The Disaster Part 4

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Everyone was really up and happy after the super sex romp we had. I was completely blown away by Hank and knew if I hadn't fallen in love with Bryan, I'd be Hank's really fast. Trudging through the forest towards the mountain was kind of fun. Hank was good at telling funny stories and Bryan kept letting me know I was his, probably a bit jealous still of Hank.

We reached the base of the mountain just before sunset and Hank suggested we make a quick camp for the night so we could head up the mountain to find a good cave hideout. Bryan agreed with him as did I. So, it was just like the night before, setting up a tent for the 3 of us, making dinner, washing up and then getting comfy in the sleeping bag all set for beddy bye. After another terrific sex romp that is. Hank was so damn good at taking control and yet being very gentle and considerate. Bryan was as usual extremely happy as long as he was fucked and could make out with both Hank and me. Damn Hank was good at sex. He knew just how to combine his lips, tongue, fingers and body to get me really into a pleasure high, which is what sex with Hank seemed to give me. I think he really paid close attention to the sounds I made when he did certain things and how I moved my body in response as well.

Just like the previous night, I fucked Bryan while Hank fucked me. Bryan passed out with a big smile on his face and Hank was just getting started. He waited until I kissed Bryan on the cheek before sitting up, reaching over to put his hands on my waist and lifting me on to his lap, his cock sliding right back in, even deeper then before. I gasped and shuddered at the display of his power and control over me. You have to remember, I am no skinny light weight but in his able hands that is what I felt like. I was completely at his mercy when it came to sex for sure. He already knew just how to work on my ears, neck and nipples to drive me insane with desire. His cock worked all sorts of magic inside of me. My favorite was how thick and fat it got as he was getting closer to an orgasm and those big veins rubbed across my prostrate along with the rim of his cock head. Again, he got me to cum 2 times before he nearly crushed me in his arms while filling me up with his cum. He flopped down panting, trying to catch his breath as I slid off of his cock, got between his legs and took it as deep as I could down my throat. He shot up like a spring trap and rammed my head down hard on his cock as he had another orgasm and I don't mean some little dribble either. Nope, it was a Hank super load like all of his seemed to be. When he seemed to have finished his orgasm, he grabbed on to me and pulled me on top of his body, one hand tight on my ass cheek and one on my upper back, his tongue ravaging my mouth and throat like only Hank could do it seemed. We were both exhausted so he turned on to his side letting me loose so I could turn over and spoon with Bryan as he spooned me, except this time he put his cock right back inside of my ass and growled which gave me shudders.

I woke up when a sound woke me up. It was weird to me, but then when it happened a few more times, I realized it was some animal out there probably looking for a trick. Hanks cock was still buried deep inside of me and when I wiggled my ass around, his monster arm just pulled me tight into his body and his hips seemed to go on auto pilot pushing his cock in and out of my ass again. I sighed and just barely was able to get back to sleep. It was truly something new for me, falling asleep while being fucked. When morning came, I knew I was filled yet again with a Hank super load of cum after I fell asleep. I was the only one left inside of the tent as Bryan and Hank had already gone out to piss and make breakfast. I got up and stretched, figuring I best wash my butt and thighs off from the cum that was leaking steadily from my ass. I put on a shirt and sweatshirt, pulled on my socks and boots before I grabbed my underwear and some pants, When I came out of the tent, Hank was looking right at me with a super big smile on his face.

Boy, you guys sure are up early?” I laughed as I headed off to piss after dumping my pants and underwear down.

Well, not all of us can just sleep away the day,” Bryan said laughing.

Sleep away the day? Shit, the sun probably just came up,” I protested as I pissed.

Well, when Hank and I came out of the tent, it was just starting to light up the ground,” Bryan laughed.

Oh, excuse me for being normal!” I said pretending to be insulted.

Awh, its okay sugar butt, you can sleep as long as you like once we find us a new home,” Hank laughed.

Sugar butt? Where did that come from?” I said giving Hank a funny look.

Just seems to fit you is all,” Hank said with a wink

Well used butt would be more like it I think,” I laughed.

No sucha thing sugar butt, tight as a first timer for sure,” Hank laughed. “Come on over here and let me help you clean off my deposits from your legs and butt.”

I walked over to Hank and he stayed seated on a rock near the fire, reached his hands up to latch on to my hips and spun me around, put a hand on each ass cheek of mine and spread them wide apart. He then shocked me again when his face dove into my ass and he began to lick and suck his cum from my ass! Man that was intense to say the least.

Looks like Hank is cleaning you up real good huh?” Bryan laughed shaking his head.

No shit. I've never had that happen to me before,” I said panting.

Well, me neither, so I guess you're going to have to do the same to me next time,” Bryan said with a smile and wink.

Wow, yeah for sure you have to experience this at least once,” I panted and gasped as my cock sprung up super hard and smacked against my lower abs.

Bryan smiled, walked over to me and knelt down, pulled my balls down and pushed his mouth all down my cock and then began to suck and lick like a madman. I was completely at their mercy. They could do anything they wished and I was in no position to object, nor would I. Hank didn't stop until he felt me having an orgasm down Bryan's throat. He then took a washcloth that he dunked in the warmed water and washed off my thighs and ass, followed by his face.

Now that there was one hell of a good protein breakfast,” Hank laughed as he slapped me on my ass.

Yeah, sure as hell was for sure,” Bryan laughed as he stood up and gave me a very sloppy wet kiss.

Are you guys trying to get rid of me by killing me with sex?” I said still panting.

No such a thing sugar butt, just making sure you are well taken care of is all,” Hank said slapping my ass cheeks again.

Yeah, you aren't complaining are you?” Bryan asked with a concerned look.

Hell no, just not sure I can keep taking both of you like this. Sure as shit don't feel like doing much of anything right now after what you 2 just did to me,” I said with a laugh.

Guess you'll just have to stay here and catch up to us later on then,” Hank said laughing.

Right, like I”m going to just sit here and let you 2 have all the fun,” I said sternly. “Not going to happen buds.”

We all laughed and after eating a real breakfast and washing up again with the warmed water, we shared packing things up and made sure the fire was put out and ashes turned into the dirt, trying to cover up any evidence we were camped there. We started a slow trek up the mountain, looking for a dark shadow that would be a cave. We found some but they were shallow and not deep enough for the 3 of us and all our stuff. The plan was to find a spot, go back to the bug out camps and bring as much of the supplies and stuff we could, taking a few trips back and forth each day until it was mostly moved. There were a number of well hidden spots in the bug out camps to hide things we couldn't move. Bryan was the one who checked out what looked like a crack in the rock face of the mountain but turned out to be a huge cave that went in very deep. It had high ceilings and smooth walls and the floor was all dry. The stream was close by and I'm sure if we explored further up we'd find the waterfall of the snow melt and springs that fed the stream and river.

