The Elements
By Emperor Eros and Phoenix

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Chapter I

    William usually jogs fifteen blocks to school. It is the only time he finds solace in his thoughts. Since puberty, he has been able to hear what other people were thinking, to a limited degree. But where his strength lies, is in telekinesis or moving objects with a single thought. Over time, he has gotten more and more control of his ability. William has kept this little secret hidden for quite some time now. William still gets the giggles when thinking of his early years. Shaking the thoughts out of his head, William enjoys his morning jog to school.

    William arrives at school, and looks around slowly. He can feel as if he knows every single person around him, even if they don't know a single thing about him. He sits down quietly and watches a basket ball game. Suddenly he feels the urge to bend down and pick up a rock. A ball immediately flies right over where his head was positioned. He gets up and sees the ball behind him - he smiles.

    William resists throwing the ball back with his powers. Instead, he throws it using his hands, to one of the new kids that just got to this school, who nods in thanks and continues playing. Eventually, the kid looks back at William, says and asks, "You seem pretty quick. You wanna' play?"

    "Uh no thanks. You're really good though," William comments. The kid shrugs in Williams reply. The bell rings, and the first day of 11th grade begins.

    "See ya around," William waves! Then he heads to class. William finds his homeroom, and sighs. It is just his luck; his homeroom teacher is Mr. Sattan, otherwise known as Satan, by his fellow students. He happens to be the meanest teacher in the school. Many wonder why he even became a teacher - he hates kids so much, it just oozes out of him from every pore.

    Rob enters the room right after William does, and looks around for someone to sit beside. He notices the guys he was playing basketball with earlier, and sits next to them. He is greatly welcomed.

    William gets bored and lets his mind wander as he waits for class to start. He starts listening to his classmates thoughts. He learns the new guy's name is Rob. Coincidentally, after a few seconds, the new guy calls William to come over to sit with his new friends.

    "Sure," William replies as he gathers up his stuff and moves next to Rob. But before he can sit back down, Mr. Sattan yells across the room pointing at William.

    "Why are you getting up?!," he yells at the top of his lungs.

    "Sorry, Sir," William replies.

    "Sir? Is that what you just called me?!," Satan asks furiously.

    "Yes sir. I did," William answers back even though he can tell he is just pissing Satan off.

    "You refer to me by 'Your Honour', you look directly into my eyes when you speak to me and you do not get up after you have sat down! Is that clear?!," Mr. Sattan instructs.

    "Yes your highness," William says slightly annoyed at being lectured so early in the morning. He transmits a picture at Mr. Sattan. He is then practically stunned, and so he sits back down from the sight. William is finally able to sit down.

    "Sorry man. I had no idea," Rob says quietly, not to disturb Satan.

    "No idea about what?," William whispers back.

    "How bitchy a man teacher could possibly be," Rob says. William snorts, then grins at Rob.

    The bell rings, and soon everyone leaves the class. Throughout every class, Science, Gym, Music and their Spare, William and Rob seem to be following each other throughout the day. By the end of the day, the two and the two other guys that were playing basketball with Rob, all go back to the basketball court and hang out together.

    "Today was so boring... This is how boring this school is. I told ya Rob," Dan says.

    "Yeah. Did you notice how far Satan had his dildo up his ass this morning?." William mentions. Everyone laughs to William's somewhat unpleasing (visually) remark.

    "Well guys, I gotta' jet! Anyone who wants to come over and hang out, just ask Dan. He practically lives in our pool. See ya' later guys," William says as he heads off on a jog home.

    "Let's just all go - it was a long day - I wouldn't mind a swim, it's so fucking hot out here." Rob says lying. William stops to let them catch up, and then leads the way to his house. Once there, they head to the mini change room his dad made after his mother got pissed that the carpets were getting soaked from all the traffic, to and from the pool. The change room even has it's own washroom and shower.

    "Do... Do we all go in there at once?," Rob asks. Eric and Dan just laugh.

