The Craft (Novel Version)
by Julien Gregg

Chapter Twelve

The next morning Adam took his shower, ate his breakfast and then took Aaron to the dungeon. He heard Donny moaning as soon as he opened the door. He paid no attention to Donny's pleas to have the ginger removed from his ass. He waited while Aaron got naked. Then he put the parachute on his balls and added the weights. He used heavier weights this time which had Aaron dancing from foot to foot with the pain. He waited until Aaron stood still and then told him to get on his knees. He opened his fly and fucked Aaron's face hard and fast, burying his dick in the boy's throat over and over. When he came he was holding his head so that his lips were at the base of his dick. When he let go and pulled his dick out of Aaron's mouth he patted his head and told him to get over to the suspension wires.

He got the cranks and another set of restraints and then hooked Aaron up. He turned the cranks until Aaron was off his feet suspended about three inches off the floor. Then he thumped his balls with his finger, making Aaron scream out. He played with Aaron's dick to get it hard which took a little longer because of the increased pain. When it was hard he rolled the condom over it, lubed his hand and began to masturbate the boy. The lube was edible and supposedly tasted like vanilla. Adam had never tasted it.

He was doing it this way because Aaron had already gotten two pain free ejaculations. Adam decided that was two too many. He masturbated him hard and fast until he filled the condom with cum. Then he pulled his dick down and rolled the condom up. He placed it in Aaron's mouth and then went to Donny.

"You're very verbal this morning, Fuck Toy," he said with a chuckle.

"Yes, Sir," Donny breathed. "Please, Sir. Take it out!"

"I'll take it out, Fuck Toy, but your ass is going to itch all day long," Adam replied. "It's going to itch until it's fucked."

"Yes, Sir," Donny breathed again. "Fuck me, Sir."

"No, Fuck Toy," Adam said. "I just got off in Cum Dump's throat. I can't fuck you right now. Cum Dump just got off by my hand so he can't fuck you either."

"Please, Sir," Donny moaned.

Adam grabbed the end of the ginger, told Donny to push and then pulled it out of him. He tossed it in the waste can and then removed the restraints from Donny's wrists and ankles. He told him to get up and to use the bathroom. Then he was to start working out. He scrambled off the bed and headed for the toilet behind the leather padded door.

"Don't touch your hole, Donny," Adam called after him.

"Yes, Sir," Donny said with a frustrated ring in his voice.

Adam went over and brought Aaron back to his feet. Then he uncuffed him and took the parachute and weights off his balls. He told him to get his jock and bring Fuck Toy's jock down. They were to workout for two hours today. Adam wanted to be alone for a while. Then they were to clean the dungeon. Fuck Toy was to stay in the dungeon. Aaron was to come to him when the workout was over.

He went upstairs and sifted through the bills. He wrote checks and licked stamps and got all of that ready to go out in the mail. Then he checked email and answered two from Pete about Adam's heartbreak over Melvin's departure from his life. Then he checked the email from the site and was pleasantly surprised to see an email from Brian. He read it and responded quickly. Then he called his new friend.

"Brian, it's Adam," he said when Brian had answered.

"Hey, I was just reading your reply to my email," Brian said. "How are things with your new slave?"

"Going well," Adam replied. "He's signed the contract. He had a bad night, and he'll have a frustrating day but other than that he should be all right."

"I still can't believe you have a pair of brothers for slaves that used to bully you and tried to break you," Brian said. "It's amazing to say the least. You're all the others are talking about."

"Well when he's ready I'll have another barbecue or something," Adam replied. "You know that you are more than welcome to come to the house any time you like."

"I may actually take you up on that today if it's all right," Brian said.

"Of course it's all right," Adam said. "I don't have anything planned today. The slaves are working out right now. Then I thought I'd have them clean the dungeon and its bathroom. By then it should be time for Cum Dump to make lunch, Fuck Toy to have another shake and for me have some quiet time. You're more than welcome to come on over. You could be a part of anything that happens today. Bring Todd if you'd like."

"Todd has left already," Brian explained. "I'm just sitting around the apartment. I'm off today. I'll be over there in a bit."

"All right," Adam replied. "See you soon then."

