The Disaster Part 3

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Days went by and Bryan and I became very close, even able to pretty much know what each was thinking or finishing sentences, stuff like that. It was super nice to have someone that special in my life. I know Bryan felt the same way as he was living his life as a confirmed loner. We both agreed we were pretty dumb living that way as you slowly loose interest in things, there's nobody to share any exciting things with, holidays are nothing but depression no matter how loud you say they don't really matter. Anyway, we were really tight and a true couple, partners more like it, way past boyfriends for sure.

There were more small groups of pretty pathetic looking people moving through the forest, not even bothering to check out the lake because they couldn't see it from where they were heading. They were more raggedy with each passing week and month. Both Bryan and I noticed that there were no kids in any of the groups. Mostly a group of males with maybe 2 or 3 females but that was pretty much it. Oh, and nobody was older then 50 for sure. It was kind of strange when we thought about it, like all the kids died off already and so did the old people. Made some sense since there was no way to get shipments of medicines lots of older people need for diabetes, heart problems, all that stuff. Probably by now if you got cut or hurt bad, odd were you would die of the infection or blood poisoning since the supply of antibiotics was probably used up and penicillin would be for sure.

One late afternoon while we were goofing off in the lake we heard this strange sound that was getting louder and louder. It seemed to be coming from the sky of all places. We looked toward the direction the sound seemed to be coming from and were floored when a formation of WWII planes flew over in formation with one spotter like plane much lower, almost tree top. Looked like that plane was looking for camps of people or something since there sure were no moving armies near us unless they were super stealthy. It gave us a weird feeling, not knowing if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

Well, kind of makes sense when you think about it,” Bryan said. “Old planes like that, hell, even cars, trucks and trains from then didn't have any complicated electronics in them. They should be able to fix what they can find and start using them. Problem would be fuel though as the entire refining process for gasoline is computer driven and controlled. They'd have to dig up an old timer and some manuals to be able to do the refining the way it was done way back when.”

Yeah, that makes sense, wonder what was taking the geniuses so long to figure that out and make it happen,” I wondered out loud.

Well think about it Ted,” Bryan said, “first off they'd have to deal with the panicked citizens all over where the old stuff probably could be found. Then, they'd have to find mechanics who knew how to work on them, enough fuel to get them running and parts. If they were lucky some tool and dye shops could fabricate what parts they might need, but that's a long shot and sure would be complicated and take time.”

You're right, but still. Did we get that stupid to completely loose those skills in this country?” I said sadly.

Well, neither you nor I had any mechanical training did we? If it was available would we have taken it? When's the last time you went out with your antique car club?” Bryan laughed.

Okay, no need to push the point that hard into my head,” I said pretending to be hurt.

Now you know I was not trying to hurt your poor wittle feelins darlin,” Bryan said making a funny face as he took my face in his hands and shook my head.

Now your gonna be in for it!” I yelled as I grabbed hold of him, lifted him up high and threw him far into the water, dived in after him and did it again when he came up for air.

We played like that for a bit and then we had to make up of course, Right as we were getting into a good make out session, Bryan froze.

You play around in the water and don't look where I'm going. Somebody is coming this way from that side of the lake. The ducks got spooked and took off screaming their heads off. I'm guessing its not some bear but a human. I'm going to sneak around with my weapon, in the brush to see if I can spot who or what it is with the binoculars,” Bryan whispered in my ear.

Okay, here I go playing,” I said stupidly jumping up and diving, swimming, diving, splashing like a goof.

Bryan did just what he said, crawling on his belly out of the river and dragged his weapon, binoculars, shirt and shoes into the brush and then was gone. I kept jumping and splashing around in different directions so I could take a look in the direction Bryan pointed to see if I noticed anybody there. Suddenly I heard a shot, lots of yelling and stuff. My heart sank thinking that maybe Bryan was shot or hurt or who knows what happened. I was just about to get out of the lake and head over that way when I heard Bryan shouting orders at somebody. I got out of the lake, put on my shoes and pants, picked up my weapon and walked towards the direction of Bryan's voice.

I came to a small cleared area I didn't know was even there and saw a guy in shorts, no shirt, a baseball cap on his knees, hands on top of his head.

Who's that?” I asked once I was close to them.

Wish you wouldn't have come here, but your here, so nothing to be done about that now,” Bryan said agitated.

