The Civilized Society
By: Joe Camp
Copyright 2000

Warning: The following story is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy that takes place in the present. It never happened, except in the author's imagination. This story contains sex between men and boys. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, you already know what your supposed to do. If this kind of story turns you off, find something else. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is only a story. Real life doesn't always work out like a story.

Fiction and Real Life: This story is all fiction. The characters in this story engage in unprotected sex. That's not real life if you want to live to old age. The characters are a product of my imagination, and can't catch anything unless I want them to. Any resemblance of characters to an actual person is purely coincidental.

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The Civilized Society

Part 3

    For thousands of years, back to the very beginning of time, the Civilized Society has hidden in and existed along side the other societies of the world. It knows no nationality. Yes, Society members may be American, German, Korean or any other nationality. They are citizens of the countries in which they live, but they are first citizens of the Civilized Society. They are the keepers of truth. The true history of the world has been passed down from generation to generation. Not colored by superstition or pride. The Civilized Society knows the origin of Greek Mythology. They know what really happened during the dark ages. They are the keepers of truth. They know better than to try to convince the rest of the world of the truth. They have been hunted and persecuted during all the ages. Yes, there are really two worlds, the Civilized Society and the Barbarians. Even in the year 2000, they must hide their beliefs and ways of life from the rest of the world.


    I awoke the morning after our ceremony to the feeling of Peter snuggling up against my butt. Yeah, it looks as if he is going to be about fucking just as he was at first about sucking. He just couldn't get his fill as he started puberty. He was gently humping his hard dick against my crack, but I could tell he was trying not to wake me. I reached behind me and lay my hand on his smooth round ass as I pressed him firmly to me.

    He moaned and hugged me tight before breaking away enough to reach for the lube. It only took moments and he was starting into my love hole. It wasn't long before he whimpered and pressed as deep into me as he could. He shivered as his climax worked through him.

    Peter was placing little kisses on my shoulder and neck. His hand slowly worked my hard-on as he recovered from his orgasm. Oh, for the stamina of youth! It couldn't have been more than a minute or two before he was guiding me onto my back. He quickly slicked my cock and squatted over me. He sat down as he guided my dick into his hot hole. No, I didn't last any longer than Peter had. He leaned in and kissed me a tender kiss on the lips as I recovered.

"Morning, Guide," he told me.

"Good morning, Student," I told him as he slipped off my softening dick.

Peter hugged me tight as he told me, "I like hearing that. Are we going to the resort for our vacation this year?"

"Of course," I replied, "unless there is somewhere else you would rather go."

"No. I was just wondering. I was just thinking about how stuck up Travis was last year while we were there and he got his white bracelet on his 16th birthday."

    My mind flashed back to the first time we had gone to the resort. Peter was 11 then, and we were talking about the different places we could go on our first vacation. I was on the Society's web page one night and found a notice for a new resort. It is owned by some citizens and would only be open to other citizens.

    I read the details in the press release and talked it over with Peter. The resort is in the south of Mexico with beautiful beaches a short walking distance to the east, but surrounded by the tropical rain forest. It is a family resort that understands the special needs of Civilized Society citizens. The recreational areas for the boys have private areas for the different groups and  are designated by their colors. There is a large swimming pool, and a common playground for the smaller children. The resort has horses, sail boats, scuba diving and just about anything else you can think of. Anyone that gets bored there has something wrong with them.

    Because it is impossible for everyone to know which group a youth belongs to, they came up with bracelets made from colored pony beads on elastic. Red bracelets are for the boys who are not yet sexually active. Of course that was mostly the small children, but I did see a few in their late teens wearing the red. Yellow designates that a boy is only dating. Blue was by far the most common and Peter wore his blue bracelet with pride. Blue is for the boys who have men. Of course white is worn by the students. The girls have the same colors except for those with women. They wear pink.

    We almost didn't get to go that first year. I forgot to mention the code word that would tell them I am a citizen when I called for reservations. The lady I spoke to on the phone was very apologetic as she informed me they were booked solid for every date I asked for. I finally thought to mention the code word, and suddenly she found there was an opening for the first date I had asked about.

