The Elements
By Emperor Eros and Phoenix

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Phoenix and Emperor Eros.

Chapter V

    During the night, William snuggles closer to Rob, laying his head on Rob's chest. A small pool of drool collects itself on his belly. Throughout the night, the two are of one body.

    The next morning, William's elbow brushes Rob's morning hard-on. Rob moans. He turns his face towards William's face and slowly moves it closer, subconsciously. A grin spreads across William's face, which is seen by none. William hugs Rob tightly and presses his own morning hard-on against Rob's. Rob puts out his hand and pushes against William's dick - slowly causing it to freeze unintentionally. William yelps in surprise, causing him, for a second morning in a row, to be plastered against the ceiling. Everyone shoots up from their beds and look up at William with his hard-on showing through his bikini briefs. William hits everyone in the head with their own pillows. Once again, he stalks off to the washroom in embarrassment. Rob just shrugs and smiles. Dan and Eric both look puzzled.

    William finishes his shower and morning routine. Looking himself in the mirror, he starts to giggle. He uses his powers to make the guys feel like they are getting jerked off, to give them hard-ons of their own. When William comes out of the bathroom, he is met with three red-faced friends who now have sporting tents in their boxers. He begins laughing at them in revenge. Everyone gets back in their beds to cover themselves.

    "Alright, your turn," William says speaking to Rob, while wearing only a towel around his waist. Rob gets back out of bed, covers himself as best he can, walks to the bathroom and shuts the door quickly behind him. William giggles to himself, then starts digging through his bag of clean clothing.

    Rob finishes his shower and tells Dan go next. He then gets dressed and sits beside William, who is now sitting on a couch in front of the TV. William smirks at him, then continues to watch the news.

    Rob smiles, then asks, "What happened this morning, Will?"

    "You feeling me up, that is what's up," William says smirking.

    "What you mean?," Rob says. He pauses, then looks around. He hears the shower, but can't seem to find Eric or Dan. He moves himself closer to William.

    "Oh, I think you know what I mean, Rob," William says licking his lips, still watching the television. Rob moves even closer to William, and then whacks him across the head. William starts laughing out loud, then tackles Rob. While William is pushing his body against Rob's, Rob defends himself and then begins to rub his hand against William's butt.

    'Rob, now isn't the time for that,' William sends to Rob using his powers.

    "What are you talking about," Rob says smiling and blushing, finally getting out of William's hold and falling to the ground. William lays back on the couch and continues to watch TV. Rob gets up and sits down beside William again.

    "So, uhm, where are Eric and Dan?," Rob asks William. William concentrates for a moment, then shakes his head. He gets up and heads to the door.

    "Wait here for a sec. I will go get Eric," William shuts the door quietly. He sneaks behind Eric who is peaking into the washroom window where Dan is taking a shower. Eric licks his lips as he stares at Dan's single revealing part of his body, his chest. Eric turns his head sideways a bit to see better and continues to smile.

    Even though Eric is using his powers to make him self invisible, William senses where he is and pulls him back quickly. Eric is about to shout, but before he can do so, William covers his mouth. Eric turns around and returns to his regular form.

    "How did you know...," Eric says lowering his shoulders. William quietly closes the bathroom window with this powers and leads Eric away.

    "How did I know? Well, I just did. Just don't do it again," William says seriously, leading Eric back to the room. Eric makes a pouting facial expression and follows William back in the room.

    Eventually everyone is cleaned up. They all sit at the couch and watch the news.

    "The mysterious event that took place just yesterday morning, has started to reveal itself. What was known yesterday, was the fact that police officers and their police cars were scattered all over highway 342. What we know now, thanks to witnesses, is that the criminals were driving a red BMW, they were around sixteen to eighteen years old and that there were four of them. All were white males. Two of them had black hair," the news reporter says referring to Eric and Rob, "The other two had blond hair," she says referring to Dan and William. All four of the guys look at each other with eyes wide open. William gets up and starts stuffing his things in his backpack.