I'm sorry, I had no clue if you were shot or hurt. What was I supposed to do?” I said in my defense.

Yeah, I'm sorry, okay, this is the guy that spooked the ducks,” Bryan said poking the guy with the barrel of his rifle.

I wasn't doing anything wrong. Just trying to see if I could snare a duck to eat is all. I have been watching you guys for some time now from that side of the lake,” the guy said a bit nervous as he looked up at me. “I'm pretty sure I passed you on my bike on my way to my bug out camp.”

So this must be the guy who rode past you after I did huh?” Bryan said with his face looking all mean.

I guess, didn't really get a good look at his face,” I said trying to see if there was anything about him that would spark a memory or something.

Honest, I can take you to my bug out place to prove it. My bike is even still working and there. I remember seeing you at one of those prepper conferences a few years back. Had no idea you had a camp yourself near this lake. My name is Hank by the way,” Hank said trying to smile at us.

So why haven't you made yourself known all this time?” Bryan asked Hank.

You know the answer to that. I had no idea if you at first were just passing through like all those others or real preppers with a bug out place close by. I saw those 2 losers you took out a few months back, figured you were a prepper for sure and acting on the guides we all were taught. I don't want nothing and ain't lookin to go to your bug out camp either,” Hank said.

Yeah, he's right so far,” Bryan said seriously. “Well, we don't want to know where your site is either. Maybe a useful truce is in order. Has to be a bit lonely for you all on your own if you are all on your own. Might be good for both of us, keeping an eye out for trouble from 3 directions instead of just one like now.”

I'm willing. Like I said not looking for any help or trouble,” Hank said.

Well, okay then, how about we take it slow at first and just meet up every other day in this clearing so we can build up some trust in each other before becoming family,” Bryan said.

Sounds fine to me. Good idea,” Hank said.

I'm Bryan by the way and this is Ted,” Bryan said helping Hank to stand up.

Pleasure I hope,” I laughed shaking Hanks hand as he looked me over real good.

You one of them champion body builder guys?” Hank asked. “Sure as shit look like one. Damn man, you are a sight to look at.”

Well thanks I think!” I laughed. “No, used to be into that but into power lifting for awhile now.”

Bryan and Hank shook hands and talked prepper stuff. Hank was close to 50 I'd guess. Burly, around 6'3” and 240 lbs or more, very solid, tanned and thick neck. Another one with a body that spoke of hard heavy work, like construction or something like that. He was hairy for sure but bald head and only a long mustache. His hands were thick and calloused and he did have a very strong looking back and shoulders. If you looked at him from a distance, you'd think his arms were fat or swollen, but up close you'd see they were hard muscle with lots of thick veins and hair on them. Just guessing, in a fight he could overpower Bryan fairly easy and give me one hell of run for the money. The man looked like he could take an awful lot of punishment if he had to based on the scars here and there and the broken nose he had stopped having set. He had some really neat tats on his arms, pecs and back. An ex Marine or something like that I'd guess.

Have you talked with any of the stragglers that have been filing past us?” Hank asked.

No, stayed hidden and away from them. Never know how quick an engagement could go south now,” Bryan said.

Yeah I know about that,” Hank said. “Had my own run in with some low life's who mistook me for some old fart scared of them. Oh and by the way, I am a loner, no partner or anybody else with me.”

Thanks for that,” Bryan said shaking Hank's hand. “Looks like you were in the service huh?”

Yeah, Marines for around 20 years and then had to get out. Couldn't take the bullshit anymore after one too many tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Hank said sadly.

Thanks for serving,” I said patting him on his bicep.

Well that's thoughtful and nice of you Ted, thank you,” Hank smiled and took my hand in his solid hand.

Say, what did you think of that formation of vintage planes?” Bryan asked.

Something about that just bothers me for some damn reason. Its killing me not knowing what is going on our there,” Hank said seriously. “I've been really thinking of taking a snoop look for myself back towards the city to see if I can find anything out.”

I sure don't want to go anywhere near the city now for sure,” I said with a laugh.

Yeah, sorry to say I don't either. Just see it as more bad trouble then its worth. Got a Ham Radio I'm trying to fix up so maybe something will come on that to tell us what's going on,” Bryan said.

