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Chapter Two, Part Two


Previously: I was really worried about touching him again. Every time I touched an O'Connell, something happened. But as I looked at him, there was this strong pulling force urging me to be close to Danny, to take his hand. All my apprehension faded away as my gaze travel from his hand to his gentle face.

I our hands met and I felt a surge of warmth run through my body. I smiled at him and we began to walk toward the lake. As if the land had not ended, we made our way onto the water. The lake below us sparkled with light making the water a lighter shade of blue. It was amazing.

"Things are changing so fast." I said softly. "I would never have thought this possible, and yet here we are, walking on water."

"Exhilarating and scary at the same time," Danny replied, "But I look forward to getting to know you Alex." He was looking at the water sparkling below us, then turned to face me when he finished speak. "I know things have been a bit..." he bite his lower lip trying to find the right word, "interesting, but it doesn't frighten me. Something in me needs to know."

"You look so beautiful Danny. Being so close to you, I can't help but want to hold you tight... to kiss you." I thought to myself.

"So kiss me," he softly said. I realized my thoughts escaped my mind yet again. But I didn't care, I wasn't afraid. I wanted this... I needed this. I tilled my head and slowly and gently placed my lip on his. I felt my power react just like in my vision. It surfaced causing the weather to change and ripple around us. He pushed his lips harder against mine putting his larger arms around me pulling me closer. I put my hands on his face as I opened my mouth tasting his soft lips with my tongue, breathing heavier as time passed.

The clouds were moving faster as it began to drizzle. The drops were light even though they were larger than normal. The water beneath the boys began to rise as light began to emanate from within them, getting brighter and brighter as the intensity of their kiss grew.

Meanwhile, six other people, four boys including Errol and two girls, all about the same age, had the same vision: Everything was white... many people were there though they could not be seen clearly. A voice reading from a book, "And in his love, you will find Faith." The words were loud and echoed through the room.

When the short vision passed, Errol was about to teleport to his brother, sensing the arrival of a new strong energy. While he sensed that the energy signature was aligned to that of good, he wanted to make sure his brother was okay. Perhaps this arrival was met with the onset of an equally malevolent force. Just as he was about to locate his brother, he had another vision:

He was in a complex... a shopping complex. He saw two familiar faces in the food court; it was Danny and Alex. They had just met and were shaking hands; a bit too formal for Danny's tastes, Errol thought to himself, unless they never met before? There were kids and families around. It was probably the weekend.

A small red energy projectile headed towards them; it would have hit the back of Danny's head had he not moved. He had a calm demeanor, as if he knew precisely what was to happen and how to avoid it. The projectiles continued path would have killed a little girl, but time seemed to pause. Errol noticed that Danny's eyes glowed white. Could he have done this? With a raise of his hand Danny caused the projectile to explode, he then pulled Alex closer to him and they teleported to a lower level. Alex looked astonished.

The vision adjusted with a sudden pull and Errol found himself in a bedroom. There was a boy at table occupied by a book, probably doing homework. The boy lifted his head up, and with concern full in his voice he spoke, "Xander." The young boy, it was Errol.

Just then a light green circle on the floor appeared, giving rise to tendrils of smoke which finally gave form to a beautiful women; ethereal in form. She looked at Errol and smiled, then gave her attention to the boy. She spoke calmly and sweetly, "Some events don't require intervention my child. Alexander must overcome his situation alone."

The boy hung his head. "He could be in danger," he whispered, mostly to himself.

"Faith my child," they make eye contact and she continued, "Go to him, but remain still." And with that she dissipated in a gentle draft.

The Spirit of Earth, Errol thought to himself. The boy closed his eyes; when he opened them, they only glowed white. "Is that really how I look?" Errol said to himself. With a flash of green the boy teleported away; and with that the vision shifted back to the shopping complex.

Errol could hear Alex speak as he drew away from Danny to look into his eye, "You... you have powers?"

Danny shrugged, "It sort of just happened." Their attention was interrupted by a female wearing only black.

