What follows is a work of complete fantasy.

About the story:

This series will describe the adventures of a teenaged boy who is rescued from a cruel fate in his home village
by a friend, but ultimately finds himself on his own in a world that is being ravaged by brutal race wars between the humans, and the hated vicious and barbaric races, the kobolds, orcs and ogres.  In his travels he learns the surprising truth about the history of the realm, the nature of its inhabitants and the reason for the war that has been withheld from his people.  He also learns that the humans are very close to a complete victory.  Realizing that the other races are facing obliteration he decides to take a gamble that would level the playing field once again in the hope that it might lead to a better outcome.  Doing so however will require him to utterly betray his own people.

There will be some very rough and violent sex described in great detail between men and men, men and orcs, orcs and kobolds, kobolds and men, ogres and men, and so on and so forth in various combinations with much of it involving the teenaged boy.  None of it is based in any way on reality but it may be disturbing to some.  Should you choose to read it please keep in mind that it is not real, but simply fantasy.

If this is not the type of story you would enjoy, please stop reading now.

If there is any reason legal or otherwise why you should not read such a story, please stop reading now.

If you are the type of person who has any difficulty whatsoever separating fantasy from reality, please stop reading now.

The events depicted in these stories have not happened, and will not ever happen. No one should ever attempt to replicate them in any way in real life. These events are a work of fantasy for the enjoyment of those with a healthy mind who have no problem keeping them in the realm of imagination. I have never attempted, nor would I attempt, any such acts myself and as such I am likely to get some details completely wrong. One thing I am certain of is that in real life, young boys would NOT appreciate this sort of thing being done to them and they are INCAPABLE of giving informed consent to allow these things to be done to them. If you ever even consider attempting these acts in real life then you should immediately seek help.

Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

That said if you are still reading I do hope you enjoy the story.

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The Hawthorne Accord - Chapter 4

Neville watched in terror from his hiding place in the trees as the kobolds dragged Jake into their camp.

Neville had heard many stories as he'd grown up about how dangerous and vicious the kobolds were and how they fed on the corpses of their enemies.  They hadn't torn the smith apart yet at least.  They appeared to be taking him prisoner so perhaps there was still some faint hope of Jake surviving this, for a while at least.

They were speaking but he could not make out any of what they said from this far back.  He knew they spoke the same language as him but it was spoken too softly and from too great a distance for him to understand.  It was interspersed with the occasional louder yip and cackle or short bark that might be laughter or an angry exclamation.  He just didn't know.

The clearing was too large and open and there was nowhere closer to hide than where he was.  Any attempt to move his mostly naked and very pale body closer would result in the campfire lighting him up like a beacon.

He stayed within the low brush between the trees and watched.

He could see the three kobolds on the log were watching with what looked like snarls on their faces as the other two approached with their captive.  Neville couldn't say if they were snarls of anger, or sneers of hatred or what expression they might be showing.  The kobolds looked like a cross between a dog and a jackal and he could not read their alien expression.

The two kobolds were a little more than half the size of the man they were dragging but they were strong and the load did not seem to be too much for them.

They spoke to each other as they brought their burden in to camp and at one point one turned his head and moved his lips in what looked to Neville like a snarl toward the other.  He saw one of the ones on the log sneer and cackle at them and then say a few words, and then the two carrying Jake said something in anger back at him and then sneered at him.  There was some more exchange between all of them and then they all suddenly cackled like a pack of hyenas followed by more exchange and more cackling by the group.

It seemed like they were arguing or joking about what they were going to do to the man.  He couldn't tell which.  One thing was certain, they were always sneering at each other and it reminded the boy very much of the look on Braddock's face as he had tortured Neville earlier.

He wished he could get close enough to hear their words instead of just seeing their lips moving and trying to read their expressions. He just couldn't risk getting any closer or he would be revealed by the firelight.

He waited and watched as the two dragging Jake set him face down in front of the others.


"Oh, my sweet Jex, you should not have hit him so hard my love," scolded the first kobold.

They had just entered the camp and were dragging their captive to the three kobolds sitting on the log, who were all smiling broadly at them.

"I'm sorry Beowul my dearest, you know I get carried away if I think your life is threatened.  How was I to know he was unarmed?" said Jex.

