What follows is a work of complete fantasy.

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This series will describe the adventures of a teenaged boy who is rescued from a cruel fate in his home village
by a friend, but ultimately finds himself on his own in a world that is being ravaged by brutal race wars between the humans, and the hated vicious and barbaric races, the kobolds, orcs and ogres.  In his travels he learns the surprising truth about the history of the realm, the nature of its inhabitants and the reason for the war that has been withheld from his people.  He also learns that the humans are very close to a complete victory.  Realizing that the other races are facing obliteration he decides to take a gamble that would level the playing field once again in the hope that it might lead to a better outcome.  Doing so however will require him to utterly betray his own people.

There will be some very rough and violent sex described in great detail between men and men, men and orcs, orcs and kobolds, kobolds and men, ogres and men, and so on and so forth in various combinations with much of it involving the teenaged boy.  None of it is based in any way on reality but it may be disturbing to some.  Should you choose to read it please keep in mind that it is not real, but simply fantasy.

If this is not the type of story you would enjoy, please stop reading now.

If there is any reason legal or otherwise why you should not read such a story, please stop reading now.

If you are the type of person who has any difficulty whatsoever separating fantasy from reality, please stop reading now.

The events depicted in these stories have not happened, and will not ever happen. No one should ever attempt to replicate them in any way in real life. These events are a work of fantasy for the enjoyment of those with a healthy mind who have no problem keeping them in the realm of imagination. I have never attempted, nor would I attempt, any such acts myself and as such I am likely to get some details completely wrong. One thing I am certain of is that in real life, young boys would NOT appreciate this sort of thing being done to them and they are INCAPABLE of giving informed consent to allow these things to be done to them. If you ever even consider attempting these acts in real life then you should immediately seek help.

Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

That said if you are still reading I do hope you enjoy the story.

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The Hawthorne Accord - Chapter 7

Neville had been doing most of the speaking as he was led through the forest by the two orcs who had rescued him from Blackwood and the other soldier earlier that night.

The orcs were taking him back to their main army and the kobold army was expected to be there with them.  Jake would be with the kobolds and Neville was anxious to be reunited with him.  The journey should not take much more than a day.

They had been walking for just over an hour so far.  A while back they had finally come upon the river that Jake had mentioned and he finally had the chance to wash himself completely from head to toe with clean water and wash as much of the blood from his buff jerkin as he could.  They would follow the river to reach the army who were following it in the opposite direction towards them according to the orcs.

The river was very fast moving and had several swifter flowing rapids along it though none of it was white water.  The river must be the result of several smaller streams joining together in the mountains and flowing down southward.  Neville realized this must eventually become the Slow Man, a river that flowed out from a canyon between the mountains well to the north of his village and then widened greatly and slowed down as it continued its journey eastward across the plains.

As they walked Neville told the orcs everything that he'd been through starting with the brutal rape at the inn.  He did not yet feel comfortable enough with them to tell them anything of what he'd overheard from Braddock about their military plans and the trap that the kobold army, and now he realized the orc army as well, were going to march into to their utter destruction.

When Neville finally got to the last part of his story before his capture, the part about coming upon the orc and ogre orgy that he'd seen, he hesitated before saying anything about it.  He'd seen with his own eyes orcs being fucked to death by ogres.  What would Zebok and Tenimo think of that?  He didn't see any reason to withhold the information though so he went ahead.

"Zebok, just before I was taken by the two soldiers you rescued me from, I came across something in the forest that was most disturbing.  I think you should know about it but I don't want to upset you."

"Please my boy, whatever it is do not worry.  Go ahead and spit it out," Zebok said.

"I saw ogres who were being quite intimate with orcs," Neville began.

"They were fucking Neville, you are quite mature for your age and you have no need to be timid about such subjects.  I'm sure you've used the word before," Zebok said with a smile.

"Yes, they were fucking.  In fact, the orcs were being fucked to death quite cruelly by the ogres.  I'm so sorry!" Neville said.

Zebok and Tenimo both laughed.

Tenimo smiled at Neville and said, "Describe what you saw my boy."

"Well, it's a bit gruesome.  I'm not sure what you find amusing about it.  The ogres' cocks were so thick that they broke the orcs' jaws when they stuffed them down their throats.  I could hear their hips giving way too when the cocks went up their asses.  It was horrible.  The orcs clearly couldn't breathe.  There was no way they would ever be able to walk or talk or eat again either.  Finally in the end by the time the ogres had finished and filled the orcs with gallons of their cum they put their limp and lifeless bodies on the ground.  I could clearly see that they were not breathing and not moving in any way.  They were utterly broken and lifeless," explained Neville.

"I see, and did you notice that the orcs in question had spilled their own seed before they went limp?" asked Tenimo.

"Yes, I suppose they did.  But that's neither here nor there.  They suffocated to death!  It was horrifying!  I couldn't watch it any longer so I ran.  That's how Braddock's men caught me.  I became careless in my headlong flight through the woods back the way I'd come and they had been following my trail."

