What follows is a work of complete fantasy.

About the story:

This series will describe the adventures of a teenaged boy who is rescued from a cruel fate in his home village
by a friend, but ultimately finds himself on his own in a world that is being ravaged by brutal race wars between the humans, and the hated vicious and barbaric races, the kobolds, orcs and ogres.  In his travels he learns the surprising truth about the history of the realm, the nature of its inhabitants and the reason for the war that has been withheld from his people.  He also learns that the humans are very close to a complete victory.  Realizing that the other races are facing obliteration he decides to take a gamble that would level the playing field once again in the hope that it might lead to a better outcome.  Doing so however will require him to utterly betray his own people.

There will be some very rough and violent sex described in great detail between men and men, men and orcs, orcs and kobolds, kobolds and men, ogres and men, and so on and so forth in various combinations with much of it involving the teenaged boy.  None of it is based in any way on reality but it may be disturbing to some.  Should you choose to read it please keep in mind that it is not real, but simply fantasy.

If this is not the type of story you would enjoy, please stop reading now.

If there is any reason legal or otherwise why you should not read such a story, please stop reading now.

If you are the type of person who has any difficulty whatsoever separating fantasy from reality, please stop reading now.

The events depicted in these stories have not happened, and will not ever happen. No one should ever attempt to replicate them in any way in real life. These events are a work of fantasy for the enjoyment of those with a healthy mind who have no problem keeping them in the realm of imagination. I have never attempted, nor would I attempt, any such acts myself and as such I am likely to get some details completely wrong. One thing I am certain of is that in real life, young boys would NOT appreciate this sort of thing being done to them and they are INCAPABLE of giving informed consent to allow these things to be done to them. If you ever even consider attempting these acts in real life then you should immediately seek help.

Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

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The Hawthorne Accord - Chapter 10

Neville had slept the night in the ogre chieftain's pavilion snuggled up against his two new massive friends while laid out on a pile of soft pillows.  It was the best night's sleep he'd had in a long time and he had wakened feeling fresh and ready to face another day.

They had all risen before dawn and began their last march at first light.  The mood had been somber among the soldiers as they marched on knowing that the next morning would decide the fate of all the races once and for all.

Neville, Lyboxus, Chaum, Braxas, Tybac and even Norn had all walked together talking and joking as they went early on but even they became quieter as the day wore on and they came closer to the final showdown between the races.

As the sun set and night fell they approached the point where the army would stop and rest up before the attack at dawn.

Neville once again spent the night in Chaum's pavilion but this time the ogre chieftain had also invited the three kobolds to join them and Neville slept as part of the warm furry wonderful dog pile they created.

They rose once again well before dawn and the army began to organize itself for the attack.  At the front were two long lines of ogres carrying amazingly large and thick tower shields that stretched from above their heads to the ground with a small slot for them to see through.  They would walk in a line forming a sort of movable keep wall that would be unbreakable without siege engines.  Their primary role was to squeeze the human forces back into the pass to be chewed to ribbons by the kobold and orc forces moving in from the other side.  Any who managed to make it through the wall would be crushed into a fine paste by the ogres in the back wielding their war hammers.

Just before dawn the army began to march forward in formation to cover the last of the ground before they would come upon the human army.

As the day lightened and the sun prepared to rise they came up over a low hill and there before them in the distance was the entirety of the human army standing fast and ready to take on the ogres.  The mass of human soldiers stretched all the way back funneling along the mountains on both sides and stretched across the mountain pass where the ruins of Neville's village still smoked.  Neville could see that the bulk of soldiers at the back were holding shields and pikes making a wall of their own and were facing back into the pass preparing for the coming of the combined orc and kobold forces.

Neville and the two leaders of the races and some others stood off to the side of the ogre army on a high point of ground to observe.  Lyboxus' mates stood ready to race wherever needed to relay commands if it became necessary.

Neville was awed by the number of human soldiers he saw spread out before them.  At the front of the human forces facing the ogres he saw what appeared to be a long line of some sort of siege machines that were low to the ground.  They looked like massive crossbows with a sloped shield in front and each with three men manning them and a large pile of some sort of iron rods behind each machine.

Something tweaked in Neville's memory about the machines and he thought hard.  It came to him and he spoke urgently to Chaum.

"I know what those machines are!  Jake Smith described them to me once when he was drilling me in fighting and defense.  He said he'd been asked to come out and repair one once when the army was testing them out in the field near our village.  He said they were a new design of siege engine meant to take down ogres.  He called them 'scorpions'.  The piles of ammunition behind the machines are sharp iron bolts designed to easily pierce the thickest shields and at close range would still have the energy to pass through multiple ogres behind.  Jake told me after he'd repaired the machine he watched them shoot bolts at an oak tree that went completely through the trunk from almost a hundred paces away!" Neville said.

The big ogre chieftain groaned, "These human military engineers are too damn clever and are always a step ahead of us!  I have never seen these machines before but it looks like they could certainly do the kind of damage you describe."