Beowul chuckled, "If you would have taken even the smallest moment to look, you would have seen he has nothing but trousers on him.  He is clearly no soldier to be dressed this way.  You have injured a civilian."

"I feel badly enough about it without you scolding me thank you very much.  Why ever would he be wandering alone in the dark out here anyhow?  I tried to hit him just hard enough to disable him.  I've examined him and his skull has not been cracked.  He will be unconscious for a good long while but he will be fine given sufficient time to rest.  His sweet lovely head may ache for quite some time though, poor thing.  As for you, I shall keep my mace in its holder the next time I feel you are in need of my aide," Jex pouted.

"I'm sorry my cherished sweetheart.  I did not mean to be so short with you.  I know you acted out of fear for me and I love you for it.  Please accept my apologies," said Beowul.

Jex then changed his pout to a grin and made a kissing motion with his lips at Beowul across the slumped form of the man being dragged between them and winked at him.

As they arrived in front of the other three kobolds with their load one of those who was sitting on the log grinned at them with affection and laughed.

"You two love birds are forever scolding and then apologizing and then kissing and making up.  You have shown you are perfectly well practiced and ready for the routine of marriage to each other.  When will you be asking the Chieftain to tie the knot for you?" said the third kobold.

"Silence cur!" Beowul said in mock anger and then smiled and looked over at Jex.

"Yes, silence indeed!  Our plans for our future are no affair of yours Tithan!" growled Jex, and then he grinned and said, "Though I will still expect you to be my best man at the wedding."

"And my best man as well!" said Beowul, "You know we love you dearly, don't you my sweet, wonderful Tithan?"

Tithan chuckled and smiled lovingly back at them, "To my endless delight you have both shown it to me countless times in our bed.  Who will be my best man on the wonderful day that I am wed to the two of you then?  Will it be you Lox?"

The fourth kobold who was sitting next to Tithan on the fallen log said, "I would gladly do it my love, if I were not already married to you!"

They all laughed.

The fifth kobold who was sitting at the end of the log then said, "When they finally wed me to the four of you, a day I look forward to with all my heart my loves, I shall need no best man, for I am already the best!"

They all laughed again and the four looked at him with the deepest affection and love and Beowul said, "We are indeed the four luckiest kobolds to have won you over, Stenwul my sweet."

"What beautiful visitor have you brought for us then?  He is magnificent!" said Stenwul.

Beowul and Jex gently lowered the smith face down in front of the three on the log.  To the doglike creatures face down was a more natural and comfortable position than face up.  Jex then pulled the man's trousers off and set them aside so they could see the man's form in its natural state.

"He is absolutely stunning!  Have you ever seen anything more appealing my dearest Stenwul?" Jex breathed.

"I most definitely have not.  I have never seen one so closely before who was still alive and fully disrobed.  We've had to kill so many who were armed and armored and bent on our destruction.  Would that they were not so cruel to us when they are so beautiful and we only wish to love them.  His skin on his back looks so smooth with the lack of fur and his hair so long and soft and features so blunt and fine, the soft light fur on his arms and legs is so appealing and in contrast to the thicker fur he has under his arms and at his wonderful crotch," said Stenwul as he stood and went around to crouch at the smith's head and gently lifted it up to look at his face.

The other kobolds got off the log and came around to other side of the smith's body, with their backs toward Neville, and they crouched down beside the man to examine him more closely.

"Look at the wonderful shape of his feet.  Look between the legs by his big furry balls; his cock lies there soft and beautiful.  He wears it on the outside even when he is not aroused, like the other races!  His legs are so long and powerful, and those arms!  Oh, how I would love having him buried deep in my ass with those powerful arms wrapped around my waist and gripping me tightly as he humps away at me with abandon!  Every inch of him is so appealing, it's all too much beauty for one creature!" exclaimed Tithan.

Jex was at the smith's ass and he reached out his forepaw and lovingly stroked the powerful muscle and then ran one of his fingers down between the man's ass cheeks to lightly touch his hole.

"I am feeling very strong urges at the moment my loves.  They are difficult to resist," Jex said.

He gently spread the smith's legs a little and then moved his long slender snout in to snuffle at the base of the man's big ball sack and then he extended his very long pink tongue and lapped at the wonderful tasting sweat along the smith's crack.  He then began to lap at the man's pucker to clean it and get the flavor of him.  He probed his tongue harder at the smith's anus and then worked it right in to sample the wonderful taste of the man's essence.  The kobold was rapidly becoming very aroused and was having trouble controlling himself.

