The Civilized Society
By: Joe Camp
Copyright 2000

Warning: The following story is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy that takes place in the present. It
never happened, except in the author's imagination. This story contains sex between men and boys.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, you already know what your supposed to do. If
this kind of story turns you off, find something else. If you lied about your age in order to access this
story, remember this is only a story. Real life doesn't always work out like a story.

Fiction and Real Life: This story is all fiction. The characters in this story engage in unprotected
sex. That's not real life if you want to live to old age. The characters are a product of my imagination, and can't catch anything unless I want them to. Any resemblance of characters to an actual person is
purely coincidental.

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The Civilized Society

Part 7

    For thousands of years, back to the very beginning of time, the Civilized Society has hidden in and  existed along side the other societies of the world. It knows no nationality. Yes, Society members may be American, German, Korean or any other nationality. They are citizens of the countries in which they live, but they are first citizens of the Civilized Society. They are the keepers of truth. The true history of the world has been passed down from generation to generation. Not colored by superstition or pride. The Civilized Society knows the origin of Greek Mythology. They know what really happened during the dark ages. They are the keepers of truth. They know better than to try to convince the rest of the world of the truth. They have been hunted and persecuted during all the ages. Yes, there are really two worlds, the Civilized Society and the Barbarians. Even in the year 2000, they must hide their beliefs and ways of life from the rest of the world.

    Leon's 16th birthday was a day not to be forgotten. So much happened that day. That morning, Kenneth took him to the dealership and let him pick up the new car he chosen. Well, he had chosen a new Nissan Xterra. Oh, the boys did love that auto. They put a killer sound system in, and you could hear it when they pulled up to the gate of my house. I'm surprised they didn't bust their ear drums. The afternoon was spent with him and Peter playing with his new toy. They had to go everywhere they thought anyone that knew them would see them.

    That evening, we had Leon's and Kenneth's ceremony. I stood as their second man as Leon asked his mother's permission to become Kenneth's student. As we waited for them to return from the bedroom, one of the younger boys remarked there didn't seem to be much point to this part of the ceremony for "them." Peter sat him straight very quickly. Yes, everything was done properly and in order.

    On Peter's birthday I had offered to buy him a new Nissan Xterra also. He did love Leon's so. He turned it down. His parents wanted to pay for half his car and they couldn't afford that. He chose a 4 year old Ford Ranger. I was so proud of him all I could do was give him a hug.

    After that camping trip, it became a habit for Peter and I to take our vacations with Kenneth and Leon. Peter still keeps up with Jamie and his other friends, but we just haven't seemed to be able to get back to the resort. We went to the Baseball World Series that year. The only hotel room we could get was just one single room. It had two king size beds, so we shared the room. The boys spend so much time together all 4 of us might as well live together anyway. Any time Kenneth or I need to find our student, all we have to do is find one and the other is near by.

    No, it doesn't bother any of us to suck someone off while the others watch. When Peter needed his guide to make love to him, the others would leave the room for an hour or so. We would go to a movie when Kenneth and Leon needed their privacy. I've never really figured out how it happened, but it became common for Peter and Leon to have one bed as Kenneth and I share the other.

    Peter came into the study to find me. He had graduated high school and now the summer was almost over. I had gone to the graduation with his parents and Kenneth joined us as we watched our boys graduate. Yes, I was so proud of them both. Peter was number 4 in his class of 212. Yes, I was even proud of Leon's standing at number 97. He had really buckled down after becoming a member of the Society. He had raised his grades from C's, D's and F's to A's and B's. Yes, I was so proud of him for that. He had just gotten too many poor grades as a Barbarian for him to get his average up any higher.

    Yes, Kenneth and I had to pull some strings to get Leon into MIT, but he will be going with Peter. Peter's and Leon's interviews had been scheduled for the same day. Normally, Leon's grades would have kept him from even getting an interview to attend the university. We had contacted the Civilized Society Club of MIT, and they had helped. Once it was explained what had happened, Leon will be allowed to attend on a one year probation. The letter of recommendation the Guardian wrote for Leon helped. The dean of admissions is an old friend of the Guardians. Of course, Peter had no trouble qualifying at all. Kenneth and I have bought them a nice little house, so they won't have to worry about anything but making the best grades they can.

"It's getting late," Peter told me, "come on, let's go to bed."

