The Craft (Novel Version)
by Julien Gregg

Chapter Ten

Saturday morning Adam walked around the house to look at Aaron's handiwork. The boy was good at cleaning. The tables and floors shined. The counters in the kitchen gleamed. The furniture looked like it was sitting in a show room. He took Aaron down to the dungeon and fucked his face before he set him up in the suspension restraints, added the parachute and weights to his balls and then got him off. Once that was done and the condom had been removed from Aaron's mouth Adam had him clean up after them. He didn't need him to disinfect the rubber sheeting. He just had him roll it up and put it away. He did have to put all of the tools they'd used back in their places after cleaning them thoroughly.

He put the chastity device on Aaron and then went upstairs to shower and change while Aaron got the grill going. He'd seen pictures on a few of these men's websites. Some were dressed in leather garments while others wore black t-shirts and Levi 501 jeans with black boots. They were going to be outside, so Adam changed that uniform to a white t-shirt that fit his torso snugly and showed off all of his hard work at the gym. He had the right jeans and even a pair of black leather steel toed work boots. He put them on, tucked in his shirt and looked at himself in the mirror. He used no product on his hair or in Aaron's. He just combed his hair into place and left the room.

Brian was the first to arrive with his slave. Brian was maybe a few inches taller than Adam with dark blond hair that was just blond enough not to be called light brown. His hair was cut precisely into a flat top. He had the blue eyes that blonds were famous for along with an angular face with full lips and a strong brow. He wore almost the exact same thing Adam had on but his jeans were black instead of dark blue. His boots were the exact same brand and style as Adam's. Just like Adam had admired about his own image in the mirror, the t-shirt Brian wore clung to his torso and showed off a muscular physique.

His slave was introduced with his name only. Todd was maybe a head shorter than Adam with very dark hair and eyes. He looked almost Latino. He also had a muscular physique showcased by a white t-shirt. His jeans were also black and the boots on his feet matched those on Brian's and Adam's. He wore no collar. Brian spoke up when he noticed Adam looking for the collar.

"Our contract is up officially," Brian explained after he'd introduced Todd with his name instead of as his slave. "He's a free agent now, but we've always been really good friends."

"Well come on into the living room," Adam said with a smile.

"This is a great house," Brian said as they followed Adam into the living room. He indicated the couch and told them to sit. He noticed that Todd sat on the couch just like Brian.

"Thank you," Adam said. "I haven't been here long."

"Did you live in the dorms?" Brian asked.

"I did for my entire freshman year," he said. "I only transferred to Stattler - Mead at the end of my freshman year. I was at Storyville University last year."

"Why the change in schools?" Brian asked.

"I decided that Storyville wasn't far enough away from home," Adam replied.

"I think I can understand that after hearing what your slave had to say about your time there," Brian said. "Hats off to you, Adam for getting him to agree to be your slave."

"Thank you," he said. "You might be interested to know that his older brother, who was also mentioned on the site will be here in a few days to begin his days as my slave as well."

"That's incredible," Brian said with wide eyes. "From the way your slave described his brother, and from what I got from your bio on the site I'd have thought this Donny would be anything but slave material."

"Oh I assure you that I will train him," Adam said. "He'll be a different kind of slave than his younger brother though. Donny is going into total enslavement."

"How did you pull this off?" Brian asked. "I apologize if I'm being rude, but I'm blown away here."

"Well to be honest I'm a little blown away by it all myself," Adam replied honestly. "I never expected either of them to even want to have anything to do with me that didn't involve hurting me, so when Aaron agreed to be my slave and signed my contract I was stunned. To have Donny will be even more amazing, but he is coming. We'll hammer out the details of his enslavement when he arrives."

"When does he arrive?" Brian asked.

"Tomorrow afternoon," Adam replied with a smile. "I'm actually starting to get excited."

"I can imagine," Brian said, smiling back. "That's amazing."

"Donny is the one who enslaved you against your will?" Todd asked, speaking his first words since they'd arrived.

"That's right," Adam said, nodding.

"You're not taking him against his will, are you?" Todd asked. "I mean I think I'd understand if you did, but there's the legal issue to think of. You could have had them both arrested for the things they'd done to you."

"I understand that," Adam said. "I even thought about it. To answer your question, no I'm not taking him against his will. He'll submit of his own will tomorrow."

