The Elements
By Emperor Eros and Phoenix

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Chapter II

    Dan starts feeling hotter and hotter as seconds pass by. He starts to open his eyes, but all he can see is a bright light hitting his retina. He starts to get up, in what he thinks is a dream, and slowly walks towards the line that soon forms a solid shape beneath the crack of his door. All of a sudden, he tries to scream, but is completely unable to vocalize it. He realizes right away, this wasn't a dream, and that their smoke detector was defective. He falls to the ground as smoke enters the room and causes him to slowly suffocate.

    William runs out of his house, not locking the door, not closing his fence, and runs all the way to Dan's house in his boxers. Seconds later, Rob comes into view.

    "When did you get here?," William says in shock of seeing Rob.

    "Just... Just now. I just... I don't know," Rob confusingly says. He slowly starts to cool down the burning house as best he can, and walks into it to go save Dan. William follows just behind, close enough for them to be able to hear each other. Unfortunately when they get to the stairs, the very few steps to Dan's room ends up being burned completely and some of the floor seems to be unstable.

    "Dan! Are you there!?," William shouts.

    "Is he still conscious?!," Rob asks.

    William stops, then concentrates on trying to read Dan. After some time he looks at Rob and shakes his head. They rush out the way they both came in, all the way to the back of the house and looks up at the right window on the second floor.

    "This is his room, Rob! Do you think you can break the window?," William asks still staring at the window.

    "I need your help William," Rob says as he puts out his hand. He creates a spike from the air around his hand.

    William, using his power, creates a barrier around Dan, then moves the spike to the window, and like a club, smashes it. William sends Rob flying up to the window and through it without touching the broken glass. Rob gently gets set down near the unconscious Dan. Rob suddenly feels extremely dizzy, as it was his first time flying. He picks up Dan, and starts starring for a little while. He rubs his crotch through Dan's boxers, and then smirks. He gets up, and throws Dan out the window for William to catch him. William catches Dan, then using his powers, he retrieves Rob carefully moving him through the window again. Both touch the ground gently at the same time. William slumps to the ground, his chest heaving, with blood dripping from his nose.

    Rob then gets up quickly, and starts to cool off Dan's insides, but very delicately. He then notices William slumped on the lawn and checks him out, "Are you okay? I think you over did yourself. I'mma' check Dan's parents quickly - to make sure they got out alright," Rob says.

    Rob quickly runs to the front of the house, and sees Dan's parents standing at the door, screaming for Dan. Rob sighs in relief and then tells them quietly that, Dan is alright.

    William recovers enough to stand, and then helps Dan sit up. He then sees Dan's parents running in to the backyard as the sounds of fire trucks sound in the background. Rob's cooling effects were enough to contain the fire, but soon the fire is raging with a vengeance throughout the house. They all have to flee the backyard, and quickly move to the alley. Just as everyone clears the yard, an explosion knocks them all to the ground sending glass as well as other debris showering on them. With what little strength William has, he shields everyone the best he can from the bigger items. Though, William can't help it, they are all still hit with bits of glass, leaving minor cuts.

    Dan's dad slowly gets up, being the strongest physically of them all. He then picks up his wife. Dan's mom then breaks the awkward silence, "Thank you, you two. I don't know what would of happened if it wasn't for you two. I mean, the whole stair case was broken, and when we finally realized it, we were already out of the house," She says then pauses, "How. How were you both able to know our house was on fire?"

    Eventually people start getting up, and pulling small pieces of glass from their hands and arms. Dan seems to be breathing perfectly fine.

    "We saw the smoke ma'am," William lies. He then mentally tells Rob not to say otherwise. Soon a group of paramedics show up, and starts checking everyone out.

    "It was a miracle you all survived," one of the the firemen says directed to William, but everyone hears his comment.

    "Thank you guys, I will never forget this. What could of gone on fire, though? I don't understand," Dan says aloud.