Aaron came up from the dungeon to take his shower as Brian knocked on the door. Adam opened it and let him in. He was treated with an unfettered naked slave walking through the house all covered in sweat from his workout. Adam asked Aaron as he passed how Fuck Toy was doing. He was sure he was near insanity from the itch in his ass. He nearly chuckled just from the thought of the hell that Donny was going through.

"He's taking his shower, Sir," Aaron said. "May I take mine, Sir?"

"Of course," Adam said. He turned to Brian and smiled. "Come on in the living room. It seems the slaves are dirty."

"What have you done to Fuck Toy?" Brian asked with a smirk.

"Oh he spent the night with a raw ginger butt plug up his ass," Adam replied. "It's itching like crazy now and he's begged me to fuck him, but I got off in Cum Dump's throat just before I took the plug out of Fuck Toy's ass."

"Evil," Brian said grinning. "Good that you got him to beg you to fuck him on the morning after his enslavement."

"Well he had a very hard day yesterday," Adam said. "I fucked him hard after he signed the contract. Then I let Cum Dump tear into his ass and he was more savage than I was. There's a lot of fucked up past between Fuck Toy and Cum Dump. I thought I'd let Cum Dump have just a bit of revenge for the way that Fuck Toy treated him growing up, but I've since decided that the situation is too volatile."

"What's in their past?" Brian asked. Adam was surprised that he had nothing to say about Adam letting one brother fuck the other.

"Fuck Toy raped Cum Dump nightly as they were growing up," Adam said. "As I understand it the abuse went on for years."

"Have you still not fucked Cum Dump?" Brian asked.

"Oh, I fucked him twice yesterday," Adam said. "The first time was to punish him for making it so I was hesitant to fuck Fuck Toy again. The second was to teach him an important lesson."

"Nice," Brian said. "You really are quite the Master, Adam."

"I learned from Fuck Toy," said Adam. "Then I had my first slave for a year. We learned together. Sadly we ended our contract and he's gone. Now I have Fuck Toy and Cum Dump."

"Did you video tape any of what happened yesterday?" Brian asked. "I was wondering when Fuck Toy would grace the site."

"Oh I'll video tape some of the things that happen today," Adam promised. "He's begging to be fucked. I want that on camera, both his begging and the fucking. I had planned to only feature Fuck Toy, but Cum Dump has to drink the cum so I thought I'd get that on camera too. Let those who watch the videos understand his role completely."

"That sounds good," said Brian. "What else have you got up your sleeve for today?"

"Well when I had Cum Dump tattooed, the artist said he'd come to my home if I needed any follow up ink done," Adam said. "I was about to call him and see if he could come today to tattoo Fuck Toy. I thought another dick for Fuck Toy's ass would be a good thing today. Then you called, so now if I can get the artist to come I'll have three dicks for Fuck Toy's ass. That is providing that you and the artist have no qualms about being videotaped for the site."

"I have none," Brian said. "You need release forms for it though. Not for the slaves. It's understood in their contracts that they might be having sex in a public venue. That covers video. If you don't have them you can research them online and then print them out. I'll sign one and when your artist arrives he can sign one as well."

Adam got his laptop and printer and found the release form online. He saved it and changed it so that it covered what he wanted and then printed out ten of them. He put eight in a folder that he'd put in his office later. The ninth Brian signed before it went into the folder. The tenth he placed on the coffee table in the living room to await the artist. Then he called the tattoo artist on his cell phone. He asked him if he would come to the house to do a tattoo that day and was in luck. The man was off from the tattoo parlor that day and said he'd be thrilled to come do a tattoo.

He was there twenty minutes later with his case of inks and needles. Adam took him in the living room to talk. Aaron came out in his Cum Dump jock strap as they sat down. He knelt beside Adam's feet and put his head down. Adam was proud of him for remembering, but his rewards were used up for now. Today wasn't about rewarding Aaron. It was about getting Donny fucked.

"Chad," Adam said to the tattoo artist who was in his late twenties with buzzed platinum hair and piercing blue eyes. He was wearing a short sleeve black t-shirt, but all that Adam could see of his arms was a sea of ink. "I was wondering if you would be interested in staying for a little action after the tattoo is finished. Fuck Toy will be begging to get fucked for a while today and I don't think my dick alone will scratch the itch I put in his ass."

"You want me to fuck this Fuck Toy guy?" Chad asked.

"That's exactly what I want you to do," Adam replied. "Do you have any aversion to being on film while you do it?"