    Peter stretched out his hand to me and I took it. Yes, it is getting late. My time with Peter is almost at a end. I gripped his strong hand tightly, and he gave me a firm squeeze back. Yes, tomorrow when we wake up, Peter will no longer be my student. I will no longer be his guide. We walked hand in hand to the bedroom.

    Slowly we undressed. I lay on the bed, and wrapped my arms around Peter as he lay on top of me. He nuzzled my neck and placed small kisses up and down the length. My hands felt the hard firm muscles of his back as I gently ran my hands up and down. I placed a kiss on his strong shoulder. Working for his Barbarian grandfather's construction firm during the summer had built
up all his muscles. Tenderly he rolled me onto my stomach.

    His kisses started at my neck. Across each shoulder, never missing any spot. No, he didn't hurry. He would tenderly kiss a spot, then pause as if he had to savor the memory of it. Peter was giving me the same treatment I had given him only hours ago. I wondered if his thoughts were the same as mine as I had kissed each spot on his beautiful body.

    Peter kissed all the way down my back before starting to work on my butt. He covered my left ass cheek with kisses. Then the right side. He kissed every spot on my left leg that he could reach. He then applied the same needed treatment to my right leg. Gently he turned me back over.

    Peter kissed down my chest. His tongue lapped at my nipple, making it wrinkled and peaked. Yes, I wanted every bit of attention he was giving me. I didn't want us to hurry and for it all to be over too soon. I couldn't help but keep thinking over and over. This is the last time. This is the last time I will feel his tongue doing that. This is the last time we will make love. Tomorrow, Peter is a man. Tomorrow we can never again do more than suck each other off. Tomorrow, we can no longer make love. This is the last time. Peter was placing kisses all over my belly. He was making sure he didn't miss the smallest spot.

"I," kiss, " love," kiss, " you," kiss, "David," Peter whispered.

"Oh, Peter," I moaned as I stroked his hair, "I will love you forever."

    Peter slowly kissed around and in my pubic bush. He placed kisses up and down every inch of my shaft. Oh, yeah, I was hard and straining. Peter licked the pre-cum that was flowing freely from my cock. He kissed each spot on the head of my dick. One last lap of pre-cum, and he gently spread my legs.

    He kissed each spot on my legs that he hadn't been able to reach as I lay on my stomach. Peter lifted my foot and kissed every spot. As he was kissing the bottom of my foot, I though about how I am normally very ticklish there. Not tonight. Tonight, my skin craves the touch of Peter. His kisses finished making love to every spot on my body and I raised my legs as Peter got the lubricating jelly.

    Thankfully, Peter played a little longer than he really needed to as he slicked my love hole. I kissed up and down his rod before placing kisses on the head of his cock Only then did I slick him. Peter lifted my legs placing one on each of his shoulders. He scooted up and the head of his dick was asking my hole to open and let it into it's home one last time. Peter slipped in and I had to moan the love. He slowly pushed all the way in. He groaned and lifted his eyes to heaven as he hugged my legs tightly to him.

    I watched the emotions play across his strong, square face. My mind went back to when I had seen the same emotions on his face the first time we made love. I no longer saw Peter as the young man with the firm jaw that now shaves twice a day. I saw him as a youth of 13, entering his guide for the first time. How many hundreds of times have we made love since then? Well, how ever much, it wasn't enough.

    Peter sighed and leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met for a few light tender kisses before his tongue was inside my mouth. Peter gave a little sobbing moan as our tongues played together. He started slowly humping into me as our mouths made love. He soon had to rise so he had free movement as his cock worked my ass. Peter's hand moved between us and wrapped around my cock. I gently removed it. I didn't want to cum yet. I wanted this to last as long as it can. As his big fat head scraped past my prostate, I couldn't stop thinking. This is the last time I will feel Peter do that. This is the last time he will massage my insides.

    I couldn't stop it. I tried. My cock hadn't even been touched, yet I couldn't stop it. I had to scream Peter's name as the intense climax washed through me. My cum was erupting from my cock to splash much higher on my shoulders and chest than normal. My nuts ached as they strained to shoot more than they held. Peter was still pumping his cock inside me. He tensed and shoved in hard.

"David," he softly moaned before he started screaming. His screams vibrated off the walls, just as they had once at the resort. This time the screams were the deep voice of a man, not the high pitched screams of a youth. My hands went to his butt holding him tight against me as he strained against his climax. His cum shot into me with hot splashes. Peter lovingly smiled at me as he relaxed and panted to regain his breath.

