fic·tion (f¹k"sh...n) n. Abbr. fict. 1.a. An imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented. b. The act of inventing such a creation or pretense. 2. A lie. 3.a. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact. b. The category of literature comprising works of this kind, including novels and short stories. 4. Law. Something untrue that is intentionally represented as true by the narrator. --fic"tion·al adj. --fic"tion·al"i·ty (-sh...-n²l-t) n. --fic"tion·al·ly adv.

Gee I almost forgot to say, I don't know anyone in the story below, and they never would say or do anything I put in their mouths to say.

See above for what FICTION means.

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.........................................................Story: F The computer

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............A rich man went shopping for a computer. The forgoing sounds like something the rest of us might do. Not really. Most of us hesitate to lay out a thousand dollars for anything. He was really rich, so far above the rest of us most of us can't even count that high. Enough said about money. Just wanted to let you know a few facts ahead of time.

.........I guess most of you have heard of a computer called CLAY? It comes with a large room full of men to care for it. Takes big bucks to buy it. Small change in this case, real small change! The man didn't just buy his wee plaything he had it made for him. He wanted something better then anyone else.

.........A KEYBOARD! Nope he wanted it to understand his orders. It can talk to him too. You have seen that room on Star Trek© where they walk in the door, and can see, or feel anything they can imagine. He wanted the next generation of that. The first thing he told the people he wanted to do as a test of MAX before he paid them for the computer was to let him tour the Titanic on it's one and only voyage. He wanted to see, feel, really be there. Oh yes he named the computer MAX after the initials he was born with.

.........The computer was born in a large cavern under his home. Holy Batman! Another rich man. Gee I wonder away once in awhile. John was the man's first name. We don't need to know his last name as few people know him personally. Anyway he went down in the elevator to the deep cool bat-cave. Not really he had the place fumigated, and sealed tight. John looked around the English dock as he walked to the famous ship to board for it's one, and only trip. The blueprints had been loaded into MAX along with every fact known about the voyage. He touched the wood on the walls, the wallpaper, the carpet, the dinner ware. Everything felt as it was supposed to. It smelt real, it was real as far as John could tell.

.........The people around John were as far as possible the real people that had sailed on the large ship. It was like a ghost ship as far as he can see. He ate, and then toured the ship. As he went to his cabin to get some sleep he ordered Max to pay the full cost to the engineers that had built him. He slept away a full night in the luxuries bed. He had ordered the best for himself.

.........When he awoke he decided to see if the rest of his plan had fell into place as well. He asked MAX if anyone was around from the engineer group to hear them talking, "Hell anyone at all MAX?" `No sir' John headed out on a hunt for what he called meat deep in his mind. Few if any were ever to know that John had a secret that he hid from the world. He had a yen for young men, well almost boys. They had to be able to cum at least. So young kids were safe at least. His plan was to build MAX so he can enjoy the cream of the crop at his leisure. The world would be safe for the rest of his life if MAX worked like he wanted it to. He would be free to have sex in his own mind with as many boys as he wants without ever touching a real boy ever again. John wondered the ship looking for the boy he wanted to lure to his cabin. Really order as MAX was going to make all his people do what John wanted. He picked out a young Scottish boy of about sixteen that caught his eye. He had fine red hair that fall to his shoulders, freckles: on a fair skin. He was about five feet six inches tall. John played his game with him, spoke to him, lured him to his cabin with words, and soon had his nice body naked on his bed. He kissed licked, and attacked his body in many ways. Okay he sucked, and fucked him. John patted him on his fine ass cheeks as he told him to get dressed, and go back to his family. "Ok Mr. Turnbull thanks for the fun night now just forget me, and goodbye!"

............The rest of the time he was on the ship he had a line of young men, and a few fine younger boys entering, and leaving his cabin to service his dick or mouth. There were even a few older men he had been temped to invite to his bed as well. All of them were attacked by John in many ways on his bed. He was really just testing out MAX to see if he can control him in every way. MAX was on a learning curve as well finding out John's needs as he was one smart computer.