Adam was careful to not say his own free will. Part of what he'd said was less than truthful. Yes Donny would agree to anything Adam wanted, but it would be the potion that made it so not Donny's desire to please Adam. He just couldn't let anyone know about the potion. Otherwise he might be the one in jail for what he was doing to them.

Mark arrived next. He was a bit taller than even Brian with dark hair and eyes the color of milk chocolate. He had tanned skin and a lot of muscles. Adam was pleased to see that he was in a white t-shirt and jeans as well. His boots were different, but it was still the uniform. He had no slave currently, so Adam just welcomed him into the house.

"Mark, it's good to see you," Brian said when Adam returned to the living room with him.

"You as well, Brian," Mark said. "Todd, I see you no longer have a collar. Did you decide it was time to switch roles?"

"Hardly," laughed Todd. "I've been a dedicated bottom since I was fifteen years old. It isn't likely to change any time soon."

"I'm sorry," Brian said when he noticed that Adam was looking back and forth between them. "Mark and I met at the gym. He graduated at the end of the semester. He played football for Stattler."

"I guess I should have suspected that some of you knew each other," Adam said. "After all our community isn't that large."

"It may be larger than you think it is," Mark said. "Chicago is a big city with lots of different kinds of people. They hold leather events quite often at certain bars and hotels there. Then you'll see just how many of us there are. That is if you attend any."

"I might," Adam replied as the doorbell rang again.

This time it was Rick and his slave. Rick was probably the oldest of the men he'd invited to the house. He had a body with muscles that anyone could tell had come from hard work. His russet colored hair was infused with grey at the temples. His green eyes were bright though. He was wearing the uniform as well right down to the work boots. His slave was young. Adam wondered just how young he was. He didn't want any under age slaves in the house. He had buzzed dark red hair and very dark green eyes. He was dressed in the same uniform as the rest of them but his collar was around his neck. It was a thick, heavy silver collar which looked almost like a dog chain. The padlock that held it on his neck was big as well.

"Adam, it's good to meet you in person," Rick said. "This is slave John. Don't worry, he's eighteen years old. His birthday was two weeks ago, so he's a little new to the scene."

"Not a problem," Adam replied. "Come on in Rick."

"Master Rick," Todd said with a grin as they came into the living room.

"Hello, Todd," Rick said. "I see you slipped your collar. Brian, are you letting this young slave boy run around unfettered?"

"No," laughed Brian. "Our contract is up. He's going to return to his home town in a few weeks."

"Ah, well we'll all be sorry to see you go, Todd," Rick said. Then he looked at his slave and pointed to a spot on the floor in the corner. "On your knees, head down, hands folded in front of you, boy."

John moved into position in the corner as the others ignored him. Adam paid close attention to the way Rick spoke and what he'd said to his slave. After all he wanted to learn. Donny would be there the next day and he wanted to get all of the education he could before he slapped a collar around his neck.

"I see you know Brian and Todd," Adam said into the silence that had grown.

"I sure do," Rick said with a grin. "I introduced them. Todd used to come to my playroom twice a week. Then he and Brian came together."

They all talked about Rick's slave after that. Brian seemed stunned that Rick had actually collared the boy. They discussed that back and forth and Adam learned that John was Rick's sister's stepson which kind of made him family. He couldn't imagine what his sister thought of all of it. He was still thinking about that when he answered the door to find Paul, his slave and David.

Paul was a seriously good looking guy. He had the boy next door look that many tried to copy but few could pull off. His dark hair was cut short and parted to the left. He had eyes the color of the sky and a grin that put dimples in his cheeks. He was dressed in the same white t-shirt, jeans and boots as the rest of them. His slave's name was Gary and unlike John, Gary had no hair anywhere. He wore his collar with no shirt and a pair of cut off jean shorts. There were no shoes on his feet.

No one recognized Paul or Dave when they came back to the living room. Adam noticed that Gary went to the opposite corner from John and then knelt on the floor, put his head down and folded his hands and rested them on his thighs. Paul had a bag with him and asked about the kitchen. Adam took them through the dining room to the kitchen and let Paul put the small bag in the fridge. He explained that it was his slave's food for the day. Adam asked no questions.

"I was very interested in the shake you talked about on the site," Rick said as he stepped forward. "Any chance I can get the recipe?"