"Well isn't that just the sweetest thing? Too bad you both have to die!" She declared as her eyes transitioned to black and a torrent of fire blew towards them. Errol tried to intervene but he couldn't move.

Alex raised his hand and a blue shield was erected as he shouted, "No!" But the attack was too strong and Alex was thrown ten feet away practically unconscious on the floor, causing the shield to fade away; but it had served its role. Danny was about to make his way to Alex when the women appeared in front of him.

"Going somewhere angel boy?" She said with venom that could have made Danny flinch.

"Leave him alone Kale!" Alex yelled. He still wasn't strong enough to get up, he was kneeling; he raised his right hand and when his palms opened, Kale flinched only slightly.

Alex must have somehow effected the energy field around her... a sort of explosion, Errol pondered to himself. That's likely the attack Alex used in his dream Errol concluded.

"Play times over little Guardian." She sounded annoyed. She raised her hand and a black ball of matter appeared; it pulsated as if it had a heart. But her attack was interrupted by a wave of energy; it looked like a sonic boom - it was caused by Danny. Kale had to step back to maintain her balance, however the energy ball she had conjured exploded throwing her flush onto the wall.

Danny too would have felt the force of the explosion had Alex not teleported to him to shield them both. After a few moments the smoke had cleared and Kale rose to her feet, clearly ready to exact her vengeance.

Danny helped Alex up, he had been severely weakened. Together they raised their hands and Kale was blown away with the wall. Alex was about to fall, but Danny steadied him.

"You're bleeding," he whispered as he eased Alex into a hug and kissed the top of his head. Then white light seemed to escape from their skins and soon it began to fill the room. Kale had by then re-appeared, only to sigh and vanish as if she was never there.

Alex looked into Danny's eyes. The light grew, softly and gently, serene and pure; the birth of an Angel... and as natural as breathing, they kissed.

The vision had ended and Errol was back in the cabin. "I must have not known Danny... I only sense that Alex was in danger." Errol innate ability to perceive proffered him the pieces of the puzzle. "Danny must have tapped into Alex's power. The link his mum spoke off... it was... is love. `And in his love, you shall find faith,' Danny must have ascended to Angel form."

Back at the lake

In that single kiss I knew I loved him unconditionally. It was as if I had no say in the matter, but that didn't bother me. After minutes had past, we broke our kiss and opened our eyes. His eyes were even more beautiful than I had remembered. "I love you Daniel, I have always loved you." I softly whispered to him.

He smiled at me, "I love you too Alexander." And he rested his forehead on mine. I felt his wings wrap around us and I realized Danny had ascended to his final form; he was now the Angel of Faith.

"An Angel, in love with me," I said as a tear escaped my eye. It traveled down to my cheek and he kissed it away and held me closer. I breathe in his sweet scent, like lilies from the lake, so clean, so vivid.

"I finally found my way back to you my love." He replied with his head buried in the nape of my neck. I have never felt that loved in my entire life... or that alive. I held onto him as if I was afraid I would fall. We stayed like that for a while until we realized we were not alone. Errol had arrived. I also discovered that we had levitated a few meters above the lake while we kissed.

Danny teleported himself to his brother and spoke, "Errol," He hugged him with a huge smile. As they began to speak, I felt very weak and everything began to go black. The next thing I remembered was being in Danny hands. Seeing his face caused a goofy smile to appear on mine; I felt my energy return to me. I turned to Errol as I manage to stand by myself. "Hi," was all I could say. He laughed.

"In his love, you will find Faith. It was your love Alex." Errol said. I looked at him uncertain of what he said.

"The ancient prophecy; the awakening of each Angel is already written. I was destined to be awakened by your kiss." Danny said kissing the top of my head. I blushed.

"It's cool with me man, I trust you." Errol said matter of fact. He smiled and relief settled over me. I've never given much thought to love or sexual attraction, but discovering that I'm gay didn't scare me at all. I was loved... a love that extended from the very beginning... a love that extended from an Angel no less. I guess that goofy smile didn't leave my face because I heard Errol chuckle.

