What follows is a work of complete fantasy.

About the story:

This series will describe the adventures of a teenaged boy who is rescued from a cruel fate in his home village
by a friend, but ultimately finds himself on his own in a world that is being ravaged by brutal race wars between the humans, and the hated vicious and barbaric races, the kobolds, orcs and ogres.  In his travels he learns the surprising truth about the history of the realm, the nature of its inhabitants and the reason for the war that has been withheld from his people.  He also learns that the humans are very close to a complete victory.  Realizing that the other races are facing obliteration he decides to take a gamble that would level the playing field once again in the hope that it might lead to a better outcome.  Doing so however will require him to utterly betray his own people.

There will be some very rough and violent sex described in great detail between men and men, men and orcs, orcs and kobolds, kobolds and men, ogres and men, and so on and so forth in various combinations with much of it involving the teenaged boy.  None of it is based in any way on reality but it may be disturbing to some.  Should you choose to read it please keep in mind that it is not real, but simply fantasy.

If this is not the type of story you would enjoy, please stop reading now.

If there is any reason legal or otherwise why you should not read such a story, please stop reading now.

If you are the type of person who has any difficulty whatsoever separating fantasy from reality, please stop reading now.

The events depicted in these stories have not happened, and will not ever happen. No one should ever attempt to replicate them in any way in real life. These events are a work of fantasy for the enjoyment of those with a healthy mind who have no problem keeping them in the realm of imagination. I have never attempted, nor would I attempt, any such acts myself and as such I am likely to get some details completely wrong. One thing I am certain of is that in real life, young boys would NOT appreciate this sort of thing being done to them and they are INCAPABLE of giving informed consent to allow these things to be done to them. If you ever even consider attempting these acts in real life then you should immediately seek help.

Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

That said if you are still reading I do hope you enjoy the story.

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The Hawthorne Accord - Chapter 8

Beowul and Stenwul had been running as fast as they could while following Neville's tracks and those of the soldiers that appeared to be following Neville's trail but they were growing tired and it was taking them much longer than they would like.

They were becoming concerned as they went because their finely tuned sense of smell was able to discern that Neville's scent was becoming almost as strong as the soldiers', meaning the soldiers were moving much faster and catching up and would be upon the boy soon if they hadn't already caught him.  They could also detect by the strength of the smells that they were at least an hour behind their quarry but they were not able to increase their speed due to their exhaustion.

The two kobolds had been running hard with only a few breaks ever since they first freed Jake from his bonds earlier that day and they were beginning to reach the limit of their endurance when suddenly they came across a confusing conglomeration of scents that caused them both to come to a stop.

They sniffed around this way and that and then Beowul exclaimed, "I know these scents!  It is the sweet wonderful high priest Zebok and his life's love Tenimo!  Thank the Mother!  They must have come across Neville and come to his aide!  I can smell the three of them continuing in that direction."

"Yes, they've dispatched the wicked human soldiers as well.  They are here in the bushes," said Stenwul with relief in his voice.

He had followed the scent the bodies had left as they were dragged into the brush.  He gave a low growl and then lifted his leg to urinate on the corpses and then came back to join his future mate.

"This is indeed wonderful news!  The sweet whelp could not be in better hands than the leader of the entire orc race.  They have gone in the direction of the orc army.  The army will be marching hard in this direction for the coming battle and they should reach them quickly.  The whelp is out of danger," said Beowul.

"I am exhausted from our run Beo my sweet and ready to fall over.  There is no need for us to go after the whelp any longer.  He is in good hands as you say may love.  Perhaps now we should turn our attention back to the poor humans of the destroyed village?  We should rest and sleep and then head back to see what aide we can provide the poor dears," Stenwul suggested.

"An excellent thought my dear sweet love.  They are still in urgent need and the whelp is now well protected.  We should seek out Jake as well and let him know his life's love is safe and in good hands," said Beowul.

Just as they were walking in tight circles to beat down the grass and preparing to lie down to rest a deep and booming voice bellowed from the forest near them.

"Beowul!  Stenwul!  Is that really you?" yelled a large ogre who came crashing out from the trees and rushed toward them.

The ogre was heavily armored in ring mail and he had a large thick shield hanging on his back.  There was a large hammer slung at his side as well.

The two kobolds yipped with joy and raced toward the ogre and leapt through the air to be caught in both his arms, one on each side.

The ogre laughed as the two kobolds, tails wagging furiously, began to lick at his face.

"What a surprise to find the two of you here!" exclaimed the ogre as he laughed.

"Oh my dearest Tonn!  What a surprise and a wonderful pleasure to find you here as well my friend!  Where is Nayl?" asked Beowul as the ogre put the two kobolds back down on the ground and scratched each affectionately behind the ears.

"He is just behind me.  We were having a celebration with Zebok and Tenimo who left us earlier to head north and return to the army.  Our force was just getting ready to move out southward again and we saw a trail leading from our camp through the woods so we decided to investigate," said Tonn.

Another armored ogre emerged from the woods and grinned from ear to ear when he saw the kobolds.

"Oh my sweet pups!  How wonderful to see you!" he exclaimed.

Much to the ogre's delight the two kobolds then greeted him as they had done for Tonn.

"Where are Lox, Tithan, and Jex my dear friends?  I've never seen the five of you apart since you found each other; why are you not with them?  Is something wrong?" asked Nayl.

