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Previously: Mum looked at me, smiled and spoke, "Honey, these are the O'Connell's. They lived here six years ago. I don't think you remember them very well though. This is Errol." And as mum pointed to him, he rose to shake my hand and just as his hand came into contact with mine, there was a bright light.

Chapter One, Part Two


I was having a vision, thought it doesn't ever involve such bright light: It was a sunny day with just a few clouds on a blue lit sky... buildings... the University, some time back... two people... my vision shifts and I'm brought closer to them... it was mum and I. We were walking to somewhere alone, with no sign of anyone else around. I can feel a warm zephyr and hear birds chirping.

Here we go! I don't like this part! Wham! Empathic possession -- I was drawn into the body of my younger self and now felt everything that he did. I was holding mums hand and I could sense this happiness that was so vivid. Then a strange feeling... danger! I turned around and a lady appeared. Mum turned with me. The stranger looked beautiful but menacing; she had straight long black hair with hazel eyes and wore black leather that hugged her body. I moved closer to mum.

"Kale," Mum gasped, "What do you want!"

"Nice to see you too Trinity," She said with a sinister smile, "I've come for the boy. Hand him over and I'll spear your life." Kale was very calm and nonchalant; she had this command about her.

Mum was agitated and powering up. "I rather not," Mum replied.

"Have it your way." And with that, more people appeared. They didn't look very pleased with us. She raised her and a ball of red energy followed by a tail of fire was hurled towards us... no just mum!

Aah! Something was happening to me. The energy was overwhelming me... I yelled, "No!" White light began emitting from me. It blanketed me completely until tendrils of light became to extend from it. The energy was so strong, my feet left the ground and I began to levitate. Everything became slow, including the fire ball which whither to a stop. I couldn't feel his mind anymore; he, my younger self, was no longer there. The weather was changing. The natural order has been disturbed; there was just too much energy present! But how could this be me? It was kind of like my dream.

As if a wind had come, the energy directed towards mum was swept towards Kale. No real effect, but Kale looked exasperated. A beam of bright white light shot out of me and made contact with her. It went through her and continued to weave itself in and around her, consuming her more and more. Smaller steams of light extended from me to her. I think she was screaming. The other people began to react, but they were moving in slow motion. Time had also been effected, but only for them. More beams of light left my body and as soon as they made contacted with the other strangers, they were vaporized.

A storm had been brewing for some time. Lightning everywhere, until a continuous link of lightning was formed connecting the sky, myself and the earth. I sensed the energy in my body rise and the tendril of light that linked Kale and I flared. Three strangers appeared next to her. One of them erected a green spherical force field. Kale was set free and fell into the arms of one of the men; she was unconscious. The light then surrounded the force field. One of them spoke, "Take her and leave! I warned her not to come!" And with that, only two of the men where left.

The guy that erected the shield spoke, "It's too strong. I can't hold it back."

The shield shattered with a release of energy that was overcome by the light. It was about to consume the remaining men, but they vanished. I could feel the consciousness of my younger self return. I turned to my mother, "I'm sorry mummy; they were going to hurt you."

I began to fall but mum grabbed hold of me and as I rested in her arms, she said, "It's okay Alex... it's okay." She hugged me and kissed my forehead. There were tears in her eyes. Just as I was about to become unconscious I remember seeing a boy. He was glowing with radiant light -- it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Mum touched the medallion that she had been wearing and then my chest; it then appeared on me. She said something and I began to glow blue and started to levitate. The weather was slowly returning to its previous state. He fainted and I left my younger form but the vision didn't end. This hasn't happened before, my visions always ended when the empathic possession was over.

One of the strangers reappeared; he was levitating a few feet from the ground. He had short black hair and looked no older than 25. "I suppose I should finish what Kale began. Hand him over Trinity. You are no match for a Guardian!" His voice seemed to thunder in the wind.

"Leave them alone!" Everyone's attention was turned to two very young boys that were running towards us. The one from before, he was still glowing, and the other boy, he was the one that had spoken.

"Or what little boy? You're going to stop me?" The man laughed. By this time the boys were near mum. It was Errol and his brother, but I didn't understand why his brother was glowing. He then made eye contact with me! Impossible! He even smiled at me.

"You can't do this Markus; the ancient laws forbid interaction before their awakening!" Mum yelled at him. My attention returned back to the adults.

"That is of little consequence now! Kale has already broken that law." He raised his hand a bolt of dark blue lightning made its way towards us. Errol's brother put his hand on Errol's left shoulder. Errol raised his other hand and a green force field appeared saving them from the attack. But with the attack the shield shut down.

