The Elements
By Emperor Eros and Phoenix

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    To those that had trouble reading the first and second chapters - we have now edited them, and they should be a hell of a lot easier to read. Sorry for any confusion. We will try to edit (a lot better) all future posts.

    If you do not bother re-reading chapter two (which is very likely), the ending has changed to the following - just to clear things up as to where the characters are, even though it can be assumed if you completely understand the story:

    The day goes on and everyone experiments with their powers. They feel a sense of comfort that they have never felt before. Rob and Eric head home later that night; however, Dan does not - as obviously he has no other place to go. This day was almost one of the last peaceful days they would experience for quite some time. As, tomorrow, the 3rd day of school, the morning they decide to meet again, that day would soon start a chain of horrific events.

    There has also been some confusion as to what The Elements referred to. In our story, the elements refer naturally to the physical elements, such as ice (Rob) and fire (Dan). The elements also refer to the non-physical elements, such as light/reality (William) and dark/imaginary (Eric). The elements encompasses the characters on more levels then their abilities as you will soon see. Keep reading! Enjoy!

Phoenix and Emperor Eros.

Chapter III


    William groans in protest at having to wake up for school at 6:00 a.m., but stumbles out of bed and into the shower. Dan, who has slept in the same room as William, slams the clock and causes it to go into Snooze - where it'll wake him back up in nine minutes. William finishes his shower and gets dressed. Noticing Dan is still sleeping, William giggles to himself. He floats towards Dan and then stretches as if he was laying right on top of Dan, but hovering just enough above him to not actually have any contact. William doesn't do anything, but stare at Dan. Dan slowly wakes up and soon moves his hand down to his crotch, and within seconds, a hard on literally hits William in his crotch area. William starts giggling at Dan. Dan soon opens his eyes, pushes William away and turns to his side quickly.

    "Time to wake up Dan," William says as he starts giggling louder.

    "What the fuck are you doing! Why do you do things like that - first the bikini thing, now this - are you a fucking homo!?," Dan says unhappily.

    Sensing that Dan is just putting up a macho front in a futile attempt to hide his thoughts, William says, "I should ask you that Dan."

    Dan gives William a strange look. "What is that supposed to mean," Dan says almost insulted.

    William replays Dan's exact thoughts, to him, from a few seconds earlier. Dan pulls out his hand and lets fire ignite from his palm for a brief moment, hitting William quickly, but a bit painfully as well. He then walks away very quietly to the bathroom. William pauses as he hears the shower start, then giggles. He concentrates on the hot dial of the shower's water tap, and causes it to switch off, leaving only cold water set high. Almost immediately, he hears Dan scream and curse as he feels the icy, cold water hit his body. William smiles as he walks out of the room to get his breakfast. Dan finishes his shower, puts on clothes that were given to him by William the previous night and heads downstairs to get breakfast.

    "Hi Will," Dan says walking towards him and his plate of currently only two piece of bacon that he had taken from the larger bowl in the middle of the table.

    "I... I think those pieces of bacon you took - are a little burnt," Dan comments. As he finally sits down on the other side of the table, William's two pieces of bacon go into flames. William shakes his head, then eats them anyway.

    Dan holds himself tightly for warmth. "Ma'am, may I have a tall glass of warm water please?," Dan says to Luci politely. Luci nods and gets his glass of water.

    'Sorry about this morning, I was just very excited to learn about you. In the sense we play on the same team. Last night you were in a way you might call 'broadcasting' your dreams to me. They were very vivid. Just know you got my support when ever you need it,' William sends to Dan, telepathically. Dan shakes his head smiling, then he shrugs.

    "What do you think Satan's gunna' do to us now that we have missed a class?," Dan questions as he grabs a piece of bacon. William shudders and tries not to think about it. He grabs his bag and waits for Dan to get ready.

    They eventually head out the door and head to school. Once they arrive, they are greeted by Rob and Eric, who are already playing basketball and chatting away. William doesn't join in, as usual, but watches his friends go at it. At one point, Eric turns to face William. "Will. Now that... we know. Why not play now?," Eric asks.

    "Sure, I guess. Just don't accuse me of cheating!," William says giggling.

    "Nah lad," Eric says as he throws the ball to William.

    "Yeah. Just do your best Will," Rob says softly.

    "Yeah! We'll be easy on you," Dan mentions.

    "Whatever guys!," William says as he gets an evil gleam in his eyes. He then starts dribbling the ball. The game goes on until the bell rings. They are all happy they can now actually play a good game, having teams of two after all.

    As the four enter homeroom, Mr. Sattan is standing in front of the blackboard, with his arms crossed, and his eyes beaming towards them.