"It is a long and calamitous story my sweet friend.  They are well to the best of our knowledge and they may be tracking this way as we speak.  Lox has gone to try to enlist aide for a group of poor human civilians who were burned out of their village in the mountain pass by their own army.  It is a tragedy beyond words.  They are being hunted by their own army and they will be right in the path of the coming battle.  Is there any chance you could help us?  Are you part of a larger scout force?" asked Beowul.

"We are part of a very large force of orcs and ogres.  We were camped and resting when Zebok and Tenimo came upon us.  We were just preparing for the final march.  We will be taking a position in the mountains north of the pass and we have important work to do.  There is another large party to the south of the pass and that must be the one Lox is tracking.  We must be ready when the main army reaches the pass and the battle begins in just over two days," said Nayl.

Tonn spoke up and said, "We should be able to spare a few orcs and ourselves for such an important cause my love.  Zebok would agree that we should do what we can for the civilians to keep them safe.  You and I should go with Sten and Beo back to the burned village to help as we can.  It will not impede our work much since the pass is only slightly further south than our destination and we will have time to return to it if we are quick.  Please go back and recruit four orcs and bring them back here immediately my dear and tell the rest of the force to continue without us."

"Yes dear, I will return shortly," he replied and then he vanished back the way he'd come.

"We are exhausted my dear friend," said Beowul, "We have been on our feet and running at speed for many hours in our long flight to try to save the whelp.  I don't think we can make the run back to his village so soon."

"Do not worry yourselves my dearest friends.  Nayl and I are completely rested and were about to start a hard march ourselves.  We will carry you and you can sleep in our arms as we make our way to the mountain pass," Tonn reassured them.

Nayl soon emerged from the woods with four orcs.

The kobolds each leapt and were caught by one of the two ogres and they curled up in their massive arms to be cradled there so they could sleep while the party began to march quickly back toward Neville's village to help in any way they could.


Neville, Zebok and Tenimo had slept for six hours or so with Zebok and Tenimo trading watch duty.  They had begun their final push to reach the army just after dawn.

It was now midday and they continued their march northward following along the river.

The land began to slope upward and Neville could hear the roar of falls along the river.  As they continued upward he saw there was indeed a short and wide waterfall that fell into a large pool ahead to their right and the large pool emptied into a narrow and particularly fast moving part of the river heading back to the south.  The ground continued to slope upward and had been etched away into a short cliff at the side of the river plunging downward to the deep pool at the base of the falls.

They continued marching up past the waterfall but did not get much farther beyond it before they finally came upon the army that had been marching south in their direction.

The army called a halt when they saw the orc leader and his party approaching.

Neville could see a massive contingent made up of equal numbers of armored kobolds and orcs stretching as far as he could see back along the side of the river and out away from it.  There were even a large number of huge ogres clustered here and there among them.

A large kobold who had been leading the force loped forward to greet them.  He was at least as tall as Jake Smith and he positively towered above all the other kobolds in the army.

Despite what Neville had been told by Zebok the night before about the sweet disposition of kobolds he could not help but be intimidated and felt very nervous as the large powerful looking kobold approached.  The kobold was armored in mail and was wearing an intricate helm that covered his head down along the top of his muzzle and up along the backs of his ears and fanned out at the back of his head to allow him to go down on all fours and look straight ahead while having the back of his neck covered in plate.  He was very imposing looking and Neville unconsciously began to back away and move behind his orc friends.

The kobold stood and walked on two feet and removed his helm as he approached to greet the orcs.

"Zebok my beautiful green friend!  You and Tenimo are a welcome sight indeed my dears!  You are past due and we were becoming a bit worried.  What kept you?  Is it anything to do with this wonderful little human whelp you've brought with you?" boomed the kobold in a very cheerful voice.

Neville was instantly at his ease when he heard the pleasant greeting and he moved back to Zebok's side with a smile on his face as he watched the creature.

The kobold was dressed in light armor designed to allow his body to move quickly across the ground on all fours or stand and fight as needed.  In the gaps in the armor along the creature's body and his now exposed head Neville could see that the kobold had the most wonderful pattern of fur he had ever seen.  It was primarily a mid-grey color that in the sunlight almost appeared to be glowing with a bluish hue.  All over his coat were hundreds of random sized and shaped jet black patches almost like a Dalmation but less like spots and more like sharp edged ragged splotches.  Neville recalled seeing a large hunting hound with a similar pattern and color that its owner had described as 'blue merle'.  He had brilliant white fur under his muzzle, on his chest, on the wrists of his forepaws and just behind his hind paws.  All of this natural beauty was contrasted by his armor which appeared to be scale mail made of leaf shaped scales of brightly polished steel with highlights of red and black leather and large polished shoulder plates.  He was absolutely stunning to behold and Neville felt his loins begin to stir at the power and masculine grace the kobold displayed.

"Lyboxus my dear friend, I am indeed sorry to cause you any concern.  We ran into Nayl and Tonn and, well, you must know what happened next," Zebok said and grinned.

The huge kobold's face changed to what looked like Neville to be a sneer.  It was the same look he'd seen on the kobolds that had Jake hostage.  He realized now that it must be a wide smile and he naturally smiled himself.

"I know you can't resist them my sweet.  No one can, really.  They are most impressive men indeed.  My loins catch fire at the thought of them.  Who is your amazingly beautiful young friend then and however did you come to meet him my dear?" the kobold asked not taking his eyes off of Neville.

"Forgive my lack of manners.  May I introduce Neville Hawthorne, the newest member of the orc race," said Zebok as he bowed and swept one hand toward Neville.

