The Disaster Part 8

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Life for us went back to what I'd have to say was 'our normal.' We stopped seeing any refugees going by and even the infrequent alien craft patrols stopped. It was as if none of that had ever happened. Hank did his best to keep reminding us all not to let our guard down as we had no real way of knowing what was happening outside of our part of the world.

It was a very warm spring and my favorite time was that spent at the lake. My memories of Bryan slowly were fading and that was a good thing. Turk and Dan sure did one hell of a job taking my mind off of it by keeping me in nearly a constant state of sexual bliss and exhaustion. Really something to bitch about huh?

Hank and Steve were going to go out and do their sweep of the area while checking on the status of the berry bushes all around. Hank really had mastered the art of turning the juices into a super strong and potent liquor. Dan decided to stay at the cave to work on some more advanced weaponry he dreamed up so Turk and I headed to the lake to catch some fish and play in the water quite a lot. There was no such a thing as 'moderation' with Turk and 'playing' as he like to refer to sex. That brute had a libido and stamina of a teenager as far as I was concerned.

Turk and I got to the lake and of course the loin clothes came off super quick. He scooped me up before I could react and I was being carried up over his head as he dashed into the water full speed ahead. Before the water came up to his chest, he lowered his arms and then shot them up, sending me flying high into the air and then smashing under the water. Turk loved showing off his power whenever the opportunity presented itself. I wasn't upset as I knew how Turk thought. I still wasn't ready for flying high into the air, my body jerking around like I was falling from a 10 story building which of course really amused Turk to no end. I had to do my usual pretend anger at being abused as I knew he enjoyed that almost as much. He was over and on me before I fully surfaced, snatching up in his arms and holding me tight against his body as he laughed and laughed while I bitched him out.

Awwwh, did big nasty Turk scare my sexy Teddy pooh?” Turk said in his pretend concerned voice.

Shit yeah you did you big brute!” I yelled. “I could have twisted my back out or something.”

Oh, sorry Teddy, didn't think of that,” Turk said like a bad boy. “You aren't hurt any are you?”

Lucky for you, NO I'm not hurt you big lug,” I said in a normal voice. “You have to remember I'm muscled yeah, but not in your league by any means. Besides, its not like I have been working out like in the old days you know.”

No, none of that pansy shit like in the old days. Real stuff now and you show how great its been for you. Look, I already got a hard on looking at you!” Turk said looking down with a sexy smile.

Are you sure you are over 18?” I laughed. “I swear, you have the sex drive of a teen.”

Oh, that a bad thing huh?” Turk pretended concern.

Well, at times for me, yeah, it can be,” I laughed as I threw my arms around his neck and began to kiss him.

So I guess I'm forgiven now?” Turk managed to say in between my kisses.

Yeah, I forgive you,” I whispered as I began to nibble on his ear.

Well, I sure do know how to get Turk started. His growls grew louder and then I was lifted up into the air by his hands on my hips and my cock and balls were being devoured. I immediately went into a frenzy of desire and need thanks to his mouth and tongue on my crotch. It didn't take long at all for me to start yelling as my cum was being sucked out of my cock. He didn't give me much time to recover at all but turned me around and dove his mouth and tongue straight into my ass. Damn he knew how to drive me insane. I was very quickly pleading and begging for him to fuck me which of course he granted to me. He lowered me down on to his rock hard cock and began to nibble and suck on my neck and shoulders and lick and hard breath on my ear. He was in control, using his hands on my hips to lift and lower me on his cock as slow and fast as he wanted. I was just along for the ride, like I cared much. Hell no, I was in the super throws of sexual pleasure and didn't really care much what was happening around me.

Turk filled my insides 2 times before moving closer to the shoreline, spinning me around on his cock so I was facing his body as he sat down, bending his legs to form a brace for my back. My legs began to act like pistons pushing my body up and down his cock, his hands roving all over my body and controlling how fast and hard I was moving. I was filled up 2 more times before he pulled me into his body and began to make out seriously but with such passion it kept taking my breath away.