Good for you. Hope you get it working soon. Something tells me there's more bullshit coming down now and I kind of doubt its from what was our government,” Hank said sadly. “I probably will head down there just to see for myself. I'll let you know I'm back so you don't shoot my ass!”

Oh I'm sorry about that, but I did shoot in the air you know,” Bryan laughed.

Yeah, I saw how you took those loser's out with one shot each. Pretty damn good shooting my friend,” Hank said patting Bryan on his shoulder.

Well, you stay safe and be sure to let us know when you come back,” Bryan said shaking Hank's hand.

Pleasure meeting up with you guys even though Bryan here has one hell of way of sending an invite,” Hank laughed shaking both our hands, waving and heading back to his bug out place.

Wow, nice guy I think,” I said with a smile.

We don't really know that just yet, but yeah, I'm kind of thinking the same thing myself. Hope he comes back all safe and sound,” Bryan said as we walked back to the lake to watch the sunset. “He sure was busy checking you out I noticed.”

What can I say? Seem to just have that effect on people,” I laughed doing a flex pose.

Uh huh? Did that big tough Marine turn you on?” Bryan asked with a serious look.

What? Well, I sure wouldn't push him out of my bed if that's what you mean. So guys like that always caught my eye, nothing new I'm afraid,” I smiled at Bryan. “What, does that make you feel jealous?”

Shit, yeah, I guess it does,” Bryan said with a blush and his head down.

That is so fuckin sweet Bryan, thank you,” I said hugging him tight and kissing him. “You have to really care about someone in order to feel jealousy.”

Well shit Ted, you know I am completely nuts for you and feel you think the same about me, right?” Bryan said.

Damn right I do Bryan. Maybe we should remind each other verbally of just how we do love each other huh?” I said hugging him again.

Yeah, you are right. Positive reinforcement is a good thing,” Bryan laughed taking my neck in his hands and pulling me into a hot passionate kiss.

Well, that led to a super fuck session right there in the lake. I think we are very luck we didn't drown for how wild we got with each other. One thing for sure, Bryan was like a wild animal when he was being fucked. That man loved it with a passion. Not that I didn't, but not as wild as he did.

A few weeks went by without any sign Hank came back. Then one morning, when we went to the lake to wash up and swim a bit before the super cold weather came in, there was Hank, on the side shoreline, waving his arms at us. We walked around the bend of the lake as he did, meeting about half way. Hank grabbed Bryan in a hug and then me, I'm sure he gave me a bit more of a squeeze then Bryan, but can't really be sure.

Man its good to see you,” Bryan laughed. “We were getting really worried something had happened to you.”

Well thanks, that's mighty nice to hear you guys,” Hank said with a super nice smile. “Almost did by the way.”

Let me go get us something to drink and eat maybe so you can tell us all about your adventure,” I said.

Sounds like a plan, but I'm going to get something for us too, so how about we meet up right here on the lake?” Hank offered.

Sure, that would be good,” Bryan said with a big smile.

We each went to our bug out camps, gathered some things to eat and drink and headed back to the beach. Hank was already there with a small fire going.

Figured we might need to heat up some water or such, so I got a fire going, if that's okay with you,” Hank said to Bryan.

Hank, we're both preppers on neutral ground so you do what the hell you feel like,” Bryan said seriously.

Okay then, see, already a part of a treaty is in place,” Hank laughed.

So tell us, what happened?” I said all excited for news.

Hank proceeded to tell us how he didn't run into anyone most of the way to the city. He saw lots of smoke rising in the air from the direction of the city and figured things were still burning or it was the accumulation of a bunch of individual fires, burning everything and anything that could burn no matter what kind of toxins it gave off. When he made it to the outskirts of a suburb, it looked like a tornado hit the place with how destroyed all the houses were. He only caught sight of one or two poor shaped people running around trying to hide and being really bad at it on top of it. He made it to the far side of the city and saw barricades and guards with a wide no mans zone that was a street that seemed to be some sort of a border. Kind of reminded him of the Berlin wall when it was up. He saw men on the east side area who looked pretty nasty and dirty compared to the clean and very organized looking guys on the west side. He figured if he was to make any contact it would be with the guys on the west side. He went far around to the middle of the west side and ran into a man who was supposedly on guard duty. Hank scared the crap out of the man but quickly calmed him down telling him he was a prepper just come to see what news he could find out about what was going on. The man calmed down and took Hank to a guard area and told them what Hank had told them. A man came up to Hank, recognized some of his tats and shook his hand. The guy it turns out was a fellow Marine, same damn unit too but after Hanks tours. He took Hank in to the headquarters and introduced Hank to the Mayor and Military Commander of the area. They welcomed him and tried to convince him to join in their group which Hank refused politely.

