The Disaster Part 1

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Now what? Shit, I just got through with a super hard workout at the gym and wanted to just get home, get naked, watch some porn and chill. But NO, traffic was at a standstill and I of course was at a spot in the road that you couldn't get off of the main street anywhere. You were stuck until some idiot work up and realized they didn't really have to block the whole damn street because some old lady bumped the bumper of their BMW. Oh well, just chill Ted, take a deep breath and imagine you crushing the shit out of the idiot very very slowly while being cheered on by the other pissed off drivers stuck behind him. Yeah, now there was a scene to bring a smile to my face.

Yep, I'm a gym rat of sorts, really into power lifting now but was forever into body building. Arnold was my hero and I wanted to pass him up for some dumb ass reason. I did pretty damn good until I realized that the steroids were getting out of hand and in the long run, other then satisfying my ego, I was never going to even qualify for a competition that meant much in the scheme of things. Mr. Olympia didn't do draft picks like the other sports, so not having lots of patience myself, I knew it wasn't a game I was going to play nice in and would end up unhappy and feel like a big looser. So, I woke up and finally decided I had to be in it for me, myself and I. If it ended up not being fun anymore then game over, finis for sure. I do have to admit, I felt super good seeing some guy's eyes bug out when I walked in the gym or out of the shower into the locker room, or at a beach. I was a 45 year old, 6'4”, 210 lbs to 230 lbs or there about depending on my mood and training bug. I had dirty blond hair, a beard, some body hair which I kept perfect as I could but let my legs and arms have at it. I never liked what the hair removal stuff made my skin feel like so I quit it completely. Hey, if somebody didn't like me being hairy, oh well, that's really special. I had a pretty damn good job writing software for a big boy in the trade and was able to do most of it from home. I had my own home, modest but great for me, outside the busy city and yet close enough to be convenient. I would actually go out sometimes and pretend I was some lumberjack busy tending the woods all around my house. I doubt anyone noticed me being goofy like that and I didn't really care if they did anyway.

There was a break in the project I was assigned to work on which meant I had a mini vacation handed to me. I planned on going camping and hiking in the mountains that were a few hours away. Ever since being a kid I loved camping, fishing and boating, anything outdoors. That was where I was headed off to tomorrow morning after packing everything I thought I needed tonight. The longer I sat in the traffic, the worst it would be for me to actually get up in the morning really early. SHIT. What the hell was this all about. I put the SUV in park and got out to see if I could see anything, you know like a fire ball or a crashed plane or boat landing across the damn road. I wasn't the only one I noticed who was out of their car and trying to figure out what was going on. We all looked up to the sky when we heard what sounded like air raid sirens going off. Suddenly, ever light all around went out, all the cars went quiet and everyone was starting to go into a panic. Nobody knew what the hell just happened.

Run, get home, protect your family,” some guys came running down the isle of the dead cars from the direction of whatever caused the traffic to back up.

What the hell are they saying?” some older guy asked me all confused.

Something about going home and protecting your family I think” I answered him with a not so sure smile. “Wonder what the hell just happened to the lights and cars?”

Seems like some EMP to me. Read up on that stuff and we were warned loads of times but nobody listened,” the old guy said shaking his head.

EMP? What the hell is that?” I asked.

Electronic Magnetic Pulse I think it stands for. The sun can cause them but so can a high altitude burst of an atomic weapon. Fries all the electronics and blows the transformers of the power system to all hell. If that's what it is, afraid we are now back in the stone age,” the guy said sadly.

Stone age? How the hell can that be?” I asked figuring it was some conspiracy crap.

Yeah, Stone Age. Nothing, I mean nothing that uses electricity or computer circuits works, nothing. No ATM's, no gas pumps, no water pumps, no cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, boats. No food shipments, no money from the bank, no Internet, no computers, no television, no radio, nothing. The Stone Age,” he said looking at me seriously. “You know how to grow food? I sure don't really. You know how to hunt and preserve meat or anything you might find growing? Doubt it, just like all the rest of us. Only people who might be able to keep going fairly good would be those on farms now who know all about that shit. The city's are going to be pure hell super soon when there is no food, water and nobody to help put out fires, do anything to get you to a hospital, nothing. People will turn on each other super quick mister, mark my words.”

Holy shit, you serious?” I said worried.

As serious as I can possibly be. Don't take my word for it. Stick around and watch the shit hit the fan real quick like,” he said. “Well, I'm going to try and get home as best I can before the animals come out to prey on all of us weaklings. They'll take what they want and kill anyone who gets in their way. You mark my words. If I was you, I'd get my ass home and take whatever I could, arm yourself and get out of Dodge, super quick. Time is the enemy now, no time to wait and see what the government will say. Can't watch the propaganda on TV or listen to it on the radio or watch it on a PC. Nope, we are on our own for some time to come youngster, so best get your shit in order and figure out how to survive real quick.”

I'm sure they'll get the electricity and stuff back up within a few days time,” I said trying to be positive.

The hell you say! Son, you know where those transformers for electricity come from? South Korea and Europe. No boats no planes, how the hell are they going to get them here, that's thinking they aren't hit too. Have any idea how much those damn things weigh? Tons, yeah tons. No trucks, no helicopters to lift them to where they have to go. Spares? There's maybe 300 all over the west coast. Bet we use over 1000 to keep the power moving around just in this area. No, they ain't turning shit on in a few days son, not a damn thing,” the man said patting me on my arm.

Wish you luck youngster, hope you last a long time,” he said as he turned and walked away.

I was stunned. No, this can't be right. I'll just start up my SUV, cut across these stupid parking lots and get around all this. I got into my SUV, turned the key and nothing, not a sound. I turned on the radio and there was nothing, not even a dash light on. All of it was dead. I picked up my I phone and nothing at all. I grabbed my tablet and same thing, nothing. Shit, was the old man right? He sure sounded like he knew all about this kind of shit. Ah shit I thought. I packed up everything I could think of that was in the SUV including a baseball bat I kept in the back just in case, took another look around the inside of the SUV and started to walk really fast towards my house. I knew I had to go a few miles but I just thought it was my cardio which I could do 20 miles easy. I saw the complete look of panic and fear on just about all the faces I passed up. I got on the side off the road away from where most of the people were going one way and another all at the same time, pushing past each other like they had to leave a burning building. It seemed to get super weird faster and faster. I know I heard gun shots and screams, lots of yelling and swearing so I just picked up my pace a bit. I figured I was luckier then most of the average guys because of my size. Unless I came across someone bigger then me, I was probably going to be left alone, unless it was a group of guys, then who knows. What the hell was I thinking about that for? Shit this sucked.