"It should be of no consequence if the others are in position and ready Chaum my sweet friend.  Do not despair my dear," said Lyboxus encouragingly, "Trust me and give the order to advance as planned."

They all waited quietly for some timing signal that Neville was not aware of.  Then the sun suddenly peeked up over the horizon behind them to partially blind the human forces who were facing east and Chaum immediately roared the order to advance.

The solid wall of ogres began a fast and steady march forward with the rest of the army behind them.

Neville felt a knot forming in his stomach as he watched the army moving toward the line of war machines.  Suddenly the machines all shuddered and long bolts flew at tremendous speed across the field.  There was still enough distance between the two armies that most of the bolts fell just short but a couple of them actually made contact with ogre shields with enough force to make the ogre stagger backwards as the bolt bounced off.

The ogres were not deterred and they continued to advance.  They approached onward and then another volley was shot from the scorpions and this time more made contact with the ogres' shields and to Neville's horror one or two actually pierced the thick shield and came within inches of striking the ogre behind it.  The next volley might go right through if they kept closing the gap!

At that moment Neville saw movement in the sky and looked up and saw giant boulders begin to rain down.  It was the catapults in the mountains!

Almost all of the first boulders hit the ground between the two armies but one actually came close to hitting the human war machines.  There was a pause in the rain of rocks and Neville knew they must be adjusting the ranging of the catapults and the next round would likely fall right on target.  He was terrified for the ogre forces.  They would be decimated by the combination of human war machines.  He looked on in distress as he saw the scorpion operators loading for another volley while the ogres continued to advance.

Just as the scorpions prepared to shoot again Neville saw the next volley of boulders coming down and he knew it was likely over for the ogres at this point.  The first boulder hit much closer to the scorpions this time and the next actually struck one of the machines and as it exploded into pieces the shrapnel from it struck human soldiers around it and took them out.  To Neville's shock he saw more boulders hitting machines and some falling further behind their front line and sending large groups of men flying through the air.  Many were being crushed to a pulp in the craters left by the rain of boulders.  One large boulder landed directly onto a pile of the iron bolts and the ammunition flew out in every direction and tore up several humans around the pile.

There was a brief pause and then a steady stream of boulders began to fall all hitting targets within the human forces.  Neville realized at once that the ogre and orc forces must have been moving up the mountains on either side of the pass to take control of the human catapults!  They would be fed nonstop from the ready supply of boulders up in the mountains and aimed and shot by orcs.  Neville was amazed at the tactical maneuver as he watched more than half of the human army being decimated by a steady rain of large rocks coming down from atop the low mountains.  He now saw rocks falling just ahead of the back line of humans and in and among them breaking up their wall of shields and pikes and forcing them back into the mass of human soldiers.

In a short time none of the scorpions remained and the ogre army continued to march forward steadily and were already almost upon the wreckage of the human war machines.  The humans realized there was nothing they could do and they began to retreat into the pass but the catapults had already shortened their range to continue to decimate the humans who began to break and run faster into the pass.  They quickly realized there were rocks coming from both sides squeezing them together.  They would be annihilated if they stayed together so the human soldiers began to break any sort of formation and scatter in every direction.

The ogre wall broke into a charge and they all roared as one as the rain of boulders ceased completely to allow them to come upon the human army and force them all back together and into the narrowest part of the pass.  They were going to roll over them and there would not be a single human standing to tell of it.

At the same time from behind the humans a massive force of angry kobolds poured in from the other side of the pass and began tearing into the human army's rear followed up by a steady stream of armed orcs.

The humans were already down to less than a quarter of their forces and Neville saw several of them begin to throw down their weapons and shields and tear off their mail shirts and fall to their knees with their hands over their heads.  Any who did so were being spared so more and more joined.  Before long Neville began to see white flags appear all across the lines of the remaining human forces as the humans realized there was truly no hope for them against the vastly superior forces.  It was a complete and utter rout!  There had been almost no losses whatsoever among the kobolds and not one ogre had fallen.

The ogres, orcs and kobolds stopped their advance and a deafening roar of victory swept through their armies and Neville's heart soared at the awesome sight of it.

Several large groups of ogre healers emerged from the back of the ogre army and began to move about performing triage first among the few kobolds who had been wounded and then they began to give aid to the fallen humans.

The war was over and all of the races he belonged to could finally begin to work towards living in harmony as they should have done all along.  There was no doubt that the other races would be able to dictate whatever terms they wished to the humans.

The leaders of the kobold and ogre races waited with Neville for the leader of the human army to be brought to them.  Neville was anxious to see the look of defeat on Braddock's face.

He watched with anticipation as he saw two orcs with a man held between them and several kobolds and some ogres following behind begin to make their way toward the leaders.  He was happy to see the orcs were Zebok and Tenimo and grinned and waved as they came towards him.  Their faces split into wide smiles as they saw him and they waved back.

Neville saw as they approached that it was not Braddock they held but Thurlowe.

