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Gay love story. Science fiction. Adult. Explicit sex.
Two hundred years into the future, the human birthrate begins to decline and shift from female to male, to the point that it is feared that intelligent life on Earth will become extinct.  Is this event the catastrophe that everyone sees, or is there an intelligent plan afoot? What does love have to do with it? This portion of human history is told through the experiences of two young gay men who, along with the majority of men, are virtual sex slaves of a totalitarian government bent on repopulating the planet.




No one knew what caused it, but everyone had an opinion. People blamed it on global warming, the Earth's magnetic field, sun spots, the wrath of God, you name it. About one hundred seventy years ago, the human birthrate began to drop. Initially, it decreased slowly-but-steadily, until about eighty years ago when it plummeted.

At first, the phenomenon began to affect the global economy, but technology came to the rescue with more machines to automate production. However, as the birthrate continued to decline, the structure of society began to fall apart and governments became involved. In short order, children were sent to school as soon as they could walk. Youths graduated from school and entered the work force at thirteen and retirement age was extended to eighty.

But, Mother Nature had not finished visiting disaster on humankind, for it soon became apparent that the vast majority of the few children born were male.

When the declining birthrate went into a rapid landslide eighty years ago, every society in every nation, united to save the human race from extinction, for it was running out of time. Cultures changed dramatically, because the production of children became paramount. Women were sequestered in government sponsored Propagation Centers. They were pampered with every luxury imaginable, but their sole purpose in life became to birth babies. The scientists who ran the centers experimented with thousands of drugs and hormones - on both males and females. With medical treatments, the average age of puberty worldwide was reduced to age ten. By the age of thirteen, males and females were mature adults, mentally and physically.

At the beginning of the crisis, scientists tried artificially inseminating females, but they ultimately found that women conceived more often when impregnated the old fashioned way. Thus, the governments began testing the semen of all males who had achieved puberty. Those males who produced the highest quality semen were required to make daily visits to a propagation center.

This approach to the problem seemed to be successful. All children born in the propagation centers were raised in government complexes until they graduated from school at age thirteen.

Then, another phenomenon gradually occurred. Scientists began to see it as they gene-typed the males. Whatever the cause, it became apparent that more homosexual males were being born than heterosexual males.

This worked both for and against the human race. On the one hand, with all females removed from the community, homosexual relationships were encouraged, to keep some domestic order in the culture. When a man graduated from school, he was expected to enter the workforce, find a male mate, settle down and become a happy productive member of society. On the other hand, with more and more homosexual men reaching the age of puberty, soon the majority of men eligible to propagate would be naturally reluctant to have intercourse with the females. And, it was propounded that forced intercourse would have a negative effect on conception. The potential for global disaster was becoming worse.

While scientists and politicians were wringing their hands in panic, religion came to the rescue. Under the guise of religious service, homosexuals were expected to participate in the propagation of the planet, but their support was couched in religious terms, designed to inflict guilt for non-compliance. Thus, church leaders--with government sanction--initiated the sacrament of Holy Conception, and homosexuals were bid to make an offering of their seed to God as active celebrants.

By and by, churches became part of the government-sponsored propagation centers and the scientists, politicians and priests held their collective breaths.


Toby Lawrence773 had celebrated his thirteenth birthday and graduated from school. His dormitory mates were planning a great going away party; he had recently been hired by a large accounting firm in the city; the Housing Authority had found a nice apartment for him; and he was dating a great guy that might be the love of his life. He was ready to go out and conquer the world!

The rays of the rising sun burst through the window of the dormitory room as Toby packed his personal effects. He was humming to himself, wondering just how much better life could get, when he turned to the open doorway at the sound of his name. A messenger handed him an envelope and left. With a slight frown, he tore it open and began to read the contents.

Isaac, his roommate, strolled in at that moment, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and puckered in distaste. With a finger, he lifted his friend's chin and said, "Tobe, you're the most handsome man in this dorm, but you ain't going to please your fella tonight unless you shave. Your whiskers feel like a porcupine." Toby, as well as the other boys his age, had been shaving for the past two years, due to the male hormone treatments.

When he didn't respond to the tease, Isaac looked over Toby's shoulder. "Whatcha reading my man?"