Neville blushed and his pulse quickened at being the center of the impressive kobold's rapt attention.  He'd heard the kobold's comment about Neville's beauty and with the beautiful kobold's gaze now boring its way into him Neville felt his knees might give way at any moment.  His penis truly began to wake up and pay attention to what was going on too.

"What?!  A member of the orc race?  Do you mean to say you allowed him to take you and he gave you his seed and you spoke the words to him?  How wonderful my dearest sweet friend!" the huge kobold exclaimed to Zebok.

Lyboxus then turned and bowed deeply toward Neville while taking the boy's hand and the kobold planted his muzzle against the back of it to give it a slow and tender kiss.

The kobold then looked up from his bowed position with his head slightly cocked and a roguish grin and he gazed intently right into Neville's soul with his deep brown eyes.  Still holding the boy's hand firmly he placed his other forepaw on the top of the same hand and while rubbing it softly he said in a warm and enticing voice, "I am indeed honored and intensely aroused to be in your presence Neville.  If Zebok himself saw fit to let you dominate him and briefly be the leader of his race then you must be someone very special indeed.  I should surely love to get to know you much more intimately my sweet.  Zebok is particular about his friends and he would not include you unless you proved to have the soul and mind to match your overwhelmingly breathtaking countenance.  I am Lyboxus and I am the Chieftain and leader of the kobold race.  I am very pleased to make your acquaintance and I look forward to probing the depths of your wonderful beauty much more deeply someday if you will allow me to engage you so my lovely whelp.  My heart yearns for you already and I am not sure how long I will be able to wait."

Neville was breathing shallower and more quickly and his cock rose fully to attention and he became slightly light headed.  He felt as though he were falling under some sort of spell as he raptly gazed at the intensely appealing kobold and listened to his wonderful words.  He had a powerful urge to quickly strip and go down on all fours before the kobold leader and simply look back at him invitingly over his shoulder to let him know he wanted very much to be mounted and owned by him right now.

Zebok chuckled affectionately and said, "I see you are still the undisputed champion of the woo Lyboxus my dear friend.  Neville, I know just how weak your knees must be feeling right now as I have suffered the same effect at the hands of the master here.  Whatever it might be you are presently imagining yourself doing with Lyboxus I assure you your advances would indeed be most welcome by him so do not be shy.  I would not want you to miss out on the experience of an intimate encounter with the fiercest lover in the land.  I am afraid however that now is not the time Lyboxus my dear.  Perhaps you could pursue the boy a bit later after we've had some rest and a chat?"

Lyboxus let go of Neville's hand and gave him a wink as he stood back up.

Neville could not help grinning like a fool at the wonderful kobold who was almost literally sweeping him off his feet.

It was also very odd to hear such kind and flattering words coming from the leader of what he had until only the day before assumed to be the most vicious and evil race in the world.  Neville was overwhelmed by the beauty and powerful masculine assurance and grace of the creature.  It was something he was not quite expecting.  He used to imagine his enemy looking ragged and mangy.  He suddenly remembered his disgusting sexual fantasy he'd had regarding the kobold Chieftain the last time he'd been laying in his bed and he hated himself just a bit and felt deeply ashamed.  He quickly pushed the thought aside for what he hoped would be the last time.

He could not imagine anyone more appealing than Lyboxus and he could think of no one he'd rather have as his newest friend and he hoped he would someday have the opportunity to allow Lyboxus to explore his depths much more intimately indeed.

"I am so very pleased to meet you I cannot put it into words Lyboxus.  The honor is most certainly mine.  I have never in my life seen anyone quite so beautiful as you!  You leave me weak and breathless!  You are simply amazing to behold!" Neville gushed, and then blushed furiously at his own awkward forwardness.

Zebok rolled his eyes and smiled and said, "There goes another one.  You've snagged one more heart to add to your collection Lyboxus you cad."

The large kobold smiled warmly and said, "What a wonderful whelp you are to say such sweet things to me Neville.  I'm not sure if Zebok has told you of kobolds and how we are, but I can tell you in all honesty that you are the most beautiful creature I have ever had the wonderful fortune to lay my eyes upon as well I assure you.  Zebok, Tenimo, let us move over to the river there and have a seat.  I would like to hear how you left things to the south.  Let us discuss our plans shall we?  Neville, please join us.  You are a member of the orc race and you were in fact their leader if only briefly.  You are a trusted friend of Zebok and I may have questions for you."

They all moved over to a nice shady spot and sat down in a circle.

"Lyboxus, Neville's life's love was mistakenly taken from him by a group of your scouts.  Can you tell us if they've joined back up with the main force?" Zebok asked.

Neville's heart suddenly beat faster.  He'd briefly forgotten that Jake should be with the kobold army and he was anxious to be reunited with him.

Lyboxus shook his head, "No my dear.  We have not had any other human brought here or I would surely have been keeping him close company myself."

He saw the troubled look come across Neville's face and the kobold smiled reassuringly at him.

"Do not be concerned my dear sweet whelp.  If your love is with a group of my scouts he could not be in better company should there be any trouble.  They have no doubt recognized their mistake by now and are all likely out searching for you and may be coming upon us soon if that is the case.  We are excellent trackers and they would have no trouble following your trail.  Rest easy and know we will likely meet up with them shortly," he said.

Neville relaxed and thanked the kobold for the reassurance.

"Zebok, are the two forces going to be in place in the mountains when we arrive?" asked Lyboxus.

"Indeed.  The two parties are moving into position as we speak.  They will be ready.  We can proceed exactly as planned," Zebok replied.