"Oh dear boy, that's why you think the orcs dead.  You didn't stay around long enough to see them not dead," chuckled Tenimo.

"No!  I saw it with my own eyes.  There was even one who was caught and being held suspended in the air between two ogres and was fucked brutally at both ends and suffocated, and then left lifeless on the ground, I swear it!"

Zebok said, "I can assure you Neville that the particular orc you saw being enjoyed so well by the two ogres is quite alive.  I would not be able to speak with you now if he wasn't, since that orc was in fact me."

"What?!" Neville exclaimed, "How can that be?  There was no way you could breathe and that ogre had his cock stuffed down your throat for a long time.  Your jaw and hip were broken apart yet here you walk and talk like there was nothing ever wrong."

"The two ogres who were making love to me are very dear friends.  The three of us were all quite enjoying ourselves I assure you.  Orcs have some features that may seem odd to you that I shall explain.  We are able to dislocate any of our joints freely and then reattach them later.  It's a very handy ability for several reasons, but that happens to be one of my favorite uses for it.  In addition to that, we are able to breathe through our skin for extended periods provided we are not doing anything so strenuous as running or fighting which requires a great deal of oxygen.  You may have noticed that I was keeping fairly still most of the time while I was being shown how much they loved me.  That is to conserve oxygen so I only needed what I could absorb through my skin while I enjoyed the fucking I was getting," Zebok explained.

"That's incredible!  Then why would you go limp as though you'd died?" asked Neville.

"We also have one feature that is really more of a curse.  You must have seen me spill my seed?  Well, when an orc reaches a powerful orgasm, the effect is so strong it literally shorts out our brain and knocks us unconscious for a short time.  How long depends on how much we enjoyed ourselves.  Sometimes, very rarely and only if we are aroused well beyond normal levels, we will actually cum twice.  It has happened to me only a few times in my life and it was wonderfully intense.  We only lose consciousness when our body feel satisfied and has released all of the seed it can produce.  After you saw me placed on the ground by my two lovers I lay there still absorbing oxygen through my skin and eventually I came to and recovered fully.  It is somewhat of a game with those two sweet ogres you saw enjoying me to see how long they can make me stay out for."

Tenimo chuckled, "What is the record now my love, about six minutes wasn't it?"

"Yes, just over six minutes.  It's unusual for an orc to be out for more than a few minutes Neville.  We are quite incapacitated and quite vulnerable so orcs will generally only make love in the presence of those we trust with our lives.  We prefer ogres because of their devastating masculinity and awesome size, but also because they can keep us quite safe until we come around.  The six minutes just shows how much I love and am attracted to that particular pair of ogres.  It was with them that I experienced one of those times that I came twice in a row before I passed from consciousness.  They are my dearest friends in the world."

"Now you're telling me that those giant ogres are dear and sweet too?" asked Neville.

"Indeed I am.  They are wonderful and deeply caring people.  They are caregivers by nature and always wanting to help others.  Many become very skilled healers.  They are valued for their knowledge of herbs and medicines."

"Astounding!  I heard something the night I was raped that verifies that statement.  I also heard something else.  Something about orcs having priests.  Is that true?" asked Neville.

"It is true my boy.  You are in the presence of the highest priest of our order, Zebok," said Tenimo.

"Zebok?  You are a priest?  You're dressed in armor and wearing weapons.  You are out scouting.  That is not what any human priest would ever get involved in.  Are you two having me on?" asked Neville.

The two orcs laughed.

"No Neville, we aren't having a go at you.  I am indeed the high priest Zebok.  'Priest' in our culture may not quite mean the same as in yours.  We are more like scholars really.  It has nothing to do with the worship of a particular god or blindly following some ridiculous set of rules designed to stifle the life out of people and make them suffer as much as possible, like the human religions do.  It is more a celebration of the force that created the world itself and all of the natural things in it.  We call the force Mother Nature.  We generally refer to her as the Great Mother.  We don't believe she is a god incarnate but rather a force that guides everything that lives, grows, loves and eventually dies and returns to her.  I will not go into too great detail but I can assure you that being the highest priest doesn't make me any more or less special than any other orc when it comes to defending our race.  We all must do our part.  Most priests would not be out armed and armored and fighting in the war, that is true.  We do go about another vocation usually though and soldiering happens to be mine."

"Interesting, so who is the supreme leader of your people?  Are you under military rule or a monarchy?" asked Neville.

Tenimo was about to speak but Zebok cut him short.  Neville realized that Zeboc was a soldier first, and like the military information that the orc had withheld earlier Zebok didn't see any need to tell Neville anything that might give the human army an edge should it be passed on to them.

"That's not really important.  I'd like to hear more of your people and what life is like for you, Neville," Zebok said.

While they continued to walk through the forest toward the orc army Neville explained as best he could what human culture was like as he saw it.  Zebok and Tenimo both listened with great interest.  He went on to tell them everything he'd been taught about the other races.  They began to look very frustrated and somewhat angry by the time he finished.