"Sure," Adam said. He left them standing in the kitchen and went to his locked office. He got copies of the recipe and headed back to the kitchen. He handed them to each of them. "It's a simple recipe with all of the nutrients and vitamins a slave needs. My slave will be preparing a large batch while we're eating. The slaves can drink the shakes or eat whatever you've brought for your slave."

They stepped out to the deck and Aaron was putting plates of food on the table. Adam told him to mix the shakes and thought about the fact that Aaron would be drinking one for the first time. He'd ordered him to drink it though, so there was no going back. The others sat around the table with Adam and ate their steaks.

They talked about their experiences and asked Adam a lot of questions about Aaron. Adam told them that Aaron was new to enslavement but was learning fast. He directed the conversation to David and told them that David had installed his dungeon. They were all interested in that, having seen pictures of it online.

"You call your slave Cum Dump," Rick said when talk had slowed. "Is oral all he does?"

"For me, yes," Adam said. "I haven't decided to take his ass so far. I have another slave arriving tomorrow. You've all read about him on the site. He's Aaron's older brother. That slave will be completely different than Aaron. Aaron is never going to be the slave that his brother will be."

"This is the man that forced you into slavery against your will?" Rick asked. They all looked at him then.

"The very same," Adam replied. "He'll arrive tomorrow afternoon, and his enslavement will begin. It isn't against his will though. He'll submit on his own."

"You and Brian are young to be Masters," Rick said. "I'm proud to say that Brian learned really well. From what I've seen on your site I'd say that you learned very well, too. I'm a bit in awe of what you've done so far, Adam."

"Thank you," Adam replied. "My life wasn't easy, but I've come into my own. I had one other slave in Iowa. We've only recently ended our contract and he's back in Ohio where he came from. I learned a lot from the way I was treated when I was forced and I learned more with the other slave. There's revenge involved in what I'm doing, but for the most part this is just fulfilling a need inside me."

"Nicely put," Mark said with a grin. "I just can't believe that the slave in there making shakes is the one who forced you to suck his dick twice a day for nearly two years."

"The slave that's coming tomorrow is that slave's older brother," Brian said. "Did you read what he did to Adam? I can't believe that he's coming to be Adam's slave. I'd be a little afraid of what I'd do to him if I were in Adam's shoes."

"I assure you that I'll take good care of both of my slaves," Adam said. "I don't want them damaged. They're going to be with me for a long time. I want them functional and healthy. They're both very good looking specimens. I'd hate to mar them."

"I have to admit that I thought you just wanted the dungeon to show your friends, Adam," David said after that. "I had no idea that you were actually in the scene. When I met you I thought you were just another college guy."

"I am just another college guy," Adam said with a smile. "I'm just a dominant one."

They laughed at that. Talk went back and forth about the slaves and how they'd all come to be slaves. Todd was in the kitchen with the slaves. Adam was sorry that he didn't have a steak for him, but he hadn't expected an unfettered slave to be in his house. Brian assured him that it was fine.

David said he was in the scene as more than just a dungeon designer and contractor. He didn't have a slave at the moment, but he was always looking. Then he said what he was interested in was more a boy than a slave, someone he could mold and dominate but not completely. Adam thought that Aaron fit that mold a bit more than the mold of a slave, but he didn't say anything. David said it was hard to find the type of guy he wanted. Adam was shocked when David said that he'd been interested in Adam at first, but now that he knew that Adam was dominant he was looking forward to being his friend instead.

When the meal was eaten Adam took them all to the dungeon for a tour while the slaves cleaned up the dishes and kitchen. They were all amazed by everything that Adam had in the dungeon. Each of them talked about different things as they walked around the dungeon. David watched them with pride and a bit of expectation as they looked at everything.

"How much did this set you back?" Brian asked, looking around the dungeon.

"My parents died," Adam said after he'd told him what it had cost to put the dungeon in his basement. "I came into a lot of money after that."

"You have things in here that it took me years to be able to afford," Rick said as he looked around. "Do you know how to use all of this?"

"Yes, I do," Adam said. He felt secure in saying that. He'd read about them all, watched videos, some of them Rick's and he'd figure it out. In a way, he thought, Donny and Aaron would be learning right along with him.

"Well hats off to you," Rick said, grinning at him. "You're young to be at this level, but I'm sure you have it all in hand. I've seen your slave and he doesn't seem to be injured in any way. He looks healthy and adjusted to his position, so you're doing something right."