    Nothing was said. Nothing needed to be said. We both knew how the other felt. Peter withdrew his dick from my ass. I lowered my legs and he cleansed my chest of cum with his tongue. He lay down beside me and I rolled to my side. He spooned into my back. Just as he had loved to do when he was 16, he slipped his still hard dick back into my hole. It took us longer to drop off to sleep than normal. I'm sure Peter was remembering back, just as I lay there and remembered. I recalled a shy little boy sitting cross legged on his bed trying to teach me to play Poke'mon. No, Peter is my last boy. I'm too old now to raise another boy. I must pass that responsibility on to the younger men.

The alarm clock went off waking me, and Peter stretched in bed yawning.

"Morning, Gui... err .. David," he told me.

"Morning, Peter," I replied.

    We slipped out of bed and headed for the bathroom, our morning hard-ons swinging back and forth as we walked. Peter stood at the toilet and pissed. He adjusted the shower and stepped in as I sat on the pot. I joined him and he handed me the soap as he rinsed the lather off himself. I soaped and moved around Peter so I could rinse. It didn't take long before we were both clean. We stepped out of the shower together and I threw Peter a towel. We shaved and brushed our teeth. I finished and stood back watching Peter style his hair. Yeah, he is still vain about his hair. He was about 3/4 hard, so I asked him. Yeah, he is a man now, so I can ask.

"Do you need to get off before we go?"

"I would rather wait until tonight," he informed me. "Do you want me to do you?"

"No, that's all right," I told him, "I'll wait until Kenneth can take care of me."

    Peter just nodded his acceptance. We slipped on our underwear and padded to the kitchen for a bite of breakfast. Neither of us was very hungry. We just had some toast and milk along with our morning coffee. Peter wandered around the house, making sure he wasn't leaving anything. Before we knew it, it was time to get ready. We went to the bedroom and had just slipped on our trousers. Peter wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hug.

"You know, David, I have spent almost half my life as either your boy or your student. Really, I don't remember life without you. Thank you for loving me and for everything you have done for me."

"Thank you, Peter," I told him, "you can never know how much you have given me. There will always be a place in my heart for you."

    I kissed him on the forehead, and he returned a kiss to my cheek. Yeah, we were both a little misty eyed as we finished dressing in our tuxedos. I straightened his tie just as the door bell rang.

    Peter handed his small suit case to the driver and slid into the limousine. Yes, just one small suit case left. He had already taken all his other things. I slid in beside Peter and the driver closed the door. Our driver placed the case in the trunk, and we were soon headed out the gates of my house.

"Big day," the driver remarked.

"Yeah." Peter replied.

    We knew the driver was a citizen, but we were lost in our own thoughts. Nothing more was said on the drive. Peter was nervously bouncing his leg. I reached over and lay my hand on it. He turned and smiled at me. There were guards posted at the gate of Kenneth's home. Yes, this was going to be such a big affair that he had hired guards to keep out the curious onlookers. The guards were checking everyone's invitations. One of the guards was a young man that Peter and I knew from many socials. He waved us on through.

We pulled up to the front door of Kenneth's and Leon's home. The driver barely got the door open before Peter's mother was there.

"Well, it's about time," she exclaimed. "All the guests are here and it is almost time to begin."

"Good morning, Mother," Peter told her as he gently hugged her.

"Good morning, dear," she replied as she protected her corsage. "Good morning, David," she told me. She nervously straightened Peter's tie. Then mine.

"Good morning, Mary," I replied. She really didn't look old enough to have a son Peter's age. Maybe it is just the excitement of the day.

    Kenneth and Leon were waiting for us in the hallway. I gave Kenneth a hug as Peter was hugging Leon. Then I got a hug from Leon as Peter and Kenneth hugged. I gave my son a quick hug and shook everyone else's hands. We only had time for a quick peek into the garden. Everything was ready for the ceremony. I had the thought that Kenneth must have bought out every florist in town. It would be just like him, and he has the money to do it.

    We were told to line up for the processional. Leon lead the way escorted by his adopted Society mother, Mary. Peter followed them beside his father. Then Kenneth with his brother and me with my son. The trumpet sounded and the orchestra started playing. Leon lead us out. Yes, it was a big affair. Every citizen in our clan had been invited, and most in the area had come.

