What follows is a work of complete fantasy.

About the story:

This series will describe the adventures of a teenaged boy who is rescued from a cruel fate in his home village
by a friend, but ultimately finds himself on his own in a world that is being ravaged by brutal race wars between the humans, and the hated vicious and barbaric races, the kobolds, orcs and ogres.  In his travels he learns the surprising truth about the history of the realm, the nature of its inhabitants and the reason for the war that has been withheld from his people.  He also learns that the humans are very close to a complete victory.  Realizing that the other races are facing obliteration he decides to take a gamble that would level the playing field once again in the hope that it might lead to a better outcome.  Doing so however will require him to utterly betray his own people.

There will be some very rough and violent sex described in great detail between men and men, men and orcs, orcs and kobolds, kobolds and men, ogres and men, and so on and so forth in various combinations with much of it involving the teenaged boy.  None of it is based in any way on reality but it may be disturbing to some.  Should you choose to read it please keep in mind that it is not real, but simply fantasy.

If this is not the type of story you would enjoy, please stop reading now.

If there is any reason legal or otherwise why you should not read such a story, please stop reading now.

If you are the type of person who has any difficulty whatsoever separating fantasy from reality, please stop reading now.

The events depicted in these stories have not happened, and will not ever happen. No one should ever attempt to replicate them in any way in real life. These events are a work of fantasy for the enjoyment of those with a healthy mind who have no problem keeping them in the realm of imagination. I have never attempted, nor would I attempt, any such acts myself and as such I am likely to get some details completely wrong. One thing I am certain of is that in real life, young boys would NOT appreciate this sort of thing being done to them and they are INCAPABLE of giving informed consent to allow these things to be done to them. If you ever even consider attempting these acts in real life then you should immediately seek help.

Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

That said if you are still reading I do hope you enjoy the story.

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The Hawthorne Accord - Chapter 2

Neville hadn't been sleeping more than a few minutes when he woke with a start to the sound of a door slamming open down on the main floor and several booted feet stomping loudly into the inn.

He jumped to his feet to slip on some clothes.  He suddenly realized with embarrassment that he'd fallen asleep with the large cucumber that he had stolen from the garden still shoved up his bottom.  He lay back on the bed and carefully pulled it out.  Loving the sensation of pulling it slowly along his anus as he removed it and he felt very empty when it was gone.  He was tempted to push it back in and take it out a few times.  He didn't have time to play again though; he wanted to know what was going on.

He hid the vegetable under his bed and proceeded to slip on his trousers and a shirt.  He snuck out into the darkened hallway of the inn and went past all of the doors to the rooms and then turned the corner at the end.  He followed along the empty corridor to a spot in a shadow beside a large vase and behind a railing at the top of the stairs.  From this hidden position he could clearly see down into the main area.

A very large soldier dressed in full mail armor and a cape stomped across the room and seated himself at the largest table, followed by two men who must be under his command.  Soldiers had been passing through the town off and on for years but none had ever actually stopped at the inn.  Neville settled in to spy and see what was going on as his father ran up to the soldier to greet him.

"Welcome sir, I hope that you will find our inn amenable to your needs.  I am your gracious and humble host Carvell Hawthorne."

"Your name is of no import to me.  Fetch me and my men each a tankard of your ale will you?  We'll need to be fed as well." the man commanded.

"Certainly sir, immediately.  May I ask, will you be needing just the drink and a meal, or will you be staying the night?"

"My army will be staying several nights using your lovely little town for our respite and re-supply and perhaps a little entertainment.  These two officers and I will be staying at the inn while the bulk of my soldiers have already set up a camp outside the town to the east.  We are expecting two more of my officers to arrive shortly as well.  We'll need at least five rooms.  I will require your largest room for myself of course."

"I am sorry sir, but there is only one room available and it isn't our largest.  The inn is quite popular and there are seldom any vacancies so we are lucky to have the one.  If I may, I would offer my wife's and my room to you.  It's the largest.  I can also have my son give his room to one of your men.  The three rooms are all I can manage but I may be able to make arrangements for a bed or two in town if you wish," Neville's father offered.

The large soldier stood and punched his mailed fist down on the table to the sound of cracking wood as he leaned his reddening face toward the innkeeper.

"Do you know who I am you sniveling drudge?  You are speaking to the lord high commander Holden Braddock!  I am not accustomed to having my commands questioned or reinterpreted!  We will have five rooms and I will have the largest!  If you require assistance vacating those rooms my men here are well armed and they will have no problem relieving your guests of their lives to relieve them of their need of a bed!

"Fail to comply with just one of my requirements precisely as it is laid out to you and I will slit your throat and have my guards find someone else in town who is capable of fulfilling your duties more effectively.  Should they fail as well I will do the same to them and so on.  It makes no difference to me if the entire town ends up a pile of rotting corpses in your flea infested establishment.  Do you understand me?"

Neville's father went very pale and he nodded quickly.  He rushed into the kitchen to find his wife and she stopped what she was doing and looked at him in alarm when she saw the look on his face.

"My dear, please listen carefully as this is very important.  Go out the back of the inn and up the outside stairs to warn all the guests to get out quickly and quietly through the back.  They will not be required to pay for any part of their stay.  It would be in their best interests to do so quietly so as not to be detected, and to leave town immediately and stick to the darkness so they are not seen.  Their lives may be in danger.  They should not seek out the soldiers for aide as they are the very source of the danger."

Neville's mother began to go pale and wiped her wet hands on her apron as she listened further.

"Come back to the kitchen immediately after you've warned them all and help me to prepare five meals.  Then you'll need to go back up and quickly make ready five of our best rooms, one of them will be our own, while I serve the soldiers in the main room."

She nodded and turned to go out the back, but he grabbed her elbow.

"Please my love, stay out of sight yourself.  Do not wake Neville; he should be safe if he stays in his room and out of sight.  You and I will join him there later and share his room tonight.  We are all in danger and we need to make this go as smoothly as we can.  I may be blowing this out of proportion but I feel that I am not."

She blanched again at the gravity in his voice and the fear in his eyes and then she turned and went quickly and quietly out the back door.

The innkeeper turned to go back out and serve the ale.

Neville watched the men from his hiding spot.  He could not believe his eyes.  His hero, Lord Braddock, right here in his own home.  This man was the most successful commander in all of the King's armies and Neville wanted to be just like him.  He did not expect the man to be quite so rude but he supposed someone in his position was used to getting his way without question.

He watched his father come back in from the kitchen and fill three tankards and place them all on a large tray.  He then went quickly to the table with the drinks and set them down in front of the men.