Beowul, Tithan and Lox, who were crowded along Jake's side leaned in and started to snuffle at him as well to get a better scent of him and to rub their noses along his skin and into his arm pit and along his side.  They caressed his smooth skin with their forepaws and they licked at him softly to taste his salt and sweat.

Stenwul, who was at the smith's face, leaned in and rubbed his muzzle at both sides of his face.  He then gently kissed the man's closed eyelids, then his nose, then moved down and kissed him on the lips.  He extended his tongue and inserted it past the lips while gently pulling at the man's chin to open his teeth.  He explored the inside of the man's mouth with his soft pink tongue and sighed and pulled his tongue back out to speak.

"He tastes like honey.  I think I understand why we are not allowed to approach humans who are not bent on killing us.  We would forget all of our duties and simply fall under their spell and make love to them until the end of our days," he said breathlessly.

Jex raised his head from the trough between the smith's muscular buttocks and leaned his head back and howled softly with yearning.


Neville could not see exactly what was going on but he began to panic.  The kobolds had all gathered around Jake with their backs to Neville and had taken off the smith's trousers.  Now they were leaning their heads in.  He could not see past the crowd of kobolds so he could not tell what they were doing to him.  They moved slightly from side to side and forward with their heads leaned in and bobbing up and down as they crouched beside the man on their hindpaws.

They must be starting to eat him!

He wanted desperately to leap out from his hiding place and charge at them but he knew it would be madness.  He was in agony not knowing what to do.

Neville could not let them eat him.  He had to try to stop it.  Just as he was about to rush out of hiding one of the kobolds tilted his head back and howled.  Neville noticed there was no blood or gore at all on the kobold's white snout.  Perhaps they hadn't started their feast yet?

He decided to hold his position and he watched and waited to see if he could get a better idea of what exactly they were doing and with monumental effort he contained his urge to rush in until he knew what he might be facing.


Jex regained his composure and spoke again, "I have never seen anything I have wanted to fuck more than this beautiful specimen.  The humans are so impressive they make my loins boil over.  This one smells like a potential mate to me.  Would that they were agreeable to our style of play.  I think I will keep him for myself and use him for a while before he regains his consciousness.  What harm could it do?"

"Keep him for yourself?  You know it is not allowed.  Besides, he is nearly twice your size and three times your mass; you would be able to share him easily with me I think.  You know full well if he smells like a mate to you, he smells that way to us all equally.  You should not be so greedy and selfish with your beautiful new lover my dear," scolded Stenwul.

Jex pouted again, "Fine, I will share if you insist, but I lay claim to his fine muscular ass.  I will tie to it with ardor!  You may have the sweet mouth my love.  Do not tie though!  We cannot have him suffocate.  No further harm should come to him, the poor sweet thing.  I have done enough injury to him already, clubbing his lovely head with my mace, and I shall feel the shame of it for quite a long time indeed."

"Agreed then, we shall share him," said Stenwul, "I lay claim to his sweet mouth."

"Wait a moment, are we saying we're going to break the law and do this thing?" Beowul asked.

"As I said, what harm could it do?  The lovely man is unconscious and will never know.  If we never tell anyone ourselves then we are safe.  We may never get such a chance again.  I have coveted the humans from afar for so long.  He is absolutely irresistibly beautiful and I must put my cock in him and give him my seed to show him how much I adore him.  Please, my love?" said Jex as he blinked his big eyes at Beowul pleadingly.

Beowul could not resist his lover's adorable face, "Very well, you know I cannot bring myself to disappoint you my sweet, but if the two of you use his only two available holes, then what of the rest of us?  I will be quickly in the throes of passion watching you enjoy yourself so.  Where will I put my straining cock?"

"I have a hole in back myself my dearest love and it will be quite available as I hump this wonderful creature.  I would be most pleased and honored if you would use it for the seven hundred and seventy-seventh time while I am buried deeply in our guest," said Jex sincerely, and then he grinned.

"I cannot remember the last time I have ever had such an appealing offer my sweet," said Beowul while grinning back at his love, "Wait, it has just come to me.  It was the time you offered it to me this afternoon and I used it well, and the time before that just this morning.  Oh, but I did enjoy it so!  I accept!"

