The Elements
By Emperor Eros and Phoenix

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Phoenix and Emperor Eros.

Chapter VI

    In the middle of nowhere, a lone police cruiser sits in the middle of the highway.

    "Oh my god," Dan says, "This couldn't get any worse." He starts to tear up. Rob opens his eyes to see pure darkness above him. He turns over slightly and sees William's chest. He turns away and watches Dan put his face to his knees.

    "It is okay, Dan. Oh, Rob! How are you feeling?," William says noticing Dan crying and Rob waking up.

    "As best as I could be . . . Where are we?," Rob asks.

    "Here," William says plainly.

    "Where is here?," Rob persists.

    "Shut up, Rob! We're in the middle of fucking nowhere without any . . . without any gas," Dan says as he opens the door and leaves the car. Eric follows him outside.

    "What do you think we should do, Rob?," William says after a period of silence.

    "Uhm, I am . . . really," Rob begins to say, but before he can finish, he coughs and stops talking altogether.

    "Do you think you can walk?," William asks. Rob sits up and says that there is only one way to find that out. He opens the door and gets out. He watches Dan and Eric just standing and looking at the trees in the near distance. Rob turns to William, who is now getting out of the car as well, still just wearing a thong.

    "Okay, once a cop sees this car, they'll be looking for us. That's just great," Rob says.

    "Well. I think we should try to walk though the forest so we can avoid being seen," William suggests while putting on his pants, socks and shoes. Rob nods. William grabs his backpack from the car and stands with the others.

    "Try not to forget anything," William says eyeing the forest with a gleam in his eyes. The others grab their things. They all head out into the forest, leaving the car behind. After walking for several hours, Rob sits on a rock by the river.

    "Will?," Rob calls for William. William crouches in front of Rob.

    "I am so tired . . . Do you sense anyone around other than us four?," Rob asks. The others look at William in question.

    "We are being followed, but I don't think he will bother us," William says to the guys, but doesn't say anymore on the matter.

    "Uh, okay . . .," Rob says trusting William.

    Dan sits down next to Rob on the rock and asks if we can all rest for a little while. William groans to himself as he sits on the ground trying to block out the annoying singing that is playing in his head.

    "Yeah. I think that would be a good idea, Dan," William smiles at Dan. They all sit down on the large rock facing the water.

    "It's quite beautiful," William says smiling. The sun sparkles off the lake, as a duck flies off towards a marshy area. The lake is lined with tall large evergreens, a postcard scene brought to life.

    "I wonder how Mom's doing," Dan ponders.

    "Hard to say, Dan. I am not planning on returning home anytime soon, " William says somberly.

    "Can't we phone them?," Dan asks.

    Eric continues to be quiet.

    "You could, but just remember they might be able to track us that way," William says shrugging his shoulders.

    "Why are you so quiet, Eric?," Dan curiously asks.

    "There's nothing to say," Eric says deeply.

    "It's pretty sad what people will do to to other people, just because they are different," Rob says changing the topic.

    "Why can't we be normal?," A boyish voice asks behind them.

    "That's him," William says smirking and rolling his eyes. The other three guys jump off of the rock and turn to face the young boy.

    "Before we make introductions, would you quit singing from now on? I hate that never ending song shit?," William stares at the newcomer, then jumps up to shake his hand. The boy turns his head on a slant and smiles.

    "Didn't know you were listening," he says as he shakes William's hand.

    "Well, I was. I can also hear all your secrets," William sends to the boy startling him.

    "What secrets are those?," the boy says as he sits on the rock, getting closer to Rob.

    "Well, that you enjoy flies," William winks at the boy. The boy giggles. He then looks up at Rob.

    "You seem chilly," he says touching Rob's hand, "You're very cold."

    "That is Rob. He is an ice queen," William says in a joking tone. "Over there is Dan, he is the hottest thing around. Lastly, this is Eric, he can be anything or anyone."

    "And, what? You're the fruit that can listen to people's heads?," the boy says giggling.

    "Possibly," William says making the boy float a bit.

    "So . . . What's your name, lad?," Eric asks the little boy.

    "Jeremy," the boy says as he puts his chin to his chest and watches his feat lift off the ground. William suspends the boy over the lake so the bottom of his shoes are just touching the lake. He then grins evilly.

    "Should I do it? After all, you were torturing me with that tune of yours earlier," William says scratching his chin.

