This story is fictional in nature and in no way represents actual events. This story may not be suitable for those under the age of 18 or those prohibited from reading gay literature. Please don't copy this material without my permission, thank you :) Hope you enjoy.

Chapter One


The world around me kept flickering between places... between time and with each new place, it felt as if part of my soul was stolen. At first there was just white, an unnatural blistering white of snow. And as the ice windy embraced my presence I felt the air knocked out of me. My hands covered my abdomen as I winched in pain. Then there was sand; sand that threaten to burn the skin right off me. As the sun blazed down I struggled to open my eyes and regain my composure. It felt as if I couldn't breathe and with great apprehension I felt the world flicker yet again.

I was in the center of a raging battle, fire, rain, blood, metal against metal, emotions, the hate - I fell to my knees. The world kept changing and the pain grew and grew. I shut my eyes and tried to focus... tried to defend myself from the... whatever it was. But the change didn't stop, new emotions, new sound... new pain. Until, there was darkness. Everything fell still for but a moment; then the visions started. I could feel the pain of this world. The desolation, the void... an emptiness that grows and consumes... everything spoke to me at once. Souls screaming in anguish... bodies torn apart... each new vision pulled at my life force.

And in the darkness a light emerged, a soft glow of green and radiant white. I was mesmerized by his serenity. He knelt down before me and placed his hand on my face and everything cleared. The voices and the pain where replaced by healing and new found energy. He pointed to the east; I could see flashes of white light and with that he vanished. I brought myself to my feet and as I turned, I had already reached my destination; standing in front of me was dilapidated building made of hard cold stone. While the walls stood tall, there didn't appear to be a roof or any sort. Through a fractal on the wall, white light white bled every so often. The flashes of light from before must have emanated from here. I peer through and within an instant my powers reacted...

"No!" I yelled in a voice that was not mine as a shiver echoed throughout my body. The stone walls shattered like glass sending debris in all directions. I erected a shield to protect the boy in the center. He was being attacked by unearthly creatures; creatures I couldn't identify as anything I have seen before. They were humanoid in form with no hair or clothes but large bulky bodies with charred dark skin. As the wall crushed down onto them, they themselves were blown away.

"This one is protected by me! Leave us or feel my fury!" I spoke, and again the words didn't feel like they came from my psyche. I had not seen the boy before. His face was bloody, but he still looked beautiful and innocent. His soul seemed so gentle... He reminded me of an angel. His black hair was sweaty and his clothes tattered from the battle. As I walked towards him I felt my power growing inside of me. My body began to glow a light shade of blue with electric sparks flowing between the ground and my body. The other creatures began to rise and approach me. They shed no fear in there slow approach and I paid them no attention as I approached the boy.

When I reached him, I took a closer look: he was badly beaten and appeared to be only semi-conscious. I turned to my new intruders and smiled. I brought my shoulders and head towards my chest for a brief moment and in a sudden jerk, I moved my hands behind me, fists clenched and head pointing up. In that motion a powerful circle of blue light left me in what could only be described as a supernova. I regained my usual composure and slowed down time. Then raised my right hand to the sky and closed my eyes. Lightening stuck my palm and a storm of brilliant light fell from the sky; a relentless onslaught of pure electric energy.

The shield that still protected my new friend grew to accommodate me as I knelt down before him. I lifted this head and rested it on my leg. "Oh Leo, what have they done to you." I spoke softly, this time, in my usual voice.

I hugged him and used the contact to heal him, or at least try. I allowed my energy to seep out of myself and flow into him as I absorbed the wounds that afflicted him. I felt so weak but I saw him open his eyes. Then I noticed a man approach, at least he had the same features of a human man. I sensed a vile darkness within him. I began to scream, "No!" but in a flash of white light I was in my bed.

I kept screaming, this time in pain; so much pain, my entire being hurt. I could taste my own blood. Mum and dad rushed into the room and then there was nothing but black silence.

Earlier at the O'Connell residence

Each of us is linked to an ever changing tapestry of fate; new paths leading to new outcomes. But every so often, the effect is too much for the system to bear... every so often, the system is forced alter in a way that forces those that remain silent to speak.

Errol awoke to the whispers of his power. Someone or thing had caused an awful amount of energy to be released, though the nature of that energy, he was uncertain off. He put on a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He looked at the clock which read 1:00am. He then headed to his brothers room; knocking, he slowly opened the door.

