What follows is a work of complete fantasy.

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This series will describe the adventures of a teenaged boy who is rescued from a cruel fate in his home village
by a friend, but ultimately finds himself on his own in a world that is being ravaged by brutal race wars between the humans, and the hated vicious and barbaric races, the kobolds, orcs and ogres.  In his travels he learns the surprising truth about the history of the realm, the nature of its inhabitants and the reason for the war that has been withheld from his people.  He also learns that the humans are very close to a complete victory.  Realizing that the other races are facing obliteration he decides to take a gamble that would level the playing field once again in the hope that it might lead to a better outcome.  Doing so however will require him to utterly betray his own people.

There will be some very rough and violent sex described in great detail between men and men, men and orcs, orcs and kobolds, kobolds and men, ogres and men, and so on and so forth in various combinations with much of it involving the teenaged boy.  None of it is based in any way on reality but it may be disturbing to some.  Should you choose to read it please keep in mind that it is not real, but simply fantasy.

If this is not the type of story you would enjoy, please stop reading now.

If there is any reason legal or otherwise why you should not read such a story, please stop reading now.

If you are the type of person who has any difficulty whatsoever separating fantasy from reality, please stop reading now.

The events depicted in these stories have not happened, and will not ever happen. No one should ever attempt to replicate them in any way in real life. These events are a work of fantasy for the enjoyment of those with a healthy mind who have no problem keeping them in the realm of imagination. I have never attempted, nor would I attempt, any such acts myself and as such I am likely to get some details completely wrong. One thing I am certain of is that in real life, young boys would NOT appreciate this sort of thing being done to them and they are INCAPABLE of giving informed consent to allow these things to be done to them. If you ever even consider attempting these acts in real life then you should immediately seek help.

Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

That said if you are still reading I do hope you enjoy the story.

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The Hawthorne Accord - Chapter 5

Neville walked with feet of lead back in the direction he believed would lead him home.

He no longer cared what might happen to him.  He had caused his own love to be delivered to the same cruel fate that the smith had rescued Neville from just the night before.  He wanted to die and he did not care how it happened.

He thought it fitting that he should be fucked to death just as Jake was likely going to be.  He was simply going to return to Braddock and try to save his mother and father and their town by giving himself up.  At least his death would mean something then.

It took him hours to retrace their steps from the night before but they had been running then and he was walking with the slow pace of defeat now.  As he approached the town twilight was setting in again.

He began to notice though that as he walked, head down and miserable, the forest seemed to grow lighter instead of darker.  Then he noticed that the light was casting long, dancing shadows from the direction of town.

Fear gripped his heart and he broke into a run.

He crashed out of the forest and in the distance across the field of long grasses he could see his beloved town in flames.  Not a single building was unaffected.  His home was already collapsing sending huge plumes of embers rushing up into the sky.  The smithy was burning.  All of the homes and shops, the stalls and the stables, everything he'd ever known since he was a baby were being consumed in a fiery conflagration.

Anguish filled his very soul.  Had he brought this on them all?  All he had ever wanted for the people of his village was for them to always be happy and content.  In the end he'd gotten them burned out of their homes and quite likely murdered!  How could he bear the shame of this?  Was he truly the cause of it?

Then he remembered some of the conversation he'd overheard back at the inn when this had all begun and came to a realization.

He was not the cause; it was Braddock.  The commander had said even before he knew that Neville had overheard anything that he would destroy the town, and so he had.  This was his ruse to help draw the kobold army in to the trap he had set for them.  Braddock needed to get the town burned until it was nothing but a smoldering ruin when the kobolds finally saw it.  That way it would appear to be completely unguarded and abandoned and the human forces open to attack through the pass.

Neville moved closer to the town and strained to see around the burning buildings looking for any sign of his friends and family.  He could not see anyone anywhere.  Not even any soldiers were in sight.  There was no movement of any sort.  He wondered where all the people could be.  He didn't believe Braddock would be evil enough to kill them all in their beds.  Could he possibly get away with something so monstrous?  Would the King turn a blind eye to something so egregious?  Perhaps the commander would blame it all on the kobold invasion.

Whatever the case, there was certainly no reason for Neville to give himself up to Braddock any longer.  There was no town to save.  He had no idea of the fate of the people, including his parents.

He did not know how to proceed.  He was more helpless than he'd ever been now.  There was no one to help him and nowhere to go.  The smith could not come bounding to his rescue this time thanks to Neville himself.

He spotted a glint in the grass a little off to his left.  He ran over to see what it was and as he approached he saw the bodies of two men.  They were soldiers!  Braddock's men by the look of it.

He crouched next to them to look closer.  They appeared to have been run through with very sharp swords.  They'd been stabbed by some weapon with enough fury to puncture the light mail they were wearing.  Who would have done this?

