The Family
by: Kewl Dad

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The Family
  Chapter 9
A pleasant place to stay

by: Kewl Dad

Countless light years away the ship's day was just beginning as Ricky roused from sleep and opened his eyes.  Above him the low ceiling of his stateroom glowed with the artificial light that automatically came on at 7am ship's time. He had slept well only because he had taken a sleeping aid before bed, but now he felt tired and weary despite the sleep. He was naked and as he threw his legs over the narrow bed and touched the floor he felt a bit dizzy. He rubbed his eyes and waited for the feeling to pass then stood.

He stretched and yawned and headed into the small private bath of his first class stateroom and washed his face and brushed his teeth. He was hungry but didn't really want to face anyone this early. Perhaps he would order breakfast in or use the venodo-mat in the hallway outside his door.

He was just getting dressed when there was a soft knock on his door. Hurrying to pull up his pants he went to the door still shirtless and opened it slowly. It was the young man who had visited him the night before. Charles Barone was his name, Ricky recalled, and he had said he had been hired to teach at the boys' home.

"Good morning Mr. Wagner. I'm sorry to disturb you this early but I just couldn't wait till lunch to talk to you. May I come in?"

"Look, I'm hungry and not even dressed yet. Suppose I meet you in the dining room in fifteen minutes and we can have some breakfast and I'll listen to whatever it is you have to say."

"Thank you, thank you so much. That's very kind of you. Yes, I'll see you there. I'll go grab us a quiet table so we can talk." 

Ricky sighed as he closed the door and finished dressing. He brushed his teeth and combed his short hair and slipped on a pair of the soft deck shoes that everyone wore on space ships. They supplied good traction and were comfortable and not as restrictive as regular shoes. Of course he would have rather been barefooted as he was most of the time in the nest, but thinking about that was too painful.

He found the dining room rather easily and spotted Mr. Barone sitting at a corner booth. He smiled as he headed that way. He felt much better and was looking forward to a nice breakfast. As he slid in he said good morning again and punched up the menu on the small vid sceen in front of him.

"Thank you again for seeing me," Mr. Barone said as he eyed Ricky nervously, "I know you have a lot on your mind and I hate to intrude, but I felt I just had to speak to you."

"It's fine, I have nothing but time on my hands until we arrive in Evelon," Ricky said as he punched in his order, "aren't you going to eat?"

"Oh, yes...I forgot," the young man said blushing. Then punching in an order for coffee and a muffin he turned his attention back to Ricky, "As I told you last night I've recently been hired to teach at the boys' home. The director is a friend of mine...we went to school together and have kept in touch and when he was promoted to Director he asked me to come take his place and...well, here I am."

"Mr. Barone," Ricky began, but Barone interrupted him.

"Please call me Charles."

"Okay, but only if you will call me Ricky, Mr. Wagner was my late father," he said sadly.

"Okay...Ricky, and...I'm very sorry about you father and all this trouble with....well, you know," Charles said gently.

Ricky waved it away with a hand, "Charles, you said something about my closing the boys' home. Why would you assume I was going to do that?"

"Well, I was concerned because I know how hard all of this has been and that seemed like a logical thing to do."

"My only reason for traveling to Evelon is to make sure the home is secure for these boys and to make sure I have the right person in authority there. Charles, you seem like a very intelligent and kind man, and if the Director thinks you are a good match for the job then I have no reason to think otherwise."

Charles seemed to relax a little, "I'm not as concerned for myself as I am for the fate of those poor boys there. Fortunately Thomas...uh the Director tells me that as as far as he knows the boys there had no knowledge of what was going on. At least not until they were shipped and of course none of them ever had contact with the other boys again."

Ricky nodded, "We are trying to track down as many of the boys as we can, but it's almost impossible and of course some of them are....well, dead," Ricky said as his eyes grew wet with tears.

Charles reached across and took his hand and Ricky looked up, "I'm sorry Ricky, but I want you to know that Thomas and I will make sure the boys there now will have a safe and loving environment to learn and grow in."

