The Craft (Novel Version)
by Julien Gregg

Chapter Thirteen

"Adam, I'm in Crippin," Pete said when Adam answered the call. "Tell me how to get to your house."

Adam asked him exactly where he was and then gave him directions to his house. He told Donny to get up off the floor when he'd terminated the call. Then he had him down the stairs and in the dungeon. He had him bent over the horse and secured by wrists and ankles to it. Then he got Aaron down there and put him in the suspension rig after he'd told him to strip out of his clothes. Aaron asked no questions, but he looked scared. Adam didn't say anything to calm his fears because he didn't know what was going to happen.

He went back upstairs to wait for Pete to arrive. He had no idea if Lisa was with him or not. He just sat in the living room and waited. He was sure that Donny and Aaron were afraid of what was coming, but neither of them knew that Pete was on his way. Aaron likely didn't even know Pete. Donny would know him though. He didn't have long to wait either. Pete knocked on the door a few minutes after Adam had sat down on the couch. He went and answered the door. Pete stood on the other side with a strange look on his face. Adam didn't know what to expect.

"Come in," he said, stepping aside to allow his friend to come through the door.

"I guess I really needed to see for myself that you were all right," Pete said as he came through the door. "I can't believe you have them here in your house. Adam they could hurt you."

"They're not going to hurt me," Adam said as he walked into the living room and sat down.

"How do you know that?" Pete demanded.

Before he thought about what he was doing he got up and went to the office. He found the book with the potion in it and brought it back to the living room and handed it to Pete. He waited while Pete read the page and the recipe for the potion. Then he just sat there. Pete looked at the book for a long time and then finally he looked at Adam.

"What is this?" he asked, though the page told him exactly what it was.

"It's a potion," Adam replied. "You mix it with a few strands of hair from the person you want to compel and then you put it in something they'll eat or drink. They'll be under your control for as long as they consume that potion."

"Adam, this is bull shit," Pete replied. "This stuff doesn't work. How could you think it would work?"

"Because I've used it before," Adam said.

Then he was telling him about finding the book at the bus stop before school one morning. He told him about his assignment that first week of class in Storyville and how he'd cast a spell for money. He told him that when his mother and stepfather died their insurance was for the exact amount he'd cast the spell for. Then he told him about Melvin and how he'd put the potion in Melvin's coffee for almost the entire year.

"But Adam, Melvin left you," Pete said to this. He'd said nothing of the money spell.

"Melvin left because I bought the lies he told me," Adam said. "I stopped giving him the potion."

"So all of what was going on between you and Melvin was this potion?" Pete asked, looking from the book to Adam.

"Yes," Adam said. "Melvin convinced himself that he was in love with me. I didn't expect the potion to do that, and I don't really think that was part of what the potion does. I think Melvin just chose to believe that he was in love with me when I ordered him to pretend to be my boyfriend for you and Lisa. I think he bought the lie and then I stopped giving him the potion. The truth surfaced. He realized that he wasn't gay and he never loved me."

"But he did love you, Adam," Pete said. "I saw it."

"I thought he did, too," Adam said. "That's why I stopped giving him the potion. I thought that if he was really in love with me I wouldn't need the potion anymore. I was wrong about him loving me though. He left the very day I stopped giving him the potion."

"Did he know about this potion?" Pete asked.

"No," Adam replied. "No one knows about it but me and now you."

"So you feed this potion to Aaron and Donny every day and because of it they're your slaves?" Pete asked. "Because of the potion they let you do all of the things I saw you do to them on the site?"

"Yes," Adam said.

"Where are they now?" Pete asked.

"In the dungeon," Adam replied. He was terrified by the look in Pete's eyes.

They were quiet for a while after that. Pete just kept looking at him like he'd never seen him before. Adam expected him to blow his top any second. He had no idea what was going through Pete's mind as he sat there and looked at him. He was sure it wasn't anything good though. He didn't think Pete would accept this, and he couldn't believe he'd told him. He could have just kept Aaron and Donny a secret. They could have been subdued the way they were at that moment. The dungeon was sound proof. It wasn't like anyone would hear them if they started to scream for help. They wouldn't scream for help anyway. They were under the effects of the potion after all.

"Show me," Pete said, shocking Adam.