"That is the man who spied on us near the falls.  That is not the leader of their army, is it Neville?" asked Lyboxus.

"No, it is not Braddock but his right hand, Thurlowe," said Neville, "Perhaps Braddock did not survive the attack."

They waited as the man was brought before them and forced to his knees.

"Where is the man Braddock that is leading your forces?" demanded Lyboxus.

"The coward ran when I gave him the news of the advancing ogre army and that they would not be harmed by the disease and the true size of your combined forces.   He left me in charge.  I believe he was going to the castle to meet with the King, perhaps to kill him, I don't know and frankly I don't care.  I will kill the cowardly deserter the next time I see him if I get the chance," said Thurlowe in anger.

"You may get your chance I suppose, but only if we decide to let you live.  You are the leader of the human army now and you will answer for its crimes as well as your monarch.  You will be taken with us as we travel to your castle with haste to resolve this conflict once and for all in the presence of your King," said Lyboxus coldly.

Thurlowe was dragged away and Lyboxus turned to the rest of them and said, "Come, we shall head to the human seat of rule immediately.  We should arrive by early evening."

Half of the combined armies were left to deal with the corpses of the human forces and to care for the wounded and the remaining soldiers who were all taken prisoner for the time being and the other half of the army made of equal parts of ogres, kobolds and orcs marched on with the leaders of all three races and Neville at the front.

They reached their destination an hour or so before sunset and the army spread out facing the castle with the wall of ogres at the front.

In moments after they'd settled in, a contingent came forth from the castle with a white flag and asked that representatives from the races accompany them into the castle to parlay with the King.

The three leaders of the races, their mates, and Neville all followed the contingent into the castle with Thurlowe being dragged behind by two ogres.

They were all led into the large throne room where the King sat upon his throne with some of his representatives around him.  Right at his side stood Lord Braddock with a cold and dead look in his eyes.  Braddock scanned the party as they came in and when his eyes came upon Neville he whispered something into the King's ear and the King's eyes narrowed and his face grew dark as he looked at Neville.

The party came to a stop and the King rose from his seat and pointed at Neville and shouted, "Whatever happens here today we demand that the traitor to the human race Neville Hawthorne be handed over to us to pay for his crimes against his people!"

Chaum, Lyboxus, Braxas and Tybac all roared long and loudly enough to shake the walls and the King blanched and went silent as he saw the intense and deadly hatred in all of their eyes and realized he and all of his attendants would be dead before they could blink again if the others so wished.

Zebok came forward to represent the races and spoke, "You will contain your emotions and learn your place in these talks quickly or it will not end well for you.  Know this, we see you as murderers of the entire race of elves and attempted murderers of the ogres.  We are prepared to eliminate the entire human race if needs be.  This is less a parlay and more our informing you of the way things will be from this day forward.  You are in no position to make any demands whatsoever.  The first thing you should understand is that if anything is said or done that we do not feel meets with our approval, we will raze this castle to the ground and kill every single member of your court and your armed forces and occupy your realm ourselves and educate your people in the correct way of living.  For now you will sit quietly and you will speak only when you are spoken to.  Chaum will gladly use his hammer to remind you of your place if it is so required.  Am I completely understood?"

As soon as he finished Chaum pulled his massive two handed war hammer and stood beside Zebok.

The King sank back down into his throne and gave a short and stiff nod without saying any more.

"Very well," continued Zebok, "we had planned on dismantling your rule and occupying your realm regardless but I have given it some thought and I believe we may be able to change our approach and allow you to stay a completely self governed race provided several conditions are met.  I might point out as well that it is only because of the love we all feel towards Neville Hawthorne that I have decided your people may be left under your own rule.  He has shown us what your race is capable of becoming.  Neville Hawthorne is the greatest of your people and you yourself are well below him in our estimation.  His word carries a great deal of weight with us, while yours carries nearly none.  Am I clear?"

The King's eyes went wide as he looked again at Neville.  He must have realized that his rule of the humans was hanging by a thread and that Neville Hawthorne was that very tenuous link.  With a word Neville himself could decide the fate of the King and his court and the entire human race.

"There are some requirements we must put forth before we discuss our other terms of peace.  These requirements will all be met without negotiation or resistance.  First and foremost, we demand that all of the human alchemists and their apprentices and any scribes who may have ever recorded any of their work be handed over to us for summary execution for their crimes.  All of their recorded knowledge, whether intended for good use or ill, will be brought to us for destruction.  All of their workshops, tools, ingredients and experiments will be completely destroyed.  This is our most important set of requirements and should any one of them not be met or should we find that even a scrap of paper were withheld or the practice of their evil arts continued we will, much to our regret, be forced to kill every single human man, woman and child and wipe every trace of your race from the land in order to protect our own.  Is the first set of requirements completely understood?"

The King was extremely pale now but he did not hesitate to nod and agree to the terms.

Zebok continued, "Secondly, all human military forces will be disbanded and all weapons of war destroyed.  You will never again be allowed to stand an army up and any attempt to do so will require us to destroy the armies and their soldiers and remove your government and occupy your realm ourselves.  Is the second requirement completely understood?"