"I felt it too. Whatever it is, I'm linked to it." Danny spoke in a concerned voice as he slipped on his shirt. The brothers were very similar. Errol had short, straight blacked hair, spiked in the front and green eyes that seemed to sparkle with life. His frame was a little smaller than that of his younger brother, but he was much stronger with a more defined built. You could definitely notice that they were brothers. They had the same smooth, flawless skin and similar facial features. Danny however had curly blonde hair and shimmering deep blue eyes.

Errol looked at brother, apprehension evident in his face, but he spoke evenly and calmly, "Okay, let's do this." Errol walked up to his brother and they both raised their hands so that their palms were millimeters apart. Errol closed his eyes and when they opened, there was nothing but white. Danny's eyes had changed as well. And with a soft green flash of light, they were gone.

Back at the Summers residence

Trinity rushed to her son's side. "Oh my God Ethan! We have to get him to a hospital!" She spoke to her husband in a terrified voice as tears began to fall from her face. Then there was a soft flash of green light from the center of the room and two boys appeared. "Errol, Danny." She barely got out when she turned to them.

"Mrs. Summers, we didn't mean to impose; there was an energy build up that lead us here." Errol answered her.

"Alex," Danny spoke in almost a whisper as his eyes settled on the bloody mess on the bed.

"He woke up like this, screaming. Sorry boys, we have to get going." Ethan spoke as he fought back the urge to cry.

"I can help him. I can heal." Errol said to no one in particular as he approached Alex who had been unconscious since their arrival. Errol placed his hand over Alex's chest. Ethan looked to his wife and she nodded and as both parents stood at the opposite end of the bed from Errol, white light escaped from Errol's palms and the blood began to disappear. Alex opened his eyes, making eye contact with Danny, "You," was all he said before he was unconscious yet again.

"I can give him the energy he needs to recover." Errol spoke looking at Trinity. Both parents walked over to him and hugged him.

"You saved my baby," Trinity spoke with relieve, "Oh Errol you saved us yet again." And with that she kissed his head.

"Thank you son, but you've done more than enough. Perhaps we will give him time to rest." Ethan spoke to Errol.

Trinity turned to Danny and spoke, "Thank you for coming dear. How about we get you boys some hot chocolate?" She paused, and then continued, "Boys, do your parents know you're here?"

Danny put his head down and answered, "No, it was so late and we didn't want to worry them." Trinity walked over to him and hugged him. "That's okay sweety. But we need to get in contact with them. Where are you`ll staying?"

"We just arrived in afternoon." He closed his eyes for a moment and then continued, "We actually moved in next door." He said a bit surprised.

"Excellent," Ethan replied. "Welcome back to Riversdale." He smiled at both boys. "I just wish it was under different circumstances."

"As do we, but thank you Mr. Summers. I'm glad we moved back." Danny smiled after his reply and with all the stress now gone, they made their way to the kitchen.

Later on, in the morning

I awoke in a bit of a daze and slowly made my way down stairs mostly by instinct because the light seemed too bright for some reason. I walked into the kitchen rubbing my eyes with my hands, "Good morning," I walked over to the cupboard and grabbed a cup. I heard mum and dad greet me but I was parched! I need water desperately! I turned to the table and my eyes meet his. Everything else faded away and all I could do was stare into his eyes as if waiting for an answer. Mum walked up to me and asked, "Honey, are you alright?"

Her question jerked me back to reality and I realized that I was in my undies! I turned to our guest and blushed and ran to my room. I wasn't used to being almost naked in front of people! "I'd say he is Trinity," Ethan laughed. I put on some clothes and went to the bathroom to get cleaned, all the time thinking about the boy in the kitchen. Come to think of it, what were they doing here anyway?

When I went downstairs, to the lounge, two more people had arrived; their parents I presumed. "Good morning, I'm Alex." I shook each of their hands and I turned to the boys, "I urr... I'm sorry about earlier... I didn't know we had company." I said sheepishly.

Mum looked at me, smiled and spoke, "Honey, these are the O'Connell's. They lived here six years ago. I don't think you remember them very well though. This is Errol." And as mum pointed to him, he rose to shake my hand and then there was a bright light.

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