"It's from the Department of Propagation. I have to have my sperm tested this morning. I forgot about having that done."

Isaac flopped down on his bed. "I thought you were supposed to have that test on your thirteenth birthday."

Toby looked both guilty and a little upset. "I was, but I forgot about it. I hope I'm not in any trouble. This is serious stuff."

Isaac sat up and gave Toby a broad smile. "Son, when they test your sperm, it'll be so sweet they'll give you a bouquet of roses." Toby and Isaac did not have a romantic relationship; but, because of the artificially accelerated sperm production of their bodies, they routinely had sex to give themselves relief. "Next year when they test my shitty sperm, they're gonna castrate me, unless I run fast enough."

Isaac's infectious humor had done it's work; Toby fell on his bed laughing. They continued to giggle for some minutes, then Toby looked back at the letter in his hand. Sobering, he said, "Well, I'm due at the Center in an hour." They rose and Toby gave his buddy a hug. "Thanks man. You're the best."

Isaac held on to him for a moment longer. "Man, I'm going to miss you. You've been a hoot to live with. When are you moving out?"

"Day after tomorrow."

"Okay, we'll have a blowout tomorrow night: dinner, dancing, the works. Maybe you can introduce us to that hunk you've been dating for the last couple of months."

Toby smiled brightly at his friend. "Deal." He pulled away and put on his jacket. "I'd better be on my way."

Isaac placed a hand on either side of Toby's face and scratched the whiskers with his fingernails. "Ya better shave first."


Eight hours later, Tom Hansen912 opened the door to his apartment to behold a bewildered looking Toby. A porter stood behind him with his hand on a cart bearing all of Toby's worldly possessions.

Tom swung the door wide with a smile. "You must be Toby Lawrence. Father Benton said I would be getting a roommate this afternoon." At Toby's hesitation, he said, "Come in. Come in."

Toby slowly walked through the doorway followed by the porter with the cart. The man unloaded the cases and departed. Tom placed an arm around the boy's shoulders. "I'm glad you're here. I haven't had a roommate since I was assigned here." He gestured to the room. "Welcome to your new home." Toby saw a pleasant enough place, a couch and several comfortable chairs positioned before an entertainment center, a dining table near to an efficiency kitchen, and two beds and dressers against the back wall. The west wall was all glass, giving on to a private balcony and a spectacular view of the city. The apartment actually looked luxurious, and was certainly better than his old dormitory room. Tom pointed toward another door. "The bathroom, laundry facilities, dressing room and walk-in closet are in there." He gently squeezed Toby's shoulder. "I hope you'll be happy here."

Toby gave him a wan expression. "Thanks Tom, but I don't know what I'm doing here."

The smile slid from Tom's face. "They didn't tell you that you would be serving in the church?" Toby shook his head. "Come on, sit down and  we'll talk." He sat Toby at the dining table, rummaged in the refrigerator and poured drinks. Seating himself at the table, he said, "Okay, now tell me what's happened to you."

Toby recounted the events of the day, beginning with his plans and expectations for his life and ending with, "So, I went to the Propagation Center to have my sperm tested. After I got naked, they strapped me on this table and put this machine on my penis and a bunch of electrodes all over my body. Then, they turned it on and it kept me on the edge of orgasm for the longest time, maybe hours. I finally had the biggest orgasm of my life. I must have ejaculated for two minutes. They unstrapped me and told me to get dressed and wait in the next room. A couple of hours later, this guy comes bounding through the door with a smile that could have sold a ton of toothpaste. He tells me that I've been reassigned, to go back to the dorm, pick up my stuff and come to this address."

Tom reached across the table and took Toby's hand. "You poor guy. Your world has been turned upside down all in one day."

A lone tear trickled down Toby's cheek. He looked up at Tom and asked, "Can you tell me what's happening to me?"

Tom's voice momentarily stuck in his throat as he met Toby's pale gray eyes. His own eyes were light gray, but Toby's were almost colorless, and, he thought, quite beautiful, stunning even. Recovering quickly, he adopted a reassuring manner. "From the reaction of the doctor at the Propagation Center, your sperm test must have gone off the charts. Normally, that would mean you would be a daily visitor to the House of Propagation and also maintain a life in society. But, since they sent you here, you must be homosexual." Toby nodded. "Prime sperm donors who are homosexual are consigned to the church. No doubt you soon will be a daily celebrant at Holy Conception." Toby's eyes grew large. Tom was afraid he had said too much, and he didn't want to upset the man further. He gave Toby's hand a gentle squeeze and continued, "However, Father Benton said he would drop by this evening to welcome you. Perhaps he can explain more then."

