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Chapter Two


Often, the path we follow leads us to question if the choice was a mistake. But with a little faith eventually we realize our truth; sometimes it takes but a single moment to take us to that point of clarity.

We were all packed; I was to drive us to the cabin. I loved being so close with nature, for the forest always offered peace; the smell, the noise... the wonderful noise of life. I especially like the feel of the air; it left never a moment to question, there was only space to know if one had the patience.

We loaded the car. Errol sat in the front and Danny in the back and with that, we were off. "Sweet wheels man!" Errol said.

"Yeah thanks," I smiled proudly. "Dad gave it for my sixteenth birthday. I was blown away! I always wanted a BMW!"

"It's nice and shiny," Danny chuckled. I looked at him in the review mirror; he had this grin that was infectious.

I laughed and said, "Dad makes sure I clean it regularly. It's sort of my baby, you know? So I don't really mind. So when did you guys arrive?"

"Just yesterday actually, in the afternoon." Errol replied.

"The flight was fun though!" Danny chipped in.

"I haven't actually flown before but I think I'd enjoy it too. So you guys used to live here before; I was ten when you'll left, though I don't remember seeing you guys before." I stated matter of fact.

"Ah but for that one faithful day!" Danny said dramatically. He paused and asked, "So when you saw me last night, you recognized me?"

"Huh?" I wasn't sure what he was talking about but then I remember, "Oh, yeah I suppose I did, from that `oh so faithful day.'" I teased then grinned at him. "I've seen a lot of things, but a boy that seemed to have ethereal light radiate from him, that was a first! I probably thought I was dead." I laughed.

Danny laughed too, Errol just looked amused. Danny then looked at me intently through the mirror, then spoken, "And at the kitchen, you sort of stared?"

I blushed, "I... I suppose I was a bit dumbfounded... I was really in a daze when I got up and I guess it took me a while to realize what was going on." That and my eyes simply refused to not look at you!

Danny blushed, and Errol cleared his throat and then spoke, "We're telepathic, you sort of just broadcast you're last thought to us." He then laughed, "Serves you right for asking Dee!"

My face went even redder! Oh my God! I just stayed quite.

"Well what's life without these precious moments," Errol laughed again, "But fortunately man is blessed with the gift of music!" He proclaimed, and then looked at me, "Don't worry Alex, it's rare that Danny ever stays quite, you should feel proud for making him speechless!" He smiled at me. I felt a little better. I can't believe my telepathy betrayed me like that! Dad spent a while training to keep my thoughts contained.

I looked at Danny thought the mirror and spoke, "I'm sorry," I blushed again, "I guess it was that link that we have. I'm telepathic too by the way. Oh and Errol, these a MP3 CD already in, help yourself."

"It's cool Alex," Danny replied, turning his attention to the changing scenery. The music started up but it wasn't loud enough to disallow talking.

"I suppose we would have a few abilities in common. We can also levitate and teleport and we're rather strong." Errol said.

"Cool, me too! Guess we would be able to fly eventually too hey..." I said as my voice trailed off.

"Yeah, then I'll have to get new shirts," Errol joked. Both brothers had a good sense of humor. I smiled to myself. Our journey proceeded smoothly with some casual chit chat here and there. I found out that they both are very artistic. Danny has actually made stuff with clay! My talents were rather limited though; but Errol promised to teach me how to play the piano!

When we arrived, we all paused for a moment taking in the fresh air and beautiful landscape. Soon after we began to unpack, so I asked, "You guy's wouldn't happen to be telekinetic would ya?" They laughed and replied that they were not. We had actually skipped breakfast and so I offered to make lunch. One of the few things I'm good at, cooking. Errol declined and suggested I show Danny around while he fixes something for us all. And with that Danny and I made our way outside.

"So guess that makes you my guide for the day!" He said with a smile.

"I guess it does," I smiled back at him, "let's go to the lake, it's really my favourite spot out here."

"Sounds like a plan! We should all go there at sun set -- that ought to be something worth seeing!" Danny sounded elated. We began our journey as I pointed out what certain plant were and how they could be used. He looked impressed with my knowledge. "On all our trips here mum would always teach me something new about the flora", I explained to Danny.

"So what other powers do you have Alex?" Danny eventually asked.

"Well there are really only two offensive abilities that I use, electric and... something mum calls a blue pulse. She says that I'm able to generate energy that has the same effect as water pressure." I replied.

"Oh that sounds fascinating! Do you mind showing me?" Danny asked.

"Sure," I smiled at him. I raised my right hand, palm facing up and attempted to make a blue chevron appear; it was the form of my blue pulse ability; it's shaped like a boomerang but not as v-shaped, rather more semi-circular. It appears with an outline of blue light. As I willed my power to surface, my body shuddered a little and a fireball appeared.