...........After the iceberg did it's worst John stepped out of the room. He spoke to MAX as he ordered him to download a file of pictures from his PC=Personal Computer. "Ok MAX this file has thousands of pictures in it. Look them over, and then look at the file called JTT. This file contains the boys that I really like the most. Okay MAX build a play area with nothing but the type of boy in it that fits into my kind of boy." John had a plan in place listing the kind of playground he wanted in MAX's mind. He headed up to his home above the cavern to wait for MAX to get done with his job. Some of the file had groups of pictures showing all sides of one boy, head shots, body shots hard, or soft. It showed everything he liked. The first batch he had loaded showed what he did not like that much. They were okay. You might call them eye candy.

............John had included some film stars among the files. Some of the film was from many years ago. They might now be old or dead. So what, John didn't care: they will live again in his computer, and in John`s mind. John also told MAX to get busy getting pictures off the internet of every naked, and pretty man, or boy on the net. He also asked him to spy out any art shot by any artist that has done the male pictures wither it is on the web or not. Some of them were for sale on the net anyhow. MAX has his idea of what John likes, and well set up a viewing of the boys on parade.

......Before long MAX has the first group ready for John to check out. He walked the line placing a thumb up, or down. As the thumb went down the boy vanished. MAX was still learning his job, but he was averaging ninthly-five percent. By the end of the week the percentage was one hundred point 000,000,001 by the end of the month the percentage was out-of-sight. He know his job.

.....John soon had his stable of young men, and boys ready for him anytime he wanted some sex fun. He invited some follow boy lovers to his home often, and none of them know the boys were just computer generated sex things. They thought they were real people. It was fun seeing how some of them fell in love with the boys. MAX was always on the look-out for new pictures of naked, or semi-naked boys to add to the masters stable. He was good at mixing in an ass or dick that John liked. Some younger actors, at least they were younger when the pictures were made were well liked by John. MAX even went so far as to build a new boy that was made of whole cloth so to speak. Really you might say he made him out of BITS. He mixed him into the group of boys to see if John might like him best. It was a failure in the end as John never touched him again after his first night with him.

....Someone talked out of school. A raid on his home was made by the cops, FBI, State Police, and about five other three letter outfits. MAX did his job, played like a stupid computer on a one word command by John. The shakedown of his home turned up no-one, not one boy to be found. John left them look everywhere. Well he had to. He quietly ordered MAX under his breath: to find out who had spelled the beans, and who had ordered this odorous invasion of his home. "Keep an eye on them the whole time they are here too!" He had a list of all theft's to hand to the head man as he was getting ready to leave with names, and pictures of the man, or woman doing the deed. Soon all that had been taken was returned as John ordered them to fire, and charge the people doing the theft. "I want them all in jail serving time."

....A mad man was soon yelling at MAX. "Did you find out who did this shit? I want him in the cavern before the end of the day, get together a group of the boys, and teach them how to do that S&M shit. Set up a dungeon in your mind. Let them loose on him. I want everything he has in his stupid mind in your files." He also wanted to know who had been involved in the order to search his home. "If they have a motive against me I want to know it." MAX was busy for what seemed like days. It was really only about twenty minutes. 'Sir I'm sorry I had to extend my connections to the rest of the county as well as a few places elsewhere in the world. This was a well planned raid. It was set up by the government. They wanted to take you down to get a hold of your money first of all.' John wanted to know what Max had done to them all? MAX reported that everyone of the people in the know on this plan had what looked like fall asleep on the job. They are stretched on a rack with some of my uglier men fucking them in rotation in their own nasty minds. He spoke of them being there like that for as long as John lived. if he wanted them to. Someone will have to hook them up to feeding tube. MAX also let John know the rest of their plot.