He realized it must be the kobolds.  Who else?  Nobody in his village was capable of this sort of brutality.  The kobold army's advance scouts must have been here and killed these men as they headed out on their patrol.  That would mean they've witnessed the destruction of the town earlier than expected.  They may have gone back to alert their forces.  The kobold army could be marching here at speed even now.

Neville had to move.  He did not want to be caught in the middle of the conflict.

He decided his best course of action for now was to do as the smith had originally planned.  Move through the darkness in the forest along the mountains and try to stay alive.  He would find some way to get back to civilization some time later after the dust settled assuming there was a human civilization to come back to.

He wished he knew exactly where Jake had planned to take him.  He'd said there would be help there.  Neville did not know of any human settlements in the direction they'd been going.  Still, if Jake said there was help in that direction then the boy could think of no better direction to go.

Neville was not sure if he could do it alone, but at this point he had no choice.

He was terribly hungry and thirsty.  He hadn't had any sustenance in almost a full day and he was not sure how he could proceed without food or water.  The smith had said something about a river that they'd been heading to.  If he turned and went back in the direction they'd originally gone Neville should reach it eventually.  He wasn't sure if he could make it that far before collapsing of thirst though.

It was far too dangerous to try to go into the burning village to try to get to a well but he had to get water at least, somehow.

The soldiers!  If they were a patrol heading out they would have something.  He turned them over and examined them more carefully.  Yes, each had a full water skin.  They even had a pouch of field rations.  Neville removed the skins and pouches and set them aside.  He took the mail shirt off the smaller of the soldiers and then removed his blood stained leather jerkin that had holes from the stab wounds.  No matter, it was better than nothing.  He could wash it properly if he found the river.  For now it would serve to help keep him warm.

He pulled the jerkin over his head and it draped all the way down past his breechclout and almost to his knees like a night shirt.  None of the other clothes would fit him in any useful way.  Their weapons appeared to have been taken by their assailants.  Neville was sure he wouldn't stand a chance with one anyhow.  His only defense would be to stay hidden and stay moving.

He picked up the water skins and put the cords over his head to hook them over his shoulder.  He took a small drink from one to soothe his parched throat.  He would sip again later.  He had to make it last since he had no idea how far this river was.

He looked in the ration pouches and found plenty of dried meat.  His stomach growled loudly at the sight and he pulled out a large chunk and tore a piece off with his teeth and began to chew as he turned and started to walk quickly in the direction the smith had taken him last night.  He was angry at himself for having to start his escape all over again right back from the beginning, and he was all alone this time.

He thought again of the vicious kobolds who must have killed the soldiers.  They were out here somewhere.

He broke into a run.


Jake Smith awoke with a massive headache.

He noticed immediately that he was hanging under a pole.  He'd been bound hand and foot and then tied to the pole and was being carried.  Even his torso had been thoroughly lashed to the pole presumably to spread the weight of his own body along the pole so as not to harm his wrists and ankles.

He closed his eyes quickly so his captors wouldn't know he was awake.  His brain worked hard through the pain to try to remember how he'd gotten into this predicament.

He remembered he and Neville had started walking again and there was a noise of soldiers approaching.  He'd gone to investigate and saw two armed figures moving through the darkness.  They'd been heading to Neville's location so the smith had run loudly past them at an angle to draw them away.  He'd thought they were a search party sent by Braddock.  He could have easily outrun them if that were the case.  He was not expecting kobolds!  Needless to say he did not stand a chance getting away from them.  They are like the wind when they choose to run.

He had no reason to run from them though once he knew what they were.  

The smith was one of the few humans who knew the truth of the kobolds' sweet loving nature.  He had spent a short time with them when they'd found him naked and seriously wounded out in the field.  He'd been injured in battle and the ever efficient army, feeling he was injured beyond hope, had stripped him completely of anything useful and left him to rot.  He had not known how long he'd crawled before finally collapsing.  He'd regained consciousness days later surrounded by kobolds who'd cared for him with the help of two ogres who were some sort of healers.  He was in shock but grateful.  They explained their nature to him and the ogres watched over him and helped him to recover.  Then they told him that their law would not allow him to stay with them and he must return to his own people and never look back.  He could thank them for their aide by never telling another living soul of their true nature so that they could be left in isolation from the humans.

Jake had honored their wishes.  Disenchanted by his treatment by the army he allowed them to believe he was dead and he went back to the village of his youth to live out the rest of his days in peace as a blacksmith.  There was a time early on as the war raged on that Jake wrestled with the idea of telling some of his closest friends about the nature of the other races.  He felt that if he could just get the right people involved he could start a movement to end the war and treat with the other races to come to some lasting peace.  He realized though that any such attempt was likely to fail and would put all of his friends and his entire town at risk.  The army would not allow such seditious talk and would move swiftly to cut it short.  Jake had since felt that the decision to not proceed may have in fact been cowardly but he could not bring himself to put everyone at risk even though he knew in the end it may result in the destruction of the wonderful and peaceful people of the other races.