We put all the stuff we carried in the cart inside the cave and headed back to the bug out camps. It took us a full week of constant moving back and forth before we were able to bring the stuff they felt was important. Hank fashioned a larger cart using parts he had and his mountain bike tires, so we had 2 carts to fill up with stuff which made it much easier. Even with the 2 carts, we were all exhausted every night and only snuggled together and then quickly falling asleep. Hank and Bryan both called the shots on what we should take to the new cave and what should just be hidden away so we could retrieve it when and if needed. Bryan and Hank both had solar power cells and equipment which were definitely moved along with Bryan's short wave radio and the microwave. Hank took his microwave just in case as a back up. I was really amazed once we came back to the cave with our last load to see how much stuff we actually moved. We sure had loads of weapons and ammunition for sure as both Bryan and Hank had ample supplies of those for protection and defense. Luckily there were some thick brush all around and some of it actually hid the large opening of the cave from below. Bryan and Hank were pleased with how things were laid out and felt better that the odds were now in our favor should any army come trudging through. The cave was high up enough without any obstruction in front of it so you could see out into the woods really far with binoculars. Hank and Bryan taught me how to pay attention to the birds that lived in the forest as they would fly fast and noisily if they were spooked by strange movements on the ground. They were like our early warning system.

After a few days of settling in and arranging all the stuff we finally got to relax and return to some sex fun. Both Bryan and Hank were so horny it was almost scary. Yeah, I have to admit I was too, but not anywhere as bad as they were. I laughed and asked them if they took some kind of Viagra pill or drug. The cave seemed to keep the same temperature no matter what it was like outside. We tried to limit the fires to keep us warm so that nobody would notice lots of smoke coming from a spot in the mountain. Bryan went exploring the cave more and spotted a shaft of daylight coming through the ceiling of the cave. That meant we could more safely have a fire and the smoke would rise up to the outside via the natural chimney. That area became our cooking and sleeping area. We did a number of explorations during the day and finally found the waterfall that we knew had to be there. It was much more impressive then I imagined, even giving off a loud roaring noise as it fell down to the pool of water at ground level. Come summer, it would be great to be able to swim and bath in the large pond formed by the waterfall, even though the water would be still cold.

Bryan and Hank took turns going out and hunting for game. They were sure good at it, always careful to not hunt in the same area all the time. Bryan and I both learned from Hank how to tan the skins of deer and beaver that they managed to catch. I felt like we were pioneers just like in the olden days.

I had to laugh though as every time one of them left to hunt, the other would manage to sex me up really good. Hank loved to snatch me up, drive me nuts and pull my clothes off and his, standing up, pick me up in his arms against his abs and chest, before sliding his cock deep inside of me. He sometimes would walk about the cave, jerking so I would flop up and down his cock which felt like he was ramming his cock hard inside of me. He would gently stroke my cock as he ravaged my neck, ear and mouth, even squeezing his hand tight on my cock so I couldn't have an orgasm all the time which drove me absolutely insane and made me into a big, muscle bound cry baby, begging him to let me have an orgasm. Nope, he'd just growl and bite my neck, keep it up until he filled me with his cum then pull me off his cock, turn me around, lift me up and ram my cock into his mouth. He never let one drop of my cum out of his mouth even though I know from being held back so many times, I filled him with a super good amount of my cum. He could go from wild to mild in a flash which just amazed me. He'd get so tender and gentle it was almost scary but damn I sure loved it.

Bryan just had me fuck him every which way he could think of. I did work his ass over close to what Hank did to me when he sucked and licked my ass to get his cum out of me. Bryan wasn't all that keen on it so that was the one and only time we did that. Bryan said he loved the feeling of my cum inside of him and wanted it to stay there as long as possible. One way or another, I was truly being satisfied sexually, being dominant with Bryan and submissive with Hank.

It was hard to not notice the amount of air traffic that started up. We were pretty sure it was heading and returning from the city, but we had no real way of knowing unless one of us went to the city. Hank advised against doing that as more likely either the battle between the 2 sides of the cities was going on or the New American Alliance Army (NAAA) was active in or around the city. Hank said that if the NAAA chief had any smarts, he'd get the bad guys in the city to align with them and let them do most of the fighting against the more powerful and developed side, then take out the bad guys easily and have the entire city under their control.

On one of the hunting trips Bryan went out on, he returned super quick all out of breath.

There's a large group of biker types moving thought he woods towards the city I'd guess. Hard to miss the noise and stuff from them. They seem to be awfully disorganized from what I could see and kind of reminded me of a ravenous pack of coyotes,” Bryan said panting trying to catch his breath.

Boy, that doesn't sound real good,” I offered my simple wisdom.

Not real good for the city if that's where they are heading,” Hank said seriously. “Might be an advanced group hired on by the NAAA or just a bad ass bunch of guys that managed to stick together somehow.”

Well, I don't suggest we ask them,” Bryan laughed. “Believe me, they looked like bad ass characters, worse then the 2 idiots who got you Ted.”

Lets check around and be sure there are no signs around pointing towards us,” Hank said.

Yeah, don't need that kind of company for sure,” Bryan said seriously.

We all did a quick check around the outside of the cave and near the opening just to be sure nothing was laying around that might catch their interest. We kept a close watch using our binoculars. We could tell just about where they were by the panic of the birds and their squawking. They got fairly close to us when night fell. Their camp fires were very large and bright which Hank said meant they were not concerned at all about being noticed. We watched at a distance as figures were visible from the light of the bonfire. Suddenly, a huge commotion started in the camp and it was obvious fighting was happening. We couldn't tell if they were attacked by some other group or if they were doing infighting. We would just have to wait until daylight to find out. We went back into the cave and made sure there were no lights on and we did not start up a fire at all as the glow would probably be noticeable.

When daylight came, Bryan and Hank quickly got their binoculars and went out to see what was going on with the rough guys. They came back with a bit of worry showing on their faces.

What's wrong?” I asked nervously.

Well, the fighting must have been among themselves. Sure looks like it was extremely brutal and ended up with lots of dead guys laying all over the place,” Hank said sadly. “A large group that was left was taking things off of the dead guys before the survivors moved out towards the city.”

Man, it sure looked like they had one brutal and nasty fight going on last night,” Bryan said.

With the number of dead we saw, I'd say you are sure right on the money,” Hank said to Bryan.

How big is the group that made it and is heading towards the city?” I asked.

It's still a fairly large group, at least 40 I'd guess off hand,” Hank said. “There has to be at least that many laying all around from what we could see.”

Damn, they had their own mini civil war it seems,” I said.

