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"The Crossroads 4"

The men in the room couldn't help but to catch a bit of an infatuated shiver from the extreme beauty and appeal of their sexy young visitors for the evening. They were all so unnaturally 'pretty', these boyish teens. One couldn't help but to be distracted. It was a seductive charm that was simply not designed to be ignored. To even catch a glimpse of them up close was to be nearly consumed by their raw sexuality. They way they moved, the way they smiled, the fresh alluring fragrance of eternal youth. The men couldn't believe that they had gotten so lucky.

The boys, on the other hand...had gotten lucky as well.

They looked their prey in the eyes as they entered, spreading out in the motel room to allow the men's eyes roam over their sleek bodies with lustful intent. Angelo was especially proud of his involvement in their fantasies, taking an egotistical thrill from reading their lewd thoughts as they stared at him. He sat on one of the beds and spread his legs wide as he leaned back on his elbows. One of the older men raised an eyebrow, and Angelo stared back at him with a smirk. His boldness was surprising to the adults in the room...and yet, at the same time...soooo inviting.

Ferris sat down on the second bed, with Simi quick to take his place right at his side. Holding his hand, and leaning his head lightly on his shoulder. Out of all of the others, Simi was probably the hungriest that evening. He didn't get much of an equal share out of the last hunt the boys had been on, and the side effects were already becoming visible. The jitters had begun, with severe stomach pains only a day or two away. Perhaps even sooner. Clinging tightly to Ferris' arm was the only thing keeping Simi from losing his focus to the thirst. And yet, while Ferris didn't physically pull away from him...he still restricted himself from giving too much of his love in return to such a young boy. No matter how badly Simi wanted it, there was a pinch of 'shame' in the act that he just couldn't shake. One that he might never be able to shake.

"You boys want something cool to drink?" One of the men asked them.

Angelo smiled seductively. "I do. Can you bring me something 'cool' from the 'cooler', Daddy?" The man smiled widely, and grabbed a beer, walking over to the bed to hand it to him personally. Angelo didn't reach out for it right away, making sure that he held an almost invasive moment of eye contact with him...before finally taking the beer from his hand. "You know, some may view this as the corruption of a minor." He grinned.

"From the looks of it, were corrupted long before you got here."

"Very true. But I'm always looking to rack up a few more points, if you know what I mean?" Angelo was always such a pro at luring in prey. The pure audacity of him was probably the sexiest part of his personality. He was a walking masturbation...something created just for one's pleasure. His extra suited him well. Angelo could literally absorb the fantasies right out of their heads through eye contact alone. He got off on the sensation. It gave him strength...speed...heightened senses. The more they wanted him, the more energy he stole from them. Leaving their minds, bodies, and spirits, weakened. The rush drove Angelo's endorphins crazy. Like an ongoing orgasm for the senses. Watching the other men fall for his deceptions was like watching an insect...flying too close to the spider's web.

Bryce and Fletcher both took a chair each at the side of the room, watching as Angelo took the lead in 'positioning' the others.

Elijah remained in place by the door, taking a commanding post by the room's only escape route. Keeping it ajar and occasionally looking out into the dark parking lot to make sure that Vincent was giving the whole area a thorough inspection. He needed to know where their closest neighbors were, and how shielded they would be from the noise that was sure to erupt out of that room once the slaughter began.

The only thing that distracted Elijah from his watch was the obsession of one of the men in the room, who had instantly taken a liking to Bryce from the moment he walked in. He stared shamelessly at the gentle beauty of the soft blond boy, licking his lips as a parade of deep sexual thoughts ran through his mind. Elijah could see them clearly.

He wanted to possess Bryce in every possible way. He wanted to worship the boy from head to toe. To drag his tongue across the smooth surface of his inner thighs, until he reached the light friction of peach fuzz in the moist area where his legs connected. To suck hard at his wrinkled sack. To tease him to the point of trembling helplessly in his arms. Until he begged for release. The man entertained fantasies of sucking the long, smooth, shaft of the boy, running his hands all over his smooth flat belly, until raising his legs to dine hungrily on the small hidden trench underneath. Getting it unbelievably wet...his tongue penetrating him in the most intimate way. Oh yes...the man would be breathless by the time the teen's hair-trigger erection erupted for the first time. And he was just getting started.

