The Elements
By Emperor Eros and Phoenix

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    Chapter IV's a little different - as you will soon see.  Not only did we have to rewrite it several times, but we had several long discussions as to whether one thing would be better than another.  To make things worse, we've both been away and busy with other things (explains delays), so making this chapter was a lot of work for us.  For those that hated the violence - you'll love this chapter.  We've decided to work on the character's themselves and their relationships amongst themselves.  It's not an action filled chapter, but it isn't boring :).  Hope you like how it turned out.  Please keep e-mails coming - we really appreciated all the comments that came out of chapter III!

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Phoenix and Emperor Eros.

Chapter IV

    William sits up to find himself on a bed, in a tacky motel room. He groans at his headache and by fact that the sun is pouring in through the motel window and into his eyes. Licking his lips, he turns his head over and is met with another face, millimeters from his. He lets out a blood, curdling scream and gets plastered up against the wall and ceiling of the room, by his own powers.

    "Dan, you jerk!," William whines.

    "What...," Dan says smiling and shrugging, "I am only getting you back!"

    The rest laugh. William soon notices everyone was watching the entire scene. He sticks his nose up in the air, fails to hide a slight grin and floats to the bathroom. After he takes a good, long leak, he comes out grinning evilly at Dan.

    Rob sits down and asks, "What do you guys wanna' do? We have a nice new car, the sun is out and everyone is awake."

    "Let's go shopping!," William rubs his hands together, still grinning evilly at Dan.

    Eric looks at Rob and mentions, "About that lad... We need to get our car painted. Oh, and get the license plate changed. Any ideas on how to do that, lads?,"

    "Well, we could get it painted in 'Pride' colours," William jokes. Dan hits William in the head jokingly.

    "For the license plate, we could get Dan to burn off the plate off someone else's car and get William to move the plate from one car to another," Eric says. "As for the painting, where could we get it professionally painted?," he questions.

    "Guys, I need time to recover, I overdid it a bit today. I doubt I could hold anything up for very long, I'm so tired," William says to the others. "Eric, could you do the transaction of plates - without anyone seeing you?," he asks.

    "Sure can lad!," Eric says excitingly, "Let's go now!" Rob smiles to Eric's comment, gets back up, puts on his coat and waits for the others to do the same.

    "What color are we going to get?," William asks as they leave the motel room.

    "Blue," Rob says, straight up.

    "I call shot gun!," Eric says. "I don't want no one faintin' on me this time, lads," he says jokingly. William sticks his tongue out at Eric.

    They all get out, lock the door and jump into their BMW, having Dan and Eric in the front and William and Rob in the back. William becomes a little weak from just waking up. Fast asleep, he starts to slowly lean towards Rob. Soon, Rob feels William's head on his shoulder. He looks over to see what was touching him and then looks away.

    They eventually find a car, positioned in a perfect location and parked by the road with a parking metre just set to one hour. Not only has the person just left the car for an hour, but there is barely anyone around to remotely see any of the children's actions.

    Dan and Eric head into the building, sit down on the benches looking outside and start talking to not look guilty, leaving Rob and William behind, still in the car. Eric then walks to the bathroom and walks into a stall. He turns invisible, closes the stall door behind him and slides back out of the bathroom door he just supposedly went through. Dan waits patiently for a signal and is then kicked in the foot. He gets up and opens the door - letting him and the invisible man out. He then lays his back against the outside wall of the building and begins fiddling his fingers.

    Meanwhile, William, who is still asleep, snuggles closer to Rob. Subconsciously, he snakes his arm around Rob's waist like a teddy bear. Dan looks over and gives Rob a weird look. Rob just shrugs, acting almost confused - but doesn't move. He is really enjoying having William this close to him.

    Eric taps Rob's shoulder. Rob gives Dan a signal. Dan immediately uses his powers to ignite the license plate's screws - causing it to almost fall to the ground. But before it can, Eric catches it and hides it in his shirt - causing it to become invisible too.