Some lady stopped me in a panic and asked if I knew what was happening. I told her a quick version of what the old guy told me and she shrieked.

I told my husband this would happen, but he thought I was completely insane,” she started to sob.

Lady, I'm in a hurry so I suggest you get yourself home like super quick before things start to become super bad,” I said seriously holding her by her shoulders.

Thanks, good advice,” she said as she turned and ran.

The further out I got the more it seemed like some science fiction movie. Everything was pitch black except for fires which now seemed to be popping up all over the place. I just thought how lucky I was to be outside of the city and not in the middle of that shit. What the guy said kept playing over and over in my mind. I soon realized that once things in the city were super bad, the bad guys would spread out looking for freebies for the taking. Where better to hunt then the spread out houses all around the city for miles. When I finally made it to my street, I stopped dead in my tracks watching my neighbors sitting in their lawn chairs in front of bonfires, drinking beer and mixed drinks like there was a fireworks show going on.

He Ted, come on over and join the party,” one of the guys yelled.

I walked over to the group he had on his lawn and looked at them. I couldn't believe it. They actually were acting like it was the 4th of July and fireworks were happening. It was an outdoor party scene that sure as shit didn't make any sense to me.

Uh, I have to ask. Are you all fuckin stupid or just plain dumb?” I yelled. “Do you have any idea what the fuck is happening in the city? I just came from there on foot because no cars are working, nothing. Gun shots are going off all over, people are screaming from being either beaten or raped. Looting is going on all over the damn place and you clowns think its some damn show.”

Hey Ted, chill out, can't be that bad,” one of the other neighbors said.

Oh yeah? I don't see any lights on around here. Your cell phones working? You able to connect to the internet? Radio working? Any of you party animals try to turn on your cars? Go ahead, I'll wait,” I said all pissed off for some reason.

Hey Herb, your car is close, go ahead, crank it up for Ted,” the neighbor said.

Herb went to his Candy and had to use a key to unlock it as the fob wasn't working. No interior lights went on and when he put the keys in, no dinging sounds. I could see him turning and turning his key and nothing was happening, not a sound.

Shit, nothing is working,” Herb said somewhat nervous.

Maybe your battery just died,” the neighbor throwing the party laughed.

Bull shit. I just had it serviced and its not even 3 months old yet,” Herb said all pissed off. “Julie, you try yours.”

The same thing happened to Julie and 5 other neighbors which suddenly began to think none of this was right. A few of their teens came running out of the house screaming that they couldn't get connected to the net because their laptops were dead.

Probably the battery wasn't charged,” one of the adults laughed.

Hell no, I always make sure its 100% and besides, I always have 3 others charging so I never run out of juice,” one kid said pissed off.

Yeah daddy, my I phone is dead too. How can I text all my friends if its not working?” one girl whined.

See, I told you, this isn't a good thing at all. Probably an EMP a guy told me about and there isn't going to be any power turned on for years. We had no real supply of spare transformers and every last one of the ones in the grids are fried just like every damn electronic device. All computer chips, fried. No cars, no trucks, no trains, no buses, no airplanes, and no boats. We are fucked big time. So just my two cents, get all the shit together to keep you alive and get as far away into wilds as you can get. When the low life's in the city run out of food, water and medicine, they will spread out and you will be like a super market to them. No cops, no army, no firemen, nothing. Oh and no hospitals either cause all their shit is gone too. So you just party on and I hope you are alive in a week or maybe less,” I said fuming and stomped off towards my house.

As I walked away suddenly I heard all sorts of yelling and talking in loud voices as they tried to get their heads around what I said. Hey, I told them and if they choose to ignore what I told them, then fine, its not on my head. When I got home, I lit some candles so I could see what I could pack up and take with me. I luckily had a neat 2 wheeler cart in the garage that could hold a lot of stuff. It had thick off road type tires on it that were solid so no worrying about flat tires. I put in blankets, every bit of medicine stuff I had, cans of food, water bottles, juice, dried fruit, you name it, I packed it. Practical clothing only including sweats, jackets, knit hats, scarfs, gloves, rope, knives, all the ammo I had for my glock and hunting rifle which I put on me like I was some black ops guy. I covered it all up with the 3 tents I had figuring if one got damaged I had 2 spares to work with. The only shoes I took were hiking boots. I figured gym shoes were kind of dumb but still, I only took one pair of the best ones I had. I took batteries, flash lights, lanterns, one of those small camping shovels, a machete, a small tool kit and a few bottles of whiskey. I felt if I took anything else, I'd have one hell of a time pulling the cart, so I decided that was it. If I missed something, too bad, improvise. I opened up the fridge and freezer, took out what I knew I would eat and the meat I figured would stay frozen longest. Once it was defrosted, I'd have to cook it and keep it from going bad. I decided to take a first aid book and a survival book I had but never looked at.

I put on some sweats over my shorts that I wore from the gym, a hoody and a pair of the finger less gloves I found. I knew my directions from my place so I figured the best bet was to head either south and then west or north and then east. Either way, I”d hit mountains and kind of wild forests. I stopped to think which was would have the least amount of people roaming from any city or town. It was south and west for sure, so off I went, pulling my cart with a rope I rigged up over my shoulders and around my chest. I wanted my arms free just in case. I took it slow so I wouldn't wear down that fast. I wanted to get pretty far into the wilds as I could before stopping to rest and make some plans without feeling I was being rushed. I almost freaked out when a guy with a huge backpack flew by me on a mountain bike. Now why didn't I think of that? I could have rigged up a bike to pull the cart as well. Ted, you don't have a mountain bike finally hit me. Still, maybe that guy was one of those preppers I heard about who was heading for his bug out location. I should have taken that shit a bit more seriously but it was a bit late now.

