovers shoulder and saw Georgio and Fabrizio kissing each other, the younger brother stroking the older brothers throbbing monster.   Quinn gasped quietly and Alex turned to see what was going on.  
‘They’ve been doing that for years.’ Alex said with a smile.  
‘Really?’ The blond asked, unable to stop watching the brothers kissing.  
‘Yeah.’ Alex said.   He scooped his lover up into his arms and went to walk inside.  
‘Wait cousin.’ Georgio said breaking his passionate kiss with his brother.  
‘What’s up?’ Alex said turning around, Quinn in his arms, and his raging hard-on poking out from his jeans.  
‘Can we perhaps, all play in the lounge?’ The older brother asked.   ‘You and Quinn play, while me and Fabz play?’ Alex looked into Quinn’s eyes and the little blond shrugged as if to say, “Doesn’t bother me”.  
‘Sure.’ Alex said smiling from ear to ear.   He turned back around, stepped over to the sofa and sat down with Quinn in his lap.   Fabrizio was leading Georgio back into the apartment by his dick.   The older brother closed the sliding door behind him.   The younger brother led the older brother to the sofa opposite his cousin and the blond.  
‘Suck my dick Fabz.’ Georgio said with a husky voice.   The younger Italian dropped to his knees and swallowed the throbbing rod of his brother, right down to the base.   Georgio closed his eyes with pleasure.  
Quinn watched for a moment before turning his attention back to Alex.   He leaned up slightly and ran his tongue over his lover’s lips, seeking entrance to the warm mouth.   Alex opened his mouth and sucked on the invading tongue, as the blond reached underneath himself and found the proud 9 inches of Italian meat sticking out of the jeans.   Alex broke the kiss off after a moment and said, ‘Why don’t you take your clothes off babe?’ Quinn stood up quickly and had his clothes removed within seconds.   Alex shucked his own clothes off equally as quick.   The blond climbed back onto his lovers lap, straddling the prodigious penis.   Almost as if with a mind of its own, it pressed against the exposed pink hole of the Canadian, demanding entrance.  
‘Yes cousin.   Fuck him.’ Georgio called over to Alex.   ‘Fuck him good.’
Quinn blushed, having forgotten there were two other people in the room with him.   Alex smiled and quickly jammed his tongue into his lover’s mouth.   Quinn soon forgot there were people watching and got back into the rhythm.   Alex broke the kiss and spat into his hand, and as he returned to kissing Quinn, he slathered the handful of spit onto his rod.   Quinn was moaning into the Italian’s mouth as he felt the head of the monster cock pressing against his entrance.   The Canadian pulled back from his lover slightly, and stared into the light blue eyes as he sat back onto the huge Italian penis and felt it stretch his tender pink hole.   His eyes fluttered as he sat back further onto the fast disappearing penis.   Within seconds, it was buried to the base with Quinn squirming on it with delight.  
‘God that feels good.’ Quinn whispered into his boyfriend’s ear.   Alex licked at his lover’s ear as he pulled out slightly and pushed back in, causing Quinn to groan.  
‘Come here Fabz.’ Georgio said as he pulled his brother to his feet and stripped him of his clothes.   The older brother sat on the sofa opposite his cousin, who was currently deep dicking the beautiful Canadian man.   The younger brother straddled his brother’s legs and ground his arse against the throbbing member.   Georgio spat into his hand and rubbed it over the exposed head, pulling the foreskin back and exposing the pink head.   Fabrizio leaned back much like Quinn had and impaled himself onto his brother’s equally impressive manhood.   Georgio couldn’t wait and slammed up into his brother, knowing he could take it.  
‘Yes Georgie.   Fuck me hard.’ Fabrizio said nuzzling his brother’s neck.  
‘As you wish.’ The older brother said already pulling out and slamming his cock into his brother’s arse.  
‘I love you.’ Alex said as he pulled out and pushed back into his lover’s entrance, feeling the warmth of his tunnel enveloping his engorged penis.  
‘I love you.’ The Canadian said looking into the Italian’s pale blue eyes.   He felt the massive slab of cock being pulled out and shoved back in with passion.   He leaned down and kissed his boyfriend fiercely, almost trying to shove his tongue down his throat.   Alex started picking the pace up, pulling out and pushing in faster and faster.  
‘Shit, I’m gonna cum.’ Alex said with a few grunts.  
‘Yes babe.   Cum in me, please.’ The Canadian said with delirium.  
‘Oh shit yeah.’ Alex chanted over and over as his orgasm built higher and higher.  
‘Fuck yes.’ Quinn said with his eyes closed, holding on for dear life.   ‘Yes Alex.   Cum deep inside me.’
‘Oh fuck, here it comes!’ Alex shouted, shoving his tongue into his boyfriend’s mouth.  
‘Yes cousin.   Breed that hottie’s arse.’ Georgio said as he pummeled his 8 inches into his brother’s arse.   ‘Gonna shoot up your butt little brother.’ He said as he pulled his brothers hair back.   Fabrizio groaned with pleasure as his older brother’s penis assaulted his arse.  
‘Yes Georgie.   Oh fuck yes.’ The younger brother said bouncing up and down on his brother’s lap.   ‘Shoot in me.’
‘Fuck yeah!’ The older brother said grabbing his brother’s arse cheeks and spearing the hole with his fat cock.   ‘Cumming!’ He shouted.  
‘Oh fuck Quinn.   I’m cumming!’ Alex gasped as he slammed viciously into the depths of his boyfriend’s arse.   ‘God yes.’
‘Fuck!’ Quinn shouted as he felt his balls tighten and his own orgasm explode from his cock, all over his lover’s heaving chest.   ‘Fuck yes.’
‘Breed me brother.’ Fabrizio said as he tugged on his 7 inches.   Within seconds he was gasping for breath as his cock exploded over his brother’s torso, which in his opinion was bigger and better than his cousin’s.  
‘Shoot it Fabz.’ The older brother said, still plundering his hole.   ‘Oh yes!’

‘That was, interesting.’ Quinn said as he cuddled up to his lover in bed.  
‘Wasn’t it?’ Alex said wrapping an arm around the blond and pulling him tight against him.  
‘Georgio is handsome, but you, well, you’re handsome, and loving, and sensual, and caring.’ The Canadian said around a yawn.  
‘Thank you babe.   You’re not too bad yourself.’ Alex said with a giggle.  
‘What I meant was, even though he looks like you, you are everything I want.’ Quinn said trying to stifle a yawn.  
‘And you are my raggio di luce.’ Alex said kissing the back of his lover’s head.   ‘We should get some sleep babe.   Big day tomorrow.’
‘I suppose.’ The blond said snuggling into the crook of Alex’s arm.   ‘I’ll be with you.’
‘Thank you Quinn.’ The Italian said as sleep crept upon the both of them.