Suddenly we both heard the weird sound that came from the horns Hank made as our help/warning sounds. Nobody unfamiliar with the forests around us would know it wasn't from any animal, but we knew no animal in the area made that kind of sound.

We both ran out of the water and put on our loin clothes, picked up our weapons and ran toward the direction the sounds were coming from. It was a good run from the lake. Turk spotted Steve holding the horn to his lips, blowing away like crazy.

What's going on?” Turk yelled as we came close to Steve.

Look,” Steve said, really pale and pointing.

Both Turk and I said “What the fuck!”

We saw Hank, sprawled out on the ground, obviously in pain, like he was fighting something very hard. We could barely make out some thing behind him. It had its mouth closed tight around the back of Hank's neck, weird ass needle like teeth showing that pierced his skin, blood slowly dripping from around the teeth. Claw like fingers were dug in deep into Hanks biceps and another pair dug in deep into his lower abs. The thing was hard to see as it was a perfect match in color to the ground and leaves.

Lets stop gawking and get that fucker off of Hank,” Turk yelled as he ran up to Hank.

NO! Don't touch him,” Steve yelled as he ran to block Turk from reaching Hank. “It makes it worse for Hank, it starts shaking him hard like a dog shaking some rabbit to make sure it is dead.”

Well how the hell do we get the thing off of Hank then?” Turk yelled all frustrated.

I don't know! I've tried all kinds of things but nothing seems to work. It just really rips hard into Hank when I try anything,” Steve yelled.

Maybe we can burn it off of him like you do with a leech,” I said.

Worth a try,” Turk said. “We can get a fire going and set a long stick aflame and poke it maybe.”

The weirdest thing was Hank seeming to completely ignore us and just concentrate on fighting with this thing if you can call it that. We got a good fire going and Turk used his knife to sharpen the end of a long thick branch he found before getting it super hot and burning in the fire. He laid down on the ground as close as he could and began to slide it towards the creature. He had to be careful not to poke Hank with it. The creature must have sensed what was going on as it began to rip into Hank. Turk rammed the burning branch hard under Hank and the creature released his mouth from Hank's neck and let out a super loud weird shriek. Turk pushed it hard again and again until the creature threw Hank off of it and tried to come at Turk. The thing was big, standing like some pissed off grizzly bear. Course the first thing I noticed was this huge fat bump covered cock and pendulous ball sack in between its thick thighs. With its arms held up and out, you could see how muscled it was, kind of reminded me of a silver back gorilla. Its head was thick and kind of ugly with a big wide mouth and lips and those needle like teeth. Its eyes were big and black. It looked like its nostrils were on the side of its head close to its ears which were very large.

Turks special forces training kicked in real quick and he kept lunging at the thing with the sharpened branch, doing lots of damage. I shot a number of arrows into it while Steve ran over and carried Hank to a safer area behind us. Steve then picked up another sharpened thick branch and joined Turk in stabbing the hell out of the thing. I thought for sure it was going to overpower them both, but their stabs did the job eventually and the thing fell down face first with a thud to the ground. Turk and Steve kept stabbing it until they were satisfied it was dead.

I ran over to Hank and began to do some first aid to stop his bleeding and give him some water to swallow down a few pain pills we all carried as part of our first aid kits. Hank slowly calmed down but still had a look of pain on his face as he drifted off to sleep.

What the fuck is this thing?” Turk said as he pushed it over on its back.

Nothing from this planet, unless it is some kind of mutant thing,” Steve said almost out of breath. “Teddy, how's Hank doing?”

He's sleeping. I gave him some pain pills and water,” I yelled back. “Don't like the pained expression he still has though.”

We best get him back to the cave and get those wounds cleaned out with antibiotic stuff. Who knows if it was injecting poison into him,” Steve said.

Yeah, good idea. I'll take this thing back with us so maybe we can figure it out,” Turk said.

Might be better off making a liter or something. Don't think its a good idea to get any of its blood or fluids on your skin,” I said.

Yeah, good thinking Teddy,” Steve said.

We put together a liter Turk pulled while Steve carried Hank over his shoulder and we headed back to the cave super fast.