    "Well, my parents are still away at New York. I'm sure they wouldn't mind you staying at our place," William suggests right away. Dan's parents mention it might be a possibility, but they are very thankful even if it doesn't go through.

    Everyone slowly starts walking to William's place, just to actually put clothes on, and clean themselves up; since, it seems like the most logical place to go. William heads straight for the phone when they arrive and calls his parents on their emergency line. Within an hour, he gets a call back.

    "Honey are you alright!?," William's mom, Susan, says frantically through the phone.

    "Yes mom I'm fine... Ahh... The Brook's house just burned down today...," William says still in shock.

    "Oh My God! Is everyone alright?," Susan gasps.

    "Yes mom, except for minor cuts - everyone is fine. I was wondering if they could stay here cause they don't have a place to go at the moment. Is that okay mom?," William asks hesitantly.

    "Yes. I'm glad you asked. I was about to mention it. Can I talk to them?," Susan asks pleased that her son acted so maturely in a situation like this. William tells her that they are in the kitchen with him.

    "Thank you honey! I will talk with them. I'll then call the maid service to get everything ready for them and to prepare the meals. I'm sorry William but we won't be able to make it for another two weeks." William's mom, Susan, says.

    "That's okay mom. I understand. Here is Mr. Brook," William hands the phone to Dan's father.

    William flops down on on a couch in the living room and falls asleep shortly after. Using his powers has extensively drained him of most of his energy. During this time, Rob and Dan are chatting away upstairs in William's room, just starting to get used to each other, and helping each other take pieces of glass off each other. Rob is obviously enjoying every moment of seeing Dan's half naked body. When they are done, they each take a shower, and then they head downstairs to sleep on the couches, so they can all be together.

    William wakes up a few hours later to Dan's parents talking to two police officers. Both look very haggard and tired. Luci, their maid, sets some coffee in front of them.

    "Would you like anything else, William?," Luci asks. The other adults turn to look at William for a moment, then they return to their conversations.

    "Thank you Luci. Juice would be fine," William turns and sit back on the couch that he was sleeping on, watching his friends rest near by. Dan slowly wakes up. He rubs his eyes, and soon realizes that the school day should be starting right about now.

    "I am glad we're all alive and very well, even under these circumstances. But, I mean, I hate school and all, but we're missing the second day of school - I miss a lot of school, but never the second day. Now, you know teachers and homework. And kids will start watching us, and wondering who we are, considering we missed so much school. And then...," Dan says rambling on. William gets up and sits besides Dan, putting his arm around his shoulders. Dan begins to shake, then cry letting the days tensions pour out of him.

    Rob slowly wakes up, yawning a very chilling cold breath, causing condensation against the couch. He then sits up. "Are you okay Dan?," He asks in a weary, quiet tone.

    "Yeah," Dan says quietly. "You won't tell anyone about me... You know, being a pussy about everything?," Dan says to William.

    William rolls his eyes, "Nah, you're cool. Very cool," he squeezes Dan's shoulder in support. Just then Luci comes in with freshly squeezed juice for all of them, then leaves. Both Rob and Dan have confused faces as to who she is. Rob shrugs, and grabs his juice.

    "Will, can I talk to you... For like a second about something," Rob says.

    Dan starts getting a little nervous and says, "Who was she, and what is going on! Why you want to talk to Will!"

    'What is it Rob?,' William sends telepathically. He then turns to Dan and says, "She is our maid. You and your parents are staying here, till your parents get everything sorted out."

    'How were you able to tell me about Dan - considering I was so far away?,' Rob thinks so William can hear him.

    'I'm not sure Rob, this is all still new. It might have been something I did on instinct,' William sends to Rob.

    "Thanks man. Can I call Eric, at school, to tell him, you know?," Dan asks. William nods, gets up and leads Dan to his room for privacy. He then returns to the living room and sits by Rob.

    'What I don't understand is, why did I hear Dan's voice?,' Rob thinks.

