The Civilized Society
By: Joe Camp
Copyright 2000

Warning: The following story is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy that takes place in the present. It never happened, except in the author's imagination. This story contains sex between men and boys. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, you already know what you're supposed to do. If this kind of story turns you off, find something else. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is only a story. Real life doesn't always work out like a story.

Fiction and Real Life: This story is all fiction. The characters in this story engage in unprotected sex. That's not real life if you want to live to old age. The characters are a product of my imagination, and can't catch anything unless I want them to. Any resemblance of characters to an actual person is purely coincidental.

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The Civilized Society

Part 6

    For thousands of years, back to the very beginning of time, the Civilized Society has hidden in and existed along side the other societies of the world. It knows no nationality. Yes, Society members may be American, German, Korean or any other nationality. They are citizens of the countries in which they live, but they are first citizens of the Civilized Society. They are the keepers of truth. The true history of the world has been passed down from generation to generation. Not colored by
superstition or pride. The Civilized Society knows the origin of Greek Mythology. They know what really happened during the dark ages. They are the keepers of truth. They know better than to try to convince the rest of the world of the truth. They have been hunted and persecuted during all the ages. Yes, there are really two worlds, the Civilized Society and the Barbarians. Even in the year 2000, they must hide their beliefs and ways of life from the rest of the world.


    Yes, Leon's conversion from being a Barbarian to becoming a Civilized person started that day as the tears rolled down his face. He clung to Kenneth as he sobbed the hurt of the barbaric world from his soul. Peter and I stood close to him not even aware we were naked as we silently stroked his shoulders and back comforting Leon.

    That is the day we started Leon's slow training. He first had to accept that a boy's sexual needs are normal and that we understood that. We then had to start his training in the proper way to channel and satisfy those needs. Only then would he be ready to learn about the Society.

    I'm not going to try and say his beating the alcoholism was easy. No, Leon slipped a few times, but we were there to love him even then. No, it was Peter that figured out why he would slip. When he would get real horny, he would feel guilty about asking for sex. He thought he needed a drink before he could ask. Yes, the guilt the barbaric world had taught Leon to feel was our biggest enemy. I think it was the guilt that made Leon act the way he did the first time I sucked him off.

    It was the day after we had found Leon, that Peter and I returned to Kenneth's house. Kenneth had told me he had managed to be appointed Leon's legal guardian. It helps to have a lot of sharp lawyers in the Society and a District Court Judge on the bench. They had gone to work, and 24 hours after Kenneth had found him, Leon was his legal foster son. I didn't envy Kenneth the job. I don't know if I could be both a lover and a father to a boy. They are two different relationships. Kenneth seems to be handling it well. We had gotten to their house a little after 10:00 AM. We shot a game pool and then just sit around and visited.

Peter had his own ideas of how to draw Leon out. He spoke up and asked, "Kenneth, I haven't had any of your cum in a long time. May I?"

"Of course, Peter. That is unless it would bother Leon."

Everyone's eyes were on Leon.

"Won't bother me," he said with a shrug of his shoulders.

Kenneth raised off the couch enough to slip down his pants and boxers. Peter got between his legs and leaned in before raising back up.

"David wouldn't mind doing you if you ask him, Leon."

    Leon didn't really ask me, but responded, "K," as he started towards me undoing his pants. He stood in front of me and pushed down has pants and boxers. I was staring at a dick bigger than most of the men I know have. It was at least 7.5 inches of thick cock hanging from a 15 year old body.

Kenneth glanced at me and commented, "something, huh?"

    I just nodded as I leaned in and slurped it into my mouth. Oh, was it a mouthful. I didn't have room to work his head with my tongue, I gave it a few sucks, then pulled it out of my mouth and licked up and down the shaft. I gave the fat red head of his dick a tongue bath before slurping it back down. I worked it all in and the head of his dick felt like it had to be in my stomach. I came off and took some air before starting back down.

    Leon groaned and grabbed two fistfuls of my hair. He started rabbit fucking my throat as the moans came from deep inside him. He was being rougher than I like, but luckily it didn't last long. He tensed and shoved his cock as deep as he could as his cum squirted down my throat. I didn't even get to taste it. He pulled his dick out just as I was thinking I would have to push him off so I could breath.

"I'm sorry," Leon told me. He still had my hair gripped tight in his fists.

I had to pant air before I could answer him back. "It's okay," I told him, "just don't be so rough next time."

He gave a bashful nod as he released my hair and pulled up his pants. We watched Peter and Kenneth as they finished up.