Ricky nodded, "I know. I believe you, but it doesn't mean we should forget about those boys who were sold and I will never rest until I have done everything I can to free them from their awful situations."

"You're a good man Ricky. The stories I've heard about you have just been confirmed. I...I'm very curious about your....Family, you know the group of boys that you call your Family."

"Where do I begin?" Ricky said sighing, but this was something he could talk about with pride and genuine joy and when he had finished Charles smiled.

"I think I'd like to meet them someday, your Family. They sound wonderful. I know they must miss you very much but I also know you have to do this. Hopefully Thomas and I and the others there can give you the reassurance you need to go back to your Family."

"I hope so," Ricky said. Their food arrived then and they paused their conversation until the robot waiter had dispensed their food.

Ricky dug in to his omelet as if it were his first meal in ages while Charles picked at his muffin, "So what's your story Charles? Why are you so anxious to travel so far to teach a bunch of homeless boys?"

"Well, I don't consider them homeless. Bakersfield is their home and we, myself and the other teachers and counselors are...well, sort of like their family. You see I worked at another such home, though not as big or prestigious until just recently. When Thomas asked me to come I was very excited. I felt we could help the school to clean it's tarnished reputation and give the boys there a real chance at  having a good life."

Ricky was liking this young man more and more by the minute. Though he was only a few years older than Ricky he seemed to have a heart for boys and that touched something deep inside Ricky. It didn't hurt that he found the young man very attractive. With short blond hair and blue eyes he was extremely handsome and even through his clothing Ricky could tell he had a lean and muscular body. 

"You seem to be very passionate about your work."

"I suppose part of it is...well, because I grew up in a home very similar to Bakersfield. Not nearly as nice of course, but there were some wonderful people there. When I was old enough for high school I attended public school and that's where I met Thomas. We became friends and I was fortunate enough to be there for him when his parents died. We were as close as brothers and I hated to see him move to Evelon, but I also understood his need to do just that."

"And now you two are going to be united. May I ask you a personal question Charles?"

"Ask me anything, I promise to reply to the best of my knowledge and ability."

Ricky nodded and took a bite of his omelet and chewed it slowly before speaking, "I was just wondering, how close were you and Thomas. Was it more than friendship?"

"If you mean did we have a sexual relationship the answer is yes and no. When we were in high school and just discovering our sexuality we had a brief sexual fling, but our friendship wasn't really about sex," Charles said boldly.

Ricky liked the fact that he could be so honest and not seen embarrassed or guilty, "Do you think that sexual spark might still ignite if you are reunited?"

"Would that pose a problem?" Charles asked looked concerned.

"No, not at all. It's really none of my business. I don't think who a person sleeps with defines who he is any more than what he eats for breakfast," he said chuckling as he eyed Charles half eaten muffin.

Charles relaxed, "I'm gay if that is what you are really asking, but I assure you the boys are safe around me."

"Thank you for your honesty. And as for the boys, don't be surprised if they pick up on your sexual preferences and hit on you," Ricky chuckled.

"I...would never do anything inappropriate with a boy in my care," Charles stuttered.

Ricky laughed, "Oh, so  you're telling me that if some hot little teenage boy flashed you his rock hard cock you wouldn't be tempted?"

Charles swallowed hard. There had been one boy back at the other home that did just that and they had had a brief affair until the boy ran away from the home. But as far as he knew no one but he and the boy ever knew what had happened. Could Ricky have somehow found out and what would that mean for his future? He finally decided to be honest and let the chips fall where they might.

"There was this one boy...." Charles began, "he was 14 and quite handsome. Well endowed and very mature...." Charles said trembling a little.

"Relax Charles, I love boys....I mean I really love them. No, I would never hurt one, but boys crave and enjoy sex as much as adults and if one of them sets his sights on you, you might as well be prepared to either let him down easily or give in to him."

" mean, you would condone sex between staff and the boys."

"If I was sure it was the boy's idea and that it was consensual, I would have no problem with it. I'm a realist, I know boys better than anyone and these things are going to happen so best to be prepared. But don't confuse that with condoning abuse. If I ever found a boy was coerced or forced to do anything against his will, there would be hell to pay."