"Does my face have to be on camera?" Chad asked, looking from Adam to Brian and back.

"No," Adam replied. "I have a leather mask you can wear to protect your face."

He thought the ink on his arms would give him away if anyone who knew him watched the video on the site, but he didn't say anything. He went to get the release form and waited while Chad read it. He watched as he signed it. The form covered the filming and broadcasting of the finished product. It also clearly stated that all parties were free of disease. Signing it meant that Chad was saying he was disease free. He put the signed form in the folder with Brian's. Then he led them down to the dungeon.

He asked if he could film the tattooing and Chad said that was fine if he could have a copy of the tattoo video. Adam thought about the fact that Chad didn't want to wear the mask for the tattoo video for a moment. Anyone who watched the tattoo video and then Fuck Toy's fuck video would know that Chad was the man in the mask. He thought about saying something about it but then thought better of it. He wanted the tattoo filmed.

He didn't even balk when Adam and Brian began to get naked. He did the same which shocked Adam. He thought again about saying something about the video. Brian hadn't said anything so he kept his silence. He got the camera and handed it to Aaron. Then the tattooing began. Aaron took really good video of the process. Adam was watching on his laptop. Brian was right beside him. They looked at each other when Chad's face appeared on the screen. Brian smiled.

Chad gave Donny the same tattoo that was on the back of Melvin's neck and Aaron's. It was the Japanese symbol for "slave". Both he and Brian had the Japanese symbol for Master on the backs of their necks. To anyone who didn't know that they'd only met recently it would seem they had planned it.

"Well that's that," Chad said as he applied ointment to the fresh tattoo on the back of Donny's neck. "You know how to care for it."

"Yes I do," Adam said. "Cum Dump, turn the camera off for a bit. I want Chad to see the video. Then I think we need to talk about what's going to happen."

"All right," Chad said as he came to sit on the bench beside Adam. Adam played the video from the beginning. "Well shit."

"Your face is clear on the video," Adam said. "I can have Cum Dump edit your face out if you want."

"No," Chad said. "I wasn't concerned about that. I was concerned about the fact that I was naked and hard through the whole thing and he caught that, too. Guess I won't be needing your mask. I've signed the form already, and anyone who knows me will know the ink on my arms without seeing my face."

"Do you want me to just pay you for your work and be done with it?" Adam asked.

"No," Chad said after a moment of thought. "I really want to fuck that guy. He's hot."

"That he is," said Brian.

"And what about the other one?" Chad asked.

"Cum Dump isn't going to be fucked today," Adam said. "He's a cum dump so we'll all use condoms when we fuck Fuck Toy's ass. We'll pull out and remove the condoms before we cum so Cum Dump can eat our cum. All of this will be on the video."

With the details worked out, Adam and Brian put the sling back over the make shift bed. They removed the rubber sheeting and the leather pad from the wooden pedestal and then Fuck Toy climbed into the sling. They put his feet into the stirrups and his ass hole was in plain sight. It was still a little red and puffy, but Adam didn't care.

He rolled a condom over his hard dick and then lubed himself. Brian filmed all of this. Then he walked over and shoved his dick into Donny's ass, making the man cry out. He fucked him hard and fast. Brian kept walking around him to get the angle he wanted. He got a close up of Adam's condom covered dick coming out of Donny's ass when he was ready to cum. Then the camera followed him as he rolled the condom off his dick and Aaron knelt to take him into his mouth.

Adam didn't bury his dick in Aaron's throat this time. He came right inside his mouth telling him to keep the cum in his mouth. When he pulled his dick out of his mouth he told Aaron to open his mouth without spilling the cum to show the camera. Aaron did so and then swallowed it. All of it was on camera.

Then Adam filmed Brian rolling a condom over his own hard dick and lubing it. He slammed into Donny's ass, making the man cry out again. Adam walked around them to get the right angles. He got close ups of Brian's dick going in and out of Donny's ass. Then he did the same thing again when Brian came in Aaron's mouth. Aaron showed the camera the cum and then swallowed it.

Finally it was Chad's turn. He rolled a condom over his hard dick and lubed up, but he entered Donny a bit less forcefully than Brian or Adam had. Adam remembered that Chad was a gay man but not a sadistic one. He wasn't in the scene. Adam imagined that this was the first leather scene Chad had been a part of. He got all the same shots of Chad fucking Donny's ass as well as Chad's cum in Aaron's mouth. Then he got a close up of Donny's open ass hole as it slowly closed. Then he turned the camera off.