    "I think we better head out now!," William says very concerned. They quickly get their things ready and leave the motel room. They jump into their BMW and head to the motel's main building. As soon as they arrive at the door, they see a few police officers speaking to the lady they had spoken to the night before. Eric turns into an adult and tells the others to hide. William, Rob and Dan hide behind the back of the building. William lets Eric know they are safe, using his powers. Eric opens the door and acts as cool as possible. He hands the woman the key and heads to the door. All of a sudden, he feels someone touch his shoulder. He turns quickly to see the police officer.

    "That's a nice car. We're asked to investigate all BMWs within this region. Would you mind if I do a quick search?," the police officer says politely.

    "Oh...," Eric says coughing, "No. Unless you have a warrant...," Eric starts panicking and William senses it immediately.

    "Oh. Believe me when I say this, but I do have a warrant," the officer says with a serious tone.

    "Run!," William sends to Eric. He then starts to concentrate very hard. Shortly after, the receptionist and the two officers collapse from William's powers. Eric looks around weirdly, turns back into his child form, and runs out of the door to meet his other friends who are already sitting in the car waiting for him. He jumps in the front seat, beside Dan. They drive off slowly as not to attract attention to themselves. As they get onto the highway, William starts to dig around this locked box he found under the front passenger seat. William uses his powers to break the lock to see what is inside.

    "Will. What is it?," Rob asks starring at William.

    "How would I know?," William says opening the cover.

    'Well, you are psychic,' Rob says to himself. William giggles. Inside the mysterious box is a map book that has range roads and townships.

    "Hey! This could be useful!," William says getting excited and hands the maps to Eric. Rob smiles, then stops. He turns his head, notices the box has a string that is used to open a fake bottom and tells William to lift it. William takes out the bottom, then giggles again.

    "Wow! There's $750 bucks here and . . . some other things!," William says excitedly.

    "Hey, lads. How much money does that give us?," Eric asks.

    "I believe around $6443.88," Rob says after doing some scribbling on his hand.

    Eric smiles and says, "That's not too bad!"

    "Where are we headed?," Dan asks, "I've just been driving as far as possible from the motel. Should we just keep going until we find a good place to hang around?"

    "Yes, we might as well," William says as he begins to dig through the CD compartment between Dan and Eric.

    "Anything good?," Rob asks him.

    "Anne Murray, River dance . . ., hmm . . ., some classical stuff . . ., then more old people music," William says flipping through the disks, "Hey, Aerosmith!"

    "Oh, joy," Dan says sarcastically.

    "Oh, come on guys! Aerosmith is classic!," William says taking out the disk from its case, "Here, listen to one song, guys." William uses his powers to put the disk in and sets it to 'Dream On'. Within seconds, the CD player is turned off.

    Before they know it, the sky turns dark and they soon reach a small town. They fill up their gas tank. They then all decide to get another motel room - and, so they do.

* * *

    Once they get their key, pay for it, and enter their room, Williams screeches, "Ack! Our room is, like . . ., straight out of the 1970's."

    Rob sits down at the small table and asks the others to sit down with him. The guys sit at the other three chairs.

    "So, what's up, Rob?," Dan asks.

    "I... I'm tired of the way we're handling this. I'm not blaming anyone, but we could have done so much better. For example, we shouldn't even be driving the car we have. The fact that the police found out about the whole BMW thing, was bound to happen. We should be moving from cars to cars. And I still feel terrible about killing all those innocent men and women that had died that day. We have to smarten up and think a little better, or we will all get caught," Rob says taking a deep breath. The other three nod in agreement.

    "So, what should we do?," William questions Rob.

    Rob thinks for a little while and then says, "How about we find another car, ditch this one far away and find our way to someplace nice - as far as possible from where we used to live. I don't really think we have to keep running and running . . . Do we?"

    "Maybe we could go to British Columbia (B.C.)," William suggests.

    "Heh. We'll just have to see about that," Eric says, "That might be a little too far."

    "Hmm . . . We'll see how things go. Let's just get rid of the car today and stay around this town for a little while. We drove the entire day and this isn't that bad of a town, really," Rob says.

    "Well, I think we should get a plain car. We could buy a used one for around $2500 or less," William suggests.

    "Oh. I never thought of buying an old car. I figured we could walk around and stuff," Rob says.