"I see that not much has changed in the human culture.  I do not hold it against you Neville so don't be concerned, but I must say that your people are very ignorant and closed minded for the most part.  You yourself are indeed an anomaly from my experience.  Let me give you a brief description of each race as they truly are...

"The kobolds as I've said are the sweetest and most lovable people you will ever know and they are everyone's favorites.  They are fiercely loyal to anyone they care about and will put their lives on the line without thought should anyone they love be threatened.  They are polyamorous and polygamous.  They can form true deep and loving bonds with more than one 'love of their life' at once and they will ultimately be bound to all of them permanently in wedlock.  They are so deeply sexually driven that they find their loves primarily by the chemistry of their bodies.  When they are sexually attracted powerfully to another individual they fall deeply in love with them.  Since the attraction is chemical the love between the two will never die and their interest never wane.  Also, since the attraction is chemical between two kobolds, when one finds a third where the chemistry works it will automatically work for the other and so on until the group grows into a large family of kobolds who are all equally and powerfully in love with each of the others.  For reasons we do not understand they nearly always are chemically attracted to humans.  This can create problems as you discovered if not closely controlled.

"When any of their loves are threatened they become the fiercest fighters you will ever see.  They take advantage of this ferocity by making their armies out of groups of bonded male kobolds.  The ones you saw with your love last night would be an entire family with each deeply in love with all of the others.  They would be bonded by love and if they've been together long enough tied in wedlock officially.  The ferocity they show when their mates are threatened makes them formidable on the field of battle.  Even if one mate falls the others are still threatened and must all be protected and they are driven to fight even harder by the rage they feel at the loss.  They will fight with increasing ferocity with all the strength and skill they possess until victorious or until the last one falls.  They are open and honest people with no hidden agenda of any sort.  I love them all dearly as you most certainly will when you finally meet them.

"The ogres are a quiet and peaceful race.  They love to bury themselves in the study of herbs and all else that is natural.  They have a gentleness that belies their size and strength.  They dedicate themselves to helping those in need.  They form permanent bonds as well with only one other individual.  Like the other races it is not important to them if the one they love is the same sex or different, or even the same race.  They mate for love and they mate for life.  Their knowledge of the land goes deeper than any of the other races and they devote their time to being at one with nature and learning all of its hidden secrets.  They are a formidable enemy on the battle field for obvious reasons.  They are large and very powerful people and are almost unstoppable.  You do not want to face a single heavily armored ogre unless you've brought a great many armed friends along.  You don't want to face an entire line of ogres with heavy shields unless you've brought an army armed with siege weapons.

"The orcs are a peaceful race as well.  We are driven by our curiosity and we like to wander and learn.  That is our primary goal in life really.  To learn everything we can about our surroundings and the inhabitants therein.  We learn all of the lore of the land and its various people and we record it in our writings which we keep within hidden vaults beneath our sacred city.  We are scholars and historians.  We study the other races as much as our own.  We advise them as well.  In a sense we are the representatives of the races, other than humans of course.

"We worship nature as a force as I've said but we have no strict dogma.  All of the races worship the Great Mother and do not see her as a god but as a wonderful force from which everything springs forth into life and then returns to upon death creating an endless cycle.  It is really more of a way of thinking and celebrating life itself in all of its forms and it is a big part of the reason that we are so free sexually with each other and with the other races.  We believe we all come from the same place, even the humans, and as such we are all one loving family despite our different appearances.  Even those who are permanently bonded will engage in the joy and pleasure of sex freely with others of any sex and from any race and of any age so long as they show an interest.  To not enjoy the gifts of the Mother is to spurn life itself.  We believe your body is yours to enjoy as you see fit and the best possible way to use it is to help someone else enjoy theirs as well.  We feel that the exchange of our seed with each other is not only a way of showing our love for each other, but also honoring the Great Mother.  That is how we like to live," said Zebok.

"It is all so much to take in but it seems to agree with a few things I overheard while I spied on the men who abused me last night.  What of the humans?" asked Neville, "How do you see us?"

"I am not sure that I wish to tell you of the humans as we've known them in our history or the race that was here before them Neville.  I do not wish to upset you," said Zebok.

"There was a race that came before humans?  Who were they?  What happened to them?  Please, I would really like to know the true history of the world.  It is becoming clear to me that I have not heard any of the truth until now.  Do not concern yourself with my feelings.  I want to know everything," urged Neville.

"Very well then, you are indeed wise beyond your years and I feel you may possess the strength needed to handle the truth.  As I said before I am impressed by you.  I shall explain some of the history that has led up to the present as concisely as I can....

"Technically, from our point view, all races came before humans.  Your people arrived fairly recently from a historical perspective, only a few hundred years ago.  You came to our shores from some far off land that had become overcrowded.  Before you arrived there were four races, the kobolds, the ogres, the orcs, and the elves."

"Elves?  Do you mean the pointy eared human-like people of myths and legends?  They aren't real, are they?" asked Neville.

"They are indeed, or at least, they were.  They have since passed from the world.  They were the oldest of all the races and they inhabited the very lands that the humans now hold."

"No, you don't mean to say..."