The slaves came into the room after that and all talk stopped. Adam watched as the men changed around him. Their features had been excited and friendly before the slaves entered the room. Now they were harder and calculating. They were Masters now when before they had been men. It was very interesting to witness. Adam did his best to change his own facial expression to match theirs. He must have succeeded, because Aaron took one look at him and was instantly uncomfortable.

Rick was the one who got the ball rolling. He put his hand on the back of John's neck and walked him over to the bondage horse. He bent him over it and secured his wrists to the front legs with restraints that Adam handed him. Then he spread the boy's legs and secured them to the back legs of the horse. He accepted lubricant from Adam and then unbuttoned his fly. His dick was big and uncut. Adam had never seen an uncut dick in real life before. He was amazed by it. He didn't see it long though. Rick lubed his dick and then began to shove it into his slave's ass. The slave grunted, but he didn't cry out or anything.

Adam looked around the room at the others. They'd needed no invitation it seemed. Todd was on his knees sucking Brian's dick. Paul had Gary in the sling already and was fingering his ass while David and Mark looked around. Rick told David to fuck his slave's face and Paul invited Mark over to assist with Gary. Adam reminded them all that Aaron was a cum dump as he stepped in front of him and unbuttoned his fly. Aaron got on his knees and began to suck his dick. Adam was so turned on by all that was happening that he was afraid that it would be over before it started, but Aaron was good at what he did. He did all that he could to make Adam simmer instead of explode.

There were moans and grunts coming from three places in the dungeon. David stepped up to Adam and looked down at Aaron. Adam stepped back and David put his dick in Aaron's mouth. He came a few minutes later. Then Todd knelt in front of Adam and took his dick into his mouth while Brian unloaded in Aaron's mouth. It went on like that for a while. Todd was just as good as Aaron and kept Adam simmering. Paul and Rick came in their slaves' asses, but Mark came over to feed Aaron. Then Todd backed off and Aaron was back on Adam's dick. Adam came with a knee weakening orgasm a few minutes later.

He was amazed when they were all sitting in the living room with sodas a few minutes later. They were sweaty but dressed and presentable. The slaves were cleaning the dungeon. Conversation was steady in the living room. They talked about Aaron a lot. Paul and Mark talked about Gary and Adam listened to what they all had to say.

They started excusing themselves when the slaves came into the room. David promised to come back whenever he was invited. They each programmed Adam's number into their phones as he programmed theirs into his. Brian told him he looked forward to seeing him again and they set up a day to hang out after Adam had gotten Donny situated. Then they were all leaving the house and Adam was alone with Aaron who refused to look at him.

He cleaned up the living room and then stood so that Adam could remove the chastity device. He told him to get his clothes on and watched as Aaron left the room. He sighed as he watched. What had happened in the dungeon was far more than Aaron was used to. He'd eaten cum from four men, three of them strangers. Adam hadn't intended to push him so soon, but he wasn't sorry it had happened. Aaron had gotten another lesson on what his life was that day, and Adam wouldn't have him unlearn it for anything. He did want to reward him for his performance though. Aaron hadn't protested or let anyone know that he wasn't into what was happening.

"You deserve a reward for all you did today, Aaron," Adam said when the boy came back to the living room in his own jeans and t-shirt. He pulled a condom out of his pocket and sat down on the couch. "Take those jeans off and come sit on my lap."

He waited while Aaron took off his jeans, folded them and placed them on the sofa. Then the boy came over and sat on his lap. Adam reached around him and pulled him back so that the back of his head rested on Adam's shoulder. Then he began to play with his dick. It had been a long time since he'd had this boy's dick in his hand like this. Adam fought memories that he was sure Aaron was remembering as well. When he was erect Adam rolled the condom down his shaft. Then he began to masturbate him slowly and methodically. This was the first time since Aaron had moved into the house that he was going to have an orgasm that wasn't accompanied by pain.

"Feel good?" Adam asked.

"Yes, Sir," Aaron replied with a sigh.

"When this is over you can brush your teeth and use mouthwash," Adam said. "Then you can have a soda. If you're hungry you can grill yourself a burger."

"Yes, Sir," Aaron said. "Thank you, Sir."