    Eric says aloud, "We're all old, lad. We all go in at the same time. But now that you're here, though lad, we won't be able to," Eric says smiling. Rob takes it the wrong way, and it shows over his expression.

    "Oh Rob, I meant that there wasn't enough room, lad," Eric says with his strong accent.

    "Uhm... William, I don't have a bathing suit. So I guess I can't go swimming. Oh darn...," Rob says as he starts remembering that swimming might be a little bit tricky for him - especially based on his condition and whatnot.

    "Well I'm sure my bro' might have one. We can borrow it, I know he won't mind. Come on!," William says motioning for Rob to follow him. Concern paints itself over Rob's facial expression as he follows William into the house. William heads him to his bros room and digs through his brother's dresser till he finds his bathing suit. He finds it and hands it to Rob. "There! How is that?," William asks Rob.

    "That's sweet!" Rob says. Soon, he feels a sneeze come on. He feels his face turn red as he keeps a sneeze in. William doesn't notice and continues putting everything back so his brother doesn't realize they were in his room. Rob then grabs the wall in pain.

    "Hey man! Are you okay?," Will asks as he looks at him curiously and with a lot of concern. Rob cannot keep it in. He sneezes and all of a sudden feels these two large bright blue and cold pieces of saliva come out of his mouth. They shoot towards William. Reflexively, William stops the flying objects millimeters from his face. Will steps back to get a better look at was about to hit his face. William and Rob just look at each other as the ice floats in between them.

    Rob, knowing what to say all the time, says, "Glad to meet you. I like to be called Frost." William shakes his head causing the ice to smash on the ground.

    "Griffin," William replies cautiously, then scans Rob.

    "Let's go...," Rob says motioning back outside.

    "Sure thing. just a minute," William says as he quickly goes to his room and changes in to his swim suit.

    "There! I'm ready. You gonna' change or what?," he says to Rob.

    "Well ya', just give me a second," Rob says as he enters William's brother's room. He closes the door, changes, and opens the door back again. They both head out to the pool.

    "Wa HOOOOOOOOOOO!," William yells as he runs and does a cannon ball splashing Dan and Eric.

    "William, lad, you really have to stop doing that," Eric says seriously.

    Rob runs and does a cannon ball right behind William and splashes everyone as well. A huge water fight ensues that lasts for an hour. Shortly after, William crawls out of the pool and lays back with just his feet in the water.

    "I feel rather stupid now. Does William always just watch you guys play basketball? I never knew you guys knew each other...," Rob says politely.

    "Yeah we have known each other since we were in Junior High," William says as he starts concentrating. He slowly undoes his friends' drawstrings to their bathing suits. Everyone is totally unaware how close they are to losing their swim trunks.

    "So, why didn't you sit beside us in home room?," Rob continues questioning.

    "I didn't know Eric and Dan were in my home room. Then I got day dreaming and didn't notice them," William replies, then grins and he senses all their drawstrings come undone. William gets up, does another cannon ball into the pool, and uses his power to yank down Eric, Dan and Rob's swim suits.

    "Why did you do that, lad!!," Eric yells.

    "Very funny," Rob says as he pulls his bathing suit back up quickly. Eventually Dan and Eric have to leave. William asks Rob if he would like to stay for pizza, since his parents are away on a 'business trip'.

    "Yeah sure Will... That'd be cool," Rob answers as he stands watching the others leave out the door. Rob sits down in the living room as William calls for the pizza. William then sits across from Rob.

    "So, how long have you known?," William asks suddenly.

    "Since I was young. My parents know, but they do not mind - thank god...," Rob says in reply.

    "Yes, that must be a relief," William comments, "So what can you do besides sneezing spikes at me?"

    Rob laughs. "I have cold blood, so my body adapts well to any condition. Whenever I breath, it's generally cold. I can also alter the amount of heat that there is within a specific object - but only colder - so I can't make things burn," Rob says. William jumps up and does a flip like someone in space, and plops down next to Rob.