"How can we possibly defend ourselves against possible future threats if you do not allow us to build an army!?" demanded the King.

"Our races will defend our friends with our own lives.  That is how we live.  Should we come to find that you are indeed one of us and our friends than we shall defend you if ever there is a threat.  Should you not come to be our friends, then you shall most certainly be on your own, without an army, and we will not care what becomes of you!  Again I ask, is the second requirement completely understood?" asked Zebok angrily.

Once again the King nodded in defeat.

"Finally, we will require that you allow us to educate your people in the correct way to live and love your neighbors and stay in balance with the world.  This may include dissolving any form of organized religion you follow, though we will be flexible on that term should your religions prove to be malleable and willing to change some of their doctrines to allow more freedom to your people.  We require you to accept our free and open sexuality across gender and racial boundaries.  We require you to allow your own people the same freedoms without judgment.  Should we discover you are in any way persecuting those who express freedoms that we feel they are entitled to we will dissolve your rule of law and remove your religious leaders and destroy your religious writings and educate your people in the correct way to live.  These last requirements we are willing to negotiate on somewhat and they can form the agreement between us that will bind the future of our races together in whatever way your people formally make such pledges," Zebok explained.

"Our peoples' way is to compose a binding document which will be signed by the leaders of all races and define the conditions of peace that we all agree to live by.  We call it an accord.  Once signed we are bound by law to follow its principles completely as laid out," said the King.

"Our races will agree to sign this document and live by it on one condition," said Zebok, "We require a representative of all of our races to vet and sponsor the document.  His name will be on it.  If he approves of its contents and it carries his name we will all happily agree to sign it and to live by its rules."

"Agreed, name your representative," said the King.

"We name Neville Hawthorne," said Zebok.

The King's face flushed and he became angry.  He realized once again though that he was not in a position to make any demands or refuse the other races anything.  He slumped his shoulders and nodded once again and said, "Very well, our scholars will begin work on the document immediately with any of your advisors that you wish to involve including Neville Hawthorne.  In one week's time the Hawthorne Accord will be ready to sign and we shall have a ceremony to honor the event.  I will require my most trusted advisor to be part of the negotiations as well."

"Name your advisor then," said Zebok impatiently.

"I name Holden Braddock," said the King.

There was an immediate uproar among the leaders of the races and Neville became angry and shouted, "He is an evil man!  He orchestrated an attempt to wipe the ogres from the face of the land with a vile disease!  He raped and tortured me and who knows how many others before me!  He destroyed my village and others before it!  He started the war by secretly attacking the kobolds and luring them out to make it appear that they had attacked unprovoked!  He intended to be the champion of the people and usurp you as King!  What sort of blind fool are you to listen to his black lies!?"

The King flushed and shouted at Neville, "You forget your place boy!  Braddock has informed me that kobolds destroyed your village and murdered all who lived there!  They started this war!  I will not listen to your false accusations!  What proof have you that any of this is true?"

"Silence!" roared Lyboxus, "It is you who forget your place!  Neville is the only person in this room at the moment who can ultimately decide the fate of your entire race!  Should he decide he does not like the direction of these talks and simply flicks his hand in dismissal towards you I shall personally come forward and tear your fucking skins from your bodies, rip out your organs and eat them, and then piss in the cavity left behind!"

The King blanched and went quiet again.

Zebok spoke again, "I am happy that you reminded me of that Braddock name once again.  We will require that the ex-leader of your armed forces be imprisoned for the remainder of his years.  While he is held in your prison he will have a vocation.  It will be his job to pleasure any of the other prisoners in whatever ways they require of him and as often as required for the rest of his days.  Failure to comply with this requirement will result in our dissolution of your rule and the occupation of your realm by our people.  Am I understood?"

The King became angry again and said, "Until I see proof otherwise he remains a hero to our people.  I feel it may be in your best interests to not treat him too harshly or you may cause unhappiness and unrest in the human population."

"Bah!  He is no hero!  He is a deserter and a coward!" a voice shouted from the back.

"Who speaks?  Come forward!" said the King.

Thurlowe moved from the back to the front of the contingent followed by his ogre captors.

"I spoke.  I am Braddock's first officer and I am fully aware of everything the man has done and admit my own complicity in some of it in the hopes that you will grant me some clemency.  It was Braddock who ordered the village burned.  All of its people had fled into the night but he ordered some of his soldiers to go out and hunt them down and kill them and make it look like kobolds had done it.  The soldiers had not yet returned so they may have succeeded or they may still be out hunting the people as we speak.  All that the boy said is completely true I assure you and I can give you the names of others who can verify the truth of it.  The man is vile and despicable and he did indeed have every intention of replacing you as King," said Thurlowe.

Braddock began to turn purple with rage but before he could say anything the King shouted, "Guards!  Seize Braddock and hold him!  I will be questioning others and if any of this information is verified I will certainly have no problem complying with that particular requirement."