Just then the door opened and two more soldiers came in.

"Thurlowe!  Your timing is perfect as usual.  You must have ridden hard.  Come and sit and this mewling lackey will fetch you some ale to quench your thirst," said Braddock.

Neville's father graciously bowed and walked backward from the table then turned to go and get two more tankards.  The new arrivals joined the others at the large table and the innkeeper brought over the ale.

"I'll just duck into the kitchen to prepare your meals and check on the arrangements for the rooms.  I will be back with the food shortly and to attend to any additional needs you may have," said Neville's father.

He waited briefly to see if the commander would ask for anything else.  Braddock simply waved his hand in dismissal and the innkeeper rushed back out to the kitchen.

"I'm glad to see you in good health, lord commander," said Thurlowe.

Braddock waved his hand in dismissal again and said, "Let's dispense with the pleasantries.  Tell me of the progress we're making on my plan for the ogres."

"The alchemists have succeeded as well as we'd hoped.  They've perverted the ogre disease to the point where any that come near a sick one will catch it themselves immediately.  It will spread through their population in weeks and decimate them.  We can go in and clean up the remaining ones after," explained Thurlowe.

"Excellent!  The disease will still not affect humans correct?"

"No my lord, not that we've discovered yet.  Unfortunately it won't affect orcs or kobolds either but beggars can't be choosers.  We were lucky to find out about this particular sickness of the ogres and to find a way to make it lethal.  There is a common weed, mallow, which if steeped and ingested prior to exposure will negate the disease's effects and prevent infection.  We will be providing the drink to any men who will need to deal with our sickened captives just in case.  We cannot risk the disease corrupting itself further and spreading into the human populace."

"Good!  The siege engines are ready I presume?"

"Yes lord commander.  The sick ogres will be brought to the walls of their central keep and their bodies catapulted over them and into the population.  The ogres will not know what is going on and will likely send their healers to aid the injured plague carriers but there is no chance that they will be able to help them if the sickness is properly advanced.  Even if they figure out our intent it will be too late and they will be infected.  Nothing will stop the disease from spreading out into the wider population and the monsters will be wiped out.  We will be done with them without even needing any more than the smallest of our forces to protect the engines and to go in and clean up afterward.  They were our most powerful enemies by a wide margin yet in the end they will be the easiest to dispose of."

"When will we be ready to proceed?"

"In a week and a half my lord; perhaps a day or two more.  The ogre healers are extremely adept.  The alchemists want to ensure the disease has progressed as far as possible in the captives to ensure they are lethal to the others and cannot possibly be helped even by their most skilled physicians.  This will ensure that the physicians themselves will be the first to die leaving the rest of the monsters quite helpless," Thurlowe replied.

"Wonderful.  What of the orcs, are they still cowed by our capture of their sacred city?"

"Yes commander.  It was a brilliant stroke to pull back the bulk of our forces from the other fronts and use them to take the city.  The orcs have been utterly demoralized by the loss of it.  We have sent scouts out into their lands and we find only small bands of civilian refugees trying to escape to the ogre domains.  They are only women and children and some of their priests with no fighters to be seen.  We kill them as we find them needless to say.

"We believe the remainder of the orc forces may be attempting to regroup and head to the ogre domains to seek help from their allies.  It will take them time to reach the ogres though and they will likely arrive just as the first of the sick ones are dying off so there will be no help for the orcs there.  We will need to fight the remaining orc armies, but by then we'll have our entire main force reassembled after we've dealt with the kobolds and they will not have a chance.

"We've pulled back the bulk of the force that was used to take the orc city and they are joining up with the rest of the King's armies as we speak and marching here as quickly as they can.  They should be arriving in a few days."

"Good!" said commander Braddock, "We've been doing our part here as well.  The subterfuge appears to have been bought lock stock and barrel.  We have the kobolds believing the King's armies have broken up into ragtag, ineffective mercenary groups.  We've sacrificed a few of our own villages to make it convincing.  It has been extremely entertaining for the men.  We have just one more village to destroy to complete the ruse, the one we're sitting in now.  This one will be the last.

"Our scouts have reported that the kobolds are massing their entire army to strike at us while they think we do not have large or cohesive enough forces to resist them.  The bulk of their force had been heading to the orc domain to help them defend their city but when they received word of the sacking they realized they were too late.  They have started back towards us now and are somewhere northeast between the orc's domain and ours.  They are no more than a week's hard march away.  When the kobold scouts move forward to study the situation they will find a smoking ruin here at the pass and think that it's been plundered by our own mercenaries, which I suppose technically speaking it will have been, and they will know that it's time to strike."

"It's a cunning plan, my lord," said Thurlowe.

"It's taken me a long time to arrange all of these events, but we're finally near the end.  The catapults have already been assembled up in the mountains around this village.  When the King's main force arrives we'll move half of them out under cover of darkness to hide along the base of the mountains to the south.  The kobolds will have to move through this pass to try to take our lands and when they do, they'll be stopped by half the King's army and pummeled with fire from the catapults in the mountains.  They will have no choice but to retreat and when they try, the other half of the King's army will already have moved into position behind them blocking the exit from the pass.  The filthy kobolds will be trapped between the hammer and the anvil and utterly crushed," explained Braddock.

Neville could not believe what he had heard.  He was at once thrilled and sickened by what they had said.  Could it be true?  Was victory so close?  He was disgusted by some of the methods that were being used, yet conflicted.  Would he not do whatever it took to end the conflict if he could?

It seemed wrong to use a corrupted disease to wipe out the ogres instead of fighting honorably.  It also seemed extreme to kill unarmed orc women and children, but did he not think that very thing himself about the kobolds earlier this very evening in his disgusting sexual fantasy?

Could they really mean to destroy his village?  To simply wipe out a whole town just to further some ploy?  He felt a sense of mounting panic.  This is not supposed to happen!  The King decreed that the towns be left untouched!  Still, had he not thought to himself many times that he would sacrifice anything he could to the cause?

"My lord, if I may say, it's truly an honor to serve under you!  I never would have thought there could be a single man who could bring about our victory but you've done it!" Thurlowe exclaimed.

Braddock chuckled, "Yes, I've done it.  With their armies destroyed, all that will remain is killing what's left of the dirty races and burning everything they've ever made to wipe out the memory of them."

Thurlowe looked around to ensure that there was no one but Braddock's most trusted officers in the room before he spoke again.

"Do you still mean to depose the King and take his place, my lord?"