It didn't take long before he filled the condom. Adam had him stand up so he could get it off of him without spilling any of the cum. Then he handed it to Aaron and watched as he put it in his mouth and sucked his cum out of it. When it was empty he put in the trash can beside the couch and then went off to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He heard him go out the back door a few minutes later and followed him. He sat at the table on the deck and watched as Aaron grilled his burger.

"You can speak freely again, Aaron," Adam said. "I'm sure you have plenty to say about what happened today."

"I feel dirty," Aaron said without looking at Adam. "I think I finally understand what you want me to be, Adam."

"It isn't just what I want you to be, Aaron," Adam said. "It's what you are."

"I know," Aaron said. "I still feel used and dirty."

"You're never going to get out of this, Aaron," Adam said after a long moment of thought. "I can't promise you that it won't happen again, but I can say that once Donny gets here your life will get a bit better. You still have years to make up for and you'll always have them to make up for, but Donny will require a lot of time and work."

"I hate my brother, Adam," Aaron said. "One of the only things that makes this even a little better is knowing that his life is going to be shit forever once he walks through the front door. I look forward to that."

"You'll get your revenge, Aaron," Adam assured him.

"Will I have to drink that disgusting shake again?" Aaron asked as he sat down across from Adam with his burger.

"I don't know," Adam replied.

"Is that all Donny's going to get in the way of food?" Aaron asked.

"He'll drink it a lot, yes," Adam replied after a moment of thought. "Twice a week he'll have to have a balanced meal instead of the shakes, but for the most part, yes, he'll drink that shake morning, noon and night almost all the time."

"Good," Aaron said with a smile that made Adam's skin crawl. Then he looked at Adam and sighed. "I thought you were going to let them fuck me today. Thank you for not doing that."

"Aaron, I told you that I wasn't going to take your ass any time soon," Adam said. "I might decide to fuck you at some point. I will promise you that I will be the first if I decide that anyone else is going to fuck you. I won't line them up to fuck you though. That much I can promise."

Aaron was quiet for a while after that. He ate his burger and thought about all that Adam had said. Adam wondered what he was thinking. He really hadn't thought of fucking him yet. The idea wasn't unpleasant. He hadn't fucked anyone since Melvin, and Adam had learned with Melvin that he very much liked to fuck. He decided he'd think about it for a while. After all he was planning to fuck Donny every day for a while. He was even willing to let Aaron fuck him at least once. In a strange way that made him feel a bit ashamed, he was looking forward to Aaron fucking Donny.

He went back in the house and started to make a list of all of the things that Donny had done to him in his notebook. Then he wrote what he planned to do to Donny to make up for it next to each item. Adam's ideas for what to do to Donny were a lot more painful than anything Donny had done to him. He planned to plug him and find ways to make sure that he felt fucked all the time. He had an idea, but he needed to research it to find out if it was possible. He was sure it was possible, but could the device be built? He'd seen fucking machines online and he'd thought about them, but what he wanted was something different. He might still order a fucking machine though. After all he couldn't fuck Donny all day long. A machine could do that though. The device he wanted could do it as well.

He got his laptop and looked up sex toy stores that specialized in building items to the customer's expectations. He filled out the questionnaire form and described what he wanted. It was an exercise bike, but instead of a seat he wanted a dildo that could be moved up and down with the pedals. So that when Donny was on the bike he would be fucked with the dildo every time he pedaled. The idea had his dick hard.

He was closing his laptop as Aaron came in with his trash. He watched as he put it in the trash can and cleaned the counter. Then he got up and pushed Aaron to his knees. He unbuttoned the fly of his jeans and shoved his dick in Aaron's mouth. He was very turned on by the description of the bike and the image in his head of Donny using it. He grabbed the sides of Aaron's head and fucked his throat roughly. Aaron was drooling a river of saliva before it was over. It didn't last long, but Adam wasn't looking for a slow simmer this time. He wanted to get off. He buried his dick in Aaron's throat as he came. When he let go of him Aaron sat back on his heels, breathing hard and looking up at Adam.

"Clean up," Adam said as he got his own breathing under control. He looked at the crotch of his jeans that were now soaked with Aaron's saliva. "I won't punish you for getting my jeans all disgusting. I had to get off after what I was describing on the computer to a sex toy maker. Just go clean yourself up while I change clothes."