    Peter and I had a blast that first year. Peter made friends with the right kind of boys. One boy lives in Washington, D.C. and is the boy of a United States Senator. Another friend he made is a boy from Scotland who's man is a prominent professor at Oxford. Yes, the connections a boy makes as a youth can be very important later in life.

    My thoughts returned to Peter as he kissed me one more time before grabbing the towel and cleaning us up. We often don't bother dressing on Saturday mornings. Peter grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"Come on," he urged. "I want to check the computer."

    We padded into the study. The cleaners had already come and gone. I've had the same service for years, and they have their own keys to the house. They are Barbarians, but they are gay and as they have never seen him, they think Peter is a man. Peter closed the study doors before booting the computer. He made the connection to the site and after checking to make sure he was secure, he entered his sign in and password. I told him not to be disappointed if it wasn't there yet, but he had to check anyway. He clicked the citizens list icon and then the page tab for M's. He scrolled down page after page and there it was:

Morgan, Peter - USA, Student (David Knight) son of citizens Ronald and Mary Morgan USA

    Peter just sat there staring at it. I stood behind him and rested my hands on his shoulders. I think it took a while for him to realize I was even touching him. He finally placed his left hand on top of my right hand and pressed down. I don't know how long he continued to sit there just staring at his name. He finally sighed and reached for the mouse.

    He clicked the tab that would take him to his e-mail. There were what looked like hundreds of congratulations in his box. It would take him all day to answer them all! I told him I would go fix us some breakfast, but he grabbed my hand.

"Wait! There is one from Jamie." Peter quickly clicked it open.

"Congratulations! Benton sends his too. Now I want to hear every little detail. What's it like to get fucked? I think Benton and I will wait a while yet. Give our best to David.

    Jamie is the boy from Scotland that Peter had met the first year we went to the resort. Benton is his man that is the university professor. Peter and Jamie became great friends that first year. Anytime I couldn't find Peter, all I had to do was head to the blue and white room and he was usually there with Jamie. I think one or the other had their dick in the other's mouth half the time we were there. Well, maybe not that much, but it did seem like it. Benton and Jamie go to the resort for a month each year. We have our week while they are there.

    I left Peter to his e-mail and fixed us some breakfast. I fixed pancakes and fried some sausage. I put it all on a tray along with the bottle of syrup. I poured us each a big glass of milk and carried it all to the study.

    I don't think Peter even tasted his breakfast as he read and answered his e-mail, taking a bite as he read. He answered all the notes from friends quickly with a promise to write more later. Then he started in on the notes from officials. There were many from different Guardians of the Truth from around the world. They all read pretty much like form letters, but Peter sent each a thank you. There was one from the Ex-President of the United States. I'm sure it was sent by an aide, but Peter was thrilled to get it. He got one from the US Congressman for our district. Then there were dozens running page after page with advice on how to live his life. Yeah, we have people like that too. Those got a two word response. "Thank you."

    The dishes and kitchen didn't take long for me to clean after our meal. I stuck my head back in the study and Peter had hardly made a dent in all the mail he had received. I spent the morning puttering around the house until I finally had to tear him away from the computer. We had to get cleaned up and dressed before I took him home. I told him he would just have to finish at his house.

    Peter adjusted the water temperature and we slipped under the spray. I took the shampoo and applied a rich lather to Peter's hair. Oh, he is a little vain about his hair. The shampoo must be just a certain brand. The mousse another. Yeah, but it looks great the way he wears it. I worked the lather in well, and Peter stuck his head under the spray and rinsed well. I applied shampoo again and once again massaged his scalp. Another rinse and I applied the conditioner. Yes, yet another brand. Then I started on his body. Oh, how I do enjoy bathing Peter.

    I used the Irish Spring which is his favorite. I gently washed his neck and across his shoulders. Plenty of soapy lather as I washed down his back to the start of his beautiful bubble butt. I turned him around and let the spray rinse him clean as I started soaping his chest. I could feel the developing muscles just under the skin.

    I washed down his tummy paying attention to his belly button. His soft pubic hair was next. Then I gently soaped his dick. Yeah. It was hard again. I got his sack of nuts clean then turned him around to rinse that side. I went to work at cleaning his ass. As my soapy hand slipped between his butt cheeks, my finger massaged his opening. Peter pushed back and my finger slipped in. We were running out of time, so I didn't play long. I knelt as I soaped each of his strong muscled legs. Peter is a baseball player and his body is starting to show it.