    "Good morning sir!," William says in a really annoying peppy voice, that makes people want to rip his voice box out of his throat.

    "William. I really do want to speak to you as soon as the bell rings," Mr. Sattan says as he sits down and smiles to himself. William does a mock salute then sits beside Rob, giggling to himself.

    Rob shakes his head. "Are you trying to get yourself killed?," he says rhetorically. William doesn't say anything but grin.

    The bell rings and Mr. Sattan reminds William that he wants to see him immediately. William stays behind, telling the guys to go ahead to class, that he will catch up with them later. Mr. Sattan tells William to sit in the desk nearest to the front. William sits down looking really bored and decides to fiddle with his fingers. Mr. Sattan starts giving William a huge long speech. About mid-way through it, William hears a loud scream in his head of a female teenager.

    'Guys something is very wrong in the gym; meet me there please!,' William sends to the Rob, Eric and Dan, telepathically. He jumps up and runs out of class with his stuff, as Satan calls after him to get back into his class.

    Eric arrives first. He appears next to the door, behind a wall as to not be seen arriving. He makes himself visible, enters the doors and all he sees is a basketball game being played. In the corner of his eye, he notices the emergency exit to the outside has just closed recently, as he can see a sudden change in lighting. He waits only moments until the other three arrive. William doesn't waste any time - he charges through the emergency exit and then stops in his tracks. Rob, Eric and Dan arrive soon after. Dan barely can breath at this point. His heart is beating hard, and he is absolutely speechless. All four are ready to puke as they see an almost naked body of a female teenager under an older male teenager, who happens to be almost naked as well. The woman is struggling and crying for help, but is unable to, as the man has his hand over her mouth.

    Dan steps up and says, "What the fuck you think you are doing to my cousin!" Everyone can immediately see Dan sweat incredibly. Everyone steps back because of the heat Dan is soon radiating. William knows Dan is on the verge of losing it - all his thoughts are bent on killing the guy on his cousin. The question is whether or not his cousin will survive the crossfire of his fury, as Dan will not calm down. Acting fast, William throws the guy off Dan's cousin, causing him to hit the wall with a thud. In quick movement, William makes a conveniently located blanket cover Dan's cousin, gently wrapping itself around her. Dan's cousin runs into the school through the gym exit dragging the blanket against the floor.

    "Dan, don't do anything to that guy," Rob says tapping Dan in comfort. Rob walks toward the guy.

    "What's your name?", Rob says, "Get up!" Rob puts out his hand.

    Meanwhile, Dan ignores Rob, so William tries to talk to him telepathically. William is met with a brick wall of resistance.

    The rapist gets up on his own. "The name's Mike. Don't fucking touch me!," Mike says as he pushes Rob, causing Rob to move back a little.

    "You don't want to die do you?," Rob asks looking down at where he was pushed.

    Mike responds quickly, "Yeah. I'm really afraid. Oh, kid. Dan I think I heard. Yeah you, she was so fine. Too bad I couldn't taste more than I had already."

    William stands in front of Dan, whose eyes are blazing red, and says, "Calm down Dan, you are going to make things a lot worse!"

    "I suggest, Mike, you don't say one more word, walk away from all of this and never touch her ever again." Rob says seriously.

    Mike gets real close to Rob, and then throws a hook punch out of nowhere, causing Rob to hit the floor in an instant.

    William locks Dan in place where he is standing so he can't move and yells, "Shit! I know what you are thinking Dan! That fire ball is going to have to go through me! Dan, you aren't helping your cousin," William continues his futile efforts to reason with Dan.

    "Fire ball!," Mike laughs aloud. He then walks towards William. Since William is preoccupied in stopping Dan from erupting, William is unable to stop, thus is given a just-as-good smack to the head as that given to Rob. Both William and Rob are on the ground bleeding and in pain. Eric immediately becomes invisible, walks behind Mike, and trips him. He then holds Mike's arms to the ground.

    "Don't hurt him lad!," Eric says as serious as possible to Dan.

    Dan has had it. Eric moves out of the way as he doesn't want to be hit by friendly fire. Dan instantly grabs Mike by the neck, and gives him one good fire-filled blow to the neck, causing his neck to instantly incinerate in front of everyone's eyes.

    The crowd that has gathered gasps and some girls scream. The sirens of police cars and ambulances are heard in the distance. Eric helps Rob and William to their feet. Rob stares at William for a moment and shakes his head in disappointment in Dan.

    "We should go... Now," Rob says as he leads them to the side of the school, where trees would cover them and where less people would be around.