Hey, what's going on?” Dan asked seeing us all sweaty and Hank over Steve's shoulder.

This alien thing attacked Hank. It had him held tight with its teeth in the back of his neck and claws dug into his lower abs,” Turk said.

We have to clean Hank up quick and stop his bleeding,” Steve said as he laid Hank down on a table.

We all quickly went to work on Hank with Dan taking the lead as he was the most calm and experienced in medical stuff. We rubbed tons of antibiotic and antiseptic stuff on Hank's wounds and did manage to stop the bleeding before bandaging him up. Steve moved him to their bed and laid down with him.

Holy shit this thing is big and ugly,” Dan said as he began to examine the thing.

Ain't it? Took all we had to bring the sucker down. It sure was one strong critter I tell yah,” Turk said.

Yeah, I can see by the number of wounds you guys put into it. Still, look at the size of it and those muscles it has,” Dan said with a whistle. “And that cock!.”

Guys, hate to say this, but if there's one, there have to be more. I don't think it escaped from any freak show,” I said nervously.

Teddy is right,” Dan said. “We have to assume there are more of these things out there. Wonder what it is and how it got here?”

I'm gonna guess its something the aliens brought with them and just let loose. Maybe some kind of pet of theirs or just something nasty to feed off of us humans,” Turk said.

Shit, wish we had some way of communicating with others out there. Maybe somebody knows what they are and all,” Dan said.

Hey Dan, you studied biology and medical stuff. Any way you can see if this thing has poison or something in its teeth or saliva?” Turk said.

Well, yeah, I can test it out on some small animals I guess,” Dan said. “Could do a dissection to see whether its native to earth or not too I guess.”

Good idea, I'll give you a hand,” I said. “The more we learn about it the better off we'll be to deal with it.”

Okay, I'll get you some small animals and stuff,” Turk said heading out of the cave.

Don't go far Turk, maybe there's a playmate of this thing out there that followed you guys,” Dan said.

Good thinking, I'll be careful,” Turk said as he left the cave.

Well, our make shift science lab went to work. From the tests on rabbits and chipmunks, we quickly saw there was indeed a poison in its saliva that sent the critters into hard spasms of cramps. That explained why Hank looked like he was fighting some ghost rather then the thing behind him. We tried some different things to see if we could stop the effect, but it seemed only time stopped the spasms and cramps, leaving the critters super weak. That would make sense as once fully weakened the creature could do anything it wanted to the prey without any problem at all. A side effect we spotted was the females began menstruating and the males began to have swelling testicles. We had no idea what that meant, but after quickly checking Hank, we saw his balls were swollen as well, in addition to his cock getting fat and hard.

Turk, Dan and I talked about what we found out with Steve and we all began a brain storming session.

Just something that crossed my mind,” I said. “The aliens seemed to be fixated with using human males for sex. Maybe these things were their playmates until us human males were.”

Its possible I guess. Problem is we have no idea about any of it, especially the aliens other then what we witnessed and the refugees told us,” Steve said.

Yeah, damn I wish we could talk to somebody who knows,” Dan said.

I kind of agree with Ted. Kind of makes sense to me. Let these things go once you get turned on to having human males for sex. Hate to have this thing give me a blow job,” Turk said seriously.

Yeah, that is one thing for sure human males could do these things couldn't do,” Dan said.

Well, other then knowing what their poison does and that they are big and very strong, no point in guessing any more about them,” Steve said. “We have to assume there are more of these out there and we're going to have to beef up our defenses so we aren't taken by surprise some night.”

For sure. I'll get going on that right away,” Turk said.

Me too,” Dan said.

Well, I'm going to check on Hank,” I said.

We all went to work on our tasks. One effect it had for sure was killing any desire we might have had for sex. Once Turk and Dan were satisfied our defenses were as good as they could be, Dan went to work taking apart the creature. Its organs were different in lots of ways from anything found on earth for sure, so we knew the aliens brought them along. It had more then one heart and a super thick artery and vein structure. Its muscles were much thicker then ours, which would explain how it managed to keep moving after being stabbed so often with the spears. Dan showed us how quickly the blood began to coagulate when tissue was cut which meant the creature could withstand lots of wounds and survive. It was kind of amazing in a way. Dan wished we had a real laboratory so that he could maybe figure out how to isolate the cells in the blood stream of the creature to make a drug that we could use to quickly heal any type of wounds.