....John planed for MAX to setup a trap for anymore visitors to be trapped in the computer in a weird city while they were there. They will have a fake prisoner that they think is John. He will alternate being their master, and their prisoner at unset times.

...........Later on in the week MAX notified John that some of the people in the government that planed this raid on your bank have been brainwashed by me. I ordered them to wake up enough to demand a news person with a live microphone come to the bedside. They wanted to speak to them alive not on any damned tape. A time was set so all of them can speak at the same time. John heard the whole thing as the congress, and house of represents people in person spoke of crimes they had commuted, They named names that had been involved, how much they all had made as they raped all of their voters. Some of them spoke of prove being locked in their safes hidden in their house. The interviewers asked if they can see it before someone destroys it? There was almost a fight as police officers turned up to find the news people demanding copies of every piece of paper with each of the cops signing their copy before the original vanished. The people named were all claming the person speaking were liars, and out of their minds as they had been so sick. A few people asked how can you tell if a politician is telling a lie? The answer of course is they are talking. The news groups were reading all the pile of paper out loud even if the cops had lost the original copy's, The names were being said out loud, and people were in a hurry to recall all the crooks before they got their hot little hands on any more of our money as most of them said as they tried to fire them.

...........The next week some lawyers were waking up, and demanding that the news people hand them a microphone. They had a long list of crimes to speak of that they, and other people in Washington had participated in. They also spoke of The hopes that the papers they had for the people in charge of checking on them could be guarded better then the last pile was. There were many groups sleeping till it was time for them to wake up. Police men, and yes some woman, news people, White House personal, There is a long list of people standing in line to have their day on the air. Or is that laying in line? Quite a few of the them were dragging prove behind them. They dragged many names though the dirt. Many that were named didn't wait to be un-elected. They run for the border with their bankrolls in their back pockets. Well at least as much as they could get their hands on quickly. Most of them run into some honest cops with very high class real honest people with the three letter outfits behind them. There jobs were to be sure the cop was doing his job right. All the cash as well as check and credit cards was counted by everyone in turn. It was all locked in some of theses nice metal briefcases.

...........John had left MAX off the leash to take care of all the money grabbers. He spent his time playing with some of the boys in his computers mind. He had found an old picture of three boys naked in the woods. They were standing in front of a line of green trees. The boys were as I stated naked with their arms around each other. The larger of the three had dark brown hair on his head and a fair patch surrounding his prick. He was about five feet eleven inches tall. He was about seventeen years old with a fine build on him. The middle boy was the smallest of the three, a good over all tan, light brown hair, a nice smile, a nice patch of hair surrounding a fair sized dick for his young age, maybe fourteen. The last boy was a light black haired boy, about sixteen, five feet nine inches tall, John had MAX do a search for other shots of the boys, and wondered if the person that had shot the pictures was known as well. MAX found a fair sized pack of pictures of the three together as well as alone or with other boys. It was easy to place the photographer as he was well known in the field. He almost always shot in the woods, or on the shore of a sea, or on a lake. John was surprised when he was told his fifteen year old son was often in the pictures the man shot. He was one fine looking boy. John spoke to MAX about a wee play he wanted to do with the group.

...........MAX was to do a full mind read on all of the boys including the young son, the photographer and his assistant as well. He wanted all of the boys in MAX's mind to be just like the real boys, and the adults as well. The three boys were out in some woods doing their job of being naked for the camera. They had been working for quite awhile when the boss called out to the them to take a break. He handed out drinks. As he was handing the drinks to the boys a loud voice called out. "Freeze the whole lot of you. We have guns, and wouldn't mind but-n a few holes in you fine people."