    "Do it. I dare you," Jeremy shrugs smiling. William laughs and flips him up side down and dunks his head in the water. He then brings him down lower until he is completely drenched. The bubbles slowly stop to form above where he had put him. Soon, Rob, Dan and Eric all look at William, puzzled. They turn back to the river and see a large crocodile emerge from the water and walk towards them. William crosses his arms and raises one eyebrow at the approaching croc.

    "I can do that too," Eric says quietly.

    "Show him how it's done," William pats Eric on the shoulder.

    "Awe, croc'eh'!," Eric says with an Australian accent. Dan turns to Eric, to find him turned into the Crocodile Hunter. Eric jumps into the water to grab Jeremy. They play for about twenty minutes until they both get tired and turn back into their regular forms. The others simply watch in humour.

    "So, Jeremy . . . It is getting dark . . . Isn't your family expecting you?," William asks.

    "Oh, probably," he says, "But, I am having fun out here! It's nice to meet other freaks."

    "Mutants," William says.

    "That's no better," Jeremy says.

    "We are a new breed of humans. We're mutants," William says shrugging.

    "We're different from the normal. We're freaks," Jeremy says slumping to the ground in a child-like fashion.

    "Yeah. I guess you are right. We should probably start a fire, Dan," William suggests.

    "We need wood first, and I am dead tired," Dan says whining.

    "Oh, grow up, Dan," Rob says as he walks around grabbing branches, followed by Eric who is helping him out.

    "Was anyone in the scouts?," William asks. "This is the first time I have been camping."

    No one replies, so Dan speaks out. "It can't be that hard . . .," he says.

    "Well, get the fire going," William says impatiently.

    "Settle down, William," Rob says quietly. Dan turns around and lights the fire.

    "I'm sorry, but those drinks are still having an effect on me," William grins. "Sorry about the mood swings."

    "Drinks?," Jeremy questions, "You drink alc . . . alcohol?"

    "Yes I did," William says truthfully. He then sends images to Jeremy. "Don't touch the stuff. It makes you lose control of your powers. That is what I found anyway."

    "Lose control of your powers? When you are drinking ten shots of a strong alcoholic drink, I think you lose control of your entire body, not just your powers," Rob says almost huffing, "I hate to say it, but we really wouldn't be here if it hadn't been for you, William. Bringing us all down in your stupidity . . . . . . I'm sorry." Rob walks away to cool off for a bit.

    "Yes. It is true . . .," William says quietly. He then looks out at the lake. Eric walks up to William and pats his back in comfort.

    "How long can we keep running?," William asks Eric.

    "The good always wins. We'll survive, I just feel it," Eric says, knowing there is a little doubt in his voice.

    "Guess that is all we can hope in," William sighs, "So what about supper, should we cook Jeremy. He looks like he could feed us pretty well.

    "Hey!," Jeremy says giggling, "Well, I can go catch some fish." He winks.

    "That would be nice," William says, "I'm just curious. How far is your house?"

    "A few miles from here," Jeremy says jumping into the river.

    "That is one strange kid," William chuckles.

    "Aren't we all, lads?," Eric says.

    "Well, I guess that could be true depending on your point of view," William says. After a few minutes or so, Jeremy comes back from the water and has several fish hanging from his hands, arms and shoulders.

    "Those are big fish," William says shocked. Jeremy smiles.

    "I will go get Rob," William says as he hops off the rock. He walks in the general direction of where he saw Rob leave. It doesn't take him long to find Rob leaning up against a tree with this eyes closed. He decides to float behind Rob.

    "Supper is almost ready," William whispers in his ear.

    "Okay," Rob says not caring.

    "Talk to me," William says quietly.

    "I am talking to you."

    "I mean . . . tell me what is on your mind!"

    "I already told you! I don't want to be here. I want to be at school. You guys have no fucking control over yourselves, except for Eric and I. If it hadn't been for either of you, we would be still at school, learning and maybe getting a job and having a life! For God's sake!"

    "I doubt we would have gotten that far. Something like this was bound to happen - sooner or later. I for one am glad it happened when we were together."

    Rob smiles. "Maybe you're right," he says softly.

    "I need you," William says looking into his eyes.

    Rob looks up then back at William. "Why?," he asks.

    "You always seem to have the answers."

    "Ah," Rob says sighing quietly.

    "They are trying to kill us, Rob."

    Rob doesn't say anything. William doesn't say anything for while but watches Rob.