Somewhere in London

Two young boys with five other people are in an ally; one boy has grey eyes and styled ash blonde hair, one with brownish-amber eyes and chestnut straight un-gelled hair. They appeared to be engaged in conflict of some sort.

The red-haired boy raised his hand, fists clenched. When he opened his hand, a blue chevron appeared and flung forward splitting into three more chevrons piecing the hearts of three of their challengers that were about to pounce on them; they disintegrated into dust.

"What was that!?" the other boy exclaimed as he levitated two metallic spikes and send them hurling towards the remaining two vampires.

At the Summers cabin

The fireball bounced on my hand and I got burnt. "Ahh!" I yelled in pain and the fireball dissipated.

"Whoa! Here let me look at your hand." Danny said as he took my hand. His touch sent a shiver throw my spine as a vision took over my consciousness...

Danny and I were holding each other as we stared into each other eyes. I was drawn into the conscious of my former self, though he looked older than me.

Danny slowly moved so that our lips touched. His lips were so soft, so haunting. My heart began to beat faster as I pushed harder on his tender red lips. I felt his tongue on my lip and I open my month and let him in. I could feel my power reacting, adding to the intensity of the moment, leaving me breathless and wanting more...

When I snapped out of my vision, I realized I was aroused. I panic and teleported away from him.

"Danny is everything okay? There was an energy spike nearby." Errol had made a telepathic link with his brother.

"Aha, I think Alex had a premonition. Hey bro, mind getting me his location?" He responded.

"He's supposed to be with you... so it couldn't have just been a premonition. Are you sure you want to handle this alone?" Conveying concern thought his thoughts.

"Yeah, I don't think it's that serious." Danny replied with a chuckle.

"Oh? As long as it's not THAT serious." Errol sighed and continued, "Okay. Hang on." Errol closed his eyes and it was as if he was moving through the forest at the speed of sound, searching until he reached Alex. He opened his eyes and answered Danny, "He's near a lake; towards the west."

"Beam me up Scotty!" Danny responded jovially. Errol laughed to himself then his eyes became translucent and in a whirl of green light Danny was taken to Alex.

Danny was standing in front of a large shimmering lake. There were rocks behind him, a perfect place to rest as one peered over the lake. He saw Alex lying on top of the water, where the water around him seemed clearer... magical really. He didn't question what he saw; he only decided to announce his presence. "So is your hand feeling any better?" he softly asked as he stepped a bit closer.

I heard a voice and the tension of the water broke. I suppose it was the shock of another persons' presence. I was about to swim back to the top, but it was as if the water itself lifted me until I was standing on the water, as dry as ever. It was Danny. Oh wow, he looked so beautiful.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Danny spoke in a warm friendly voice. I slowly walked back to the shoreline and sat on one of the rocks.

"Nah it's fine. This is all very new and I suppose... well I don't really know." I replied. Danny came and sat next to me as we both looked over the lake in its entire splendor. The water looked so serene... one couldn't help but feel comfortable... open.

In a careful voice, not wanting to break the moment Danny began, "So what exactly happened back there? A premonition?"

I was a bit alarmed, but very curious, "What makes you say that?"

"Well as far as I know you can't project images or thoughts can you?" Danny asked.

"No I can't. I don't understand where this is leading." I replied a bit confused.

"Well I'm pretty sure we saw the same thing." Danny continued.

Alex woke up from the rock shocked, and turned to Danny. "Oh my word, you saw that? I'm so sorry Danny... really I am, I don't understand how that could have happened." Alex stuttered then hung his head.

"Whoa, no harm no foul. It's all good! Why doesn't it make sense? Is it that unbelievable that someone would kiss me?" Danny said with a smirk.

"No it's not that," I blushed but still looked up to meet Danny graze. "That was the past. I haven't been able to see into the future while I'm awake, I'm only able to sense pending danger."

"Well I'm pretty sure I'd remember kissing you!" Danny almost blurted out then chuckled. I started to feel a bit apprehensive and uncertain. Danny noticed and continued, "Hey I didn't mean it in a bad way. It's okay, really. Maybe it was from our past?"

I began to get butterflies in my stomach. "I guess." I replied softly.

"So you can walk on water?" Danny asked, saving us from the awkward moment that was bound to follow.

"Huh? Oh, yeah it would seem. I've never done anything like that before." I replied.

"Guess I just bring it out in you hey?" Danny said with a huge grin.

I blushed furiously as a huge smile refused to leave my face. Danny continued "Do you think I could give it a go?"

"You want to walk on water?" I asked.

"Yeah, it seems really cool!" he replied excitingly and then extended his hand towards me.

I was really worried about touching him again. Every time I touched an O'Connell, something happened. But as I looked at him, there was this strong pulling force urging me to be close to Danny, to take his hand. All my apprehension faded away as my gaze travel from his hand to his gentle face.

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