Braddock chuckled again, "What else do you think all this was for?  It's the reason I started this war in the first place!  To get rid of those filthy xenophylic scum who think themselves higher than us just because they were here first.  To take their lands and add them to ours, and then to rule the whole realm myself.  Even our people believe the King's forces have degenerated into disorganized groups of mercenaries.  They have begun to lose all hope and confidence in him.  After I single handedly defeat all the other races they will see me as the man who saved them all.  The King is such a weak and lovable fop himself.  It is time these people were ruled with a somewhat more forceful hand, don't you think?"

Thurlowe sneered wickedly, "I do indeed."

"The rewards for those loyal to me will be nearly limitless as you can imagine.  I will require each of you to play a role in my plan to bring down the King.  Do as you're told without fail and I will see you well compensated from the plunder of the other races," said Braddock to all of the men at the table, "There will be much land to divide up and I see an earldom in each of your futures should you aid me to complete my goals."

They all cheered and raised their tankards to drain them and slammed them back down on the table.

Neville was in shock.  Braddock started the war?  The other races were here first?  What of the talk earlier of orc priests and ogre physicians?  Why would simple evil monsters have those?  Braddock meant to depose the King?  It was all too much to take in at once.  It was starting to sound as though Braddock was the true monster and the other races had been given the short shrift.  This couldn't be right.

"Where the devil is the innkeeper?!" bellowed Braddock, "I am in the mood to celebrate and I need more drink!"

Fear gripped Neville's heart as he thought of what might happen to his father if the commander became any angrier with him, so he got up and ran down the stairs to the table and began to gather up the empty tankards.

"Hold, boy!  Where did you come from?" demanded Braddock.

"Upstairs sir, I'm the innkeeper's son.  Please sir, I would be happy to refill your cups," said Neville and he moved to continue.

"Hold I said!  What did you overhear earlier?"

"Nothing of import my lord.  Only something about the coming victory for us," said Neville, "It's wonderful!"

Even as he said the words, he realized he should have simply said "Nothing" and left it at that.  Saying he had heard anything indicated he was in a position to have heard it all.  What if Braddock realized he knew of his plans to depose the King?  He would likely kill Neville without a thought to keep his secret.

Neville could feel himself beginning to blush furiously, which only served to reveal his guilt.

Braddock's eyes narrowed and a dark look came over his face.  He thought for a while as he surveyed the boy.  His eyes began to wander over his features, then down his body to his crotch.  Suddenly Braddock's face relaxed and appeared to brighten.

"It's no matter.  You have caught me in a positively ebullient mood my fine young friend.  Go ahead and refill our cups, quickly."

Neville did as he was told and refilled the tankards and carried them back carefully on the large tray.

After Neville had set the drinks down Braddock turned to him and spoke, "My men and I were just preparing to celebrate our coming victory.  Perhaps you'd like to join us?"

"Me, sir?" asked Neville, puzzled by the sudden change in the man's demeanor toward him.

Braddock's smile turned to a sneer, "Indeed, you.  My men and I have been traveling and fighting a long time.  We rarely get a chance to stop and enjoy some of our more....satisfying hobbies.  We have particular tastes and you actually fit the bill quite nicely."

The men all snickered and began to look at the boy in a completely different way.

Neville saw movement below and noticed that Braddock was now rubbing at his own crotch.

"What do you mean to do with me, sir?" asked Neville timidly.

"I mean to fuck you of course, quite roughly I might add," came the reply, "When I am done you will definitely know you've been fucked."

The other men chuckled and began to rub at their thickening cocks under their clothes as well.

"My men will fuck you too, after I'm done," said Braddock as he stood and began removing his armor and throwing it on the floor.

The other men followed suit.  Before long they were all down to nothing but the breechclout they'd had under their armor.  The other men removed even that and began stroking their stiffening pricks in anticipation of what was to come.

Neville moved to run away but he was caught by one of the men.  Just then his father came back into the room from the kitchen and dropped the plates of food he was carrying when he saw what was going on.  He stood stunned for a moment.  Neville struggled at the hands of the man who had the neck of his shirt in a tight grip.

"Do not presume to disrespect me by refusing my generous offer of my massive prick in your ass boy!" growled the commander, "If you make any further attempt to get away your parents will pay for your insolence with their lives.  The same will apply if I, or any of my men detect the slightest hint of a scrape from your teeth should we choose to use your mouth as well."

Braddock then turned to look at Neville's father who seemed ready to faint with fear for his son.

"Did you hear that innkeeper?  We will help ourselves to your in-house entertainment here and you will make no move to interfere.  Should you make the attempt, I will slit your son's throat.  I can just as easily fuck his corpse.  Then I will kill you, then your wife, then everyone else in this pathetic excuse for a town.  Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

Neville's heart sank as he realized this was really going to happen.  There was no way to stop it.  His father could do nothing.  He couldn't risk his family and his town.

He thought of the items he had been using when he played with himself in his room and he realized this would not be as hard on him as the commander thought it would.  It was best to just go along and keep the man happy.

"Father, they will use me and be done.  It will be fine.  Don't do anything, please!" Neville pleaded.

Tears began to fall from his father's eyes as he came to the same realization as Neville had.  There was nothing that could be done except to go along with the vile man's demands.  It was the only chance for them all to escape with their lives.  He nodded and began to turn around so he would not have to witness this atrocity.

"Keep your eyes this way!" Braddock shouted, "You will watch the entire event and learn your place in the world properly.  You, your family, and your entire village are here only to meet our needs, whatever they may be.  Should any of you prove unworthy of the task then what purpose would your lives serve and what further need would you have of them?  What I said earlier of your son's fate should he attempt to escape applies to you as well even if you try to escape by simply looking elsewhere."

Neville's father turned back, steeled himself and stared straight at Braddock as the man removed his breechclout and released his half erect cock.  He moved over to Neville and picked him up and sat him roughly down on the table.  He tore the boys shirt from his body and threw it aside then pulled off his trousers.  He had been barefoot so Neville was completely naked now.

"Lie back on the table and raise your knees to show me your pretty cunt," Braddock ordered coldly.

Neville did as he was told and lay back on the hard table and raised his knees and held them with his hands to show the man his asshole, embarrassed by the humiliating position.

Braddock grinned an evil grin and began to move into position though his cock had not yet hardened up completely, then suddenly stopped as a thought crossed his mind.  He sneered even more and turned to the innkeeper.

"It appears I'm not quite ready yet though it won't be long, so I have a moment to ask something.  Tell me, would you prefer I jam the full length of my extremely thick hard cock into your sweet boy while it's dry so that I rip him apart inside, or would you prefer it wet?" Braddock asked.