I'd say you are pretty much right on,” Hank said smiling at me.

So what do we do now?” I asked.

Well, I'd think we should wait at least another day before going down and getting an up close look at things,” Hank said. “Then, we should probably try and bury the bodies away from the main trail. Don't want an invasion of scavengers making this area home.”

Yeah, you are right Hank. It would make life a bit more complicated if we suddenly had to deal with predators and scavengers who had a taste of human blood and meat,” Bryan said.

They might smell us and think we are on their menu huh?” I asked nervously.

For sure. They would smell us out real quick,” Hank said seriously.

Okay, what say we all get lots of rest so we can handle the hard work we have ahead of us tomorrow,” Bryan suggested.

Good thinking,” Hank said.

We had something to eat and washed up a bit before snuggling down in our sleeping bags farther inside the cave where the light wouldn't bother us at all. We didn't even mess around as I think all of us were a bit tense about what we would be facing in the morning. When the sun came up all 3 of us woke up around the same time. We made something to eat and put together some supplies along with shovels and pick axes before heading down towards the nasty camp. When we got close, there were already some coyotes and turkey vultures feasting on the bodies. They protested at our approach but finally went away. It was a grisly sight for sure with bodies just laying all over the place. I figured it would take us the entire day and maybe another day just to bury them. I went back up to the cave for the cart to make moving the bodies much easier. While I was gone, Hank and Bryan went all around to locate all of the fallen. While doing that, they came across 3 guys that were moaning and seriously wounded.

Ted, we'll need the medical supply bag here, got us some survivors,” Bryan yelled out to me.

Okay, on it,” I yelled as I left the cart and headed back up to the cave.

When I came back with the medical supplies and the cart, Bryan was already washing up the 3 survivors that he and Hank had carried to the river. At first glance it sure didn't look very good for those guys. They seemed to be pretty beat up from what I saw at a distance. One thing for sure, they were all huge guys, bigger then Hank for sure. Lots of tats and thick muscles with bald heads. It seemed kind of ironic that somehow these 3 didn't manage to fend off any sort of attack on them.

Uh guys, it looks like at least one other guy managed to get away. Saw foot prints heading in the direction they came from,” Hank said with a look of concern.

Well, we have to figure he'll come back to see if any of his friends are alive, so we best hurry up and tend to these wounded guys. Maybe we can find out from them what the group was doing around here and why they were headed towards the city,” Bryan said.

Good thinking. Okay, Ted you take care of these guys and Bryan and I will move the dead to where we decide to bury them,” Hank said.

Okay, I'll try and do my best,” I said moving to the 3 guys with the medical bag.

From what I could tell they had mostly large bruises and bumps from being almost beaten to death. There were some large slashes which I washed off and bandaged up after cleaning them with antibiotic soap. I forced some Tylenol into each ones mouth so that maybe it would help them with the pain they would have to be feeling, especially when they woke up. I dragged them one by one under a large tree to get them out of the sun and away from the river itself. I was lucky I was in such great shape since they were all huge and hard to pull to the tree. I couldn't help but admire the muscles they had packed on their huge bodies. I bet all 3 were well over 6'8” tall and surely weighed in at more then 300 lbs and none of it fat either. I kind of giggled thinking they were part of some giant bad ass dude convention that got caught in the middle of the disaster. After making sure they were all settled and covered with blankets I also brought down from the cave, I went to help Hank and Bryan. By late afternoon, thanks to the 3 of us working hard and using the cart, we managed to get all of the bodies away from the river into a spot that looked like it would be easy to dig up for graves. I went up to the cave to get us something to eat as Hank and Bryan started to dig a deep whole to put in as many of the bodies as possible. It would be impossible to dig each one its own grave so they thought mass graves were the best approach. Hank and Bryan had a system set up where they would dig the holes, throw in some rocks and cover them with pine branches, roll over the bodies into the grave and put a layer of pine branches on top of each layer. They got 3 bodies in each layer and 3 layers which meant 9 total for each grave. We would have to dig at least 5 graves to make sure all the bodies were taken care of.

It was nearly sunset when we finally finished with the graves. We were all exhausted even though we were in super shape, but still, its hard heavy work and isn't pleasant at all. Hank and Bryan both agreed to finish before the bodies began to decompose and become a beacon for the scavengers and predators. Besides, we'd have to find another place to stay if they weren't buried quickly. I checked on the 3 guys and gave them some water very slowly just to make sure they wouldn't get dehydrated. The 3 of us washed and made dinner with a small fire to heat up water for washing and a soup Hank made.

Well, I don't suggest we haul these guys up to the cave,” Hank said. “Don't know their temperaments or what they might do if they see all of our stash. From how they are looking, I'd guess they aren't the nicest of people around.”

Yeah, I'm with you there,” Bryan said. “We probably should just camp out down here at least until they are awake and we can find out what they were doing.”

Okay, I'll go up and get us some sleeping bags. Anything else you guys might want?” I said.

Just bring down 2 that we can share and maybe our weapons just in case,” Hank said to me.

Got it,” I said as I headed back up to the cave.

The sun was fully down and the stars were bright in the clear sky when we all finally finished eating and washing up. I checked on the patients before getting into the middle of Bryan and Hank, our usual sleep positions. They were truly exhausted and sound asleep when I made it back to the sleeping bags.

A moaning sound woke me up and I went over the check on the patients. I had a soft glowing lamp with me so I could see who was waking up and needed more pain medicine or whatever else they felt a need for. The biggest of the 3 was the one moaning and his head was moving back and forth with a wince of pain on his face.

Here, I've got some Tylenol here for you. I'll help you sit up a bit so you can wash them down with water,” I said softly.

Huh? Who are you?” the brute asked in a deep voice.

My name is Ted. My friends and I heard the fighting that was going on in your camp and came down in the morning after a large group left the site,” I explained. “We found you and 2 other guys, washed you up and tended your wounds, put blankets on you and made sure you had some water so you didn't get dehydrated. I also forced a few Tylenol's in your mouths to help ease any pain you were probably in. I've got some more for you.”

He barely opened his eyes and stared at me as I lifted up his head by my hand at the back of his neck, put 3 pills into his mouth and lifted up a cup of water for him to wash them down.

I know its not much, but its all I have to help with the pain you have to be in,” I said with a concerned look on my face.

Why would you do that?” the brute asked after swallowing the water and pills.

Why? Because that's what we are supposed to do as humans, that's why,” I said a bit aggravated by the question.

Yeah, sure, like who is like that now?” the brute sort of snorted.

Well, I am and my friends are too,” I snapped back. “You should try and get more sleep. I'm guessing you have a concussion and shouldn't be moving around all that much. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Maybe suck me off?” the brute said with an evil smile. “It sure would help me relax.”