    "Maybe we can get some junk heap, so if we have to ditch the car, it will not be a strain on our bank account," Dan says getting excited about the prospect of buying a car.

    "I'm really, really going to miss this car," Eric mentions.

    "Yeah, so am I," William says as he lays on one of the motel beds. As soon as he lays flat, he sinks down so far that his back feels like it is touching the floor.

    "Holy shit!," William says floating off the bed, "Please tell me we aren't staying the night!"

    "Yes, we are, lad," Eric says laughing.

    "Okay, let's go get rid of our car and actually buy one," Rob says putting his things beside a bed and walking to their motel room door to leave.

    "I think I will stay and watch the porn channel," William says sarcastically. William sends a message to Rob, telling him that he wants to talk to Eric about something privately.

    Rob nods. "Yeah, William and Eric, relax - have some food ready for us when we get back," Rob says smiling.

    Dan looks at everyone and asks, "Uhm, why?"

    "I... I kinda' wanna' get to know you a tiny bit better. I'm always hanging around William and Eric, so I'll hang around you for today," Rob says smiling and becoming a little embarrassed.

    "Alright, bye everyone," Rob says opening the door and leaving.

    When Dan finally leaves as well, William turns to Eric.

    "With the whole cop situation, I never got to ask you - what the hell were you doing, spying on Dan like that?," William asks Eric.

    "When I had my shower - which was before Dan's, because I went before him - I saw the window was cracked a bit from the outside. I came around to check. It was only by coincidence he was taking his shower. And . . . and you, it was only coincidence you went searching for me - all this, at the same time. William, did you bother reading my mind at that moment," Eric says.

    "I did. I also know you are trying to lie to me right now," William says to Eric.

    Eric smiles, walks a few paces back, falls on top of the bed and nearly has a heart attack at how quickly he feels the ground.

    "Whew . . .  . . . .  . . .  . . . I like him so much, William," Eric says daydreaming of Dan.

    "I know," William says softy, "It is not fair to him what you tried to do. It was not consented on his part."

    Eric says nothing. He then gets up. "You know what is also not consented? You getting yourself a hard-on from Rob," Eric says laughing.

    "Hey! I was sleeping!," William says, then grins, "They're both packin', aren't they?"

    Eric nods and says, "So. Is it true he's gay? We've had so many sleepovers, and I've liked his body for quite some time." He then blushes.

    "I'm sorry, Eric. I promised myself long time ago that I would not reveal other peoples' thoughts. You are going to have to ask him yourself," William says seriously.

    "I understand, lad," Eric says.

    "Don't take what I said the wrong way, Eric. I learned that some things are best left for others to discover for themselves," William says after thinking for a while.

    "So, lad. How come you never bothered to tell Dan and I about you being gay?," Eric asks curiously.

    "You never asked," William replies plainly.

    "I...," Eric starts to say as he tries to avoid a smile, "You don't mind if I'm not . . . into you. Do ya, lad?"

    "No, it is cool. You are like a brother to me. That would be too weird if you were," William says, then sticks his tongue out at Eric.

    "So you like Rob, eh? He ain't bad at all," Eric says sticking his tongue out.

    "Yeah! He is pretty fine," William says laying back on the other bed and falling into it, "You know we could practically hide from anything in these frickin' things!"

    Eric smiles, then falls back down again and says, "I don't know why you were complaining about these. They're pretty comfy . . . Maybe not the landing, but if you don't move, it's nice, very nice."

    "There is no bounce, if you know what I mean!," William says giggling like mad. Just then Dan and Rob return, without a used car.

    "What are you guys doing?," Dan says confused.

    "Yeah, we didn't get the used car unfortunately . . .," Rob says quietly.

    "Girl talk," William says peeking over the bed at Rob and Dan, then bursts out in a laughing fit.

    Dan rolls his eyes.

    "Yeah, we didn't get a car because I figured we could get around the town without one. But! If we really want one, we stopped at a corner store and picked up an AutoTrader magazine," Rob says shrugging.

    "Yeah, luckily there isn't much here, so we left the car in some side road at the other end of town," Dan says filling in Eric and William.