"Wet, sir" Neville's father whispered in a weak voice.

"I'm sorry; I couldn't quite make that out.  Shall I just proceed to wreck him with my dry manhood then?" he said as he moved to do just that.

"No!  Please!  Wet it first, my lord," the innkeeper begged.

"Since you asked so nicely, then wet it shall be, but you still don't quite seem to understand," said Braddock coldly, "you are here to meet our needs whatever they may be.  You should start by taking off all of your clothes; we wouldn't want to get anything on them.  You will come over here, get on your knees, take my oozing member carefully and completely into your mouth, and you will wet it for me.  Get it nice and hard while you're at it so that I can please the boy well.  How much you suck it and how wet you make it will determine how much or how little pain your son will feel when I thrust it into him.  Again, I don't think I need to tell you what will happen if I detect any teeth touching me."

Neville's father was sickened but did not hesitate.  He knew what was at stake.  He quickly stripped off all of his clothes.  He moved over to Braddock and got into position on his knees and licked his lips thoroughly, then wrapped them over his teeth and took the commander's still stiffening manhood into his mouth.  It took a monumental effort not to gag but he knew what would happen if he did.

He carefully moved his mouth forward to suck the full length of the man's smelly cock into his mouth.  As his mouth moved forward, it pulled the skin of Braddock's cock backward and it continued to harden.  The head poked out of the foreskin as the skin pulled back exposing days of smegma and filth.  The innkeeper forced himself not to choke or vomit.  He began washing the filthy prick thoroughly with his saliva and tongue to wet it and swallowed the resulting swill.

Braddock moaned and reached over and began to fondle Neville's soft cock and balls as he lay back on the table holding up his knees and his father sucked Braddock's cock.

"Look at your father boy!" ordered Braddock, "Do you see what a man is willing to do for his family?  You may be asked to do the same someday.  Come to think of it you will be doing that and much more shortly."

The men all chuckled as they watched and continued to slowly work their cocks.

Neville watched as his father dutifully sucked at the man's penis to get it as wet as he could in order to save Neville as much pain as he could.  He wished he could somehow safely let his father know that he'd been practicing with both his holes for more than a year and this would not hurt him one bit.

Braddock noticed the boy's attention to his father's work and he pulled his now fully erect member out and began to mash it hard all over the innkeeper's face while it oozed pre-cum out of the tip.  Then he plunged it back into the man's mouth and ran it right down his throat.  Neville's father winced but did not allow himself to gag.  Braddock began to fuck his face very hard while the boy watched and he began to moan.  Realizing he was about to cum before even sampling the boy he stopped and pulled his slick member out of the man's mouth again.

"I am feeling magnanimous this evening," he said to Neville's father, "I will allow you to spit on your son's hole once to lubricate it.  Just once mind, so you'd better make it count.  You'll want to be close so you don't miss."

He stood back a bit to let the innkeeper move over to Neville who was now more embarrassed than he'd ever been in his life.  He could not believe how evil this man was to humiliate them this way.

His father worked his mouth to get as much spit as he could into it and leaned forward until he was just inches from Neville's pucker.  He put his hands on his son's ass cheeks and pulled them apart to try to open his little hole a bit and he spat, and sighed with relief when he hit the mark.  The only thing he could possibly do for his son at this point was to make it as painless as possible for him.  Nobody ever died from embarrassment so he tried not to consider the humiliation he felt or might cause his son and he would do whatever it took to get through this.

"That will do, move a little way to the side now and stop hogging the sweet meat.  Get on your knees right next to us here and keep your face very close to your son's lovely hole.  You may watch closely as my glorious cock stabs into his sweet young cunt and then you may turn and begin working on getting Thurlowe's cock good and wet as he will likely be using your son's hungry hole right after me.  I know you're anxious to take more of the cocks of real men into your mouth while your son watches so when you're done with Thurlowe you have my permission to enjoy sucking all the others while Thurlowe is riding the boy."

The innkeeper stepped aside and knelt beside the table facing the space between his son's bottom and the commander's cock.  He moved his face close as he could without it being in the way in order to keep the commander happy.

Without further ado Braddock stepped up to Neville and brought the boy's ankles up to his shoulders, pushed the head of his thick cock at Neville's anus, checked quickly to ensure the innkeeper's eyes were right at the site, and with a grunt he shoved it in and pushed it all the way until his balls mashed up against Neville's bottom.  A look of surprise and perhaps disappointment crossed Braddock's face when Neville did not scream.  Neville had been sleeping with the cucumber in his ass earlier and his asshole was still quite relaxed and ready.

Braddock's cock was actually quite thick but nowhere near thick enough to cause Neville any discomfort.  He saw Braddock's eyes flick briefly to his men and then back to the boy.  Neville quickly realized he might get himself and his father in more trouble if he didn't act fast.  His anus was quite a strong muscle from all of his practice playing with it.  He quickly clamped the muscle down as hard as he could to strangle Braddock's cock and shouted out in mock pain.

"Ahhhhh!  Oh please!  Take it slower my lord, it's much too big!" Neville said loudly letting his real fear at their predicament color his exclamation to make it sound convincing.

The soldiers chuckled and a couple of them moaned.  They all worked their cocks just a bit harder.

Braddock sneered.  He was certainly not fooled, but at least his men were.  He began to pull his cock out and thrust it back in and then began pumping hard into the boy's hole.  The innkeeper was forced to watch as his son's young pucker pulled outward as it gripped the thick shaft while Braddock pulled it out and then pushed back in.

Neville protested a few more times then switched to just making sounds like it hurt each time Braddock thrust his penis in while trying to keep a tight hold on the man's cock with his anus in order to bring it to conclusion as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately his father was hearing his mock cries of pain too.  Neville didn't want to cause him any more anguish than he needed to but this had to be done right.  Their lives were at stake.

Thurlowe quickly moved over and tapped Neville's father on the shoulder.  The innkeeper turned to face the man while still on his knees and opened his mouth.  Thurlowe moved forward and thrust his cock into the innkeeper's mouth.  The innkeeper's head began to bob up and down as he sucked the man's cock.  Neville watched as Thurlowe put his hands on the back of his father's head and began to buck his hips hard up into his face to give it a good fucking.

Braddock continued to rut against the young boy's ass hard while holding Neville's legs up so his ankles were on the man's shoulders, but then suddenly he began to slow down as another evil thought occurred to him and he slowed almost to a stop.

