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Chapter 5, Part 1


One day ago

Previous: "What was that!?" the other boy exclaimed as he levitated two metallic spikes and send them hurling towards the remaining two vampires.

I willed a fireball to manifest; instead something that seemed like a curved, light blue blade made of energy appeared. There was an odd feeling attached to it that was very familiar. Change was coming, I could feel it but right now I just want to get home and pretend the world isn't going insane.

"I'm not sure; let's just get home." I replied to Ashley. Ash and I have been friends since I remember having friends. We were different, and we could sense it in each other. Eventually he spoke to me about our common difference and since we've had this bothersome way of finding trouble. Not all vampires are bad how would I know that? I just do; we just know things. Things from another life perhaps, I'm not sure what I believe really, but when we get that calling... that calling that tells us trouble is on the way, we answer.

Recently there's been an increase of bad vampires, for a lack of a better term. I'm not sure why they turn to dust when we attack them but I'm pretty sure that it's not normal... but then again our normal has never really matched societies, why would it in this bizarre circumstance.

As I replied to him, I shrugged. We casually made our way to catch a train home we knew how to teleport, but out of sight destinations were dangerous; we could teleport into an object and something that's physically impossible should probably never happen. We play it safe and stick to our basics.

Ash is taller than I am; we both have semi-muscular bodies with a physical strength that did not match our physique. Ash has quite dashingly good looks... I noticed; I tend to notice guys. Never really been turned on by one but they seem much more interesting than girls. I know I've become more... appealing since I lost weight. More people notice me and while it does feel good to feel wanted, it feels superficial rather than a sincere effort to get to know the real me but then again I'm not sure I even know the real me. It's very easy for me to read peoples' feeling; sometimes too easy, sometimes uncomfortable so people carry lots of pain.

As we sat in the train, my vision was taken over and I was in a blindingly white room with other people; individuals I knew and trusted. A voice echoed in my head, "And in his love, you will find faith."

"What the fuck was that?" Ash whispered loudly to me.

What was what? I communicated back to him.

He projected the images and sounds back to me; yup he saw the same thing. You had that distant look in your eyes; I'm guessing you saw that too!?

I nodded and began to stare out the window. I knew he wanted to discuss it but I wasn't in the mood to analyse the event. That and this anxious feeling was building inside me. Encounters like our last one tend to unnerve me; was there another way to deal with the problem? No other means that we have. Then why does it bother me so much? Because those creatures had feelings; I could sense their emptiness, I knew that feeling well.

We eventually reached our stop and walked the home together in comfortable silence. We knew each other long enough. Regardless, ideal chit-chat hardly seems appropriate after killing something. Ash lives just down the block with his father. His mother lives in South Africa and he rarely ever sees her. But that's about to change.

I walked in and helped my twin, Natasha, pack up things; we were also moving to South Africa the main reason Ash decided it was time for him to bond with his mother. I didn't really have a say in the matter but it didn't bother me; tasks like packing up offered a normalcy that I welcomed. Natasha and I both had chestnut-reddish hair but while I had brownish-amber eyes, Natasha had hazel eyes. We were about the same height with rather straight hair; so I often left it un-styled. We were really close; when the emotions become overbearing, she's my ray of sunshine.

We're a somewhat large family; I have two older brothers and after a while, I need space. It's not that I didn't want to be around them, it's more that I wanted to be alone. Maybe I feel misunderstood, maybe I feel that I don't belong, maybe I just need space to find myself.

Walking always helped; it allows me to escape the heavy emotions and find peace for a while. Just the act of walking in itself is soothing. This time my feet eventually led me to the mall; it was just past four pm. I just walking around with my ear phones on music helps drown out the noise of the world somewhat. Looking casually at the people around me as I continued on my way until my eyes made contact with the most captivating brown eyes I have ever seen. He was sitting at the food court, alone with a cup of something warm. And as our eyes met I simply stopped moving. It's so unlike me to stare let alone stare so indignantly. But in that moment the only thing that registered in my mind... in my heart, was peace and familiarity.

He eventually got up, not breaking eye contact as he approached me, "Do I know you from somewhere? You seem very familiar." He asked.

I shook my head and spoke, "I don't think so." I gingerly offered my hand, "I'm Kyle." Some part of me was horrified that he knew I was starting but most of me was still captive by his eyes and there was no urgency to break that.

"Leo," he replied softly and he shook my hand. His skin felt so good against mine and my body tingled from the contact. He smiled warmly at me and of course I smiled back. We eventually let go of each other's hands; I wonder how odd we must have seemed to the onlooker but I doubt anyone was that interested.

"Would you care to join me Kyle?" Leo asked somewhat more confidently. I nodded and we walked over to his table. There was a distinctive physical attraction that urged me to be close to him; a physical force and I wonder if he felt it as well. He seemed happy to be here with me, almost relieved from whatever existence he is accustomed to. I want to get to know him better even though the time I have left in London is slowly fading.

"I'm not usually this articulate." I smiled as I looked onto him. He had this emo-style of dressing; he wore baggy black cargo pants, a white shirt that showed his slim physique and a studded leather band around his wrist. He also had a piecing by his right brow. He looked to be about my age, 16.

"This is a bit unorthodox isn't it?" He looked down and half whispered, "I'm usually invisible." What an odd thing to say but I suppose that feeling of being alone is one of the most shared feelings in humanity.

"I find that difficult to believe. You're rather handsome." I blurted out but recovered with a grin; I was feeling euphoric and somewhat daring.

His face light up. "You're not so bad yourself!" he winked at me. "I'm happy to have met you Kyle." Did we just flirt? I became excited and nervous at the same time! I know this feeling, though not personally butterflies in my tummy; I wanted to find out more.