    "Quick guys! Let's head back to my house - nobody will be home right now," William suggests behind one of the school's trees. Rob nods. Unfortunately, soon after, Dan faints and falls to the ground.

    "Uhm. Dan - what happen lad?," Eric says to the now fainted Dan. William sighs, then makes Dan stand up using his powers to support him. He makes him walk around a bit. William giggles at the the scene he is creating. "Let's go anyway. He will wake up on the way," William says still giggling. He starts walking away with Dan following, who is walking very weirdly.

    All four of them finally arrive at William's house. Dan is awake by now, but throughout the entire trip, not one word came from him.

    "... Hi. Why are you guys here so early?," Dan's mother asks as she stands in front of the recently opened, front door. William shakes his head as he thought Dan's parents would of been out at this time.

    "Dan wasn't feeling the greatest so we are just making sure he got home okay," William lies, but uses his powers so Dan's parents don't question his reasoning. Dan's mother nods and walks back to her room silently. The four walk in, and walk up to William's room - with the burnt figure still on the carpet.

    Dan's parents pop in the room with an overnight bag. "Dan, honey, we are driving to Hickton to pick up your grandmother. We don't want to make the two hour drive twice in one day. So, we are going to be spending the night at a hotel so we can be on time for your grandmother's early morning flight. She is insisting on helping us find a new place. See you when we get back Dan," his mother finishes talking to him, and her husband and her give Dan a hug. Then they both leave waving to the other three. Shortly after, the boys hear their car start and drive off.

    Rob breaks the silence, "What can we do now? Word will spread, and the police will find us out for sure!" Dan begins to pout quietly from Rob's remark.

    "Well I do have some cash - let me get it. We should be ready just in case," William suggests.

    Dan begins to worry, "In case! In case of what! I only punched the guy!," he yells at William as if he had accused him of death.

    "Dan, you know how angry you got, you lost control. We aren't blaming your reasons though. I think anyone in your position would have done the same. The plain fact is Eric, you and I showed our abilities to the school. You know how this town talks. All we have is each other now, whether you like it or not," William says trying to defuse any further anger. William enters his closet, and exits with a bundle of twenty dollar bills.

    "That's some savings you got there!," Rob says smiling.

    "I got $7,000.00 in cash. Eric, can you keep this for us? I trust you to hide and protect it for us. This is all I got, so we got to make it last," William says as he hands the money to Eric.

    Eric takes the 350 twenty dollar bills and pockets it. Everyone then gets up and heads down to the kitchen to eat.

    "This is pretty good Kraft Dinner, lad," Eric says to William.

    "Yeah. So. Uhm, why did you give the money to Eric? Why not you hold on to it." Rob asks William.

    "It has something to do with muggers man. I don't think we can have a bank account for a while," William says plainly.

    As Rob was about to nod in agreement, sirens are heard coming closer and closer to the house. Everyone immediately quiets down and starts looking at each other for answers. William puts on his jacket, hands each one a small flashlight. The other three all put on their jackets as well. They wait as they listen to the sirens get closer to William's house. Three sharp knocks are heard at the door.

    "Open the door! This is the police," the voice of a police officer is heard from behind the door. They all try not to make any noise.

    'They are going to bust down the door! Rob what should we do?,' William sends to the guys, telepathically.

    "You could control all two hundred of the police's fire arms and... On second thought," Rob finishes speaking, points to the door and makes it, the frame and a bit of the wall, into solid ice that not even the best saw could cut through in a decent time.

    'Guys, they haven't figured out about the ice yet. Let's get our asses out of here!,' William sends to the guys.

    "We'll exit the furthest window in the back. There'll be a lot less people there and we'll be able to make our way out to the forest quickly. So by then, we can think of a place to stay for the night by then," Rob says as quickly as possible. Everyone agrees and follows Rob in their escape. Quietly as possible they go out the window that Rob had mentioned. The guys reach the highway next to the small forest that lines the back of William's house.

    "The cops are coming... and so is Mr. Nealy. I think his car might help us escape," William says after some time.

    "What do you mean Mr. Nealy is coming right now - who is he?," Dan asks Will.

    "Well actually, it is Judge Nealy. He has a car we could use," William explains, then starts concentrating on something. It isn't very long till they hear a car coming up the road behind them. Suddenly, the car stops and the driver is ripped out of the car and locked onto a tree. The helpless Judge Nealy is spread eagle hovering in the air. William jumps in the drivers seat.

    "Get in!," William yells. Everyone jumps in following William.

    "Do you know how to drive Will?," Dan asks.

    "Yes," William responds as he starts the car extremely poorly. He then starts moving, very slowly, in a jerking fashion.