When they were in the living room later he told Aaron exactly what he was having built for Donny. He told him that he wanted Donny fucked all the time. He was planning to have the guys over again for a gang bang if they'd go for it. He wanted Donny used over and over again until he felt as dirty and ashamed as he had.

"You're going to turn him into a piece of meat for everyone?" Aaron asked.

"I had never been fucked before your brother got his hands on me," Adam said. "He did it in the cruelest way possible. I have to be pretty sick to come up with an even more cruel way to take him to that depth. Fortunately I'm a pretty sick individual. I learned from the best."

"I think you hate him more than I do," Aaron replied.

"I'll tell you what his life will be like," Adam said. "He'll get up in the morning and have fifteen minutes to shit, shower and shave. Then he'll cook breakfast and wake us up. Once we've eaten and he's had his morning shake he'll be in the dungeon either on his fuck bike or in a cage with a fucking machine doing the job. When I get back from classes I'm going to fuck him. Then I'm going to put him through his paces with the paddles, floggers, whips and crops. Then I'm going to fuck him again. I figure it'll be about dinner time after that, so he'll make dinner. Once we've eaten and he's had his shake he'll either be on the fuck bike again or in a cage with the fucking machine. His life will be about getting his ass fucked, cleaning, cooking and pain."

Aaron looked at him with wide shocked eyes. Adam didn't know if it was possible to do what he said without injuring Donny. He wouldn't do it every day, but he'd spend one entire day of every month getting fucked all day long. That much Adam planned to make sure of. Aaron might get fucked now and then, but it would never be the way it would be for Donny. Adam would let Aaron have his revenge, and he wasn't even sure if it would be a onetime thing or not. After all he'd fucked Aaron for years.

What he had to figure out was what he would tell the others about Donny's treatment. He'd allow any of them to fuck Donny almost whenever they wanted. Donny's life was about to be all about fucking. He was the fuck toy after all. Adam hated him all right, but he wouldn't physically destroy him. His mental state might suffer, but his body would be fine.

"What about me?" Aaron asked, looking afraid.

"Aaron, your time with me will seem like a picnic compared to Donny's," Adam said. "I can't promise that you'll never drink the shake again or that you'll never be fucked. I can promise that if you are it won't be as painful as I'm going to make it for Donny. I'll prep you and make sure that you're all right. I don't hate you, Aaron. I think I'm beginning to understand you. We won't ever be friends, but I won't try to destroy you.

"You'll go on pretty much as you have been," Adam continued. "I'd say if you want money of your own you have to get a job. You'll go to school with me, and I'll even look into finding you a job. Your money is yours. I won't take anything away from you, Aaron. You're my slave, but you're more like my roommate who I dominate if that makes any sense. You will always do what I say when I say it, but it won't ever be even a fraction of the life your brother is about to walk into."

"I'm glad you don't hate me, Adam," Aaron said. "I don't hate you either. I never did. I know I deserve what you're doing to me. I didn't like today at all. I didn't like sucking so many different guys and drinking their cum, but I don't mind sucking your dick. I actually like sucking your dick to be honest. I'm even getting to like the taste of your cum. I was even turned on by what you did tonight. I couldn't breath through a lot of it, but it was hot. I'm happy to hear that you won't treat me like my brother, and I'm happy to hear that you'll let me take my revenge on him. I don't know how this happened, but I won't ever try to leave you or get out of it."

They were nice words, but Adam didn't care this time if it was the potion or Aaron talking. He would never leave and he would never get out of this. Adam wasn't making the same mistakes with Aaron that he made with Melvin. He wasn't in love with Aaron, and he didn't even like him. Unlike Melvin Aaron knew exactly what kind of person Aaron really was. All of his talk about finding a kid to bully to keep himself from being bullied was just another excuse. He'd said it because he believed it, but you could believe a lie so completely that when you told it a lie detector would be fooled.

"Well I've got some things to do," Adam said, standing up. "You watch television or whatever. It's free time, Aaron."

Adam went to his office and locked the door behind him. He got all of the ingredients for the potion out of their bottles and bins and put it all together in a bag. All he'd need now was bottled water and a strand or two of Donny's hair. He had an idea about how to get the hair but he didn't like it. He didn't think it mattered if the hair was from his head or from his pubic bush. If he sucked Donny's dick he could get pubic hair. He just wasn't looking forward to sucking Donny's dick. He supposed he could punish him for making it a necessity.