He got up off the couch and headed for the kitchen. Pete followed behind him. They went down the stairs and Adam unlocked the dungeon and turned on the lights. Pete stood there in the doorway looking at them both. His face was blank now. He wasn't showing anything or giving anything away. Adam was a nervous wreck while Pete just stood there and stared at them. He decided he couldn't stand it any more.

"Say something, Pete," he said.

"I don't know what to say," Pete said. "It was one thing to see what you were doing to them on the website. It's another entirely to be standing here seeing them both like this. What is that thing that Donny's tied to?"

"A bondage horse," Adam replied.

"And how is the other one, Aaron I guess trussed up like that?" Pete asked.

"It's a suspension rig," Adam said. "You can get closer if you want so you can see how it all works."

"I don't want to get closer to them, Adam," Pete said in a hard voice. "If I get too close to them I might kill them both."

"Kill them?" Adam gasped.

"For what they did to you, Adam," Pete said, looking at him. "I get why you've done what you've done. I don't know if I agree with it all, but I get it. What is it you call Aaron?"

"Cum Dump," Adam said, deciding that there was nothing to be embarrassed about. He looked Pete in the eye.

"All right," Pete said. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what that means. You make him suck your dick, right?"

"That's right," Adam replied. "He sucks my dick and any dick I tell him to suck. He drinks any man's cum I tell him to drink. He even drinks his own."

"Right," Pete said. "And Donny is the Fuck Toy. I get that, too. I understand all that you're doing, Adam. I even understand the reasons for it. What I'm worried about is if this is what you really want to do."

"Of course it's what I really want to do," Adam said. "They deserve everything I give them, Pete. No one will make me feel dirty or ashamed of what I'm doing. They deserve it."

"Did Melvin deserve it?" Pete asked.

"Yes he did," Adam said, though it hurt him to think about it. "He raped me, savagely. He didn't get half of what he deserved for doing it."

"But you fell in love with Melvin," Pete said.

"Yes, but I won't make that mistake again," Adam replied. "These two aren't worth falling in love with. They're meat."

"You see these two as meat?" Pete asked, looking back at him.

"I see them as objects, property that I own," Adam said. "They perform sexual favors for anyone I decide. They do what I tell them to do. I control every aspect of their lives. Fuck Toy sleeps cuffed to that bed over there or in one of those cages. Cum Dump sucks my dick every morning and usually every night. He drinks my cum and the cum of anyone else I decide he's going to suck. Fuck Toy's life is about being fucked, pain, humiliation and degradation. You see that?" He pointed at the fuck bike. "That's Fuck Toy's workout machine. He rides that for two hours every morning." He pointed at the fucking machine. "That fucks him for hours when I hook him up to it. I even have another one set up for the cage. When he's in that cage he's fucked the whole time."

He walked around the dungeon and showed Pete all of the tools and toys he had at his disposal. He gave him detailed explanations for how they were used, which ones were used on Cum Dump and which ones were used on Fuck Toy. He told Pete everything right down to milking Fuck Toy's prostate. He showed him the machine and explained how it worked. He told him that he'd milked him already and made him drink his own cum until it was all back in his body.

He told him about Brian and the other men who had come for the barbecue and had used Cum Dump's throat. He told him that he was planning another barbecue in the future for them to come back and fuck Fuck Toy's ass. He told him that this would never stop. It would go on until they were all dead. If he decided he didn't want them anymore then he'd give them to Brian or Master Rick.

Pete had a haunted look on his face as they went back up the stairs after Adam had released Cum Dump and told him to put on his jock and get lunch going. They sat in the living room while the slave carried out his Master's orders. Pete had a million questions. Adam did his best to answer them. He showed him the shake that Fuck Toy drank three times a day and explained that for one day out of every week he ate the same things that Adam did but they were chopped up with milk and put in a dog bowl to show Fuck Toy just what Adam thought of him.

Then he watched as they sat there and ate their lunch. Fuck Toy sat on the floor with his shake on one side of Adam and Cum Dump sat on the floor with his plate on the other side of Adam. It was a surreal experience for Adam having all of this going on while Pete sat across the table with him. He thought that Pete might be doing all right with it because he actually ate his meal and kept up a steady conversation the whole time. Granted it was all about what Adam was doing to Cum Dump and Fuck Toy but it was a conversation.