They put the sling back in the cabinet and the pad back on the pedestal Then Donny put the rubber sheet back over it and crawled onto the pad. Adam cuffed him to the make shift bed and then told Aaron to clean the dungeon. He, Brian and Chad got dressed and went upstairs. When Aaron came up a few minutes later they were watching the video. Adam told him to make lunch and prepare a shake for Fuck Toy.

"You know I've been meaning to ask why neither of them is wearing a collar," Brian said when they were finished watching the video.

"I haven't bought them collars yet," Adam replied. "I was planning to do that today."

"Have you measured their necks?" Brian asked.

"I'm going to before I head off to get their collars," Adam replied.

He paid Chad for the tattoo and said goodbye to him after lunch. When Chad was gone he went back down to the dungeon to uncuff Fuck Toy and give him his shake. Then he got the tape measure and measured Aaron's neck. He wrote it down on a piece of paper and then measured Donny when he was done with the shake. He cuffed him to the bed after he'd used the toilet and then gave Aaron careful instructions on what to do and what not to do while they were gone. He locked the dungeon anyway. Then he and Brian headed off to buy the two collars.

They went to the only specialty sex store in Crippin. Brian told him on the way over that he usually went to either Chicago for what he needed or just to Master Rick's playroom. Adam asked him why he went to Master Rick's playroom all the time. Brian informed him that he lived in an apartment above a garage close to campus. He had no playroom of his own.

"Well you know that you're more than welcome to come to my place any time," Adam said. "Not to say anything about Master Rick. I barely know the man, but I have a full dungeon to play in. I only have two slaves and I haven't used half of the things I paid for."

"Thanks, Adam," Brian replied. "You know you don't know me any better than you know Master Rick."

"No I don't," Adam agreed. "But you and I are going to be attending the same university. We're probably going to see a lot of each other. Plus, and this is probably the worst reason, we have matching tattoos on the back of our necks."

"Well that's kind of neat," Brian said with a chuckle. "You're right about us attending the same school, and you're probably right about us seeing a lot of each other. I was going to suggest that we get together now and then anyway. I like you, Adam. I feel like I know you already from reading your bio on your site and listening to Cum Dump's testimonial of what he and his brother did to you and how he is now your slave. You've got guts and you're not afraid to take charge. I like that."

"I take charge because I was never allowed to take charge of anything much for most of my life," Adam said. "First it was my stepfather and his drunken abusive personality. Then my mother was addicted to her pain medicine and decided that I was treated that way because I deserved it. Then she started to treat me that way. At school all control was taken away from me by Cum Dump and his friends. Then he gave me to Fuck Toy who tried to break me and took away every ounce of control over my life that I had."

"Damn, Adam," Brian said softly.

"Then I escaped from Cum Dump and Fuck Toy to college in Storyville," Adam went on. "My roommate was a football player from Ohio named Melvin. We got along all right at first, but he had a tendency to drink. He was a different person when he was drunk. One drunken night he raped me. He bloodied my nose by slamming my face against his pubic bone with his dick buried in my throat so far I couldn't breathe. Then he dry fucked my ass as hard and fast as he could and tore me up pretty bad. He was all ashamed and sorry the next day and shortly after that I turned him into my first slave."

"That's amazing," Brian breathed.

"He knew I had evidence against him," Adam said. "I'm not proud of how it started, but I blackmailed him into at first. Then he just went with it. I never understood exactly why. Melvin decided that he was in love with me and I fell into that trap with my eyes closed. It started with him initiating my first kiss. Then it was massages and before I knew it I was in love with Melvin. Our relationship changed slightly after that, but one day he just cleared all of his stuff out of the house, dropped out of school and disappeared."

"Wow," Brian said, wide eyed.

"Then I moved here to Crippin and talked to Cum Dump one day when I was in my home town," Adam said. "I decided to turn him into a slave and was shocked at how easy it was to do it. Then we put that site together and he told the camera what he'd done to me and I wrote my bio. I invited you guys over so I could get to know others like me in the area. Then Fuck Toy showed up begging to be fucked and the rest you know."