Every now and then I'd take a break to rest some, looking back towards the city which I couldn't see anymore. All I could see was the growing glow from fires that had to have gotten super big and spread far for me to be able to see the glow and flickering in the pitch dark sky. Another guy flew by on a mountain bike without even giving me a look. Probably around 7 a.m., I finally felt I was far enough away for now to put up a tent, get some sleep and then think things through. I picked a spot mostly hidden by large boulders and brush off the worn trail I was following. I wouldn't have a fire going so it should be okay. Just in case, I threw some branches and brush over the top of the tent like cam o I figured.

I laid down on my sleeping bag with only my shorts on and my hiking boots of course just in case. I had more then half of the cart inside the tent and had a rope tied from the wheel to my ankle just in case anybody got the idea to borrow it. I really was tired and quickly was sound asleep. When I woke up, it was close to sundown, so I got something to eat and decided to start a fire and cook some of the meat that came from the fridge. I got that going and started to try and formulate some kind of plan. Yeah, good idea, but what? Find a new land and build up a new town? Maybe become a warrior of the wild and hunt wild animals and bad guys. Right Ted, like that was helping any. I knew it was stupid but I didn't really have a clue what kind of plan to work on other then moving far into the wilds and then maybe make up a camp of sorts. Yeah, there we go, a plan. Course it had to be close to water, lots of good cover, maybe even a neat cave to become my new home. I'd have to scout out closer to the mountains once I was there to look for a cave. I had no idea if there were any to begin with, but I always seemed to see them in the movies. Okay, that was a plan and now I was happy. While the meat was cooking on the fire, I decided to find some large stones to use as weights and work out some. It would keep me fit and give me something to do besides sitting around staring at a fire and meat cooking.

I found some big rocks that were super heavy, just right for my exercise plan. See, another plan formulated. I was on a roll for sure. Shit, using those big rocks were something else. It made me use all my muscles to keep me from falling over or loosing my balance while lifting them and putting them back down. I was drenched in sweat and all my muscles let me know I did good. I did some breathing exercises to cool down and took care of the meat on the fire. I put the fire out so it wasn't glowing which I'm sure anyone could spot from a good distance. Orange glows in the wilds weren't natural, I knew that at least. I stayed another 2 days and then packed up and moved on again.

I did that pattern for I'd guess at least a week. I was getting really close to the foothills of the mountains and figured I could slow down the pace somewhat as I was pretty damn far from the city for sure and there were no towns around that I knew of. I was surprised when I came across a small river that had a wide rocky beach running all the way along it as far as I could see. The rocks weren't huge and weren't super small so pulling the cart was kind of easy, much easier then over the rough trail. I figured it was a good thing to follow it as it seemed to be coming from the mountain. Probably a natural spring or snow melt or both. If I could get close to where it was coming down off the mountain, maybe it was a good place to set up and look for a cave or something like that. As I walked along the river, suddenly I saw a guy with a big backpack, laying on the stones, his mountain bike kind of bent up bad and he didn't seem to be moving.

I cautiously approached him and kept saying 'hello, you okay?' as I carefully moved around him in a wide circle. I saw his head was bleeding and there was lots of dried blood on his neck and jacket. I undid my harness from the cart and carefully walked up to him, stooped down and felt his neck for a pulse. He was alive and looked kind of hurt bad. I got a rag and soaked it with the water from the river and slowly dabbed his head, then squeezed it so the water would run over his bleeding wound. Looked like a good sized gash and some smaller ones that clotted up already. He had to have been laying there for awhile. I thought he was really lucky some predator didn't come checking him out and have a nice big meal dumped in his lap. I gently pulled him by his underarms closer to the river so I could clean him up better and get a better look at his wounds. As I lowered him to the ground he moaned which I figured meant he was in some pain for sure. I pulled off his backpack, undid his jacket and took his hat off his head, washed his head and neck. I took his shirt off and washed his body which wasn't really bad at all.

I guessed he was in his 30's at least, a reddish beard, very little body hair, a solid build from probably hard work or easy work outs just to keep in shape. His hands were calloused and rough so he did do hard manual labor. I didn't want to rummage through his backpack so I pulled out my medical kit and put some antibiotic stuff on, some gauze and wrapped his head with sports tape. It looked like his ribs were bruised as they became darker by the minute. I took out some max pain Tylenol and put 3 in his mouth, scooped up some water as I lifted his neck up and got it into his mouth. I saw his throat moving so I had to assume he swallowed the pills with the water. Just to be sure, I gave him more water. I figured if nothing else, the pills would help ease the pain somewhat, better then nothing at all.

I looked around and spotted a perfect site for setting up camp and being kind of hidden from anyone walking past. I pulled the cart to the site, set up the tent and secured the cart. I went back to the guy, lifted him up in my arms and put him down on a sleeping bag inside the tent. I got his backpack and laid it down next to him so if he woke up he'd know I didn't even look through it. I pulled off his pants and made sure there weren't any cuts on his legs. He had some nasty looking bruises but no broken bones from what I could feel, and I did feel all of him to check. I had to right? From what was packed inside his underwear, he had a nice sized cock and balls. Not huge from what I could tell but still nice. I flipped a part of the sleeping bag over him and went out to get something to eat. I tasted the water in the river and it was nice and cold and sparkling clean. To me it meant it wasn't polluted and safe to drink. I never paid attention to purifiers and stuff so what did I know. I made a fire, took out a metal over sized cup and filled it with water. I rigged up some rocks to set the cup on so the fire would heat it up. I had some dehydrated stuff that you had to put into boiling water so I figured it was a good time to give it a try. I checked on my guest and felt his forehead and chest to make sure he wasn't running any kind of fever. I had no idea what I could do if he was, but I figured it was what you do. After making my stew stuff which wasn't all that bad, I remembered I had the medical and first aide books. I pulled those out and looked up anything I could find on blunt injuries and bruises. There wasn't all that much I could do for him other then cold compresses and Tylenol. I felt vindicated for some odd reason. When the sun really began setting, I put the fire out and secured the cart to the opening of the tent like I did before. I spread out another sleeping bag next to my guest and laid down, turned towards him so if he stirred I'd hear him hopefully.

When I woke up, I looked at him and he was still out. The sun was rising and the air was warming up fast. It luckily was the beginning of summer so nights were a bit chilly but daytime was warm. I made a fire and then some coffee. As I was slowly sipping my coffee and eating a dried energy bar, I heard some stirring inside the tent. I went inside and saw my guest was trying to get up.