"I'm afraid I do.  They were wiped out in genocide by the humans.  You see, the four races lived in peace and love amongst each other.  There had been peace for millennia so there was no advancement in the art or craft of war.  The humans arrived one day and there was no land left for them, at least, not as much as they would like.  The elves were the most ancient of races.  They were the ones who developed the language we all speak now.  The humans learned it when they arrived and adopted it since it was the only language of trade here and they needed to trade with the other races to survive when they had newly arrived.  Eventually it became the only language for them as well.

"The elves were a kind, patient, and generous people.  They offered the humans a large tract of their own realm to settle in and told the humans they could keep it as long as they abided by some simple rules.  They were not to interfere with the policies or practices of any of the other races.  They would accept the open sexuality of the races and the fact that they intermingle with each other.  Most of all they must maintain the balance required by the Mother.  That is to say they should not breed and reproduce at such a rate that it would outstrip their available resources.

"You see, part of the benefit of the way the races love each other is a sort of natural population control that maintains a good balance that ensures there will always be enough resources available for all.  For obvious reasons, pair bonding between members of the same sex cannot produce offspring.  Pair bondings of opposite sexes but of different races cannot produce offspring either.  Knowing that we don't discriminate between races or sexes it becomes obvious that the majority of pairs will be either same or opposite sex but of different races or same sex within a race.  This means that of all of the people permanently bonded by love in our world, only a small percentage will actually produce offspring.  Due to the open love shared by our people even our offspring are considered the children of all and loved equally by all.  This helps to ensure that all children are brought up with the same outlook on the world, and we will never expand beyond the world's ability to support us.  It keeps everything in a loving and happy balance.

"The humans seemed unable to accept that way of life.  They did try for a while but eventually their governments passed laws forbidding them from pairing with anyone from another race.  Their religion also forbade coupling with members of the same sex and encouraged reproduction.  Their population began to grow at a rate never seen before by any of the other races.  Before long they could not be sustained by the tract of land they'd been given and they asked the other races for more.  When the races refused the humans ultimately declared war.  The elves somehow saw themselves as responsible and they intervened for the other races.  They were angry with the humans for breaking the simple rules they'd asked them to abide by and they would not let the other races be harmed by the conflict so they ordered all other races to stay out of it entirely no matter what happened.  They pulled all the elven people from all the other lands back into their own realm and they took it upon themselves to fight the humans back with all the force they could muster.

"Unfortunately as I said before the races, including the elves, had been at peace for so long that the very concept of war was foreign to them and they struggled to be effective.  The humans had come with more advanced weapons and armor, with alchemists who could make fire, and pain inducing gases, with siege engines that could topple the highest and thickest walls given time.  The elves were a strong people and they fought valiantly but they could barely hold out against such advanced technology and experience or such great numbers.  The human numbers had been greatly reduced and in their desperation to end the conflict they unleashed a horror on the elves that none even knew was possible.

"Their alchemists had been laboring away on some form of a natural disease they'd discovered that infected the elven people but that they would normally be able to survive if they were healthy to begin with.  The human alchemists warped and corrupted the disease and managed to make it lethal.  They released it into the elven population and all of them eventually succumbed.  Even those women and children who tried to escape back into the population of the other races to hide eventually died.  The elves were completely wiped out.  The humans claimed all of the land previously held by the elves so they had more than enough room to grow and they chose to end the conflict at that point to begin to recover their numbers and develop their new land.  They warned all the other races they would be next to face destruction if any decided to take them on.

"In order to protect themselves the three races then created a set of laws that ultimately would require them to remain completely isolated from the humans.  They would not trade with them and they would not treat with them in any way.  There would be no communication, no sharing of knowledge, no help where it might be needed.  They would kill any human that invaded their lands or threatened their people but beyond that no contact was allowed.  They rushed to arm themselves and create armies for defense against the humans.  They had war games among themselves in order to train and prepare for an invasion that they knew was inevitable given the humans' greedy and expansionary nature.  This is how it has been for the last couple of centuries.  The unfortunate side effect of this isolation meant that new generations of humans would distort their view of the other races and begin to hate them as the evil enemy and the aggressor, and paint them as vicious and dangerous.  Over time that image would naturally get inflated to outrageous proportions.

"The humans of course eventually expanded to fill the space they'd taken from the elves and some small villages began to sprout outside of their domains.  This began to concern the other races so their armies were brought forward and garrisoned at the borders in order to defend against a conflict they felt was coming.  Some years ago someone in a position of power in the human armies decided to take advantage of that and launched a secret attack against the kobolds to draw them out and then pulled them back past one of the human villages while utterly destroying it and its people themselves and made it look as though it was an unprovoked and brutal attack by the kobolds.  The human leadership then declared war and struck back hard at the kobolds in 'retaliation'.  This forced the orcs and ogres to become involved as well to protect their allies.  The isolation worked both ways and I don't think the humans were quite expecting the well trained armies we were able to bring to bear so the conflict has dragged on far longer than they would have expected.  I believe though that it may be coming close to a conclusion in our favor."