    "Show me an example!," William asks. Rob smiles. He points to a piece of paper, and soon it becomes extremely reflective. He grabs it and shows it to William.

    "Don't touch it though. For a while at least. It'd burn your hands because it's so cold."

    "Cool. What else can ya' do?," William says grinning.

    "Hmmm...," Rob says as he opens his hand upwards and something slowly forms above his hand. William watches intently. A solid, beautiful rose begins to become apparent. Rob holds it. "It's about the only few things I ever practice... Hmm, you can touch this one," Rob says handing the rose to William.

    "It will melt a lot quicker if I touch it," William says in awe. He then makes the rose float in front of him. "So, do you have any questions for me?," he asks.

    "What can you do?," Rob says looking at him curiously.

    "I have some telepathic powers. But mostly, I do what is called telekinesis. That is moving objects with just my mind," William says grinning. Then he concentrates on the guitar case at the other end of the room. Suddenly it floats towards them, unlocks and opens. The blue guitar floats out and hovers in front of Rob.

    "That is just way too cool. Does that mean you can break through locks?," Rob asks.

    "Maybe...," William says. The guitar floats back in to it's case and the case floats back to it's exact spot. "I can also send mental images."

    "Try it on me...," Rob says quietly.

    William concentrates on Rob, then sends a picture of Rob sitting in his dream car. It is very vivid - he can almost smell the leather.

    "That's amazing. Keep going!," Rob begs.

    "What do you want to see?," William asks

    "Me actually diving the thing!," Rob says. William nods. Suddenly Rob feels like he is driving the car.

    "That is unbelievable...," Rob says. William leans back sweating, "Yeah," William says and then gasps like he has been running.

    "Heh. Was that hard?," Rob asks.

    "Yeah, kind of. It doesn't come as easy to me as moving objects, and stuff," William replies. They are interrupted by the door bell, signaling the pizza had arrived. William pays the guy then brings in the pizza to Rob.

    "I love pizza. It's one of the things that will turn up the heat in my body for once!," Rob says quietly. William makes the box float towards Rob.

    "Where are your parents by the way?," Rob asks, grabbing a piece using a fork he got from the kitchen, so to not make the pizza turn cold.

    "They are away at some conference for Doctors in New York or something. They are gone for two weeks because they are also taking a mini holiday."

    "Gotta love parents!," Rob says taking a bit of pizza quickly.

    "Yep!," William says as he flops down next to Rob, grabbing a piece from the box, and then sends the box floating to the coffee table. "So what do you enjoy doing on your spare time?," William asks curiously.

    "Using my powers. I enjoy playing sports too, heh. It makes me a hell of a lot warmer...," Rob says taking another bite.

    "Anything else?," William asks.

    "Making roses - such a beautiful object," Rob says quietly. William scoots closer and asks, "Can you make another one?"

    "Where did the other one I make go to?," Rob asks laughing.

    William blushes and says he put it in the freezer.

    Rob smiles. He slowly puts his hand up again, and creates a new rose. William makes it float in front of him, examining it.

    "This is truly remarkable Rob!," William says. Suddenly the rose rushes out of the room and they hear the freezer door open and close.

    "Why're you keeping them," Rob says looking at William as he notices how close William is to him. He moves a bit back, because he feels a little too close for comfort.

    William grins then shrugs, "I like shinny things." Rob nods in reply. William grabs another piece of pizza.

    "So when do you got to head off?," William asks.

    "Whenever," Rob says quietly.

    "Do you play any instruments?," William asks.

    "Piano. Can you play something with your guitar for me, by the way?," Rob asks.

    "Sure, I usually play with out my hands though," William states and he brings the guitar to him.

    "Really... I'd like to see that," Rob says excitedly.

    William leans back in to the couch concentrating. The guitar floats in front of them again. The sounds of a Spanish ballad fills the room. Rob listens quietly. The song is soft and yet spicy. All too soon, the song ends and the guitar floats back in to its case. William breaths out heavily.