"Excellent.  Our scouts have reported that the main human army is still almost two days' march away from the small force camped near the pass and it will take them at least another day to prepare for their own plan so we will be arriving just in time to thwart them.  We will proceed with the attack and move into the pass at dawn the day after tomorrow," said Lyboxus.

Neville's heart began to beat faster again as he heard Lyboxus' words and he remembered that their army was moving right where Braddock wanted them.  He could see beyond doubt now that everything Zebok had been telling him about the races and the history of the humans must be the truth.  Neville himself was now in a position to give his new companions information that may help these armies to avoid the trap laid by Braddock.  Doing so however would be a complete betrayal of his own race.  He was an orc now too though and he had to think of how wonderful these people were.  He could not stay silent and allow them to head to their own destruction.  At this point if he was forced to make a choice, he would gladly choose to stay with them to live freely and openly with Jake and never return to his human roots.  He immediately came to the only decision that made any sense to him.

"You mustn't try to invade the human realm through the pass!  Zebok, Lyboxus, it's a trap!  You will be pummeled by dozens of catapults hidden in the mountains on either side while being squeezed between the two halves of the human army and crushed!  Your armies will be defeated and the humans will proceed to wipe out every trace of your wonderful races from the earth!  Please, do not attempt it!" Neville pleaded desperately.

Both leaders looked in surprise at Neville and then smiled warmly.

"You have chosen the newest member of your race well Zebok my sweet friend," Lyboxus said and then he turned his attention to the boy, "You are indeed correct in your assessment Neville though I am at a loss to know how you came by this information.  It would be unwise for the kobold army to move into the pass were we not well prepared.  You are not giving us any information we did not already gain for ourselves, but I greatly appreciate your verification of it and your obvious concern for your new race my love."

"Indeed, you make me proud Neville.  You have shown me that I chose wisely to make you one of us," said Zebok as he reached over and rubbed Neville's head, "We knew of the human army's movements and we assumed they planned exactly what you just told us.  As soon as our scouts reported the bulk of the human army departed from the orc sacred city at a fast march in the direction of the pass, leaving the city they'd just captured essentially undefended, we knew what they must be planning against the kobolds and that they would bring every member of their entire fighting force to bear in order to do it.

"You see, we ourselves have been keeping a large part of our armies held back in reserves and hidden from the humans.  They are not aware of just how large our combined forces really are.  They think us fooled into believing their forces have fractured into unmanageable mercenary groups but we know the truth.  They think what's left of our armies will be easily beaten by the combined power of their true army but I assure you that is not the case.  Instead our armies are considerably larger than they know and we have lured them into combining all of their forces and bringing them all to a location where we can once and for all crush them.  As I told you earlier we are near to a conclusion to this conflict in our favor."

"Indeed," said Lyboxus, "Our deception in hiding our armies' true sizes seems to have fooled them completely.  They expected to find the weak races they had fought so long ago but that will not be the case.  We have brought in the orc reserves to add to their force and have merged them with the kobolds' main army who have now been reinforced by our hidden reserves as well.  The humans will be facing a much larger force than they expected coming from this side of the pass and we will be arriving well before they can move half of their army through it to catch us from behind.  Should they even attempt it we will crush them against the mountains and then have only half of their force to deal with.  They also think the powerful ogres are cowering behind the walls of their keep but that is most certainly not the case.  Even as we speak the entire ogre army with their reserves added have already taken back the orc city and from there have begun a hard march behind the human army.  The full might of the ogre army will be reaching the other side of the humans in time for our assault.  When all are in place we will attack with all of our combined might from both sides.  It is the entire human army that will be crushed between our forces Neville."

Neville was amazed and relieved to hear this news.  It seemed the human armies in their arrogance had completely underestimated the other races' tactical abilities.  They must have still thought them to be the push overs they used to be.  Neville sorely wished he could see the look on Lord Braddock's face the moment he discovers the truth.  Then he suddenly remembered something else important that he'd overheard the evil madman say.

"The ogres!  I'd nearly forgotten!  I overheard another of Braddock's plans.  They have developed a disease that will wipe out the entire ogre race and they plan to launch it within a week!  The ogres will be decimated!" Neville said urgently.

Everyone present gaped in shock at his words.

"Oh Great Mother this cannot be!  Not again!  How could they do something so horrendous again?  What sort of monsters are they?" exclaimed Tenimo.

Lyboxus growled deep and low and said, "They are evil and vile creatures and their alchemists have black and twisted souls!  This is indeed news to us Neville and most grievous news indeed.  I do not see how we can proceed now without putting the ogres at a terrible risk.  The humans will see the ogre army coming and will move to infect them.  Even if we were to win the conflict the entire ogre race would vanish from the earth as the elves did.  Zebok, perhaps if we get the information to the best of the ogre healers they could somehow prepare for the plague and find some way to slow it or prevent it?"

"I don't see how they could accomplish that in such a short time.  They know nothing of the sickness the humans have created.  Even they are not so skilled that they could study it and come up with a solution in a matter of days," said Zebok.

"Mallow!" exclaimed Neville, "Yes!  Braddock's officer told him that a beverage of steeped Mallow before exposure would prevent the infection!  He said any who drank it would not get sick!"

"Neville!  If this is true you may have just single-handedly saved the entire ogre race from complete annihilation!  You sweet wonderful orc you!" exclaimed Zebok.

Just then from the corner of his eye Neville saw movement in the brush near the edge of the river to the south and at the same moment Tenimo jumped and yelled, "There's someone there!"