Turk and Dan took the creature outside the cave and burned it before digging a deep grave for it. They didn't want any other creatures picking up the scent and looking for us. It was kind of scary not knowing what these things were like and capable of doing.

It took 3 days for Hank to come back around. He was really weak and tired. He described as best he could how the creature got him so quickly into his grasp. He described the feeling of like a hot liquid flowing into his body from the mouth of the creature clamped tight on the back of his neck and the horrible pain he felt when the creature clawed his fingers into Hank's lower abs. He tried punching backward at the creatures head and that only made the creature tighten his claw holds on his lower abs. He tried to pull the hands of the creature off of his body but the claw nails of the creature's hands were hooked in and deep. Then he felt his muscles going into spasms and cramping as the hot liquid seemed to spread faster and faster. He couldn't remember anything after that. He said he now felt like he ran 3 marathons back to back while carrying 200 lbs of weight. We got him to eat and drink and Steve kept massaging Hank's body with a salve Dan made up. Hank was going to recover it seemed with only the scars left from the creatures teeth and claws.

We became more cautious and watchful, worried the creatures would zero in on our cave from the scent of the creature we killed. Our excursions for food slowed down until we were fairly certain no other creatures were around us. As we went out and around the area, we paid special attention to look for tracks or any other signs of the creatures. Luckily we didn't find anything.

Turk decided after a few weeks that we needed to go to the lake and bring back a good catch of fish to replenish what we had been eating. Steve and Hank decided to go nearby the cave to gather as much fruit and berries as they could, along with any edible roots or tubers they might find. Dan stayed back, working super hard on trying to find some sort of antidote to the creature poison. He already figured out how to mix some small portions of it with his salve to force any wound to close tight, like super coagulation.

Turk and I got to the lake and did a good scouting of the area to make sure there weren't any creatures around. Once satisfied, we both did some fishing, luckily catching a good number of fish which we kept on a line in the water until we decided to head back to the cave. Turk kept looking intently at me and finally I had to ask why.

Okay, what's wrong? You have been starring at me weird for some time,” I said.

Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable or anything. Its just we haven't had any sex since the Hank thing and I can't help but thinking how much I need to be inside of you,” Turk said with a super sexy smile.

Well hell, why didn't you just start something then?” I asked.

I don't know. I guess after all the time of not doing it I figured you didn't think it was a good idea or something,” Turk said.

Come here you hot monster,” I smiled with my arms wide.

Well Turk didn't need any other kind of invitation. He was on me in a flash, kissing me all over as he took both our loin clothes off and had his hand all over my ass kneading my cheeks. He was like a wild bear in heat I swear. I had a hell of a time breathing. He had me panting and gasping like crazy. It was almost unreal what his mouth was doing to my pecs and neck. He lifted me up and gulped down my cock and balls, going wild on me. He wasn't satisfied until he drained me 2 times. He laid me down on my front, knelt between my legs and lifted my hips into the air. When his mouth and tongue attacked my ass I was screaming like a girl. His tongue went inside deep and was moving around and fucking me big time. I almost passed out from it all. He finally lowered me down and began pumping his leaking rock hard throbbing cock in between my ass cheeks. I screamed when he pushed his cock head inside of me. I guess my ass tightened up lots from not being used daily by his and Don's monsters. I swear it felt like the first time all over again. Luckily, Turk felt how tight I was and was super careful to go slow. It seemed like hours before his full cock was deep inside me. He kept up a slow rhythm until I was screaming for him to fuck me good. He gave me my wish for sure as he fast rammed his cock deep in and out and then super slow, which drove me insane with lust.