    "I'm sorry about last night," William says quietly. Rob smirks and then moves closer to William's face. He sets his lips against William's briefly. He then backs up, covers his mouth and turns around.

    "I, I don't think I should of done that. You're probably not even . . . gay . . . heh," Rob says embarrassed.

    William grabs Robs face and tries to kiss him hard, but Rob grabs his waist and pushes him away.

    "They're waiting for us," Rob says smiling. He then walks away back to their camp. William gets up and runs to catch up to Rob.

    "So, what is your take on Jeremy?," William says as they walk back to camp.

    "He's fun to have around. He lightens things up a little," Rob says still smiling. As they get closer to the light, William stops and cocks his head studying Rob.

    "Rob, can you lift your shirt?," William slants his head to one side.

    "Uhm, why?," Rob says smiling even more.

    "Just, lift your shirt," William says not joking around.

    Rob looks up and lifts his shirt up.

    "Oh my!," William gasps. "They're gone!"

    "What are gone!," Rob says almost impatiently.

    "You're bruises!," William says shocked, "They are completely gone!" Rob looks down to find his bare skin with no scratches or bruises at all.

    "I guess I just didn't . . . uhm," Rob says scratching his head. William bends in closer to inspect and runs his fingers along where Rob had a massive bruise that he had noticed in the police car.

    "Hey!," Rob says putting his shirt back on.

    "Sorry, I guess we will figure it out later," William says to Rob. He then walks back to the camp ahead of Rob. Eric catches William's grin as he approaches.

    "So how is that fish coming?," William asks.

    "Good," Eric says.

    "What took so long?," Dan asks.

    "Not much. We just had the most incredible make up sex ever!," William says jokingly fanning himself like a real queen. Dan rolls his eyes.

    They begin to eat, thanking Jeremy for the fish. William finishes first and decides to concentrate on Jeremy's mind to find out more about their mystery guest. William sighs, then shakes his head.

    'Your parents will look for you, Jeremy,' William sends to Jeremy using his powers.

    'Don't do that, you,' Jeremy sends back to William and smiles.

    'I know you want to stay, but it won't be easy for you,' William sends back with visual images of what they had done.

    "You killed people!?," Jeremy says aloud.

    "Yes . . . Are you sure you still want to be with us?," William says out loud as well.

    "Be with 'yous'? I just like you guys, I never thought you would want me to tag along," Jeremy says.

    "Well you were wanting to," William says raising an eyebrow.

    Jeremy smiles. The others simply watch the two start talking as if they've been talking for a few minutes - even though they just really started to talk now. Rob soon understands what is going on and begins speaking.

    "You really shouldn't go in people's heads like that, William. Like you said, sometimes its better if you find things out yourself - without powers. But what is done, is well, done. I really don't think Jeremy should stay with us. He's safer being away from the convicted."

    "We haven't been caught yet," William corrects.

    "I was!," Rob says seriously.

    "True. But, you were not charged," William replies.

    "I was beaten senselessly!," Rob rebuttals.

    "Well, at least the bruising has disappeared," William weakly smiles. Eric and Dan look at Rob.

    "I probably never got any bruises in the first place," Rob smiles weakly.

    "He's probably right, mate. How could they just go away that quickly," Eric says looking at William.

    "Oh, you had bruising alright," William says flatly.

    Rob shrugs. "No one else noticed them. Maybe you're just tired," Rob says.

    "You were laying on my lap How could I not notice the ones on your face," William says defensively.

    "William, you're wrong!," Dan says getting annoyed.

    "Yeah, let's eat," Jeremy says.

    William gives a mock bow, then floats off seething. If there is one thing that he hates the most, it is being called a liar. William sets foot on a tiny island in the middle of the lake. He sits on a fallen tree, staring up at the moon. Rob grabs a few fish using his hands. Soon, his body adapts to the temperature and he is unaffected. He walks to the edge of the lake. He then begins making the water in front of him into ice. He walks onto his bridge and sits down beside William.

    "Here," Rob passes William a fish.

    "Thanks," William says, taking the pieces of fish using his powers, keeping it floating in front of him.

    "Sorry for doubting you," Rob says quietly, "I just don't know why all of a sudden my bruises would just magically disappear."

    "Give me your hand," William says after some thought.

    "You aren't going to hurt me, are you?"

    "Not much," William replies. With lighting fast movements, he cuts Rob's palm with a pocket knife he conveniently had in his pocket.