Hey, good to see you are up,” I said with a smile. “My name is Ted and I found you laying on the rocks by the river bleeding. I patched you up and got you set up inside my tent. I gave you some extra strength Tylenol and bandaged up your wounds. Your backpack is right next to you. I didn't even look in it so all your stuff should be there. How do you feel?”

Like shit but thanks for your help. My name is Bryan and I must have hit something while I was on my bike and took a nasty spill I guess,” Bryan said trying to sit up.

Here, I'll help you, “ I said as I easily got him up into a sitting position. “I figured as much but you never know for sure. Somebody could have smacked you to take your stuff I guess, especially how things are going.”

Thanks again Ted. No, nobody smacked me as far as I know. You were the only one I passed up awhile back. Lucky for me you came this way,” Bryan said.

Yeah for sure. Surprised coyotes or something didn't pick up the blood scent and celebrated Thanksgiving early,” I laughed.

Shit yeah, I am really lucky,” Bryan said rubbing his head.

Hungry? I made some coffee and have some dehydrated stew I can make you if you'd like,” I said.

I have some stuff in my backpack thanks. Can't be taking your food from you,” Bryan said seriously.

Hey, its okay, special circumstances. No big deal Bryan,” I said with a smile.

Well still, I don't feel its right. Besides, I'd have to eat anyway if I was on my own wouldn't I?” Bryan said seriously.

Okay, whatever floats your boat,” I laughed. “You dig out what you want and I'll make it for you. I don't think its a good idea just yet for you to try and walk around just yet. You still seem somewhat groggy. Might have a concussion from what the medical book says. That could get serious if you ignore it. Rest and easy does it is what it says to do, so I'd recommend you do just that.”

Well, from the size of you I don't think its a smart idea to buck what you say to me,” Bryan laughed. “Thanks again Ted. Awfully nice of you.”

Nawh, just good boy scout training!” I laughed. “I used to be pretty damn good at this outdoor camping stuff. Even roughing it surviving on nature alone.”

No shit, me too,” Bryan laughed. “But you see how far that got me huh? Violated the first rule. Caution! Not me, just plow on ahead and get to the bug out site no matter what.”

Oh, you one of those preppers?” I asked as he dug through his backpack.

Yeah, took all that super serious. I had the time and figured it couldn't really hurt any so I jumped into with both feet,” Bryan laughed.

Well, from what I know, its all secret stuff so don't tell me anything to compromise your set up any,” I said with a frown.

You are funny Ted. I'm sure if you wanted to you could make me spill everything real quick,” Bryan laughed poking me in my pec.

Huh, now why didn't I think of that,” I frowned. “Might not be a good idea to give me that kind of idea Bryan.”

Duuhhhh, yeah that's me alright. Typical 'I can't tell you about that hidden gun over there' stuff. Always let the mouth go forward before the brain gets into gear it seems,” Bryan laughed.

Well, honest, I don't know torture and in spite of my size, don't make it a habit of lording it over smaller guys. Not my nature at all. Usually mind my own business and help when I can, but that's about it,” I laughed. “Guess you could say I'm one of those gentle giants!”

Wow, that's sure good to know,” Bryan pretended to wipe the sweat off his forehead. “Okay, here's some dehydrated breakfast stuff. If you wouldn't mind boiling up some water and popping this in there, that would be great.”

Sure thing, no problem. I'll be right back after I get some water from the river and set it up on the fire,” I smiled.

Wait, you used the water from the river?” Bryan said like he was in shock.

Yeah, its coming right from the mountains, is ice cold and crystal clear so I don't think its poisoned or anything,” I said seriously.

Well, rule number 3 of prepper rule book, never just use any water from natural sources unless you check it for bacteria and buggy stuff,” Bryan said with a serious face.

Oh shit, I guess all this will be yours pretty soon. I even just drank some of it before. Oh man, I'm gonna get the plague or some shit like that,” I said looking worried.

Ted, you should have paid attention in Prepper 101 class. Man you'd be dinged big time for that one,” Bryan laughed. “Well since you are boiling it, it should be no big deal. Like you said, its coming from the mountain without going through any farm environment, so it should be okay.”

Well, lets hope for my sake that's true,” I said sadly. “Okay, breakfast coming up. You need help to hit the bathroom or anything? Don't have any handy but sure we could rig something up. I got a nice shovel!”

Yeah, good thinking. Probably should take a leak at least, make sure I”m not pissing blood or anything great like that,” Bryan said looking at me.

Here, I'll get behind you, wrap my arms around your chest and walk you to a standing position. You can lean on me like a crutch and we'll get you outside to natures potty,” I smiled as I moved behind him and easily got him standing.

Okay, just put your arm over my neck and your weight on me. You control the walking pace and we should be good to go,” I smiled and off we went.

If you feel better I can lean you up against that tree so you can do your thing in private if you'd like,” I said casually.

Actually, if it doesn't bother you any, I'd rather you held on to me or were right there in case I loose it and hit the deck again,” Bryan said with a somewhat worried look.

Nope, don't bother me any. Don't think you have anything I haven't see before so I think we are good,” I laughed.

Thanks, I know some guys would freak big time,” Bryan said relieved.

Bryan slowly pulled his cock from his underwear and let go a long strong stream of piss, no blood thankfully.

Looks like you aren't bleeding any and had a good healthy stream, so that's a good thing Bryan,” I laughed.

Yeah, I was kind of worried about that myself. Fell lots better now thanks,” Bryan laughed.

Okay, Dr. Ted wants you back in bed and nothing more then sitting up for now. We'll get you fed and cleaned up if you want, then its nappy time for you mister,” I said sternly.

Okay doc, whatever you think is best,” Bryan laughed. “If its okay with you, I'd really like to sit outside the tent. Like to take in the fresh air and scenery while I have the chance.”

Sure, that's a great idea. Sure the fresh air and not being cooped up in a tent will help you get better much quicker,” I smiled. “Okay, I'll pull out the sleeping bag and you just wait right here for me, okay?”

Pull out my sleeping bag from my back pack Ted. Not right to use one of yours again,” Bryan said seriously.

I saluted and got his sleeping bag and rolled mine back up and stashed it in the cart. I set up his sleeping bag so he could pull part of it over himself if he got chilled. I used one arm to lift him off the ground a bit and slide his sleeping bag under his butt. Then I lifted his legs and got them on the rest of the bag. He was leaning his back against the cart.