After his and Neville's flight from Braddock's army last night Jake had come to the decision that they would walk right up to the kobold army unarmed to seek asylum.  They are the most loveable and friendly people he had ever known and he felt that the kobolds would not turn them away once they learned of their predicament and the evil that had been done to poor Neville by Braddock and his men.

They and the other races have an ancient law that requires them to stay completely isolated from humans and avoid interaction of any kind unless provoked into attack.  Jake felt sure that once he explained their situation he could convince their leader to allow them to stay within the kobold community at least temporarily.  They would want to know that the smith and boy were kept safe.

The kobolds were completely free and open sexually, so Jake and Neville would even be able to share their love openly there and none would judge them other than to perhaps congratulate them for finding their life's true loves.

The events that led to his capture the night before continued to play out in Jake's head.  He remembered that, as he was running and then realized they were kobolds, he'd stopped suddenly and had turned to surrender to the scouts just as they were catching up to him.  In the darkness he must have looked threatening with his arms coming up and one of the kobolds had jumped on him to try to take him down.  He'd instinctively move to pull him off and throw him.

He'd shouted something like "Unhand me you fool, I'm a friend!"  Or at least he'd wanted to.  He wasn't sure if he'd got it out or not because everything had gone black at that point.  He must have been clubbed from behind by the second kobold.  That would account for the intense pain at the back of his head, but he wasn't sure what exactly had caused the discomfort in his asshole or his lips.  Both felt somewhat bruised.  The pain was not bad but it was a bit odd.

He suspected he knew what the cause of the bruising might be given the nature of kobolds.  He found himself wishing they had waited until he was conscious if it was what he suspected.  He would have rather enjoyed it.  They were breaking an ancient law by doing it though so he'd best not make them aware that he knew or it could create problems.

Now he was being carried to some place by the kobolds, but where?  What of Neville!?

Jake opened his eyes again and started to look around him to see if Neville was their captive as well.  He couldn't see the boy anywhere.

The smith was hanging upside down along the pole.  When he tilted his head back towards the direction they were moving he could see the ass of one armored kobold ahead of him with its big bushy tail curving up.  The pole was on the kobold's shoulder.  Jake could see what looked like four hind legs so there must be another in front helping with the load.  He looked back towards his feet.  There were three kobolds at the back with the pole on their shoulders as well.

The closest of them was looking straight at him.

"The poor dear has finally come around thank the Mother!" the kobold said, "Please my loves, let us stop a while so I can examine him and have a word."

The kobolds came to a stop and very gently lowered the smith to the ground and rolled him so that he was on his side.  He was beginning to feel helpless and claustrophobic being bound so tightly and unable to move in any way other than his head.

The kobold who had spoken rushed to Jake and crouched down.  He put his hands on the smith's head and gently caressed it, feeling around to the back of it to the source of Jake's pain and the kobold hissed and tsk tsk'd and shook his head unhappily.

The kobold had lovely white fur with brown patches and a large black patch over his left eye.  The smith could see that the creature's large beautiful eyes were weepy as they showed their deep concern for him.

"I am so sorry you poor lovely thing.  I am simply mortified beyond measure," the kobold said, "My name is Jex and I am the one responsible for the pain you must be suffering from the blow to your sweet head.  I believed you a threat to my life's love and in my rash haste I used my mace against your skull a bit harder than I'd intended.  You have a lump there the size of a summer peach and it marks my eternal shame for all to see.  Had I known you were unarmed I would not have acted so.  Please accept my deepest and sincerest apologies!  I will carry the shame of it for some time and it would ease my soul to know that you can accept my admission of guilt.  Please do assign me some horrible penance to perform for you as atonement for my sin!  I shall discharge it twice to show you my sincere remorse.  Is there any way that you might possibly find it in your sweet tender heart to forgive me?"

Jake felt a bit angry over his predicament but he felt badly for the kobold and he was also somewhat amused.  He'd forgotten how melodramatic the creatures could be as well as loveable and caring and he felt somewhat uplifted to see that they hadn't changed over the years.

He was frustrated as well though, given his inability to move or express himself properly while trussed like a turkey and lying on his side and he began to grow impatient.

"Perhaps, Jex,  I may find forgiveness in my heart more easily were my hands freed for the search and my body unbound from this crippling pole!" he said firmly.

The kobold tensed and hesitated and looked toward his fellows.  He was still clearly a soldier and these were troubling times.  He knew nothing of the smith's nature and was not likely foolish enough to simply free him without being fairly certain he would not put them all in danger.