They all laughed again.

"Let us place him on the log then so that we may get in a proper position," said Jex.

The kobolds stood up and four of them each took a corner and lifted the man while the fifth kobold placed several large sleeping pelts of soft lamb's wool along the length of the log.  The smith's unconscious form was laid gently on it face down with his arms and legs hanging down on each side.

The kobolds began to disrobe and all dropped their weapons and armor to the ground until each was completely naked.


Neville was watching from the trees with relief as he saw when they moved Jake onto the fallen log that he was still unscathed.  They had not been eating him after all.  He wondered why they were all undressing suddenly.  He did not like where this appeared to be going.

He was able to get a better look at the monsters now though.

With all of their armor removed Neville noticed that the beasts were in fact quite beautiful.  They were covered in short and thick soft fur like a dog.  They had long wide ears that stood nice and straight and fairly pointed at the tip and cupped forward like a fox's ears.  They had long slender snouts and sharp white teeth and long pink tongues that could extend a very long way from their mouths.  They had large sparkling eyes and long bushy tails that curved upward.  They looked from here to be just a bit taller and heavier than Neville so they were much smaller than the large smith.

They looked very graceful even in their upright position though they looked somehow like they would be just as graceful, or perhaps more so, on all fours.  Their hindpaws were large and wide and their forepaws were slender and long somewhat like a raccoon's and looked very dexterous.

Each of them had slightly different colors and patterns than the other.  One of them was brown and had lovely white sock patterns on his paws and a large white patch along his breast and under his chin and a star shaped white patch on his forehead that extended down between his eyes to the top of his snout.  The one that had howled earlier was mostly white all over but had large brown patches here and there and a large black patch over one eye.  Another was all black from head to toe and yet another was a beautiful golden color all over.  The fifth had the most amazing fur pattern he'd ever seen made of various very narrow tiger like stripes of different shades of light and dark brown and black that would be vertical if the creature was on all fours.  The pattern of his coat seemed almost to shimmer in the firelight as he moved.  He had a jet black breast and black sock patterns on his paws and small white patches on each of his eyes.  He was the most attractive of them all.

Neville could clearly see they were all male because each had a very large scrotum with two big balls hanging in it and he could see the pointed red tip of a doglike penis starting to peek out of each of their sheaths.

Neville could still not hear what was being said but it was becoming obvious what was about to happen.  He started to become angry but tried to maintain his cool as his father had done back at the inn when this very same thing was happening to Neville himself at the hands of Braddock and his men.

His love was about to get raped by a bunch of vile and evil soldiers just as Neville himself had been.  Thankfully Jake was unconscious for now.  Neville silently prayed that he was alright and that he would come around eventually, but not until all of this was over.


Jex moved behind the smith and straddled the log to take his claimed position at the man's muscular ass.  The kobold's large, pointed, wet, red organ had already begun to slip well out of its sheath.  He moved forward and coupled with the large man and began humping like a dog.  When he felt his penis engage deeply into the man's rectum he increased the pace in short sharp jabs and began to pant.  Saliva dripped from his hanging tongue as his eyes glazed and half closed while he let himself be carried away in ecstasy.

Stenwul, who had claimed the mouth, moved to the smith's head and carefully lifted his face and inserted his slick red penis between the unconscious man's lips.  He began to buck very slowly and carefully so as not to harm their captive.  He looked all the way across the smith at his lover Jex who was facing toward him while deeply buried in the smith's ass and humping hard and his heart swelled at the love he felt for the kobold as he watched him lose himself to his rapture.  Stenwul then closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation of his leaking penis rubbing along the man's warm wet tongue and he smiled his happiness.

Beowul moved in behind Jex at the back and inserted his growing wet member into his lover's tight asshole while moaning his delight.  He gripped Jex's waist tightly and leaned his full body against him and began to hump rapidly.  He alternated his humping so that he was moving his hips in as the other was moving out and after just a moment of adjustment the two were fucking with abandon in perfect alternating rhythm.

Lox moved in behind Stenwul while watching him hump at the smith's face and he stroked the kobold's back lovingly and whispered, "May I enjoy your sweet tight hole once more my love?  Each time I do is more wonderful than the time before and I simply cannot resist!"