Elijah's eyes narrowed slightly with envy as the man continued with his little 'mind movie'. Dreaming of finally rolling the boy onto his stomach, his pale, smooth, globes rising up from the small of his back in such an erotic fashion. Imagining Bryce looking back at him with green eyes blazing as he lightly gripped the boy's hips, gently raising his soft, flexible, body to his knees on the bed. He pictures himself moving in between the boy's coltish legs, and rubbing his leaking erection repeatedly over the boy's waiting hole. So hairless. He gasps with the first push, and the tightness of the adolescent tunnel overwhelms him. The heat inside the constricted series of anal muscles is enough for him to break a sweat, the body...swirling and gripping him from all sides. The organic sheathe is so alive with movement. He can hardly stand it, and aches from the sensation. The boy is soooo pretty to him. So very pretty. He has to close his eyes to prevent the visual stimulation from pushing him over the edge. The long blond hair covers the teenager's eyes, but the sparkling green beauty pierces through regardless. Holding his breath, the man sinks in slowly...all the way to the base, feeling the round cheeks smash themselves affectionately against his pelvis. The thought alone is almost enough to make the man explode, and his blood flow switches its focus as his eyes roam passionately over Bryce's angelic features. The man is almost at the point of losing control, praying that these boys will give them just a taste of their youthful ambrosia. For just one night.

Elijah detaches himself from the man's fantasies, and impatiently looks back out into the parking lot again. He wanted to get things started soon. And he knew who he was gonna feed upon first.

"So...are you boys from around here? Or just visiting?" One of the men said with a smirk. A lame question, meant to test them out. Bryce and Fletcher looked at one another, still a bit nervous about the idea of pack hunting. This was only their third feeding with the others, and it can be quite a 'messy' experience at times.

"Maaaaaaybe..." Angelo grinned, spreading his legs even wider for the men to see. "We were hoping to find ourselves a good time tonight."

"What kind of good time are we talking about?"

"Whatever you had in mind...I'm sure we'd be down for." Angelo's smile was enough to make one of the older men blush. It all seemed too good to be true. They were cautious about moving too fast. If this was a set up, or some kind of 'sting' operation, they needed to be subtle enough to deny everything that was said or done and write it off as mistaken intent.

Simi was beginning to squirm at Ferris' side. The hunger inside of him was becoming more uncomfortable by the minute. Being so close...close enough to practically hear their hearts beating, pumping that delicious live giving essence through their only made the push of the thirst more potent. Ferris felt him clutching onto his side, and put an arm around him to hold him close. Simi whimpered, and Ferris kissed him lightly on the forehead. He cared for that boy so much. Even if he limited himself in how much he displayed openly.

"Is the little tyke alright?" One of the men asked, and Ferris slowly gave him a somewhat 'protective' look. Simi was NOT a little tyke. Certainly not for this man to concern himself with. Ferris held him even closer.

"He's fine." Ferris told him with a touch of a cold shoulder. The boy was pretty in appearance, but he wasn't about to let either one of these men touch his companion in darkness. Not even as a part of the plan.

Elijah silently watched the whole room from the door. If anyone made a wrong move, he was going to know it instantly. Jayzon was leaning against the wall, but suddenly stood up and went over to grab himself a beer from the cooler as well. One of the men passed by him, and lightly rubbed the back of his hand across Jayzon's ass. A deliberate 'accident' of course. They were becoming more forward now. Settling into the situation. These four men were opening themselves up...for their final moments on Earth.

Jayzon almost got a slight thrill from the touch, and looked back over his shoulder to smile warmly at the man. As he opened the can and took a sip, the man reached out a hand to lightly touch the blond spikes of his hair. "They're softer than they look." The man told him.

"Thanks." He answered. "You know...healthy hair remains strong, but still soft, due to the natural oils produced by the sebaceous glands in the scalp." The man wrinkled his brow for a moment, but once Jayzon gave him a grin, he put a hand on his shoulder and rubbed it gently. wasn't his flirtation that caused Jayzon to smile that way. The boy's eyes briefly looked back in Elijah's direction, waiting eagerly for the signal. But Elijah softly shook his head, 'no'. Not yet. The time wasn't right yet. SOON, but not now.

Simi's twitched a bit more. This pain. And Ferris watched as his eyes began to turn bright red, even through the mask of his optrix. He rushed to turn the boy's head and bury it into his shoulder to keep the other men from seeing his coming transformation.