    "Oh okay! Hey you guys got to try these beds!," William says as his arm pops up and pats the bed he is sucked into. Rob walks towards the bed that William has currently taken and lies down next to him, causing the bed to become completely flat, with just a bit of the edges and a bit of the middle raised quite a bit.

    "So what do you think?," William says grinning wildly. He then turns his head to face Rob.

    Rob smiles, nods, says nothing and looks back at William. "So did you miss us?," Rob asks William.

    "So. What should we do now, guys?," Rob asks everyone as Dan sits down at the table to relax.

    "I just had a great idea!," William giggles.

    "What is it, lad?," Eric asks.

    "Let's hit the town!," William says excitedly.

    "Well ya, lad. But, what is there to do?," Eric asks.

    "Oh. I don't know. We'll see what comes up! Let's just go!," William says getting up and walking to the door.

    The others look at each other a little confused, but follow along, knowing William has an idea. They lock up the motel room. William leads the guys to a club he noticed on their way into the small city. The club was luckily close to the motel. The dance music can be felt as they approach the doors. William uses his powers to get past the bouncer at the door. Once inside, they pay the cover. William drags them to a table near the dance floor.

    "We aren't going to . . . drink, are we, lads?," Eric says almost scared.

    "Well, d'uh!," William says exasperated, "Dance if you don't want anything."

    Dan rolls his eyes. "I don't think mom would be too happy if I drank," he says childishly.

    "Agghh! Whatever guys!," William slips out a hundred dollar bill from Eric's pocket, "You want anything, Rob?"

    "Okay, stop being silly now. Joke's over. Let's go home now," Rob says trying to avoid drinking as well.

    "God! Then dance!," William says frustrated. He then heads to the bar to order shots. Rob follows William and sits beside him.

    "Are you sure you are okay? You were all jolly on those motel beds of ours. And now you want to go to the bar. Are you angry or anything?," Rob asks.

    "Is it so wrong to want to have some fun dancing and enjoying a couple drinks?," William says paying the bartender for the shots.

    "You're sixteen!," Rob says, "But meh', I wouldn't mind having . . . a little fun."

    "Shhhhhhhhhh," William says taking the tray from the bar and heading back to their table. He sets the try down, unbuttons his silk shirt (showing a bit of his hairless chest), and downs his first shot.

    "Wow! What a punch!," William giggles.

    "Dan and I will leave ya', lads. We're going to take your advice and go dance," Eric says, signaling Dan to agree and follow him to the dance floor.

    "Here, try this one," William hands Rob a shot, then takes another of his own. Rob chugs it and smiles.

    "I am starting to like this crazy side of you," Rob says starring into William's blue eyes.

    "Wanna dance?," William says getting up.

    "I'm not drunk enough to embarrass myself . . . yet," Rob says smiling.

    "Oh, come on, Rob! Nobody will notice," William says grabbing Rob's hand. Rob turns red and warm from William's soft touch. He gets up and is pulled to the dancing floor. William leads Rob into the crowd of dancers. They find Eric and Dan dancing.

    "What are they doing to each other, being that close and all?," Rob says to William's ear.

    "Dancing," William replies, then starts dancing next to Rob.

    "But. Why are they touching!," Rob says acting homophobic.

    "I need a drink," William says heading back to the table and downing two more shots in a row. Rob walks towards him.

    "Are you okay William . . .  . . .  . . . Here, pass me a few," Rob says.

    "I'm fine," William says downing another shot, then pushing the tray over to Rob. William sits down and rubs his head. Rob looks around, then looks back at William.

    "Weren't we going to go dancing?," Rob asks as he chugs a few shots quickly.

    "I feel kind of sick at the moment," William says slightly slurring.

    "Oh . . .," Rob says quietly. He then moves his arm and accidentally hits an empty glass, causing it to fall to the ground and break.

    "Look what you did, dickhead!," William says. Rob gets up and walks away.

    "Where are you going?," William says following Rob to the empty men's' washroom. William puts his hand on Rob's shoulder. Rob suddenly whips around glaring at William.

    "What do you want?," Rob asks almost tipping over.

    "What is your problem, Rob?," William ask Rob.

    "I had to go to the bathroom," Rob says quietly.