He opened his laptop and checked his email. He was happy to find an email from the site he'd visited and filled out the form for his contraption. The email had a video file attached. He scanned it with his protection software and then opened it. He was grinning from ear to ear as he watched the video. It was the bike he'd thought of, but it was already built. He supposed he shouldn't have been surprised. There were far more sadistic people in the world than he was. He watched as a man rode the bike. The camera zoomed in and Adam could see the dildo in the man's ass that was moving in and out. It never left his ass and it was never still.

He closed the video and read the rest of the email. There was a price and a link to the payment screen on the site to pay for it. He clicked that but didn't pay for it yet. He added it to a virtual shopping cart and went in search of the fucking machines. He found them and watched videos for each of them. He had an idea and he thought it was completely possible with the cages he already had. He added two machines to his cart and then went to look at the attachments. He discovered that any size dildo could be attached to the machines or the bike. He added an assortment of sizes that could be attached to his cart and then cashed it out and paid for it. He also paid for express shipping so that it would arrive in three days.

He checked his links and went to another site that sold the same things but had other things as well. What he found there was perfect for what he'd planned for Donny. It was a milking machine that would masturbate him while a probe stimulated his prostate. It didn't matter if Donny had a sensitive prostate or not. If he did it would work faster, but if he didn't it would still work. The great thing was that the cum would be forced into a container that looked like a sports bottle by an air compressor. The device was expensive, but he bought it as well. He paid for express shipping for that as well. Then he watched a video to see exactly how it worked.

With his purchases made he went back to the living room and told Aaron to start on supper. Then he went down to the dungeon and looked at his cages. They could be stacked and moved around fairly simply. He could use the table with the loops and hooks to set the machine on. It was almost the right height. Books could be used to lift the machine to the right position. It would take some doing, but then he thought if he kept telling Donny exactly what was going to happen the suspense would be worth it.

When he got back upstairs he saw that Aaron had cut a bunch of chicken breast meat into strips and was cooking them in oil on the stove. He was also boiling water. A box of pasta sat on the counter along with two cans of crushed tomatoes. Adam had no idea what he was cooking so he left him and went back to the living room to think and wait.

He kept looking at the clock. The day was getting closer to its end, and that meant that Donny would be there soon. He found that he was excited about what was to come. He couldn't wait to get Donny under his thumb. It felt like the last part of his past that bothered him was about to be eradicated. He saw Donny as this big hulking monster that had nearly destroyed his life. Granted the monster came in a sexy package with muscles and a killer smile, but he was still a monster. Getting control of him and reducing him to a piece of meat that was used for the pleasure of others and only for the pleasure of others would dispel the image of him in Adam's mind. He couldn't wait.

When Aaron called him to the dining room Adam was impressed with what he'd done. It smelled wonderful. He could smell garlic and oregano along with other spices. There was a basket of rolls that he'd heated up along with a large bowl of pasta, a bowl of the aromatic sauce and another of the cooked chicken. He'd placed a bottle of parmesan cheese on the table as well as napkins and sodas for both of them.

"My mom used to make this a lot," Aaron said as they sat down. "It was actually a diet dish, but I didn't put all of the stuff in it that she did. I like it this way, and I hope you like it."

"What is it?" Adam asked. "It smells wonderful."

"It's a crushed tomato sauce with onion, garlic and spices," Aaron replied. "There's pasta and chicken to complete the dish. You just put the pasta on your plate, spoon the sauce over it and then add the chicken. I guess I could have put the chicken in the sauce, but I wanted you to be able to use as much or as little of the meat as you wanted. There's cheese to sprinkle over it and rolls to eat it with as well."

Adam put pasta on his plate and then spooned a healthy amount of sauce over it. He added chicken, but not a whole lot. Then he sprinkled the cheese over it all, mixed it with his fork and selected two of the rolls. He took a bite of the pasta with a piece of chicken and chewed, tasting the flavors. He loved it. It was just the right amount of spices and they complemented the tomatoes perfectly. The onions were cooked soft as well. There was no crunch in any of the dish. He ate more with a bite of roll and smiled.

"It's amazing," he said. "When you said you could cook I didn't think you meant that you could cook like this."

"It's a simple recipe," Aaron said, smiling. "I can follow any recipe you put in front of me."