He asked what was going on with the 'Berlin Wall' thing and was told how things were in the city. On this side, people banded together to help each other and grown things, make things, all the stuff needed for people to actually have a shot at surviving. The other side was pure hell, wild top dog rules shit and slavery on top of it all. They mentioned the flight of aircraft and told of leaflets that were dropped from the lower plane over the city. They handed Hank some. It was almost like a mini newspaper. The airplanes were from the New American States Military Alliance, made up of what was left over from USA, Canadian and Mexican air forces. The EMP decimated just about all of North America. More went off over the developed countries of South America like Brazil and Argentina, most of Europe and the Middle East were hit as well. Container boats loaded with Jihadists landed on the east coast concentrating on killing staff and guards of nuclear power stations and messing up just right the fail safe systems so the reactors began to go through melt down. There were some explosions which sent nuclear radiation into the atmosphere and spread over large parts of the east coast, killing loads of people slowly from radiation poisoning since there was no way of getting out any kind of warning.

A wild ass group of militia struck Washington DC and captured a whole bunch of elected officials, had a mock trial blaming all of them for what happened and killed every one of them by firing squads. The capital building was blown up along with the White House and Supreme Court. The militia set up themselves as the government and rules over a large part of the northeastern US and into Canada. Another group of Jihadists joined by cartel gangs pushed up from Mexico into southern California and Texas killing mercilessly and hitting nuclear power plants there. They were either wiped out or pushed back in Texas but not California where they made it all the way up into British Columbia. It was a real nightmare as there was nobody really to help the citizens. Some military bases organized and put up a good fight, but had no way of getting supplies and ammunition to them so they just melted away to fight another day hopefully.

The New American Military Alliance is finally pushing back but only taking on one group at a time. Its taking them a long time and many battles to take part of southern California back and hook up with units that formed in Texas who got the old equipment working. They did manage to put together weapons plants that produced ammunition and a small amount of rifles for the Alliance, but the knowledge is spreading and more workshops are coming on line all the time. Make no mistake, the Alliance is a dictatorship and assumes full power in areas they take over, but to all the citizens that come under their leadership, its a true blessing after the Jihadists and cartel gangs.

In the city the 'good guys' are close to starting up their own munitions workshop and are nearly completed with getting lots of the old cars and trucks working again. They are trying to stick to diesel as it can burn vegetable oil which some of the farmers around are helping to make.

Wow, things sure ain't what they used to be,” I said sadly.

You can say that again Ted. Nothing is the same anymore. Only good thing is that more and more of the smart educated ones are grouping together to work on solutions to all the immediate problems like food, power, clean water, all that stuff, including medicine,” Hank said sipping his coffee.

He left the city with some papers he was given and shared them with us. It was like looking at something written in the 18th century from some museum. Hank said the west side had their shit together good and was eventually planning on 'liberating' the rest of the city from the animals running that hell hole. People in the zone he was in looked fairly healthy and happy. It was kind of nice he said seeing people actually coming together for the good of all.

I sort of wonder though what it will turn into if and when the Alliance makes its way into the city,” Hank said thoughtfully. “Somehow I just don't see those in charge bowing out gracefully.”

Yeah, probably start up a war,” Bryan said sadly. “Just what everyone needs now, more macho shitheads trying to rule the world.”

Afraid that is just what it is now guy,” Hank said with a sad smile. “Who knows how long we'll be safe here until the Alliance army comes trudging through and probably confiscates anything and everything we have.”

Damn, didn't figure on that scenario,” Bryan said.

Me neither so don't feel bad about that,” Hank said patting Bryan on the back.

So what exactly can we do?” I asked not having a clue as to what was needed.

Well, eventually going to have to head a bit up the mountain and find some sheltered place out of the view of anyone passing by, get our stuff relocated and lay low until things settle down again,” Hank offered. “If I remember right, where we are is right on the path an army might take to hit the city, unless they come from the south. Hard to figure but I don't advise sitting here and finding out.”