    We kind of paired off into age groups for the rest of the day. Peter and Leon found things to do as Kenneth and I spent the time together. I had never really spent any time with Kenneth, and it was amazing how much we have in common. Our likes and dislikes are so close together. I watched as Peter gave Leon a blow-job that afternoon, and Leon was much more gentle. Leon did a world class job on Peter a little later. No, I wasn't deprived either. Kenneth took care of my needs.

    Yes, Leon made great progress after that. We started dropping little hints. Nothing specific about the Society, but as a parent would prepare a little child. A little knowledge here and a little there. How a citizen acts in public as compared to in private. What our beliefs and values are.

    Yes, Leon made great progress. By the time spring training started, he was back at his place behind home plate. Peter and Leon were almost inseparable. It seemed if we weren't at his and Kenneth's house, they were all at mine. If they weren't at mine, Peter and Leon were at Peter's parents. Leon at first had a hard time accepting that Peter's parents knew about Peter and me. Peter told me the first time they had sex in his bedroom, and his parents were in the living room, Leon almost weirded out. Once he spent some time around us all and saw how easy everyone was with the concept, he accepted.

    It wasn't long after that when it was decided Leon was ready to learn about the Society. Kenneth told Leon that Dr. Peterson knew everything that we had been doing together. Leon was a little upset about that at first, but once he was assured Dr. Peterson holds the same views as we do, he settled down. Leon agreed to talk to the doctor about everything and how he felt.

    Dr. Peterson gave him a clean bill of mental health and said he was ready to join the Society. He did tell Kenneth that Leon will always have some regrets over his barbaric life. He deeply regrets he wasn't able to come to Kenneth as a virgin. That will never go away, even though he knows it wasn't his fault. Even though he had consented to having sex, he was a Barbarian then. He didn't know what he was doing. He thinks of his life as a Barbarian as a different life. Dr. Martinez has given him a clean bill of physical health and declared him fit for Society socials. Of course Kenneth, Peter and myself were also checked. The Guardian of the Truth interviewed Leon and gave his permission to proceed. Leon will be inducted as a boy with special wavers to be treated as a student.

    I arrived a little early for the ceremonies. Peter would be coming with his parents. Because it would be more than just a man taking a boy, there would be other guests also. Besides Peter's parents, there would be Doctors Peterson and Martinez. They would also be bringing their students. Of course, the Guardian and his wife would also be coming.

    I arrived at Kenneth's house and parked over at his garages. As I headed for the house the caterers were scurrying back and forth carrying in the full supper Kenneth was giving. Yes, he is going all out. Of course the caterers are citizens. I slipped in through the kitchen and found Kenneth pacing the hallway.

"Oh, good. You're here, David. Is Peter with you?"

"No, he is coming with his parents." I told Kenneth.

"Oh. I called their house but there was no answer."

"Is something wrong," I asked.

"Oh, it is just Leon. He is starting to get nervous and he hasn't asked for sex. I thought if Peter were here and asked him, maybe it would calm him down. I've asked him not to take a drink, and he promised he wouldn't."

Just about that time, Peter came bounding in. His parents followed at a more dignified pace.

"Where's Leon," Peter asked enthused.

"He's in his room getting ready," Kenneth answered, "go on up."

 Peter took the stairs two at a time as he bounced more than he walked. Kenneth greeted the Morgans and showed them to the living room. It wasn't long before the other guests started arriving. Right after the door bell had rung, Peter and Leon were coming down the stairs. They had their arms wrapped around each others necks, and Peter's face was still a little flushed. Yeah, he still gets red in the face when he cums.

 Leon greeted each of the guests he knew, and was introduced to those he didn't. Right on time the Guardian started the ceremonies. He stood by the big fire place and Leon joined him.

"Leon Burkhalter, is it your wish to become a member of the Civilized Society," the Guardian asked.

"It is," Leon replied.

"Have you receive instruction on the Civilized Society?"

"I have," Leon responded

"Do you understand your rights and responsibilities as a member," asked the Guardian.

"I do," came from Leon.

"Leon Burkhalter, I hereby declare you to be a boy of the Civilized Society, with special dispensation to be treated as a student. Congratulations," the Guardian told Leon.

 Everyone applauded as the Guardian shook Leon's hand. No the ceremonies weren't over yet. Peter's mother rose and stood beside Leon. Everyone settled back down in order not to miss a word.

The Guardian turned to her and asked, "Mary Morgan, as a citizen of the Civilized Society, is it your intent to adopt Leon Burkhalter as you Society son?"