    "So what did you think Rob?," William asks curiously.

    "Very nice...," Rob says smiling.

    "Maybe we can 'jam' some time?," William suggests.

    "Yes. Maybe a different style of music perhaps," Rob says smiling.

    "Of course!," William laughs also, then sighs a satisfied sigh. William lets out a huge burp. "God that was awesome pizza!"

    Rob looks and turns the burp into a soft piece of ice and lets William control it. William stretches out with his feet on the coffee table, while he makes the pizza box and everything to the garbage. William then notices his burp. He giggles as he makes his pizza burp dance around the room.

    "So man what other interests do you have?," William continues to ask questions.

    "That's about it - sports, piano and powers," Rob says getting up.

    "Leaving?," William asks.

    "No. Show me around," Rob says smiling, "You couldn't read that from my mind?"

    "I wasn't listening to your thoughts. So you wanna' see my room, eh?," William says grinning.

    Rob blushes. "Well yes, but anything will do."

    "Sure follow me," William says jumping up. He leads Rob upstairs to his large room. William has the door open even before they get there. Once inside, William turns on the lights to his unusually clean room.

    "This is my domain. Do you want to play Playstation 2...? Game Cube? X-Box?" William asks.

    "Nah. I'd rather not play against someone who can actually predict my thoughts," Rob says wandering around Will's room. William laughs then flops down on his own lazy boy chair. Rob sits down on William's bed, then lies down stretching. He then starts feeling a piece of paper touch his hand. He quickly pulls it out and looks at the cover of the magazine that was poorly hidden under William's pillow.

    "I know what you are thinking. The answer is - yes," William says nervously.

    "Oh...," Rob lets go of the magazine and puts it on the side of the bed.

    "Yet you aren't bothered by it. Guess we're 'family'," William chuckles as he does his float thing to his bed. He lands beside Rob, sitting cross-legged.

    Rob smiles and asks, "Are Eric and Dan... gay?"

    "I don't know, the thought never crossed my mind, cause ewwwwwww! That is like fantasizing about your brothers to me," William says shuddering.

    Rob smiles. "Hmm, anyone you interested in?," Rob asks curiously.

    "I dunno'. All the guys that actually stare at my ass and comment on it, are all old farts," William shudders even harder this time as he speaks and thinks of the nasty visual he has just created. He unintentionally shares this image with Rob.

    "Will!," Rob says pushing William lightly.

    "Sorry!," William says blushing, "So anyone you like?"

    "Nah. I just got here. We. Uhm, we left where we used to live after word got out that I had powers."

    "So how do you like it here?"

    "It is very nice here, and your house is nice too. Hm, I better go home now, it is getting late, and we both have homework to do - unless you want to do it together," Rob says rambling on.

    "Sure. Why don't you call home and we can finish it together," William says not wanting Rob to go home just yet.

    "Alright, where's your phone?" Rob asks.

    "Behind you," William says giggling, as Rob turns around to see the phone floating in front of his face.

    Rob grabs the phone, then opens his hand and makes a small little sphere. He throws it at William gently to get him back for the little phone trick to get him back.

    "Hi Karen. Yeah, I'm at a friend's house, I won't be back for another little while. If mom calls, just tell her I am doing homework over. Yeah... No. Yes exactly. Okay bye." Rob says, then puts down the telephone.

    "Let's get started," William says. Without leaving the room, he focuses on their back packs and makes them gently float into William's room, in front of their owners, on the bed. William, out of habit, opens his bag without touching it, brings out his binder and sets it on his lap. He then brings out his text book, which floats in front of him.

    "Want me to hold your book for you?," William asks not looking up from his work.

    "No thanks. I prefer the feel of objects. Thank you," Rob says as he gets his things from his bag, "First day, and we get so much homework!"

    After about an hour of homework, Rob leaves, and they say they'll meet the next morning. The next morning comes around, but things don't turn out the way they had planned - they certainly don't get the change to meet the next morning in the way they had hoped for.


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