Adam had laid careful half-truths and a web of held back truths in all of that, but it told his story pretty well. He really was shocked by how fast the potion worked on Aaron and Donny. It had taken a bit longer with Melvin. He'd fought it a bit longer. This time Adam had laid careful orders on both Aaron and Donny to quell any fighting before it started. He couldn't tell Brian about the potion or even the witchcraft. He was sure of that.

"Adam, that's the most amazing thing I've ever heard," Brian said. "I can't believe you fell in love with the man who raped you so savagely, but then I've never been in love so I can't say anything about it. I am more sure than ever that I want us to be friends. I actually can't wait to see what you have in store for Fuck Toy. It seems that you hold him more responsible for what he did than you do Cum Dump."

"Cum Dump was Fuck Toy's victim for most of his life," Adam replied. "Though the way he got through it all was torturing me, I understand where it all came from. I've been a victim so I get it. He used me as an outlet, and it was wrong on so many levels. Yet I'm doing the same thing. I have him and Fuck Toy to use as an outlet for all of the aggression I've had bottled inside of me for so long. I channel it into domination but make no mistake. I'm a sadist. They made me into one. Fuck Toy's life will be about pain and penetration. It will be about shame and degradation and it will be about control and submission."

"You plan to break him," Brian said.

"There's no breaking to it," Adam said. "He begged to be fucked this morning. He's already broken."

"And what about Cum Dump?" Brian asked. "What are your plans for him?"

"He turned me into a cocksucker," Adam replied. "So I'm turning him into one. I've fucked him twice. He never fucked me but I know he would have if the opportunity had presented itself. I'll probably fuck him again or let someone else fuck him. That's only to show him that I own his ass. I am in control of his life. I make the decisions and I give the orders. He knows that. I've paid his tuition at Stattler-Mead and chosen his classes. He will not have any say in any part of his life for as long as he is in my house. He knows that and he's accepted it."

They pulled into the parking lot after that. Adam was surprised that the sex store was in a strip mall. The place looked like anything but a sex store until you saw the window displays. The structure was shaped like a long "L" with ten stores and two spaces for rent. There was even a pagan book store in the strip mall. Adam hadn't known it was there. There was a clothing store that sold clothes only for men which Adam thought was nice. Next to that was the pagan book store. Then there was the drug store with the photography studio next door. There was a deli type diner next to that with a video game store next to that. All of these looked pretty normal for a strip mall. It was the window displays of the sex store next to the video store that made it seem out of place.

The video game store had posters in the windows of the hottest video games on the market. It looked pretty standard. Next to this were full leather body suits, mannequins with harnesses and one full sized female mannequin with a full dominatrix outfit right down to the thigh high laced black leather boots. There were whips and crops on the walls of the display as well. It was all black and red. It stood out and announced itself in the bold display. Adam looked around at the people coming and going from the other stores and noticed that they paid absolutely no attention to the sex store with its huge sign that announced its name. Pleasurable Pain had probably shocked people when the store first opened between a video store and a coffee shop. Now it seemed to have been accepted as that taboo place in the sea of normal.

Adam and Brian walked through the door with no more notice than if they had walked into the video store. They knew instantly that this was no video store however. The entire inside of the store was black from ceiling to floor. A heavy duty black carpet covered the floor with black wire display stands here and there. There were shelves on the stands with sex toys that were meant for the scene more than curious vanilla trial. A stand of collars announced itself with chrome and gold. Adam went to this display and found the type of collar he wanted and selected two in the sizes he needed. A strange wave came over him as he selected another of the same style in Melvin's size. He'd paid for them and was back in the car before he realized what he'd done. Thankfully Brian didn't comment on it.

When they got back to the house Adam put a collar around Aaron's neck and locked it with one of the padlocks he'd bought at the sex store. He added the keys to his key ring and then went to the dungeon. He released Donny from the bed and put a collar around his neck, locking it with another padlock and adding the keys to his key ring. He and Brian sat in the living room after Adam had put the third collar and padlock in his locked office to chat while Aaron made supper. Donny was cuffed to the bed again.

"Adam, why did you buy three collars?" Brian asked. "Are you thinking of taking on another slave?"

"No," Adam sighed. "I guess I just wanted a spare. You never know what will happen."