"I hope that hasn't upset you too much Neville, but that is the true history of your world in a nutshell.  Can I safely assume it's nothing like what you've been taught?" asked Zebok.

Neville felt sick.  He'd had no idea.  All his life he had been taught that the other races were horrible evil monsters bent on destruction and the humans had to do what they could to defend against them.  The truth was quite the opposite.  After what he'd seen in the last two days of what humans were capable of doing to each other, and the things he'd overheard from Braddock that corroborated much of what the orc said, Neville knew in his gut and in his heart that it was all true.  It felt quite literally like he was suddenly realizing that he'd been walking on the ceiling and that gravity was now taking over and he was about to fall hard on his head.  His world in fact was not turning upside down, it was more like it had been that way his whole life and finally it was suddenly and violently correcting itself and turning right side up.  He did not know what to say.

"I am truly and deeply ashamed to the point of feeling physically ill.  Things I have seen and heard in the last two nights have made it so I cannot refute any of what you say, but rather must accept it as the only truth that makes any sense anymore.  All of the pieces fit.  It was the very man who orchestrated my brutal rape and who wants me dead that carried out that secret attack against the kobolds that started the war.  That is one of the things I overheard him saying that he wants me dead for.  He started the conflict out of his intense hatred and he intends to use his victory over the other races to become the hero of the people and to usurp our monarch to be the supreme ruler of the entire land and he does not want his secrets to get out.

"My whole life I have thought of the other races as vicious, evil, mindless monsters who kill for pleasure.  I was so wrong.  I feel as if I've been cheated by my own people.  At least, by our leadership and our armies.  I wish everyone could know this truth.  I have come to hate the human armies.  I wish I could help you eliminate them and try to teach my people the real truth of things.  I wish they could see how beautiful you are and how you all live your lives based on love rather than greed, and how wonderful and simple and rational your beliefs are.  Maybe somehow they could come to understand that it is the best way to live," Neville said with deeply felt emotion.

Zebok's face split into a wide grin and tears began to form at the corners of his eyes.  It was his turn now to impulsively grab Neville in a tight hug.

"My dear boy, you are indeed something special.  Do not feel ashamed.  You are nothing like the humans we fight every day.  So long as there is one like you there is hope for the human race.  I think you can indeed be trusted and treated as one of us.  I am in a position to have our ancient law waved.  If you like, I would be honored if you and your life's love would agree to come and live with the other races as a permanent bonded pair in marriage."

Neville's heart soared again.

"Yes!  Oh, yes!  That would be wonderful!  Jake will be thrilled, I know it.  Thank you so much!"

"It is the least I can do.  I would benefit as much as you.  More in fact, since it means I could avail myself of your wonderful company whenever I wished," Zebok said with a smile.

"You really have the power to help us be accepted into your society?  Do you have sway with the leader of your people?" Neville asked.

Zebok smiled and looked at Tenimo.

"My dear boy," said Tenimo with a grin, "my loving husband here happens to be the leader of all of our people."

Neville was shocked.

"You mean I was rescued by, and have been walking and talking with, the highest leader of the orc race?  Is it true Zebok?  Are you really him?"

"I am.  I would have revealed it sooner but I did not want it to affect how you took my words.  I wanted you to hear them from a regular orc soldier and nothing more.  I wanted to see how you reacted to the truth.  You've shown me the true potential of the human race.  You've shown me you are wise, sincere, very kind, and have a strength of character that I would never have believed a human capable of.  You have given me confidence in my plan.  You see, our intent is to wipe out the human armies and their leadership and occupy your realm and educate your people until such time as we feel you have fully integrated into our society and have forgotten the ways of grasping greed and unchecked expansion, and are living as we do simply because it is what you know is right and what you want.  We are very close to the first part of that goal and the final battle that will bring us victory of your armies will occur within days," said Zebok.

"That would be so wonderful.  I always dreamed of being a fighter myself.  I wanted to go out and defend my people against the monsters.  Events lately have caused me to stop thinking that way and give up any ideas of going to war.  Now I find myself once again wishing I was a fighter, so I could do my part in taking down the human armies to free my own people to live as they should," said Neville

The emotions he was feeling and the struggle he'd been through were catching up to him again and Neville suddenly yawned uncontrollably.

"My boy, you must be exhausted.  Let us stop and rest for the night.  One last big push in the morning and we may reach our destination," said Zebok.

"We are only two of us armed so we should not light a fire my love," said Tenimo.

"Agreed, one will need to stand watch as well.  Will you stand guard over us so that I may talk a bit further with Neville before we sleep?  We may need to be very closely guarded indeed as I may be incapacitated for at least a short time.  I will relieve you in three hours my dear," said Zebok.

Tenimo smiled and nodded and moved out into the darkness to guard them.

Zebok removed his armor to prepare for sleep leaving only his breechclout and he sat down cross legged on the ground and looked up at Neville.  It put the boy in mind of the smith the night before and it made him miss the man again.