All of them got up and ran toward where the orc had pointed and by the time they got through the brush they saw a human soldier a ways down the bank leaping onto the back of a horse where another mounted soldier was waiting for him.  The man looked back briefly and sneered at them and then spurred his horse to a gallop and went passed the other soldier who quickly spurred his horse behind him.

"Oh no!  I know that man!  It's one of Braddock's officers.  His name is Thurlowe.  He must be stopped!  Can you catch them Lyboxus?" Neville shouted.

"No!  I am fast but I cannot catch one of those beasts when they gallop at full speed," said the kobold.

Even as he was speaking two ogres emerged from the trees ahead just as the horses galloped past them at speed and without hesitation both ogres took up their mighty war hammers and threw them at the mounted men as they galloped away.

The weapons flew through the air end over end as the horses raced on ahead.  One hammer struck the soldier who was trailing Thurlowe right in the middle of his back and shattered his spine.  The other hammer flew past and struck the hind quarters of Thurlowe's horse and knocked the animal out from under him.

Thurlowe flew to the ground but rolled and quickly got up.  He saw the two ogres lumbering toward him and without hesitation he ran and leaped off the cliff into the pool of water down at the bottom of the falls.

Neville and the others were already running to the scene.  By the time they arrived at the edge of the cliff they saw Thurlowe a long way down the river clinging to a large floating root of a tree and looking back at them with an evil grin.  He was moving very fast along the rapids and had a large head start and there was no way he could be caught now.

He had overheard their discussion and he had managed to escape.

Neville was devastated.  He realized quickly that the river would carry Thurlowe swiftly along the mountains and then through them along the canyon to the other side and from there he could run to join up with the human army on the eastern side of the mountain pass.  It would be slower than he would have gone on horseback but much quicker and safer than attempting to run southward through the orc and ogre forces and kobold scouts.  It wouldn't take him much more than a day to reach his army and there would be no one in his way to stop him.  He would alert Braddock of the incoming ogre army and they would accelerate their plan and use the disease against the ogres before they could be warned.  They would know of the true size of the other races' armies and they could prepare for the coming attack.  It was a disaster!

Neville saw immediately the irony of the situation and it ate at him.  He'd gained critical information that could change the course of the war in favor of the other races by spying on Braddock back at the inn.  Now Thurlowe had gained information that could change the course back in the humans' favor by spying on Neville.

"Wait here all of you!  I will return to you shortly," said Lyboxus as he went down on all fours and bounded back towards his army.

As the large kobold ran he tilted his head up and howled and Neville noticed two other kobolds who were larger than the rest but not as large as Lyboxus begin to make their way forward through the ranks of the army.

"You have done well in letting us know of the cure for the ogre disease Neville," said Zebok, "Lyboxus is a brilliant tactician and I suspect he's already decided the best course of action.  It is he who has organized our coming victory against the human army and you can trust him to know what to do."

Neville watched as the huge kobold ran up to a pair of ogres and said something to them.  The ogres nodded and turned and began to lumber further back down the river away from them signaling other ogres to join them as they went.  Lyboxus then turned to a large group of kobolds who were tightly clustered together and must be a bonded pack.  Lyboxus spoke to them briefly and then as one they all turned and went down on all fours and took off in a rush back along the river and were past the lumbering ogres in no time.  The two large kobolds who had responded to Lyboxus' howl reached him then and he spoke briefly and the three turned and loped back towards Neville, Zebok and Tenimo.

Lyboxus approached the party with the two other kobolds close behind.

"I have asked a pack of my brethren to run at their best speed back through the orc territories and pass the word of the steeped mallow treatment to the first pack of scouts they encounter.  The scouts will relay the information back to the next pack.  We have scout groups patrolling all the way back past the orc domains to the ogres.  It will be only a matter of days before the word reaches the ogre keep and their healers can begin protecting all of the women and children.  No matter what happens the race itself will not be lost.  You have saved them all from the same fate as the elves Neville, there are simply not sufficient words to thank you.  You will have the undying gratitude of an entire gentle race of giants and all of us who love them dearly," Lyboxus said solemnly.

"What of the ogre army Lyboxus?  The foul man floating down the river will reach the humans and tell them that the ogres know the treatment to protect themselves and the humans will move to infect the ogre army before they can be warned," said Zebok.

"No, I will bring the news to the ogre army myself with two of my mates here.  Neville, I would like you to meet the love of my life Braxas and the love of my life Tybac," said Lyboxus.

The two kobold soldiers smiled and bowed deeply and Neville returned their bow.

"I have asked the ogres to take a supply raft out of the river further up and carry it down below the falls.  We will use it to follow this Thurlowe creature's same route on the river through the mountains.  We will not be able to catch him but it is of no import.  We will be travelling at the same speed.  By the time he reaches his destination on the other side of the mountains he will be coming to shore alone and tired from clinging to his log.  He will no doubt start running immediately and since we won't know where he lands we will not be able to track him, but he will still have a long way to go to reach the human army and he will be tired and moving slowly," continued Lyboxus.

"When our group comes aground on the other side of the mountains we too will have a ways to go before we reach the ogre army but they will already be marching hard towards us and we will be a rested group of kobolds and will be moving like the wind.  We will reach the ogre army before nightfall today and the human will still not have reached his own.  There is nothing he can do.  Mallow is common and the weed is everywhere.  The ogres will be drinking the beverage before the human can even warn his people and the ogres will be completely safe.  The human soldier will not even have time to alert his army to the true size of our force in time for them to do anything with the information except to know how they will be meeting their ends and make peace with whatever false god they are worshipping these days.