    'I'm thinking I projected Dan's cries of help, to you,' William sends. Rob nods.

    "Okay," Dan's mother walks towards them and starts speaking, "I spoke to your mother William, I'll be here for a quite some time, to get the insurance things settled, and to get the house rebuilt - pretty much. You don't mind, do you?"

    "No I don't. It gets kind of lonely staying in this fifteen bedroom house alone most of the time, I'm just sorry that you are staying under these circumstances," William says sadly.

    "Why thank you. I appreciate your support," Dan's mother says, then sits down. "How did you know, anyway. I mean, really. How were you able to save him even before the fire trucks got here?," Mrs. Brook says extremely seriously.

    "I saw the smoke ma'am," William replies. 'Tell her you did to, she is getting suspicious,' William sends to Rob.

    "I honestly started coughing from the smoke. There was literally so much. We then ran over and we happen to me each other up. We threw a rock in the window, and we were able to get Dan safely out," Rob says lying through his teeth.

    "Well, like I said, I am very grateful. It was... maybe almost a miracle you both noticed one way or another. I appreciate it," Dan's mother says as she hugs Rob and William both tightly. She then gets back up, and lets the police leave the house. Dan's father then comes from upstairs, and sits down on a couch with a coffee given to him right away by Luci. A little while passes and Dan's parents eventually go back upstairs to do some paperwork.

    "So... Now everyone's gone. What do you want to do?," Rob says smiling. William smacks Rob on the back of the head when he pictures what he did to Dan when he felt him up yesterday.

    "What was that for!," Rob says angrily. William doesn't say anything but sends back the image that Rob projected to him earlier unintentionally.

    "What about it?," Rob says.

    "You are a pervert, you know that?," William says trying to keep a straight face, "So how big was it?"

    "Heh. I only touched it because I was a little curious," Rob says laughing, "It was nice. Not too long, not too short - not too fat, just .. you know, fine."

    William bursts out laughing and says, "Dan is going to be on the phone for awhile, do you want to do anything?"

    "I just asked you that," Rob says. He then puts his hand out, and recreates the shape of what he believed Dan's penis looked like.

    "Here, this might help."

    "Should I put that in the freezer?," William asks seriously. Then he slides close to Rob and says, "Or maybe we could have fun with that." William licks Rob's ear, while making his zipper on his pants slowly pull down at the same time. Rob starts to get nervous.

    "W... What are you doing?" Rob says nervously. William can't stand it anymore and burst out laughing at Rob's expression. He laughs so hard he grabs his sides in pain, while projecting Rob's expression to Rob.

    Rob says nothing.

    "Sorry man," William suppresses a giggle. Luci comes in and sets a bowl of chips and pop in front of the boys.  Rob quickly pulls his zipper back up.

    "Are you mad?," William asks.

    "No... No...," Rob quickly makes a small ball in his fist and throws a quick one at Williams head.

    "Oh oops! Did I do that!," Rob says smiling.

    William starts to control the ice penis that was hovering above them, and lowers it into Rob's pop. William sticks his tongue out at Rob, then grabs some chips.

    "Thanks for the ice," Rob says. He then quickly freezes William's hand so he feels no pain. "Hm... How's your hand feeling there Will," Rob sticks his tongue out more than Will did.

    'Dan is coming downstairs!,' William sends, then throws his chips at Rob, and rubs his numb hand.

    "Hey Dan. What did Eric think about all this?," Rob asks as Dan comes downstairs with a very tame expression.

    "He is on his way over from school. He got permission to leave school," Dan says as he walks over and takes a handful of chips then flops in the lazy boy.

    "Do you... Uhm, have anything more healthier though, Will?," Rob asks smiling.

    "Well go ask Luci, though ask nicely or you'll lose your balls," William giggles.

    Rob rolls his eyes, then gets up and walks to the kitchen where she is already making lunch. Before she can see him, he turns right around and sits back on the couch. "She's making lunch already," Rob says.