Charles sighed, though he had no plans to engage in a sexual affair with one of the boys and in fact was hoping to rekindle the relationship he had with Thomas, it was nice to know he wouldn't be fired or worse if such a thing happened as it had at the old school.

"I don't know what to say. I think I am very lucky to have found someone so trusting and open minded and I'm sure Thomas will feel the same way too."

Ricky finished his omelet and drank the rest of his juice, "When we get to Evelon I'll be inspecting every square inch of the home and I'll need good people to help me make the changes I may see as necessary. It's nice to have made a friend and ally so soon.

Charles smiled. He found Ricky not only refreshing but attractive and he looked forward to getting to know him better.

"I'd like to hear more about your boys, your Family sometime," Charles said as he pushed his plate back.

"How about we spend the day together? I have no plans if you don't," Ricky said. Spending the day with someone as attractive as Charles was very appealing and it might just help him take his mind of things for a while.

"Why that would be wonderful. We could go up to the observation deck and talk or maybe take a swim in the ship's pool."

"I hear it's bare skin only," Ricky chuckled, "are you up for that?"

"Nudity is not a big issue with me. At the school where I worked previously clothing was optional and many of the boys, especially the younger ones only wore them when they went outside. A few of the older boys practiced nudism as well," Charles said pausing to chuckle, I think to show off their newly acquired pubic hair and larger equipment."

Ricky laughed, "Well, maybe we should install that rule at Bakersfield. I bet we'd save a fortune on clothing costs. There are a lot of things I intend to suggest for the home, but ultimately I want the Director and the Staff to make most of the policies."

"You're much different than I imagined," Charles said softly looking into Ricky's eyes.

Ricky had seen that look before and it usually led to heavy breathing and sharing of body fluids. He'd seen it enough times in Peter's eyes, but he wasn't about to get involved with this young man. He had a job to do and until it was finished he would abstain from sex.

"Oh, what did you expect?" Ricky asked grinning.

"Oh, I don't know, someone much older for one thing and more......well worldly."

"You mean stuck up?" Ricky laughed.

"Well, considering you are one of the richest men in the universe...."

"Oh, that," Ricky chuckled, "I try not to let my wealth get in the way of being a decent and honorable person."

"Thank God for that, those boys on Evelon are very lucky."

"Well if you're through picking on the poor muffin why don't we go paint that ship?" Ricky chuckled.

"That sound like and excellent idea, leand on," Charles said smiling.

The ship made orbit of Evelon on schedule and Ricky was escorted by the ship's head of security to his seat aboard the shuttle craft that would carry the passengers to the planet's surface. Charles arrived a few minutes later and Ricky motioned him over.

"Won't you join me?" He said smiling warmly. He was glad the long trip was over and feeling very relaxed now despite what was ahead.

"I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous," Charles said settling in beside Ricky, "I haven't seen Thomas in so long and's all so new and exciting."

"You'll be fine," Ricky said patting Charles' hand, "I'm just relieved the trip is over."

The shuttle filled quickly and the automatic restraint systems fell into place. The trip would take about forty minutes, as the craft fell into a slightly slanted trajectory toward the planet. The upper atmosphere was thin but as they approached the planet it thickened and friction slowed them down and in the process generated heat. If they entered too quickly they could burn up, but modern technology had almost perfected the task of entering the atmosphere and they were in no real danger.

"What's the first thing you're going to do Ricky?"

"Take a hot bath and have dinner," Ricky chuckled, "but seriously I guess it depends on what Thomas has in mind. Hopefully I will get to meet with him and the rest of the staff as soon as I get there."

"I'm sure Thomas has everything under control," Charles said leaning back and relaxing a bit.

"From what I've heard nothing has really changed since he's taken over, except boys aren't being sent out as slaves anymore. In fact no boys have left the home since all this began.  We have put a hold on all adoptions and such until I get a chance to see how things are for myself."

"I suppose that's wise, but I hope we can place as many of the boys as possible once we get things running again."