Just then the doors at the side of the room burst open and five kobolds entered.  One of them was white with brown patches and a large patch over his left eye.

"Jex!" Lyboxus and Neville shouted simultaneously.

The kobolds all looked over and grinned at their leader and then at Neville as they realized who he must be.  They moved aside and to Neville's delight behind them filed in his mother and father and several people from his village.  More and more continued to come into the room filling one side of it until Neville was able to account for every single one of the people he'd known his whole life and bringing up the rear was Jake Smith.

Neville's heart nearly leapt from his chest as he cried out and ran towards the smith.  Jake saw him and ran towards Neville with tears in his eyes and a very wide grin on his face.

The two met at the center and Jake swept Neville into his arms and spun him around.  Then he simply held him tightly in a hug as the two wept tear of joy in each other's arms.

The whole assembly looked on as the two simply stood and hugged and said nothing while they held each other tightly as if they were afraid should they let go they might lose each other again.

Several minutes went by and finally the King grew impatient and cleared his throat.

Chaum raised his hammer and began to walk threateningly toward the King who immediately paled and went quiet again.

They all waited quietly to allow the two to enjoy their reunion in peace and finally Neville said, "I love you more than my life.  I've missed you so!  I've been thinking of you and wishing you were with me ever since you were taken from me.  I want to be with you forever.  I love you Jake!"

"I love you too Neville more than you will ever know.  I was so afraid when I was taken and we discovered you'd given up and turned back to the village.  I did not know what had happened to you and I feared the worst until we finally received word that you'd been rescued by the orc leader and taken safely to their army.  I love you so much I will never leave your side again!" said Jake.

The two hugged a bit longer and then finally walked hand in hand back to join with the leaders of the races.

Finally the King was allowed to speak again, "Who are you and what is your attachment to this boy?"

"I am Jakobson Smith and I am Neville's future mate.  We will be tied together in wedlock and go to live among the kobolds as soon as we are able.  I am also witness to the destruction of our village at the hands of the madman Braddock and all of these people are witnesses as well.  It was the five kobolds you see here who tracked down every single person from our village and brought them to safety to protect them from Braddock's soldiers.  Neville's father is also witness to the rape and torture that Braddock himself committed against the boy.  Personally, were I Neville, if you chose to continue to allow Braddock his freedom I would order the deaths of both of you," Jake said coldly.

Neville smiled coldly at the King and nodded his agreement.

The King did not need any further convincing, "Very well, Braddock will be imprisoned as required and will be the chattel of all of the other prisoners to do with as they please."

It was Braddock's turn to blanche now but he knew his fate was sealed so he remained silent.

The King turned his attention back to Zebok to continue their negotiations and he said, "You have agreed to follow our tradition and sign an accord for peace, we will agree to follow whatever tradition you require as well, name it."

"We have a tradition that is based on the sharing of our seed.  The tradition has already been followed in one direction and Neville has been made a member of all of our races by planting his seed in us while the sacred words were spoken.  Our tradition for friendship between entire races is similar but requires that our leaders plant their seed in the leader of your race while sacred words are spoken in order to make your entire race joined to us and seal the pact in both directions," explained Zebok.

The King blanched again as he looked over the leaders of the races pausing briefly at the massive kobold and his eyes finally stopped on the huge bulge between the ogre chieftain's legs.

"You cannot possibly mean to have me allow you to bugger me!  I will not do it!" shouted the King.

"You will do it or the entire agreement is void and we will proceed to dismantle your rule and do all the other things necessary to correct the ways of your people," said Zebok.

Lyboxus leaned in and whispered some things into Zebok's ear.  The orc smiled and nodded and then spoke again.

"Lyboxus as always has shown his brilliance as a tactician and has just given me a most excellent suggestion.  You see, in our tradition when we allowed Neville to dominate us while he planted his seed he briefly became the leader of the race of the person he was dominating.  We will allow our rules to be bent and allow you to briefly name someone else as the supreme leader of your people only for the moment that we plant our seed within him.  This would allow you to name anyone you wish to take your position as King of your people.  As such we will be planting our seed in the leader of your race in front of witnesses and our tradition will be fulfilled.  I can think of one person who would fit the bill quite nicely," said Zebok.

The King looked startled and said, "You don't mean to have me order the boy Neville to be used by that massive ogre!  He would be torn assunder!  I am not so cruel!"

Zebok shook his head and flicked his eyes to the side.

The King looked puzzled and looked in the direction the orc had indicated.  Suddenly a great smile spread across his face as he realized what he was being told.

"Agreed!  I will hand over my power during the ceremony and decree that it return to me the moment the leader of the ogre race gives his seed to my replacement," said the King.

He then turned toward Braddock and said, "You will see your wish come true.  You will replace me as King of the entire realm, though only for about twenty minutes or so I'm afraid.  Should you even attempt to make any proclamations or decrees while you briefly hold the power you would be breaking the agreement with the other races and one of their soldiers would be happy to remove your head I should think."