"So they just exist like this?" Pete asked as soon as they'd finished eating.

"Of course they do," Adam said. "Aaron will be attending the university with me this fall. Donny will either be put to work or spend his days in the cage being fucked by the machine. I haven't decided yet."

"Adam I don't know what to think about any of this," Pete said. "I do think it's crazy to take Aaron to school with you. What are you going to do, offer his mouth to anyone who wants it?"

"At home, yes," Adam replied. "At school he'll be just another student."

"With that collar around his neck," Pete pointed out.

"The collar never leaves his neck for any reason," Adam replied. "There will be a few at the university who will know exactly what it means as well as the tattoo on the back of his neck and I suppose he might have a few hard question to answer for it all. The fact still remains he is my slave and I say what will and what will not happen to him."

"Adam what if you meet a guy and fall in love?" Pete asked.

Adam stared at him for a moment before he answered. Why would he ever fall in love again? He'd learned that painful lesson with Melvin. Love hurt. It nearly tore you apart. Why would he ever even think about doing it again? He wouldn't fall in love as long as he remembered that the slaves were his slaves because of what they'd done to him and no amount of lies could change that.

"I'll never fall in love again, Pete," Adam said. "Love hurts. It makes you weak. I'm not weak anymore. I learned my lesson."

"You can't control falling in love, Adam," Pete said.

"Well if I surround myself with the slaves I won't have time to fall in love now will I?" Adam said a little more sternly than he'd intended.

"That didn't stop you from falling for Melvin," Pete said sarcastically.

"That's really low, Pete," Adam said coldly. "I just told you I learned my lesson. Bringing his name up was cruel."

"I'm sorry," Pete said.

"Yes, well I think you'd better go, Pete," Adam said. "If you don't want to drive back at this hour rent a hotel room. I want you out of my house though."

"Adam," Pete said.

"No," he replied quickly. "Go, Pete. I don't need to be reminded of things that hurt me. I have two slaves to keep my memory fresh. Just go."

Pete left after begging Adam to forgive him. Adam would have none of it though. He was hurt and he was angry. After Pete was gone Adam took his anger out on the slaves. He trussed Aaron up, hung the weights from his balls and left him that way while he fucked Donny. Donny got no special treatment either. Adam spent a little time squeezing his balls and looking at his pain filled eyes before he got him set up with the milking machine and turned it all on. Then he went to give Aaron the condom full of his cum to suck on while he masturbated him. As soon as the condom was full on Aaron's dick it came off and went into Aaron's mouth. When he let Aaron down both brothers were placed in cages after Donny drank his own cum out of the cup. There wasn't as much of it as the first time but it was enough to make him drink it.

Adam closed Aaron into the cage on the floor and then put Donny in the cage above it on his knees so that he could turn it and set up the fucking machine. He gave them both strict orders not to talk to each other and then left them in the dark. He went back upstairs and tried to calm down.

This was his life. He understood that Pete couldn't accept it. That was fine, but why had Pete been so cruel about it? He didn't understand that part. They were supposed to be friends. He thought about it for an hour and then finally went back down to let Aaron out of the cage. He told him to clean up the supper dishes and then get to bed. He was done with the slaves for the night. Donny would stay in the cage with the fucking machine fucking away at his lubed asshole all night long.

It went on like that for days. Adam was still angry about Pete. He didn't know what to do and he had no idea how to get over it. He did get Donny out of the cage though. Aaron sucked his dick every morning and Adam fucked Donny every night. Aaron grew quiet and withdrawn after a few days of Adam's silence. Adam thought about that and decided it was time to just get over it all. He called Brian and asked him to set up another barbecue. School was getting closer so he wanted it done before they had to register for classes.

The barbecue happened that Saturday. All of them showed up. They marveled over the slaves and commented on how Adam had gotten the upper hand over two men who had basically raped and tortured him. They admired him for what he'd done. Adam found himself near laughter over it all. If these men knew the truth they'd be anything but admiring. He thought about that as he moved the party to the dungeon where each of them took turns in Aaron's mouth and Donny's ass. They fucked him twice a piece and fucked Aaron's throat while they waited for Donny's ass to be available. It went on until dark. Adam saw them all out afterward, but Brian stayed.

"I wanted to talk to you about something," Brian said when everyone was gone. Aaron was making supper for them.

