The Gifted one part 4

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…........The continuation

His words hit me like a ton of bricks. His tone was inquisitive and he he seemed slightly intimidated. This wasn't like Craig. He was the confident one. He was the guy who called the shots and now he almost seemed scared to even tell me he wanted an explanation.

“About what?” I asked in as much of an innocent voice that I could muster.

“Dude, your gonna sit here and honestly tell me what happened back there was normal? Like it shouldn't be the first thing that pops into your mind when I said that?” He asked angrily. His face was a bit flushed. When he looked into my eyes and saw how shocked I was at the abrasiveness of his words. The anger in his eyes dimmed. He shrugged his head and revved his engine.

I was slow to speak because I had to be sure I wanted to tell him I caused every ones simultaneous orgasm. I thought of all the different possibilities. He would think I was a freak. Maybe he would try and exploit me. I could cut the tension in the car with a knife as a stared out of the windshield.

“Look I'm sorry man.” Craig said breaking the silence touching my shoulder. “I just thought maybe.... Maybe you would tell me whats going on.” He said as he looked from me to the road. My eyes never left the windshield as he gripped my shoulder.

“What do you think happened?” I asked trying to steer away from saying anything that would lead him to suspect me.

“ I don't know man. Whatever happened made all of us go crazy. Its like I couldn't control my dick. The last time I felt like that you and I were in the locker room. Before that We were in the bathroom stall at the football field. Is there any connections?” He asked Unsure of himself. He had connected the dots. There was no way around this. I mean no one else he was around cause him to cum in his pants for no apparent reason.

“Ummmm.... I.... Wow this is a difficult question.” I spoke honestly.

“Its ok man. I'm not angry at you. In fact I like being around you. I have been waiting for something else to happen.” He said with a smile on his face. His excitement filled his face. He must have been grateful that he wasn't going crazy.

“You have to promise not to tell anyone.” I said frantically. I can't believe I was going to let him know I was a freak of nature.

“I promise.” he said intently

“I don't know how I do it but I can make guys get boners and shoot their load. Its like I can control their minds.” I said Half in disbelief at my own assertion of my abilities. I had never controlled any ones mind past making them shoot their load.

“can you do it to girls too?” He asked. I had never thought to even do it. I don't think I would try either.

“I don't know and I don't want to know” I let slip.

“So your gay?” He asked in a strange dark voice. I knew I would mess something up. He didn't think I was a freak because I could do certain things. He thought I was a freak Cause of what I liked.

“What does it matter?” I shot quickly.

“It doesn't. I mean I haven't met another guy who liked guys before.” He said slowly. His face grimaced when he realized exactly what he had let on.

“Are you saying you like guys?” I asked incredulously.

“Now you have to promise to keep this to yourself.” He said in a desperate voice. I was in shock. I couldn't imagine he felt the same way about his football team that I felt. As we pulled in to my drive way he parked the car. My mind was spinning. I had a huge secret. Something that would change the face of the world if I wanted and Craig just told me he was gay. Not as uncommon as my secret and I was stunned.

“Lets go drive somewhere quiet.” I told Craig. I saw my brothers car in the drive way I didn't want him to come inside but I didn't want him to leave either.

“O.k. Man. Do you want to grab a change of clothes you can spend the night at my house. My parents will be there but they are on the other side of the house. We can chill and talk with out any problem.” He said looking into my eyes. I saw longing in his eyes. He was hopeful. I knew right at that moment he liked me. More then just a friend. He wanted me the same way I wanted him. I was getting excited. Our eyes felt like they were sown together. I couldn't stop staring into them.

I wondered what color my eyes were right now. All I knew I was looking at perfection. My excitement grew and Craig's eyes gave him away. He was more excited then I was. We were connected. I knew I could make Craig do what ever I wanted. But I didn't want to make him blow his load I wanted to know what he was thinking. And just as soon as I thought that my mind filled with pictures. Emotions began to flood my mind. I knew exactly how Craig felt. He felt safe with me. Accepted and strangely he felt knew what I was feeling as well. Like we were sharing our thoughts.