"Our plan to wipe out the human army will not be impeded and it is all thanks to you Neville.  I cannot tell you how impressed and thoroughly pleased I am with you after only just meeting you.  I would very much like to get to know you better and I think the ogre Chieftain would also like to meet the savior of his entire race.  It would be a great honor to me if you would join me on the raft and take the news to the ogre army and its leader yourself my sweet whelp," Lyboxus said.

"I would be honored to join you but I cannot possibly run as fast as all of you and would hold you back when it comes time to leave the raft and go over land to the ogres," Neville said.

Lyboxus chuckled and said, "No, you are but a small whelp and I am the alpha of my people.  I can carry you on my back without noticing you are there.  It would be an extreme pleasure for me I assure you my dear."

The idea of rafting down a fast river and then riding on the back of the single fastest person in the world was a thrill Neville could not resist.

"In that case I would love to come with you!" he exclaimed.

As they spoke Neville saw a long chain of huge ogres lumbering back along the river towards them with what looked like a massive pile of long slender logs on their shoulders.  There were four pairs of ogres and each pair supported the mass of logs between them.  They passed the party and continued down the slope toward the river's edge below the falls.

"Let us not waste any time and be off then," said Lyboxus, "Zebok will take charge of the army and continue the plan of attack."

Zebok turned to Neville and embraced him in a long warm hug.

"My heart swells with pride in you Neville.  I cannot believe my good fortune in finding you.  The Mother herself had to have led you to us.  There is simply no other explanation.  She created you for this purpose.  You have become the savior of an ancient and wonderful race of people.  Take care and heed Lyboxus well.  You will be completely safe with him and his bonded mates.  There are no more dangerous people in the world when they are threatened.  I will miss you until we meet again," he said.

"I will miss you too Zebok and you Tenimo," said Neville.

Tenimo moved to join Zebok and smiled at Neville and gave him a quick hug.

Zebok then said, "It will be done as you've laid it out Lyboxus.  We will strike at dawn the day after tomorrow.  May the Mother carry you swiftly my dear friends."

The two orcs waved and began to make their way back toward the army as Lyboxus and his two mates turned and lead Neville down the slope toward the ogres.

The ogres were in the process of unrolling the pile of logs into the water.  Neville could now see that the logs were all lashed together with dozens of straps of oiled leather in a loose fashion and across the top several oiled skins had been tied into place to act as a platform.  It looked as though the large raft could be rolled up and unrolled as needed and was designed to conform to the humps of the fast flowing river.  It would be able to flex and conform to the fast flow as it traveled swiftly along and as such there would be no risk of it tipping or flipping over.

Neville found himself beginning to feel very excited about the coming trip.  It was urgent and important but it looked as though it may also be a great deal of fun.

The four boarded the large raft and the ogres handed long poles to Lyboxus' two mates that they would use to guide the raft and keep it centered in the flow.  The ogres then pushed the raft out into the river's flow, lumbering out with it into the water to get it into the swiftly flowing center of the river as quickly as possible.

Neville sat excitedly on the raft and could already feel it accelerating to match the speed of the river's flow.

He gazed back at the site of the huge ogres emerging at the shore of the river and heading back to rejoin the massive army of orcs and kobolds where they would resume their march back toward the former site of Neville's home village.

Two days ago the boy had been nothing more than the busy son of the town innkeeper with a head full of fantasies of being a champion and saving the humans from the other evil races.  Now he was a member of the orc race, savior of the ogre race, and travelling on a raft down a swift flowing river with the supreme leader of the kobold race in a bid to save the entire ogre army from elimination.  He was certainly going to have some stories to tell Jake when he finally joined back up with him wherever he might be.  He missed the man sorely and wished he were here with him now.

He turned back and looked ahead down the river as the mountains slipped past him to his left.

"Grab hold of some straps Neville my dear, the river flows very swiftly for a ways and it will be a somewhat thrilling ride.  We do not want you being launched into the water," said Braxas.

Neville noticed that the three kobolds were all seated and holding tight to lengths of leather that were sticking up through holes in the skins where the logs had been lashed together.  He looked around and found several loops of leather right around him that must have been put there for that reason.  He put his hands through them and twisted them once around his wrists and grabbed onto them to hold tight.

The raft continued to pick up speed and Neville began to feel the wonderful sensation of falling and then being forced back upwards and then being weightless for a moment as the raft dipped and flexed downward and then up over humps in the water that must be created by the uneven riverbed and the massive rocks well below the water's surface.  He laughed at the thrill of the sensation and the kobolds laughed at his enjoyment of it.

To Neville their laughter was a series of yips and cackles and he realized once again that Jake had not been in any sort of danger at any point the night he'd been mistakenly taken captive.  It came to Neville that if he'd simply followed through with his idea of raising his arms and walking into the kobold camp in surrender he would have been surrounded by a bunch of caring and loving people who would have been apologizing profusely to him instead of him being left to wander in the dark on his own.  Then again, if he'd done that he would not have been enjoying this ride right at the moment so he felt that perhaps it was for the best that he did not surrender after all.  Perhaps as Zebok had said, everything that had happened to him, even all the way back to his eavesdropping at the inn, had been their Great Mother's design all along.