There, how's that?” I asked.

Super, thanks again,” Bryan smiled. “You sure are going overboard doc. No need to baby me you know.”

Hey, haven't lost a patient yet and you ain't gonna be my first,” I said giving him a serious look.

Okay doc, just saying,” Bryan laughed. “So you're into bodybuilding huh?”

Used to be but now its power lifting. No more steroids over use and no more wild diet runs for me. Just keeping it up because I like to and its still fun for me. Once its not, game over,” I laughed.

Well, have to say, you sure have one hell of a body doc,” Bryan said

Thank Bryan, nice of you to say that,” I smiled. “I know I can be really intimidating to a lot of guys. Don't mean to be but just how things are I suppose. Like I said, I'm one of those gentle giants.”

Well, I know you worked your ass off to get a body like that. More power to you,” Bryan said with a serious look.

How about you? Couldn't help but notice your body ain't shabby either,” I smiled.

Some working out but mostly heavy construction jobs. Kind of like getting paid to be at a gym,” Bryan laughed.

Well, sure did you good I have to say,” I smiled and got Bryan his breakfast from the fire. “Watch out now, its really hot. I use these gloves to work with it. Hold on, I'll take them off and you can use them if you want.”

Thanks, appreciate that,” Bryan said as he took up the gloves, picked up a fork and dug in.

The way he was eating I knew he was starving almost.

I cooked up some meat the other day and probably will do some more if its defrosted already. We can have some for dinner if you'd like,” I said getting myself some coffee and sitting down across from Bryan.

So you did pay attention in 101 huh?” Bryan laughed. “I can show you how to make it into like jerky so it won't really spoil any. Least I can do to repay your kindness.”

Hey Bryan, didn't help you thinking about being repaid, so don't worry about that. Yeah, it'd be great if you did show me. Sure it would make it much easier to deal with all the meat I have to cook eventually,” I said thoughtfully.

Okay then, after a spell we can begin Julia Childs outdoor jerky class,” Bryan laughed.

Bryan talked much more then at first, seemed like he was really relaxing and beginning to trust me. We did have fun when he taught me how to make jerky out of the meat. It was a good thing since a lot of the meat had indeed defrosted. We had strips laid out all over the place, checking often to make sure they were turned and taken down when just right. Bryan figured there was a super good supply of jerky now that would last months at least.

Okay, time for you to rest. I'm going to work out and then quick bath in the river. You need anything, just yell out,” I said ready to take Bryan inside the tent.

Damn, you brought weights with you?” Bryan asked confused.

No, not that bad I hope. I figured out using big rocks, small boulders really gave me a hell of an all body workout and did my power lifting super nice,” I laughed.

Mind if I take a nap out here? Like to watch you for a bit if its okay,” Bryan said.

Sure, hey, whatever you feel like is good. Okay, let me help you get comfy and then I'm into my zone,” I laughed.

I helped Bryan spread out on the sleeping bag, pulled my other one he used before out of the cart like a pillow and went around to find my perfect mini boulders. That wasn't hard to do at all. I stripped down to just my jock strap as it was much easier to move and keep my balance like that it seemed. I really got into the workout, I guess because I had an audience I guess. I did some quick looks at Bryan and noticed he never took his eyes off of my body as I went through my paces. That gave me a little extra incentive to work a bit harder then I would have. When I was finally finished, I had to admit my muscles were pumped, my veins were popping and damn I had to look good. I shook myself off some to loosen up and then stepped into the river after taking off my boots and socks. I only went in as far as my knees as I think I'd get hypothermia otherwise. I bent down and quickly splashed water up over my body a number of times, shook it off and did it again until I had my whole body wet and covered with drops of ice cold water. I stooped down to get my crotch and ass good and then washed off my abs and thighs. Bryan was really staring at me with this intense look. I smiled a few times and he just quickly turned his glance away, probably figuring I thought he was gawking at me. I didn't mind at all, kind of like a pump in itself. Always nice to know somebody likes what they see after working hard to sculpt it.

Man, I don't think my nuts and cock could get any smaller then they are right now after that ice bath!” I laughed as I walked up to Bryan, pulled out a towel and dried off.

I didn't even think anything of it when I just pulled my jock strap off, dried off my junk and wrung out the jock strap putting it on a big rock to dry out in the sun. My ass was towards Bryan and I know I had to have flexed my bowling ball ass cheeks a few times without thinking about it. When I turned around, Bryan was beet red and doing his best to look any way other then at me. I smiled and then felt bad that I made him uncomfortable, so I put on shorts, a new pair of socks and my hiking boots back on. I didn't want to put on a shirt since the slight breeze felt so damn good on my skin.

Hope I didn't freak you out Bryan,” I laughed. “Didn't think my silly routine would bother you. If it makes you uncomfortable, I can move further up river and take care of business.”

No, no, you didn't freak me out. Well yeah, you did, but in a good way. I don't think I've ever seen anyone that pumped and their veins so popped. Its really something amazing to me. I could see Michelangelo using you for a model of his magnificent statues, really,” Bryan said with a blush and a smile.

Wow, thanks for that ego boost,” I laughed. “Really appreciate you appreciating my body, thanks.”

Believe me, all my pleasure,” Bryan said.

I couldn't help but notice he was doing his best to hide a very nice boner he had developed watching my show. I smiled, taking that as a super compliment for some reason. It felt kind of good to see him getting hot and bothered over my body even with all hell going nuts all around us from what I could imagine.

Okay mister, I don't think you did the nappy thing, so nappy it is for you. I'm going to walk around and check things out,” I laughed and then put on a very serious look.

Okay doc, see, eyes closing,” Bryan said as he exaggerated closing his eyes tight.

I took off, figuring I'd take my time, maybe give him enough time to relieve his hard on before I came back. I know how bad it can be when you get one that hard as he had. It really was a nice layout all around us. I could just barely make out a waterfall coming off the mountain where the river must come from. There looked to be some dark shapes on the mountains lower face so I figured they might be caves. I'd have to check those out tomorrow, part of my cardio. When I came back, Bryan was indeed out, curled up in the sleeping bag and doing some light snoring. I made myself a mental note to see if he wanted more pain pills before night time when we would sleep. To me, they always seemed to help me sleep if I was hurting any. I gathered more firewood and set things up for dinner. Bryan finally woke up, he had to be exhausted the way he slept.