I forced myself to break the connection so I wouldn't do something rash. When I broke away our eyes were still connected but Craig was bow in control of himself. He pulled in close and kissed me on the lips. He Had more power over me in that moment then I had ever had over him. As soon as his lips left my own I knew I was whipped. I was head over heels into this guy. I would do anything for him. I quickly without a word ran into the house grabbed some clothes and rejoined Craig.

The drive to Craigs house was short. He lived a few minutes away. I had never felt more complete in my life. I was truly happy. Ecstatic was more the word. I just wanted to touch Craig. I wanted to feel every angle every curve. I wanted to kiss his lips and never stop. I wanted my hands to explore all of his body. I wanted him to do the same. I wanted to be his. I wanted us to BELONG together. What got me even more was I felt like we did fit.

We walked into Craigs huge house. I was amazed at the size of his living room. We walked through it to a hall way which a presumed led to his room. It did. Craigs room was much bigger then my own. He was an only son so the house seemed deserted even tho he told me his dad was in his office on the other side of the house.

“Ok this is my room.” He said jumping on his bed. He face planted flat on his bed and then looked back and motioned me to join him. His smile was to appealing for me to resist. I Dropped my things and followed his lead. Jumping beside him my right arm snuggled his body. He faced me and I knew another kiss was on its way so I beat him to the punch. I kissed him and we locked in a hug, He rolled on top of me and I could feel his dick begin to harden. I hadn't even cause it.

He let loose of my lips and looked me in the eye. My dick had stretched to its 7 inch glory. He pushed his crotch into mine cause my dick to rub his. My eyes closed As his rubbing cause me to moan. He was being cruel with his onslaught. I felt drops of precum escape my dick. He laughed at my expense.

“See your not the only one who can make guys hot and horny.” He playfully said. That was al I needed to start using my ability. I shot him the biggest burst of pleasure I could without making him or myself shoot our loads right then.

“UGH!! Not fair. MMMM You almost made me shot.” He said as his face contorted with pleasure. His moaning picked up steadily. I stripped his shirt off. I attacked his nipples with my tongue. He moaned now from this new stimulation. I could feel his excitement rising. My shirt came off and he took over licking my nipples as he pulled my shorts off. My dick slapped my stomach as he yanked my underwear to free my dick. Without missing a beat he pulled off the rest of his clothes and we lay-ed together. Him on top of me dick on dick humping each other.

His dick was longer then mine. As his dick slid up and down my own our precum mixed. I willed out ability to release away. All we could do was climb higher and higher into pre-orgasmic state. My dick had never felt so good. Th sensation grew from my dick to my ass. I could feel the pleasure begin to spread. Even my nipples felt orgasmic. We were soon breathing Like we had run 8 miles at full speed.

I looked Craig in his eyes. And we connected again. Our thoughts were shared. I felt what he was feeling and felt what I was feeling. I knew his thoughts and he heard my every thought. Beyond the pleasure I was feeling I felt happy. Happier then I had ever felt. We were more then just lusting after each others body. We had connected in a way most married couples would envy. Our minds were in sync. I knew when he needed to cum And I allowed it.

“Oh, man ima blow!!” He groaned out. Together our moaning was deafening as our orgasms took us over. We shot simultaneously. Our loads shot far onto my chest hitting my chin and landing on my lips. When it was over Craig collapsed onto me kissing me intensely. His chest became slick from the copious amounts of cum that landed on my own.

“Shower time.” Craig said as he pushed off from the bed and stood at the foot of his bed. I took in his form. He was beautiful. His abs shown out perfectly from the vigorous work out we just had. His face was glowing with sweat. His half hard dick swung perfectly in front of his tennis ball sized balls. I couldn't help but have more fun with him. I gave him a look and he knew I was about to cause him a lot of painful pleasure......


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