You are right Hank, good idea,” Bryan said. “If you are willing, we can join up and increase our chances maybe.”

Yeah, having 3 sets of eyes and ears is way better then just 1 set, that's for damn sure,” Hank laughed. “Its fine with me if you guys want us all to join together.”

What do you think Ted,” Bryan asked me.

Well, we've been here talking and sharing a meal and drink and nobody killed or wounded anybody so I'd guess that's a good sign isn't it?” I offered.

I like how you think Ted,” Hank laughed and patted me on my thigh. “So I guess first thing is to head towards the mountain and find us a new home.”

Yep, that's got to be the first thing for sure. No point lugging stuff to a place we have no clue exists,” Bryan stated.

I agree totally with you Bryan. So what say we meet up tomorrow morning super early here and head off to find us a new home,” Hank said.

I'm in,” Bryan said.

Me too,” I said.

Well then, guess we best get some stuff packed for our trip and head on out,” Hank said.

Hank put out the fire and we all cleaned things up so no trace was left that we were there. He gave Bryan and me a hug which of course we returned. It actually was feeling nice to know there were going to be 3 of us helping out and watching out for one another.

Hey Bryan, think it makes sense to use my cart like I did on the way here? We could take a lot more then just with back packs,” I asked.

You know, you are right Ted, that would make sense,” Bryan said. “Didn't have any problem on the way out here and sure was handy having all that stuff available when we made camp. Lets do that.”

We picked out stuff that made sense for the trip, especially camping stuff and weapons. It was great for the sleeping bags and tent and all the other miscellaneous stuff like for cooking, eating kind of stuff. Medical supplies and important stuff was packed into the backpacks along with some spare clothes just one change worth and others put into the cart. It was rather exciting getting ready for the trip as we had been in the bug out place for a very long time it seemed.

Bryan and I fucked like teens since we had no idea if we could with Hank around. I wasn't going to complain of course and did my part admirably. The next morning, we got dressed, put some more food stuffs in the cart and headed out to meet Hank.

Say, that is a great idea you guys have there with that cart,” Hank said looking it over.

Yeah, its Ted's and he handled it on his own from the city. Saved us on the way to the bug out site and my life too,” Bryan said proudly.

Wow Ted, good thinking on your part I'd say,” Hank said patting my shoulder. “I'd guess with those mountain bike like tires and how its balanced, it would be fairly easy to pull, especially some big guys like us.”

Yep it sure is and was, even on steep inclines,” I said proudly.

Well, lets head out then,” Hank said with a laugh.

We headed towards the mountains and once they were in sight and at the river Bryan and I camped by, we decided to set up a camp for the night. The cart did indeed work very well for us which made me feel really good.

Well, I best set up my tent so we can maybe enjoy a meal and maybe a bath,” Hank said.

Believe me, we'll have to heat up some water on the fire first. The water is near freezing and Bryan almost was done in by hypothermia,” I said seriously.

Okay, I'll have a check though before having to go through all sorts of trouble,” Hank laughed.

Its no trouble really. We can share the water for washing easily like Bryan and I did,” I said.

I suppose that makes a lot of sense,” Hank said after thinking about it.

And don't bother setting up your tent, you can share ours. Our combined body heat should keep us all nice and toasty once the sun sets and it gets cold,” Bryan said.

Are you sure? Its no real trouble for me to set up a tent,” Hank said.

Positive. It's a good idea. Come on, put your stuff in the cart cause we pull it into the opening of the tent with a rope tied on one of our feet just in case a visitor decides to help themselves to it,” I said with a laugh.

You boys have thought of just about everything haven't you,” Hank laughed.

No, just obvious things I think. I know there are lots of things we didn't think about so don't give us a whole ton of credit Hank,” Bryan laughed.

Okay you 2, enough banter, lets get something to eat and then wash before bed time. Looks like its going to get dark pretty soon,” I said.

Real slave driver this one eh?” Hank whispered to Bryan.

I heard that,” I laughed.

