The Children of Light

Book Two

This is the prologue for The Children Of Light Book 2.

This piece of fiction contains supernatural themes and eventually sexual interactions between consenting male adults. Please do not read this if it is illegal where you are, or you are not of age to do so.

All characters are fictional and any similarities to known actual people are coincidental, unless otherwise specified.

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`I'm off now guys!' Giorgio called out as he charged down the stairs. `Have fun Georgie.' Alex said standing in the kitchen as the older cousin barrelled through the house to the front door. Quinn was standing by the front window, looking through the curtain. He saw Drew sitting in a new black Camaro, the weak late afternoon sun dancing off the shining paintjob. The tinted driver's window rolled down as Quinn watched Giorgio skipping across the lawn. The older Italian walked around the front of the car and Drew looked straight at the window which Quinn was looking through, the lace curtains obscuring him somewhat. Quinn frowned with concentration, wondering if Drew could see him, then decided that he couldn't. With Giorgio in the passenger seat of the muscle car, it roared to life and reversed out of the driveway.
`What you doing babe?' Alex asked walking into the lounge with two steaming cups of coffee. Quinn turned from the window and walked to his boyfriend, taking the cup Alex offered him.
`Nothing.' Quinn said sitting on the sofa as Alex sat next to him. `Yesterday, when we met Drew?'
`Yeah?' Alex prompted.
`I dunno, I just got a weird vibe from him.' The blond said taking a sip. `Was probably nothing.'
`I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.' Alex said putting an arm around his lover and kissing the top of his head.
`You're probably right.' Quinn said cuddling into the warmth of Alex's body.
`Let's watch a movie.' The Italian said squeezing the blond tenderly.

`I moved here about three days before meeting you.' Drew said as the two men walked companionably along the board walk. The full moon, a bright yellow in colour, reflected off the surface of the gently rolling sea.
`Where did you move from?' The older Italian asked unobtrusively looking at the man's face.
`I'm from Wales. A small city called St David's. Very religious town.' Drew said with a sad smile.
`My brother and I moved here a few months ago from Florence. We lived in a pretty small town in the outskirts. You could probably call it a village.'
`It sounds much nicer than St David's.' Drew said with a small smile.
`It was very Catholic, but Mamma and Pap were pretty old fashioned when it came to religion.' Giorgio said looking out to the gently swelling sea.
`They sound great.' The Welshman said sadly. `My parents died in a car crash a few years ago.'
`Oh Dio. I'm so sorry.' The older Italian said, not quite sure what else to say.
`It's alright.' Drew said catching the Italian's eye and dazzling him with a smile that outshone the moon. Giorgio felt his heart flutter in response to the smile and felt a curious pulling in his loins.
`It's ah, it's getting late.' The older Italian stammered adorably, trying to shift the focus of the Welshman's attention.
`So it is.' Drew said glancing at his watch. `Would you like to call it a night?' He asked looking to the full moon.
`Well, it is late. Maybe next time, we can make it a lunch date?' Giorgio said with a blush. `Oh, so this was a date?' Drew asked with raised eyebrows.
`Dinner and a moonlit stroll on the beach?' The Italian countered.
`Fair point, my handsome Italian stallion.' The Welshman said seductively. Had it not been for the pale light of the moon, Giorgio's sudden colour change to bright red would have gone unnoticed. `Come on then, let's get you home.' Drew said with a chuckle.

`Thank you for tonight Drew.' The older Italian said rolling the "R" in the handsome man's name. They were sitting in Drew's car on the driveway.
`You're welcome Giorgio.' Drew said with a radiant smile. `I like hearing you say my name.' The older Italian blushed slightly.
`Well, I should probably go inside.' Giorgio said quietly. He turned to look at the handsome man and found himself staring into the impossibly dark eyes, inches from his face. Drew leaned in the last few inches and softly kissed the Italian's lips, savouring the contact for a few seconds.
`Goodnight Giorgio.' Drew said throatily.
`Uh, yeah, goodnight.' Giorgio stumbled distractedly. He climbed out of the car in a daze and wandered slowly up onto the front deck. The black Camaro was out of the driveway and on its way, tooting the horn before Giorgio could figure out what happened. He watched as the black car vanished from sight and he stood staring into the darkness for a few minutes, daydreaming. He shook his head and walked to the front door. He opened the door and looked back out toward the road, then stepped inside with a smile plastered across his face.


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