Ricky nodded, "My wish would be for every boy to be placed but as you know only a few of them will find homes, but for those boys left behind I want the home to be like a family for them. I want to educate them and when they are ready to go off on their own I want to give them a start on their new lives. I hope some will stay as future teachers and mentors...maybe even a doctor or two," Ricky said grinning.

Charles saw the gleam in Ricky's eyes when he talked about the home and the boys and he loved that he was so passionate about both. As long as Ricky had anything to do with it he knew Bakersfield Boys' Home would be the finest place in the galaxy for these boys and those to come along in the future.

They were met at the shuttle port by Thomas and the Mayor of Bakersfield Evan Green. Mr. Green was a dark skinned man with big brown eyes and a jovial smile. He and his administration had been instrumental in the quick apprehension of the guilty parties at the school and their continuing cooperation was vital to the school's future on Evelon.

After introductions were made all around the mayor left them to make the short trip to the home on their own. Thomas had brought one of the smaller air buses and Ricky road up front with him and Charles sat behind them in the second row of seats

"It's so good of you to come in person," Thomas said as soon as they were in the air, "I have a little welcome dinner arranged for this evening. I hope you don't mind, but I thought it would be a good way for you to get to know everyone...especially the boys."

"That sounds great, thank you, and thank you for what you've done for the school since all this has gone down."

"You're welcome Ricky. I can't tell you how pleased I am that you offered me the position of Director. I promise you you won't be sorry."

"I think I already knew that, but after what Charles has told me about you I'm even more sure of it."

"Oh," Thomas laughed, "I hope he didn't tell you everything."

"Well, not everything, but enough," Ricky said grinning.

They arrived at the school then and were met by a few of the staff members and  after Thomas made the introductions they went inside. The boys were in class but Thomas assured Ricky that when class was over he would be besieged by a throng of curious boys if they didn't hide him.

"Oh, no need to hide me. I want to meet my boys," he said smiling. He had been missing his own boys and was eager to be in the presence of these noisy and wonderful creatures again.

They toured the main building and Ricky got a first hand look at just how wonderful the home was. It was built in the old earth style that many schools and institution had been built in and it looked homey and pleasant to the eye. There were trees and lush green lawns and a sports facility to rival any of the ones in the cities nearby. There was now a full medical facility with two doctors and a nursing staff as well as a dentist and optician. All of the boys' needs were met here including the sense of belonging and of family. The staff lived near the boys and were available for them whenever they were needed. The meals were well balanced and delicious and their were rec rooms and exercise facilities and the boys were encouraged to use both.

At 2:30 when school was dismissed Thomas led Ricky back toward the main building and they arrived just in time to see the herd of boys bursting forth from the classrooms. Ricky's face lit up in a huge smile and he braced himself for the onslaught.

Two boys stopped a few feet from where the men stood and one, a small blond boy pointed at Ricky and whispered something to his older friend, a dark haired boy with huge soulful eyes. Ricky motioned to the boys to approach and they did so slowly and with trepidation.

"Hello Henry, Joseph. Do you know who this is?" Thomas said as the boys' approached.

Henry the young blond boy nodded then looked at Ricky with a huge smile. His blue eyes twinkled as he said, "He's the man who saved us."

Ricky felt a tear form in eye but he managed a smile and as he squatted to come face to face with the boy he put his hands on the boy's small shoulders and said, "I'm Ricky and I want you to know that I love you and every boy here and I will do everything in my power to make sure you have a safe and wonderful life."

Henry smiled and leaned in and gave Ricky a kiss on the cheek, "We love you too."

It was like that everywhere Ricky went the next few days. He was greeted by boys, hugged, kissed, and even had a few of the younger ones perch on his lap. He was in Heaven. All his misgivings about the school disappeared as he got to know the staff and to see how the school functioned on a day to day basis. The boys were happy and well adjusted and it showed in the way they behaved toward one another as well as the staff.