We never heard anything as we were both panting and gasping and swearing from how great the fucking felt. Suddenly Turk's body felt heavier and did this weird ass jerking movement. At first I thought he thought up some new kinky maneuver or something until I finally turned my head to look behind me. There was a creature on top of Turk, his teeth dug in deep into the back of Turks neck. I tried to pull myself out from under them but the creature saw what I was doing and quickly had its hand wrapped around my throat. Lucky for me the hand was bigger then my neck is around or those sharp claws would have dug into my neck for sure.

The creature moved its body partially to the side, pulling Turk to his side. It then used its free hand to dig into Turk's lower abs just like the creature that attacked Hank had done. Of course we were both naked and our weapons and horns were completely out of reach. Turk was swearing and trying hard to rip the creatures head off of him with one hand and pulling hard at the hand clawed into his lower abs. The creature moved around and finally stood up. He was big, really big. Turk was over 6'8” tall and his feet had to be close to 2' off the ground. The creature lowered me so my feet were on the ground and quickly turned me around so I was facing it and Turk. He tightened his grip around my throat and lifted me up off the ground. I could see its eyes watching me as I did my best to fight it off of me. It pulled me up and really close to its face. I could hear it sniffing my cock which was covered in cum. It turned me around and sniffed my ass before holding me back away from Turk.

Turk was starting to really hurt based on the sounds he was making. It was fury, frustration and pain all wrapped up. I could see the creatures hand clawing into Turk's lower abs flexing now and again, just adding to Turk's misery. From what I remembered Dan and Steve saying, the creature was weakening his victim to make it easy for it to do whatever it wanted to do and not have to fight with the victim. I wanted so bad to help Turk, but there was nothing I could do. I watched as Turk's agony seemed to drain him of his strength and slowly his body obviously weakened. I could tell the flexing was not under Turk's control any more, but the poison of the creature. I don't know if it was or not, but I thought it was merciful when Turk's head was just flopping as it hung down. He was unconscious finally.

I don't know how I missed it before, but suddenly I saw the super long, fat and bump covered cock of the creature in between Turk's legs, pushing Turk's balls tight up against his body. It was huge and nasty looking. A thick foreskin was pulled partially back and a river of thick precum was pumping out of the cock head. The creature used the hand clawed into Turk's lower abs to pull Turk's body away from his, lining up its cock head with Turk's ass. It started to make strange sounds as it pushed Turk's body down on its cock and bent over still holding Turk's neck in its mouth. I was wide eyed and gasped as I watched Turk's body lowered further and further down that killer cock. I began to see the outline of it moving inside of Turk. It seemed to swell and then start to pulse from what I could make out going on under Turk's abs. Turk looked like he had a huge tumor growing inside his abs.

The creature released its mouth from Turk's neck, licking Turk's wounds which stopped the bleeding. It then turned its head towards me as it pulled me closer to its head. Then, quick as a flash, it had my thigh in its mouth, its teeth in deep and I began to feel the hot liquid spreading inside of me. I was screaming from the pain of the bite and the effect the poison was starting to have on my leg, lower back and abs. I now knew what Turk felt from the poison. Soon, I didn't have control over my muscles which were flexing and cramping like mad and my whole body was into spasms. I guess the creature figured I would not be able to get away as it finally pulled its teeth out of me, licked my thigh to stop the bleeding and dropped me from its grip around my throat. I didn't feel a thing when I hit the ground as the poison was really working on my whole body. I was on the ground fully in spasms, watching the creature and Turk.

The creature released his claw from Turk's lower abs and used both hands to start working over Turk's pecs. Turk was slowly coming around, moaning and groaning. He must have fully woke up as he began to scream like made and his hands grabbed at his abs right over the bulge of the creatures cock inside of him which was really throbbing. I saw Turk trying to position his legs so he could anchor his feet on the creatures legs and push himself up off that killer cock, but he didn't have the strength to even do that. The creature's sounds were getting louder and it was leaking tons of saliva from its mouth which was running down the front and back of Turk's body.