"What's up?" Adam asked as they sat in the living room.

"Well I have to move out of my apartment," Brian said. "I was wondering if I could stay here with you for a little while. It would just be until I found another apartment."

Adam looked at him for a long moment before he said anything. He thought about how different it was with Aaron than Brian probably thought it should be. Then there was the potion. Of course it was in the shakes for Donny and in the tea for Aaron. Perhaps that was good enough to keep it secret. Bryan wouldn't find out about it, and if he did Adam would be forced to make another potion. He didn't like that idea, but he liked Bryan and wanted to help him out.

"You can stay here," he said finally. "I can move all of my stuff out of the third bedroom and put it in my room. You have a bed?"

"I do," Brian replied.

"Then I'll have Aaron and Donny move that stuff and you can move in whenever you like," Adam said. "Take your time finding an apartment."

That's just what they did. Aaron and Donny moved everything out of the third bedroom and put it all where Adam told them to put it. Then they used the truck Adam had rented and moved Brian's belongings to the house. They set up the bedroom the way Brian told them to and that was that. It was tense and strange for Adam but he just put one foot in front of the other and saw it through. When Brian was all moved in they went over the house rules for the slaves. Adam told him exactly what the routines were for Fuck Toy and Cum Dump.

They had a long discussion about the milking machine and fucking machines. The bike was something that Brian thought was amazing, but he cautioned that Fuck Toy could be permanently damaged by all the fucking with the machine. He told Adam to use the machine now and then but not every day and not for extended periods of time. Adam listened to what he had to say and really paid attention when he said that Fuck Toy could be permanently damaged. He didn't want him permanently damaged, he just wanted him to suffer. That could be done without damaging him for life. So in the end he decided that Fuck Toy would get a reprieve.

Brian also helped him find a job for Fuck Toy. It was a filthy job and Adam loved it. Brian made a few phone calls, explained the situation to whoever he was talking to and then told Adam that Fuck Toy was now employed by the university. He would clean bathrooms and the locker rooms every single day. It would keep him busy while they were in classes and it was a disgusting job. Brian told him that the bathrooms could get really disgusting after so many people used them.

Life moved on for Adam. Having Brian there was a distraction but he was getting used to it. He hadn't heard a thing out of Pete since he'd basically thrown him out of the house. Instead he and Aaron registered for classes and went to orientation. Adam reminded Aaron to keep his mouth shut and told him what he expected out of him at the university. It went fine and Aaron went off to his first class two days later while Adam and Brian fucked his brother. Then Donny was made to shower and get dressed in the uniform they'd brought home for him and sent off to work with his shake in a bag for his lunch.

Brian introduced Adam to a lot of his college friends. Adam didn't pay much attention to the guys but he was polite to them when he saw them. Adam focused on his classes, his slaves and making sure that Brian didn't figure out what was really going on in the house. The last thing he wanted was another discussion like the one he'd had with Pete. Brian was turning out to be a really good friend, and Adam didn't want to lose any more friends over what he was doing to Aaron and Donny Coleson.

They had the others over for dinner a few times. These dinners always led to the men standing around the dungeon fucking Aaron's throat or Donny's ass. Sometimes Adam only watched. At other times he didn't even stay in the dungeon. He'd use the time to study or work on projects. Brian commented on it one night after everyone was gone.

"You're alright with them just using your slaves without you there to watch over them?" Brian asked after he'd showered and settled down at the dining room table with his books.

"Sure," said Adam after thinking it over for a minute. "You're with them. You live here and I would hope you wouldn't let them get out of hand with either of the slaves."

"I wouldn't," Brian agreed. "I just thought you would want to be involved in anything having to do with your slaves."

"To be honest the group scenes are fun from time to time," Adam said. "Most of the time I just get bored with them. I have a lot of studying to do, too. The classes I'm taking are pretty hard."

"Well you have the same major as mine," Brian said as he looked at Adam's books. "I've had some of those classes already, and I'll agree they're hard. Adam if you need to I still have all of my notes from those classes. You can have all of that."

"Thanks," Adam replied. "Do you think it's bad that I don't pay attention to what's going on with the slaves when the guys are here?"

"Not bad really," Brian replied. "You just seem to trust them all so much. Like you trusted me. I didn't really expect you to open your home to me the way you did after knowing me for so short a time."