We cooked up a nice warm dinner and Hank made a super good tea for us to drink. Bryan took a metal pail and filled it with water before we began to cook, using stones like I did when we warmed water on the way. Hank for some reason was impressed. I dug out the towels from the cart and handed one to Bryan and to Hank along with wash cloths and a bar of soap. I stripped down as Hank, I know, watched intently. Bryan was already stripped and washing before I did and then Hank followed, watching how I washed quickly and rinsed off. I'd swear Hank was about to really pop a boner but he stopped it by dunking his soapy wash cloth in the ice cold river water and wiping his cock and balls. Yep, that killed it for sure. His cock was impressive and fit him very well. It was for sure a no nonsense brute with thick veins, a very impressive head and he was cut. His balls were indeed bull balls and covered with a nice layer of fur. His pubes were really thick and long like a fur coat for his cock. His thighs were thick and very well muscled and had a nice thick layer of fur covering them. He looked hot as hell with his body fur all wet. He also had a super sexy and thick ass that spoke of power. There was nothing soft about Hanks' body at all.

I got the feeling he was a bit nervous when we were all finished washing and dried off getting quickly inside the tent to get out of the night air that was getting colder by the minute. He watched as Bryan just laid down naked in a sleeping bag and I laid down next to him.

Come on Hank, don't be shy,” I laughed.

Yeah Hank, lights out already,” Bryan laughed.

You know guys, I know you 2 are lovers and that's fine with me. I just feel bad that I'm a left shoe to you guys,” Hank said as he laid down in his sleeping bag which I pulled up close to me.

Hank, you are certainly not a left shoe at all,” Bryan said. “There is a thing called a 3 way you know.”

I was actually shocked to hear Bryan say that to Hank. We never talked about it other then teasing before when we first met Hank and Bryan got all jealous. Hank didn't say anything for awhile.

Well, if you guys are sure,” Hank whispered. “I'm sure game.”

There you go, nothing lost, nothing lost,” Bryan laughed. “Sex with Ted is always a gain to me.”

Yeah, I've seen how the 2 of you go at it. Sure gave me something to jerk off to I'll tell yah,” Hank laughed.

He was not bashful at all. He turned on to his side, reached an arm over me as he slid in tight and began to massage and feel up Bryan's body. His other hand took me by the back of my neck and man did he give me a hot long kiss. His tongue was well trained I think as the man knew just what and how to do things with it to make a man nutso. Holy shit it felt so hot to touch his pecs and abs. I had one hand over on Bryan's cock and then I felt Hanks' cock push against my forearm as I was feeling his pecs and abs. I gently took it into my hand and slow stroked it which started his precum to flow and I do mean flow. He was still working on my mouth and tongue when I took his cock and began stroking it and as soon as I did, I almost came right then and there from the sound and feel of his growl reverberating in my mouth. Then, Bryan got on his side and pulled in close to me. I was soon being handed from one face to another as both were kissing me, feeling up my pecs, abs, cock and balls. I was very busy lightly stroking Bryan and Hank's cocks as they worked me over at the same time. Bryan surprised me by partially going on my body to pull Hank's head towards his and they began to kiss hot and heavy as well. Boy it was really sexy the 3 of us kissing each other and feeling up our bodies. Hank, moved down and worked my pecs in his mouth and with his tongue. Damn that man knew how to do it. His big rough hands were so gentle but yet you knew they were rough and powerful somehow and that seemed to intensify the sensations. I gasped when he sucked in my entire cock into his mouth as his hand played gently with my balls. Bryan and I were making out and when I gasped, I felt Bryan smile. I broke the kiss with Bryan and told him to sit on my face, I wanted his ass. He wasted no time and was sitting with his ass teasing my mouth and tongue before lowering it. His gasp and moan always made me feel so good, but the addition of Hank devouring my cock completely well that nearly set me over the edge.

Hank blew my mind when he was suddenly in between my legs and holding my ass cheeks up in the air and his tongue began working in and on my ass. Wow, his tongue was long, wide and like the rest of him, powerful. It went where it wanted, pushing anything in its way aside. I suddenly had this need to have Hank fuck me with his huge cock for some silly reason. Coordinating it would be a bit tricky I thought at first but then an idea struck me. I'd fuck Bryan as Hank fucked me. That sounded hot and lots of fun besides.

Guys, time out, got something going here,” I managed to say pushing Bryan's ass up from my mouth.

Mmmm,” was Hanks response as he was on some mission inside my ass with his tongue.

