A cold breeze flooded the room through the open window. Loose papers flew into the air. A teenage male slept oblivious to the intruder that rode in on the breeze. The intruder placed his hand on the boys head and vanished. Some would come to know this boy as the luckiest kid alive. I know him as the gifted one. He was chosen by my father to carry a great power. You must be wondering who I am. I am the watcher. I simply write the exploits that occur during this boys life. What an exciting life it will become. So now I take on the perspective of Michael the gifted one. Enjoy.

I woke up freezing. Why did I keep the window open? I pulled the blanket up to my neck and willed myself to get warm. A gust of wind blasted my blanket right off of me. My goose bumps had goose bumps. I ran to the window and shut it. I glanced around my room seeing papers thrown every where. Note to self don't ever leave the window open. I shivered as I walked to my bathroom. It was early September and it seemed to be mid October with how cold today was.

I walked into my bathroom and stared at my reflection in the long mirror. My hair was a mess. My brown curls were out of control. My eyes this morning were gray. I had changing color eyes. It really depended on what part of the day you saw me to what eye color you saw. I yawned and stretched out my arms and legs. I had a nice build not too skinny and not incredibly muscular. I shucked my boxers to the floor and entered my shower. Hot water is amazing.

After my shower I found some clothes and left for the day. I was 17 years old with nothing to do on a Saturday but head to the park and sketch in my sketch book. It was 8 am when I arrived at my favorite bench. I opened my sketch book and let my imagination flow. I soon filled a page with my artwork. Satisfied I placed my pencil down and took in my surroundings. There were some kids my age playing Frisbee. Good looking guys with athletic builds.

My mind wandered as I watched the game these kids played. I couldn't help but wonder what they looked like naked. My dick was soon responding to my thoughts. The Frisbee plopped onto my bench startling me. One of the boys ran over to retrieve the stray Frisbee.

“Sorry.” the boy said apologetically as he smiled at me. His eyes were the perfect shade of green. His handsome features hit me like a ton of bricks. I looked into his eyes as lust invaded my mind.

“No problem.” I said smiling back. Then something strange happen I felt the emotion of lust that I was feeling link us. The boy locked eyes with me and the pressure built. It was strange. It felt like we were making love with our eyes. I knew if I didn't look away I was going to unload in my pants. My dick throbbed as the boy let out a moan. We both gasped for air as our simultaneous orgasms hit us. I closed my eyes as my whole body writhed in pleasure. I reopened my eyes as the boy ran toward the restrooms.

What the hell just happened. I just had an orgasm with out touching myself. Not only did I but a perfect stranger shared in my orgasm. I placed my sketch book onto The wet spot in the front of my jeans and walked home. My mind could not grasp the concept of what just happened. I walked onto my front yard as my older brother and his friend drove onto the drive way. I ran inside and showered for the second time that day.

I walked out of my bathroom in nothing but my towel. My brothers friend Jake walked into the hall way as I reached my room.

“Your brother left to go get Pizza. Is that o.k. for you?” He asked looking me in the face.

“Sounds good to me. How long will he be? Lemme get some clothes put on really quick” I answered

“He'll be a while he had to do a few things first.” With that I walked into my room slightly shut the door and pulled on some boxers and shorts. I walked back out and joined Jake in my brothers room. I jumped onto my brothers bed as Jake Looked through a pile of video games. My mind went back to earlier. I boned up instantly. I flipped onto my stomach so Jake wouldn't see the tent in my shorts. I couldn't help but relive what happened.

I was so caught up in my thoughts I didn't notice Jake at all. I could feel my dick leaking precum onto my boxers. I couldn't take it any more I had to jerk off. I carefully jumped off of the bed and ran to my room. I pulled my shorts off and pulled my 7 inch dick out through my boxers fly. My dick was all ready lubed from all the precum I had leaked. I moaned. I knew Jake could here me and I didn't care. I hadn't even shut the door. I had to cum and I had to cum now.

I began stroking like a wild man. I heard Jake gasp when he entered my room. His eyes met mine. I wanted to see him stroke his cock. I glanced down to his tenting shorts. Jake was a wrestler. He had an amazing body. He was your typical red blooded American boy. I had only seen him shirtless but right now I wanted to see him naked. As if answering my unspoken plea he stripped in front of me. His dick was fatter then mine and about the same length. I was about to cum. Jake fell to his knees as he clutched his leg in agonizing pleasure. His own precum streamed from his dick onto the floor. He hadn't touched his dick once but it seemed as if he felt what I was feeling. The sight of him set me off I began to cum. He moaned and shot stream after stream of thick white cum onto the floor. I shot my load onto my chest.

His breath steadied as I absentmindedly stroked the remaining cum out of my dick .

“What the hell just happened?” Jake asked as his face turned a crimson red.

“I don't know.” I answered honestly. Just then my brothers car pulled into the drive way. I Ran to put my clothes back on and Jake followed suit. My brother called to us from the living room. I was starving and I knew Jake had to have been hungry too. We walked to the kitchen together confused but happy.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of the shower running. My brother Aaron must have been showering. I walked into Aaron's room where Jake was sound asleep. I remembered how yesterday went. When I wanted Jake to do something he did it. I could be wrong but it seemed like I could control Jake with my thoughts. I had to test the theory. I wanted Jake to get a raging boner. I waited to see if the covers over his crotch tented. Sure enough his dick came top life. He must had been wearing boxers because his dick looked to be unconfined like it slipped through the boxer slit. When it stopped pulsing to its full erection I Wanted him to cum. With my mind I told him to cum. Jakes breath got quick and then His body convulsed slightly as a wet spot appeared on the blankets.

There was no way I had done that. Yet there was no way that could have been a coincident. I had to test this new theory out more before I could be sure.....