Well, I don't think I could do that,” I said somewhat shocked.

Sure you can, what kind of nurse are you that wouldn't do that for a real man?” the brute said with a nasty grin.

Real man eh? Well, maybe you are just suffering from a worse concussion then I thought,” I said a bit put off.

Awh, come on pretty one, just get on down and take care of your patient like a good sexy nurse,” the brute said with that evil grin.

Okay, I guess you don't need more from me right now, so you have a good sleep and hopefully you will feel better in the morning,” I said.

Before I could get up, the brute grabbed my one forearm, pulled me down and took hold of the back of my neck with his hand, squeezing mighty hard. My face was pushed hard into his crotch and muffled by his pants. He undid his pants with his free hand and pulled out his super fat, long dick, pulled up my head by the hand on my neck which he was squeezing super tight, guided his cock to my mouth and moved his hand to my lower jaw, grabbed on it in some way so that it was forced open with lots of pain. His cock was shoved hard inside my throat and somewhat down as he put his hand on the top of my head, easily spreading his fingers to have a vice like grip of his fingers all across my head. He pushed his hips up and down and slammed my head up and down on his monstrous cock.

Yeah baby, that's how to take care of your patient,” he growled in a low deep voice.

All I could do was make goofy sounds as his cock controlled my entire throat and mouth. No matter how hard I pushed against his thighs to get off of his cock, I was completely under his control. His upper body shot up and he growled and stifled a loud scream as his hands rammed my head further down on his cock and he began filling me with his thick hot cum. When he finished his orgasm, he pulled me on top of his body, still holding my neck tight in his one hand and started to make out with me almost violently. His tongue was like another fat thick cock working in my mouth and against my throat. I didn't expect what happened next at all. His other hand pulled my body across his so my legs were on both sides of his hips, he reached under my thigh and held his still throbbing hard cock in his hands and then jerked up his hips hard a few times until his cock pushed roughly inside of me. Nothing nice and casual, nope, rammed fully inside of me. He used his free hand to latch on to my ass cheek using that to pull me up and down on his cock along with his hips jerking up and down. You'd swear the bastard never had the orgasm inside my throat the way he was fucking me.

My body got into it sort of fast for some stupid reason. I wasn't really fighting him anymore, just moaning and groaning as his cock and tongue played me like I was his personal sex toy. His cock did do quite a number on my insides and prostrate. He made me cum 2 times before I thought his cock would push up my throat and get licked by his tongue when he finally had another orgasm. I was completely exhausted and spent, like putty in his hands.

There, now you see how a real man takes care of his pretty boy?” he growled. “Now you can go back over to your friends and get back to sleep, feeling all good that Chuck took good care of you.”

I was in shock I think as I just got up once he finished with me, which included sucking and biting on my pecs. I made it back to the sleeping bag walking all sorts of wobbly, feeling super used and weak. I just got under the top sleeping bag behind Hank and fell sound asleep snuggled up against Hank's body.

When daylight woke us up, I slowly remembered what happened to me last night when Chuck woke up. Was it a dream? My imagination? Well, the cum that was still flowing from my ass told me it was real alright.

Hey, guys, one of them is gone,” Bryan said all excited and worried.

Hank shot up and ran over to where Bryan was standing. I followed and sure enough, Chuck was gone. The other 2 were still out of it and just barely breathing based on how their abs and chest were moving.

Shit, he's got our weapons on top of it,” Hank yelled out to Bryan and I.

I'll go get some other ones and stalk him out,” Bryan said.

I can go,” Hank said.

No, I'm better at stealth I think. I got you didn't I?” Bryan said with a smile.

Yeah, you are right there. Okay, you be careful,” Hank said shaking his head.

Yeah, the monster's name is Chuck. He raped me last night as easy as if I was a 18 year old,” I told them.

What?” Bryan and Hank both yelled at the same time.

Yeah, he overpowered me so easy it was pathetic. Chuck is one powerful guy I can tell you,” I said seriously. “I'd be very careful approaching him out there. Doesn't see the grateful type at all.”

Shit, damn, why the hell didn't you wake us up?” Bryan said all pissed off.

Because I was barely able to walk and think after he raped my throat with his cock, got me to cum 2 times when he fucked me, that's why,” I said with an angry voice.

I'm sure Ted was pretty used up after being taken by Chuck,” Hank said in my defense. “Doesn't matter now anyway, so I suggest you just move on past it Bryan.”

Yeah, I know you are right. Sorry Ted, just lost my temper after you said what he did to you,” Bryan said with his head down.

Okay, just forget it. I probably should have woke you guys but honestly, I was completely spent and sort of in shock,” I said.

Well, lets get on with finding him and getting our weapons back,” Hank said.

Okay, I'll stalk him out and you best go up and get a weapon for you and Ted just in case these 2 wake up and feel feisty too,” Bryan said.

Bryan waited until Hank came back from the cave armed and handed me a Luger before he disappeared in the woods following a trail Chuck must have left. Hank decided it would be safer if he tied up the other 2 guys so they couldn't surprise either one of us like Chuck did to me. He tied them up so they were still laying down, their outer arms lifted up and back and tied to each other around the tree. Their wrists that were next to each other were tied and the one leg that was next to the other guys leg was tied at the ankle. Nothing tight and nasty, but enough to make it pretty hard for them to get up easily. I changed their dressings before getting a fire going and a pot of water heated up to wash with, along with making coffee. It seemed like Bryan was gone a long time to me, but Hank kept reassuring me he wasn't gone all that long and that Bryan knew what he was doing.

Hank and I sat at the fire eating our breakfast and drinking coffee when out of nowhere, Chuck was behind Hank with his hand latched across Hank's throat and a gun pushed hard into his head.

Easy there old man unless you want to splatter pretty boy here with your brains,” Chuck said as he kicked Hank's gun away from him. “You there pretty boy nursey, throw you gun over here at my feet and sit down nice and easy with your hands on top of your head.”

Just do as he tells you Ted,” Hank said with a very pissed off look on his face.

Okay old man, get your hands back onto your back and stay still so my finger doesn't accidentally pull the trigger,” Chuck said to Hank.

Hank put his hands behind him and Chuck pulled out a looped rope he had on his side, secured Hank's hands in it, pulled it tight forcing Hank's arms further up and then he tied the rope around Hanks neck and back down to his arms. If Hank moved wrong his arms would pull down and choke him really hard.

Now that was all nice and easy wasn't it old man,” Chuck laughed. “Now kneel down like you are a good boy in church for me.”