It was easier than telling him the truth. He'd bought the collar so that Melvin's would match Aaron's and Donny's. He couldn't believe he'd done it. He knew that Melvin was gone and never coming back. It unnerved him to think about why he'd done it. He had no plans to hunt Melvin down and give him the potion again. He'd accepted that Melvin had never really loved him. At least he'd thought he had accepted that Melvin had never really loved him.

He just didn't really believe that the potion had made Melvin experience emotions. Sure it made him do whatever Adam had told him to do, and Adam had ordered him to play the dutiful boyfriend. Could that have been what happened? Could Melvin had merely bought his cover story? He supposed it was possible. He also supposed that he could drive himself crazy sitting there thinking about why Melvin had done anything or felt anything.

"With your life, I'd say that's an accurate statement," Brian chuckled.

"I have some other decisions to make as well," Adam sighed, thinking of Pete and Lisa. "My friends from Crete might visit one day, and I have to decide if I want them to know what's going on or if I want to hide the slaves in the dungeon with ball gags the entire time they're here."

"Will they accept this?" Brian asked.

"I don't know the answer to that question," Adam replied. "That's why I have to make a decision on what to tell them and when to tell him."

They went down to the dungeon to work on Donny. Adam had a plan for it. Humiliation and degradation were part of his life after all. He got the video camera, a dildo and the bottle of lubricant. He told Donny to fuck himself with the dildo while he filmed it. He waited while Donny got himself impaled on the dildo and began to fuck himself before he said or did anything else. He held the camera and adjusted it so that he could get a full shot of Donny fucking himself. Then he started to ask him questions.

"Why are you fucking yourself?" he asked.

"Because I'm the Fuck Toy," Donny replied.

"Why are you the Fuck Toy?" Adam asked him.

Donny began to tell a story. He talked about how he'd forced Aaron to have sex with him for years. He told the camera that he'd fucked his younger brother for years against his will. He'd beat him and made him into his little sex slave for years. Then he told the camera about what he'd done to Adam. He used details and talked about the fact that he'd thought he was better than everyone because he was so good looking. He'd thought he could have anyone and anything he wanted.

Adam asked him why he was lying in that bed, fucking himself with that dildo on camera. Donny replied that he now belonged to Adam. He was Adam's Fuck Toy who lived to be fucked. He told the camera that he would be fucked all the time and that his life was all about being fucked because of what he'd done to Adam and Aaron.

Adam had gotten what he wanted mostly. He turned the camera off and told Donny to keep fucking himself until Cum Dump told them supper was ready. Then he watched the video with Brian. He'd have to have Aaron put it on the site later that evening. Aaron was really good with all of that. Adam had no clue what he did or how he did it. He just knew that it looked good on the site when Aaron was done with whatever Adam had filmed or decided he wanted on the site.

They had pork steaks with baked potatoes and green beans for supper. Donny sat on the floor beside Adam's feet and drank his shake. Aaron sat on the floor on the other side of Adam with a bowl of the food he'd prepared. Adam and Brian sat across from each other and talked about school and what their majors were. Adam was shocked to learn that Brian was a business major as well. They talked about what they planned to do when they graduated. Adam admitted that he really had no plans.

"I want to open my own sex store," Brian said. "I don't want one like Pleasurable Pain though. I want to sell it all. Slings, machines and all of it. I want to make a deal with a contractor like David to give my customers a break on their dungeons if they buy all of the pieces from me and let David, or whoever I make the deal with do all of the construction. I want to have a consulting room where the contractor can talk to the client while the client's slaves are groomed or something at the same time."

"That's an ambitious plan," Adam replied. "You'll need a lot of start up money."

"Well I'd get a loan," Brian said. "My father is a manager at the bank back home. He'll help me if I can just keep the business plan out of his hands. He doesn't know about my lifestyle and I don't want him to find out that way."

"I can understand that," Adam said. "Who knows, one day you might just have that business, and your father may accept your lifestyle."

"I doubt it," laughed Brian. "I can see myself owning and operating that business, but I can never see my father accepting my lifestyle. He doesn't even know that I'm gay. Imagine what he'd think if I told him that I not only liked to have sex with men but I liked to dominate them and control them at the same time."

"Well I guess in a way I'm lucky my parents are gone," Adam said. "The only people I have to worry about accepting my lifestyle are Pete and Lisa. Anyone who meets me now will have either already accepted it or they'll just not be a part of my life."