"It is," Mary answered.

"Do you promise to train Leon in the ways of the Society, to instruct him and to treat him as if he were your natural born son?"

"I do." Mary told the Guardian as she smiled at Leon.

"Leon Burkhalter, do you accept Mary Morgan as your Society mother?"

Leon almost choked up as he responded, "I do."

"Do you promise to love and honor her as your mother all the days of your life?"

"Yes! I swear," Leon exclaimed.

The Guardian smiled as he said, "I hereby decree that Leon Burkhalter is forever more to be known by all Civilized Society citizens and members, to be the son of Mary Morgan."

 All the guests applauded as Mary was hugged by her new son. Peter's father had been willing to adopt Leon also, but it was decided Leon's needs would best be served by his living with Kenneth.

Mary took her seat beside her husband as Kenneth moved to stand beside Leon.

"Kenneth Hennessee," the Guardian intoned, "do you promise to instruct Leon Burkhalter in the ways of the Civilized Society?"

"I do," Kenneth replied as he officially became Leon's man.

The Guardian reached over and shook Kenneth's and Leon's hands as he told each, "Congratulations."

The guests were applauding and starting to move towards Kenneth and Leon, when the Guardian held up his hand.

"One more decree has to be made," he informed the gathering. "I hereby decree the reclusion of citizens Kenneth Hennessee, David Knight, and Peter Morgan to be lifted. They are to be welcomed back into Society."

There was a stunned look on Leon's face. "What did you guys do for me," he bewilderedly ask.

"Don't worry about it now," Kenneth told him, "we'll talk about it later."

    The caterers signaled Kenneth that the supper was ready to serve. We all filed into the dining room to find our place cards. Oh, Kenneth did everything properly. Leon was seated at one end of the long table and his new mother was to his right. Peter's father was seated next to her, then Peter and myself. Kenneth was at the other end of the table seated with the Guardian to his right. The Guardian's wife was on his left.

    I gave up trying to count how many courses were served. All the caterers were paying Leon extra attention. Of course, with their being citizens themselves, they knew what an important event this was for him. I think Leon was just a little embarrassed by all the attention. Oh, yes, he was basking in it too. Dessert was a large cake with "Welcome Leon." It was served with hand made ice cream.

    As the meal was finished, the groups got ready to move to their respective rooms for the evening. Leon and the students would be in the game room. The men would be in the library. Peter's and Leon's mother said she would excuse herself and told her husband she would see him at home later.

Leon jumped up and loudly told her, "Goodnight, Mom," as he gave her a hug.

    Of course, Peter couldn't let her other son out do him. The Guardian said his goodnights, and prepared to leave with his wife. It must be hard to be a Guardian. Not only must he take great care to do everything properly, he must be very careful that nothing can be taken as showing favoritism. Guardians must be men who have never had a guide or lover. They must be above reproach. They can't take a boy as they might have to rule in the boy's favor sometime. Yes, it is a well known fact that our present Guardian has never had sex with anyone but his wife. He had decided by age 8 to be a guardian, the same as his father had been.

    Leon and the students moved to the game room, and the men to the library. The two groups didn't mix that night, so I can't swear as to what the young men did, but I assume it was the same as we older ones.

As we were entering the library, Peter's father turned to me and said, "You know, David, during all these years, we have never had sex together."

I stopped and tried to think. He was right!

    We men quickly got undressed and Kenneth and I enjoyed our welcome back to the Society. It wasn't long before I was sitting on the couch and Peter's father was doing an expert job on my cock. I at last knew where Peter had inherited his velvet mouth. I glanced over to see how Kenneth was doing, and he was in a triangle with the doctors. I slid off the couch and got into a 69. Oh, man! It didn't take long. Yes, Kenneth and I really enjoyed our welcome back to Society.

    As I was driving Peter and his father home that evening, Peter told us Leon had sure had a ball with the students. Leon had insisted he suck each of them off, of course what boy would mind that? Leon had gotten each of the three boys off, then they had all worked on him. Yes, I could just picture it in my mind. Yes, I was looking forward to once again enjoying the socials.

    Peter and I talked it over, and decided to forego our vacation at the resort. I had inherited some land from my grandfather that is a wonderful place to spend some time in the wilderness. It is 190 acres of undeveloped land located in the mountains about a 4 hour drive from home. It is reached by driving 10 miles down a dirt one lane Forest Service road. Back in the 1800's it was a working cattle ranch. Now there is nothing there but the land. All the property surrounding it for miles is public Forest Service land. There is a small lake on the property and it is heavily wooded but it also has meadows. I get requests every year or two from lumber companies wanting to log the property. As my grandfather had decided to keep it natural and my father had done the same, I decided it should stay that way. My son has said his children will receive it just as my grandfather left it.