    Dan waits a while and then opens the door as wide as possible, to leave room for Eric to run in. Dan then opens the door to the bathroom and lets Eric in as well. Eric turns back to normal and takes a deep breath. They then both exit the bathroom and the building. They get back to the car and drive off as quickly as possible, ignoring the two in the back - who are still glued to each other.

    William sleeps soundly, till he is shaken awake by Rob when they reach the Auto Body shop to get the car repainted. William realizes how close he is to Rob and sits up in embarrassment.

    "Sorry," William apologizes to Rob.

    "It's okay...," Rob says smiling and slightly blushing.

    Eric turns into an adult, walks into the shop and asks the mean-looking, stereo-typical guy at the counter with tatoos, "Can we get this car repainted? I absolutely hate red."

    The man simply grunts and acts like he didn't hear Eric. Eric then pulls out thirty-five twenty dollar bills and sets it on the counter. Immediately, the man smiles and says, "Yeah! Sure man. I'll do it for you right now. Just bring it around and... Yeah."

    Eric exits the shop, gets back to the car and says to Dan, "I'm gunna' have to drive - unfortunately - since I am the adult." Dan moves over and Eric jumps into the car. After being told that the car would not be ready for three hours, the guys head across the street to get something to eat.

    "Can we go shopping for a change of clothing," William shudders, "I don't think I could wear the same underwear twice!"

    "Agreed," the others all say at the same time. They all enter a restaurant and ask for a table for four. They are lead to a table and given menus.

    "Can I get you anything to drink, while you decide what you would like to order?," the waiter asks.

    "Sprite," Rob says.

    "Pepsi," Eric and Dan say.

    "Ice tea, please," William says.

    She says that it is great, she leaves, she later returns with their drinks and she leaves again. William takes a sip of his drink, just as Dan is going to take a sip of his. Dan gets squirted in the face, as if he got sprayed with a tiny water gun.

    "What!?," William says innocently when he sees Dan glaring at him.

    "Oh, nothing," Dan says smiling.

    William continues to take a sip of his drink. All of a sudden, he spits it out onto the table, because of how warm his ice tea had become from Dan's pay-back.

    "Ewww," William starts to giggle, trying his best to hold back a full blown laugh. Everyone can see his body shudder. Rob and Eric look at each other a tad confused.

    "You lads are crazy!," Eric says smiling.

    "Guys don't look, but the old lady in the end booth is checking out Rob's ass," William sends a visual to Rob.

    Rob rolls his eyes and says, "I guess I am that good looking!"

    "I'mma miss your pool, William. I should of visited it more," Dan says.

    "Dan! How could that be possible! You were there almost every day," William says giggling.

    Dan does not reply.

    "Dan, remember that time your bathing suit ripped in the pool," William starts to giggle again. Dan looks up from reading his placemat filled with advertisements.

    "What... What are you trying to say?," Dan says looking seriously at William.

    "Nothing, Dan. I just thought it was funny," William says quickly, then takes a sip of his warm ice tea.

    "Is that all?," Dan continues to question William, in front of the other two.

    "Well, your ass could use some tanning," William giggles to himself.

    Rob coughs to William's comment, to avoid laughter. Their food arrives and the guys are silent as they eat.

    "I don't know about you guys, but I feel like some cheese cake," William says after he finishes his meal.

    "I'm up for some chocolate moose cake!," Rob says getting excited.

    Eric and Dan both just want ice cream. They give their orders to the waiter. Shortly after, their desserts arrive. William digs into his cheese cake, slowly pulling it off the fork and savoring the rich flavours.

    "What!?," William says to the guys who are starring at him with strange expressions. "So I love cheese cake, okay!," he says to himself, as the others just shake their heads.

    They finish up their desserts. Eric pays for the bill, quickly exits the restaurant and heads to the nearest alley. He collapses to the ground as the others run after him.

    "Eric, you okay buddy?," William asks to the much younger-looking, Eric. Eric coughs.

    "We really... We really need to start getting good at our powers," he replies as he smiles and puts his arm up, so William can help him up.

    "You did great! Do you think you can hold it for just a few more minutes, so we can get the car?," William asks Eric as he helps him to stand up.