"The boys had always been sheltered from the dark doings at the school," Thomas told him one evening as they dined alone in Thomas' quarters, "not until a boy was shipped did he know he was going anywhere. I guess the past director and the others knew that to keep things quiet they had to keep it a secret from everyone, especially the boys. They had no problem providing the best for the boys while they were here since it was all being paid for by the corporation, including their salaries, and the money they made off the slave business made them quite wealthy."

"I suppose I expected to find torture chambers and starving boys here, but if I didn't know what had gone on here, I would never have guessed. Now that those who were doing these horrible things are gone I can rest and know that the boys are being well taken care of. I had planned on staying longer but after what I've seen there is no reason to linger. I've booked passage back to Kronos and I'll be leaving in two days."

"So soon?" Thomas said reaching out to touch Ricky's hand gently, "We have just found you and we all love you and now we are loosing you."

"You're not loosing me, I'll be back, but next time I'm bringing my family," Ricky said smiling, "They would love it here. It's warm, there's real grass and real sunshine and lakes and mountains and......oh my God!"

"What? Thomas said with worry.

"It's so clear to me now. Why didn't I think of this before?" Ricky said becoming very animated and grinning widely.

"What, what is it?" Thomas chuckled now that he could see that Ricky wasn't in distress he relaxed.

"Kronos is cold and barrien, it's frozen 370 days a year, in the summer the temperature climbs to freezing, in the winter it's so cold your breath freezes if you don't wear protective gear. We tolerate it only because we live inside or as in our case, below ground. I have nothing left to tie me to my home world except my family."

"So, what are you thinking?" Thomas asked smiling, but he already knew the answer to his question.

"I am going to move my Family so they can bask in the sun and splash in the water and live as boys should. And these boys, these boys here at the home will become part of our family as well."

Thomas smiled, "That's wonderful. I can't tell you how pleased that makes me and I know the others will be just as pleased."

"I'll need to go back....just for a while and arrange things, but when I come back it will be to stay."

News of Ricky's decision to move his family to Evelon spread fast and  Thomas had been correct when he said the other's would be pleased. By the time Ricky left for Kronos he already had a location picked out for the new "nest" and hopefully it would be completed by the time he returned. Using modern construction techniques and robots who worked 24 hours a day what had once taken a crew of men months to complete could now be completed in a fraction of the time.

On the day Ricky departed for Kronos he was swarmed by the boys of Bakersfield. He had come to know and love each boy and they in turn had come to love him. They sent him off with warm hugs and kisses and wishes for a safe and happy trip and a speedy return.

He had been in touch with the boys in the nest back home and just as he had predicted they were as excited about the move as he was. He had learned there was a new boy, Jonny and he had made the decision even without meeting the boy that if he wanted to come he was welcome and Jonny had accepted the offer.

Back on Kronos the nest was buzzing with excitement as they began to pack awaiting Ricky's return. Ricky had warned them to take only their most personal belongings because it would be cheaper to replace their things on Evelon than to pay for shipping aboard the starship. 

"So, does this mean I'm gonna be in the family?" Jonny asked Peter one afternoon as they floated in the deep end of the pool.

"That's really up to Ricky, but I'd say it's pretty much a done deal. We've all come to love you and I'm sure Ricky will too."

"Cool," Jonny said moving a bit closer and grabbing Peter's cock. It swelled to it's full length immediately and Peter reached for Jonny's in return.

"Mmmmm.....horny boy," Peter cooed.

"Alway around you. I hope Ricky don't get jealous when he sees how close we are."

Peter laughed, "Ricky jealous? That's a laugh. Ricky is the most sharing guy I know."

"That's good, anyway I wanna do him too," Jonny said pushing his hard cock into Peter's hand, "let's get out and lay on the mat and make love, wanna?"

"How can I resist an offer like that?" Peter said as he leaned in to kiss the boy.

They were out of the pool and on the mat a few minutes later and making out like love starved teenagers, which was exactly what they were. Before long they were engaged in a vigorous 69. 

Peter felt something nudge him and he opened his eyes to find Tommy 's big toe in his face. He laughed around Jonny's cock and Jonny moaned around his. 

"Having fun?" Tommy said giggling.

Both nodded vigorously and Tommy moved on and seconds later they heard a splash as Tommy canon- balled into the pool.