Stenwul looked back at Lox with love in his eyes and nodded and said, "I feel empty when you aren't there.  Please give your seed to me again my sweet."

Lox then moved in and engaged his straining penis into Stenwul's eager hole and began to fuck him in the same way as the first two, with a perfectly timed alternating motion like a well-designed machine.

It was very clear that all of them were well practiced at fucking this way, one behind the other in perfect alternating unison.  None of them slipping out and all of them getting deep thrusts from the tip right to the root.

Tithan stood back and watched the beautiful sight of his four lovers coupling with abandon.  He panted with anticipation and he could not resist getting involved as well.  He got in the middle and straddled the smith with his back to Jex, and started simply humping his large red very wet and slippery cock against Jake's warm smooth skin while it leaked copious amount of precum.  The kobolds were small enough in relation to the smith that there was room for all.

He looked longingly into the face of Stenwul who was fucking the smith's face.  The two of them were closely facing each other now and Stenwul smiled and leaned in and inserted his long pink tongue into Tithan's mouth.  Tithan stretched out his tongue into Stenwul's mouth and their tongues lovingly entwined and shared the taste of each other as they moaned softly.

Jex, now seeing Tithan's ass right in his face with his big bushy tail curved up and exposing his sweet tight asshole, could not resist putting his muzzle against his lover's beautiful hole and inserting his long tongue into it to taste his wonderful essence.  As Tithan humped forward rubbing his hard red cock and big balls along the smith's now very well lubricated back Jex's tongue began to get pulled out of his anus, as he humped back Jex pushed his tongue back in trying to give his lover the best possible sensation.

The five kobolds were now all intimately connected in a long chain that stretched across the smith with him connected in the middle as the center link and the kobold chain connected across his back by Tithan.  They were all in the throes of passion and their movements had an almost choreographed grace that belied the heat and lust they all felt.


Neville did all he could to suppress his rage at what he saw.  He could not afford to give himself away so he kept quiet and fumed as he watched them raping his love while they buggered each other as well.

When he had listened to Braddock speaking back at the inn he had begun to suspect that the other races might have actually been given a falsely bad reputation.  What he was seeing now showed they were just as vile and evil as Braddock and his men.

Why was the world so full of horrible people who must use and humiliate others to make themselves feel powerful?


The five kobolds were so fully aroused that the coupling did not last long.

Stenwul, at the blacksmith's face, recognized that his big knot was starting to get stuck inside the man's mouth so he quickly pulled it back before it got too large.  He humped more carefully to keep the knot on the outside as it continued to grow so the man could breathe properly.  Before long he stopped and pressed his hard bulging knot firmly against the smith's mouth while moaning loudly, releasing his voluminous seed into the man's throat.  The smith's body instinctively and involuntarily swallowed down the sweet nectar even while he was unconscious.

Lox's penis locked hard into Stenwul as he sensed the pulsing of his lover's anus and it brought him over the edge.  He thrust hard one last time and held the position to tie to his lover as his knot expanded to its fullest and his thick red cock begin pumping his seed into Stenwul's bowels.

Jex pulled his tongue out of Tithan's rectum and cried out in ecstasy and tied to the smith's tight hole as he thrust forward hard.  He had never been this aroused in his life.  He realized immediately that he would be stuck in this position for quite some time but he had never felt such a powerful release before.  He settled in for the wait while his loins began pumping his nectar into the beautiful human's rectum.  He moved his muzzle back down, slipped his tongue back into Tithan's sweet anus who was humping the smith's back, and began to tongue him harder to help him reach his climax.

Tithan did not last at that point.  He could hear the sounds of moaning and grunting and pleasure all around him and could feel the long tongue of his lover snaking around inside him sampling his essence and tickling his anus, and his throbbing red member with the big knot that he'd been furiously rubbing against the man's beautiful smooth skin began to squirt stream after stream of his seed out onto the man's back as the kobold moaned and groaned with pleasure.

Beowul was the last to go.  He could not last any longer as his own red cock was being squeezed rhythmically by Jex's pulsing anus and he grunted and moaned out his pleasure loudly as he thrust deep into the love of his life and tied to him and began to send his seed into him.