    "Thought so," William smirks.

    Eric soon arrives at the door rather quickly. "Hey everyone!," he says as he enters the living room where the other three are sitting around.

    "You got here pretty quick," Dan mentions.

    "I.... I did, yes haha. I wanted to see you lads as soon as possible," Eric says sitting down on another lazy boy.

    "So how are you doing Dan?," William asks.

    "Let's talk later, okay? I'm hungry and these smells are killing me," Dan whines. Everyone heads to the kitchen where everything is prepared. Lunch quickly ends, and they all head up to William's room to hang out.

    "So how are you doing Dan, are you okay?," William says after they all settled in his room.

    "I am feeling better. I appreciate the support," Dan says shrugging.

    William pats his shoulder in support. Dan suddenly coughs while William's hand is still touching. William feels a great surge of heat go through his entire body. William stumbles back, holding his steaming hand. "Ssshhhiiittt!," he hisses. All three of them look at William quickly and they all ask what is wrong. William doesn't say anything, but shows them his red hand. Rob quickly cools William's hand down, without being apparent to the other two. 'Thanks' William sends.

    "What happen!," Dan says feeling almost offended.

    "Just shake Robs hand please," William says still in quite a bit of pain.

    "Why. I don't understand!," Dan says wimp'ing out. Eric simply sits there watching all of this.

    "Please just do it Dan, I can't answer you unless you do it! Please!," William says almost begging. Dan shakes Robs hand.

    "So... I did. There," Dan says letting go.

    "Hmmm... guess I was wrong," William says looking out his window. Rob is as confused as William. Eric finally realizing somehow what everyone is thinking, takes action and pushes Dan to the floor. All of a sudden, William's floor turns steaming hot, and it eventually start to burn like a wild fire. Everyone backs away, except for Rob. He simply lies directly against Dan - head to head, chest to chest, legs to legs - and starts cooling him and the floor off, almost instantly causing the fire to disappear. Gas fills the room quickly.

    "Then again! I guess I was right!," William says as he opens up all his windows with out touching them. Then taking a deep breath of fresh air - the room was really hot and stuffy.

    "Are you alright Dan? Eric? Rob?," William asks as he faces his surprised friends. Everyone says they are perfectly fine. Quickly, the crowd exits the room, and Dan's parents are standing in front of them.

    "What happen in there?," Dan's mother says concerned.

    "My X-Box exploded," William lies.

    "I'm not surprised!," Dan's father says jokingly. Dan's mother immediately shoves her husband lightly. Mrs. Brook becomes very concerned, but walks back to their new room.

    "Well I better call some carpet people right away," William says leaving the room with the guys following him to his dad's office. The boys all enter a very large office, with binders scattered everywhere. They all sit down at really comfy chairs and relax from what had just happened. William, after some searching, finds a card in his dad's rolodex, makes a call to his mom's interior decorator. After telling the same story, he is told it can be replaced in one week because the carpet needs to be reordered. After hanging up, he sighs and slides down the wall and sits on the floor.

    'What is it?,' Rob thinks so that only William can hear.

    'You explain what happened to Dan,' William says tiredly through his powers, 'I'm in a bit of pain, so give me a little while to recover.'

    "You work like me Dan," Rob quietly says while starring out the window.

    "What do you mean, Rob?," Dan asks.

    "You see that candle over there? Light it," Rob says.

    "How?!," Dan asks.

    Rob starts to get annoyed. "Dan, light it! Light it!," Rob yells. Eric is really starting to get it. He says to Dan, "Lad, just think of that candle, think of it being lit. Just trust us."

    "I... I really don't understand," Dan says.

    "Please," William says, still rubbing his hand from the heat that had effected his hand. Dan slumps his shoulders. He looks up at the candle. It begins to glow dimly. All of a sudden, the entire candle goes into flames. Rob gets up, points at it, and it immediately becomes into ice.