"Well it sounds like you have your life planned out then," Brian said. "You plan to do this for the rest of your life?"

"I don't know about the rest of my life," Adam replied. "I hadn't really thought it out that far. I mean I've discovered that I'm a dominant guy. I like to see a man in the throes of ecstasy and I like it to be mixed with pain. I like to be the reason that man is experiencing both the pain and the pleasure."

"I feel the same way," Brian said. "I just don't know if I can see myself dominating someone when I'm eighty."

They laughed about that. Then Aaron was cleaning the kitchen and Adam and Brian were downstairs with Donny. Adam got Donny restrained and on the cross. Then he stood back and let Brian have a little fun. He watched as Brian selected the whip and began to lash Donny from the tops of his shoulders to his feet. He left red welts all over Donny's body. Adam had said Donny's life would be about pain, fucking, degradation and humiliation. It seemed for a while it would be about pain. Soon it would be about fucking almost twenty-four seven.

When Aaron joined them in the dungeon Adam had him on his knees sucking his dick. He got his dick sucked to the music of Donny's creams. When he'd came down Aaron's throat, Brian stepped up and began to fuck Aaron's throat while Adam got Donny down from the cross and handed him his dildo. He told him to fuck himself with it until he told him to stop. Donny lay on the bed, gasping and wincing as he fucked himself with the dildo. Adam got the digital camera and snapped some snapshots of him. He had him stand up and turn his back to him so he could photograph his back. Then he and Brian went back upstairs while Donny fucked himself and Aaron cleaned the dungeon.

Brian went home a little while later after telling Adam that he'd had a great time that day. Adam went back down to the dungeon and cuffed Donny to the bed after he'd used the toilet. He gave him no ointment for his back. Then he told Aaron to get upstairs. He fucked Aaron's throat one more time that night and then went to bed and slept.

The next day he had Aaron work on the videos and snapshots to put them on the site. He told him he wanted a whole section to be known as Fuck Toy's Life Journal. He wanted the pictures and videos of Donny on that part of the site. Aaron worked on it all day long. Adam let him work and went down to the dungeon and fucked Donny. Then he had him fuck himself while he went up and read one of his books on witchcraft and thought about the business that Brian had talked about.

That night after supper had been eaten and Aaron had uploaded all of the pages and files to the site, Adam looked it over while he let Aaron suck his dick at his own pace. When they went to bed that night Adam was happy and satisfied. He knew that Donny would have a hard night being cuffed to the bed with the plug in his ass. Aaron would have a somewhat peaceful night in his own bed with his own plug in his ass.

The next day the fuck bike and machines were delivered. Adam and Aaron had a little fun putting them all together. Then Adam was trying to stack the cages so that Donny's ass would be in line with the fucking machine. He put the second fucking machine beside the bed. Donny could be tied down in the right way so that the machine could fuck him all night long if Adam decided to do that.

First he wanted to milk him. He got the milking machine set up and read the directions and all of the literature. The wand had a curved end with what looked like an index finger at the end. He turned a dial on the machine and it began to vibrate. He adjusted the settings making it pulse and vibrate faster and slower. Then he got it all hooked up and had Donny get in the sling. He took the plug out of his ass and replaced it with the wand of the milking machine. He turned it on and moved it around in Donny's ass until he found his prostate. Then he had Aaron lube a hand and masturbate his brother.

"Don't stop when he cums either," Adam instructed him. "He's going to cum over and over again until there's no cum left. It'll be collected in that container." He pointed at the bottle shaped container. Then once he had Donny hard he stopped Aaron and put the masturbation attachment that was connected to the bottle with a tube around his dick and turned it on. He asked Donny if it felt good.

"Yes, Sir," Donny said. "It feels amazing."

"Well, you just wait," Adam said with a smile. "It'll feel really good for a while and then it won't feel so good at all."

He got Aaron on his knees to suck his dick while he watched the milking machine work on Donny. Donny came the first time just seconds after Aaron took Adam's dick into his throat the first time. Adam made him suck him slowly and keep him simmering for a while. He watched as Donny had two more orgasms. It seemed the vibrating finger on the end of the wand was working his prostate continuously and making him cum over and over again. He smiled as he watched.