"Tell me innkeeper, have you been using your boy in your spare time?  If so you must have quite an impressive cock.  He is handling mine with aplomb."

Thurlowe pulled his wet cock out of the man's mouth so he could answer.

"No, my lord," said the innkeeper, truly puzzled at this new avenue of torture.  Could Neville really be able to handle the man's cock without pain or was Braddock simply lying to cause him more distress?

"Well someone certainly has been using it, and using it a lot I might add.  The boy's cunt is taking my thick meat like it was nothing.  Yet he has the strength down there to strangle the life out of it.  He has been working the muscle very hard.  It's amazing.  I would suggest you find out which of the men in town have been training him.  It is most likely all of them, given his talent at gripping my tool," Braddock said.

A sudden look of realization bloomed across the innkeeper's face but he stayed quiet.

Neville's level of embarrassment increased.  He certainly hoped Braddock wouldn't cause his father to start having doubts about the blacksmith.  Much as Neville wished it otherwise, nothing sexual had ever happened between them outside of his secret fantasies.  It was clear that the commander's intention was nothing more than to humiliate them both further.  He was so sick and demented that it appeared to raise his level of arousal to do so.

"Ahhh, I see that look on your face.  You've just thought of who it was that trained him haven't you?  Well you can tell him for me he's done an excellent job.  They must have practiced for endless hours every day.  I have to admit though; I prefer them far less experienced than your boy clearly is.  I like them to scream in pain to be honest.  He is not in any way a virgin and I'm not sure that I can finish this anytime soon.  It may take me an hour or two of slamming my body against him and rearranging his bowels.  Perhaps you could make yourself available to help again?"

"Of course my lord.  What would you have me do?" asked the innkeeper in a voice filled with defeat.

"I only need a bit of your help.  I'll put your boy in a better position to be fucked and expose my dirty asshole to you.  You only need to insert your tongue into it and work it well while I'm fucking your boy.  Take my big balls into your hand as well and massage them gently.  If you do your part right it won't be long before your boy is rewarded with a generous helping of my seed in his young bottom."

Neville's father did all he could to not show his disgust.  He simply nodded his acquiescence.

Braddock grinned and pulled abruptly out of the boy with a sucking sound, grabbed him off the table, turned him and pushed him on the floor face down on his hands and knees.  He pushed Neville's head down to the floor and then moved into position right over him and slammed his cock right back into the boy's hole to the hilt.  He put his arms down on the floor and crossed them just over the boy's head so that he had his big ass raised up.  He moved his knees out to the sides so he would be in a good position to thrust deeply into the boy and his big filthy asshole was now fully exposed with his large hairy ball sack hanging beneath.

Neville's father did not hesitate.  He went behind them on his knees and moved his face to the man's ass and carefully matched the movement of it as it began to hump up and down and Braddock started to fuck the boy again.  It took a lot of tries as his tongue rubbed all over Braddock's asshole and he got a thorough taste of his old shit that had crusted around the hole, but he finally managed to get the tip of his tongue inserted.

Braddock began to moan immediately at the extra sensation.  Clearly this was indeed going to help bring things to a conclusion much more quickly so Neville's father tried to imagine that he loved what he was doing and began to work the man's hole furiously with his tongue as he reached up and began to caress his balls as well.  He was moving his head and his hands up and down perfectly in time with Braddock's humping of his son.  As he tried to push his tongue even deeper into the man's hole to keep him pleased the tip of it made contact with a hard log of shit that was not far from the exit.  He was disgusted but did not miss a beat so as not to anger their torturer.  All the while he couldn't shake the knowledge that what he was doing by massaging the man's balls and working his filthy hole was helping him to build a larger load of his vile semen to shoot into his son.

Thurlowe groaned at the sight.  He loved the idea of the man being forced to help Braddock fuck his own son more pleasurably in such a disgusting way.  He was disappointed to hear Braddock talking of the boy not being a virgin, but he knew of at least one virgin hole in the room that he could use.

He stepped up behind Neville's father and put his cock against the innkeeper's tight asshole.  He grunted loudly and pushed with all his might and the head popped in.  The innkeeper was not expecting this additional mode of torture but it did not alarm him much.  He'd had some experience with a cock in his ass many times when he was a younger man and had a long year's dalliance with another of the men in town.  A man with a considerably thicker cock than Thurlowe's in fact.  He'd taken that man's cock in his ass many times, as well as down his throat, and had very much enjoyed it.  Come to think of it he'd also tongued that man's asshole on occasion as well.  None of this was actually new to the innkeeper.  That was many years ago though and he was out of practice.

Neville's father cried out in pain briefly but he quickly went back to work so as not to give Braddock any reason to complain.  He steeled himself as he felt the fire of the other man forcing his cock into his unwilling hole and stretching out his anus.  The pain was intense.  Thurlowe obviously wanted it that way and immediately began fucking him hard.  Neville's father knew from experience that if he stayed relaxed the pain would go away very quickly.

Braddock could no longer hold out.  He had looked back and knew that Thurlowe had just ripped the innkeeper's sphincter and the thought of having the man further abused while helping Braddock to thoroughly enjoy his son gave him the last bit of thrill he needed.  The combination of all the sensations sent him sailing over the edge of the abyss and his ball sack began to tighten up in the innkeeper's hand as his huge load of sperm was forced up into his cock.

He placed both hands on the smooth back of the boy and increased the force and frequency of his thrusting so the boy's body was bouncing forward as he slammed into it and the orgasm hit him full on and his cock head swelled and exploded its payload into the boy's well used bottom.  He convulsed and slammed into the boy again with the force of another shockwave and another massive spurt shot into Neville's rectum.  Braddock pumped furiously a few more times as he had the most powerful orgasm of his life and finally began to slow down.  He stopped and lay over the boy with his cock buried deep in his ass again while the innkeeper continued to caress his tight ball sack helping him to coax out all he had.

Neville's father was not going to stop what he was doing until he was told to.  He'd noticed as he pushed his tongue into the man again that the log of shit was just a bit closer now and starting to get in the way.  He could do nothing about it and worked his tongue to each side of it and around it to get as deep as he could while Braddock's anus pulsed out the rhythm of his orgasm.  Neville's father knew full well that each time the man's anus pulsed, more of his vile spunk was squirted into his boy, and that his own ministrations on the commander's asshole and balls were only helping him to stretch out his orgasm longer than he otherwise would have.