Hank did as he was told and then Chuck looped another piece of rope around Hank's ankles and tied that rope to the one hanging down from Hank's throat. All someone had to do now was put a foot on Hank's feet and push his body forward to choke him.

Okay now for you pretty boy nursey,” Chuck said with a smile. “What's your name again?”

Ted, my name is Ted,” I said quietly feeling completely useless.

Okay Teddy boy, you get over here by your man Chuck real nice and slow, turn yourself around and get your hands behind your back,” Chuck said waving a gun at me.

I walked slowly towards him, turned around and put my hands behind my back. He tied my wrists together but didn't tie anything to my neck like he did with Hank.

Okay now Teddy, on your knees and take care of your man good. This here has gotten me all horned up again,” Chuck said with an evil smile.

I got on my knees and moved as close to Chuck's cock as I could. He undid his belt and zipper letting his pants slide down. He kept his pistol right up against my head as he slapped his cock all over my face and head before holding it right up against my mouth. I opened my mouth and began to give him a decent blow job.

Oh yeah baby, that's it, take care of your man,” Chuck kept saying as he kept ramming his cock hard way down my throat.

You do know you are now a dead man,” Hank suddenly said to Chuck.

Is that right old man?” Chuck said aggravated. “What are you going to do to make that happen?”

No me you have to worry about,” Hank said angrily.

Oh, that little shrimp out tracking me down? Well, I don't think he's gonna do much as long as I keep this Luger up against Teddy's head. Wouldn't want to risk my finger squeezing a round off before I'm down now would he,” Chuck said with a smug look on his face. “That's it baby, almost there.”

He grabbed the back of my head hard and shoved it into his crotch as he began his orgasm, swearing and bellowing out like an animal.

Oh man you are good pretty baby,” Chuck laughed as he ruffled my hair. “Hey you there old man, get down and take care of Teddy's ass for me, get it all nice and wet for me.”

Hank gave him a super evil look. Chuck laughed and kicked Hank down to the ground, kicked his ribs until he turned over on his back, trying to ease up on the pull of the rope around his neck.

Okay baby, my treat for you, get your sexy ass down on top of the old man's mouth,” Chuck said to me.

I moved before he could do anything else to Hank, spreading my legs apart over Hank's head and squatting down so my ass was spread out over his mouth. Hank used his tongue and lips to work my ass over, getting me to gasp and moan. Hank didn't hold back at all and did his usual super job on me. That man sure could do things with his tongue for sure.

Like that don't cha baby?” Chuck laughed as he moved towards the tree the other 2 were tied up.

Chuck sat down, never letting his aim down from the Luger pointed at my head.

Okay now Teddy, get that sexy ass over here and show your new man how much you like getting fucked,” Chuck said with a big grin.

I got standing, gently used my legs to roll Hank over on to his stomach so he was a bit more comfortable, before I walked over to Chuck, and tried to get down on top of his cock. He just latched on to my balls and pulled me down so my knees hit the ground hard and I gave out a yell of pain from him squeezing my balls and my knees hitting hard on the ground. He did the same thing as he did last night and directed his cock at my ass and pushed me down hard on it using his hand on my shoulder.

Oh man you got a great tight man pussy on you Teddy,” Chuck hissed. “Show me how much you love being fucked.”

I started moving my body up and down on his cock, tightening my ass muscles as I went downward which made Chuck swear and laugh. He used his free hand to work over my pecs and pull and pinch my nipples. He wrapped his hand with the gun around my back and kept it pointed at my head as he pulled my upper body into his face and he ravaged my pecs and nipples with his mouth, then moving me back up and holding the back of my head tight in his hand as he attacked my mouth and throat with his tongue. He had me moaning and gasping like a lunatic within a five minutes. I couldn't seem to help myself as I slammed my body up and down his cock so wild it surprised even me. He just had one of those cocks, like Hank, with loads of thick veins and skin, a monstrous head and rim that worked miracles of feelings against the sidewalls of my intestines and really worked my prostrate over good.

Yeah baby, that's it, get your man all feeling good again,” Chuck yelled as he bit hard on my pec.

He slammed his hand with the gun hard against the back of my head and pulled me into his wild kiss, his tongue going wild, his other hand slammed hard and tight around my lower back, pulling me hard down on his cock as he began his orgasm. I swear he was like Hank with a never ending supply of cum produced by his big thick balls.

Oh yeah, that's my boy, did his man real good again,” Chuck laughed and panted. “Now lick the sweat off of my body like a good boy.”

I fell forward and began licking Chuck's neck, shoulders, arms, his arm pits as he lifted them obviously wanting them cleaned by my tongue, slid myself down so I could get at his pecs and abs, even his sides that I could reach.

Hot damn there Teddy, you got your man all fired up again. You get yourself up and turned around and then sit back down on your man's pleasure rod and do me good again,” Chuck said in his deep voice.

I did just that, got up and turned myself around and then sat down, my ass easily sliding down his cock as his cum was flowing out of me.

Get those legs out and sit for real on me,” Chuck ordered.

It wasn't easy but I managed to do what he wanted. Holy shit it made his cock seem to go way further inside of me. He kept the gun pushed at my head and used his other hand to choke me or work over my pecs and cock, yelling at me to slam down harder and faster on his cock. He took a hard hold of my throat as he began his orgasm and from his stroking my cock my orgasm. It was super intense for sure and I felt completely exhausted and used up when he finally seemed to relax leaning back against the tree trunk. He pushed my upper body up against his and licked, kissed and bit my neck and shoulder.

Teddy boy, you are one hell of a sexy bastard I have to say. Hot body and looks along with a super ass and mouth. You are a true gift of the divine,” Chuck laughed as he hugged me tight with his one arm. Now get up and I'm going to untie you so you can heat up some water and give me a nice sexy bath and some food. Try anything stupid and the old man gets his head blown off. Understand me?”

Yes, I understand you,” I said a bit pissy.

Good now get to it then,” Chuck snapped.

I put more water into the pail that we used earlier and put it on the rocks over the fire after he untied my arms. I got a packet of freeze dried eggs and bacon and put that together for him. When the water was all heated up, I took the pail and a rag over to him and began to wash him from head to toe. He got up off the ground after I washed his head and neck as I would have a real hard time doing it if he was standing. He spread out his legs and arms, bending the arm with the gun so it was still at my head. I washed his entire body and wiped it off, put his clothes back on him and we walked over to the fire. I made the eggs and bacon for him and poured him some coffee.

Got a thing for the old man huh?” Chuck said as he ate.

Yeah, have to say I sure do have a thing for Hank,” I said sadly looking at Hank and wondering how uncomfortable he had to be.

Well, might just keep him as a pet for a bit before putting him out of his misery since you have a thing for him,” Chuck said as he reached out and pinched and pulled my nipple.

