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Chapter Two, Part Three


Previously: "Your powers where going through spikes because of my presence. Sort of like anticipation, and within that sub-conscious eagerness, you reached into your ability to use another Guardian's power. Much like it requires Errol's energy to time travel, you accessed the Angel of Fire's power." Danny explained.

"Does that mean I can use your power as well?" I asked. He nodded as he squeezed my hand. We had not lost contact since lunch. By then we had reached the cabin and now it was time for supper. To our surprise, Errol had already prepared pasta for us, my favourite! Errol smiled, satisfied that we were really enjoying his prepared meal. We washed up and sat down with some light music and spoke for about an hour or so.

I was resting against Danny's chest, and then `Iris,' buy the Goo Goo Dolls started to play. I shifted as Danny rose to his feet, offering me his hand. I looked at his hand and began to protest, "Oh Danny I can't..." Then my eyes met his and all resistance crumbled. I stood and he eased me closer to him, wrapping his arms around me. I had my head resting on the nape of his neck as I hugged him and we swayed to the music. Danny was a little bigger than me physically, but I was a year older than him. Errol silently excused himself and made his way to his bedroom.

`And I'd give up forever to touch you `cause I know that you feel me somehow, you're the closest to heaven that I'd ever be and I don't want to go home right now.' The song continued to play, invoking realization inside of me... I would give up forever for him. In this single moment, I knew that I will always feel his love. Here. with a guy I've only just met, I realized I belonged to him. Could that even be possible? But that didn't even matter; all that matter is that I was in his arms.

When the song stopped I slowly pulled away from his embrace and looked into his eyes. I closed my eyes and lifted my head up to touch his lips with mine; it was a butterfly kiss but oh gosh it felt amazing. I opened my eyes and was met with his glorious smile. My heart just melted. I smiled back at him and we stood there for a few moments.

"Is this for real?" I asked him.

He took my hand and put it on his chest, over his heart. "Nothing could be more real," he replied and kissed my forehead. "I love you."

"Everything about you... oh Danny I can't begin to explain how you make me feel. I love you too."

He smiled his enchanting Danny smile and said, "It getting late, do you want to call it a night?"

I nodded and sheepishly asked, "Do you use jammies?"

He shook his head and asked with a grin. "Do you mind?"

I blushed, shook my head and replied: "Me too," and with that he teleported us to our room.

Time to undress; I've never undressed around other people before. We don't have a prerequisite for gym and I'm not into sport. I looked into his eyes and knew that I wasn't embarrassed to share myself with him. I trusted him without reserved and so I slowly began to pull off my t-shirt. I tossed it on the floor and watched him as he looked over me. I blushed, amused by the glint in his eye. I then began to unbuttoned my jeans, pulling them down and stepping out of them, leaving me with just boxers. I'm not one to work out, but my body was built; a likely side affect of having super strength woohoo! I was about to turn 17 and so I didn't have much hair on my torso or legs.

I noticed that he was getting aroused and I began to get aroused. Maybe it made me feel sexy turning this gorgeous guy on, whatever it was, my thoughts settled on me wanting to show him all of myself. I placed my hands on the elastic of my boxer. Danny came closer and placed his hands over mine and whispered into my ear, "I know you trust me, you don't have to prove anything."

I kissed him on his neck, and said with a giggle, "So may I undress you?"

I felt him nod in the nape of my neck. We were so close I could feel his bulge press against mine, making me even more aroused. My breathing got a bit heavy as I pulled away from him enough to take off his shirt -- he was perfect. I looked at him sheepishly and then to his jeans. He chuckled and said, "Go ahead."

I was a bit nervous, but unbuttoned his jeans. I then paused; opening his zip while he was aroused... oh man should I? I looked at him for permission and he nodded with a smirk. I was so captivated by the moment. I used one hand to hold to top of his jeans and with the other tentatively unzipped his jeans; I could clearly feel his warmth. I knelt down and tugged his jeans off helping his step out of it. He had on white briefs. I guess I was staring at his bulge because the next thing I knew he placed his hands on my shoulders and eased me to me feet. It was huge! Could you blame me!?

"See something you like gorgeous?" He said seductively. I looked at him guiltily and quickly touched my lips to his.