"Thanks Tom. I don't mean to be a big baby, but I'm so confused my head is spinning. I didn't get a chance to say good bye to any of my friends, not to mention the sweet guy I've been dating. And what about the job I just got hired for and the apartment I just rented? Shit!"

"I'm sure Father Benton can answer all your questions. In the meantime, relax. I'll be here to help you. Come on, let's get you settled in."

As they unpacked the cases, Tom talked casually about himself to take Toby's mind off his problems. "I turned thirteen six months before I graduated from school. So, I was sperm tested before I had a chance to make the kind of plans you did." He gave a self-deprecating chuckle. "My test went off the charts too. Anyway, I've lived here for the past year, serving at church services in the mornings and teaching sex education classes at the school in the afternoons."

Toby was not familiar with all the details of the sacrament, but he knew enough to give Tom a critical look. "You celebrate Holy Conception every day?"

Tom chuckled. "Yep, I have intercourse with a different female 365 days a year."

"I learned the art of intercourse with females in sex education class, but I can't imagine doing it every day."

Tom smiled wryly. "Well first, it's our duty to God, and second, the acolytes make it bearable for us." His smile turned mischievous. "But, I'll deny I ever said that last part."

Toby laughed at the remark without knowing why as he put away the last of his clothes. Tom stacked the cases in the closet and said, "I'm hungry. Let's fix dinner."

They moved over to the kitchen area and Toby watched with fascination as Tom cooked. Having eaten in the dormitory cafeteria and in restaurants all his life, he had never seen food prepared and had never enjoyed such delicious smells in the process. He followed Tom's every move, so much so, that Tom kept bumping into him.

"Can I learn to do that? It looks like fun and smells so great."

"Sure you can. I'll teach you." With that, Tom began a running account of his activities until they sat down to eat.

At the table, Toby picked up a utensil and taste tested a bit of each item on his plate. "Um, this is fantastic! We never had anything like this at the dorm."

Tom snickered. "Dorm food is mass produced. I have a bit more quality control here."

"Please teach me to cook like this," Toby pleaded.

"How could I refuse those beautiful eyes. I'll teach you how to plan a menu, then tomorrow we'll go grocery shopping."

Toby was becoming quite animated, looking at Tom with big eyes. "I've never done that before."

Tom gave him a warm smile, pleased to see that he was leaving his funk behind. "You'll love it. It'll be fun."

As they ate the last bites, the door chime sounded. Tom admitted Father Benton and made introductions. Benton shook hands with Toby, holding his grasp longer than necessary to stare at the boy's eyes.

"I'm pleased to meet you Toby," he said sincerely.

"Likewise Father," Toby responded with a smile. He liked the man immediately. Benton was not much older than Tom, sixteen at most, and he was dressed in casual clothes. The only sign of his office was the mark of the church that he wore on a chain around his neck.

Once seated in the lounge area, Tom began the conversation. "Father, Toby was only sperm tested today, then he was sent here immediately. Consequently, he has some concerns about some unfinished plans he had made."

Toby explained the details, and Benton nodded sympathetically. "It is policy for the Center to act as it did, but they could have given you time to take care of unfinished business. Tell you what, tomorrow I'll make things right with your prospective employer and landlord, then tomorrow, after your duties are completed, you and Tom can make a proper good bye to your dorm mates." Toby nodded appreciatively. "Now, as to your boyfriend, have you two made a commitment to each other?" Toby shook his head and Benton sighed with relief. "Then I strongly recommend that you break off with him now, for you will soon become a celebrant, and that will require all of your focus. In the past, celebrants who have tried to maintain romantic relationships have been bitterly disappointed."