Seeing the faces of the other men look in Simi's direction with a certain level of concern, Angelo hopped up from the bed to get their attention back on him. The last thing he wanted was for them to lose the mood. "So you boy's drove up here all by yourselves for the weekend? Hmmm?" Angelo said, using his slim body to brush his way past the man nearest to him. A growing lump already appearing in the front of his jeans. He, alone, was feeding Angelo enough strength and energy to slaughter the whole bunch by himself. And they didn't even know it. "You don't have anybody else coming to meet you out here, do you?"

The man was fixated on Angelo, as he swayed his hips softly to the blues music playing on the radio. "No...just...just us four."

"Four, huh? What, are you guys sleeping head to foot in here or what?"

"No, Tim and Jeffrey over there have this room. And we've got the one next door. Do you....maybe wanna go see what...our room looks like? I'd be happy to show you." The man asked, and Elijah's eyes hardened. His patience wearing thin.

Angelo raised his nose in the air, giving him a little flip of his nearly jet black hair. "Unh unh...I think I like it in here. We all do. Besides...there's nothing we could do over there that we couldn't do right here, right? Right now...with everybody....watching." He smirked. Angelo got closer to the man, placing a hand on his chest to entice him further. And allowed his own hardness to rub itself boldly into the man's side. "Hehehe, what's the matter? You're trembling."

Elijah's gums began to itch, and he was relieved to see Vincent finally walking back towards the room from the other end of the motel.

Jayzon looked over at Bryce and Fletcher, who were both nervously withdrawing themselves from the 'party'. And since Bryce was certainly the brightest star in the room in terms of abnormal beauty...he was raising suspicions from some of the others. This was no time to be scared. If the men see him not participating, they might begin to think that something was up. Bryce caught his gaze, and Jayzon widened his eyes as if to tell him to do something. Ferris also noticed the boys not participating, and silently pushed them into being more social as well.

'American Woman' came on the radio, and Jayzon took the chance to walk over and grab Bryce by the hand. "Didn't you say that you really liked this song, Bryce? C' with me." Bryce didn't get up at first. He felt as if he was being rushed. Forced. His nerves were causing him to quake in his sneakers, but as he looked over at their leader, Elijah, he received the nod...and stood up from the chair. Fletcher was no apart from his best friend. His only protection. And Jayzon took a few dance steps backwards with Bryce in tow, before quickly standing him next to the man who had been eyeballing him all night.

"For me?" The man smiled, and Jay nodded as the man put a nervous, but excited, hand on Bryce's hip. Bryce kept his head down, attempting to keep himself from giving his intentions away. He didn't like this part. He was never the kind of vampire to get a thrill from the kill. He just wanted to survive. And he needed this poor man's blood to do it. His very involvement with this sickening act of 'donor foreplay' almost seemed like an act of torture. And Bryce couldn't stand it. "Awwww, don't be shy, cutie." The man said softly as he rocked back and forth in time with the music. He raised his hand up to Bryce's face, and pushed back one side of his silky blond curtain to gaze into his eyes. "Never in my life...have I ever seen someone soooo beautiful. You...are...STUNNING." He whispered. But Bryce just lowered his eyes again, and turned his attention back to the door as Vincent came in the room to report to Elijah.

Vincent took one look at Bryce, Jay, and Angelo working their magic on the men's affections, and frowned up his face with a look of disgust. "You guys certainly didn't waste any time, did you?"

"What did you find out?" Elijah asked, his frustration growing in intensity as the man dancing with Bryce continued to whisper compliments in his ear. His hands beginning to explore the sweet body with more confidence as they swayed with one another.

"We've got one family at the other end of the parking lot. Some guy, his wife, 2 kids. Both under 4 years old. They shouldn't be a problem. They're far enough away, and with kids that young, the parents are gonna be tuckered out anyway. We DO have another guy that is only a few doors down. That one could be a problem."

"Is he alone?"

"As far as I can tell."

"Don't guess at this, Vincent. Is he ALONE?" Elijah asked, more firmly this time.

He thought for a moment, and said, "Yeah. Sure. Totally solo."

"Good. We take our fill. And if he hears anything...we bleed him too. End of story."

Angelo was now dancing with his butt mashed up against the man in front of him. He wrapped his arms around the boy's middle, and Angelo giggled passionately in his embrace. "Mmmm, aren't you cute? Hey Elijah...I think I like this one. Can I keep him? Maybe as a pet? Hehehe!" The man, now oversexed from the activity taking place, reached a hand down and firmly groped Angelo's package with both hands, pulling his round ass tightly up against his own straining hardness. "Ooof! NOW we're talking!" Angelo said, and turned around and draping his arms over the man's shoulders and playfully rubbing noses with him. "Hehehe, mmmmm....I could just eat you up, you know that?"