"I had a hunch about you," Adam said with a chuckle. In reality he'd decided to let Brian move in because he was so upset about Pete. He'd wanted a friend. It had been a bad decision on his part, but it had worked out.

"I'm glad you did," Brian replied.

Two days later he got a phone call from Lisa. It was a tense conversation but Adam agreed to let her and Pete come to the house that Saturday for dinner. Brian helped him get the slaves ready. They weren't trussed up or caged this time. They cleaned the house and dungeon from top to bottom. Aaron got to work on dinner while Donny did odd jobs around the house while they waited.

When they arrived Adam was more nervous than he'd ever been before. Was Pete going to tell him how he didn't approve of what he was doing again? Would he mention the potion in front of Brian? It was really going to be an interesting night. He wasn't sure he could handle it, but then they were knocking on the door. He was engulfed in Lisa's arms as soon as he opened the door.

"Adam!" she gasped as she held him. "Pete told me how angry you were at him. Please don't be angry at us over this, Adam."

"I'm not angry at either of you," he said when she let him go. "I was angry at Pete, but I figured out that I was more angry with myself than him. It was just a bad day, Lisa. Come on in, both of you."

He stepped back and let them into the house. He showed them to the living room where Brian was waiting on the couch. He smiled at them as they came in and Adam introduced them to Brian. He made sure to tell them that Brian was his friend and staying with him because he'd lost his apartment.

"It's nice to meet you, Brian," Lisa said as she shook his hand. "I'm glad that Adam has friends here."

"Oh don't worry about Adam," Brian said, smiling at her in his charming way. "Adam has many friends here."

"Are you like Adam?" Pete said and then blushed. He looked from Brian to Adam and back again. "I'm sorry. I don't know what to call it."

"If you mean am I a Master," Brian said, smiling warmly again, "then yes. I don't have a slave currently, but Adam's two slaves keep me busy enough."

"So you're helping him?" Lisa asked.

"Well helping him isn't the right word," he said. "Adam was gracious enough to give me a place to stay. I help out in any way he needs. He's in control of the slaves though."

"You know what they did to him?" asked Lisa. Pete was still watching them all silently.

"Yes I do," said Brian. "Nasty bit of business."

"Yes it was," Lisa agreed. "I'm surprised that Adam hasn't killed them to be honest. I think what he's doing to them is perfect."

That shocked Adam so much that he snapped his attention to Lisa. She was nodding at him as he looked at her. She thought it was perfect? That was almost an about face from what Pete had said when he was there last time. He was startled and amazed by what she said.

"Yes, we were all very surprised when we read the bios of the slaves on the site," Brian said into the silence. "That he got them to submit was amazing. I agree that this is what they deserve, but it's more about what they need."

"Need?" Pete asked, startling Adam again.

"Yes," Brian said. "A slave has an inborn need to submit to a Master."

Then, as if summoned, Aaron walked into the room carrying a tray with coffee cups and a carafe. He was dressed in his black spandex shorts and the "Cum Dump" t-shirt. He put a cup in front of each of them and filled them with coffee, offered cream and sugar and then left the room again to see to dinner. Pete and Lisa both stared at Adam as Aaron left the room. He didn't know what to say to either of them. This was the most uncomfortable he'd ever been in his life.

"Well these two need a lot of things to happen to them," Lisa said as she stared off at the doorway to the dining room.

"Many things are happening to them, I assure you," Adam said.

"Adam, I'm sorry for what I said the last time I was here," Pete said, making Adam wince. "I really am. It was wrong of me to throw things in you face that way."

"Pete," Adam sighed. "Let's just let that go. I forgive you and understand that you had quite a shock that day."

Aaron came to tell them that dinner was ready then. He kept his head bowed and waited for Adam to acknowledge him and nod his head before he spoke. Adam noticed that his friends paid special attention to this. Lisa nodded her head slightly, confusing him but Pete just watched.

They went to the dining room and sat down at the table. Aaron put plates of roast beef with potatoes and carrots in front of them while Donny went around the table filling glasses. Then he went to the living room to get the coffee cups. It was very surreal even for Adam to witness all of this. Both men kept their heads down and never made eye contact with anyone. They said nothing and performed their tasks quickly and efficiently. Then they went to the kitchen. Adam had given them both very strict orders on what was to happen that night.