Braddock blanched even more to the point of looking as though every last drop of his blood had drained away.

"Very well, I believe we have covered all that is required.  Let us break up and reconvene in one week's time for the two ceremonies," said Zebok.

The entire assembly broke up and Jake and Neville went with the three leaders of the races back to join with their army outside the castle.

There was a great deal of celebration that evening and Jake and Neville held tightly to each other the entire time.  All others left the two alone knowing they would want to catch up with each other and there would be plenty of time through the week for them all to get to know each other better.  They were all anxious to meet Jake but they felt they would do better to wait until the next day.

Jake quickly told Neville everything that had happened to him after his capture by the kobolds leading up to the orcs and ogres hunting down all of Braddock's soldiers they could find in the woods while kobolds tracked down all of the people of the village and brought them to safety.  Then it was Neville's turn to speak and for the rest of the evening Jake listened in amazement and rapt attention as the boy described in great detail his entire adventure from the moment he'd heard Jake get hit over the head by Jex.

Late at night Chaum finally approached the two and told them that he'd had a separate pavilion set up for them to share and led them to it.

He said his goodnights and left the two lovers to enjoy each other alone.

Neville stripped and ran to the middle of the tent and dived onto the pillows and rolled onto his back.  Jake stripped and chased him in and lay down over top of Neville.  He took the boy's hands in his own and pushed them up over Neville's head and held them there as he placed his mouth on Neville's and began to kiss him with all of the passion for the boy he'd been keeping bottle up for so long.  Jake and Neville both moaned in ecstasy as they writhed against each other and sucked at each other's tongues and explored every corner of each other's mouths.  Their tongues darted back and forth as one pulled his tongue into his own mouth and the other's tongue chased it in and then back the other way.  They wrestled and clung to each other and necked in passion for a long while.  Neville could already feel Jakes thick cock pressing hard against his thigh and Neville's cock was as hard as it could possibly get as the soft hair of Jake's belly rubbed against it.

Finally after what seemed to Neville like minutes but was probably closer to an hour the two broke apart breathlessly and Jake whispered urgently to Neville, "I am sorry my love.  I wanted to do this right and make it a slow and wonderful experience but I simply cannot.  I must fuck you now!  Please?"

Neville grinned a wide grin and tears formed at the edge of his eyes as he looked up into the face of his one true love and he said, "I think that would suit me just fine.  How about you do that to me, then I fuck you hard, then you can fuck me quick and hard, then I'll do it back to you.  Some time in a few weeks of fucking when we've got it mostly out of our system we can then try to take it nice and slow.  For now, to quote a dear friend of mine, let's fuck like fiends!  I've been dreaming of this for so long.  Please fuck me with all the love you feel for me and know that I feel it all for you."

Jake smiled and leaned in and kissed Neville once more and then moved back between the boy's legs and took his ankles and lifted them up onto his shoulders as he worked his knees forward and took a position to enter him.  He carefully positioned his thick cock head that was leaking precum constantly now against Neville's anus and then he pushed hard and forced his cock in and Neville groaned loudly at the pleasure of being taken by his man.  Jake moaned loudly too as he continued to push forward to thrust the entire length of his long thick manhood into the boy's rectum until his large hairy balls bumped up against Neville's ass.

He then pushed his body forward more and lifted Neville's ass higher as he moved in to insert his tongue back in Neville's mouth.  Neville was bent in half and he did not care one bit.  He couldn't think of any position he'd rather be in right now.  He chased Jake's tongue out of his mouth and then thrust his tongue into Jake's.  While sucking on Neville's tongue Jake then began to pull his ass up and thrust back down hard into Neville and he moaned each time.  Neville grunted at the sensation of his anus being worked by the long thick shaft as it pushed in and his prostate being repeatedly hammered by Jake's large cock head.  Jake reveled in the snug warm fit of his lover's hole and he knew he would never get tired of this particular activity and they would be doing it a lot from now on.  He began to thrust harder and faster as he started to feel his loins boil up.

He pulled back away from Neville's face so he could look down at the boy he was fucking and he grabbed Neville's ankles and held them up as he began to grunt and thrust into him with all his might.  The sensation of his cock thrusting along the tightly flexed anus into the snug warm tunnel and the feeling of his balls banging hard against the boy's ass combined to send him spinning out of control as his orgasm rolled over him like a crashing ocean wave.  A surge of electricity bloomed outward from his loins as his big balls tightened up and he felt the massive load of cum he'd built rush up the length of his cock.  His cock head expanded as he grunted and a massive volley of his semen was shot deep into Neville's bowels.  He grunted and thrust hard again as he felt his cock head expand once more and he shot another long spurt of his hot seed into the boy.  His body was wracked with spasms as he came again and again.  It was the most intense experience of his life and he prayed it would never end.  He felt as though he'd shot a gallon of cum into the boy and finally the pulsing of his pelvic muscle began to ease off and his thrusting slowed.  He pushed one last time hard and deep into the boy and held the position and waited while the last of his seed leaked out into Neville.