Toby looked down at his hands to hide a another tear that trickled down his cheek. Benton leaned forward to make his point. "I want you to be happy and content here Toby. Tom is a good man and will guide you well." He sat back and referred to a folder in his hand. "Toby, please verify something for me. Your legal name is Tobias Lawrence773, and you were born May 12, 2182?" Toby nodded in the affirmative.

Benton smiled. "For your information Toby, Tom's legal name is Thomas Hansen912, and he was born December 2, 2180." Then, he regarded both boys for a moment. "Toby, I've decided that I want you to work with Tom for the next few weeks as an acolyte when he celebrates Holy Conception and as his assistant in teaching his sex education classes."

Toby nodded his acceptance. "As you wish Father." But, Tom was momentarily taken aback, for it was unheard of for the same acolyte to assist a celebrant at every service. Furthermore, with this arrangement, they would be together practically twenty-four hours a day. Then, he mentally shrugged; it was not his place to question the church; his priest had spoken.

The boys knelt as Father Benton recited a blessing and made the sign of the church over them. Then, he took his leave. Tom decided not to comment on the working arrangement Benton had set for them. Instead, considering the emotionally draining day Toby had had, he suggested that they retire for the evening. Toby readily agreed.


The dark tinting of the glass of the west wall cleared, admitting the bright morning light, and the coffee maker turned on. A metallic-but- distinctly male voice said, "It is seven o'clock Tom, time to rise and prepare for the sacrament of Holy Conception. You are scheduled for the nine o'clock service." The voice of the house computer paused, and the tuft of light brown hair visible from under the covers of Tom's bed did not move. The computer increased the decibel setting of its voice unit. "TOM, IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO RISE."

The covers jerked in spasm. "Okay, okay! I'm awake," Tom responded.

The house computer continued, "It is nice of you to respond. I have downloaded the morning news headlines for you to read later. Otherwise, you have received no personal messages."  It paused once more. "Tom, are you going to rise?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Lay off. Go prepare breakfast or something."

"As you know, I am not programmed to prepare food for human consumption. At best, I can only activate the coffee machine."

"Then go inspect your internal clock. It's too early to get up."

"I recall a human saying that says 'Sticks and stones may break my ...'"

"Oh, shut up!" Having made its point, the computer effected a smug silence.

With a jaw-popping yawn, Tom slithered out from under the covers and surveyed the room with one eye. But, when his gaze rested on Toby, both eyes opened. The boy had not wakened, and must have had a restless night, for he lay naked and exposed, having kicked off the covers. Tom took in the sight of the tall, slightly-built vulnerable-looking form. His body was perfectly proportioned--except for his artificially enlarged genitals. A mop of ash blond hair covered his head. Long lashes--the highlight of his almond-shaped eyes--rested on his cheeks. The smooth planes of his muscles were decorated with pale blond hair, in all the right places. Tom thought Toby was truly beautiful. The boy would begin a whole new life this day. He hoped Toby would like it here, or at least be content. Tom led a lonely existence and longed for a friend. As he reached out a hand to wake Toby, Benton's unprecedented working arrangement came to mind and he chuckled. He didn't think he would mind that arrangement one bit.

Before Tom touched him, Toby stretched and opened his eyes. Momentarily disoriented, he frowned, then smiled when he saw Tom. "Good morning. What is that wonderful smell?"

Laughing, Tom sniffed his armpit. "It can't be me because I haven't bathed yet, so it must be the coffee. Come on and help me prepare breakfast. We've got a busy day ahead of us and we'll need our strength."

Toby leaped out of bed. "If the rest of the meal will smell as good as the coffee, lead me to it." And, he did. Tom walked Toby through the preparation of their breakfast, letting the young man do the work while he gave instructions. Both were delighted with the arrangement. They were a sight to behold: two handsome, animated nude boys having fun preparing a meal together.

By the time they set the table, Toby was drooling with hunger and fell on his food with abandon. Tom smiled contentedly, enjoying the company of this delightful young man.

After consigning the breakfast things to the dishwasher, they pulled on workout clothes and headed for the gym. At Toby's question, Tom explained. "For optimum performance at Holy Conception, it is best to exercise beforehand, to tone the muscles and get the respiratory and circulatory systems flowing."

During the half-hour workout, Tom explained the duties of an acolyte, much to Toby's distraction. Ignoring the boy's raging erection, he concluded by making the point that they were to participate in a sacred service as a gift to God.