The creature turned its head and looked down at me. It moved closer, reached down and took hold of my calve, pulled me into the air and began to hard lick my cock and balls. There was no way with all that saliva and the rough big tongue that I could stop getting a hard on big time. My cock eventually began to throb and even swell fatter. The creature must have sensed I was going to have an orgasm as its lips enveloped my cock and its tongue moved faster on my cock. Sure enough, my cum started to shoot like crazy into the creature's mouth. It wasn't all that pleasant as my muscles were still doing that flex, cramp and spasm thing. It just added to the spasms big time. It dawned on me before I finally passed out that we were being raped by this damn creature.

When I came to, we were in a cave. I was laying across Turk's body. His abs were really swollen like he really pigged out on a meal. His pecs were swollen and his nipples were bigger with some kind of liquid drops slowly coming out of them. My abs felt swollen as well and my pecs were really sore. I felt down and sure enough, mine were leaking stuff too. We both had like a sticky goop all over us, maybe the saliva of the creature. Turk was out of it and moaning and groaning. I heard a noise and turned my head to see the creature coming into the cave. It looked at us and made a loud noise before coming up to us.

I was pushed off of Turk and on my back laying next to Turk. The creature knelt down and began to sniff Turk's body and mine. He moved his head so he had good access to Turk's cock which he began to lick like he did mine before. He got Turk hard and I saw Turk's hips lift up before the creature enveloped Turk's cock with his lips. He really drained Turk of his cum. Then the creature's hands began working on Turk's pecs but this time its lips zeroed in on Turk's nipples, covering them and a good portion of Turk's pecs. Turk was gasping and panting as the creature worked one then the other with its mouth. After awhile, it lifted its upper body up and began to feel all of Turk's abs really hard. Turk's muscled abs weren't rock hard anymore but more like jello it seemed. The creature then took its monstrous cock in one hand and pulled Turk's body down towards it. It impaled Turk on it again and then pulled me on top of Turk, then began working on my cock.

After draining me of my cum, it began to work on my pecs like it did to Turk. It was the weirdest sensation. I could actually feel liquid coming out of my nipples. From the size of its mouth, it easily had just about all of my pec in its mouth as I wasn't as huge as Turk. It began making a bunch of wild sounds as its lower body began jerking. I figured it was filling Turk with more of its cum. It was no wonder Turk's abs seemed so swollen from how long the creature was cumming inside of Turk. It moved off of us and stood up. Its cock was still somewhat hard, leaking cum and covered in cum along with some blood, I imagine from Turk. It moved over me and slow stroked its cock so its remaining cum fell down and covered my entire face. It kind of reminded me of used motor oil but it was super cloudy with a beige color to it, not white like ours. It had a strong smell and I could feel it being absorbed into my skin. The cave started to spin and I was soon out again.

I had no idea how long we were in the cave and how many times the creature used us. I knew I was really weak and super thirsty, so I assumed Turk was as well. We did manage finally to do some talking and Turk was having a hard time dealing with this, especially him being so weak. The milking of our pecs was the most humiliating to Turk as it attacked his whole mental ideal of being a tough alpha male. Fucking was one thing but that was something entirely different. Neither of us knew it was even possible.

The creature finally dragged up by one of our arms to the lake and we were able to get our fill of water. I think it enjoyed playing with us as it would let Turk think he was slowly crawling toward the shore to try and get away, then it would stretch out its arm and grab Turk by his ankle pulling him back into the lake in front of it. It stayed in the lake a long time before dragging us back into the cave and using us again. I had the horrible feeling we were going to die in the cave.

I don't know how long after that it was, but while the creature was fucking Turk and sucking on his pecs, it suddenly screamed out and its upper body shot up. I looked over and saw a sharp piece of wood sticking out from its chest, then another next to it and another from its abs. A rope fell from the air and was tight around its neck and it was being pulled backwards. Then I saw Steve on one side and Dan on the other side of the creature, stabbing it with sharp spears. I managed to lift up my head and saw Hank pulling tight on the rope around the creatures neck. They kept it up until the creatures arms were just flopped at its side and it wasn't making making any sound. Steve and Dan took hold of its arms and pulled it fully backward.