A little over an hour passed with the kobolds occasionally using their poles to control the raft and keep it from getting caught in any whirlpools or going off into the slower flow along the side whenever the river curved and Neville's face was beginning to ache from the constant grinning.  Finally the river was smoothing out as it turned towards the mountain.  It looked as though the river was going to be wide and smooth and straight for a time before it entered the canyon and things would get interesting again.  It would take almost an hour at this slower speed by his reckoning to reach the entrance to the canyon.  He relaxed his grip on the leather loops and lay down on his side and studied the kobolds as they gazed back at him.

He thought of what Zebok had told him of the kobolds ways of forming packs and he suddenly found himself wondering why the leader of the kobold race would have only two mates, especially given the incredible gift he had for wooing others.  It seemed like he should have quite a large family.  His curiosity overcame him.

"May I ask a personal question Lyboxus?"

"Please do my dear, I consider you a very dear friend already and I would like you to feel comfortable asking anything you like.  It would help us both to understand each other better.  I may have some personal questions for you myself," said the large kobold.

"I was wondering, Zebok told me of your nature and how you build large families of mates that you fight with as a group and I was curious why you have only two.  Are there others who are fighting in other locations?"

"These two achingly beautiful kobolds you see here are my only two male mates Neville.  Kobolds are not homosexual but completely free sexually.  The other races are the same.  Some are drawn only to the same sex while others have a preference one way or the other but mix with both sexes.  I have seventeen exceedingly beautiful female mates back home.  None of the races allow our females to engage in warfare as it is an ugly task and well beneath them.  You will need to come with me to my village someday to meet my other mates and that is something I would love for you to do at your earliest convenience when all of this is over and we've repealed our isolation laws my sweet whelp," Lyboxus said.

Neville asked, "So you must have a great many children then, are many of them in the army as well?"

"No my dear, most of my whelps are too young yet to be involved in the conflict.  My oldest is the only one who is a soldier.  His name is Jex and he scouts with his newly bonded and not yet married mates.  He is a bit of a reckless lover like myself and does like to enjoy himself sexually.  He would love you as much as I do I think.  I look forward to introducing you to him some day."

Neville smiled and nodded.

"Tell me Neville, is the man you were hoping to find with our army your only mate?  Is that still how it works with the humans?" asked Lyboxus.

"Jake is not strictly speaking my mate.  Our people do not allow same sex bonding.  They also do not condone the bonding of an adult with what they consider to be an immature child," said Neville.

The kobolds all shook their heads and grumbled at that.

"Immature my furry buttocks!  You are far more mature than many adults I have known.  Maturity cannot be measured by age.  It makes no sense.  It can only be measured by the level of maturity displayed and nothing else.  At a very young age, much younger than you in fact, everyone comes to know what they want and do not want.  We allow our whelps to engage in sexual activity from the moment they show an interest.  Why in the Mother's name would we not?  If they approach an unrelated adult and express a desire for intimate play the adult will happily engage in any activity they wish to experiment with.

"The adults know what the whelps' bodies are capable of or not capable of and can ensure no harm of any sort is done.  It would be ridiculous and an affront to the Mother to refuse them.  If the adult and whelp find they are material for forming a mated pair they are encouraged to stay together and form a more permanent bond.  In time they will be tied together in wedlock.  We do not see age as a determining factor for when an individual should become sexually active or who they should be active with.  That would be absurd.  An interest and a desire to proceed is all that is required to begin the activity in our society.  We actually prefer that whelps learn from a tender and experienced adult rather than fumbling around on their own and possibly harming each other.  That is how all races approach it other than humans," explained Lyboxus.

"That is how I wish it was in our society," said Neville, "Jake and I would tie the knot immediately.  It makes no sense to me how we can both want it for ourselves and yet it is the rest of our society that steps in to tell us what we should and shouldn't do with our own lives.  What difference does it make to them?  What do they gain by preventing our happiness?  I don't understand it."

"Nor do I.  How can they be happy that way?  They spurn the gifts of the mother.  It saddens me to think that you are being denied something that is completely natural and that would make you happy and that is right, and for no logical reason.  It is the denial of it that is unnatural and wrong.  The humans are a puzzling lot.  If you wish I would like to welcome you into our society to live with us.  It would please me to no end to have you both as neighbors," offered Lyboxus.

"Thank you so much Lyboxus.  I think we may take you up on that offer."

"I know you have been intimate with Zebok as you have given him your seed and he has welcomed you as an orc.  Have you had sexual relations with kobolds before?" Lyboxus asked.

"No.  Honestly, until just yesterday I believed kobolds to be vicious and evil.  I'm sorry.  It is the way humans are taught," said Neville.

"It is of no consequence Neville.  You know the truth now.  I was wondering though.  Would you be interested in exploring sex with a kobold?  With me in particular?" asked Lyboxus with a smile on his face.

Neville flushed and thought of the scene he'd witnessed when the five kobolds had made love using Jake as the centerpiece and he immediately began to be aroused.

"Yes, I think I would be very interested in that," he said.

"We have at least an hour before our floor becomes unstable again.  This raft is quite large and there is more than enough room for the four of us to play.  The river flows straight and smoothly until we reach the canyon.  Would you allow me to fuck you here and now?" asked Lyboxus bluntly.

"Yes, I would like that," said Neville as he began to remove his jerkin once again and then untied his breechclout and set it aside.

The three kobolds all quickly stripped off all of their armor and underclothes as well and Neville could see all of their red cocks had already begun to extend outward from their sheaths.  He became very aroused at the sight of the beautiful creatures in all their glory and the idea that it was he that was making them feel the lust they were clearly showing.

