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…....The continuation

My life changed drastically After the locker room incident. I now sat with the jocks. I worked out with the jocks. I was so sore I woke up every morning to a new muscle aching. Muscles I never even knew I had hurt. I was starting to think Craig was onto me the way he followed me around. We were like best buddies.

Saturday morning I woke up to my cell phone vibrating on my night stand. It was Craig. He and the football team were going to the lake and wanted to know if I would come. That word “come” gave me devious thoughts. I was so afraid to use my ability since the last time I lost control and had cum in my own pants. After a few moment of deliberation I decided to go.

Craig stopped by my house to pick me up. I jumped into his car and we started talking about school. We talked about teachers and students. The 10 minute drive seemed shorter to me. Maybe it was because I couldn't stop thinking about what I might do.

“Hey!!” Craig shouted to the group of boys all ready in the lake.

“Get over here and get the cooler!!” He said in his alpha male voice. He was the man of the group. Every one followed his orders. For once they would follow my orders. They wouldn't know it but one by one they'd take my orders. I felt sinister but I also felt great.

I played two hand touch football with the guys and I wasn't terrible. In fact Craig looked proud of me. I was falling for him. After the game he walked up to me his torso glistening with sweat and gave me his million dollar smile.

“Your not bad Michael. You played a great game even for a seasoned athlete.” His words melted me. I couldn't help but be attracted to him. He swung his arm around my neck and drug me to the pick nick table. At that moment I felt more connected with Craig then ever before. I felt his lust? It wasn't mine. It was strange like he was posing his lust onto me. It took everything in me to not pop a boner right then.

“Guys lets eat!!” Craig yelled as the boys ran to his call. I was Starving. They must have been too. Lunch consisted of sandwiches and chips. We all sat by the lake as the guys talked about their past victories.

It was now or never. One by one I sent waves of lust to the boys. It didn't seem to effect them very much. So I tried harder. John the wide receiver was first to let out a tiny moan. He didn't even have time to realize he boned up. Then Jacob one of the scrubs pitched a tent. Before I knew it all the guys were trying to readjust their now hard dicks.

Craig gave me a look as if he knew I was causing him and his team mates there problem. I couldn't look him in the eye at first but then when I did I saw him smile. He wanted me to keep going. That was all the motivation I needed. The lake was quiet in the back woods. No one came here except teenagers up to no good. I had no inhibitions. I willed each boy to take there clothes off. Before I knew it the whole football team sat in front of me naked. I joined them not wanting to look like the odd man out.

The boys didn't touch their dicks but they talked amongst themselves. They didn't know why they had gotten naked. All they knew was that all of them needed to cum. I sent out a blinding wave of pleasure. It shot through the football team and in unison they moaned together. Hell, I moaned with them. Craig looked at me again edging me on further. He wanted what he got in the locker room. It was getting harder to hold on to my control. It seemed the more I demanded of the boys dicks the more the boys dicks demanded of me.

I felt ever boys desire to cum. It was over whelming. I didn't let them touch their dicks or I would have lost it all together. The lake front was full of moaning boys. I edged them closer to the point of no return taking my time so I wouldn't lose control. Craig moaned my name. I couldn't believe he was into this. The boys could only look at their dicks as they leaked pre-cum onto their crotches. I had them gradually creep up to an orgasm for thirty minutes. I was almost insane with pleasure and it seemed amplified just by having these guys around me.

I was fighting my own need to cum. It felt so good I wanted to stay this hard and for it to feel this good for as long as I could. Jordan let out such a fierce moan I thought he had cum. But a loan rope of pre-cum squirted from his dick. My own dick began to to pulse in a unfamiliar way as pleasure overtook me and I shot pre-cum from my dick onto my stomach. It almost felt as good as ejaculating a whole load of cum. Had I just managed to learn how to have multiple orgasm? I didn't care. The other boys around me began to shot streams of pre-cum one by one.

It wasn't long before the tension built so high I lost control. After Fifty agonizing minutes I couldn't bare The desire to cum. I willed myself to cum. Shouts of ecstasy filled the air. I shouted in pleasure as my own load hit my face. Squirt upon creamy squirt landed on my nose and chin till eventually it subsided and oozed from the tip of my penis. I looked around to the foot ball team. Each boy laid on the ground in dis-belief. For a while heavy breathing was the only sound anyone made.

“That was the best orgasm I've ever had!!” Craig yelled laughing. The other guys laughed crazily covered in cum from head to toe. All I could do was join in and laugh at the scene before me.....

The guys eventually got dressed and began to leave one by one. It was 5 in the evening before Craig and I left the lake. In the car I couldn't help but run through the images of before. The way cum looked on Craig's body. My thoughts were halted by the sound of Craig's voice..

“We've got to talk”.......


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