Neville watched Zebok for a while and the orc simply smiled back at him.  The orc was really quite attractive other than his face.  Now that Neville knew something of the orc's soul it was easier to see even the face as something pleasant.  Neville wondered what it would be like to pleasure him as he had done for Jake.  He found himself thinking of what he'd seen of the orgy earlier and the amazing penis this orc possessed and he began to get aroused.  He really wanted to know what it was like to have that ball of cum explode in his mouth.  He very much wanted to explore this entirely new frontier but he didn't think it would be appropriate to approach the leader of the entire orc race for sex.

"What is it you're thinking Neville?  I wish you to speak freely and openly with me while keeping in mind the nature of our races," said Zebok, clearly having some clue as to where Neville's mind was.

"It's only, seeing you sitting there like that reminded me of my life's love, Jake.  He sat like that just last night and I sat naked on him to share his heat in the chill night air while he finally revealed his love for me and I declared mine openly for him.  You will love him Zebok.  He is exactly like you describe the races to be.  He is loving and kind and he is open to the enjoyment of sexuality and does not feel it should be bound by rules.  He encouraged me to explore any pleasures I could.  He felt it would be a shame if I denied myself out of some sense of obligation or duty and I feel the same about him.  I only want him to be happy.  That's all he wants for me as well.  He told me my happiness was the source of his."

"He sounds like an absolutely wonderful man that I would very much like to know," said Zebok.

"He is wonderful indeed", agreed Neville.

The two looked quietly at each other a while longer while Neville tried to get up the nerve to simply come out and ask the orc if he could explore him.  He was inexperienced in the art of wooing and he did not know how to proceed.  He waited for some sign or signal that perhaps his advances would be welcomed.

"It certainly is chilly out here," said Zebok, grinning.

Neville didn't feel particularly cold now that he was covered in a heavy leather jerkin.  Then it occurred to him what Zebok was really saying and he smiled.  He took the hint and slipped off the bloodied jerkin and then took off his breechclout releasing his now straining young cock.

Zebok's face lit up and he stood and removed his breechclout as well and set it aside.  He then sat back down and crossed his legs and smiled.

Neville smiled back and turned and sat in the orc's lap and crossed his own legs and leaned back against the orc's warm and muscular torso.

The orc reached his arms around and hugged Neville and Neville added his arms on top of Zebok's.

"I was truly enthralled at the sights I saw while I spied on your celebration earlier," said Neville.

Zebok moved his hands and began to caress Neville's body.  He ran his hands up the boy's thigh, and then back down to his hips.  He then ran them up Neville's belly and played with his nipples.

"What part did you find most interesting?" Zebok asked while he explored Neville's body.

"When I saw you spill your seed, I wondered what it would be like to have it go into my mouth," Neville said softly.

Almost immediately he could feel something moving around underneath him.  He knew right away what it must be and he smiled.

"I would love nothing more than to show you what it's like," whispered the orc, "but I would like to fuck you first for a while if I may."

"You may, please do it," breathed Neville.

Neville held himself still and relaxed as he felt the orc's penis begin to gently probe at his anus.  He could sense the cool slickness of precum already oozing from the tip.

The orc began to breathe more heavily and deeply as his hands moved to explore the whole of Neville's body.  Meanwhile the orc's cock was spreading the slick precum around Neville's anus and then probing harder at it to gain entry.

Neville relaxed his sphincter and pushed lightly as he'd practice alone in his room.  The cock immediately recognized its chance and plunged up firmly and engaged itself into Neville's rectum.  It felt wonderful and Neville moaned at the pleasurable sensations being transmitted to him by the nerve endings in his anus.  The thought of what was going on down there aroused him deeply.  The wonderful cock with a mind of its own seemed to be doing precisely what it wanted to while Neville simply leaned back, still cross legged, against the warm green skin of the orc and enjoyed Zebok's hands exploring his body.

Zebok's hands now came to the boy's crotch.  With one hand the orc began to gently fondle Neville's scrotum and massage his balls to give the boy more sensations to deal with.  The other hand took hold of Neville's now achingly hard penis and began to lovingly and slowly stroke its full length.  During all of this Neville could feel the orc's penis snaking its way further into his backside and begin to probe at the boy's prostate.

All of these amazing sensations assaulting Neville's senses at once were too much for him to take for very long.  He began to moan more loudly and at a higher pitch signaling the approach of his orgasm.  Zebok's cock then began to withdraw until it nearly exited Neville's rectum and then plunged back in faster and harder rubbing against his anus and assaulting his prostate to send jolts of electricity through the boy's body.  Neville's scrotum began to tighten as the orc continued to massage it and Zebok's hand began to move more forcefully and quickly along Neville's throbbing cock.

The force of the orgasm that crashed into Neville was far greater than any he'd experience before and he cried out in ecstasy as his cock began to spurt his seed out onto his belly and onto the orc's hand.  He bucked and moaned more as wave after wave hit his body and he bounced a little up and down on the orc's lap as Zebok's cock plunged deeper into Neville than it had done yet to drive him as far into the abyss as possible.  Neville nearly fainted from the overwhelming power of the orgasm as his senses were assaulted from all sides but finally he began to regain control and he stopped bucking and sat still while the orc slowed down and gripped the boy's cock and moved his hand only slightly to milk the last of Neville's seed.