    "You were kidding right?," Rob asks rhetorically.

    Soon, the car stalls. Dan whacks William and tells him to switch. Dan takes over the wheel and they flee into the distance before any cops actually get a good look at them.

    "What?," William says to Rob's glare.

    Rob shakes his head. "Do you even need to ask," Rob says smiling.

    They can feel the wind against their faces, as the car they stole - happens to be an open top BMW. Soon all happiness leaves the scene as police start catching up behind them.

    "Dan, I hope you can out drive them, because I can't use my powers while we are moving!," William shouts over the wind, as they speed down the road and as the cops get closer.

    "William! You can, however, help me - to help us all. I'll create ice spikes and let them go. All you have to do is make them go a little faster so it can actually hit their cars and cause them to cease movement. Thus, you'll be working from a short range and you'd be working with objects going at the same velocity as the car," Rob says thinking quickly.

    "I will try," William says as he sits up facing the rear. Using his powers, he takes the first spike and aims it at the cop car. Like a mental gun, he sends the first spike shooting through the air. The speed is enough to slice through the windshield of the lead cop car. The ice spike embeds itself into the chest of the cop driving the first car. The sudden loss of control from the driver, going at highway speeds, causes the car to flip over and roll several times, then explode in the ditch. William is wide-eyed and shocked at what he has caused. After a couple of seconds, he faints in Eric's lap.

    "Uhm. William, avoid brutally killing the cops," Rob says as he makes his next spike, not noticing William has just fainted. Rob continues, "Just aim for the front of the car or the wheels themselves." Rob lets go of another spike, but it barely makes a scratch on one of the head lights of the closest cop car.

    "Lad! He has fainted," Eric says holding William. "Who's next, you Rob?," Eric says jokingly, then suggests that Rob put down spikes on the road so that the cop cars' wheels will pop.

    Rob does as Eric suggested. Instantly, half of the cars fall for the trap, causing three quarters of all the cop cars to either stop from wheel troubles or literally flip and fly into the air due to crashing into one of those that had to stop due to wheel troubles.

    With only two cars still tailing them, they continue to speed towards a small town. Eric slaps William in the face to try to wake him up. A mumble is heard. Eric yells to William, "There are only four lads left - two cop cars left! They're taking out their guns! We need your help! Please wake up lad!"

    William sits up and looks back. "Dan, I can't do anymore if we are moving, but if we are stopped then I can do something. I don't think I can last much longer," William confesses in an extremely tired voice.

    "I've got a plan," Rob says, "Stop the car, Dan."

    The car comes to a complete stop, the two police cars behind them drop their fire and pull up on both sides of them. All four police get out instantly. "Everyone! Put your hands in the air!," One of the officers yell.

    "Do what they say guys," Rob says, acting defeated.

    "Good children - listen to that young man," another police officer mentions.

    As soon as all four of them get out, they each do what they do best. Rob freezes one officer. Dan ignites another. William makes one float really high into the air and then lets him drop to the ground. Eric turns invisible, walks behind the last standing officer and snaps his neck in an instance. William collapses on the pavement from overusing his powers. Blood trickles from his nose and down his cheek, making a small pool on to the pavement of the highway.

    "Maybe I should of taken on two," Dan says failing at trying to lighten the situation. Rob picks up William and puts him in the back seat again. Rob and Dan sit back in the front and Eric sits back beside William in the back.

    "We still have half of the day to ourselves. Maybe we should go around town and look for a motel for tonight," Rob suggests. Everyone agrees.

    Dan pulls in to the first motel they come to. "Eric, before we get inside can you change into someone older and get us a room?," Dan asks Eric. Eric nods.

    The three enter the motel, including Eric - the adult. "Yeah, can I get a room with as many beds as possible for... Uh... Three children, one parent," Eric says as maturely as possible.

    The women at front desk nods and begins speaking, "We have a room with two queen sized beds, with a bathroom for $80.00. Do you want a room with non-smoking, or smoking?"

    Eric turns to his pocket with the 350 twenty dollar bills. He then looks at the woman and asks, "Can we something a bit... A lot more expensive? And no, no smoking please." The woman smiles and then offers something a little more expensive, "How's two queen sized beds, with a bathroom - but with a kitchen as well. That'd be... $120.00. That's the best I have to offer."

    "That'll be fine. Thank you ma'am," Eric says as he passes her seven, twenty dollar bills and tells the woman to use the last twenty for tax and tip. The three all walk out into their car and drive to their room.

    "I'll bring in William," Dan mentions as the car comes to a stop. Dan picks up William, stares at him for a bit and then walks with the others inside their room.


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