"Well now, isn't that interesting. More young Guardians wouldn't you say Trinity?" He looked at my mother. "Not many could withstand the attack of a Guardian. No matter, they are still no match for me!" He moved his hands a little way from his body and extended his chest out. Black wings appeared! Wings?! They were large and made him look even more handsome. Hurricane winds followed as the weather once again gave way to the whims of magic.

Errol's brother looked at me again, concern evident in his face. He came towards me and touched my hand. I had premonition: Markus used telekinesis to take everyone into his hold, levitating them from the ground. He send out an electrical energy blast that torn through my mother killing her in an instant. He then looked at Errol's bother and smiled...

When the premonition ended, I felt my ethereal form change within my vision; then everything went white.

I was back in the lounge. I felt weak and about to fall, but Errol steadied me and lead me to the sofa, sitting next to me. He looked paler than usual. I suppose he noticed the concern in my expression as I looked at him because he soon spoke, "I'm fine Alex. That just took a little more energy than I'm accustomed to using," he said with a smiled.

I looked at him confused. "You had to use your power?" Everyone was quite, thought I'm not sure why.

"I felt my energy being called upon. I was sure it was caused by you?" he looked at me a bit confused as he asked.

"Boys, there are a few things that we need to tell you." Errol's dad spoke. He looked to me and smiled, "But first I think an introduction is in order. You've met my sons, Errol and Daniel."

"But you can call me Danny," Daniel said with this huge grin. Wow he was so dreamy. Dreamy? What am I thinking?!

"And my name is Peter, and this is my wife, Calista." Mr. O'Connell said, saving me from a possibly very embarrassing staring session with Daniel... I mean Danny. I just couldn't help it.

"Pleased to me to Alexander, how are you feeling dear?" Mrs. O'Connell asked me.

"I'm glad to meet you too, I'm well thank you." I said in a bit of a daze.

"You guys are aware that we belong to an ancient bloodline of magic, though we haven't explained the origin of that bloodline in much detail," my dad began.

"The Guardians of the Light felt it best that they remain dormant until such time that they are needed. Our bloodline carries the power of the elements and every so often, a generation of Guardians are born," my mum completed.

"The Guardians are the very elements that allow this planet to have life. We pray to the Spirits that embody the elements, the Guardians are their avatar." Mrs. O'Connell continued.

"We believe that you boys are then next generation of Guardians." Mr. O'Connell finished.

"Alex, what was your vision of?" mum asked me.

"We were at University when a woman, Kale, attacked us." I replied.

"Ah... that happened six years ago. You boys know that to everything in nature, there must be balance. And so there also exists the Guardians of the Darkness. Kale is such a Guardian, the Guardian of Fire. Markus, the other guy, he is the Guardian of Air," mum said.

"He had wings? He's an angel?" I asked.

"Well, yes he is. And when you boys are ready, you too will have angelic forms. Within this form, you'll are better suited to use your true power. As it stands, your body isn't able to handle excessive amounts of energy." Mum replied.

"Angels," Danny said in awe. I turned to him when he spoke. I felt drawn to him and it really confused me... thought it didn't frighten me. Being an angel made me feel uncomfortable though, but the way Danny seemed excited by it was ever so cute.

Dad chuckled then spoke, "Let's continue, the elements share certain common attributes. For example, earth and water are associated with healing, and while it would be possible for both Guardians to perform the act, it would only belong to one. Certain other attributes are unique to an element. For example, precognition is an attribute of water. This is why we know that Alex is the Guardian of Water."

"Certain powers require the will of two or more elements. Time travel is such a power. It requires Earth and water. While Alex can see the past and into the future, he can only influence events with the will of Earth." Mr. O'Connell said.

"This is why Errol felt weak after you vision Alex." Mrs. O'Connell started. "Six years ago, Kale broke the law of the ancients. She intervened before you boys had grown into your powers and so it was allowed that the past be changed even thought it was not a conscious decision of either you boys."

The pieces were beginning to fit together, so Errol allowed me to use his energy to time travel, but, "How did Danny see me in the vision?" I basically blurted out.

"Well," mum became and paused, looking at the O'Connell's before proceeding, "Danny is the Angel of Faith. Faith and water have a link that transcends just about anything. It is through this link that he saw you." Mum finished somewhat carefully. I looked over to Danny who was sitting next to Errol.

He winked at me and I blushed, "So why did the O'Connell's move? Wouldn't it have been better for us to train together?" I managed to get out without being drawn into his eyes.