    "Owwww! You idiot! Agh! Owwwwwwwww!," Rob gets up and paces.

    "Okay, see! Its still there! You're full of shit," Rob shows him his hand. William takes a package of tissue out of his pocket as well and hands it to Rob.

    "Just wait," William says as he begins to eat the fish slowly.

    "Oh, I'm waiting," Rob says impatiently.

    "Well, your body has its own time table," William say, "Just wait, like I said." He finishes his fish and washes up at the lake.

    "Lets get back to the fire so we can see things better," William floats to the camp, leaving Rob on the island. Rob squints, walks over his bridge, and arrives at their fire. Dan and Eric are sitting down beside each other, eating their fish. Jeremy is near them, and also eating his fish.

    "What took you so long?," William says as he stops pacing.

    "Someone didn't give me a ride," Rob says coughing jokingly.

    "I could have done that on the island in private," William says winking.

    "Looks like the alcohol is finally letting go, eh lads," Eric says. William sticks his tongue out at Eric.

    "So Rob, how is the hand?," William asks.

    "It still hurts . . .," Rob says looking at his bare hand, "What . . . the . . . hell?" William grabs his hand and brings it closer to the light.

    "See! It is gone!," William yells. "I told you!"

    "What are you talking about, William! Are you making up another story again?," Dan says confused.

    "You tell him Rob," William says.

    "I have no idea what William is talking about," Rob says laughing back at William. Dan crosses his arms.

    "Rob! Rob! Rob!," William starts whining.

    "I'm just getting you back for viciously stabbing me in the hand," Rob sticks his tongue out at William. He then pulls his hand away from William.

    "I just gave you a scratch," William says back.

    "It was bleeding!," Rob says.

    "Okay, can we all stop arguing!," Eric says getting annoying by everything that has been going on.

    "Yeah, you are right. Sorry everyone," William says.

    William remembers the discussion he had with Eric at the last motel room, about how Eric really liked Dan, and about how he really liked Rob. He waits a few moments, sends Eric the image of him rubbing Rob's chest and sends him the following message: 'Look, Eric! Score! It felt really soft, yet hard, mmmmmm . . .'

    Eric blushes. He then sends back to William the image of him and Dan holding hands. He tells William that this was all they have done so far, but what he found more impressive was the fact that Dan didn't seem to mind in the holding of hands.

    "Well, guys. I think we should figure out what we are going to do for the evening." William says after some time.

    "Why not sleep here?," Dan suggests.

    "Why not come back home with me?," Jeremy suggests, "I could clear up everything there, and then we could leave there the next day. I assure you my parents are quite nice . . . Well, at least my mother is."

    "That might be a good idea guys," Rob suggests, "None of us have anything to put over ourselves for going to bed. And, I doubt the police will start searching every single house . . . right?"

    "I guess," William says grabbing his backpack.

    "You seem concerned," Rob says to William.

    "It is nothing," William says wanting to get a move on. Rob turns out the fire with his powers.

* * *

    The gang heads out and follows Jeremy to his house. Thirty minutes later, they reach an old farm house in a valley surrounded by fields of sunflowers, wheat, and canola. Large elms line the main road to the house creating a canopy over the road. As they get closer, William notices a kindly middle age woman hanging laundry to the left of the house.

    "Mom!," Jeremy yells out. Jeremy's mom turns to see everyone. Her face turns to joy. She runs down the steps to the laundry line, and hugs Jeremy as hard as possible.

    "I was so worried about you," she says softly.

    "I'm so sorry I ran away," Jeremy says almost crying.

    "Oh, don't worry about it. I was a bit too harsh on you. I am so sorry," the mother pleads.

    William looks around taking in possible escape routes just in case.

    "We'll talk about it later, Mom," Jeremy says, "These are my new friends." The mother looks up at the four older boys and wonders why they are so old and why they are here.

    "How did you meet these boys?," the mother says smiling uncomfortably.

    "I'm William, ma'am. This is Rob, Eric, and Dan. We got lost hiking, and we happened to stumble upon Jeremy," William says holding out his hand.

    "Where . . . I . . . I just find it odd you children would hang around my son. But I guess I don't know very much about kids these days. I sincerely welcome all of you," the mother says. She grabs William and hugs him tightly, then goes onto the other three guys.

    "Come in, come in. I bet you are all very tired," she says gently as she walks into the house. They follow Jeremy's mother inside a homely farm house.