    Leon stood in front of the Guardian with Peter to his right. Mary was slightly behind Leon standing between her two sons. Peter's father stood beside her, slightly behind Peter. Kenneth and I stood to Leon's left with my son behind me and Kenneth's brother behind him.

"Who presents Citizen Leon Burkhalter for this ceremony," asked the Guardian.

"I, Citizen Mary Morgan, his mother," Mary responded before taking her seat.

"Who presents Citizen Peter Morgan for this ceremony," asked the Guardian.

"I, Citizen Ronald Morgan, his father," was the answer and his father sat down beside Mary.

"Who presents Citizen Kenneth Hennessee for this ceremony," asked the Guardian.

"I, Citizen Donald Hennessee, his brother." Donald retired to his seat.

"Who presents Citizen David Knight for this ceremony," asked the Guardian.

"I, Citizen James Knight, his son."

    My son took his seat beside his wife and my daughter with her husband, leaving the 4 of us standing before the Guardian. I wish my grandchildren were old enough to be here, but they aren't. They are all yet too young to understand a Civilized Society ceremony.

The Guardian looked out over the gathering of guests. "If any Citizen knows of any reason this ceremony should not take place; let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

The Guardian paused long enough for everyone to be satisfied there would be no objections.

"Citizen Leon Burkhalter, do you take Citizen Peter Morgan to be you life's helpmate? Do you give your vow to love and honor him as long as you both shall live? To have no other above him?"

"I do," Leon responded in his strong voice.

"Citizen Peter Morgan, do you take Citizen Leon Burkhalter to be you life's helpmate? Do you give your vow to love and honor him as long as you both shall live? To have no other above him?"

"I do," Peter answered.

"Citizen Kenneth Hennessee, do you take Citizen David Knight to be you life's helpmate? Do you give your vow to love and honor him as long as you both shall live? To have no other above him?"

"I do," Kenneth replied in his gentle voice as he stared at me.

My heart swelled with love for my man.

"Citizen David Knight, do you take Citizen Kenneth Hennessee to be you life's helpmate? Do you give your vow to love and honor him as long as you both shall live? To have no other above him?"

"I do," I told Kenneth as I tried to convey my love to him with those two simple words.

    "The banns having been posted and read, no citizen having objected, and with the vows having been given; by the power vested in me as a Guardian of the Truth for the Civilized Society, I hereby declare Citizens Leon Burkhalter and Peter Morgan to be a couple and Citizens Kenneth Hennessee and David Knight to be a couple, recognized by all citizens as such. You may each greet your life's helpmate."

Kenneth's arms wrapped around me and our lips met in a tender kiss. I was reluctant to let him go. I was ready for us to go home, but we have our guests. As we parted the orchestra started playing the recessional. Peter and Leon lead off and Kenneth and I waited until they were about half way up the aisle before following. Yes, I'm ready to take my man home. Kenneth is moving into my house with me. No, that is now Our house. Peter and Leon will be staying here at Kenneth's and Leon's old home until time for them to leave for the university. Kenneth will take care of it while they are at the university and until such time as they get on their feet financially, but it will be Leon's inheritance.

"Well," I told myself, "we will have to wait a while before we can slip away, but we have the rest of our lives together."

    This story is dedicated to all the people who as children had a sexual relationship with an adult and especially to a very dear man who I love as a brother. Most people will see this story as nothing more than another boy love story. As I am an adult, it is written from an adult's point of view. However, I hear from many men who as boys were in a consensual  relationship with an adult. I don't like to use the term sexually abused. I know all the arguments that a child having sex with an adult can never be anything but abuse as they can't consent. Yes, rape and abuse does happen to minors the same as it does happen to adults. Yes, it is easier to abuse a child than an adult. Many of those who have been involved with an adult as a child don't agree that they were abused.

    Everyone that has written to me have a few things in common. It doesn't seem to matter at what age the relationship started. The first thing is that it was consensual and they do not regret the relationship. Most often the younger was the instigator in the affair. The second is that they were never "caught." The other thing they all have in common was the fear of being "caught." This fear was the root cause of any problems they had over the relationship. The feeling they were, "being a bad boy."

    The Civilized Society is a boy love story, but it is also a man love story. It is for all the boys who loved a man. It is the way the world should have been for them. I have never had a sexual relationship with either a boy as a man nor with a man as a boy. Looking back from 50 years, I believe as a boy I needed a Civilized Society.

The author has no more planned for The Civilized Society at this time.
We may sometime revisit the Society.

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