Jake realized his mistake and decided it would be best to conform more closely to the kobold's way of communicating.

"I do apologize for my shortness.  Please forgive me only my head is aching and my patience wearing a bit thinner than I am accustomed to.  My name is Jake Smith and I am very happy to make your acquaintance," Jake said, trying to ooze honey from his vocal cords.

The kobold looked to relax again so Jake decided to turn up the flow to move from oozing to gushing.

"Of course you are forgiven you poor dear creature.  It was a simple misunderstanding and I can clearly see that now, my sweet fellow.  I know of the caring nature and limitless kindness of your people.  I know you would do me no harm intentionally as I am unarmed and a civilian.  I could not possibly bear you any ill will for your honest mistake.  I most graciously accept your apology and assure you that no penance is required and I bear you no hard feelings for the simple error, you wonderful and kind creature."

The kobold sneered and yipped.  Jake new from experience long past that the sneer was in fact a wide grin and the yip an exclamation of joy.  He smiled at the kobold.

"Oh my dear man, you are indeed as kind and well-mannered as you are beautiful.  As I said before, I am Jex.  The brown one there with the lovely white socks is the love of my life Beowul.  The beautiful black one next to him is the love of my life Tithan.  Next to Tithan and with the golden coat is the love of my life Lox, and standing beside Lox is Stenwul who is the most beautiful of us all, and who as you may well have guessed is the love of my life."

The other kobolds all smiled and bowed deeply towards Jake.

"I am undyingly grateful to you for your forgiveness and I swear that I will do anything in my power to make up for my transgression!" Jex said.

"I wonder then my dear, could you start by releasing me from my bonds?  I assure you I will not try to escape nor would I ever attempt to do any of you any harm, quite the opposite in fact.  I am presently quite disenchanted with the armies of my own people.  I would prefer to take your side in our conflict and raise arms against the human armies and defend your lives as if they were my own.  In fact, I was out in the darkness last night with the intent to bring my companion to your army to speak with your chieftain," the smith explained.

"Companion?  You were alone when we found you my dear man.  What might have caused your ill will toward your own people?  Why were you going to speak with the Chieftain?  Beowul my dearest sweet love, would you please help me untie our guest?"

The kobolds worked to free the smith from his bindings while Jake told them the story of Neville's horrible abuse by Braddock and his soldiers and their intent to kill the boy cruelly, and Jake and Neville's subsequent escape into the night.  He told them how Jake had been running with the boy towards the kobold army in search of safety and sanctuary when Jake had heard the scouts approaching and gone to investigate.  Jake told them that Neville knew he was in mortal danger and would likely still be hiding where the smith had told him to until he returned.

"Oh, Great Mother, I have caused such a calamity as has never been seen before!  Oh my dear sweet man I am so sorry!  Not only have I injured your poor dear self but I've placed the only love of your life in jeopardy into the bargain, and him only a whelp!  Beo, Lox, Tith, Sten, my loves, we must help them!  Oh, is there no end to my shame!?  How am I to bear it!?" Jex shouted in distress while pressing his forepaws against either side of his head.

"Jex, my dearest sweet love, do not berate yourself so!  We are at your side and we will do what we can to help the poor sweet lovers.  Do not be so hard on yourself my love.  There was no way you could know!" said Beowul.

"Agreed, there was simply no way you could have known," Jake said, "Do not torture yourself with thoughts of it.  I do not hold it against you and I know that Neville will not either.  He will love you all dearly once he gets to know you I can assure you.  A sweeter and kinder boy you will never meet.  I will indeed need your help to find him though.  I know of your skills as trackers.  We must go back to where you held me last night and from there you will be able to track back to where I left the boy."

"Agreed!  We must go with haste!  Let us be off with no further discussion or delay my loves.  The poor sweet whelp waits alone for his love to rescue him!  It is so tragic I cannot bear it!" exclaimed Jex.

They all agreed that they must head out immediately and travel as fast as they could to return to their camp.  They had been marching for the better part of the day at a very slow pace because they were carrying Jake.  The sun was now setting and twilight approaching fast.  Still, with no burden and all of them able to move at speed it would not take them much more than a few hours to get back.

"Jex, my poor sweet love, you are overcome my dear and clearly overly distraught.  You and Tithan stay with Jake and come at the best pace you all can manage.  Jake has been trussed up and strung under a pole all day and it will take him some time to find his legs properly.  Lox, Stenwul and myself shall run ahead back to our camp and track back to where the poor helpless whelp is hiding.  We will bring him back towards you with all haste!" said Beowul as he and the other two turned to leave.

"No!  Hold a moment!" yelled Jake as the kobolds got ready to run.

The three stopped and turned back to him.