    "Here, all of you. Sit down and relax," the mother points to a few chairs in what they have as a living room.

    "Does anyone want anything to drink?," she asks as the others sit down.

    "Water is fine ma'am," William says sweetly. The other boys agree. The mother walks to the kitchen and pours everyone a glass of water, and soon comes back to deliver it to everyone.

    "I'm going to go finish the laundry. I'll be back soon children," she says softly as she heads out of the house.

    "Phew!," William sighs, then leans back sipping his water.

    "Where's your TV, Jeremy?," Rob asks curiously.

    "We don't have one," Jeremy states in a slightly peeved voice.

    "Well, what do you do for fun," William asks changing the subject.

    "Go to other people's houses. But the farm keeps me busy, usually," Jeremy says.

    "Well, let's see your room then," William says.

    "Sure," Jeremy says running up the stairs and into his room. They follow Jeremy up to his room and notice he has a lot of trophies for swimming.

    "Hmmm," Rob says smiling, "I guess it wouldn't be very hard for you to win those trophies, eh?" Jeremy grins at Rob. William goes to the window that overlooks the main road. Rob walks towards William and stares out of the window as well.

    "What is it, Will?," Rob asks.

    "It is nothing, I just got a weird sensation, like I was in a city . . . like there was hundreds of people all around us," William says more to himself.

    "Why? It's not like there are a lot of people around here! We're in a farm," Rob says quietly.

    "I know, Rob. Maybe I'm just being paranoid," William says as he tries to change the subject, "So, Jeremy, do you got any balls to play with?"

    "Yeah, a basketball," Jeremy says.

    "Oh my God. We used to play that all the time. Let's play then," William says.

    "You guys know how!?," Jeremy says getting excited. They all walk outside quickly and start playing basketball with Jeremy's basketball net. After about an hour of playing, Jeremy's mother calls them. As they approach the porch, she hands them each a tall glass of iced tea.

    "Supper should be ready in ten minutes. Finish your drinks, then go wash up," she says as she disappears back in to the kitchen.

    They eventually head into the kitchen and notice the father sitting down and drinking tea. He does not even acknowledge their presence. They begin eating. Throughout the entire meal, the father does not say a word. To add to the awkwardness, Rob, William, Dan and Eric only eat half of what they were normally capable of eating.

    "Alright kids, leave the kitchen! We'll clean up," is the only thing that the father ever says the entire time.

    "Yes sir, thank you for the meal," William stands up and heads for the front door. The others follow him, they quickly get their shoes on.

    "Hey, you guys want to go swimming?," Jeremy asks.

    "Not right now, lad. We were just in the water a few hours ago," Eric says.

    "Well do you want to see my Yu-Gi-Oh! cards?," Jeremy asks after a short pause of disappointment.

    "Oh my God . . .," Dan says shaking his head.

    "He's just a kid, Dan," Rob says, "Sure. Let's play."

    After a couple of hours of listening to Jeremy tell them about each card and every character in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Jeremy's mother calls up to his room as they are just about to play. William hears Dan thanking God in his head. Jeremy gets up and walks to the top of the stairs.

    "Yeah, Mom?," Jeremy yells from the top of the stairs.

    "Tell your friends that they'll be sleeping in the basement guest room, alright?," she says.

    "Can I sleep in the basement guest room too," Jeremy asks putting on his best puppy dog face.

    "Don't you want to sleep in your own bed though?," she asks.

    "Please Mom. We won't stay up too late," Jeremy gives a pout face that could melt anyone.

    "Jeremy. Come down here for a second," she says softly.

    "Yes, Mom?," Jeremy goes down.

    "They're older than you are," the mother sighs, "They are just visiting and are here for the night. You can't be friends with people that are that much older than you are. It just doesn't seem right to me."

    "But, Mom! . . . I don't have any friends, and they are nice," Jeremy whines.

    "You only met them because they were climbing a mountain! I don't even know why they are here," she says becoming impatient.

    "But! . . .," Jeremy says, but then stops because his mother gives him 'the look', "Fine, I will go to my room."

    "They'll be gone by tomorrow. I bet they just needed a place to stay for the night, and we were kind enough to offer it to them. Jeremy, you should really be more careful. What if they wanted to hurt you?," she suggests.

    "Mom, they are nice," Jeremy says running up stairs, "I better get ready for bed." The mother walks away sighing. She then gets the guys settled in the single guest room in the basement. After making sure they are settled, she leaves.