He finally regained control and looked down at Neville and saw the love of his life staring dreamily back at him.

"Thank you so much Jake!  I've never felt so wanted in my whole life.  I love you so much!" Neville exclaimed.

Jake pulled his softening cock out of the boy and moved to lie beside him and then pulled him over onto him for a hug.

"I think I will need to fuck you quite often my love.  I didn't quite get that just right and I will have to practice a great deal to be sure I can meet your needs," Jake said softly joking.

"You meet all of my needs and more.  I am happier than I'd ever imagined I could be right now.  I've had some amazing experiences in the last few days yet none of them made me feel as good as this.  I think as long as I am in your arms there's simply nothing else I need in the world.  I was so wrapped up in the other side of the war and after Zebok and Lyboxus and Chaum all said the wonderful words to me while I gave them my seed I started to almost feel like I was every race except human anymore," Neville said.

"Yes, you told me those words.  They were quite beautiful.  I would love for you to give me your seed right now my love, for the first of a great many times," said Jake, "Will you show me how you took Lyboxus?  I should like to practice being mounted in that way as I would very much like you and I to play with our new kobold friends very soon."

Neville giggled and pushed Jake off of him and got up and ordered him to his hands and knees.

"I am your alpha," said Neville, "You will take your position before me and submit to me and you will not try to escape."

Jake obediently got on his hands and knees and looked back at his alpha male and lustfully smiled at him.

Neville immediately mounted his property.  He forced his cock hard into Jake's tight anus and grunted as he ran the full length in.  He leaned in and put his arms around Jake's waist and began to buck hard and fast like a dog.  He drove his feet back as he pushed hard forward and fucked with abandon to stab his cock as deep as it could possibly go into Jake.  Jake clenched his anus hard to give the boy the best possible sensation and Neville immediately began to moan.

Jake tried his best to remember the exact words but added his own twist as he began to intone, "I receive your gift from the Mother with love, honor and trust.  As you plant your seed in me know that it will grow into the deepest and most permanent bond between you and me.  You will be a part of me and be my only love from this day forward and I will afford you every status that entails.  I submit to your domination over me.  I place in you the complete trust of a lovesick smith.  Let all who witness spread the word.  You are now my human and I am yours."

Neville's heart swelled with love for Jake as he began to feel his balls tighten up and he shot his young load into his life's love for the first of many times.  He allowed the wonderful sensation of his orgasm to carry him away as he continued to hump with abandon at his lover and shot all of the seed his body could produce.

He finally began to come down and then pulled out and rolled Jake back over and crawled up onto him to rest in his beautiful smith's arms and gather his energy for the next round.  He couldn't believe how happy he felt and he knew it would only get better.

He felt human once more and he was with his mate and he couldn't be happier.


One week later the day of the ceremony arrived and the representatives of all of the races and additional witnesses gathered in a great hall in the castle for the signing of the accord.

The leaders all approached and one by one put their marks on the official document starting with the human King and then the orc, kobold and ogre leaders.

The King then declared the Hawthorne Accord to be a binding agreement for a lasting peace between the races and a rousing cheer went up around the hall.

The time came for the second part of the ceremony and a large bench was carried into the room by two ogres.  Bound face down onto the bench was Braddock, completely naked.  It looked as though his posterior had been well greased in preparation.  Several around the room chuckled at the sight and Braddock reddened.

The bench was placed in the center of the room and everyone gathered around it.  The King stepped up and gave the decree that would hand over his power to Braddock and make him ruler of the entire human race until such time as the ogre leader gives him his seed.  A kobold stepped up to stand at Braddock's head with a large axe in case the man decided to try to abuse his power but Braddock was far too much the coward to give up his life so he waited for what would come next and had resolved to simply get through it.

Zebok stepped up first.  He went behind Braddock and stripped down.  His awesome cock unfortunately refused to rise to the occasion.

"I am sorry but I find this man somewhat disgusting.  I am not sure if I will be able to proceed without some help," he said.

He looked around the room and spotted Neville and smiled at him.  Neville smiled back and came forward.  He kissed Zebok and then he took the orc's cock in his hand.  The affect was immediately apparent to all as the cock began to harden and grow in the boy's hand.  Neville began to stroke it as Zebok closed his eyes and smiled and the tip of the cock made its way to Braddock's anus and immediately thrust into it.  Zebok stood still and while Neville whispered things into his ear and continued to stroke his cock a large ball formed at the base and made its way along the wonderful tool until it finally bumped up against Braddock's anus.  Braddock shouted out in pain as the ball forced its way in and stretched his anus as it made its way toward the end of Zebok's cock.  Neville suddenly remembered how Braddock had made his father milk the commander's cock to send the last of his cum into Neville and he wondered at the incredible irony of being able to do the same himself.