Okay, to make sure we all get what I think we all want, I suggest, Bryan, you lay down on your side with your back to me and I'll lay on my side facing your back so I can fuck you. Hank, you lay on your side against my back and you fuck me,” I said happily for some reason. “How does that sound?”

The only answer I got was both Bryan and Hank somehow in the suggested positions like magic. I laughed.

I see you boys like that idea huh?” I laughed.

I pulled Bryan's head slightly so I could kiss him as I slid my slick cock into his ass. He went bonkers like usual. I could feel Hank slowly jerking his cock, and then rubbing the tip tight against my rosebud to slick me up. He got super close to my backside, reached over me and took hold of Bryan's hip as his cock began to push slowly inside my puckering ass. Damn it was so unreal the sensations that caused. My cock began to like pulse as Hank's monster moved deeper and deeper inside of me which in turn drove Bryan wild. Hank was making love with his lips and tongue to my ear, neck and shoulder. I turned my head towards him and he gave me the sexiest deep tongue kiss ever. He slowly began moving his cock just about fully out of me and then slowly back in deep till his super fury bush was pushing against my ass cheeks. When he was pulling his cock out of me, I was doing the same with Bryan. When Hank moved his cock back in, so did I. The moans, groans and growls coming from the tent had to scare the crap out of the animals near us. Hank would move his arm and work his hand on my pecs and abs and I would do the same to Bryan. Hank was the one to start to speed things up with his thrusts which made me speed my thrusts up. Bryan was actually screaming and swearing like a good trooper, he already had one orgasm and was going for number 2. His second orgasm set me off which then set Hank off. His arm grabbed tight onto Bryan's hip and he pulled him so tight into me and me into him, I was sure I would be crushed. Hank had his teeth on my neck and then shoulder, his body was super tense and his thrusts were like long jack hammer strikes as his cock was blasting my insides full of his cum. I thought I shot a lot of cum, but in comparison to Hank, mine was just barely like his first shot. It seemed he just was not going to stop. I could feel his cum shooting out fast and hard around his cock out of my ass as I don't think my insides could handle as much as he was shooting inside of me.

Bryan was already passed out and sleeping very soundly with a super content smile on his face. My cock slid out of his ass and I kissed his cheek. Hank had to have been watching because as soon as I kissed Bryan's cheek, his one arm slid under my body and the other over my side and on top and he pulled me tight into his body, his mouth working hard on my ear, neck and shoulder. I moved as best I could to get him on his back and me on top of him, his cock still fully charged and locked inside of me. He let go of me and let me position myself however I wanted. I moved so I could lay down on top of him and still have his cock inside of me. I began to kiss him deeply and slide up and down his body. His arms locked on me and he controlled how my body moved on his now. He moved, sitting up with me sitting on his lap my legs against his sides, his cock really deep inside of me. He held on to my ass cheeks and lifted me and then slid me back down on his cock as we kissed so very passionately. He broke the kiss and began sucking and nibbling and licking on my pecs and sucking in and teasing my nipples with his teeth. Shit this man was a sex beast for sure. I had another orgasm from my cock rubbing against his abs as he slid me up and down. I felt like a kid in a big mans hands and I know I loved it, big time. Its great being dominant like I am with Bryan, but its a super rare treat when I'm dominated, willingly that is.

Hank's arms slammed around me tight, he growled and grunted as he slammed my body down hard onto his cock and began another monster load of cum filling my ass. I really felt how powerful Hank was by the pressure my body felt as he held me so tight in his arms. I know he was holding back otherwise I would be screaming in some real pain as he was crushing my ribs and back even though I was powerful there myself. I thought his tongue was going to lodge deep in my throat so he could lick the tip of his cock. When he finally calmed down, he had his head buried in my shoulder, panting and breathing super heavy, trying to calm down. He was soaked in sweat and that just made his hair feel super sexy to me.

So, was that good for you?” I laughed as I kissed his forehead and ear.

Holy fuck. That has to be the best damn sex I've ever had and that's no exaggerating. Damn that was so good. I don't want to stop,” Hank said with gasps.

So, I can take it I think, don't stop till your finished big guy,” I said kissing him.