    "You are lying!," William says, as his face turns dark, "I hate it when I'm lied to."

    "William, please stop being so obnoxious, I really need to go to the bathroom . . . and I didn't want to stay around you because of your comment," Rob says.

    "Well if it is going to be like that, then why did you say things about Eric and Dan?," William asks glaring at Rob.

    "What? I didn't mean it in a mean way. I was just surprised," Rob says. William heads over to the sink and washes water in his face.

    "I know you want to talk to them about it, Rob. Leave them alone," William says seriously.

    "Whatever, William," Rob says walking into a stall.

    "You can't avoid me, Rob," William says taking the stall next to Rob, "Why do you shut down whenever anyone questions your actions?"

    Rob rolls his eyes and says, "I don't Will... Ah!" He almost trips and smacks himself against the stall wall.

    "You should sit down you know," William says giggling at Rob.

    "Okay," Rob says sitting down and smiling.

    "You didn't answer my question," William says.

    "What? What was it you asked me?," Rob asks.

    "You know exactly what it was," William says gritting his teeth at Rob's attempt to avoid talking.

    "I really don't remember, William," Rob says getting up and flushing the toilet.

    "Don't bother Dan and Eric! Okay?," William says as he gets out of the stall and sits on the bathroom counter. Rob stumbles out of the stall, washes his hands and reaches over William to grab a payer towel. He suddenly loses his balance and falls to William's knees. Grinning, William helps Rob stand properly. He then stares into Rob's eyes and moves closer to Rob. Slowly, like time has ceased to exist, William's full, soft lips gently meet with Rob's. Rob moves closer to William and pushes his body against him. William's hands run up and down Rob's back, slowly going lower. Rob pushes against William harder, opens the bathroom door, pushes William away from him and runs out of the bathroom. William hurries after Rob, and catches up with him.

    "Rob, what is your problem?," William says with concern.

    "You're drunk as hell! Get away from me!," Rob says walking away.

    "Rob!," William grabs his arm. Rob turns around, pulls his arm away and continues to walk away.

    "Rob! Can't we talk about this?," William says hurrying after Rob.

    "No! Leave me alone!," Rob says walking towards Eric and Dan.

    "Rob! Don't do this!," William says begging.

    "Why not, little pervert?," Rob says standing up to William.

    "Excuse me!," William says startled at Rob's comment.

    "Ya' don't just kiss someone you know for maybe five days!," Rob says, "You're a freaking faggot."

    William slams Rob against the wall with his powers and pins him there.

    "What did you fucking call me?," William yells at Rob. Rob pulls out his hand and makes William's legs turn into ice extremely quickly. William screams out in pain. At the same time, he sends Rob flying towards the bar. Everyone around them quickly runs outside of the bar, including the manager and bartender. Eric and Dan, who were sitting at a table, look at each other with strange expressions. Dan starts to heat off William's feet, and Eric turns invisible and decides what he will do next. William, once free, sends Rob flying to the dance floor and makes him hover over him.

    "Nobody calls me a fag! You fucking prick!," William screams at Rob. Eric walks to William, grabs him and pushes him down to the floor, with his head forced to the floor and his arms held behind his back. Rob falls and walks to William with Dan trailing behind. William struggles in Eric's grasp.

    "Get off me!," William cries out with the sudden pain.

    "No, lad! Settle down before you bring us all down! . . . What I mean is, lad, we can't use our powers in public. Who knows what they'll think," Eric says as calm as possible. William throws Eric off with his powers and runs out of the bar.

    "What . . . What was that about, lad?," Eric says asking Rob.

    "He kissed me . . .," Rob says rolling his eyes.

    William arrives at the motel room. He uses his powers to break in. William locks himself in the washroom and lets out a sob he was holding back.

    "I knew this was a bad idea, lads," Eric says.

    ". . . So did I!," Dan says. They walk out the bar and walk to their motel room. William continues to cry in the bathroom when he realizes the seriousness of his situation. Rob, Eric and Dan finally arrive at the motel room and sit at the couch. After a few minutes, Rob gets up, walks to the bathroom and knocks softly on the door. William senses that it is Rob, and does not answer because he is too humiliated to do so.