Jayzon looked back at Elijah again, and couldn't hold back his grin as he saw his leader slowly close and lock the door. Simi heard the 'click', and instantly sat straight up. Ready. Hungry. Practically growling like an angry cat once he realized the charade was coming to an end. Fletcher's bottom lip quivered slightly. He wasn't ready yet. Neither was Bryce. But there would be no further delay. The time was now.

Ferris left Simi's side, and walked over to turn the radio up as loud as it could go, just as George Thorogood's 'Bad To The Bone' started playing. The men looked all around the room as all of the teen boys stood up in unison, surrounding them from every corner of the room. "Hehehe...what's this? What's going on here?" One of the men asked nervously.

Angelo was too busy kissing his favorite human to be in tune with everyone else, but soon broke the lip lock to get back in line. "Sweet like sugar." He grinned. "This is gonna be such a waste."

"A waste?" The man asked, and they were soon all entertained by the sight of all eight boys reaching down to pull their shirts up and off. All at once, bearing their smooth adolescent flesh to their hungry eyes.

"Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!" One of the other men cheered. "This party is just about to get started!"

That's when Elijah's eyes began to glow dark red, and his fangs slid down from their once hidden position. And he said, "Correction....the party's OVER!"

Before they were even able to react, the four men in the room found themselves in a deadly circle from which there would be no escape. The boys closed in on them little by little, and then...only seconds after bearing their fangs to their surprised victims...they went in for the kill. They moved like lightning, a blur to their donors' eye, and sharp fangs punctured them mercilessly from every angle. Warm blood splashed over their faces as they were quickly taken over by the same, seemingly innocent, boys that they had just recently invited into their midst.

Fletcher and Bryce were roughly pushed to the side as the four men recovered from their initial shock and started to fight back. Fletcher heard the loud screams and saw the gushing blood...and he kept his distance. He was sooooo very scared. But Bryce knew that if they didn't drink their fill now, they would be starved until the next pack hunt. "Fletcher...look at me!" Bryce said but it was hard to get his attention with so much chaos going on in the room. "LOOK AT ME!!!" Fletcher's horrified gaze landed on Bryce, as he shook with fear. "It's ok. Just let the instinct take you. Let it take over. Ok? The thirst will tell you what to do, just follow what your body is telling you."

Fletcher began to cry softly. "But...but you said that was bad! You said I was a bad person!"

"No, Fletch, I NEVER said you were a bad person. You're not a bad person..."

"You said to get control. You told me I did a bad thing..."

Bryce didn't have much time. Angelo was already insuring that he got a heavy portion of the blood supply for himself, and Elijah was certain to get a healthy portion as well. He watched as skinny little Simi took a main artery and bit down hard as he sucked it all up in loud, giant, gulps...his crimson eyes wide open with a burst of adrenaline. His body wrapped itself around the man so tightly that one would think that his bones would crack from the pressure. Soooo hungry. Sustenance at long last.

"Fletch, come on!" Bryce pleaded, feeling his own wicked instincts kicking in. The smell of gore flooded the room, and Bryce's breathing got heavier as he stared lustfully at the life essence being absorbed by the rest of his tribe.

"I CAN'T!" Fletcher sobbed, but Bryce was already lost in the thirst. And just as an opportunity presented itself, he involuntarily jumped back into the orgy of bodies in the center of the room. "Bryce??? Bryce???"

Bryce locked onto the wrist of one of the men with his teeth...and savagely bit it open. His mind was elsewhere, his soul protected behind a curtain of denial. Only the thirst remained. And the rush of warm salty liquid as it stained his once angelic beauty and set his senses on fire. Bryce and Jayzon were feeding on the same body, and Elijah moved over to sample it as well. Their pack leader sank his fangs deeply into the man's neck, and seconds later, Bryce could already feel the heavy drain of blood from his other wound.

When pack hunting, there is always a 'blood major'. Vampires drink blood at varying degrees of speed. Some drink deeply and quickly, others more slowly. When two or more vampires drink from the same donor, they won't all get the same amount. The vampire who absorbs the most is said to have the 'blood major'. And Bryce could feel the blood racing to the other side of the body as Elijah greedily stole it away from him. The reservoir was rapidly running dry...and Fletcher hadn't even started yet.