"Well, Adam, I have some news that might upset you," Lisa said as they ate.

"Lisa," Pete warned, looking at her hard.

"No," Lisa said to him. "He needs to know this. Now I know that he got upset with you over Melvin, but I'm not planning to throw it in his face. I'm simply telling him what he needs to know."

"He'll know soon enough on his own, Lisa," Pete replied.

"Well then he needs warning," she said and then turned to Adam who was completely confused. "I've talked to Melvin."

"You talked to him?" Adam said, hating himself for that part of him that was excited by that fact and humiliated by that part of him that was still all soft and warm over Melvin.

"Yes," she said. "I wouldn't tell you this, Adam, but it will affect you very soon."

"What are you talking about?" he asked, gripping the fork in his hand so tightly he was afraid it might bend.

"He asked me about you," she said carefully. "He wanted to know where you're going to school and what's going on in your life. I told him you were going to school here and he told me that he'd just been accepted here as well."

"He's here at the university?" he asked, sitting forward and putting his fork down.

"Yes," she said. "I didn't know if you knew or not. Adam I thought you should know before it happens."

"Melvin Borlan is attending this university?" Adam asked again.

"Yes," she said. "He said he wants to see you and talk to you."

Adam could barely contain himself. Melvin had come to Crippin? He was attending the university? He wanted to see him and talk to him? It was too much. First Pete threw the fact that Adam fell in love with Melvin in his face and now Melvin was going to be there to taunt him and torment him. His perfect little life was about to be destroyed. Well he wouldn't let that happen. He'd cast spells to make sure it didn't happen if he had to. Melvin Borlan wasn't ruining anything for him again.

"Thank you for telling me," he said as calmly as he could. "I'm sure it will be all right."

"This is the slave that left?" Brian asked, looking from Lisa to Adam and back.

"Yes," Adam said. "He left. I'm not sure what he thinks we have to talk about, but I'm not worried about it right now."

"I'm sure you have a lot of unfinished business with that slave," Brian said.

Adam could only look at his plate. He had to admit to himself that he still loved Melvin. It was a fact that hurt him more than anything else. To have him in Crippin and at the university in front of him all the time was going to be hard. He had to get a grip on himself before he saw Melvin. After all the semester would begin very soon. The summer session was nearly over.

"I wish you would just come back to Storyville," Pete said into the silence. "I miss you, Adam."

"I miss you and Lisa, too," he said. "But Storyville is out of the question now. I started classes a few weeks ago and I have a house here. I have a life here."

"We understand that, Adam," Lisa said. "We just wish none of this had happened between you and Melvin. Then you would have never moved to Crippin."

He thought about what his life would have been like if nothing had happened between him and Melvin. If Melvin hadn't raped him where would he be? What would his life be like? He'd be at Storyville University with Pete and Lisa and happy but his life would be so different. He'd have no slaves. Well he might have taken Aaron and Donny anyway. Then again he might not have. Melvin raping him was what set the course for what his life was now. It was what had driven him to find a way to take revenge on Melvin and then finally to take revenge on Aaron and Donny.

"Well I have moved to Crippin," he said. "I'm sorry that things got so crazy. I miss you guys, too. I even miss the campus. I'm not returning to Storyville though. I may visit but I'll never live there again. I'll never live in Crete again either. My life has to move forward. I'm not saying that I don't want to be friends with the two of you anymore or anything like that. I'm just saying that going back to Storyville or Crete would be moving backward."

"I think I understand what you're saying," Pete said. "Adam, understand that you have friends in the two of us no matter where you are or what you're doing."

That made him look at his friend in a whole new light. Pete had basically just told him he accepted what he was doing to Aaron and Donny. He may have even accepted what he'd done to Melvin. Adam had been so worried that he'd lose Pete's friendship over all of this. To hear him say that he accepted it made a weight lift off Adam's shoulders that he hadn't even been aware of.

"Thank you, Pete," he said. "That means a lot to me. I know that you don't get what I'm doing and that it's not something you ever thought you'd have any part of. It took some getting used to for me, too. I promise you that I'm still the same Adam that you knew before any of this happened to me though."

"I know that," Pete said. "I just had to think it through is all. Please believe me that I don't care about any of this. This doesn't change our friendship in any way."