"Neville does not know your true nature.  I should have told him but it would have required a great deal of explanation and discussion and we were in a desperate hurry and had much else of import to discuss first.  Please, when you find him do not approach him.  He will react out of fear and hatred and he may bring harm upon himself.  Keep your distance, stay with him and stay hidden.  Jex and Tithan will help me find you when we catch up.  Above all I need you to be at your fiercest to keep my love safe from the human soldiers until I have him back in my arms." pleaded Jake.

Beowul growled deep and loud and his voice went down a full register as he said, "If any of them attempt to harm the whelp in my presence I will strip them of their fucking skins and tear out their rancid livers!"

"I would rip off their heads and fuck their bloody neck hole!  They would know the true fury of a kobold!" Lox spat.

"I would suck out their twice fucked eyes and piss in the sockets!" snarled Stenwul.

The sudden change in the kobolds' demeanor was startling.  They menacingly snarled and growled and barked like a hunting pack as they worked themselves into a frenzy at the thought of the boy being threatened.

The three turned without another word and they became almost a blur as they went down on all fours and launched themselves at speed back the way they had all come.

Jake was once again happy to see that the nature of the creatures had not changed over the years.  They were the fiercest warriors he had ever encountered when anyone they cared about was at risk and Neville could not possibly be in better company.  He did not hold much hope for any of Braddock's men who might attempt to harm the boy.

He thought of the condition the soldiers would be left in should they tangle with the three kobolds and it made him smile.

There was no doubt the boy would be safe provided he'd had the presence of mind to continue to wait in his hiding place as Jake had asked him to do.


Neville had been running at a slow and steady pace for what seemed like hours.  He would stop and rest occasionally and take sips from one of his water skins and nibble at his rations, and then begin to run again.

It was well past midnight by now and he felt that he should be a good distance beyond the place he and Jake had stopped to rest the night before, but he wasn't sure of anything.

He knew he was heading in more or less the same direction the smith had been leading them but he may have veered more towards the base of the mountains.  As yet there was no sign of the river that Jake had mentioned.

He stopped once more to rest and get some energy back.  As he sat and his breath returned to him and his hearing was no longer full of his own labored breathing he started to notice sounds coming from off in the distance ahead and to his right.  He strained to hear what it was but he couldn't make it out well.

He stood and began to walk quietly and carefully in that direction.  As he got closer to the source he found to his alarm that it sounded almost like a battle.  He could hear the sounds of struggle and grunts and shouts in both high voices and very deep unfamiliar sounding voices.

No, it couldn't be a true battle.  He did not hear the clash of metal or the harsh cries of pain that would have to accompany that.

Suddenly a terrifying thought occurred to him.  What if it was the kobold army preparing for their attack?  Neville had almost walked right into them!  He would be torn to tiny shreds in seconds if the whole army came upon him!  He had to change direction and run for his life before any of them discovered him!

He turned and began to run away from the sound as his heart hammered at his chest in fear, but he quickly slowed and then stopped as he came to another realization.

If this was the kobold army then this is where the vicious creatures who'd raped Jake would have taken him!

He could not give up on the smith.  It was likely suicide to approach the kobolds but what choice did he have?  He'd been ready to die earlier to sacrifice himself for his family and his town.  How was this any different?  He would gladly risk his life in an attempt to save his true love.  He would need to approach carefully to give himself the best chance of staying undiscovered.

Suddenly he thought again of the grunts and groans and sounds of struggle he'd heard.  What if those were the sounds of brutal sex?  What if they had already begun to rape Jake to death?!

He broke into a run back in the direction he'd heard the commotion.

He had not been running long before once again he noticed the forest being lit up by the glow of firelight.

He slowed and approached more cautiously keeping his eyes peeled for guards or sentries moving about but he saw none yet.  The woods were thick and he felt he would be safe if he stayed deep in the cover of the trees as he made his way closer.

As he finally got to a position from which he could see into the camp he was completely flummoxed by what he saw.

There was a large bonfire in the middle of a clearing and there was not a kobold anywhere to be seen.  What he saw instead were great huge very thickly muscled slate grey colored men.  Interspersed between them were other men who were average height, but narrow and lanky with dark green skin.  These must be ogres and orcs!

Neville was abashed at what they were doing though.  At first he'd thought they were fighting without weapons, and then quickly noticed they were not struggling against, but rather with each other.  They appeared to be enjoying an orgy!

Neville looked more closely at each race.  He'd never seen them before and had only ever heard them described.

The massive ogres had so much muscle on their arms, legs, chest and waists and even their necks that they looked like they could likely snap an oak tree in half without any effort.  They looked like they would be a foot or two taller than the blacksmith perhaps, probably eight feet tall at least, and almost twice the mass due to the gigantic muscles that covered their entire frame.  All of those he saw were completely naked.  Their skin was a dark slate grey but it almost seemed to have a luminous depth to it.  It looked like slate that had been smoothly ground to a flat finish and then heavily waxed and polished.  It was quite beautiful as it conformed to the rippling muscles beneath.