    "William, don't feel bad. I totally understand what you are going through," Rob says quietly.

    "No you don...," William says. He then starts vomiting in the toilet. Rob starts to feel his stomach rumbling.

    "I'm glad I didn't drink as much as you," Rob says smiling weakly.

    William does not reply. He hugs the toilet, relishing in its cool touch, and passes out. Rob shrugs, turns around, walks a few steps away, trips and falls to the ground. Eric and Dan get up, laugh at each other, drag the other two in their bed, and go off to bed themselves.

* * *

    William starts to come around the next morning. He groans from his head throbbing. He turns over and notices his other three friends sitting at the table just sipping on either coffee or tea. He painfully uses his powers to get himself a glass of water. He keeps his eyes closed.

    "Will! Stop," Rob says smiling. He grabs the almost tipping half-filled glass of water. He hands it to William and asks how he is feeling. William squints one eye at Rob.

    "Exactly how I look at the moment," William says, "Like shit!"

    "I'm glad I didn't drink as much as you did," Rob says seriously. "Do you need anything?," he asks.

    "I'm good," William says not meeting anyone's eyes as he starts to get out of bed. Rob walks back to the table.

    William stumbles into the bathroom to take a shower. He strips down, turns the water on, and gets under the hot spray. He shivers as the water runs down his back.

    "So, Rob," Eric says, "Do you remember anything that happened yesterday?"

    "No, not really," Rob says, "Just the fight, the rest is all blurry. I'd imagine William is about the same or even worse. Why?"


    The guys jump as they are startled by the banging on their door.

    "We know you are in there, freaks!," Someone yells from the other side of the door.

    "What do we do?!," Dan yells.

    Rob jumps up and runs to the bathroom. He opens the door, grabs a towel, and yells to William that there are police at their door. William runs out of the shower without turning it off. Still dripping wet, he runs to his backpack. Just as he picks it up, the door bursts open. Rob instantly freezes the two police officers at their front door. Eric walks up to the now frozen policemen and grabs their two guns. He passes one to Rob and keeps the other.

    "Good thinking Eric," Rob says quickly, "Dan'll drive, we'll threaten them, and . . . William can sleep."

    They run out of the house with their bags as quickly as possible and take possession of the cop car in front of their motel. Dan starts the car, but before they can head out, other police arrive and shoot their tires out.

    "Great!." William growls holding his backpack on his lap. Rob looks over to William and smiles.

    "Uhm, what do you want me to do guys?," Dan asks. Everyone is in their own world, and thus do not respond.

    "This is bullshit!," William finally says opening the car door, forgetting for a moment that he is completely naked. William tries to concentrate on the officers' car, but the constant pounding from his hangover distracts William to the point he can only slide the car back a few feet. Rob gets up, grabs William and brings him back to the police car. As the police come, Rob quickly whispers in Eric's ear to follow some brief steps. Rob then runs towards the police and falls to the ground. Eric then tells William and Dan to follow him. Rob is soon swarmed with police officers.

    "Hold my hand, guys," Eric says. Soon everyone is invisible from Eric's powers. They quickly run out of the broken police car and get into a new one. They drive off leaving Rob surrounded by cops with their guns pointed at a distance of point-blank.

    "What the hell are you doing!?," William screams at Dan, "What about Rob!?"

    "There's not much we can do - other than killing everyone," Eric explains, "You, William, are the only one who could stop someone without hurting them. Rob will meet us just outside of town . . .  . . . Unless the falling part . . . wasn't part of his plan." Eric's face turns pale.

    "Turn the car around!," Williams face turns dark.

    "I can't believe you were okay with Rob's plan! He's as lost as William is for crying out loud!," Dan says turning the car around.

    "Dan, I need you to shoot fire at their cars. It might be enough to distract them so Eric can get him out of there," William says with a voice leaving no room for any objection.

    "This is the last time we drink, lads," Eric says.

    Eric turns invisible, again. Dan throws fireballs at the police cars that soon come into view. Everyone notices how much Rob has been beaten severely due to police brutality.