Zebok then said, "I give my gift of the Mother to you and your people with honor and trust.  As I plant my seed in you know that it will grow into the deepest and most permanent bond between my people and yours.  Our people will become one and the same and we shall afford each other every status that entails.  As you submit to my domination know that I replace you as their leader for the moment that we are coupled.  You are placing in me the trust of an entire race and I will honor my commitment to treat you all as equals.  Let all who witness spread the word.  Our races are now as one."

Zebok looked into Neville's eyes and smiled and groaned as Neville worked his cock faster and the ball of cum exploded into Braddock's bowels.  Zebok then quickly pulled out and had an attendant wash his cock thoroughly and he stepped back to make room for the next.

Lyboxus stepped up and mounted Braddock and plunged forward and stabbed his cock into Braddock's anus.  Braddock shouted out again and the kobold ignored it as he began to hammer his hips hard at the man trying to make his cock go as deep as it would.  He began to slow down and it looked like things were not going to work out once again.  He looked over at Neville who smiled and went up to him and whispered in his ear and stroked his back and then moved behind him.  Neville lifted the kobold's tail and moved his face in and began to tongue Lyboxus' anus to heighten the sensation for him and Lyboxus closed his eyes and moaned and began to thrust harder again.  Neville couldn't help but remember what had happened in the inn the night of his rape when Braddock had forced Neville's father to do this very thing to help him get off.  Neville began to work the kobold's asshole with more zeal as he thought of the fact that he was helping the big kobold to shoot his cum into Braddock against the man's will.

Suddenly Lyboxus began to speak and recited the traditional words to seal the pact.  Then he moaned loudly and pushed hard against Braddock and began to pump his seed into the man while Neville continued to work his sweet pucker with his tongue.  When Neville detected that Lyboxus' anus had stopped pulsing and he'd expended all of his seed the boy stood and smiled and waited for the kobold to untie.  There was no wait as it appeared Lyboxus' knot began to go down the instant he'd released his seed and he simply had to pull very hard to forcefully remove his already shrinking knot from Braddock's anus causing the man to cry out in pain.  Braddock's anus was likely quite damaged as it stayed gaped wide open but at least now he might be better prepared for what would come next.  Lyboxus did not want to lick himself so he had attendants clean his cock carefully for him after he stepped out of the way.

The last to come up was Chaum.  He was naked but his massive cock hung limply between his legs.  Neville knew what to do immediately though.  This time he stripped out of his own clothes to let Chaum see him naked.  He went to the ogre and began to kiss and lick and caress the wonderful ogre's massive organ and Chaum's cock immediately began to rise to attention to the gasps of all of those gathered who had never seen an erect ogre penis before.  Once again Neville was struck by the irony as he remembered how Braddock had forced his father to work the commander's cock in order to prepare it for his rape of Neville.  Once Neville had the ogre nearly fully aroused he went over to stand in front of Braddock's head so that Chaum could gaze at him and pretend it was Neville he was fucking instead of the vile man.  The ogre smiled and began to take his position.

As Neville smiled back at the ogre in encouragement he realized that this was the final moment.  Once the ogre spilled his seed into the temporary leader of the human race and spoke the words, the leadership would return to the King and the entire land and all four races would be at peace forever.  The world he'd dreamed of living in where he and Jake could live as a married couple and Neville would be in his bed to be fucked by him every night and rise every morning to suck his cock had actually come into being.  To top it all off Neville himself had played a major role in making it happen.

He remembered a time before all of this had begun when he'd wondered what a thirteen year old boy could possibly accomplish in this conflict and now he knew.  He could save an entire race from annihilation and become one of the architects of peace for the entire world.  He could help to teach the entire human race the correct way to live in balance and harmony with the land and all of the other races.  He could make the world exactly the way he had always wished it would be and even a great deal better than he'd ever imagined.

He beamed up at Chaum and winked as he took his own cock in hand and began to stroke it to give the ogre more to work with.  The response was immediate and Chaum's massive cock sprang up the rest of the way as big and hard as it could get.

Braddock looked back at the massive log that was about to be forced into his rectum and could not believe what he was seeing.  There was no way his ass could possibly take something that big without being torn apart.

He turned back to Neville and asked, "What exactly does he mean to do with that thing?"

Neville looked at Braddock and then he smiled and said coldly, "He means to fuck you with it of course, quite roughly I might add, and when he is done you will definitely know you've been fucked."

The End

I hope someone out there enjoyed this story.  My other stories got at least a few emails of feedback so I know at least a few people read them.  This one has not gotten one so I can only assume that no one read it.  Maybe someone did but I can't know it.  For all I know there could be a bunch of people out there with smiles on their faces who were entertained, or they could just as easily be rifling through all of their drawers trying to remember where they left the fucking torches and pitchforks so they can come after me.  I simply have no way of knowing.  I suppose I can't always grab peoples' interest and that's fine and definitely to be expected.  Maybe this one was just a bit too out there.  It was my first crack at a full multi-part fantasy and I slapped it together from the initial vague idea to the end of the last chapter just over the last two weeks.  I suppose if I'd taken more time it could have been better.  The problem is I have no idea where I went wrong if nobody says anything.

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