All five of the kobolds began to come down from their orgasmic high.  The kobolds who were tied, or who were tied to by another, had to hold their position and wait as their throbbing members continued to pump their cum into each other and into the smith.  Tithan was not tied to anyone so he got off and moved closer to the fire and lay on his side to begin licking his swollen member in order to stretch out his good feeling while cleaning himself.

Stenwul backed carefully away from the smith's face with Lox still tied behind him.  The two maneuvered around in what looked like a well-practiced ballet as they moved next to the fire and lay together to wait for Lox's knot to go down.  Clearly they'd done this before.  Stenwul began licking his red member just as Tithan was already doing while Lox was still tied behind him and lovingly stroking Stenwul's back and waiting to be freed.

Beowul and Jex could not move since Jex was tied to the smith's rectum and Beowul was tied to Jex's hole.  They held their positions with contented smiles on their faces with Beowul nuzzling the back of Jex's neck and softly growling his love for the kobold as the last of their seed leaked out.

After a while there was a sucking pop and Beowul came free from his lover.  He moved over by the fire to join the others and began licking his cock.  Lox's cock slipped free from Stenwul by the fireside and he began cleaning his own as well.  Now all were free but Jex, who was still tied to the smith's anus and was leaned over his back smiling and enjoying the stretched out afterglow of his orgasm.

More time passed as the other four all finished cleaning themselves and their swollen cocks had shrunk back down and were finally retreating back into their sheaths.

Jex was still tied to the smith and he spoke softly while he waited for his release.

"I have never felt my knot so strongly before.  This has been the most satisfying experience I've ever had.  It may be a while before I can untie from this achingly beautiful creature.  What shall we do with him then?" he asked.

"He is desirable beyond measure.  I think we should ask the Chieftain if we could break the rules and have him tie the knot between this man and us.  Would he not make the perfect sixth for our little family?" asked Tithan.

"He would indeed," said Beowul, "but the law is ancient and the Chieftain is unlikely to allow us to change it.  We cannot mingle with the humans and must remain isolated from them except when threatened by their armies."

"Perhaps we should simply release him then, as a thank you for allowing us to enjoy him so?" asked Jex.

"A great battle is coming and will take place near here.  Their armies have scattered and weakened and the Chieftain intends to invade their lands within the week with the orcs to destroy what's left of their armies so they can attack us no more and we can retreat back into our isolation.  We cannot release him.  He would be in great danger and we must keep him safe from it.  He may know something of the human armies even if he is not a soldier.  We'll have to bring him back to the main force and speak to the Chieftain to see what he wishes.  He will at least want to talk to the man to see what information he may have my sweet dear," said Beowul.

"Agreed, we must bring him back to our army.  It's the only thing to do my loves," said Stenwul, "The orc scouting party should be coming by to relieve us soon so we can head back and bring our wonderful guest to the Chieftain."

There was a sucking sound and at last Jex's erection slipped out of the blacksmith's anus followed by a slow and steady stream of his seed running down the inside of the smith's thigh.

Beowul got up and went quickly to begin licking up his lover's sweet cum as it leaked out of the man and then began lapping at the gaping hole to clean it and help it relax shut again.  Lox came over and began licking up Tithan's semen that had been released all over the smith's back.

Jex went to the fireside to lie down and clean himself with the others.

"At last, it's astonishing how long that took my dear sweet love.  I have never seen you tie so long before.  You must be very much in love with him," said Stenwul to Jex, "Let's get some rest now my dears so we can travel hard and fast in the morning.  Who will take the first watch?"

"I will do it my love.  You know how I worry about you all.  It eases my heart to watch over you while you sleep," said Tithan.

The others all got up and four kobolds once again carefully lifted the smith from the log.  The fifth took the lambs wool skins and laid them out on the ground and the others lowered the smith gently onto them and placed him in a comfortable position.  They then bound the smith's hands and feet.

With the captive taken care of four of them went and settled in together in a loving pile near the fire while Tithan, who had volunteered to take the watch, got dressed in his armor and put on his weapon.  He moved to the other side of the fire, turned back and surveyed the scene momentarily.

He gazed longingly at his four lovers as they wiggled against each other to get comfortable in their pile to settle in for their nights sleep.  He had chosen his mates well and he was thrilled that they'd chosen him.  He could not wait until the day they were all officially sworn to each other in wedlock for the rest of their lives.  He felt like the luckiest kobold in the world.