Their hands and feet were thick and large as well.  Their thick necks continued up to large, low and wide heads that narrowed slightly towards the top with a very broad nose and wide mouth.  Each had two long tusks protruding up and slightly outward from behind their lower lip at the outside edges of their mouths.  Their eyes were deep set under large brows.  They had thick short triangular shaped ears jutting straight out of the sides of their heads cupped slightly forward and drooped slightly downward toward the tips.  Some had bald heads but some had a thick tuft of stiff looking hair sticking straight up in the center of their pate.  Most impressive of all though, and Neville was having a hard time ungluing his eyes, were their genitals.

Their balls were absolutely massive.  Each testicle looked to be as large as a cantaloupe melon and they were encased in sacks the size of a small bag of flour.  To Neville's astonishment their penises were at least a foot and a half long and four inches wide.  He noticed with interest that they were only slightly wider and longer than the largest of the cucumbers Neville had ever hidden up his rectum.  Their massive cocks had a large head but instead of the sort of swooping mushroom like shape of the head of a human penis, the ogres' cockheads were blunt and looked the same from the top, bottom and both sides.  It looked similar to what you'd see if you sliced a grapefruit in half, hollowed it out, and stuck it on the end of a large wooden bat.  He doubted very much that he could stuff one those into his mouth and then he wondered why that disappointed him.  He also realized that he might be able to take one into his ass if he loosened himself up first and then wondered why the thought appealed to him.  He reminded himself that these were cruel brutal monsters.

Still, they were stunningly masculine looking and very appealing.  The skin of their genitals was the same beautiful deep wet looking slate grey.  They had a very thick forest of dark curly pubic hair that went down around the base of their penis, covered their balls, and continued around and behind and up their butt cracks.  They had extremely thick soft bushes of hair under each arm as well.  Neville wished he could sniff them as those bushes must surely collect a great deal of their masculine sweat and musk.  Neville thought they were the most impressive and attractive things he'd ever seen.  He could not stop thinking about what they would smell like and taste like and how their smooth slate colored skin would feel stretched over their hard rippling muscles.  He felt his cock swelling inside his breechclout.

He turned his focus on the orcs.  The color of their skin was a rich deep forest green.  He found it quite attractive.  In contrast to the massive and thick ogres the orcs were extremely thin and average height.  He estimated they would be taller than himself, but not as tall as Jake.  They had very distinct muscle definition and it looked like their strength came more from efficiency of movement and density of the muscles they had.  The muscles looked like fat steel cables running around their frames bulging only as much as they needed to to get the job done.  Their arms and legs were long in relation to their torsos.  Their hands and feet were long and slender as well.  Their bodies seemed to move with an assured grace and power like a well-trained martial artist.

Their long thin necks led up to a head that got slightly wider towards the top.  They had a small chin and a fairly long and slender and slightly hooked nose.  Their mouth was small with fairly thin lips.  Their eyes were slightly angled and fairly small and appeared to be black.  They had very small yet long and quite pointed ears that raked backwards at an upward angle from the sides of their heads.  All of their heads were bald.  In fact, they did not appear to have any hair anywhere on their bodies.  Over all their bodies were quite appealing.  Their faces were not ugly, but most definitely not their best feature.  Neville thought that if their heads could be covered with the flour sack he'd thought of earlier he would not kick them out of his bed as he would definitely like to get closer to their tight and fit bodies with the deep green skin.  Again he wondered why he had such nasty thoughts while his member continued to throb at the sight before him.

He began to look more closely at the orcs' genitals and was astonished by what he saw.  Neville was disappointed to see that they did not actually have scrotums in the normal sense.  They had two hard looking bumps between their legs that did not jut out very far.  Perhaps they kept their balls inside?  In any case, Neville loved big hanging balls so he was not impressed by that part of their anatomy.  Their cocks however completely made up for the lack of balls in a most unexpected way.  They were very slender, not much wider than Neville's own, but they were extremely long.  At least two feet long, probably closer to three.

That was not the astonishing part though.  As he watched an orc move up behind an ogre who was bent over another ogre and fucking him brutally, the orc's cock began to snake and probe and explore the ogre's ass on its own!  It was like an elephant's trunk and was able to bend and twist and move around trying to find the best approach to the ogre's insides.  The long slender cock had no head whatsoever.  It just came to a rounded blunt end.  Instead of a piss slit it appeared to have a sphincter almost like an asshole.  He wondered briefly why it would need a sphincter instead of just a regular slit.