From the 69 they moved into the missionary position and Jonny entered Peter quickly and began to thrust into him almost roughly. Peter didn't mind though and when Jonny leaned down to kiss him they melted into each other and were lost for the next twenty minutes. When Jonny came he cried out loudly and Tommy giggled again, "Way to go J-boy," Tommy said.

Pulling out of Peter slowly Jonny kissed him once more then fell down on his back and raised his legs high exposing his brown pucker. Peter moved down and began to rim the boy slowly as he moaned in appreciation and after five or ten minutes of this he mounted the boy and began to slowly make love to him. Jonny loved Peter inside him and he pulled his head down and kissed him passionately as he felt that itch inside him being scratched by Peter's hard cock. He moaned loudly and threw his head back and just let himself enjoy the experience.

Peter was a slow and gentle lover and he lasted a good half hour before spilling his hot boy seed inside Jonny. He was not surprised when seconds later Jonny came once again, this time from having his boy g-spot stimulated. Jonny's hot cum splashed against Peter's chest and dripped down onto Jonny and when Peter leaned down to kiss him once more they were glued together for a moment.

Sighing Peter slowly pulled out of Jonny and fell down beside him.  A moment later Tommy climbed out of the pool and squatted beside him on the mat, "Good one, huh?"

"Excellent," Peter sighed reaching over to grab the boy and pull him on top of him. He kissed him deeply and felt his cock thicken against his thigh.

"Hey, don't start something you can't finish," Tommy teased.

"Who says I can't finish?" Peter said smugly, "sit on my chest and feed me that thing and I'll finish it for you."

Tommy grinned and jumped up and straddled Peter's chest and placed his now fully hard cock against his lips, "Suck on this," he giggled...and Peter did.

Four months later the move was complete. The new nest was a walled in wonderland with trees and flowers and grassy lawns and taking a cue from the boys' home Ricky had had it built in the same style as the school. On the outside it looked rustic but on the inside it had all the most modern amenities including a bigger indoor pool than the old nest had. There was also an outdoor pool, but Ricky wanted the inside pool for use during the ritual and during the two or three months of mild winter the planet had.

The new nest was within easy walking distance of the boys' home, and there was a paved path between the two. The boys from the home seemed envious of the boys in the nest but soon they all became friends and many of them were introduced to the Family's sex games. 

Only a few of the boys abstained, but even those boys saw no harm in the way the other boys shared their bodies freely. It was a wonderful and new experience for all of them and the home thrived as well as The Family.

Jonny was accepted into The Family and a week after their arrival on the planet he was initiated with full ceremony. The new nest was larger and there was now a padded section for the joining after the ceremony and mats were on longer needed.

When it came time for Jonny to accept his place with his brothers in The Family he found himself overcome with emotions he had never expected to experience. When Ricky read those words and he replied with a voice husky with tears he knew that he had entered into something far greater than he had dreamed. And when Ricky clothed him in the white robe and kissed him he was crying freely. Rick hugged him tightly and then the others mobbed him and he was giggling like a little kid. 

Ricky smiled at his new brother and at his Family and sighed with contentment. It had started as a dream and ended up as way of life for so many. He didn't know exactly what the future held, but he knew there was much more to do before it was all over. There would someday be men and women boys and girls loving and living this way, but for now he was content with his boys. 

He was jogged out of his revelry by Jonny who was tugging at his hand and grinning widely, "Will you lay with me first Ricky?" he asked almost shyly.

"It would be my honor and pleasure little brother," Ricky said as he pulled the boy into a hug, "Welcome to The Family.

The End

I hope my readers who asked for an ending to this series are happy with these last two chapters. I had intended another chapter or two, but this last chapter seemed to flow right into the ending. I would like to think all my loyal readers who give me encouragement and inspiration. Until I began posting at Nifty no one had ever read my stories, now I have readers all over the world and it is not only amazing but humbling to think that I can touch that many people with my stories. I love each and every one of you and I encourage you to write me, I promise I will answer every email. Thank you once again and happy reading.

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