Back at the apartment, Toby's erection did not soften while he eyed Tom's body--in a new light--as they bathed. Tom was slightly taller than he, with a more sturdy build. His pectoral muscles were crowned with large nipples that invited lips to nurse there. He had regular features, deep-set eyes under heavy brows. Wavy light brown hair covered his head, and the flawless skin of his chest, arms and legs was dusted appropriately with the same light shade. Flat stomach, narrow hips and flared thighs complimented his appearance. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed and his testicle sack was shaved as they had been taught in sex education class. Toby's mind ran riot thinking about the religious service in which he was about to participate with this handsome man. Suddenly, Toby had to look away. Another ten seconds and he would have ejaculated on the spot.

At eight forty-five, they were properly groomed and dressed and departed for the church.

They entered through the door to the mens' sacristy. Father Benton was already there and in vestments of white, gold and scarlet. He introduced Toby to Joseph, the aged sacristan, who disrobed the boys and vested them in full-length blue cloaks that concealed their bodies. Curious, Toby turned to view himself in a full length mirror, seeing his head floating atop a column of blue cloth. He felt a moment's guilty pleasure knowing that he was completely nude underneath.

The second acolyte entered the sacristy at that moment. Benton introduced him as Allen. When Allen was vested, Benton checked the clock and said, "Then, let us begin." The priest began to intone a list of prayers beseeching God to look with favor upon the sacrament.

As the last prayer ended, the boys chorused, "And let it be thus." They turned and processed reverently into the sanctuary.

Toby had attended prayer services in the chapel at school, but he had never been inside a Church of the Holy Conception. It was a high domed room, richly decorated, about thirty feet square with stained glass windows that spread polychromatic light throughout the interior. An ornate high alter sat against one wall, flanked by tall candelabra. The low alter sat on a raised platform in the center of the room.

"That is where it will take place," Toby thought as he gazed at it. The alter was an oblong affair, large enough to accommodate six people, covered in white satin.

Father Benton took his place before the high alter as Tom, Toby and Allen stood to his right. Then, the females entered. The celebrant and two acolytes robed in pink, took their place to Benton's left. The priest lit the candles and a brazier of incense while intoning more prayers.

As Benton began to sing a hymn of praise, Toby inhaled a whiff of smoke from the incense and felt a rush of heat course through his body, ending in his groin. "Whoa!" he thought, as his penis began to rise.

The hymn completed, Father Benton turned to the low alter and blessed it. The males and females moved to opposite ends and bowed to each other. Toby and Allen carefully removed Tom's robe, then their own. The female acolytes did likewise. Tom and the female celebrant climbed onto the alter and lay on their backs about four feet apart. Toby and Allen, along with the female acolytes knelt on either side of their respective celebrants.

Facing the low alter, Father Benton raised his arms and said, "To the glory of God!" Allen discretely nodded to Toby, and they began their part of the sacrament - to give Tom as much sexual stimulation as possible.

They began by gently nursing Tom's nipples while their fingertips roamed his chest. When his nipples were wet and erect, he began to moan and caress their bodies in return. They kissed their way up to the tender flawless skin of his neck, sending electric-like thrills through his body. Next, they moved to caress his ears with the sharp tips of their tongues, drawing more sighs of pleasure.

As Allen's lips and fingertips began to work their way down Tom's body, Toby gave Tom a sweet, deep kiss, earning him a bone crushing embrace. Tom held Toby in the kiss until their breaths came in short gasps. When they broke, they stared at each other with lust filled eyes. Toby inhaled the scent of Tom's musk and was momentarily overwhelmed. Recovering quickly, he kissed and licked his way down to Tom's armpit, his side, his hip, his thigh, and met Allen at the knees. They spread Tom's feet wide and began to lick and stroke a slow journey up the inside of his legs. Tom cried out with pleasure and raised his knees to his chest, exposing his genitals to them. They ministered to every part of his groin--except his rampant penis--with their lips, teeth and fingers; they took turns sucking his testicles while they probed his anus with their fingers; and, they caressed his buttocks while they nipped the inside of his thighs with their teeth. Tom groaned as his head thrashed about and he gathered fistfuls of the satin alter covering. The entire focus of his being was now on his penis, which the boys were not permitted to touch.