You guys okay?” Dan asked in a pant as he lifted me up and started to wipe my face.

Oh yeah, just fuckin super,” Turk moaned. “Get that fuckin cock out of my ass.”

Steve took hold of the creatures cock and slowly pulled it out of Turk's ass.

Thanks, much better now,” Turk said. “I need a good washout and some water real bad.”

Okay, we'll get you guys to the lake,” Hank said as the 3 of them helped Turk to stand up.

Steve and I will hold on to Turk. You take care of Teddy,” Hank said to Dan.

Okay, come on sexy, lets get you cleaned up,” Dan said as he picked me up like a baby. “What the hell is up with your pecs baby?”

Oh that. Seems the creature liked sucking man milk out of me and Turk,” I said with a moan.

No shit. Wow, I bet that was weird huh?” Dan said. “Never knew men could be milked.”

Yeah, neither did we until now,” I said trying to smile.

Hey, I know its weird, but could I have a lick to see what it tastes like?” Dan asked.

You are sick. Really sick Dan,” I said a bit pissed off. “Well, I suppose since I'm probably leaking anyway, go ahead.”

Dan gently lifted me and lowered his head so his tongue could get a lick.

Holy shit! It has a strong taste, but a good one,” Dan said.

Well, forget it buster. I'm through being milked. And if I were you, I wouldn't even mention it to Turk unless you want to quickly end your time on earth,” I said seriously.

He didn't take to it good I guess,” Dan said.

Not at all. Messed up his macho mind set big time. He'll take a long time to get over that for sure,” I said.

Yeah, I can see how that would be the case, especially for Turk,” Dan said.

Well, just let it go and don't bring it up at all with him,” I said.

Gotcha. I ain't ready to pack it in just yet,” Dan laughed.

When we got to the lake, Dan began washing me up and Steve and Hank took care of Turk.

Listen, I know it's weird, but I want you guys to take a good piss inside of my ass to clean me out of that fuckers pud,” Turk suddenly said.

What? Are you nuts?” Steve yelled.

No, it makes sense. That thing obviously has filled Turk up with lots of its cum and the only way to remove it is by giving Turk a good enema. Since we don't have anything that will do it, pissing is as good as we can get,” Hank said.

Oh man, this is just too damn weird,” Steve said.

Just shut it and fuck me idiot,” Turk growled. “I need to get that shit out of me like NOW!”

Okay, okay,” Steve yelled back as Dan and Hank laughed.

Hey, stop laughing, you're next,” Turk told Dan.

Well, it was very strange in a way, but Turk was right. Steve fucked him until he filled him up with cum and piss, then Hank and finally Dan. Turk started moaning as he began to expel the creatures cum and all the piss.

Hey, what about Teddy?” Steve asked.

No need to. The thing didn't fuck him so he's good,” Turk said.

Yeah, all he did was suck me dry and milk me. Oh and cover my face with his leaking cum,” I said.

We better keep a close watch on you. Don't know what that stuff did to you,” Hank said to me.

Just wash me real good please,” I said.

Okay, baby, you got it,” Dan said as he really washed me from head to toe.

They got us back to the cave and gave us both some of the berry booze to help us sleep good and heal. We were both rubbed down lots with salve and made to drink loads of water besides.

Turk seemed to heal faster then I did. He came over to my bed and spooned me tight into his body.

I'm sorry I couldn't protect you baby,” Turk whispered in my ear before kissing it.

Hey my hero, don't go there. There was nothing in the world you could have done to stop that thing. We are alive and well, so just be happy with that,” I said as I pulled his face into a long kiss.

I knew he was still feeling unsure of his masculinity.

Turk, do me a super favor will you?” I whispered.

Anything baby, just name it,” Turk said.

Stick that cock I love so much inside of me and leave it there to comfort me,” I said.

Oh I don't know baby. Might not be such a good idea just now,” Turk said.

Doctor's orders,” I laughed.

Well, okay then,” Turk growled as he took his cock, got it harder and pushed it inside of me.

Ahhhhhh. Now that is the best medicine a guy could hope for,” I groaned.