Hey, how you feeling?” I smiled.

Sure needed that nap I think,” Bryan stretched and smiled. “Sure feel lots better now compared to how I felt earlier.”

Good, progress is good. I forgot to ask you if you wanted more Tylenol, especially before beddy bye time. I know it always helped me sleep better if I was hurting if I took some before bedtime,” I said holding out the bottle of Tylenol.

Yeah, might be a good idea, thanks,” Bryan smiled.

Okay, for dinner we have cooked meat Au flame, stew Au hydrated and dried fruit for dessert. Fruit juices to wash it down and cookies before bed,” I said trying to sound French.

Wow, gourmet meals on top of it all, who'd a thunk,” Bryan laughed. “Sure sounds like a lot, but good I have to tell you.”

Well, good nutrition is key to healing well. Not like you are making a piggy of yourself, you need every bit of nourishment in all that stuff,” I lectured.

Okay doc, I ain't gonna argue,” Bryan said seriously and then laughed.

That's what I like, a patient who listens good,” I laughed.

Well from what I can tell, you should be good to go on your way if you want within say two days or three tops,” I told him.

And what if I just want to hang with you instead?” Bryan said seriously.

Hey, that'd be cool. Not trying to push you away at all, just thought you had a plan you were doing and I don't want you to feel you have to stick around me if you just want to get back on track is all,” I carefully explained watching his eyes to see if he had any odd thoughts twirling around in his head.

Well, I kind of was thinking that maybe it would be really good for both of us to get to my bug out place and set up camp there. Got all sorts of supplies stashed there and it is very defensible if it comes to that. Good security and water supply, lots of woods and good hunting too,” Bryan explained. “I'd really like to share it with you if you feel that would be good.”

Wow, sure is nice of you to trust me that much Bryan. Sure, if you want me to, I”d be happy to share your bug out camp. Be kind of nice to have company and someone else watching out for you I think,” I smiled warmly, really impressed that he asked me to join him.

Hey, if you weren't a good guy, I'd be a goner already, but thanks to your kindness and care, I'm good to go almost. What's to doubt as far as trusting you Ted? I mean come on, look at you and look at me. You could take me out before I could make a move for sure. No, trusting you isn't hard at all,” Bryan said with a soft smile.

Boy, that sure is a wonderful compliment Bryan, thank you for that,” I said softly. “But if you feel I should just move on after a bit, just say so and I am gone, no problems at all.”

Man, didn't even see the place and you want to book huh?” Bryan said.

No, no, don't think that. Just telling you as far as your bug out place is concerned, your the boss and I know its all yours. You feel I should leave, I leave, no issues at all,” I explained.

Okay, got it. As long as you help with taking out the garbage, we'll be good,” Bryan laughed.

I shook my head laughing. I liked his sense of humor, another thing I just felt was important for us to get through this mess we were in.

So what do you think happened a few days ago that screwed life up,” I asked while we were eating dinner.

Definitely an EMP from what I heard and saw happening. For all the power and all the electronics to go out at the same time, nothing else made any sense. Who or why doesn't mean shit now. The government is only taking care of the elite and letting the peons just fend for themselves. Probably figure if and when things can improved some, most of the people will be dead and they can resume stealing anything they want. Wouldn't surprise me if they put survivors into slavery to work for them so they don't have to do shit,” Bryan said seriously. “Probably sounds a bit harsh, but just how I see it.”

No, not harsh, probably reality Bryan. Anybody who still trusts the government is either dumb or blind as hell. Nobody wants to think the worst but its all there laid out right in front of their faces but nobody wants to see it for what it is,” I added my commentary.

Yeah, people should have seen this coming. Bet there are tons of people waiting around for the government to come in and tell them everything they should do to survive,” Bryan said sadly.

Okay, enough of the heavy shit, its way to depressing for me,” I laughed. “So tell me, what did you do besides work construction jobs? Family? Girlfriend or two or three or...” I laughed.

Well, besides working at my job I was spending most of my time on the prepper stuff. No, no girl friends at all, no time and honestly no interest. My parents went through years of nasty fights the whole time I was growing up and I think that put the idea in my head that marriage wasn't a good thing. Then, my sister really did a number on her husband who was really a good guy. She just played in the mold of my mother I guess. That for sure turned me off big time. Couldn't understand how women could be that cold and cutthroat to a guy. So, all my spare time went into planning and working on my bug out place and supplies. It really took years to finish and man am I ever glad I did that now,” Bryan said thoughtfully.

Shame about the family. I don't have any either, family or girlfriends. My parents died when I was a teen and my grandparents raised me until I was able to get my ass into college. Loved writing software programs and got a super job with one of the big boys. It let me spend all sorts of time doing what I loved working out and stuff and got myself a nice house and decent SUV which is toast now, but still. Can't bitch about my life really other then it did get lonely lots of times,” I said.

Wow, from bad to great. Sounds like you made it good mostly on your own. That sure says a lot about you Ted,” Bryan said with a warm smile.

Well one great thing about my grandparents was their idea on life. Work hard, go for the gold even if all you get is bronze, doesn't matter, you tried and that counts. No regrets and stay with what you love and want, not what other people think you should do. Live that way and you will have happiness. It really worked for me,” I said.

Damn, wish someone told me that growing up!” Bryan said shaking his head.

Okay, sun is starting to set and I need to put out the fire and pack things up good and safe before bed. Lets get you inside the tent and comfy,” I said to Bryan.

Well, if you don't mind, I'd really like to visit mother nature again and then take an ice bath like you did. I think I really need that now. Don't want to gross you out smelling like a dead whale,” Bryan laughed.

You don't really smell, well not much anyway,” I laughed. “Okay, mother nature and bath, coming up.”

Where is that shovel you said you had. I will dig a nice hole and make my deposit,” Bryan laughed and blushed.

Nope, I'll dig the hole and you converse with mother nature. I'll leave you to some privacy but will be close by just in case you need me,” I said seriously.

I got the shovel, picked out a spot I thought would be good for a crapper and dug a nice hole. The idea hit me to use some rocks as a toilet seat to make it easier for Bryan. I did that and then helped him over to it.

Wow, you even made a toilet seat, how cool is that!” Bryan said all excited.