Toby and Allen lowered Tom's legs and kissed their way up his body. Laying on their sides, they plastered their bodies to his and nursed his nipples once more. Tom's arms clamped around them with vice-like grips as he bellowed in sexual overload.

Toby glanced at the females through his lust to see the celebrant writhing in her own pool of ecstasy. Suddenly, she cried out in orgasm. The female acolytes immediately raised her legs. Allen looked at Toby and nodded. That was the signal. Allen reached for a cruet of oil and anointed Tom's throbbing penis. They picked up the almost incoherent youth and moved him into position between the female's legs. He fell forward with his hands on either side of her body. Allen gently took his penis and inserted it in the female's vagina, then pressed down on Tom's hips. Tom slowly lowered himself onto her body and began to sensuously grind himself into her.

While the female acolytes caressed their celebrant's legs, Toby and Allen kissed and caressed every part of Tom that they could reach.

Presently, both celebrants began low moans that escalated in frequency and volume until both of them stiffened and cried out in orgasm, flexing their hips as they experienced several cycles. When their trembling bodies stilled, Toby looked down to see that he had ejaculated ropes of semen over Tom's back. He looked up in embarrassment at Father Benton. Benton simply smiled and raised his hands, signaling the concluding portion of the sacrament.

The acolytes helped the celebrants to standing positions beside the alter and replaced their vestments. Once robed, they bowed to each other and Father Benton gave the benediction. The service was over.

Inside the mens' sacristy, Toby began to apologize for his indiscretion during the service. Benton smiled and said, "It was understandable; it was your first time. However, I would like to ask how often you are receiving your hormone injections."

"Once a week," Toby answered.

"I would like for you to discontinue them for a while. Perhaps that would help." With that, Benton began to remove his vestments, while Joseph helped the boys remove theirs and don street clothes. Toby noticed that Tom still looked dazed and helped him put on his shoes and socks.

On the way out the door, Toby glanced at the clock. Outside, he turned to Tom and exclaimed, "Do you realize that the service lasted almost two hours?"

Tom, now fully recovered, gave a hearty belly laugh. "Yes I do! And I'm famished. Let's go have lunch."

Back in the apartment, Tom once again took the role of tutor and talked Toby through the preparation of the midday meal. Their cheerful banter raised their spirits to a high level. But, as they began to eat, Toby grew thoughtful. At length, he said, "I've never received as much sexual stimulation as we gave you this morning. It must be overwhelming. How do you stand it day after day?"

Tom thought a moment before he answered. "Let me give you two answers. One, I never get used to it. It's like a drug that I crave now. The act of intercourse that follows is anticlimactic. No pun intended." They both laughed. "It's curious that you brought the question up, because my second answer is that in the year I've participated in the sacrament, I've never felt so stimulated as I did today. I was overwhelmed. I ejaculated so strongly that I thought I was going to pass out."

"How do you account for that?"

"I think it was because of your presence. You and I clicked somehow."

Toby nodded thoughtfully. "I was as aroused as I've ever been in my life. And not just because it was my first service. Something happened when I touched you that's never happened before, with a lover or in sex education class."

Tom abruptly sat up and looked at his watch. "Speaking of which, we're going to be late if we don't hurry." They quickly gathered up the lunch things, shoved them into the dishwasher and dashed out the door.

Tom explained the day's lessons as they disrobed in the locker room. Toby would instruct nine-year olds in prostate massage while Tom taught four-year olds the art of kissing.

Toby was completely comfortable entering the classroom nude, having taken sex education for eleven years. He greeted the four boys, also nude, and began the lesson, first demonstrating prostate massage on each of them--much to their delight, then he had each of them massage him. As the last child touched Toby's prostate, a pearl of semen appeared at the tip of his penis. The little boy instinctively leaned down and licked it up. As he smacked his lips, he commented, "Gee, yours tastes different."

"How do you mean, different?" Toby asked.

"I've drunk lots of semen, and yours tastes like it was sweetened with honey."

Toby chuckled. "I take it you liked it then."

"Yeah. Can I make you ejaculate? I want some more."