    I turned him once again to rinse, and his hard dick was staring me in the face. Of course I slurped it into my mouth. Peter started a slow humping as I sucked, but he was soon gripping the back of my head and bucking fast. I felt him tense.

"Uhhhhhhhhh..DAVID..ughhhhhhh" he squealed as his juice landed on my tongue and hit the back of my throat.

    Peter quickly recovered and gave me my bath. He tried to get me up, but it had been less then 5 hours since we had made love. I don't recover that fast. We brushed our teeth and Peter styled his hair as I shaved. Peter has plenty of clothes at my house. I try not to buy him too many but it is hard. I know his parents can't afford new clothes all the time and I don't want to hurt their feelings. Peter leaves his dirty clothes at whichever house he takes them off, so he has a lot of clothes both places.

    Peter chose a red pull over that sets off his coloring well. He slipped on a pair of plaid boxers and some jeans. He looked like a million bucks to me. We soon had on our shoes and headed for the car. As long as it didn't take any more than the normal 15 minutes to make the drive, we wouldn't be late.

    We got in the car and had one last kiss before opening the door onto the barbaric world. I backed out and headed down the long drive. As I was turning out of the gates of my house onto the street, Peter nudged me.

"Hey, you remember Teddy McGill?"

I just smiled and nodded.

"He has a different man again," Peter informed me.

"How many does that make now," I asked.

"I'm not sure," he responded, "I think his 3rd or 4th."

"Well," I answered, "a boy has the right to change his mind until he becomes a student. You know after that a retraction of vows can be emotionally very messy."

"Yeah," Peter answered, "you don't have to worry about us. I'll never retract."

"Me either," I assured him.

    It was right at noon as we pulled up to Peter's house. I went in for a moment just to be polite. I knew his parents had plans for a family afternoon with his grandparents. This would be the Barbarian side of his family, so I wouldn't be going. That side of his family knows nothing about the Civilized Society. I have met his Civilized grandparents, and they are wonderful people. They moved to Florida when they retired, so Peter doesn't get to see them very often.

    As I was driving home, my thoughts returned to what Peter had said about Teddy McGill. Yeah, who could ever forget a kid like Teddy? I had to smile to myself as I recalled the last time I saw him. I guess it was about a year ago at one of the socials.

    Someone had said something about the ancient Greeks believing that swallowing a man's cum made a boy grow up strong. Well, of course we couldn't let such an opportunity pass without setting the boys straight. One of the men told them about the origin of the belief.

"This happened long, long ago, Way back in the times when civilized people lived in caves and had to hunt animals for their food," he told the boys.

He had their rapt attention. I've never yet known of a boy that wasn't interested in hearing about boys and men in the olden days.

    "There was a tribe called Gog. Some men and their boys formed a hunting party late in the year. They planned on bringing enough meat back to the caves to last the winter. They knew that if they waited until late in the year, the meat would freeze and last until they could hunt again."

    "They set off and had to travel on foot for days from their caves without seeing anything to hunt. Then one night, a snow storm moved into the area. They found shelter in a little cave and they gathered wood so they could stay warm. They were trapped there without food except for a few handfuls of berries for 4 days. The storm kept them from being able to hunt. The berries didn't last long, and for days they had nothing to eat. The snow was melted by the fire, so they had plenty of water to drink."

"Well," he continued, "you guys know a boy isn't going to spend hours with his man and not have sex."

Five little heads nodded in agreement, as we other four men said, "That is true."

"So, being boys, they sucked their men as often as their man would let them. When the storm cleared and they were able to leave, all the boys were in much better shape than the men. Those people weren't stupid. It didn't take much to figure out it was because the boys had been getting the men's sperm. We know now that a man's sperm is full of protein, and is good for you. But as is the case with most things, the Barbarians forgot the real story and just remembered that it had to be good for a boy."

Teddy McGill, who was 11 or 12 at the time spoke up and said, "I'm starving."

He then proceeded around the room sucking off every man. Yeah, who could forget a kid like Teddy McGill?

To Be Continued
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