    The following morning, they're woken up by Jeremy's mother who tells them that breakfast is being made and they can come up soon. She walks back upstairs. William stumbles out of bed and bumps in to Eric.

    "Sorry man," William apologizes and they head to the washroom to get the morning started. Dan and Rob soon wake up and also go to the washroom after the other two had gone. Within minutes, everyone is upstairs. They notice Jeremy helping his mom cook.

    "Hm, it's about time you guys wake up!," he says excitedly.

    "Hey bud, how are you doing this morning?," Rob asks.

    "Good!," he says smiling.

    "Where's your father?," Rob asks Jeremy.

    "Oh. He's just out and about," Jeremy says setting down his things, "He usually goes for walks in the morning to talk to neighbours about the news and stuff, considering we don't have TV and all that."

    "Oh I see," William says feeling slightly alarmed. Rob turns over to look at William, then turns back at Jeremy.

    "When do you think they'll be ready?," Rob asks.

    "Soon . . . Heh, shouldn't take too long. Why? You hungry?"

    "You could say that lad," Eric grins. Eight minutes pass and the table is set with eggs, bacon, toast, glasses of orange juice, and the works.

    "This looks really splendid," William compliments Jeremy and his mother. They all sit down for breakfast. Shortly after, Jeremy's dad comes acting strangely and signals Jeremy's mother into the hallway. They start talking in hushed voices.

    "Let's go guys," Rob says quickly. William doesn't say anything but has a expression of concentration. Everyone gets up but William and Jeremy.

    "C'mon William!," Dan says quietly.

    "What's going on?," Jeremy asks.

    'Your father has called the cops on us! They are coming for us,' William sends to everyone using his powers.

    "What for?," Jeremy says aloud.

    'Money,' William sends flatly, then gets up.

    "But . . . What did we do!," Jeremy asks.

    "It isn't anything you did, Jeremy," William says, 'It is what we did." They then all make their way to the door.

    "Hey! Where do you think you are going!?," Jeremy's dad calls out.

    "For a walk, Dad," Jeremy says, "It's nice outside!"

    "Son, I need you to stay here and help your mother," Jeremy's dad says sternly.

    "C'mon dad! I'll do it in a bit . . .," Jeremy persists.

    "No! You will stay here and help your mother!," Jeremy's dad says in a tone, indicating he is close to a punishment.

    'They're here!,' William sends telepathically to the others. They all run out the door ignoring Jeremy's father. They run down one end of the road, but stop once they see a few helicopters and trucks coming their way. They turn around and head in the other direction.

    "I can't believe this, lads!," Eric says yelling. They continue running in the other direction until yet again they are even more helicopters and trucks coming for them.

    "Save your energy guys," William says when he stops running, "We aren't going anywhere." Everyone else stops and agrees. Jeremy looks up at his house and sees his mother in the window, watching silently. He continues to stare at her until he begins to cry. He turns back at Rob, who is closest to him, and wipes his tears off his face.

    'It isn't too late for you to turn back you know,' William sends to Jeremy. Jeremy shakes his head.

    Within a minute or less, they are completely surrounded by men in uniforms, men with guns, men from the army.

    "If you do not surrender, we will be forced to tranquilize every single one of you!," one of the men shout.

    "Don't count on it!," Rob yells back. William suddenly whips out of his trance like a state he has been in since they were surrounded, and sends a wave that sends the men surrounding them flying in all directions. Rob, Dan, Eric and Jeremy all pull back their heads in amazement. "Wow," they say.

    "Don't do anything, Dan," Rob says quietly, "We're right beside a forest." Dan smiles back.

    Rob looks up and causes the helicopter's propellers to lock up by using his powers to make them freeze. Soon, the helicopters start to fall and crash against the ground. William shields them from the flying shards of metal from the exploding helicopters. Dan looks around.

    "That . . . That was easy," he says, still looking around for any survivors.

    "Backup is on the way," William says quietly.

    "How you feeling, though?," Rob asks William. Soon even more soldiers come running towards them. They begin shooting at them.

    "Awe fuck!," Rob yells. Everyone turns around to see Rob get hit in the leg with a dart that just skids his leg, causing it to bleed severely.

    "Rob!," William cries, and rushes over to Rob.

    "It's just a cut!," Rob says and then jumps on William causing them to both hit the floor. William watches a dart just whiz by Rob's head.

    "Thanks," William says twisting his head.

