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Chapter Four, Part Two

The Council

Previously: "Danny looked even more innocent and pure than usual and as I looked into his eyes, my nervousness began to fade."

The stream that flowed to meet the waterfall made a small groove in the floor. Danny took hold of my hand and as we walked, we actually hovered over the stream as if there was clear glass separating us from it. As we approached the entrance of the room, the vertical flow of water that formed part of the waterfall gently began to meander creating a very impressive doorway. I was in awe amongst the kaleidoscope of other emotions I was feeling; I've seen some impressive magic but I've never been in a place so magical.

There was no obviously path forward, but Danny continued to move even after the ledge has passed us. As we walked, I felt the steadiness of the ground beneath me feet; I looked down to find blue shimmering glass that disappeared as soon as my foot moved on. We eventually reached marble like rock that I can only describe as a balcony that was supported by two connections to the rock face. The powerful, wide waterfall was behind us and most wondrous sight before us. Just below us was a brilliant rainbow caused by the mist as the water rushed down. The land before me was like a vast basin with a great lake in the center. There were three other waterfalls that fed the lake; towards the East lay iced rock and water that seemed to freeze the vapour around it. The water flowed in multiple streams before it reached its destination. Towards the South was a single, powerful stream with steam consistently rising as the water fell. I imagine the water was quite hot! Towards the North flowed a steady stream of water that appeared to be ethereal with a green hue to it. It was quite remarkable! I looked over to Danny and as we made eye contact, I realized that he was more wondrous than any of this. I smiled brightly at him and he leaned down to gently kiss my lips.

I sighed; I do enjoy the feel of his lips against mine! "I would have never imagined this in my wildest fantasies," I whispered to him.

"Alexander, before we continue, there is something I need to tell you." Danny spoke calmly; there seemed to be bit of sadness in his eyes as he continued. "When I revived the Guardians of Zanto, it was only the first step. I need to go back to complete the process and ensure that the people of that world can regain their light."

I closed my eyes. In the little time that I've know Danny, many things in my life had changed -- it turns out that I'm an angel, in love with a guy, wanted by a powerful enemy and no longer a virgin. The only thing I regret is not being able to go with him. As the sadness washed over me, Danny wrapped his arms around me as his wings appeared and surrounded us. He kissed the top of my head and whispered an apology. I didn't blame him, I wasn't upset and I very much want him to help Zanto -- and I would have insisted that he go. So I moved my head from his chest and kissed him to let him know that I understood, that I looked forward to being with him when he returns, and that he will be in my thoughts while he is away.

Physical contact with Danny had a very physical effect on me, so I blushed as his wings withdrew and faded. I looked over him and saw that these simple moments had the same effect on him too. I smiled at him again and moved so that my back was against his chest and his arms were around me. "So this is our home? I can't quite find the words to describe it." I mused.

"Yes it is quite certainly breathtaking, though there is a certain someone that that makes all of this seem ordinary." He hugged me a bit tighter as he said that. I giggled -- he's so romantic! "This whole planet is our home if you really think about it." He continued.

After a few more seconds of bewilderment, Danny announced that we'd best meet with the council. At the center of the lake, raised to just about meet the tops of the four falls, stood a massive structure supported by columns that extend between the falls. The four columns meet at the center to form, what I suspected to be the meeting room.

Angel's teleported a bit differently; it was practically instantaneous and I gather there isn't as much evidence that teleportation had occurred -- not flashy light or particles to assist. We stood at the head of a fairly large oak table with well over ten people around us. They, of course, noticed our entrance -- Danny's arms were still wrapped around me and given our new attention, I couldn't help but blush. Some part of me felt uneasy with my first ever show of a somewhat public affection, but Danny seemed impervious and since I am proud to be his lover, the anxiety faded. I noticed Casey on my left and smiled warmly at her. She smiled back then motioned my attention towards the right; towards Errol. I noticed that she blushed a bit once they made eye contact. Errol then nodded in my direction.

A women approached us and spoke as she knelt down, "My liege." She smiled sincerely at me. I smiled back but was uncertain as to the proper etiquette. I stepped a bit away from Danny so that I could look to him for guidance.

He too was smiling, "Jennifer, no need to be so formal; you know it was never really necessary." He lightheartedly said as he motioned her to rise. I extended my hand to introduce myself. Jennifer had brunette wavy hair that reached her shoulders and hazel eyes. She was a little taller than me and appeared to be 25 years old. She definitely had a command in her aura that gently took hold of those around her. She was a black woman, and she was beautiful.

"Alexander, it is good to see you again my friend." She took my hand and brought me into a hug. As we made contact, there was a nudge somewhere in my memory -- I knew her and she had a good heart. She also introduced me to Jacob. "Jacob has replaced Anthony; he settled down some time ago with his, then, new love." Jacob appeared to be slightly younger than Jennifer with spiky black hair and blue eyes. Jacob was white and they were both fair. No one else wore the same style of clothing as Danny and I; they all seemed to have their own style but each wore an insignia. I noticed that both Jennifer and Jacob wore our symbol.

"Pleased to meet you Jacob," I said as I extended my hand with a smile.

"It's an honour commander," he responded. He had dimples in his smile; it reminded me of Danny and as I looked onto him, I could see it as well. It made him all the more cuter!

"This is Captain McKenzie," Danny spoke as he signaled towards Jennifer, "and this is Vice Captain Tannin," he signaled towards Jacob. "They are responsible for our protective units. There are four such units in total, each with their own specialty. I felt it best, for now, that the other Guardians not be invited to this meeting so that the natural process of awakening may continue." Danny continued.

I suppose that makes Casey an angel; I wonder which one. There were two seats at the head of the table. Danny motioned us to be seat and he began to speak, in a clear and concise voice that filled the room, "Thank you all for making yourselves available. There is an impending danger that threatens not only Earth but the Universe. Recently, the Angel of Water, Alexander had been abducted by a rouge angel, Namon." The emotions of those in the room leapt out and I could feel the anger. I looked over at Casey and saw that she was both confused and deeply worried. No one interrupted Danny as he spoke -- I suppose they have all learned to control their composure. Danny continued to explain how Namon operates, the magnitude of the damage he's done and what he'd done at Zanto.

"Alexander is okay," Danny said as he looked over me with a gorgeous smile on his face; I nodded to ease the minds of everyone. "Namon is too powerful for us to deal with alone. At some stage we will meet with the Dark Guardians and integrate their roles in the conflict. We do not know when he will strike but of course, we will be made aware at least 24 hours before it happens. There are two questions we need to answer: should we rush the awakening and should I contact our father and ask for help?" Danny finished.

"Do we even know how to rush the awakening? We strive to maintain the balance and rushing such natural processes has come with great consequences." A very young person spoke. He has ash blonde, medium length hair, green eyes and seemed to be a bit shorter than Errol.

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