The noise began to die down as the men's life essence was drained away faster than their pulsating hearts could replenish it. They started to turn colors....gasp for air...claw at our backs and shoulders. But to no avail. Angelo had pulled his chosen favorite on top of him, holding him tight and getting a sexual jolt of energy from the man's weight on him as he continued to bite into the side of his neck.

The carpet was soaked with blood. An audible 'squish' could be heard as feet stepped carelessly into the heavily saturated spots of the floor. Bryce looked up to see Elijah staring directly at him, both boys still feeding, despite the disruption of their intense eye contact. Bryce hadn't even noticed that Fletcher had gotten up and come over to join them. He stood there, fangs drawn, almost dizzy with hunger. And then, as his will broke down, he chose a spot on the side of the man's abdomen...and bit into it as well.

Vincent kept his ears open for any commotion outside, but there was none. The music must have been enough to drown out anything that sounded too urgent from the other patrons of the motel. It became less of a worry once they stopped struggling. Each of them slipping away into darkness. Giving up the fight. Letting go of the ghost. The first one to go was conquered by Ferris and Simi alone. Both of them were full, and there donor was gone. Ferris let go and attempted to hold himself still as the rush of rejuvenated life flowed through him, head to toe. Simi saw him in this super sensitive, aroused, state of mind, and used it to his advantage. Ferris almost always held back his affections, but he was particularly vulnerable right after feeding. The orgasmic high of hunting was too much for him, and Simi knew that he could always break down his defenses when he was like that.

The boy climbed into Ferris' lap, and kissed him deeply on the lips, tongue and all. Ferris was taken by surprise, but was unable to fight his feelings. God...he was so cute, so sweet...Simi wanted him so badly. Ferris gave in, and figured he'd just have to feel guilty for it later. For now, he gripped the boy's smallish butt cheeks, and rolled him over on the bed until he was on top. The two of them made out as though they depended on one another's kiss for oxygen. Their crotches grinding together roughly, with Ferris driving into the partially clothed boy like a stallion. It was almost hard for Simi to keep up with him. It felt sooooo good. Yes! THIS is the contact Simi wanted from his favorite boy. THIS was Ferris' love...unrestricted.

Fletcher drank what he could, but the body was almost done by he time he took his first bite. Meaning that he was going to be just as hungry as Simi was tonight by the time our next hunt rolls around. He was going to have to learn to fight for his portion. None of the others were willing to give up their blood major just because he was too frightened to get involved. Either you feed, or you starve. That was the way things were. Period.

Bryce became uncomfortable as he dislodged his fangs from the man's wrist, and saw Elijah still watching him, with a glare of utter infatuation. He backed away from the donor, and saw the other vampires in the room recovering their clothes and cleaning up. Jayzon saw Angelo on the bed, actually kissing his dead donor on the lips. "Dude, what the hell are you DOING?"

Angelo stuck out his bottom lip. "He was CUTE! I just wanted to say goodnight."

"Ok, now that's just gross." Vincent told him, and threw his shirt to him.

"Hey! Watch it! That shirt cost more than all of your bargain basement outfits put together." Angelo rolled his donor off of him, and stood up to get dressed. It took a minute or two to get Simi and Ferris to stop tongue kissing. They had humped, pumped, and grinded, themselves to full orgasm, and just kept going from there. Simi was disappointed with the idea of having to stop...but at least he was able to get another taste of his sweetheart. The countdown was now set to hold him steady until the next time.

Bryce was looking all over for his t-shirt, and saw Elijah holding it in his hand for him. Bashfully, Bryce walked over to retrieve it from him. "Thank you...."

Elijah was almost speechless. Bryce's smooth, pale, chest was free from any blemish. He reached out a hand to touch it as the others cleaned up in the motel bathroom. Bryce cringed slightly from the contact, but tried to control himself. "You did well tonight, Bryce. Better than last time. I think you're becoming accustomed to pack hunting." Bryce gave him a gentle smile, but turned around to put his shirt on. It didn't matter much to Elijah, however. For now he had a clear view of the ripe young melons of the boy's pert ass. A sigh escaped his lips. How much longer would he have to wait? How much more suffering could he take? He longed for this boy with a passion that he could not control. Beauty like that was not meant to run free. It had to be possessed. It had to be owned by someone who knew how to properly appreciate it. And Elijah was going to be that someone.

No matter what....

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