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Chapter Four, Part One

The Temple of Ishsharn

Previously: "Many thoughts had occupied Danny's mind, but for now, all that mattered was that he was once again bounded to his true love. Now that it was over, Alex would no longer feel weak in his absence; now their emotional link was complete and even though he had been exhausted by the rejuvenation of Zanto, he felt alive again."

When I finally awoke, the most tranquil sense of joy flowed through my soul; my skin tinkled and the power that coursed through my veins seemed even stronger. It was the first time I made love to someone and it was invigorating! I can barely believe that it felt so, so good and a grin just couldn't leave my lips. I met him just the other day but it certainly didn't feel that way.

"Good morning Tiger," Danny greeted me just before he kissed me on my forehead. I was by his side with my arm around him and I clung to him tighter. His naked body felt so good close to mine and it all seemed like a dream... like a really good, good dream.

"Good morning baby," I replied as I run my hands over his smooth chest. His body was so defined yet so soft to the touch. Being like this with him was getting me aroused and considering that my member was already pressed against his thigh, I'm sure he noticed. I've never been in situations like this; was arousal impolite? We had shared our bodies and I have no regrets about that, but I didn't want to come across as a horny teenager. I've never had much of a sex drive until now.

"Being with you has the same effect on me," Danny spoke in a soft voice. He moved so that he was partially over me, and looked deeply into my eyes. They really seemed to sparkle and I was mesmerized. "I know that things between us have progressed really fast but you should know that I love you with all of my being. Your memories will return slowly but I already have eons of memories of you." He kissed my forehead and continued, "I remember the first time our energies met, the first time we bounded. Without you, I would not have fully understood why the human spirit is so strong and why we should defend it with all our might." A tear escaped his beautiful eyes and as it trickled down, I lifted my head and gently kissed it away.

"What's wrong baby?" I asked just as softly as he spoke.

"I almost lost you again." He spoke crestfallen. He pulled me closer and buried his head in the nape of my neck before he continued, "I love you so very much Alexander. I don't believe I could exist without you." His pain echoed in my heart but it didn't overcome me. It saddened me that he felt hurt but the urge to make him feel better surpassed that. I lifted his head and kissed him deeply. His lips tasted so sweet and they were so soft. My heart began to beat faster kissing him was surreal and I instinctively moved so that I was on top of him. Feeling the passion in his body made me want more; I loved that he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

I reluctantly broke the kiss and looked down at his bright blue eyes, "You bring out such powerful emotions in me Danny. I can barely begin to articulate them so I'm going to share them with you." I touched my lips to his and felt our emotions touch. It was as if we were having a conversation on a spiritual level. I told him about the guilt I felt from the encounter with Namon as I shared my memories of the horrific future that could have past. Danny was hurt, but I understood, it wasn't from the images, but from the pain it caused me. He explained that he had reached out to me at the time I had the premonition somehow his love for me cut throw the darkness that held me prisoner. He said that Namon used the illusion because he knew the strength of my faithfulness. He made me aware that the balance of this world is amalgamated with the Cardinal Spirits and Guardians and Namon uses that to his advantage.

I could sense that Danny was beginning to worry and while there were pressing issues that required attending, I needed to express just how much I loved him; so I concentrated on the extraordinary emotions he was bringing out in me and nudged it towards him. There was an intrepid flow of joy and happiness that emitted from him it was so pure, so intense, so real, so Danny.

The delicate kiss lasted no more than a second and yet it evoked such power. The emotions we shared danced inside of me and everything felt new, amazing and beautiful. As I looked into his eyes, it suddenly dawned on me: regardless of the responsibilities that wait or the danger that seeks us, it's all going to be okay. The emotions settled on contentment as I looked onto him it was like seeing colour in a world of gray for the very first time; he was unbounded by magnificence.

I grinned at him, and then spoke: "I feel the same way and it makes me even happier to know that I bring such happiness to you!" He smiled back and pulled me into a breathtaking kiss that made eternity seem short. As he held onto me, we somehow swirled and the kiss ended with us standing.

"We have company," he said while motioning at the water veil that covered the entrance of the cave. It was the first time that I really took in our surrounding: it was beautiful and seemed to glitter with magic. There was a little stream that ran the clearest and most natural water I have ever seen; it sparkled. The cave was lit as if it was a room filled with sunlight, no doubt assisted by the glowing crystals that smoothly cover the parts of the walls and floor with a soft blue hue. I reached out to touch some of the crystal and it felt warm. The rest of the walls were smoothed rock with various plants creeping up towards the ceiling budding extraordinary flowers. The ceiling glittered with a brilliant white and as I looked on, I noticed there were many tiny creatures hovering at the top.

"Where are we Danny?" I spoke in awe.

"The Temple of Ishsharn: Ishsharn was your first name and this is the main bedroom." Danny answered and smiled at me warmly.

"I have a temple..." I spoke mostly to myself, still taking in the wonder of the room.

"Yes, there are six great temples. In years long ago, many have come to seek peace and understanding. Now, the temples are a past memory to all but the protectors." Vague images of people and great building floating in the air flashed through my mind.

"The people we are to meet, the Captains charged at each great temple?"

"For now, only from the four great Temples of Light; the captains will be accompanied by their vice-captains. Our relationships with the Dark Guardians have always been... estranged. Once the threat is assessed and we have sufficient knowledge, we shall present it to them in a tribunal." I began to remember bits of the past: The Temple of Iranidin is home to Kale and the other Dark Guardians. I suppose any meeting with them would have to be done as safely as possible; I'm not even sure if they would care.

"While they may not enjoy the presence of humans on this planet, they are still protectors of it." Danny spoke again.

I nodded, "Why are we meeting here?" I asked as the thought suddenly entered my mind.

"I am the first Angel to awake." I smiled at him, remembering our first kiss.

"I suppose we best make an appearance seeing as we are the hosts." White cloth wove their way around our body to form pants and a long sleeved shirt that fit snugly and felt very comfortable. More cloth went over the front and back reaching the floor and blocking view of our feet: it had that same blue crystal that covered parts of the room around the edges. We both wore different insignias made of a golden like substance that shimmied; I imaged they represented water and hope. Danny looked even more innocent and pure than usual and as I looked into his eyes, my nervousness began to fade.

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