Yeah I know, such talent huh? Oh, and I picked up this solid branch for you to use like a crutch, so hopefully it will help you out some,” I said handing Bryan the branch.

Perfect, thanks. Okay, off you go so I and mother nature can have our moment together,” Bryan laughed.

I walked off laughing and shaking my head. I liked him more and more for sure. I worked on putting the fire totally out and cleaned up the dinner stuff in the river. I had everything put away and ready to pull the cart into the opening of the tent when Bryan was slowly making his way towards the tent.

Hey, you were supposed to call for me,” I said a bit angry.

I know but I have to get my ass in gear some time. I felt I could do it and if I felt dizzy I would have called you for sure. I'm good Ted, honest,” Bryan said.

Okay, just don't push too hard just yet. We don't have any appointment to keep so we can move on our time when you are ready,” I lectured.

Bryan smiled, got to the opening of the tent and I helped him get down on his knees so he could scoot inside on his own. I handed him a bottle of water and the Tylenol which he took three of and was just about to lay down.

Oh shit, my bath, I forgot,” Bryan said angry at himself.

No big deal, here, hold on a sec,” I said as I moved the cart from the opening and turned around, scooped him up in my arms and out of the tent.

Okay, now this is gonna be a shocker to your body for sure,” I laughed

Yeah, I know but still has to happen,” Bryan said. “I think I'll do it just like you did.”

Okay, I'll take care of your back if you want and you do your front, okay?” I said.

Sounds good, lets do it,” Bryan said with a look of terror.

HOLY SHIT THAT”S FREEZING,” Bryan screamed as he splashed the water over the front of his body and face.

I didn't give him time to think much about it and scooped up water in my cupped hands and dropped it several times over his back. He jumped and shook and shivered, but got to hand it to him, he went through it completely, even doing his crotch and ass. I had some mercy on him and lifted him up in my hands out of the water, put him on the shoreline and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around him. He was shivering and I rubbed him kind of hard hoping the friction would warm him up. I was drying him off and then realized he could go into shock and I should have heated up water and let him do like a sponge bath or something with nice warm water not ice water. Oh well, next time for sure. I scooped him up in my arms with the towel wrapped around his body and got him into the tent on his sleeping bag. He was shaking like mad and I felt really sorry for him. He didn't stop shaking even after I wrapped him up good in his sleeping bag.

Okay, that's not cutting it Bryan. I'm going to hold you into my body so you can warm up and stop the shakes. Don't want you to deal with hypothermia on top of all the stuff healing,” I said.

Without waiting for him to say anything, I lifted the top of his sleeping bag, scooted up tight against him, lowered the top of the bag on top of us and pulled mine up against my back. I pulled him tight into my body with his head against the top of my chest, wrapped my legs around his and held him tight, using my hands to rub his back from his neck to his ass. He didn't object at all and slowly I could feel my body heat helping him get warm. He slowly stopped the shakes and then was very still. I moved him a bit and looked down to see him sound asleep. I didn't want to wake him and maybe get cold again so I just positioned myself to be comfortable and held him tight to my body. I woke up during the night to his cock pushing against my abs, poking me like crazy. I smiled and reached down, moved his cock so it was laying against his abs and pulled his abs tight against mine, squishing his cock in a body sandwich. My cock was hard too but it was in between his legs not poking a thing.

When the sun started to shine inside the tent opening, I stretched and yawned. Then I realized I had Bryan holding on to my body with his arms and legs. I hated to move he looked so content and peaceful. I figured I'd just stay put until he woke up. It didn't take long and he stretched, yawned and did a cute shake. He lifted his head up and then realized he was snuggled tight into my body. He wasn't sure what to do or how to move so I took care of that for him by just stretching and then moving out of the sleeping bag.

How do you feel?” I asked as I threw on a shirt before going out to piss and start up a fire for coffee.

Pretty good I think. Gosh Ted, I'm sure sorry I was rubbing so tight up against you,” Bryan said all red.

No big deal, you were shaking and freezing. I know that's one of the best ways to stop hypothermia is to get a warm body around a freezing one. It worked real good didn't it?” I said with a smile. “Besides, I sure didn't mind at all so chill dude.”

I left the tent with a big smile from the neat look on his face. He loved it I know and I bet he'll fake shivers to do it again if he can. Something just told me that would happen for sure now that he knew how I felt and that it was strictly medicinal. I did my thing and started up a fire, set up the coffee pot and was about to put together breakfast when Bryan came out of the tent, rather steady, but using the crutch I gave him more like a cane. He smiled and blushed at me and went off to do his thing. I dug out a big kind of bowl that was metal and filled it with water, put it by the fire to heat it up. That was going to be our washing water, no more cold shit even for me. When Bryan came back he stood there rubbing his hands over the fire.

Here you go,” I pointed to the bowl heating up. “Wash water, lesson learned!”

Oh thank god for that,” Bryan said relieved.

I handed him a rag and he washed his face and hands. I did the same and moved the pan off the rocks at the fire, poured us some coffee which was ready and sat cross legged by the fire. It felt really nice to get rid of the morning chill. Bryan did the same and he kept looking at me and smile then look at the fire deep in thought.

Feel up to a little walking today?” I asked.

Yeah, that would be a good thing I think,” Bryan said. “Suppose that heap there to the side is my bike huh?”

Yeah, kind of bent up wheel. Maybe we can fix it somewhat. We can try, that's for sure,” I laughed.

Well, I do have spare wheels at the prep camp, so if we can get it there, we will be able to use it. Sure beats walking all the time,” Bryan said with a smile.

Yeah, we can do that, just put it on top of my cart. Its not going to add any weight to it so big deal,” I laughed.

Cool,” Bryan smiled.

We did breakfast, cleaned up the dishes and stuff, went into the tent and got dressed. I put on a hoody on top of a cut off sleeve T shirt with shorts and my hiking boots. Bryan put on shorts, his hiking boots and a T shirt plus a sweat shirt on top of that with his hat and shades. I dug out my shades and away we went. We walked a bit down the river, over through a patch of the woods and ended back at the camp coming from the opposite direction we headed. It felt really good to walk around and Bryan didn't mind it at all. He said he felt good and probably could do lots more walking if I wanted him too.