"Not today. Right now, I'm going to teach you all something really neat." And, for the rest of the lesson, he taught them how to give each other prostate massages through anal intercourse. The little boys caught on quickly, bringing each other to orgasm many times.

As they were dressing in the locker room after the lesson, each of his students gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Tom complimented him too. "Your teaching technique is great, but your attitude is even better. Your patience and caring makes you a great teacher."

Toby blushed furiously, but managed to mumble, "Thanks."

Not wishing to embarrass him further, Tom suggested they go grocery shopping on their way home. As they made their way through the store, Tom enjoyed watching Toby's eyes take in the new experience and listening to his questions and comments. They planned meals as they moved from aisle to aisle, buying beef, chicken, pork, rabbit, milk, cheese, eggs and fresh fruits and vegetables. They unconsciously held hands as they walked home.

After the evening meal, Toby made the decision to call his boyfriend. Tom retired to the balcony to give him privacy. An hour later, Tom glanced inside the apartment to see Toby sitting on the couch staring at the telephone. He observed the boy for some time, and when he didn't move, Tom quietly let himself indoors. He sat beside Toby and asked, "Did you call?" Toby nodded. "Want to talk about it?"

Again, Toby nodded. "I told him about being reassigned, and then I broke up with him." He paused and looked at Tom, taking his eyes off of the telephone for the first time. "He didn't take it well."

Tom reached out for the boy. "My new roommate is in desperate need of a hug." Toby moved into Tom's arms and laid his head on the older boy's chest. Tom held him and stroked his hair for at least an hour. At length, they went to their respective beds.

About two o'clock in the morning, Tom was awakened by the sound of low moaning. He listened for a moment as the sound continued, then crept over to Toby's bed. The boy was asleep, lying on his side in a fetal position. Tom gently shook him awake. "Toby, you were moaning in your sleep. You sounded as if you were in pain."

Toby fumbled under the covers. "I am. My testicles hurt."

Tom said quietly, "Computer, raise the level of light 50%." The room brightened. Tom flipped back the covers and examined the boy for a moment. "How many times have you ejaculated in the last twenty-four hours?"

"Once, this morning, during the sacrament."

Tom sighed. "No wonder you're in pain. At your rate of sperm production, you need to ejaculate several times a day." He smiled down at Toby. "Let me relieve you." He crawled between the boy's legs and began to massage the bloated vessels in his testicle sack. Toby's penis slowly inflated as he gazed at Tom's kind face. Tom contemplated the emerging member and, with a look at Toby, took it into his mouth. The boy sighed and wove his fingers in Tom's thick hair. As the older boy's mouth picked up speed, he moaned his approval. His legs stiffened and his back arched. His hips bucked once and he delivered his seed to Tom.

Breathing hard, Toby sat up and embraced his roommate. Looking down, he noticed Tom's massive erection. Cupping Tom's face in his hands, he kissed him gently and murmured, "Perhaps once is not enough."

Tom smiled slyly. "Perhaps not," he said taking the boy's penis in his mouth once more. Toby twisted around and returned the favor. Each boy nursed for long minutes, building to the inevitable climax, then they drank deeply of each other.

When their breathing returned to normal, Toby resumed his position at the head of the bed and lay in Tom's arms. Looking into each other's eyes, their heads slowly moved together for a kiss, then another and another, soft and tender, sweet and fulfilling, until they became drowsy. By and by, Tom said softly, "Computer, lower the light level to zero." Darkness enveloped the sleeping boys.


As the room brightened with the morning sun, the computer said, "Tom, it is time to rise. You are scheduled for ..."

"I'm awake already," he said contentedly. His head lay on Toby's chest while the younger boy lazily stroked his hair. He turned to Toby with a thought. "I should have the computer recognize your voice. The dumb thing probably doesn't even know you're here."

"Tom, I am aware that you have a new roommate. The logical thing--and the polite thing--for you to do, would be to give me the command to recognize his voice. Thereby, he would be able to avail himself of my services also."

Giggling, Tom whispered to Toby, "Oooo, he's getting testy."

"I heard that."

Both boys broke out in belly laughs. Tom recovered first. "Okay, okay. Computer, recognize the voice of Toby Lawrence." Toby looked around the room expectantly.