    "Screw this," Dan says. He faces the soldiers and ignites a bunch of them into flames. They slowly fall to the ground screaming.

    'Eric, can you make sure you watch Jeremy. Like, maybe make him disappear?,"' William sends to Eric. Eric walks to Jeremy quickly and hugs him. They both instantly disappear.

    "Yes, great idea Dan. Make them suffer slowly," Rob says sarcastically.

    "Not now Rob!," William yells and stops several darts inches from both of their faces.

    Eric and Jeremy quickly head towards the house. All of a sudden, Eric trips over a rock and falls to the ground. Instantly, they both become visible. Rob yells. He then creates an ice dome around the two and continues to fight with the soldiers. William sends a second wave that scatters the second round of men, seriously injuring or killing some. William collapses on to his hands and knees. Rob notices blood running from his nose on to the ground.

    "I knew this would happen," Rob says turning his head towards William.

    "Dan, unfreeze Eric and Jeremy." Dan nods and unfreezes the shell covering Eric and Jeremy. Eric and Jeremy then run into the house. Eric then comes back outside alone leaving Jeremy back with his mother. Rob walks to William and asks how he is doing. Rob looks around and notices William got everyone in sight.

    "Give me a moment," William says weakly.

    "There's more. Even I can feel it," Rob says to William. William nods unhappily.

    "What you guys talking about? We got them all!," Dan says getting annoyed.

    "Apparently, we pissed off a wasp's nest, Dan," William shakes his head.

    "How long till the next wave, William?," Rob asks.

    "A few minutes . . .," William replies. Rob sighs in relief. Jeremy comes running up to Rob.

    "I want to fight. I want my parents to see what I can do," Jeremy says deeply. Jeremy's mother opens the door and walks to the group slowly. She turns towards her husband, gives him a look of disgust, and then continues walking.

    "I'm so sorry your father did this to you," she says beginning to cry.

    "Ma'am, it isn't safe for you to be seen with us, they are coming. Please go indoors and hide." William pleads.

    "Jeremy, they're right. We should go back inside . . .," she says turning around to walk back inside. All of a sudden, a few trees start to shuffle, a gun shot is heard in the distance, and Jeremy's mother falls to the ground. Jeremy lets out the most sickening scream, a cross between a wounded animal and a child. He rushes to her side and watches blood pour out of her chest.

    "Mom!," Jeremy says crying and laying on top of her. Jeremy's father comes running towards his injured wife and frightened son.

    'Oh, dear God. What have I done,' is the last thought that crosses the father's mind, before several bullets shatter his skull. William rushes to Jeremy's side just as his mother weakly raises her hand and falls to touch her son one last time. She is dead. William grabs the sobbing boy in his arms.

    "I'm so sorry . . ." William sentence is cut short by something piecing into his back.

    Jeremy picks himself back up and transforms into a lizard that is nearly the size of the house. He runs across the ground quickly until he sees the soldier. Within an instance, the man's head is pealed off and thrown into the distant woods. Jeremy continues to attack the body by scratching it with all his force. The body nearly disappears into dust from pulverization. Dan and Rob start running towards the raging Jeremy to try to prevent him from being killed. Eric rushes over to William who's eyes are now glazed over, and who's mouth is filling foam. Eric makes them both invisible, as William begins to have seizures from the concoction shot in his back.

     "Stop it, Jeremy! He's already dead. You're only making things worse - there are more around, I'm sure," Rob says nervously looking around. The instant he turns his head he is hit with a similar dart to the one that William was hit by.

    'Let's move slowly towards the house,' Eric thinks as he picks up William and avoids to make a single sound. They reach the house eventually and open the door. Jeremy finally relaxes and turns into his regular form. He then loses consciousness from overusing his powers and falls to the ground.

    "Oh, for fuck's sake," Dan says getting extremely scared. He picks him up and runs towards the house with the child in his hands.

    "Where is Rob," Dan asks looking Eric in the eye.

    "Fukin' hell, lad," Eric says as he peeks out the window to see Rob passed out fifty yards from the house, with soldiers surrounding him.

    "Oh, how joyous. This'll be fun," Dan says carefully adjusting himself to use his powers, "This is going to be quite difficult dodging Rob . . . Ey? . . . Eric?" Dan turns to see Eric, William and Jeremy visible, passed out and mouths filled with foam.

    "What the hell . . .," Dan attempts to say, but is shot point-blank with a dart to his neck.

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