That night over dinner we decided to pack up in the morning and head to his prepper camp. I was a bit excited about seeing it and wondered how he could work at it for so long. We cleaned everything up after using the warm wash water to take sponge baths. He volunteered to hit my back and I did his. It felt good, way better then the icy bath for sure plus his hands moving over my back felt really nice too. He went into the tent and I finished cleaning stuff up and then pulled the cart into the tent opening again. I turned around and sure enough, Bryan was shivering and shaking.

Hey, you okay?” I asked concerned.

Yeah, just chilled I guess. The warm water felt so good but I guess the chill of the evening air got to me,” Bryan said with a sad look.

Okay, we can handle that, no problem,” I smiled, stripped and got him set up in the sleeping bag.

Bryan was already naked so as I pulled him tight into my body with his head on my upper chest, I smiled knowing I was right. Just for kicks, I flexed my pecs slowly and my biceps as I pretended to move position. I heard him gasp and felt his cock poking into me again. I reached my hand down, laid his cock flat against his abs and pulled him into me tight with my hand on his ass. I put my legs under and over his, making sure to flex my thighs real good. Every move I made Bryan just gasped and tried to control his breathing but he was loosing the battle it seemed.

You like this don't you?” I said softly as I flexed a bit more. “Its okay Bryan, really, no problem at all. I don't mind so if you want to touch or anything, feel free, its all good.”

He took several deep breaths and shuddered.

I just can't help myself Ted, I feel so bad,” Bryan said softly.

So, go for it dude, I said its good so don't feel bad at all,” I said softly.

To get him to relax and just do what he probably wanted I began to massage his back and ass with my hands, slowly and flexing as I went. Soon, his face was snuggling into my flexing pecs. I reached over and took his hand, put it on top of my pec and held it there while I flexed it long and slow. He gasped and moaned. His cock was leaking like crazy so I put my hand right on his ass and began to slide him up and down, his cock fucking the skin on my abs which I flexed slowly. He moaned, groaned and I felt his mouth worshiping my pecs along with his hands which went from my pecs to my shoulders to my arms. I took the back of his head in my hand and pulled it backwards, leaned down my face and kissed him full on the mouth, softly and gently. I felt his entire body like go stiff and then felt my abs being coated with a lot of his cum.

Needed that huh?' I said softly. “Good, now see, no lightning struck us and you are fine. I said its all good so just feel good Bryan.”

He moved his head so he could look up at my face and reached his hand to my head and pulled my head down. He kissed me so passionately, I had to return the kiss. I slid him up my body so our faces were even and we began a hot and heavy make out session. My cock was rock hard in between his legs. He slowly moved his legs to caress and rub my cock like he was slow jerking me off. I moved my hips like I was fucking him and began breathing heavy. I had to be careful not to break his bones when I began to have an orgasm. He reached his hand down, pulled my cock up on top of his thighs and ran his flat hand up and down my cock as I jerked, flexed and kissed him like an animal. He coated my abs again. He surprised me when he lifted his hand which was covered in my cum to his mouth and licked it all off. I thought that was so hot. I rolled him onto his back and began to nibble, lick and kiss his body slowly from his neck down to his cock. I played with his balls in my mouth and then his cock. He was rock hard again and his body was wiggling in delight. I moved from his cock and balls to his mouth back and forth, playing with his pecs and nipples and working on his belly button which seemed sensitive to him. He started to breath fast and heavy and I sucked in his cock and balls, had my finger coated with his cum from his previous orgasm and rubbed a finger up and down his rosebud. That did it for him again as his cock began shooting cum into my mouth and I was sucking it out of him.

Let me have yours,” Bryan panted as he started to calm down.

I pushed up my body and moved him down so that his mouth was at my cock. I teased his mouth and tongue with the tip of my cock and then slowly started to push it into his mouth. He was like ravenous, his mouth and tongue going bonkers on my cock. I was surprised he was able to do that as my cock was kind of fat and long. Didn't seem to bother him at all. He took my shaft into his hand and took my balls in another, stroking my cock as he rolled and caressed my balls. I was fucking his mouth, pushing into his throat carefully so he wouldn't gag, but he seemed to know just how to breath and control his throat so that he didn't gag at all. I thought I would cum when he darted his face forward and my cock plunged deep in his throat and he tightened it and pulsed it around my cock. Holy shit that was hot and felt so wild. He relented and I pulled my cock back, slowly fucking him but picking up the pace. I felt this urge to just drown him in my cum, fill him up till his stomach burst. Well, he did that plunge of his face and had my cock tight in his pulsing throat. That did it, I felt my cock expand and then a super load after another began shooting down his throat. He hummed and moved his entire head like he wanted to suck my cock from my body. His hand was stroking hard and his other hand was just squeezing my balls tight enough to almost hurt but it added to the sensations of pure pleasure. When I finally stopped filling his throat, I pulled my cock slowly out but he began to suck and work his tongue all around the head of my cock and fucked my piss slit on top of it. I thought I'd die it felt so wild and good. Man I needed that so bad and hadn't had any sex in ages. This seemed to be more then just sex though. Tender, passionate and full of desire by both of us. I finally had to pull my cock fully out of his mouth. I slid down his body with mine and gave him such a passionate kiss, my tongue tasting my cum that he coaxed out before I pulled out of his mouth. It felt so damn good having my body envelop his completely.

I looked at his face and he had the most beautiful, content smile and look about his face, I had to kiss his eyes, nose and chin. Damn I liked this guy big time. Who'd have thought that I'd end up with him in my arms during the mess going on. Who cared, not me, Bryan feeling good mattered now more then anything. I had to protect him and keep him happy any way I could. I intended to make him mine completely, all mine. This opportunity I would not let pass like I did others. No, Bryan and I were going to be close, very close indeed.

I slid to my side off of him and pulled him into my body, kissing his head as my hands massaged his back and ass.

I guess its safe to say you liked that huh?” I said softly with a smile.

No, I loved it Ted, absolutely without a doubt loved it, thank you,” Bryan said as he squeezed me.

No thanks needed guy. I think there will be lots of that and more in the future. Yeah, no doubt in my mind,” I laughed.

Good, makes anything we have to deal with worth it, just to end up like this in your arms, safe, secure and happy,” Bryan sighed.

Then I moved away from him slightly as I felt his body relax completely. He still had that look and smile but was sound asleep. I kissed his lips gently, pulled him into me and fell asleep with a smile on my face as well.