He let himself cum in Aaron's throat just after Donny's third orgasm. Then he sat there with Aaron between his legs and watched as Donny came again and again. It took a long time but finally Donny's eyes opened and his face contorted in pain as he had another orgasm but nothing was deposited in the bottle. Adam left it going long enough for one more painful orgasm and then turned it off. He pulled the wand out of Donny's ass and put the plug back in his ass. Then he took the masturbation piece off his dick and held it straight up so the rest of the cum would move to the bottle. It created suction somehow and it took very little time for the tube to empty. He handed the bottle to Donny and told him to drink it all down. He warned him that if he got sick while he was drinking it and spilled any his punishment would be severe.

Once Donny had drank all of his cum out of the bottle Adam got him set up on the fuck bike. He put the plug on the table and explained to Donny how the bike worked. He locked his ankles with the restraints that kept them on the pedals. Then he secured his wrists so that his hands had to grip the handlebars. Then he made sure the dildo, which was one of the smaller attachments was inserted in Donny's ass. He told him to pedal and let it do its thing while Aaron cleaned the dungeon.

He hadn't fed Donny breakfast for a reason. First of all he wanted the man to have nothing to vomit while he drank his cum. The other reason was that this was the day that Donny would have real food. Adam made a late lunch himself. He made hamburgers and french fries with macaroni and cheese. He made enough for three people, but he wasn't about to hand Donny a plate with a burger, fries and macaroni and cheese on it. He put his portions in the blender and added about a third cup of milk. Then he hit the pulse button until it was a chunky slimy mess. He put that in the metal dog bowl he'd bought for Donny. He made a plate for himself and one for Aaron. Then he went down and got Donny off the bike and put the plug back in his ass. He took them back upstairs to eat, chuckling over the fact that Donny walked a bit funny.

After the meal was eaten he ate a piece of the cake he'd bought. He didn't offer any to Aaron and Donny wasn't getting anything like that. He told Aaron to clean up the kitchen and do the dishes while he took Donny back down to the basement. He pulled the plug out of Donny's ass and fucked him. He did it mainly to see how open Donny's ass was. He was surprised by how tight the man still was. He supposed that would change with the fucking machines.

He cuffed him to the bed and went back up to write an email to Pete. In that email he put everything that Aaron had done to him and everything that Donny had done to him. He told Pete that he had them both living in his house in Crippin and begged him to keep an open mind. He gave him the link to his website and told him he'd let it explain everything but warned him that the site was sexually explicit. He was nervous after he sent the email. He went into the living room and watched television. He paid very little attention to what was on the screen. He just waited for Pete to respond. His phone would tell him if Pete emailed or it would ring if he called.

He waited and waited but Pete never emailed or called him back. Adam worried about it for the rest of the night. He had to force himself to eat the meal that Aaron made for their late supper. His mind wasn't on the task of getting Donny's food ready either. He couldn't think of anything but what Pete might say. Would he want to be his friend after he found out what was going on with Aaron and Donny? Would he throw a fit, tell him he was sick and perverted and say he wanted nothing to do with him? Adam didn't know what he would say or how he would feel about any of it.

He hadn't called or emailed by the time Adam cuffed Donny to the bed, locked the dungeon and went to bed himself. He didn't even fuck Aaron's throat that night. He just went to bed. He tossed and turned for half the night and the next morning Donny suffered for his night of very little sleep. He spent the entire workout portion of the morning on the fuck bike. Then he was served a shake for breakfast, told to shower and use the bathroom and finally tied to the bed so that the fucking machine could fuck him.

Adam locked himself in his office and looked at the site, trying to imagine what Pete thought of it and what he would say to Adam when he finally contacted him. By lunch time he'd still not heard anything. He gave Donny another shake and then told him to kneel in the corner of the office after Adam had eaten his lunch. Aaron was cleaning the kitchen and had asked for permission to use his computer to surf the net. Adam had just about given up when the phone rang.

He was so nervous when he looked at the display and then let out a sigh of frustrated relief when he saw that it was Brian calling. He talked to him for a while about getting together for a day and finally just sat there at his desk in silence. Donny was kneeling silently in the corner and Aaron was still in his room. Adam didn't know what to do now. He checked his email even though he knew there was nothing in it. Then he kept staring at his phone. What would Pete say? The suspense was killing him. He wished that Pete would just call and tell him to fuck off or something. Waiting wasn't a game that Adam was good at. Then the phone rang again. He looked at the display and nearly moaned. It was Pete.




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