"Possibly," I replied lightheartedly as I slowly lead him to bed. We laid down facing each other. I softly spook: "It was love at first sight." He kissed my forehead and we pulled in closer to each other. I closed my eyes and fell asleep peacefully and content in his arms. We might have been horny, but neither of us wanted to rush anything... especially since this was all rather new to us both.

I awoke up during the night with the sudden urge to pee. There was an adjoined bathroom, but I still needed to be around Danny to be conscious. Oh damn, should I wake him? And as if I did, he stirred to life. "Com' on, let's go to the bathroom."

We both got up and made our way there. He turned around and said, "It's okay, go ahead." I'm not sure what came over me, but I grabbed his hand and pulled him so that his face was resting on my shoulder and his hands were on near my crotch. Nothing had to be said. He eased out my penis, aimed it and I urinated. Icky I know, but hey if it had to be there, he might as well help! But it was a bad decision; his hands on me only served to make me horny, so he adjusted his aim with a giggle. I could feel him getting aroused as well and so I just leaned into him. When I was done, we washed up and headed to bed.

We stood next to the bed facing each other. We leaned into each other to kiss. Oh his lips are so soft. Our kiss grew more and more passionate, until I broke it and whispered, "Make love to me Danny."

And with that, Alex flicked away. In immediate reaction, the Angel of Faith closed his eyes and concentrated. His attempt to locate Alexander was to no avail; his fears were confirmed -Alexander was no longer on Earth. Danny willed clothes on as he swiftly made his way to his brothers' room. Just as he turned the door knob, Errol stirred awake from his slumber. He made eye contact with his brother and whispered knowingly, "Alex."

"The transition of my arrival has not yet passed. Alexander will not be able to defend himself; if I leave Earth, so too will Faith and Hope." Danny addressed Errol gravely.

"Then I shall go." Errol said as a matter of fact as he got out of bed and began to put on more clothes.

"No, it's too dangerous. There is another option, I'll explain later but for now you'll have to trust me," Danny replied.

Errol nodded his agreement as the pieces began to pull together in his mind: the Angels are a representation of the spirits of the Earth and so there should be no reason for him to be bound to the Earth unconditionally... unless Danny isn't a representation but the embodiment of the Spirit of Faith.

Meanwhile Danny summoned forth the Book of Light; its cover was golden and born the insignia of the eight Spirits. Its pages were old for it was a book of the ages. Danny waved his hand over the book, which opened. Its pages flipped by until it settled on that which the Angel of Faith desired -- Spiritual Exchange. He gestured the book over to Errol so that he could read the spell. The words of the booked shifted into English upon the inspection of the young teenager.

Danny spoke in words Errol could not recognize and as he spoke his wings appeared and he began to levitate. The was a brilliant flash of pure white light and what could only be described as soft clouds of white light, drifted to Errol. From the very first contact, Errol felt more connected and aware than ever before; he became Omni-conscious.

When the process was over, they both began to speak in unison: "What's mine is yours what yours in mine, let our powers cross the line, I offer you my gift to bear, let it take place through the air."

Somewhere in the darkness

"Time to awaken little Guardian," came the booming words of a large man bearing many piercings a little clothing. He was tall and muscular with a dark skin tone. When he finish speak, he raised his hand pointing to Alex; when he made his palm tout, the little clothes that Alex wore were shredded as a torrent of razor wind washed over the teenager but no lesions formed on his body.

The last thing I remember was kissing Danny; then there was darkness. I realized that my hands and legs where shacked but whatever it bound me to, it was unseen. A large man approached me and tried to kiss me. I felt so drained but with painful effort I managed to turn my face away.

"There is no point resisting me young Guardian. You will be mine!" He said amusement evident in his voice.

I tried to will my powers to react, but all I was received with was a excruciating shudder that coursed through my body.

"You have no power here... unless you submit to me." He said lustfully, probably noticing what had happened to me. My soul felt cold... I was afraid, for the first time after so long I was afraid.

He looked over me then spoke, "They do make you Angels perfect don't they? Everything about you engineered to be perfect." He then stepped closer to me and licked my face. My entire body began to ache; it felt as if I was being disloyal to Danny. Tears began to stream down my face.

"Now now, all I want from you is a little kiss."

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