...........The group of rough looking boys with John leading them herded the whole group to some of the smaller trees. The fifteen year old was ordered to use some plastic wire ties to tie his fathers ankles together around a small trunk of a tree, then do the same with his wrists. "Love the tree man your going to be there long enough." Rick was the kids name, and he was told to tie up the assistant to another tree trunk. As soon as he was done with the last tie he was ordered to strip naked. The other three boys were in the meanwhile ordered to lay on their belly on the grass at the edge of the tree line. As soon as Rick was naked he joined the three other boys on his belly. Jim, Bob, and Jack in order of size from tallest to shortest. Some more plastic ties took care of their feet. You can't run too far with your ankles tied together. The arms were pulled out straight above their heads so the wrists can be tied with a rope. A twenty foot rope with a latch on one end was snapped on the rope around their waists. It was used to drag them under a tree limb as one of the boys that was with John throw the ropes over the limb. All four of the boys were soon standing under the limb with their arms stretched high over their heads.

...........John had planed to get kinky with the four boys so he needs them tied up. He run his hands all over the boys, felt their nipples, buns, dick as well as French kissing them. Then he greased up four butt plugs to force into their ass-holes. It was not to hurt them. It was more a-way to open the hole so he can ride their ass without tearing them up. He wanted to do some S&M warming up their fine looking buns with a Ping-Pong paddle. till they were hot and red. He sucked them all off before he was ready to rape them. A good time was not had by all on this night. That is okay the four boys will be recycled after John is done with them. MAX will start them over with a fresh mind set that well let them have fun the next time they meet John.

...........The voters at large had a field day cleaning out the trash in Washington. They demanded that the people placed into their jobs make their first job be to put a limit on time to serve in the job to two terms, They also demanded that no one can be elected to the other body after the two terms.. There was a rider added that cleaned out all the hanger-ons that hung around Washington selling influence after serving in one of the elected bodies. It was called by some [Serve and get gone.] Some people were demanding that the taxes be overhauled so it was fair for all. It had to be so simple that it can be filled out on a file card by any fool with ten minutes to spare at the end of the year. Well it did work for a while. MAX decided to keep his eye on the whole town. He influenced the crooks to speak up on the floor admitting their backroom deals. Giggle would that not be nice! Oh yes will you vote for governor Perry of Texas we would love to have you get him out of the state. He would make a fine Press. GAG! Sorry folks had to use a trash can after the foregoing.

...........John spent his days earning money, and his nights having sex in his mind. He had so many boys that he might never reach the end of the line that was formed in his mind. Oh he did have some that were at the front of the line most of the time. They were often in his mind, and in the bed in his mind.

...........The playground MAX had built was like a whole wide world. There was plenty of nice clean water, wooded areas with grasslands surrounding the trees, and bushes. There were plenty of food trees, and other types of food to be picked, and ate at any time. John can walk to any city, or country he wants to see in a few moments. Houses of all types with their own live-in boys for his enjoyment were scattered around. The weather was at John's command with just a wee bit of changes thrown in by MAX. You can get tired of always having everything being the same. Even the boys, so MAX even throw in a few less then the best looking or best tempered boys. John only had to mention a need, and it was done at once. A cruise on the sea was arranged at once if he wanted it. The ship was ran by boys he loved to see, the crew was all good looking boys. All the people on the cruise were young, and handsome boys as well. There were even some all naked days on the ship when none of the boys were wearing anything at all. Oh my I could stand to see that.

...........OK people I don't know if Dave has ever done something like I'm going to purpose here. I have made the background. If one or more of you has a boy in your mind you would like to invite to the Bat-cave for some fun have at it. I guess you could name it after my wee story plus a #2 #3 and so on. I really would like to see what might happen in my wee world.


......................................................THE END.


I always like it if the writer states he be done or To be continued. TBC


By the way anyone ready to send me a nasty-gram about the computer. I know it is really called Cray 4000, I just slipped a few letters to avoid having to put the wee © in the story.

PS 1 Oh yes by the way Jeez© is by Neal from one fine group of stories at the ADDRESS below. It is called Haven. The author goes by the name str8maybe

....."A lawyer let me know my last living relative isn't." is how he starts the story. The jokes continue thru out the story's. You can copy the below onto the computer if you like.


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.......................................................................Story: F The computer

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