"Ditto," I gleamed back at him. I decided, against my usual behaviour, to let my walls down a bit, "I sometimes like being invisible. I suppose I'm trying to avoid disappointment in a way," I mused.

He looked at me with curious eyes; oh such beautiful eyes. "I find it difficult to trust people so I suppose I keep them at arm's length." He replied honestly.

I could tell he didn't want to discuss this further; hopefully another time. "I hope you'll give me the opportunity to earn your trust Leo." I looked sincerely into his eyes, my heart pounding, opening myself up for possible rejection so unlike me! My thought just freely escaped my month; he makes me feel so comfortable even with the butterflies fluttering away.

"I'm trouble Kyle." He lowered his face in dejection. It broke my heart to see him like that.

"I'm no picnic either," I replied in a lowered, calm voice as I offered my hand on the table, "but I'd really like to get to know you better."

He looked up and smiled back at me before he placed his hand in mine. My power reacted to his touch; it was an incredible feeling. Something in him reacted to I know he enjoyed my touch just as much by the look on his face.

I held his hand for a few moments before I spoke again, "Shall we go for a walk?"

He nodded and we reluctantly broke hand contact as we got up. We decided to walk towards the park and every so often I'd gentle brush against him and he'd blush.

"I don't believe I've seen you around these parts before Leo, I'm sure I would have remembered." He blushed at my comment. His bashful nature was alluring and so innocent.

"I've been living with my mum in Ireland. I'm here to spend some time with my dad." There was some trepidation at the mention of his father.

"Ah, you don't have much of an accent at all! I would have sworn you were British!" I replied.

"I actually do; I'm just really good at hiding it," he smirked.

I smiled at him, he's so adorable. "Are you enjoying your time here?"

He shrugged, "It is what it is. I'm enjoying spending time with you though." He looked at me with hopeful eyes.

Did he want our potential friendship to be something more or perhaps I'm being overzealous and seeing what I want to see. Regardless, we seem to feel equally comfortable with each other. "You're a breath of fresh air Leo." He really was; I've never felt this free... this liberated in a very long time. "Thank you, I very much enjoy spending time with you too."

He blushed again and I nudged him playfully. "Leo, there's something I should tell you." He looked at me a bit worried. "I'm moving to South Africa and our flight leaves on Wednesday."

He stopped walking, "That's just my luck isn't it?" His eyes held tears back.

I stepped in front of him and placed my hands on his shoulder. His muscles where so firm; focus... "That doesn't mean we can't be in contact anymore. Please don't push me away Leo. I really wish I could spend more time with you but at least give me these two days with you." That was the scariest confession I have ever made!

A tear escaped his eye. He wiped it away, nodded and we continued to walk. There was silence for a little while. Did my confession cross a boundary? I think the tear was a sign that my words touched his heart. He's difficult to read unique and that's just one of the reasons I'm falling for him.

"I'm sorry for reacting like that Kyle. I..." he hesitated for a moment, "don't really have many friends."

I draped my arm around his shoulders, "So we're just friends then?" One of my more boulder questions; sometimes our emotions give us the leap of faith we need to do something as illogical as love. I want to know if this could be the start of something more; even if I have to hazard through teleportation.

By this time we made it to the park. There weren't many people around; I suppose it was a bit late to be here. I think it made him a bit brave though and he kissed my cheek and wrapped his hands around my waist. I pulled him closer as we stood over the tranquil pond.

I suppose that answered my question. Instead of overwhelming excitement, I felt more of that peace I felt earlier... I felt as if this was meant to be.

"Do you think magic could be real Leo?" I asked him, wanting to reveal who I really am to him.

"Um..." he hesitated then just nodded. Either he was contemplating or there was something more he wanted to tell me.

We eventually made our way to a nearby bench and sat while holding hands. I would have never thought I'd one day be sitting with a boy that I very much fancied while holding his hand! It was rather late but I didn't want this to end.

I really wanted to kiss him and since time is running out, I decided to throw caution to the wind and ask... I mean this was like a half date of sorts, he couldn't possibly be straight. "Leo, may I kiss you?"

He looked sincerely into my eyes before nodding. We leaned forward while tilting our heads accordingly until our lips touched. My body half shuddered from this new, amazing feeling. His lips are so soft and moist. I parted my lips a bit to draw his lip into my mouth and we began kissing more deeply.

I brought my hand to his gorgeous face and we continued to make out of a little while. It was the best experience of my young life. When we eventually stopped, he was blushing adorably, and then spoke, "Wow."

I giggled, "Your lips are so soft and tasty!" I exclaimed. He leaned in and kissed me quickly.

"Thank you, so are yours!"

"Leo, do you believe in destiny Leo?" I asked somewhat cryptically

"I suppose, do you think all destiny's lead to something good?" he completed softly.

"I think we all have a sacred contract of sorts and that there are important things we need to complete before our end. I just know that your destiny will lead to something great!" I exclaimed happily; I wanted to cheer him up but it was more than that, the conviction in my voice came from a sincere truth. There was something amazing about him that's going to make the world a better place.

He smiled at me as stray tear fell down his cheek. I kissed it away and whispered in his ear, "I really do believe that Leo."

"Thank you Kyle. Do you think our destinies are linked?"

"Our meeting is a bit, how'd you put it, unorthodox. Regardless, I'd like you to continue to be in my life. Would you like to be my boyfriend?"

He lunged onto me in a hug and happily replied with a yes before we engaged in more kissing. These new emotions he was causing me to feel felt so good... oh so good. But something was tugging at my consciousness. I was getting that calling again; but it wasn't leading me anywhere, the trouble was here.

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