"Time for lunch guys," He looked at me for a moment, then to Danny. He smiled then he had this concerned expression on his face.

As if reading his mind, Danny spoke, "Alex can't stray too far from me, after my awakening, it will take a while before his body will allow him to exist without me. Just the way it ought to be." I was facing Errol but I could feel Danny grinning. I smiled at my familiarity with his soul even though we met just yesterday.

"I agree," I chucked and blushed. I looked at my hand; I had forgotten that I had gotten burnt earlier, but there were no signs any such thing on my hand. Danny noticed and took my hand and kissed it. I looked at him and in that moment it was known that we shall discuss it later.

"So Mr. Angel of Faith, how about you take us home." Errol suggested in a teasing manner.

"Godspeed," he saluted with a chuckle. In a flash of sparking white light, we were back at the cabin. I finally had a good look at him. His wings were a bright white and large; he had four pairs. His blue eyes shimmered with life but he really was too beautiful to describe.

I touched one of his wings. "It's so soft." I said in awe. "Wow Danny, you look so beautiful."

He laughed, "Not as beautiful as you." I blushed yet again. "How could something so beautiful want to be with me?" I thought to myself.

"If you saw yourself through my eyes, you'd understand." He replied.

I didn't know what to say. I hugged him, oh how I love to be this close to him. I pulled away and asked, "My thoughts are still projecting?"

He shook his head and replied, "We are linked. I can feel you just as you can feel me."

Errol cleared his throat and spoke, "Yes well that's marvelous," he chucked a bit, "But it's time to eat. Alex, I sensed that you're vegetarian as well so I fixed you guys veg hot dogs. As for me, a real hot dog." He grinned.

"While my brother might be able to talk to animal, his instincts are very much driven by the will of nature and in nature, there are both carnivores and herbivores. Errol is still the most compassionate person I know." He said and then smiled at his brother. "He once found a fledgling injured from falling off a nest. He climbed up the tree, placing the birdy back into its nest and then waited for the mummy to come. He developed his ability to talk to animal right then and there. The first marks of a great leader, compassion and determination." He used the word birdy! Aww so cute. By this time we were already seated and Danny's wings had vanished; I realized it can be willed away or to appear. Nevertheless it still amazed me.

Errol dismissed what his brother was saying by continuing Danny's explanation, though the word leader stuck with me. I don't think Errol was much for praise. "Danny can't eat meat because it lessens his link to the energy around him and so his ability to increase that energy. I suppose the same applies to you, especially since you're clairvoyant." Errol said matter of fact then paused and added thoughtfully, "Though I'm uncertain as to why... probably because death has such a tangible effect on providence." We didn't dwell on that for long. Now that Danny is an Angel, I suppose he regained has all of his past knowledge.

I smiled listening to them. The conversation continued in a genial manner as we ate. Errol prepared a great meal. I enjoyed hearing stories from their past. We chatted a bit until Errol announced that the best way to bound is over a good movie. Ah you've gotta love the O'Connell way of thinking. He popped in `Shrek 3.' The movie was funny and set the mood for a genial atmosphere. We headed out to watch the sun set at the lake that afternoon. We stayed there for a while. It was truly amazing when the fireflies came out at night. They seemed to dance around Errol. He had that aura of trust and comfort so even ignoring his ability to speak to animals, the enchantment that was Errol me made perfect sense.

It turned out to be a fantastic day. And soon it would be time to sleep... and since I can't stay conscious without being close to Danny, that would mean I sleep next to him! Everything just feels more vibrant when I'm in his arms. We slowly made our way back to the cabin with idle chit-chat. I decided to bring up the fireball incident from before.

"Your powers where going through spikes because of my presence. Sort of like anticipation, and within that sub-conscious eagerness, you reached into your ability to use another Guardian's power. Much like it requires Errol's energy to time travel, you accessed the Angel of Fire's power." Danny explained.

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