"Toby Lawrence, it is necessary for you to speak if I am to record your voice print."

Toby's eyes went wide. "Uh, okay, what do you want me to say?"

"That is sufficient. You now have equal control of my command programs."

"Uh, thanks computer."

"It is not necessary for you to thank me. However, Toby and Tom, it is necessary for you to rise and begin your day."

The boys piled out of bed and descended on the kitchen jabbering like old friends. After a quick breakfast, they did an abbreviated workout, bathed and raced to the church, where the service went smoothly. Toby made a quick lunch, then they were off to the school, hand in hand.

In the locker room, Tom encouraged Toby to have several of his students bring him to orgasm and ejaculation during the lesson, to avoid the clogging from which he suffered the previous evening. With a mischievous grin, Toby responded, "Why, when it's so much fun having you relieve me?"

Tom gathered him into his arms and gave him a sweet kiss. "There's that too to consider. It was just as enjoyable for me as it was for you."

That set the tone for their days - and nights. They slept in the same bed, after making love that grew more passionate each day. Every morning they woke kissing and cuddling before the computer could rouse them. And, during the sacrament each day, they gazed at each other with love filled eyes.

In the evenings after dinner, they would engage in some activity for fun. One night, they called on Isaac and brought him up to date on Toby's current life. By the time they were through telling the story, a dozen of Toby's friends had gathered in the dormitory room. They unanimously voted for a party, so they went out for dinner, then to a club dancing. At the end of the evening, Toby and Tom strolled home hand in hand, stealing kisses at least once every block.

Another night, the two walked down to a nearby park and went roller skating. During a "couples only" skate period they won a prize by skating through an archway while kissing. They laughed uproariously as couple after couple banged into the padded arch in the middle of the rink and went sprawling onto the pavement. The rink operators gave them paper crowns and declared them kings of the rink for the evening. They took a victory lap and carried home free passes for the next month.

That night as they settled down after an hour of sexual bliss, Tom gazed into Toby's colorless eyes. "I love you so much Toby, it almost hurts in here," he said, pointing to his heart.

Toby stared back, his eyes shining with love. Then, a shadow crossed them and he seemed to shrink away. "Are you sure we should be saying these things? Remember what Father Benton said about celebrants maintaining romantic relationships."

Tom caught Toby's face between his hands. "I can't help it. I - love - you! And not saying it won't make it any less true."

Toby relented and squeezed Tom tightly. "And I love you Tom, more than anything on Earth."

Several weeks later, as their love for each other grew, Tom began to have difficulties during the sacrament. At first, he was merely frustrated, but one day during intercourse, Toby had to stimulate Tom's prostate for him to ejaculate.

As they entered the sacristy after the the service, Tom fell to his knees sobbing uncontrollably. Toby rushed to him, taking him into his arms. Father Benton quickly dismissed Joseph and the other acolyte. When they were alone, Tom looked up at Benton with pleading eyes. "I can't do it anymore Father. I just can't."

Benton knelt next to them and wiped away their tears, since Toby was crying too by this time. "I know you can't Tom. Both of you please get dressed and come into my study and we will talk."

Minutes later, they nervously entered the study, hand in hand. Benton bid them sit in comfortable chairs in front of his desk. He leaned forward and regarded them with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. "I'm pleased to see that you have developed a good relationship. Are you a couple?"

They glanced at each other, then nodded. Tom asked, "Are we in trouble Father?"

"Not in the least. Do you love each other, unconditionally?"

Tom piped up. "Oh yes! He's my best friend, my companion, and my lover."

"And Toby, do you feel the same way?"

"Yes Father, with all my heart."

"Then, so be it." He sat back and took in both boys with his gaze. "Now, I want you to go back to your apartment and pack all of your belongings. Tomorrow at sunrise someone will be there to move you." At their shocked look, the smile on Benton's face broadened. "I'm transferring you to another parish."

Tom stammered, "But Father, I've already told you I can't do it ..."

Benton stopped him with a hand. "I know you can't Tom, and you won't have to. Both of you will have to trust me for the time being. The less you know about what's going to happen, the better."

As he walked them to the door, he said, "It is sufficient to say that the salvation of the human race does not reside in the sacrament of Holy Conception. God has another plan."

To be continued.

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