The orc he watched was standing completely still with his hands on the ogre's wide muscular ass and his head tilted back with his eyes closed in pleasure.  His cock curved and straightened repeatedly as it probed around and when it finally found the entrance it plunged forward and the orc followed it in about half way while he moaned in pleasure.  Then, on its own, the orc's cock began to curve downward as it pulled itself out of the ogre and then straighten out again as it pushed itself back in.  It was amazing to watch.

Neville was so enraptured by the sight of it he nearly spilled his own seed in his breechclout.  He had always been fascinated by penises but he had never even imagined anything like this one.  It seemed to have a mind of its own and it knew what it wanted.  Somehow that gave it that extra edge of lustful power.  Neville was beginning to breathe heavily as he scanned around and instead of looking at a specific monster he began to take in the bigger picture of the things they were doing.

All around the camp fire there were orcs coupled with orcs, ogres with ogres, orcs fucking ogres, and so on.  The ones that caught his eye the most readily though at once amazed and horrified him.

Some of the orcs were getting fucked by, or were sucking the cocks of the ogres.  The ogres' cocks were so incredibly thick, and the orcs bodies so very thin and narrow, that Neville could actually see the shape of the ogres' thick cocks as they moved along inside the orcs' bodies.  It was as though the orcs' bodies were stretching to accommodate the massively oversized cocks of the ogres.

One orc in particular was in a very dangerous looking position facing downward between two ogres who were standing.  One ogre had his cock buried deeply in the orc's ass and Neville could see the shape of the cock moving along under the skin of the orc's pubic area and up towards its belly as the ogre held the orc's slender hips with both hands and grunted deep and loud while thrusting forward.  Neville thought he could hear the sound of the orc's hip joints popping as they were spread apart by the huge thick cock driven by the intense force of the giant ogre's thrust and was disgusted and strangely aroused by the power of it.

At the orc's face was another ogre who was doing the same to its mouth.  The ogre had his hands on both sides of the orc's head while he pushed his cock in.  It looked as though the orc's jaw had completely come off its hinges and was hanging down as the ogre grunted and thrust in and out of the orc's throat.  As the ogre pushed his cock in Neville saw the orc's neck thickening along with the massive head of the ogre's penis and he could follow the cock's movement as it made its way down inside the throat toward the orc's stomach.

The ogres were so large in relation to the orc that he was suspended in the air between the ogres, being held there by the back ogre's hands gripping his hips and the front ogre's hands gripping his head.  His hands and feet were at least a foot above the ground and they hung fairly still.  The orc could not possibly be able to breathe properly with that massive log being shoved down his throat while he hung between them and Neville felt somewhat afraid for the monster.

All the time the orc was being held in the air and pummeled at both ends by the massive ogres and their mighty cocks, the orc's long slender cock was snaking around between the legs of the ogre behind it and trying to fuck the ogre's ass.  It couldn't quite reach that far and still make it in to the hole but it was an amazing sight to see it hornily rubbing itself along the ogre's furry sweaty crack.  Clearly the orc was enjoying his rough treatment and his cock was responding by trying to fuck the ogre as well.

Suddenly a very strange thing happened.  The orc's long slender cock quickly came out of its curved shape probing the ogre's ass and became as straight as a rod pointed toward the ground.  The base of the orc's long green cock began to swell.  To Neville's amazement it continued to thicken at the base and it looked as though a small orange were being pushed from inside of the base of the cock and along the shaft.  The cock stretched and conformed as the large ball made its way very slowly toward the cock head like a snake regurgitating a rat.  The orc's arms and legs began to rub furiously at the legs of the ogre in front and the one behind like the orc was in the deepest throes of passion, or perhaps he was suffocating and trying to get free!  Neville suddenly realized with terror that the ogres were fucking the orc to death!

He watched in horror as the ball made its way to the end of the orc's cock and stalled briefly right at the tip being held from release by the tightly closed sphincter.  The head swelled a bit more and then quite suddenly the sphincter released and expanded to a huge size and the entire ball shot out and fell to the ground with a splash.  It was a single massive gob of semen!  The spunk looked completely normal and was a wonderful pearly white.  There was a huge amount.  Neville suddenly found himself wondering what it would be like to be holding the tip of that penis with his lips just as that ball of cum exploded out the end of it to fill his mouth instantly and once again at the thought of it he rubbed hard at his penis and began moaning softly himself.

He looked around the scene at all the action and his eyes came upon on ogre who'd been fucking another ogre's ass very hard, and was clearly reaching his orgasm as he bucked and moaned with his head tilted back.  Suddenly he pulled out of the ogre he'd been buried in and ran his massive penis along the other ogre's ass crack and pushed it forward.  As it jutted upward from between the large ogre's ass cheeks the ogre grunted loudly once and a massive stream of cum began to surge from the thick penis.