After a time the orc's cock carefully and gently removed itself from Neville's rectum and the boy relaxed completely again leaning back against Zebok's warm torso.

"You nearly lost me for a moment there.  I was like an orc and nearly lost consciousness.  That was the most incredible feeling I have ever enjoyed," said Neville breathlessly, "Thank you."

Zebok's hands moved back to embrace Neville and he whispered into his ear, "You would make a wonderful orc.  I would be happy to do that for you anytime you wish my sweet boy.  Perhaps we could work on it a bit harder next time and see if we really can make you go unconscious."

They both cuckled softly.

"May I pleasure you now?" asked Neville.

Zebok said nothing but instead Neville noticed the orc's incredibly long penis begin to rise up from between Neville's own crossed legs.  The boy was enraptured at the sight of the straining member lengthening and firming up as it worked its way up towards Neville's face.  He marveled at how it seemed to know where it wanted to go and moved right towards Neville's mouth while the orc stayed perfectly still and breathed deeply and steadily behind him.

Neville opened his mouth and extended his tongue to touch the sphincter on the tip of the cock to taste the precum that was oozing there and he felt Zebok's body jump slightly beneath him.  The cock then pressed more urgently against his tongue and Neville pulled his tongue back to guide the cock into his mouth.  Once he had his lips firmly wrapped around the shaft Neville began to work the end of the cock with his tongue while sucking it deeper and deeper into his mouth.  He placed both of his hands on the long firm shaft high and low and began to rub both of them up and down covering as much length of the impressive three foot long cock as he could.

Zebok immediately began moaning and squirming at the wonderful sensation the boy was giving him.

Before long Neville noticed a swelling beginning at the base of the orc's cock and he knew the object of his interest was about to work its way up and into his mouth.

Zebok gripped the boy in a hug more firmly and whispered urgently into Neville's ear, "You are such a beautiful creature Neville and the newness of you is overpowering.  I will not last any longer.  I will be unconscious shortly as I give my seed to you.  Be careful and be ready as I will likely fall over and drag you with me my sweet boy."

Neville began to suck harder and rub a little faster along the orc's shaft in anticipation of the treat he was about to receive and his lower hand soon encountered the orange-sized ball working its way up the length of the cock.  He moved the hand below it and continued to work.  He was starting to get very much aroused again himself at the idea of what was happening and at the same time he could feel himself salivating.  He wanted to taste the wonderful orc's seed so badly.

The ball continued to work its way up and bumped into Neville's upper hand and he quickly moved it out of the way so as not to impede its progress.

The ball approached Neville's lips and he relaxed his jaw and opened his mouth as wide as he possibly could.  The ball squeezed and deformed and breached his lips and entered his mouth and paused as it reached the tip of the orc's cock.  Neville knew it was about to explode and he prepared himself.

Just then he felt Zebok tense and grip Neville tightly while he grunted quite loudly in pleasure and the orc's cock suddenly shot back out of Neville's mouth just as it released the ball of seed into it.

Neville's mouth was instantly full of warm thick cum.  He held it in his mouth and swirled his tongue around in it and moaned as he enjoyed the wonderful taste of it.  He had never had so much cum in his mouth and he would have never thought it possible just a day ago.  He reveled in the wonderful sensation of it.  He began to swallow it.  It took multiple attempts to get it all down and he enjoyed every moment of it while his head was tilted back and he reveled in the texture and the volume of it.

Finally he swallowed the last and opened his eyes and sighed.

It suddenly occurred to him that he was still sitting up and so was Zebok.

"Are you alright Zebok?  You didn't go unconscious," said Neville.

"I am more than alright.  It appears my body is not quite done with you yet.  My level of arousal is well beyond any previous experience and I can already sense my seed rapidly building again.  It seems I will be cumming a second time.  May I pleasure myself while you watch and shoot my seed onto your beautiful face?" the orc asked in a breathless whisper.

Neville immediately leaned forward and got off of the orc's lap.  He turned and lay back on the ground face up.  The orc smiled at the sight and moved to straddle the boy with his knees on either side of Neville's hips and his long cock pointing at Neville's face.  He then took his amazingly cock in his own hand and rubbed it as he gazed into Neville's eyes.

"It will not take me long at all as I gaze upon your beauty Neville.  Please place your hands against my chest and prepare.  I will go limp and you will need to roll me to the side so that I don't fall on top of you," Zebok said breathlessly as the base of his cock began to swell once again.

Neville did as he was asked and placed his hands against Zebok's hard pectoral muscles as the orc leaned into him and the boy locked his elbows to bear the weight when the orc lost consciousness.

The ball once again worked its way along the inside of the orc's cock as Zebok worked it faster and harder and eventually the orc's load reached the end of his cock.