"I was promoted and relocated by the company." Mr. O'Connell answered.

"Though, it's more of a, `there's a time and place for everything,' sort of thing." Errol continued politely.

"Yes," Mr. O'Connell smiled at his son and finished with, "It is important that the Guardians find their way to each other naturally."

"We have decided that the time has come to train you guys accordingly. But first, we need to know what happened last night son," dad asked.

It took me a moment before I could respond, "I wasn't sure where I was; I remember feeling very disorientated because I kept phasing between places. It really hurt too until all I felt was pain, but it wasn't just my pain. Then someone came..." I thought for a moment, "It was Errol." I looked at him astonished.

"I don't really understand how I ended up there, but I saw you and you were in so much anguish so I thought I would try to help." He replied.

"You healed me..." I spoke, mostly to myself.

"Your life force was erratic. It seemed as if it was being pulled out of you, I'm not sure what happened but it stopped when I touched you so I proceeded to heal."

I looked at him, trying to make sense of what he had just said, "You can... see life force?"

"I can sense and read energy signatures." He replied.

I closed my eyes and spoke, "I think I saw your life force, you had light green silhouette but you body glowed soft, gentle white. Energy danced around you in perfect harmony. You looked so serene."

"Water and intuition, Alex's ability is similar to Errol's, but not as extensive. His ability allows him to sense the nature of those immediately around him, while Errol's perception is unlimited," mum clarified.

I looked at Danny, "In my vision, you had a soft white silhouette, you looked so... pure."

"Aww and I don't look like that now?" he teased.

I just blushed as Mrs. O'Connell got our attention. "Danny has the ability to increase the power of those around him."

"Which is why I had a premonition when he touched my hand...?" I said more then asked, "I've never had a premonition in a vision before." I spoke as the revelation dawned on me.

"I'm not sure why I touched your hand, but I knew we were in danger and felt that you would," he paused for a moment, "save us." Danny completed.

"What did happen after that? The vision went blank after the premonition." I asked looking at mum.

"Do you remember what happened to your younger self?" she asked me. I nodded and she continued, "The same thing happened to you."

"Your sub-conscious took control. This would happen whenever those you love are placed in danger," dad finished.

"How can you guys be so sure?" I realize that they seemed to have all the answers, and while I trusted them completely, I was curious as to how they knew.

"The knowledge of the Guardians is passed on through the generations, so that when the time came, we would be ready. There is also the Book of Light." Mr. O'Connell answered.

"It is uncertain which families will safe guard the book until the return of the Guardians. In this generation, the book was kept with our family. It contains the knowledge of all the Guardians and is a very powerful book, and so very dangerous in the wrong hands." Mrs. O'Connell finished.

"Honey, could you please tell us about the rest of you dream?" mum asked.

I described to them the events as best I could: "I don't understand why I said that... I knew his name, `Leo was under my protection.'" The adults were startled by the revelation. They knew something, but no one seemed eager to discuss it. "What is it mum?"

"For you to know the name of someone you've never met, means he is likely a Guardian. You were the knight to the King and so you fell into the role of protector to all those around you; this is why you declared that you were his protector," she replied.

"King?" I echoed mums word.

"Yes, the leader of the Guardians. All will be revealed when the time is right dear." Mrs. O'Connell answered.

I nodded and continued with my recollection of the dream, "I tried to heal him; he was really badly hurt."

"Oh honey," mum said sympathetically.

"You can heal too?" Errol asked.

"Yes, but with a cost. When he heals, the injuries are passed onto him." Mum answered for me.

"In my dream, I spoke in voice that wasn't my own. I guess that was a part of my subconscious?" I looked at mum.

She nodded and said, "The memories thought the generations of Guardians will eventually resurface. Till then, certain events will trigger flash backs."

"There was a man that approached just before I awoke. I have an awful feeling that Leo is in danger. That guy even walked thought the electric shower!" I said exasperated.

"I'm sorry Alex, for now there isn't much that we can do." Mr. O'Connell spoke to me, "But we will find him." He gave a reassuring smile. "We feel that it would be best that you boys spend some time together and so we are allowing you guys to go the Summers' cabin."

"Wow! That would be so wicked cool!" Danny said excitedly.

I looked over to mum and dad and they nodded. "Well you guys can get ready and we adults will start planning your training." My dad said.

This was so much to take in. I was so worried about Leo. I'm supposed to be a protector? I'm not really that strong. As dread settled over me, I turned and looked over at Errol and Danny. Something about them put me at ease... like finally coming home after a long trying journey.


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