What happened in your camp the other night?” I finally asked figuring I might as well find out all I could.

Well, the whole bunch of us formed up on the way down from the north, figuring the more of us there were, the easier it would be to take what we wanted. We all had weapons and ammo until we ran up against a large group of the drug lord army. We beat them off but used up all of our ammo which made the guns useless after not finding any more ammo. My group was heading down to the gulf to get out of the cold winter up north. The other group was heading to some city around here to take over for the NAAA or something like that. When we camped here, they wanted us to go with them to take the city and we just wanted to high tail it down to the gulf before winter set in. That's what the fight was all about. They outnumbered my group and ganged up on us quick. I know I took out a good number of them before I was hit from behind with a rock or club or something,” Chuck explained.

Well, we buried the bodies we found,” I said for some reason. “Are the other 2 guys part of your group?”

Nope, they are part of the other group,” Chuck spit.

Boy, you guys could be triplets,” I said since they all were so tall and built hard.

Not related at all. If you looked carefully, most of the group were all like us, big bad ass dudes who scared the shit out of most people who came at us,” Chuck laughed.

So what do you intend on doing with us?” I asked Chuck.

Well, don't yet know Teddy. I might keep you which is a big possibility since you make me feel so fuckin good. Keep the old man as a pet for you for a bit as we head down to the gulf. Might keep that other one of your group depending on how he is, if I don't kill him that is. These other guys, well, don't know them and have no use for them at all. Either I'll shoot them or just let them stay put and get taken out by wild animals. They get that chance for survival at least, more then they'd have given me,” Chuck said seriously.

Why can't you just move on to where you are headed and leave us alone?” I said sincerely.

Well baby, going it alone ain't easy. How you make me feel makes it pretty damn hard to give you up for anybody or anything. I guess I could just leave the old man as is and let that other guy out there free him, but got a bad feeling they wouldn't just forget about you and not come after me to get you back. So, just makes sense to take the old man with me and you. Less likely the other guy will take a chance that I might do you both in before he gets me that way,” Chuck said. “Now get your sexy ass over here and make out with me. Like how you do that too.”

I walked over and sat on Chuck's lap facing him with my legs out behind him, put my arms around his neck and began to do what he wanted, make out.

He made me work on his pecs and nipples a lot and we made out for at least an hour before he said that was enough.

Suppose you should feed and water your pet before we leave sexy Teddy,” Chuck said with a laugh. “I'll even be nice and untie his legs some so you can wash him too and let him shit or whatever he needs to do.”

Thank you Chuck, that's nice of you,” I said softly.

Nothing nice about it, just practical is all,” Chuck laughed as he walked over to Hank, kicked him on his side and called me over to untie Chuck's legs.

I did just that and helped Hank stand up. I knew his legs has to be sore from being tied up how they were so I held my arm around his waist to help him walk around a bit until he got feelings back in his legs.

Thanks Ted, appreciate that,” Hank said softly.

Chuck was kind of dumb not asking anything about our camp or where our stuff was. Guess he thought what was right around us now was all we had. I washed up Hank and fed him along with helping him to relieve himself. Chuck yelled out to me to pack all the stuff into my cart and be ready to move out as soon as that was done. While I was packing up the cart I kept looking around carefully to see if I could spot Bryan. I knew he was out there somewhere and hoped he didn't run up against the one guy who made it out of the fighting. There was no sign of him, which could just be from me not spotting him since he was so good at the stealth stuff.

Chuck walked over to the other 2 guys who were tied up and still mostly out of it. He took the pail to the river and when he had it filled he walked back over to the guys and threw the pail of ice cold water on both of them. That shocked their systems for sure as they yelled out and starting coming out of being unconscious.

Well you dumb fucks, looks like you get to make a bunch of coyotes and predator animals really happy. Seems you are probably going to be lunch and dinner for them for a few days I”m sure,” Chuck laughed as he stripped both of them completely nakedd.

What the hell are you doing Chuck?” one of them yelled very angry.

What do you think I'm doing? Animal rights is what it is. Don't want them to get any of the material or zippers from your clothing stuck in their teeth or tummy's now do we,” Chuck laughed as he even took their boots off.

He got an evil smile on his face and knelt down in between the 2 guys, his thighs on the insides of their tied up leg and began smacking their cocks around as he laughed.

Figured its only right you guys get a good send off before its all over for yah,” Chuck laughed as he slapped their cocks back and forth until they were both hard.

Both guys were built tough and had really nice bodies and cocks I have to admit. I thought it was super cruel for Chuck to do that to them but I also knew either I or more likely Hank would pay a price for me saying something to him. He latched on to their cocks, one in each hand and started to slow jerk them until their heads were moving from side to side and their breathing was more like pants. Chuck then spit lots in each hand and put their cock heads just up against his palm and latched his fingers down around the heads. He then began to turn and twist his hands faster and faster obviously driving both men wild. Chuck kept it up until first one then the other had super orgasms before he released their cocks, stood up laughing like a loony. Both men were gasping for air and their abs were moving wildly as they tried to calm down from their super intense orgasms.

That one is a real bad ass Ted, be careful what you say or do cause he'll take you out in a minute if he feels like it,” Hank said to me softly.

Yeah, I figured as much myself,” I whispered back. “He's got one hell of an ego that's for sure.”

Teddy baby, get your sexy ass over here,” Chuck yelled.

I walked over towards him as he was still standing with his legs against the insides of the 2 guys tied up legs. When I got there he pulled me up against his body, my back against his front and he wrapped his arms around me holding me tight.

Take a look at these fine specimens Teddy,” Chuck said in his deep voice nibbling on my ear. “Sexy bunch of thugs aren't they?”

Yeah, they sure are hot looking I have to say,” I said.

Yeah, bet you get all horned up just seeing them sweaty and their muscles tensed up like they are huh?” Chuck said fucking my ear with his tongue. “Here, a present from Chuck.”

With that said, Chuck undid my belt and zipper on my pants, slid one hand up under my shirt to play with my pecs and nipples and started slow jerking my cock as he worked over my ear, neck and shoulder with his teeth and tongue.

He then started to whisper in this growl like voice how hot these guys were for me and wanted to fuck me into a crazy state making me pass out and still working me over with their thick hairy muscled bodies and big fat cocks.

Yeah, look at those bodies Teddy, just beggin for you to show them how much you love hot hard bodies like theirs,” Chuck growled in my ear as he slowly fucked it with his tongue. “Can you feel how much they want you sexy Teddy? Yeah, they want you so bad. Want their cocks inside of you lots, fucking and sucking and banging away at you and you begging them for more, lots more.”