"I'll remember that," Adam said with a smile.

"I also made two batches of the shakes," Aaron said. "I put them in the fridge."

"Preparing for Donny's arrival?" Adam asked.

"Yeah," Aaron said, looking at his plate. "I'm excited that he's coming but I'm a little afraid, too. I wish I wasn't going to get him."

"I can't promise you that your time with Donny will be pleasant until you bring him to me," Adam said. "But I won't change my mind. You will go to Greenfield and pick him up. Then I want you to drive straight back here. If he wants to stop and get beer or anything like that go ahead. Don't worry though, if he does anything to you I will make him pay for it when you get him here. I promise."

"How?" Aaron asked. "How are you going to get him to do any of this? Donny isn't like me, Adam. I don't understand exactly how you got me to do all that I do, but I think I deserve it mostly. Donny won't think that way."

"Just leave that to me," Adam said and then had a thought. "I might suck his dick when you get him here, but don't think that's going to be the way it will go all the time. Just get him to me and I'll take care of the rest. I'll do that thing you don't understand."

They ate their meal and Adam thought about what he'd said to Aaron. That thing that Aaron didn't understand was the potion. The fact that Aaron had said it that way told Adam that he knew something was going on. He just didn't know what it was. Thankfully the potion would keep him confused about things. Melvin had accepted what was going on somehow. Aaron hadn't gotten there yet. Donny likely never would get there. It was all going to be the potion. Without it he would have never gotten his hands on Aaron the way he did. He'd have never had Melvin the way he'd had him, and he would never have Donny the way he planned to have him.

Adam went to the living room while Aaron did the dishes. He watched mindless television but really thought about Donny. He really didn't want to suck the man's dick. That was the last thing he wanted, but he knew it was likely the only way he'd get any hair for the potion. He went to his office and found the book with the recipe and read it all carefully. It clearly said hair. It had to be hair. He supposed there was no way out of it.

He went back to the living room with a sigh. He supposed he was going to have to just do it and get it over with. He couldn't think of anything short of pulling hair out of Donny's head. That would just piss him off. It would not be what any of them wanted. He had to think about it some more.

"Dishes are done," Aaron said. "I cleaned the kitchen, too."

"Good," Adam said. He opened his jeans and took out his dick. "You know what to do."

It took longer than usual because Adam's mind was consumed by how to get hair from Donny without performing any sexual favors. He enjoyed the blow job, but he was too wrapped up in his mind to really appreciate what Aaron was doing. Aaron seemed to understand that because he worked harder to get him off. By the time Adam got off they'd been there for nearly an hour and a half. Adam had taught Aaron to make it last, but this hadn't been that skill. This had been preoccupation.

"Let's go downstairs," Adam sighed as he stood up. Aaron looked terrified. "Don't worry, Aaron. You didn't piss me off or anything. I'm not going to beat you. Just come downstairs with me."

He followed him down the stairs and into the dungeon. Adam had him strip out of his clothes and stand in front of him. He told him to put his arms straight out from his body. Aaron still looked scared, but all Adam did was run his hands over him starting with his arms. He was checking the muscle definition. Aaron had been working out every morning. He hadn't been there long, but Adam could see the results already.

He ran his hands over Aaron's pecs, down his flat stomach and over his hips. He told him to spread his legs and then he was kneeling there running his hands over the muscles in Aaron's legs. He stood up and walked around him and did the same thing on his back, rubbing his hands over Aaron's ass. He saw that the redness had completely faded. There were no raw spots now. Aaron had healed nicely.

Then he got an idea. It would scare Aaron, but Adam didn't really care. He told him to bend over and put his hands on his knees. Aaron did so and Adam told him to push his ass out. Then he went and got lubrication. He wasn't going to fuck Aaron. He just wanted to see something. He lubed his index finger and ran it around Aaron's hole. He pushed at it and was happy with the resistance of his sphincter. He pushed harder until his finger entered Aaron's ass. He wasted no time and went straight for the prostate. He'd had plenty of practice with Melvin. He found it and Aaron jerked. That's what he'd been looking for. He stood back up, taking his finger out of Aaron ass. He used a shop rag to wipe his finger. Then he told Aaron to clean himself and get dressed. He left then and walked back upstairs thinking that if one brother had a sensitive prostate perhaps the other did as well. He smiled as he went up the stairs.



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