He had never been closer to going into a murdering rage than he was at this moment.  He knew he had to keep control though or this would only end very badly.  He felt Braddock push with his bowels to begin to force the shit out of his ass but Neville presumed it was a test to make him pull his tongue out.  He was not going to provoke the man and continued to work as the hard turd began to move and press against his tongue.  He could make out the shape of it and the features of its surface as he worked his tongue around it hoping it would stop before it breached the sphincter but even that would not stop him.  He would not put himself and his son at risk for anything.  If the man chose to push it right out into his mouth so be it.  He would have no choice but to eat it and continue his work.

That did not happen though.  He sensed Braddock relaxing the pressure on his bowels and squeezing his anus shut and forcing the innkeeper's tongue out.

"Well, you've done your job admirably I will admit," said Braddock breathing heavily, "You need only help me finish now.  Come around quickly and take the base of my cock in hand.  Pump the last of my seed into your boy for me so I don't have to do the work myself will you?  Massage my balls some more while you're at it to help me get out every last drop.  I would not want your boy to miss out on any of this wonderful treat I'm giving him."

Thurlowe pulled his cock out of the innkeeper's ass to let him go and the innkeeper moved around to get into position to "help".

Braddock pulled back his long thick manhood until only the head was still firmly in place inside the boy's rectum and waited.  Neville's father reached in and began to pump the base of his cock with a firm grip to milk out the last of its load into his son.  His other hand went between the man's legs from behind and lightly massaged his big balls.  Braddock sighed contentedly as the last few gobs of cum were pumped out of his balls and into the boy by his own father.  He held that position for a few minutes longer than necessary just enjoying the humiliation he was causing them and finally pulled out, stood up and stepped over to the table to sit down on a chair.  His cock was no longer oozing even in the slightest.  Every single drop had been left behind in the boy's rectum.

"You may now clean your boy's ass off of my cock good sir, while my men enjoy their ride on your son," he sneered at the innkeeper.

Neville's father again did not hesitate.  There were actually small flecks of his son's shit here and there on Braddock's cock from the brutal fucking but he was not going to say a word.  He simply got to his hands and knees in front of the seated commander and went to work and began to clean the filthy softening member with his mouth as thoroughly as he could while he listened to the sounds of the other men rushing over each other to get to the boy and grunting as they stabbed him with their cocks.

Thurlowe had so much enjoyed brutally taking the innkeeper's presumed virginity that he decided to finish inside him instead of waiting for a shot at the boy.  He came up behind the inkeeper and hammered his cock back into the man's anus mercilessly and began to pump hard.  He had already been so close that he did not last very long at all.  He grunted multiple times and he grabbed the man's hips and pulled them back and thrust as hard as possible into him over and over again trying to cause more pain.  His orgasm crashed over him and he began to shoot streams of his seed into the unwilling man, who was still cleaning his own boy's shit off the commander's softening dink.

While Thurlowe was still bucking away the last of his orgasm into Neville's father, Braddock pushed the innkeeper's head off his cock and he forced him to turn his head and watch what was happening to his boy.

One of the three remaining men had gone behind Neville and roughly entered the boy's ass and was pounding at it with abandon.  Another had got in position in front and raised the boy's face up and thrust his cock into his mouth.  He now had the boy by the hair with both fists and was slamming his hips at his face.  There was no doubt his cock was going right into Neville's throat because it was more than long enough and the man's balls were almost being crushed as they jammed up against the boy's chin.  Neville was getting bounced hard between the two men as both of them worked to slam their cocks in as deep as they possibly could.

The third man was furiously jacking at his own cock as he watched the boy getting treated so well and he waited for his turn but he couldn't take it.  He'd wanted to cum in the boy's ass but he was too aroused by what he was seeing.  He began to work his cock even harder as he stood over the others and just as his orgasm crashed into him he aimed his slit at the boy's head and the first hot jet of semen shot out and landed in Neville's hair and partly on the hands of the man who's fists were clenching handfuls of the hair to use it as leverage to fuck Neville's face harder.

The man didn't care and continued what he was doing as the other pumped spurt after spurt of cum out getting more on the boy's head and all over his back.  The sight of this sent the other two men over the edge and they began to grunt as they pumped at the boy hard, injecting their hot spunk into him at both ends.  They bucked against the boy without mercy grunting and groaning as they filled him further with man seed.  Finally they pulled out and it was all over.  All three men had spent their loads.  They stood and coaxed out what little cum was left in their cocks until it hung in gobs from their piss slits and flicked their cocks to throw the spunk onto Neville's back and face.  Each then wiped the last oozings onto the boy's face until absolutely nothing else could be coaxed from their softening pricks.

Without a word or even a look back at the boy they'd just used they went back and sat around the table again with contented smiles on their faces and began to drink what was left of their ale.

Neville's father was still on his hands and knees with Thurlowe's cock still oozing out the last of its load into his aching hole while he was forced to watch all of this.

Braddock stood up and walked toward Neville who was still on his hands and knees with cum all over his back and in his hair and leaking out of his hole.

"I do apologize for the mess my men appear to have made all over your property innkeeper.  As a token of thanks for playing so nicely I will clean it off for you," Braddock said.

He took his soft cock in hand and aimed it at the boy and began to urinate on him.  He forced a strong stream and aimed it at the boy's hair, and then all along his back to try to wash off all of the cum.  The amount of piss the man had saved up was staggering.  He continued to spray his smelly hot yellow stream up and down Neville's body, stopping and focusing on his asshole once in a while and then moving it back up to hit the side of the boy's face.  Neville did not move.  Finally the stream weakened.  The commander moved forward and squeezed his pelvic muscle hard a few more times to get the last squirts of piss out and then surveyed the job he'd done.

Neville still had cum on his back and some caught in his hair and it was still oozing slowly out of his asshole, but now he also had smelly piss puddling on his back and soaking his hair and dripping off the end of his nose and chin onto the floor.

Braddock laughed, "Well I do apologize dear innkeeper, I could have done a better job cleaning him I suppose.  I seem to have made matters worse.  Ah well, I suppose that's why I'm a lord and you are the servant.  We each should stick to our strengths, eh?  This sort of job is more in your bailiwick than mine.   I would have you lick him clean yourself but I think we've had enough fun for now."

Braddock turned and went back to his chair at the table to take a seat again and Thurlowe finally pulled his softened cock out of the innkeeper's sore asshole and went to join the other men at the table.

Both Neville and his father quietly sighed with relief.  Neither could imagine anything more horrible than this ordeal.  It appeared the sick and corrupted man was finally done with them.