After that things were more relaxed for Adam. He enjoyed the conversation even when Lisa started to talk about things that they had all done in Storyville. Some of the things she talked about included Melvin, but Adam let that go. He smiled more freely as they talked and even participated and made Brian laugh with stories about cheerleaders and gossip.

He was sad to see them leave when they did. He wished that they'd stay longer, but he understood that they had to drive back to Storyville. They both had jobs to get to. Things would be fine between them now though. They knew what was going on, or at least Pete knew the full extent of what was going on. He wasn't sure what Lisa knew and didn't know. It didn't matter as long as they were still his friends.

Over the next two weeks Adam adjusted to having Brian around. He made Brian understand that both slaves had to drink their morning shake or tea without telling him about the potion. It was a rule so Brian helped him enforce it. What he didn't know was that none of Adam's rules needed enforcing. The potion took care of that. Aaron and Donny did what they were told because they had no other choice.

Finally the day he was dreading was upon him. He attended his classes alongside Brian and Aaron. Donny began his first day of work on the job that Brian had arranged for him. Aaron was given strict instructions for the day and Adam spent that first day dreading his first contact with Melvin since the man had left him in Storyville. Thankfully he never saw Melvin. He met a lot of people that day but he didn't remember any details he'd been told. He wasn't in school to make friends after all. He had a group of friends already. He wasn't sure that any of these new people he was meeting would be suitable friends for his lifestyle anyway.

Things fell into a pattern that Adam quickly got used to. In the morning he would fuck Aaron's mouth and throat. Brian would fuck Donny's ass and then they'd each get ready for their day. In the afternoon between classes usually he would get Aaron all set up in the suspension rig and masturbate him. At the end of the day Aaron would have supper on the table, the slaves would have their meals and then homework would be done. Adam would fuck Donny while Brian used Aaron's mouth and throat.

He cast no spells that week. He hadn't seen Melvin at all. He did hear about him though. He had classes with athletes who talked about the new star on the football field. Yes that was Melvin all right. He wished him well but he wanted nothing to do with him. He didn't participate in any of the sports discussions though.

He did get into his studies however. Along with his course work for his degree he studied the Pagan Sabbats and traditions. He decided to follow the older traditions and even got Brian to participate in a few. All he really did was set up an altar in his room and give Aaron recipes for traditional meals that fit the Sabbats. They'd have a meal together in celebration of whichever Sabbat was upon them. Brian didn't know the full extent of the Sabbats and their meanings and he wasn't all that interested. He liked the food and deserts so Adam thought it was fine the way it was. The slaves had no opinion either way and Adam didn't care about that.

Then Brian started asking all sorts of questions about Melvin. He told Adam that he'd seen Melvin and was surprised to see the collar around his neck. He asked if Melvin could have a new Master. Adam told him he didn't know what Melvin had and didn't have anymore. He was surprised to hear that there was a collar around his neck. Brian urged him to accompany him to a football game and see Melvin for himself. Adam thought about it for the days leading up to the game.

Then something happened that really confused Adam. Aaron came home with a black eye and split lip. Adam looked at him for a moment before he said anything. Aaron wouldn't speak unless Adam or Brian spoke to him first, so he couldn't tell him what had happened. Adam wondered if his getting beaten up was a result of the tattoo and collar.

"What happened to you?" Adam finally asked. They were alone in the house. Donny and Brian were both still on campus.

"Melvin happened to me," Aaron replied. "He started calling me names and punching me. He told me that if I hurt you again he'd kill me."

"What did you say to him?" Adam asked, trying not to think too much about what he'd said that Melvin had said to him.

"I told him that I would never hurt you," Aaron said. "I told him that I'm your slave. That seemed to piss him off even more."

"Go take care of that lip," Adam said. "We won't be going into the dungeon today."

He thought about what Aaron had told him until it was time to go back to campus for his next class. How did Melvin even know who he was? That was the part that mystified Adam. Sure he'd told Melvin all about Aaron and Donny when they were together, but Melvin had never seen either of them. Perhaps it was the tattoo on the back of his neck or something. Adam didn't know what to think.

"What happened to Aaron?" Brian asked when they were home for the day.

"He had a run in with Melvin," Adam replied.

"So your ex-slave beat up one of your current slaves?" Brian asked.