He slow jerked my cock then pounded his hand up and down then slow jerked again over and over as he talked into my ear with that sexy growl. I couldn't help myself after awhile and my body jerked and shivered as I started an intentness orgasm which made him jerk my cock faster and harder. He kept jerking me even when there was no more cum left. My body was shaking and jerking and the sensation was way too intense. I begged him to please stop but he just kept growling and licking my ear wildly with his tongue. Then I started to piss and he directed my piss stream on the 2 guys who were mesmerized watching what Chuck was doing to me.

You are a sick fuck Chuck,” one of the guys yelled out.

Yeah, a smart sick fuck. See the piss is a calling card for the coyotes and carnivors just waiting for lunch. It will get them over to you much quicker then without it. Don't want you boys to have to wait too long for it to be over for you,” Chuck laughed as he then turned my face and wet sloppy kissed me a long time.

Okay lets move on out now,” Chuck finally yelled after tying the cart to Hank so he had to pull it like a mule.

Chuck put his arm over and across my shoulders as we started to walk away from the camp.

Got you all hot and bothered didn't I?” Chuck said to me as he forced my face towards him and he wet kissed me again. “Don't worry sexy Teddy, Chuck is gonna take real good care of his boy tonight. Just wanted to give you something hot to think about all day and those 2 clowns fit the bill perfect I'd say.”

That was kind of mean what you did to them Chuck,” I couldn't stop myself from saying.

Yeah, guess it kind of was mean,” Chuck said and then started laughing really hard. “You kill me Teddy baby.”

We kept walking all day until it was almost sun down. Chuck decided we could stop and set up a fast camp to eat and wash up. He piled up rocks and built the fire while I got more firewood and broke out the pail and freeze dried food. When I tried to split up the meal into 3 parts, Chuck dumped half of the third portion into my bowl and half into his.

The old man gets nothing more then soup you can make with the left overs in the dishes we use and some wild berries if you find them. That's it and nothing more Teddy,” Chuck said seriously as he held my chin in his fingers, his face in my face. I knew he was dead serious and at least Hank would have something to eat. I made a mental note of picking any kind of wild berries I could find as we walked on.

That first night, Chuck threw a blanket at Hank and pulled me over into the sleeping bag. He made me lick his entire body as he stayed in a push up position with me under him. Then he sprawled his arms and legs out and had me lick his entire back side. He told me to work on his ass really good and I did just that. With the size of his body I should have been all excited and horny doing it all but I wasn't at all. All I could think about was Hank and Bryan and even those 2 poor guys left at the other camp. Chuck really liked his ass reamed and worked over for damn sure. He pushed himself up into tht push up position and told me to lay down under him. He began to slowly slide his tensed muscled body up and down my entire body, his rock hard cock teasing my rosebud and ass as it slid up and down over them but not penetrating me. Then, he did a slight movement and his cock head pushed inside of my rosebud which made me gasp and cry out in pain as I wasn't prep'd at all. He snaked his arms underneath my body and held me super tight as his hips worked to get all of his cock inside of me. He fucked me like that for awhile and then pulled out and told me to turn over. I did just as he told me to and he took my legs and put them up on top of his shoulders, his arms stretched out and down so my body couldn't move away from him as he slowly began to move his cock in and out of me, staring at me the whole time. I couldn't stop myself from moaning and groaning when his cock began its number on my protrate. That got a smile on Chuck's face as he watched my muscles flex and jerk and my head turn side to side and up and down with me doing loud moans and gasps. He bent his elbows so he could come down and ravage my mouth with his and his tongue. He moved one hand to hard squeeze, pull and twist my pecs and nipples. He must have gotten really turned on as he suddenly put a hand under the small of my back and my upper back and pulled me up off the ground and he sat on his heals, moving me faster and faster up and down on his cock. He bit hard on my neck and squeezed me super hard as he began filling me with his cum. That set me off and I was coating his abs along with mine with my cum.

Fuck baby, you sure do a number on me,” Chuck panted as he calmed down.

He moved around to lay on his side after pulling me off of his cock and placing me on my side. He spooned up behind me and pushed his cock back inside of me, wrapped his arms tight around me and held me super tight and close with his head resting on the top of my head. We got up with sunrise, had breakfast and washed, packed up and were on the move again. When we stopped for lunch and a rest, Chuck decided he wanted to sample Hanks ass so he knocked Hank down to the ground, pushed him over on his stomach, grabbed a hold of his hips and pulled Hanks ass onto his cock. Hank yelled and panted in pain as he wasn't lubed in any way and wasn't used to a fat thick cock like Chuck's invading his ass. Chuck rode Hank really hard before he swore and yelled out as he had his orgasm.

Not too shabby old man,” Chuck laughed as he pulled out of Hank's ass and slapped his ass cheek hard. “Have to use that ass of yours more often I think. Give Teddy boy a bit of a rest.”

Chuck stood there and told me to wash his cock and balls of the stench of Hank. When I finished, he grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock inside of my mouth and into my throat. He fucked my mouth for a very long time before he filled my stomach up with a super load of his cum.

There yah go Teddy, lunch was served,” Chuck laughed. “Now its my turn.”

Before I could react, he had me pulled up by my ankles and his arms wrapped tight around my back with my head down towards the ground. He proceeded to work on my ass, my balls and my cock driving me completely insane. I even reached out for his cock and managed to get the head inside of my mouth so my tongue could work it over. That made Chuck laugh and reward me with a good ass fuck by his tongue. He sucked and chewed on my balls then devoured my cock and did a super slow number on it. I think he knew darn well he had me close but he was in control and I wasn't getting to have an orgasm on any terms but his. I thought I would explode before he finally took me over the edge and I unloaded in his mouth as he sucked every drop of cum from me.

Damn Teddy baby, you even taste fuckin awesome!” Chuck laughed as he bit both my ass cheeks.

He was now satisfied and we were on the move once again. Like the previous day, we made a quick camp and ate. Chuck let me feed Hank his soup. I made sure I left a good portion of my meal in the cup so he had something nourishing in his soup besides some berries I picked. Chuck waited for me to finish feeding Hank and getting him snug in a blanket before yelling out to me that he was waiting for me. I stripped and walked over to the sleeping bag and stood waiting for Chuck to tell me how he wanted me. He just patted the sleeping bag in front of him so I laid down on my back next to him. He moved me to my side and turned my head so he could make out with me as his fingers began working on my ass. He'd pull his fingers out of my ass and get them super wet with his saliva before pushing them back in and wiggling them inside of me. He lifted my leg and then pushed his cock super slow inside of my ass which was something I didn't expect. I was prepared for him to do his usual full bore ramming of his cock completely inside me. His other arm was under my head and his hand was playing with my pecs. I'd swear Chuck was actually making love to me rather then raping me this time. It all blew my mind completely. He took his time completely, staying in that position until he knew I was going to cum. He then moved quickly and put my legs up on his shoulders my ass up higher on his thighs and his one hand on my chest and the other wrapped around my cock. He slow stroked me then stopped then started again while his cock was moving slowly in and out of my ass. It was truly maddening for me. I was pleading with him to fuck me like an animal and take me up to the sky which only made him growl and start asking me if I wanted to cum for him and show him how much I wanted him. I said yes to everything and anything he asked, as I just had to have an orgasm and I knew he was purposely delaying that from happening. Finally, he yelled at me to cum for him as he stroked my cock fast and rammed his cock in and out of me hard. My body went way over the top with this orgasm. I felt like I was going to pass out it was so damn intense.