    I hadn't seen the property in years. The last time I had gone up was when my son and Gary were 17. We had gone up with my son's lover and enjoyed a weekend of fishing. When Peter and Leon heard I owned the property, they wanted to see it. Kenneth and I arranged to take our vacations at the same time, so we planned a two week trip to the mountains. It was only a few days after our decision when Peter and Leon asked if they could invite a friend and his man. We told him sure, and things just went from there.

    When the man explained he would like to go, but his son's man wouldn't be able to attend, we told him to bring the boy anyway. Boys just kept getting added to the list. Before long, we decided to make the trip a social hosted by Peter and Leon. It would be the first social hosted by Leon, and he was very pleased. I posted a notice that we would be holding a two week social on the Societies web sit. Oh, yes, it would be a success!

    We had 17 boys from our area wanting to go, but only 6 men that were able to schedule the time on such short notice. We were joined by 3 men and 5 boys from the citizens clan next to ours. Kenneth and I rented enough vans to carry everyone and all the supplies and tents. We had quite a convoy as we set out that morning.

    I don't really know how it happened, but I ended up riding with the younger group. The boys in the van I was in ranged from 8 to 12 years old. Have you ever made a 4 hour trip with 6 young boys? Well......... There was one boy, Bobby Smith. He is about 8 or 9 and I don't think he was totally quiet the whole trip. I was thankful when we pulled onto our camp site that afternoon.

    It was perfect. The tall pines were swaying in the gentle breeze. The meadows were blanketed with wild flowers. The air had that crisp clean smell you don't get in the city. I can't describe how it smelled. There was the smell of the pine trees. The sweet fragrance of the flowers. The smell of grass, and others that I couldn't identify.

    Of course, all the boys wanted to run around and play down by the lake as soon as we arrived. We men allowed them an hour, then were able to get them all to help setting up camp. Even as the tents were going up, some bare ass could be seen as the boys had to have a play break. I had to smile to myself. Bobby Smith was finally being quiet. He had his mouth full with the dick of one of his friend's.

    We got the camp set up, a slit trench dug with a privacy screen around it, and then played. Leon and Peter were wonderful with the younger boys. There was a flock of boys around them most of the time, just wanting to be close to the big kids. I think a lot of the boys were in awe at the size of Leon's dick. Peter and Leon didn't mind. They helped them bait their fishing poles, and when a boy was a little squeamish about removing a fish from his hook, they did that for them too. Most of the boys were fishing naked. As we had been setting up camp, there had been so much bare ass in the wind that we had decided to make it clothing optional. Yeah, it was kind of fun watching all the cute bare ass lined up at the side of the lake. As most everyone is naked at the socials anyway, no one was shy.

    Yeah, I was surprised anyone caught any fish that afternoon, with all the noise the boys were making. I guess it must have been because the lake hadn't been fished in years. We had to cut the fishing short before supper time as the boys were catching more bass then even our big crowd could eat.

    As the sun started setting, we lit the cook fires and started our fish fry. Around the fires is the only place clothing is required. Nearly everyone had slipped on a pair of shorts without underwear. Everyone had worked up an appetite and were ready to eat. Of course we couldn't let the opportunity of a captive audience of boys go unused. One of the men started telling the boys how the boys and men of old would be out camping and fishing. I don't know the man well, only that his family has been citizens since about 1900. Not only is he a citizen, but he is also a full blooded Comanche Indian and well versed on both the Society's and his tribe's customs. He pointed out how we do it for fun, but they did it to survive and provide food for their tribe. He told them of how they would build their shelters instead of having tents. He told of how they cooked using the hot rocks. Yes, the boys got quite a lesson as they waited on supper and I was glad our expert had been able to come.

    The fires died down and everyone wandered off to their tents. Peter and I climbed into our tent and lay on top of our sleeping bag. The night was cool, but too warm to get inside our bag. Peter wiggled his butt against my cock letting me know what he would like to be doing. We both knew it would be impossible on this trip. We had a 11 year old boy that had come without his man or father sharing our tent. Peter spooned into me, and the boy snuggled up against Peter. I wrapped my arm across Peter and the boy. The boy hugged my arm to him. It didn't take long to drift off to sleep.

To Be Continued
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