Neville could not believe the type of man Braddock had turned out to be.  He had actually idolized him as hero to the people.  Instead he was perhaps the most evil human being in existence.  Neville had based his dream of being a fighter on his wish to emulate Braddock.  He still wished to be a fighter, but not to emulate the man, rather to become good enough that someday he might kill Braddock and every man loyal to him.  These men were at least as evil as the other races have all been made out to be and Neville had begun to suspect they were far worse.

"Well," the commander said, "your inn certainly is a good place to stay and you are indeed the gracious and humble host you claimed to be.  I will definitely give it praise and recommend it to any of my like-minded friends who might travel this way.  They will all want to cum I'm sure."

Braddock watched the innkeeper for any reaction.  Neville's father seethed with rage internally but he still remained silent and stolid.  He was not about to crack now, not with the end in sight.

Braddock finally gave up goading the man and he stood and walked to the door with his now limp cock swinging.  Despite the fact he was still completely naked he opened the door wide.  There were two guards posted outside the main door who had apparently been there the whole time.  The innkeeper silently prayed there were none at the back of the inn and that the guests had managed to escape into the night.  His wife would still be clearing out the rooms upstairs.

Braddock waved one of the guards in.

The guard looked somewhat astonished to see all the nakedness, and the boy on his hands and knees in the middle of it all with cum all over his back and face and oozing out of his gaping hole and running freely down his inner thigh and piss all over him and dripping on the floor to join the puddles there.

"We have had a bit of entertainment with this boy.  He is quite talented and he absolutely loves his work.  I would like you to escort his father as he brings the boy to the rest of the men," said Braddock to the guard.

The guard's face instantly changed into a leer as he realized how much fun he was about to have and he nodded.

Braddock turned to Neville's father and said, "You will take your boy's hand and lead him to where my men are bivouacked outside of the village at the back.  You personally will hand him to them and ask them all to please fuck him hard and as often as they would like in whichever hole they prefer until they are all done.  It has been an even longer time for them than it has been for us so I would guess they'll be going for a few rides each.  There are thirty men there and some of their perversions sicken even me.  Should he survive the ordeal you may have what's left of him back in the morning.

"Once you have ensured that the first two men are firmly entrenched into both of the boy's holes you will return here so that we may all have a go at your ass next.  Thurlowe seems to have broken you in fairly well but my cock is certainly much thicker so I could still teach your hole a thing or two.  In any case you should be quite comfortable taking any size cock after the five of us have used your pucker a couple of times each and stretched you properly.  If you please us sufficiently I may even let you go back to join your son and take some of the load off him to make it easier for him.  My guard here will escort you, go now."

Neville's heart sank when he realized it wasn't over yet and would only get much worse.  He really wasn't hurt by anything that was done to him so far but he was certain his father couldn't take it.  Thankfully all of the practicing he'd done alone in his room with his throat and asshole had ensured that he couldn't be hurt that way.

He would have likely enjoyed it immensely if the conditions had been different.  Especially if it had been the town blacksmith he was apprenticed to who had made such thorough use of him.  He didn't want to try to take on thirty cocks multiple times though.  He did not like the idea of his father's bottom being torn apart by these horrible men either.

Neville and his father both realized again that there was nothing they could do unarmed.  Even armed they would stand no chance against a seasoned group of soldiers.  So once again they complied.  Neville stood up and the innkeeper took the hand of his cherished son and began to walk, feet like lead, toward the door of the inn to go and deliver Neville to his cruel fate.

Braddock grabbed the sleeve of the guard as he turned to leave to hold him back a moment as the innkeeper led his son to the door.  He had not forgotten what had triggered all of this.  The boy knew far too much.

"Wait with the other guard outside innkeeper.  I would have one last word with your escort," Braddock commanded.

Once the innkeeper had exited the room Braddock spoke to the guard in a low voice and said, "Tell the other men to use the boy exceedingly hard.  You may have the first go at him.  Above all, they must ensure he does not survive the night.  Do you understand me?  He is to be fucked to death."

The guard's eyes widened and a grin lit up his face as he nodded.

Braddock chuckled at the joy he saw in the guard's face and thought how his habit of keeping only the most merciless and brutal men under his command certainly paid off at times like this.

As the inkeeper waited outside with his son with the other guard watching them and waited for the escort to join him, he heard Braddock's voice through the open door as he spoke loudly to his officers.

"As I said before, I'm feeling magnanimous tonight.  We have a couple of nights before things will heat up again in the war.  Let us drink until we run out!  I'll even do you the honor of serving you this next round myself since I've sent our humble innkeeper on a boring errand.  Sit back and do allow me to refill your tankards.  Give your cocks a few good strokes while you rest to get them ready for the next round.  We still have the innkeeper's hole to fuck and it will likely be much tighter than his whore of a son's cunt was.  I for one am very much looking forward to wrecking it!"

The innkeeper knew he didn't have much time but he had to let his son know he was proud of the strength he was showing so he quickly crouched down to face him directly.

"Son, I must speak quickly.  I know what you must have been doing with the smith in order to be able to handle that pig Braddock and his men so easily.  I am not angry about it but very pleased.  The smith is a great man and I am happy for the both of you.  Do not be ashamed of your desires.  I most certainly am not.  I love you son and I am very proud of the strong young man you've become.  All I want for you is that you be happy.  Please remember that always."

Neville was going to protest about the smith but before he could say anything the escort emerged from the inn grinning happily.  He came up behind Neville, crouched down and without warning jammed two fingers firmly all the way up into his rectum.  The guard then worked them around and pulled them out, coated with the other men's cum and inserted them into his own mouth to suck them clean.  He leered at the boy and said nothing.  He then took the innkeeper's elbow and forcefully began to walk him while the innkeeper held his son's hand and led him along.

They went around the side of the inn and into town so they could cross through and out the back on the human side of the pass where the army was camped.

The town was almost completely dark, at least with their eyes not yet adjusted to the extremely low level of light.  It was almost midnight now and there was only a sliver of moon.  Everyone else in town was asleep so there weren't any lamps lit at all.  There was no light whatsoever other than a faint flickering glow coming from the far side of it likely from fires burning in the soldiers' camp.

Neville's father's brain was struggling with the urge to try to escape.  He didn't think they could do it though.  The guard with them was armed and armored.  His sword was still sheathed but he was a seasoned fighter and the innkeeper most certainly was not.  He and his son were naked and defenseless.

His mind raced trying to find a way out.  He was sure that Braddock actually meant for his son to die tonight while being brutally used by the soldiers.  There was simply no way out, but he was not about to sacrifice his son to these monsters.  He would rather die.