"Rest well my dearest sweet loves.  I shall miss you all sorely until I see your lovely faces smiling at me in the morning," he said, and then he turned to face outward towards Neville's hiding location and began to stand watch over them.


Neville realized that the monsters were finally done with the smith and they were settling in to sleep.  They'd set him down and bound his hands and feet so he was clearly still alive and he looked unscathed.  He was still unconscious so he did not have to suffer the humiliation of the rape.  The one whose fur was black from head to toe had donned his armor and weapon again and had taken the watch.

He had no idea what they'd been saying while they'd used his love so cruelly.  He'd heard their hyena like cackles as they appeared to laugh before they laid into him.  They reminded him of Braddock and his men.  Perhaps all soldiers were simply pure evil.  It seemed his dream of being a fighter should simply be dropped.  He did not wish to become anything like any of the ones he'd seen tonight.  Perhaps this is what drove Jake to abandon soldiering and change his vocation to smithing.  Neville wondered if this sort of evil is what eventually becomes of all men who make it their livelihood to kill other men.

He was enraged at what they'd done to the smith but he knew that he could do nothing about it.

He began to think maybe he should simply raise his arms and walk into the camp and surrender to them.  They could speak his language so perhaps he could plead with them.  He could tell them how much he loved the smith and would do anything to get him back.  If there was even the slightest bit of caring buried somewhere in their dark and evil souls they might see the anguish on his face and let them go free.

He doubted these vicious beasts would listen to reason though, and he was certain there could be no hint of caring in them for a human.  They were the enemy and they were armed and they were trained soldiers.  Even their teeth would likely be enough to tear Neville to shreds if they saw him and attacked even while they were naked.  He knew they enjoyed feasting on human children and he did not intend to do them the favor of an easy meal.

He would need to wait and see if the lookout they posted would get distracted, need to relieve himself, or perhaps fall asleep.  He had to try to sneak in and free Jake from their vile clutches.

He settled in to wait while thinking of how unjust it all was.  Just as he'd finally realized his fantasy of being with the smith, the dream had been cruelly taken from him.

He was not going to let it happen.  He would find some way to free Jake from the monsters.

He sat quietly in the dark and leaned back against a tree and watched and waited for his chance.

He began to succumb to the bone weariness his body was feeling.  He hadn't slept at all at the inn after a long busy day's work prior to his rude awakening and the horrible events that followed.  He and the smith had been running for almost an hour after that ordeal.  The sudden relief and joy of discovering the smith's feelings for him followed by the shock of the loss of him and witnessing his rape had drained the last of Neville's reserves.  He was now running on vapors.

His eyes began to close of their own volition and his head lolled and then snapped back as he fought his weariness, but try as he might he could not resist the siren call of sleep and he drifted off.

He woke with a start in full the daylight of late afternoon.  He jumped in fear and looked toward the camp.

They were gone!

He crashed out of the bushes and ran to the ashes of the dead fire where the kobolds had been sleeping.  He looked around desperately but could see no sign of them or the smith, nor could he see which way they had gone.

He moved in a growing circle around the camp site but could see no trace of their passage anywhere.  Neville was just a boy and these were trained scouts who knew how not to leave tracks of their own.  They could have headed out in any direction and there was absolutely no chance that he would be able to find them.

The love of his young life was gone.

A sudden and sickening realization dawned on him.  Jake had wanted to leave last night and it was Neville that delayed them.  If he hadn't stopped to pleasure himself when the smith had washed his face, and if he hadn't convinced the smith to let Neville take the time to pleasure him as well, they would have been well on the way before the scouts were upon them.

If he would not have wasted so much of their time they would still be together.  It was all his fault.  For all he knew they may have already eaten the smith or they may be taking him back to the rest of their army to share as a meal.

His heart was hammering against his chest as another thought occurred to him.  After the way they'd used the smith last night, they were likely bringing him back to their army to be fucked to death by all the others!  Jake had saved Neville from that fate last night and it appeared Neville, by not doing the responsible thing and going with Jake immediately as the smith had wanted to, had caused the man to now face that very same horrifying end.

He was completely devastated.

His heart sank to its lowest depths ever as he realized that he had lost his newfound love forever to a cruel fate at the hands of his most hated enemy and it was his own fault.


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