    "Sure, lad. Just give me a bit," Eric says. He leans back against the wall, taking deep breaths. After some time, he recovers enough to change back into his adult form. They get their car as fast as they can, for Eric's sake. When they finally disappear in the distance, Eric changes back to his normal form. They head to the mall to pick up clothing and accessories, then stop off at KFC to get some food, and then finally arrive at their motel room. They quickly enter their room and begin eating at their small table.

    "You okay, Eric?," William asks after some time.

    "Yes, I am. Thanks," Eric says. "But I feel good. I mean, lad, don't you feel stronger after you recovered from overusing your powers?," he asks.

    "Yes, I do feel stronger," William replies to Eric's question.

    Dan begins laughing out of nowhere.

    "Are you high, Dan?," William asks Dan.

    Dan shakes his head smiling and explains, "It wasn't funny at the time - but... Do you remember when my shorts just fell off when we first met at the community pool? Before you had your pool. Not the time we were talking about in the restaurant,"

    "Yeah I do," William eyes begin to sparkle - once again.

    Rob begins to smile and then asks curiously, "How did they fall off anyway?"

    William takes a fry and dips it in to gravy, then twirls it around.

    "I... Come to think of it, I really don't know," Dan says.

    "Yeah. The funny part was seeing his lily white ass as he tried to get his shorts, before they went to the bottom of the pool," William says starting to laugh, "God! Your ass was so white - it was like a lighthouse beacon." Eric laughs to William's comment.

    Dan stops laughing and asks, "You didn't happen to cause that - did you? And, what about the ripping of my shorts in your pool, did you cause that too?"

    "Maybe a little... both times," William says calmly, then reaches for the bucket of chicken beside Dan. Dan grabs the bucket from William.

    Dan's eyes soon turn to fire (not literally). "Why did you do that!?," Dan asks, almost yelling.

    William doesn't react, but using his powers, he takes a piece of chicken from the bucket and then takes a bite of it. "Well...," William says swallowing, "I guess I wanted to see if you could blind everyone with that ass of yours."

    Dan gets up slowly, then dashes towards William over the table. William, his chair and Dan fall to the floor.

    "Well Suzie sure enjoyed the show," William says laughing. Eric begins laughing again at Will's comment.

    "Who... Who's Suzie!?," Rob asks looking confused.

    "Just Dan's love interest," William starts to laugh harder.

    "Why don't you tell Rob my entire life story!," Dan says, still kneeling on top of William.

    "Hey! She wasn't that bad," William says giggling.

    "Hey! Everyone!," Dan says getting up and looking very sinister, "William's gay!" William just laughs, then gets another piece of chicken. Everyone turns quiet. Dan sits back down and grabs a piece of chicken.

    "So how is it you know I'm gay?," William asks Dan.

    "Well... There was the two events with the bathing suits that you just admitted to. There was the 'me in a bikini' image you sent me telepathically. Then that little stunt of floating on top of me that one morning and starring at me for a long while. Or... Maybe... you're just very feminine, not a homophobe and don't mind expressions of strange natures," Dan says, almost getting tired of going on and on.

    "That is kind of like calling the kettle black, Dan," William stares hard at Dan.

    "Are you accusing 'me' of being gay!?," Dan says fiercely.

    The others don't get involved.

    "There is nothing to accuse you of - just cold hard facts," William says plainly, "Have you forgotten most of what you think, is an open book to me?"

    "William! Imagination - we all have it! Have you ever heard my thoughts specifically saying, 'Yes, I am gay!'!?," Dan asks.

    William just stares at Dan, then sends Dan one of his dreams he had with Eric naked in a hot tub. "If that doesn't prove it - then I don't what would," William says raising one eyebrow.

    "Fuck you! This is how you treat one of your best friends for the past... five... six..., I dunno, years! Fuck you!," Dan says getting up. He runs to the door, opens it quickly and leaves the motel room - all in a matter of seconds. William freezes Dan before he gets too far. He then runs outside after him, locking the motel room door, so Rob and Eric can't follow.