    Eric laughs and says, "You know what guys? I think by the time we're all done, Will's house will either be frozen or burnt!"

    "I would love to have to explain that to my parents," William says dryly.

    Rob walks towards William, and touches his hand. He makes it a tiny bit cold, just enough to make it not too hot, enough so he can't feel the pain anymore.

    "Thanks Rob. So Eric what is it that you do? I mean, I assume you do have a power, you seemed to understand what has been going on," William asks suddenly.

    Eric smiles. "I was waiting for someone to ask. I have the ability to turn into anything, or simply turn into nothing - in the sense of being... completely... invisible," Eric says and then immediately disappears in front of all their eyes.

    "Nice!," William says to where Eric is now. He can't see him, but he knows where he is because he is chuckling to himself.

    "Yes lad," Eric turns into William. " 'So Eric what is it that you do?'," he says, mocking William.

    William laughs at Eric. "Do Rob!," William projects Rob's expression at the moment where he was undoing Rob's zipper earlier, in the living room, to Eric. Eric is startled when he sees it in his mind. Eric does the expression, then turns back into himself, and falls to the ground almost dead tired.

    "It... It takes so much energy for me to mock others. It's much easier to be invisible, which may be a good thing, I don't know lads," Eric says breathing deeply.

    "So what is it you do William?," Dan asks, "I know Rob does something cold."

    "I have Telekinetic and some Telepathic powers," William replies to Dan.

    "What do you mean?," Dan asks.

    William lifts Dan a couple inches off the ground for a couple of seconds, sets him down, and then projects a picture to Dan, of him wearing a pink bikini.

    "Ewwww! Will!," Dan says.

    Eric asks, "How are you two, Rob and Will, able to control your abilities so well. I mean, do you even get tired of using your ability to move things? And Rob, does converting things into cold use a lot of energy?"

    "Yes Eric I do get tired, but I've been using my ablates all the time since I was thirteen. Like they say, practice makes perfect," William explains to Eric.

    "Yeah. I've known all my life, so I've gotten better at controlling my powers, and only use the energy required," Rob says.

    "Oh, I see. I've only known for maybe a year - not even," Eric replies.

    "I wouldn't worry too much about it though Eric. Personally, I found the more I used my abilities, the easier it became to use them. After a while, I noticed the intensity, strength and control of my abilities increase also."

    Mrs. Brook, Dan's mom, enters the room and says, "I want to know what happened. X-Boxes aren't made that poorly. I went into your room, I saw the mark of a body almost - yet not one of you seem burned! I am just a... a very curious lady. Please break me from my miseries."

    William's stares at Mrs. Brook and says, "Mrs. Brook, you will totally forget that my room was on fire, when ever you enter my room you will see a whole carpet. Also you will forget any suspicions against us!" Williams voice is commanding but hollow. "I think it is best if you lay down again Mrs. Brook, you look pale," William mentions. Mrs. Brook nods, then leaves the room. William slumps against Dan, breathing heavily. Rob notices William leaning against Dan and feels almost jealous. He disrupts the silence, "So what do we do now."

    "Give me a minute I feel dizzy. That is the sixth time I did that," William giggles softy. Rob gets up and walks towards William. He grabs his hand and makes him stand up.

    "Don't be so lazy," Rob says smiling.

    "Rob, seriously give me a moment!," William gets a dizzy spell and slumps on Rob's shoulder.

    "Oh sorry," Rob says dropping William against the wall, away from Dan.

    "Thanks man...," William says sarcastically, then heads out to get a drink for himself and everyone. William comes back with the drinks on a tray. Then sets it down in front of everyone.

    The day goes on and everyone experiments with their powers. They feel a sense of comfort that they have never felt before. Rob and Eric head home later that night; however, Dan does not - as obviously he has no other place to go. This day was almost one of the last peaceful days they would experience for quite some time. As, tomorrow, the 3rd day of school, the morning they decide to meet again, that day would soon start a chain of horrific events.


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