    William concentrates as hard as he can. His pounding headache seems small now. He funnels his anger at the cops, slumps back in to his seat, and the air is soon filled with screams of pain. Eric and Dan act quickly. They grab Rob and rush back into the cop car and drive off quickly, throwing their stolen guns away on the ground. Rob is set lying in the back, with his head on William's lap.

    "They won't follow us, Dan, but get us the hell out of here," William tells Dan.

    "Is it just me, or are we getting worse and worse at these damn escapes?," Dan says driving away as fast as possible.

    "It is only a matter of time . . .," William says as he stares out the car window.

    "What are we going to do about Rob?," Eric asks looking back at the naked William and Rob, "And what are we going to do about putting some clothes on you, lad." Slowly the horror and realization hit William. His entire body starts to glow a bright red.

    "Lad?," Eric says.

    "Keep driving! I will manage back here," William says extremely embarrassed. After a lot of wiggling and being careful not to hurt Rob any more, William manages to get some underwear on and a t-shirt.

    Dan begins to pout quietly. Eric looks back and notices Rob is still sleeping, so he grabs Dan's hand and starts holding it. William smiles to himself while watching the scenery speed by, subconsciously playing with Rob's hair. Rob does eventually wake up, feels William's warmth, and continues looking like he is still sleeping.

    'How are you feeling, Rob?,' William sends using his powers.

    Rob mumbles and then gets up quickly.

    "I'm, uhm, doing fine, Will," Rob says weakly.

    "You might want to do that slower Rob," William restraints Rob with a hand on his chest.

    "No, really. I'm doing just . . . fine," Rob repeats himself.

    "I'm sure you are," William says sarcastically, "Those police batons sure tickle."

    Rob soon forms a head ache and starts feeling the bruises on his skin.

    "Okay, maybe not that great," Rob says, "All . . . All I remember are police officers surrounding me, and I get . . .," Rob coughs and stops talking.

    "Just sleep, Rob," William sends, "Enjoy it while you can."

    "What is that supposed to mean," Rob whispers.

    "Never mind that now. Just rest," William says. William looks up to see Eric facing him and Dan glancing at him through the rear view mirror.

    "What?," William says glaring between the two sets of eyes.

    "Dan, there is an exit coming up on your right. Take it then go left," William says. He then looks out the window. Dan snaps out of it and takes the turn as William had suggested. Eric smiles happily. William visibly relaxes and starts playing with Robs hair again while he sleeps.

    After a while, William turns on radio using his powers to a hits station. Kylie Minogue's raspy voice fills the car. William smiles slightly at the lyrics.

". . . I just can't get you out of my head,
Boy your loving is all I think about.
I just can't get you out of my head,
Boy it's more than I dare to think about! . . ."

    "How can you listen to this shit?," Dan changes the station to the nearest rock station.

    "Three cars, in like, three days. We're doing pretty good, eh, lads?," Eric says.

    "No. We're driving targets! This is the new millennium, or have you forgotten?," William asks Eric. Eric does not respond to Will's comment. Then he asks how Rob is doing.

    "He's still sleeping," William says, "I'm not sure how serious he was hurt."

    "What should we do about him . . . Wait, we'll stop here; we need gas," Dan says as he pulls into the gas station. William puts his hands on his face and shakes his head.

    "Dan, we are in a stolen police cruiser," William mumbles, "Isn't it a bit odd for a bunch of teens wanting gas?" Dan's face turns red.

    A man comes to the window. "Hi," he says as he begins to realize Dan's age, ". . . Uh, how old are you?"

    "Shit!," William mutters under his breath.

    "A lot of people wonder that. My father lets me use his car, heh, heh," Dan says off the top of his head.

    The man notices Rob is on William's bare lap and develops a weird look on his face. William squints because the sun is in his face.

    "Sir? Do you mind filling it up with Regular?," Dan asks.

    "Sure! Let me go turn on the pump then," the guy walks into his store.

    "Drive!," William yells suddenly at Dan. Dan presses on the gas as hard as he can. They continue driving for a while looking for cars to steal gas from, but fail to find a single car left behind. It turns dark, the car stalls, there is no more gas left. They look around and find nothing more than a road and trees that spread the horizon.


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