"So it seems," Adam sighed. "I don't know what I'm going to do about it yet, Brian. Let's leave it alone for now."

"All right," Brian replied.

"I'll tell you one thing, though," Adam said. "I'm going to the football game with you on Friday."

He decided that no one would be fucking Aaron's mouth until his split lip healed. Unfortunately for Aaron that would mean that both Adam and Brian would fuck his ass. Adam decided that he'd still truss him up in the suspension rig and masturbate him every day. Just because they weren't fucking his mouth and throat didn't mean he could get out of eating cum.

Then he saw Melvin himself. It just so happened that he and Brian were sitting in the cafeteria, talking about their classes when Aaron came and sat at the table with them. Adam didn't say anything to Aaron and neither did Brian. Then Adam nearly choked on his coffee. Melvin was wiping a table four tables away from them. He was dressed in the white uniform that was standard for the cafeteria workers. Adam could see the collar around his neck and was shocked to see that it was the very same collar that was around Aaron and Donny's necks. He still had the key to the lock on that collar. It was on his key ring along with the keys to Aaron's and Donny's collars. He didn't know what to think about Melvin still wearing that collar.

What was he doing working in the cafeteria? Adam had heard that he was the new hotshot on the football field, so that meant he was playing football again. Didn't that mean he was here on scholarship? He was confused, but his eyes never left Melvin. He hated the fact that he felt excitement. He hated that he felt love for Melvin. He was still in love with him after all this time. He was also still hurt over Melvin's leaving even though it had been his own fault.

Then Melvin looked up and saw them. He stood up straight and smiled at first. Then his eyes scanned the people at the table and the smile left his face. Adam was confused by the smile, but he wasn't about to get up and go talk to him. Instead he downed his coffee and got his books together.

"Aaron, we're leaving now," he said as he stood up and pushed his chair in. "Brian, I'll see you at home."

"Later, Adam," Brian said as Aaron followed Adam away from the table and out the door.

Adam thought about Melvin wearing that collar and smiling when he'd seen him for the rest of the day. He supposed he was going to have to talk to Melvin. There was no other way to get to the bottom of any of it. He needed to know why he chose this university, why he was still wearing the collar that Adam had locked around his neck and why did he smile when he saw him? Adam tried not to read anything into that smile. It was hard though. His emotions where Melvin was concerned were still in mutiny to what he wanted. Melvin had hurt him. He'd raped him and then convinced him that he was in love with him. Then he'd left without a word, breaking Adam's heart. Why was he smiling?

He thought about all of that the next day in classes. He stayed away from the cafeteria and had nothing to do with any of the athletes. He didn't want to hear Melvin's name or see him until the football game that night. Donny would be off work in time to go with them, so Adam had decided that the entire household would attend the game together. Of course the slaves would sit directly in front of them one row below, but anyone who knew them would know that they were all together.

The air was getting chili in the evenings, but it didn't require more than a jacket so far. Adam had purchased matching grey hoodies for the slaves. His own was dark blue. Brian was wearing a school football sweater. They said very little as they got in the car and headed for the stadium. They purchased tickets at the gate and then found their seats. It didn't take long for the game to start. Adam watched Melvin move across the field through the entire game. He didn't cheer with the rest of the spectators when anything happened. He just watched Melvin. He only knew the final score of the game at the end because Brian wouldn't shut up about it.

They were trying to get out of the stands when Melvin came up into the bleachers in his uniform. He looked at the passing crowd as Adam watched him. They were stuck waiting to get out of their rows when Melvin found them. He smiled again before giving Aaron and Donny dark looks. Then he was trying to get to them. Adam merely watched him for a long moment. He was sure he didn't want his reunion with Melvin to be public, but there was little he could do. The crowd that wouldn't part for them parted for Melvin like conspiring accomplices.

"Adam," he said, smiling again. "I've been trying to find you for weeks."

"Melvin, this isn't the time," Adam found himself saying. "I've got to get these two home where they belong. I'll come to the cafeteria on Monday."

The crowd that had parted for Melvin was still out of the way so Adam and his entourage moved through the gap and walked away from Melvin. Adam didn't know what to think now. He had just agreed to see Melvin in the cafeteria even though he didn't want the reunion to be a public one. What was he going to do?


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