Neville could not believe his eyes.  The semen was not erupting in spurts but in a steady stream like the ogre was urinating a thick white stream that arced through the air and landed on the other huge ogre's upper back and head.  Neville was so aroused by the massive amount of spunk that he finally began bucking against his own hand and reached his orgasm.  His seed shot out into this breechclout and he felt his cock spurting over and over as he watched the steady stream of cum from the ogre finally begin to slow and then stop.  He must have released at least a gallon or more of pearly white fluid across the other ogre's back.  As Neville began to come down from his orgasm he wondered how all of that seed would taste.

Then he remembered the poor orc between the other two ogres and turned his eyes back to that scene.  To his horror he saw that the orc's limbs were dangling loosely between the ogres while they still humped at him brutally at both ends.  Neville had been right.  The orc could not breathe and he'd suffocated.  He'd been fucked to death!  Suddenly the ogre at the back began to buck harder as he reached his orgasm.

Neville's eyes went wide as he watched.  The ogre pushed once hard and held the position and the orc's ass began to literally expand from the volume of seed being pumped into it.  This sight seemed to cause the front ogre, with his cock buried deeply in the orc's throat, to reach his orgasm and he thrust and held.  Now the orc's belly began to swell and grow as it filled with the ogre's seed.  Finally the ogre at the back pulled his cock out and lowered the orc's ass to the ground while the ogre's cum began to spray out of it under pressure.  The front ogre waited a bit longer to finish expending his spunk into the orc's belly and then pulled his cock out of the orc's mouth and lowered the head so the orc was now limp on the ground and did not appear to be breathing.

Neville was aghast.  They'd actually fucked the orc to death!  He started looking around the camp and suddenly noticed there were other orcs limp on the ground and clearly not breathing as well and he saw one other with a full belly being pulled off the cock of the ogre that filled it and then laid on the ground.

The orcs were all being fucked to death by the ogres!

He was horrified and he could not take anymore.  He turned in panic and ran.  He did not want to be caught by them and come to the same end.

He rushed headlong through the dark forest away from the nightmare along the trail he had made when he came upon the scene to begin with.  Why was it soldiers all seemed to see sex as a way to torture or even kill another person?  What sort of sick animals were they?

He didn't know how long he'd run but he felt that it still wasn't long enough and he kept going as fast as he could.  He was making much more noise than he should be and crashing through the grasses and underbrush leaving an obvious trail behind him but he couldn't take the time to be cautious.

In his carelessness he didn't see the man ahead in the darkness until he ran right into him and crashed into his mailed chest.  It was a soldier!

Neville turned to quickly run the other way and ran smack into another soldier who had come up quickly behind him.  The soldier grabbed both his wrists and held him in an iron grip as he struggled.

"Why so anxious to escape boy, were you not looking forward to the thirty cocks that were so eager to use you?"

Neville's heart sank as he realized this must be one of the men who was in the inn and had raped him.  He stopped struggling.  He was being held firmly and there was no escape now.

He raised his head to look closely at the man's face and just as he'd suspected, it was one of Braddock's officers.  Neville recognized the face of the one that had stood by and pleasured himself and shot his spunk all over Neville's back and hair.  He still had the man's dried cum on his back.  He looked around at the other man behind him but didn't recognize the face.  He must be just another soldier.

"We've been following your blundering trail since we picked it up back near the village.  Lord Braddock was less than pleased when he discovered your escape, even less so by the antics of your father following that.  We have been scouring the countryside for the villagers with the intent to kill them and simply make it look like the kobolds did it.  You however have a high price on your head.  You are wanted very much alive.  I can happily say there will likely be two earldoms in it for me when I bring you back to the commander for him to play with.

"Braddock wanted you dead before, but now that you've angered him he wants you alive so he can make you suffer.  He's decided he will be keeping you in his dungeon to enjoy and to share with all of his sick and demented friends for as many years as it takes to become tired of the game.  I know him well enough to tell you with certainty that he will never get tired of it and will simply escalate the debauchery to keep things interesting.  I would not wish your future on my worst enemy," the officer jeered.

Something in Neville seemed to break and he simply lost any will or desire to try to escape.  His life had become a living nightmare and he had lost the will to fight.  He stood still and did not attempt to struggle as he was roughly handled and his hands were bound behind him, he was gagged and a rope was tied around his neck and then tied to the other soldier to prevent any attempt to run.  A sack was then put over his head.  He could hear the officer and the other soldier begin walking in front of him and then the rope around his neck went taught and he was yanked forward to follow them.

It sounded like his family and friends had escaped the town and were out in this dangerous forest full of demented monsters and being hunted by Braddock's men just as Neville had been.  There could not possibly be any hope for them either in this nightmare world.  Neville was finally caught and they would likely all be caught as well.  At least they would have the mercy of being killed by the sound of it.

It appeared Neville would not be so lucky.


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