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Now the continuation......

…. I ran back to my room before Jake woke up. My mind was buzzing with many questions. I couldn't help but feel scared. I didn't know what to do. I am a freak of nature. Every rational thought that could describe what happened wasn't enough. How could you rationalize making two guys cum with out so much as holding there dicks? I had to get out of my house. I put a pair of cargo shorts on and a tank top and exited my house.

I didn't know where I was going or what I was going to do when I got there. All I did know was I had to sort my head out. I found myself In front of my school. I usually came here to sit and draw but today I walked around our football field. I hadn't relieved myself this morning so my bladder was screaming at me to find a bathroom. I jogged across the field to the public restrooms. I entered the restroom and attacked the first urinal.

I washed and began to dry my hands when Craig walked in. Craig was captain of the football team. He slipped by me and unzipped his pants as he walked to a urinal. Now Craig isn't your average teenager. He is your average Holister model. He was gorgeous. Light brown hair and green eyes that reminded me of emeralds. It took me a split second to make up my mind that he would be my new test subject.

When he was done with his business I hit him with the best I had. He hadn't had time to zip up. I used my mind to make him more horny then he had ever been. I heard him groan slightly as he faced the urinal. I made him turn to face me. His dick was stiff when he turned to meet my gaze. I couldn't believe what was happening. The football captain was boned in front of me. I then willed him to the edge. His eyes tightened. He was prepared to shot his load. He stroked his cock furiously. Needing release. I didn't let him. I walked out of the bathroom to leave him unable to cum.

It was Monday morning. There was no questioning my ability to bring boys to their knees. The new question in my mind was how. To be honest I didn't care. I got out of bed bright and early. Today school would be more interesting then it ever had been in my life. I arrived at school early. I walked to the entrance of the school found plopped on the ground. I took my sketch book out and pretended to draw as people began to trickle into the school courtyard.

The first boy to pass me was no one I knew. I directed my first shot at him. I wanted him to pitch a tent and he did. He tried to hid his obvious erection but I knew better. It was strange having so much power over every guy I came across. Classes went on as usual for me until PE. I shared this class with Craig. I felt terrible When I saw him. He seemed exhausted and grumpy. We got to the end of our period and went to change. As everyone filtered out of the locker room I made Craig stay behind.

“Hey Craig?” I voiced as I walked to his locker.

“Yea?” He asked with a weary embarrassed look on his face.

“You remember the other day in the football restroom? What was that about? You were jerking off right in front of me.” I said as I nervously fumbled through my words.

“ I don't know. I'm Not gay if that's what you think. I just couldn't control it.” He said confused.

“Well are you controlling it now?” I asked sheepishly

“Yea....” He Broke off as I made him bone up. I brought him right to the edge again. He began to gasp for air as waves of pleasure hit him.

“Why are you hard and look like your about to cum then?” I asked incredulously.

“ I... Don't... K....now” He gritted through his teeth. I Tried to amplify his pre-orgasmic state. I lost control. My own dick began to swell and I felt pleasure beyond my wildest dreams. I fell backwards onto the bench As Waves of sheer pleasure hit me. I the willed myself to shoot my cum. The orgasm was mind shattering. I heard Craig shout as he released his seed into his shorts. My own dick shot load after load into my pants. When I refocused on reality Craig came to his senses. He looked me in the eye and said.

“That was amazing. I've never felt that good in my life.”

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