Zebok was breathing heavily and his eyes were glazed as he worked his shaft harder and stared lovingly upon Neville's face.  Just then the orc moaned and bucked once and then grunted loudly just as the end of his penis expanded and the cum exploded onto Neville's face.

The boy's face was covered instantly and he extended his tongue and began to lick at it greedily.  He was braced and ready to roll the unconscious orc to the side as soon as Zebok's full weight came to bear, but it didn't happen.

Neville removed his hands from the orc's chest and began wiping the cum from his face into his mouth.  He could not get enough and he lost himself in the joy of eating so much cum at once and he was already wondering how long he would have to wait before he would get to do it again.  When he had managed to clean his whole face he finally opened his eyes.

Zebok was staring back at him with a rapturous look on his face and then he breathed, "This can't be happening.  I will be cumming a third time.  I have never heard of this before."

Just then Tenimo emerged from the bushes and looked at the scene with wonder.

"What is happening my love?  I thought you would be unconscious by now.  I see a bit of your seed on the sweet boy's face.  Will you be going a second time then?" Tenimo asked with a grin.

"I have already gone twice Tenimo my love.  I will be going a third.  You must bear witness as I have decided to speak the words," said Zebok breathlessly as he moved off of Neville and went to lay face down on the ground.

Tenimo got an astonished look on his face and sank to his knees to watch.

"Neville, this will likely happen quickly as my body is driving me harder than it has ever done," Zebok said, "What's about to happen is unprecedented and I have come to a decision.  I need you to please move onto me and fuck me in my ass while I lay beneath you.  Release your seed into me please.  It is important."

Neville was fully aroused again and did not hesitate.  His body knew what it wanted and the orc wanted him badly and it drove him into a frenzy.  He was going to fuck someone for the first time ever.  He moved over on top of Zebok and with the lack of grace of someone who has never before made love but was very much in rut he plunged his penis into the orc's rectum.  He moaned at the feeling of power and he began to buck his young body against the orc in ecstasy.  This was the first time he'd engaged in this particular activity and he would not last long as he felt the power of being wanted so badly and the orc giving himself over to it and he slammed his cock repeatedly and deeply into Zebok.

Zebok moaned and while he lay face down on the ground with his head sideways on his crossed arms his cock, of its own volition, moved beneath and between his legs and curved up and around between Neville's legs and probed once at Neville's anus before it plunged into his rectum once more.   It began to fuck itself in and out of Neville as the ball once again made its way up the orc's cock shaft and approached Neville's anus.

Suddenly Zebok began to speak in a sonorous and solemn voice while Neville continued to hump at him, "I receive your gift from the Mother with love, honor and trust.  As you plant your seed in me know that it will grow into the deepest and most permanent bond between you and my people.  You will be a part of me and be one of my people from this day forward and we will afford you every status that entails.  I submit to your domination over me and for the moment that we are coupled you replace me as their leader.  I place in you the complete trust of an entire race.  Let all who witness spread the word.  You are now an orc."

Neville felt the third ball of the orc's cum expand and stretch his anus and it moved past it to the tip of the cock inside his rectum and began to press against his prostate and the sensation of it drove him to his second orgasm and he grunted as he shot his young seed into the orc's rectum.  Just as he did so he felt the orc's cum release and explode into his own bowels.  The sensation and the thought of it drove Neville deeply into his passion and he bucked and moaned harder as he pumped all of his seed into the orc.

Zebok's cock slipped out of Neville and he could sense the orc go limp beneath him as Neville came down from his own orgasm.

He carefully pulled out of Zebok and rolled off onto his back and sighed his contentment.

Tenimo moved in and gently and lovingly moved Zebok into a more comfortable position lying slightly curled up on his side while he spoke to Neville.

"That was wonderful Neville.  Thank you so much for pleasing my life's love so well.  It is unheard of for an orc to cum three times before he loses consciousness.  It is a momentous event and it shows the intense attraction he feels for you.  The words he spoke to you are a sacred pact between races and have never been said to a human before.  When they are uttered by a leader of the race as he receives the seed of another they are a bond that lets us all know that you are to be trusted completely with our lives and with everything we know and do.  As you planted your seed into him and dominated him for that brief moment you were actually the leader of our entire race.  You will be included in all decisions made by the orc people from this day forward.  You are truly one of us now," said Tenimo with awe in his voice.

"I feel honored beyond words Tenimo, thank you.  May I lie down with Zebok and wait for him to regain consciousness so I may thank him as well?"  Neville asked.

"Of course my dear, you are one of us as I said and Zebok would not have it any other way.  Rest and be at ease with him in your arms while I guard over the two of you," Tenimo said.

Neville went and lay down behind Zebok who was now lying on his side.  The boy spooned against him and put his arm around him.

He could not believe the events of the last two days.  On top of all he'd been through he now had gone from hating the races to not only loving them but even making love to one of them.  The wonderful sensations and acts he'd just performed ran back through his head as he held onto Zebok and he reveled in the fact that his whole life had just changed.

As the afterglow of his powerful orgasm dragged him down toward sleep he realized that he was not just human anymore, he was now also an orc.


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