Yeah baby, that's it, show Chuck how much you want him,” Chuck growled.

His fucking got harder and faster and then he gasped, his muscles tensed and I could feel his cock shooting his cum in me. I came close to having another orgasm when he started his it felt so wild like my entire insides were wired to his cock now somehow. I either fell asleep or passed out, because the next thing I knew there was some shouting and I felt Chuck's arms release me from their grip holding me tight to his body. I blinked my eyes to get them focused and saw one of the guys left tied up looking down with a smile at me and his knee across the side of Chuck's head smashing it down to the ground.

Ted you okay?” I heard Bryan's voice nearby.

Yeah, I'm good how is Hank?” I yelled as I moved off of Chuck's cock which was still inside me.

I'm good Ted, thanks,” Hank said as he latched on to my wrist and pulled me up into his waiting arms. “Damn I never worried about anybody as much as I did you with this low life.”

Hank, that's really nice of you to say that, thanks,” I said with a blush. “I was really worried what was going to happen to you too.”

I know you did Ted and I owe you for caring,” Hank said as he kissed me while I was wrapped up in his arms.

Okay love birds, enough already,” Bryan said with a laugh.

Oh, Ted this here is Steve and this is Dan, the 2 guys Chuck was going to leave for the coyotes,” Bryan said.

I reached out and shook Dan and Steve's hands. I'd swear they were all related or triplets how much their bodies were alike. They all had deep sexy voices to go along with their size.

So how did you find us?” I asked.

It wasn't all that hard. I could have taken him out if he didn't have that Luger at you head back there. I figured you guys would leave an easy trail to follow from the tire marks of the cart and 3 big guys walking too. I waited until you guys were away from the camp before coming in and talking with Steve and Dan to find out what the score was and what happened. They had no love loss for Chuck and were eager to take him down. They sort of knew you took care of them pretty good and made sure their wounds were taken care of and they got water and Tylenol,” Bryan said.

Yeah, I was sort of awake when you got those pills into my mouth and made me drink the water,” Dan said with a smile. “Thanks for doing all that.”

Yeah, thanks a lot,” Steve said with a big smile.

No big deal guys, glad you didn't become a feast back there,” I said smiling back at them.

Anyway, once I knew they weren't in league with Chuck in any way, I let them loose and helped them get washed and fed. We got on your trail and waited until nearly morning to move in and put an end to Chuck's craziness.,” Bryan said.

Good thinking Bryan. I'm proud of you,” Hank said patting Bryan on his back.

Thanks Hank, wish I could have ended this sooner but it seemed way to risky if I did. Helped a lot having Steve and Dan on my team,” Bryan said patting Steve on his back.

Well, what do we do now?” I asked Bryan after hugging him and giving him a nice thank you kiss.

I personally want to get back to our cave and return to our life such as it was. Don't see any point in playing nomad like these guys were,” Bryan said.

I vote for that,” Hank said all happy now that it was over.

So what about Steve, Dan and Chuck then?” I asked.

Well, if its good with you and Hank, I'd kind of like to let Steve and Dan join our family. Would be much better to have 5 of us rather then just the 3 of us I think,” Bryan said seriously.

Well, if you say so then its good enough for me,” Hank said with a smile. “So what about this piece of shit?”

Well I thought it would be sort of real justice to leave him all tied up like he did to Steve and Dan. Sort of let the chips fall where they may so to speak. There's always a chance he can get free and head wherever he likes, but he can't be just trusted to move on and leave us be,” Bryan said.

Sounds a bit over the top if you ask me,” I said.

Ted, you have to get it into your head that things aren't like they used to be. Thinking like you do will get you and us killed,” Bryan said seriously. “Think about it. Do you really think Chuck will gladly move on if we just let him loose? Honestly, do you?”

Well no, guess not,” I said feeling bad.

Of course not. He'd want his revenge and lord knows what his sick nasty mind would come up with to take most of us out,” Bryan said lecturing me.

You know he's right Ted,” Hank said as he put his arm around me and hugged me. “Things have changed and its realize that and adapt or fall to the wayside.”

Yeah, you guys are right, I'm sorry. Just having a hard time still thinking like that. Guess I'm just a bit stupid like that,” I said sadly.

You ain't stupid at all so stop thinking like that,” Bryan almost yelled. “Its your nature to be like you are and its not easy to change so give yourself a break Ted. Sure, you need to be reminded about how things are every now and then, but honestly? Its kind of heart warming to know somebody actually still thinks like that.”

Yep, I agree with Bryan on that,” Dan said and then Steve agreed.

Okay, enough of the sad tale stuff, what do we do now?” I asked as I got dressed.

A nice old fashioned orgy would be kinda cool,” Dan said.

What? Are you insane?” I said giving him a dirty look.

Just teasing Ted, ease up a bit,” Dan said.

Hank just shook his head laughing and patted Dan on his head for breaking up the tense conversation. He and Steve tied Chuck up to a tree and unlike Chuck, left his clothes on and even his boots. We all packed things up and headed back to our cave with 2 new family members, Steve and Dan. I laughed to myself thinking I was starting a collection of super tough huge guys, minus Bryan of course. I had a feeling Steve and Dan were going to add a whole new dimension to our sex play.

I walked up to Chuck and stooped down and said, “I wish you luck. Really I do. Shame things worked out how they did Chuck. I think I'd be a friend to you if things were different.”

Yeah Teddy, shit happens. I'll survive somehow and things will all fall into place like fate decides it should. You be careful and have fun with your new harem there,” Chuck said with a smile nodding towards Steve and Dan. “Oh baby just so you know, they are right. If you talked them into letting me go, I'd track you guys down and take each one of them down until it was just you and me, so don't feel all that bad for me.”

I was stunned that Chuck would even admit to something like that. Maybe he had some feeling for me? Man, if only he wasn't so nasty and cruel. Oh well, at least after he said that I did feel much better about just leaving him there like he left Steve and Dan.