We kissed gently and slowly for some time. Then holding on to me with one arm, Hank turned us around so I was on my back and he was on top of me. I locked my legs around his waist and he started some hard serious fucking. He took his hands and pushed down as his hands squeezed tight on my shoulder joint, pinning me down tight so I wouldn't slide with his thrusts. I swear his cock head was going to push out of my mouth, it felt even bigger then before for some damn reason. Holy shit I was being power fucked for sure. He sounded like a wild animal with his heavy breathing, growls and grunts. He would push his head down hard against my neck, lift it up and kiss me, then like stretch his body forward as his cock kept ramming like a jack hammer relentlessly. I got to bite and suck on his pecs which made him growl and slam his cock even harder into me. Don't ask me how, but damn, I had another orgasm. He finally wrapped his arms around me and grunted like a bull as he shot yet another massive load of cum into me. It blew my mind that anyone could have that much cum after multiple orgasms. His balls were huge for a good reason obviously. He collapsed like a wet noodle on top of me, panting and grunting, gasping and trying to catch his breath. His deep gasps made his abs and chest expand on me, pushing down on mine hard. I wrapped my arms around his back and hugged him as I gently began kissing his neck and when he lifted his head, I was kissing him super soft and gentle and he was doing the same to me.

You know Ted, if I wasn't a good guy, I'd want you for myself completely,” Hank whispered in between kisses. “I've never met a man who can take what I give in order to feel satisfied like I do right now. You are amazing to me that you took all I had to give without a whimper and willingly yet.”

You amaze me big guy,” I smiled. “I've never known anyone who could shoot so damn much cum with every damn orgasm like you did stud. I loved it. I liked being manhandled by you. It never happened outside of those jerks in the woods, that I was actually dominated by another man. I wanted you to do just that and I loved every second of it. Thank you Hank.”

Holy shit, and he thanks me on top of it,” Hank laughed. “That's it, Bryan is toast for sure, he's a goner now.”

Hank, don't even kid about that please!” I said seriously pushing his upper body up so I could look right into his face. “I love Bryan and I couldn't feel anywhere near that with anybody who hurt him in any way. You need to know that Hank.”

I know that and I won't kid around about that Ted, I'm really sorry,” Hank said with a worried look. “You have to know I was teasing and not serious Ted. I'd never do anything to hurt you or Bryan, especially after tonight. You have to believe me about this.”

I do believe you Hank. I'm sorry I over reacted to your teasing. Its just with times being what they are, you just never know when somebody might actually think that's an okay thing to do,” I said. “Okay, subject closed, next chapter in the works.”

Hank laughed, kissed me and rolled on to his side, slowly taking his softening cock out of me. I know I really freaked him out when I moved down when he was fully out of me and I took his mostly soft cock fully into my mouth and sucked out some cum from his cock and cleaned off his balls as well.

Your going to get me going all over again if you don't stop doing that Ted,” Hank laughed and growled.

Okay, I'll stop. Just wanted to be sure you would sleep good and not be bothered by dried up cum in the morning,” I said as I sat up, leaned down and kissed him. “Okay, good night stud, happy dreams.”

I snuggled into Bryan and Hank then snuggled into me. Boy it felt so good sleeping that way. Hank was the first to getup. He stretched and yawned, kissed my neck and squeezed my ass cheek, got up, went out to piss and then make a fire and coffee. Bryan was next, turning over and stretching, smiling at me and kissing me. He sat up, took my cock in his hand and kissed and licked the head, squeezed it and stood up and stretched again with a super big smile on his face.

That was awesome last night wasn't it?” Bryan said happily. “I could tell that Hank sure did a number on you didn't he?”

Holy shit did he ever. If we had to live on cum to survive, he's is the mother load for sure. I've never even heard of a man that could shoot out so damn much cum even after 3 orgasms. The man is not natural at all,” I laughed.

Yeah, but he's good ain't he?” Bryan laughed. “Okay sex fiend, time for a piss and some breakfast I think. Lets get a move on here.”

When we came out of the tent, Hank was stooped down making a nice fire and getting the coffee pot going. I slowly ran my hand across his shoulder as I walked past him and went off to piss. I turned around and saw Bryan actually stop, bend down and hold Hank's face in his hands as he gave him a super nice passionate kiss. When Bryan turned to walk towards me, Hank slapped him on his ass cheek laughing away.

It was obvious both boys enjoyed our sex romp very much. Something told me it was going to be a routine thing for the 3 of us.