He began to mentally prepare to make a break for it.  They couldn't possibly overpower the guard so their only chance would be to run into the dark forest towards the mountains as fast as they possibly could and hope for the best.  He knew that in doing so he was likely trading his wife and possibly his whole town for his son.  The guard would raise the alarm and the entire army would be set upon them in no time at all.  He could not bear to give his son up so he was determined to try.  They were just passing the middle of the town near the blacksmith's shop when he decided he had to try it.

Just then the guard decided to speak to start getting himself worked up and said, "I'm looking forward to buggering your boy for you.  I know you must get tired of doing it yourself.  It's been a while since I fucked one to death.  I've been at my post needing to hit the bushes and relieve myself for a while now.  I think I might use your boy as my chamber pot first.  I'll start by sitting on his mouth and pushing my shit out into it then I'll stick my cock in and empty my bladder for him to wash it down with.  Then I'll get behind him and take my fist and..."

Before the guard could utter another word his hand was yanked off the innkeeper's elbow and there were sounds of struggling and boots scraping on the ground in the darkness.

The innkeeper and his son both tried to adjust their eyes and move in for a closer look and then they managed to make out the shape of a man struggling with the guard.  It was the blacksmith!  He had his hand over the guard's mouth and had maneuvered him so he was face down on the ground.  The huge man's muscles were bulging as he held the guard, arms pinned and in a headlock.  His legs were locked around the guard's leg's forcing the guard's body to curve backwards so much that his spine might break if it was pushed any harder.  The guard tried to struggle but he was not able to move much with the huge man on top of him.

Neville's heart nearly leaped from his throat.  The smith was going to save them!

"Have they hurt the boy?" the blacksmith whispered harshly as the guard continued to struggle underneath him.

"Yes," the innkeeper whispered back, "and I think they mean to kill him!"

The blacksmith's eyes began to adjust as Neville moved closer.  The smith saw his condition and his face went hard.  He grunted and moved suddenly and violently and Neville heard the sickening crunching sound of the guard's neck snapping.  The smith quickly got up and dragged the guard's corpse behind some thick bushes next to the smithy.

They continued to speak in whispers so as not to alert anyone.

"I've been keeping an eye out since they arrived.  I knew something was wrong when you came out leading the boy and I could see by the light from the door that you were both naked," said the smith.

The smith himself was shirtless and barefoot wearing only trousers so he must have rushed out of his home in a hurry.  

"We don't have much time," the innkeeper said, "I'm to deliver Neville to the army for their enjoyment and then return back to the inn."

The blacksmith looked revolted.

"Pigs!" he said harshly, "I would kill them to a man if I was still the soldier I used to be.  For now there's only one way I can help.  Give me the boy and I'll take him away to safety.  We won't be able to head in towards the realm because the army is camped across the entrance to the pass and from what I overheard from some of the men as they moved through earlier, a larger force is on the way up from within the realm to join them.

"We'll have to move outward for now into kobold controlled territory and hope to be able to get back later.  You wait a short while and go back to the inn.  Make sure they believe you delivered him to the soldiers.  You'll need to play it well to buy us some time.  They will likely not notice the guard not returning.  Even if they do they'll think he's stayed back to take a few turns at the boy.  We should have more than enough time to get far enough away that they can't possibly find us by the time they discover he's gone.  It's the boy's only chance."

Neville's father nodded and gently pushed Neville over towards the blacksmith without hesitation and the smith took his hand.

"I will owe you a debt I can never repay for this my dear old friend," said the innkeeper, "This boy is all that matters in my life.  He matters to me more than my life in fact.  Guard him well and love him as I know you can!"

Neville had no idea that his father and the smith had been such good friends but before he could give it more thought he suddenly remembered the things he'd overheard back at the inn and rushed to tell them to his father before it was too late.

"Father, I overheard Braddock talking earlier.  He intends to destroy the town.  You and mother need to get out!  And all the others as well.  And there's more..." Neville said, but his father put a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

"I understand son, I can only concern myself about you at this moment.  I will not be able to think of anything else until I know you are safe.  There is no time for any discussion right now.  Every single moment we waste we risk discovery and all will be lost.  You must go, now!"

He leaned in and gave Neville a kiss on the forehead.

"Your mother and I love you so much Neville.  We never had another child because there simply wasn't any need.  You are absolutely perfect.  We're so proud of you son," he said, "Honor us by growing up to be the great man we know you can be."

Tears slipped down his cheeks as Neville looked up to his father for what might be the last time.

"I will father, I swear it.  I will love and honor you both until I die."

Tears began to run freely from the innkeepers eyes now as he looked one last time at his beautiful boy, and he waved them off as the blacksmith broke into a run and disappeared silently into the darkness with Neville in tow.

It would not be difficult for the innkeeper to put on a convincing act when he returned to the vile men occupying his inn.  He had just given up his son and his anguish was real and easy to see.  He could not see any way he and his wife would survive this once the buggerer of a commander found out what he'd done, but all that mattered was his boy was safe.

He steeled himself and turned back towards the inn to walk slowly back to his own personal hell, then he stopped for a moment and thought.  Perhaps there was hope for the people of the village even if he himself was already doomed.

He'd put the whole town at risk by not doing as Braddock had commanded so if there was any way he could save them he must do it.  The commander's guard was still down.  There was no military presence in the town, only the one remaining guard at the inn door and the army outside of town on the other side.  The rest of the town was unguarded and in darkness.

The innkeeper just needed to quickly visit one of the townsfolk's homes on the way back to the inn.  This man had the intelligence to grasp the situation quickly and would take charge and act to warn the others and organize a quiet exodus.  They would need to act quickly under the cover of the black night and before Braddock realizes Neville's absence.

There was no way they could fight an army, but they may be able to run from one if they go lightly and quickly and leave everything behind.

If they all went into the dark forest in the mountains on the kobold side and scattered and went different directions they would be too hard to catch.  It didn't seem likely that the soldiers would bother to waste their time chasing them all down, especially if they had a long head start.

The commander was already well on his way to getting drunk.  By now he had likely drained his third tankard of ale and was working on his fourth.  It wouldn't take much more of the innkeeper's strong ale to incapacitate the men inside the inn and that would leave only the guard outside.  Perhaps even he and his wife could somehow get out at that point if they had only one guard to dispose of.  If they still hadn't thought to guard the back door they could simply slip out that way.

If they did think to add guards to the back then he would simply use the front.  He would do what it took to defend his family.  If that meant putting a knife through the neck of one of the guards of the King's army then so be it.  He had to try.

He broke into a run.


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