"Dan! Where are you going!?," William says running up to him. Once he reaches him, he stays as close as he feels comfortable and moves in a defensive stance.

    Dan turns around and asks, "If I attempted to hit you... friend... Would you prevent me from doing so?"

    "Dan, I'm sorry," William pleads to Dan.

    Dan's shoulders drop. "I just don't understand - what is wrong with me! I get so fucking angry all the time! I get angry from getting angry!," Dan says. He then puts his hand out above him, letting an immense flame come out of his palm, as a way to release some energy.

    "Not here!," William screams, sending a mental shockwave that knocks Dan out instantly. The flames flash, then disappear. William catches Dan with his powers, so he doesn't fall to the ground.

    "Jesus Dan! A parking lot! Of all places to vent your anger!," William mutters to himself as he approaches Dan. William uses his powers to bring the passed-out Dan back to the motel room. When he opens the door, he is met with a very pissed off Rob and Eric.

    "Why did you stop us, lad?," Eric questions.

    "Not now, Eric. Just help me with Dan," William says quietly, "I think we need to talk as a group." Eric takes Dan from William's control and sets him on the couch to relax. Rob sits down beside the resting Dan.

    William walks up to Dan and slaps his face hard. This causes Dan to come around, but scares him half to death in the process.

    "What you do that for!," Dan says yelling.

    "For trying to light up the parking lot and not talking to me or the group," William says sharply.

    "Talking to the group about what?," Dan asks.

    "Dan, this sudden rage of yours is not like you. So, quit bullshitting around," William says calmly as possible.

    Dan slumps his shoulders. Rob rubs his back softly to comfort him.

    "Dan, I am not attacking you, but if we are going to survive as a group, then we need to trust in each other," William says putting his hand on Dan's shoulder.

    "Just let it out Dan," William says after he sits beside Dan, wrapping his arm around Dan's shoulder. Dan turns to William, falls over on top of him and starts crying in his shoulder. William rubs Dan's back, letting him cry. He then cups Dan's face, wiping his tears off his cheeks with this thumbs. He stares straight into Dan's eyes.

    Rob gets up from the couch and sits at the table.

    "Tell me what is wrong, Daniel," William says soothingly.

    Eric, still standing up, becomes uncomfortable, walks and sits down at the table where Rob is sitting as well.

    "I am so... I am so scared, Will," Dan says shyly.

    "Why are you so scared?," William says, while rubbing Dan's back. Dan twists his chest and turns his face towards the couch in a oddly fashion. He then says, "I... I am so scared... I don't understand myself. I do not know who I am. I feel so. I killed someone I didn't even know!" Dan turns further away from William's face. William gently turns Dan back, looking him in the eyes for a long while.

    "You are not as alone as you think, Dan. Everyone of us are scared, trying to understand who, and what we are. The biggest question being asked among us is, what is the beast we released, so that we could kill someone without a second thought? I can't answer that question, but as a group, we have to try and control that beast. We are all here for you, Dan," William says softly hugging Dan.

    Dan, filling with emotions, hugs William back even harder than William had. Dan puts his mouth near William's ear and says softly, "Thank you for understanding."

    "No problem, that is what I'm here for," William says giving him a small smile, "Now you big olf, could you be so kind as to get off me, I stopped breathing twenty minutes ago." William giggles. Dan lets go of William, smiling.

    Rob, who is watching all of this happen, lets go a single tear of happiness. Eric rubs his hand comforting. Rob smiles back.

    Rob gets up. "I am tired. I could just imagine how tired you are," Rob says referring to Dan, "We should go to bed now."

    "Yeah, we should. So, Rob, d'you want to bunk up?," William says, hoping Rob will say yes.

    "Oh... Yeah, sure," Rob says smiling, almost excitingly.

    William heads to the bathroom to brush this teeth. At the same time, uses his powers to clean up the mess from their KFC supper. Everyone gets ready, changes into their boxers (except for William, who has bikini briefs) and all jump into their respectable beds.

    Some time during the night, William rolls over and snuggles up to Rob, consciously.


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