Lyboxus moved confidently toward Neville and gently pushed him over onto his hands and knees.

"This is how an alpha takes his mate," Lyboxus whispered into Neville's ear.

The kobold immediately mounted Neville and gripped him tightly around the waist and lightly nipped at the back of the boy's neck and held his muzzle there to let him know he was about to be taken forcefully and he may not try to escape.  Neville could feel the pointed rock hard penis begin to jab at his anus very lightly probing for the entrance.  Once it found it Lyboxus pressed hard against him and his cock entered Neville smoothly.

The shape of it was perfectly ideal for quick penetration and it was already squirting thin wet precum and Neville experienced no discomfort whatsoever as it surged forward into him spreading his anus wide.  He moaned with pleasure as Lyboxus leaned into it and began to hump him forcefully.  Lyboxus began to pant and fucked him fast like a rabbit while pushing harder and harder against him trying to drive his still growing cock as deep as it would go into Neville.  The kobold's back was curved and his tail was was curling up over it towards his head and his forepaws were pulling Neville back into him as his hind paws slipped against the surface of the raft in his urgent efforts to drive himself deeper into the boy.

The kobold was the alpha of his people and he was taking what was his and he showed no concern for how Neville might want it.  It just so happened that that was exactly how Neville did want it and he was immediately in heat himself and felt his cock straining and growing harder than it had ever been in his life.  He felt like he was being taken and thoroughly owned by the most appealing creature in the world.  It was Neville that the huge and impressively beautiful kobold wanted right now and no one else.  Neville belonged to him completely and the boy was more than thrilled to submit.

Neville could feel the kobold's cock continuing to extend deeper into his rectum and swelling more.  He had never felt so wanted before and it thrilled him to allow Lyboxus to fuck him with abandon.  The kobold moaned softly and began to pant more heavily as his hips rapidly pumped at Neville and his cock stabbed its way deeper and deeper into him.

Neville looked up and saw that Braxas was fully engaged inside Tybac and Braxas had a glazed look in his eye and his tongue was hanging and dripping as he rapidly humped and slammed his hips at his lover while he lost himself in his desire and lust for his mate.  It was an incredibly wonderful sight and Neville knew that was what Lyboxus must look like as he took Neville and it raised his level of lust even more while he marveled at the sensation of Lyboxus' massive cock pushing deeper and deeper into him and stretching his anus.

Tybac noticed Neville's attention and he began to carefully move sideways closer to Neville and Braxas dutifully followed and humped his way along with his mate.

Neville could see Tybac's massive penis hanging from its sheath untouched and he knew what the kobold must want.  As soon as Tybac's waist bumped up against Neville's head the boy reached out and gripped the beautiful wet red and purple cock and began to work at it to give the kobold as much pleasure as he could.

Tybac moaned in response and his hips began to jab slightly to fuck Neville's hand while he tightly held his cock.  Neville turned his head sideways and moved it under Tybac's waist and pulled the hard dripping cock into his mouth.  It tasted absolutely amazing to Neville.  He did not understand why it would but it did.  He sucked in as much of the throbbing red cock as he could and Tybac moaned more loudly and maneuvered a bit more forward and jabbed lightly at Neville's face fucking it and driving his cock in deeper while Braxas continued to fuck Tybac.  Neville's lust went even higher as he breathed the heady musky scent coming off of Tybac's crotch and sucked at the thin precum that began to squirt from the tip of the thick cock.  He loved the look of the kobolds big balls swinging as Tybac humped at Neville's face.  He reached out and began to fondle the big beautiful furry sack and his hand kept getting bumped by Braxas' big balls as he humped at Tybac's hole.  Neville immediately noticed the base of Tybac's throbbing cock beginning to swell further.  His huge knot was beginning to form as he approached his orgasm.

Neville noticed at the same time that his rectum was beginning to be stretched as well as Lyboxus' knot began to grow inside him.  Soon it would be too large to exit Neville's anus and the kobold leader would be tied to him with Neville not able to escape being filled with the kobold's seed if even he wanted to.  The thought drove the boy deeper into his lust and he began to moan loudly himself as he sucked even more of Tybac's hard cock into his mouth and down his throat.

Suddenly he heard Lyboxus grunt loudly and deeply with pleasure as he thrust hard at Neville a couple of times and then held the last thrust, gripping Neville's waist and the kobold's hind paws slipped a few more times as his body tried desperately hard to press even more of his cock into Neville's ass.  Neville felt a massive surge of the big kobold's seed rush into his bowels.  Lyboxus' huge knot began to press hard against Neville's prostate as it grew and the boy had never felt so completely filled in his life before.  The sensation and the idea of the lustful fucking he was getting sent Neville spinning into the abyss and his orgasm washed over him in waves and he began to shoot his cum onto the raft without even touching himself.  He moaned around Tybac's swelling cock as his own young member bobbed up and down with each squirt of his seed that was being pumped out forcefully by Lyboxus' knot pressing against and milking Neville's prostate.

Tybac then began to buck and Neville knew he must be reaching his own orgasm so the boy took hold of the kobold's big knot and pulled it hard against the outside his own mouth and held it there sucking the end of the cock as hard as he could.  Tybac grunted and suddenly Neville felt a massive stream of warm semen spurt from the kobold's cock.  Then another forceful spurt came and another and another.  Neville was in heaven.  The taste and texture was wonderful.  At the same time he could feel himself being filled from Lyboxus' massive cock in his rectum.  Then he saw Braxas hump hard against Tybac and grunt as he held the position and began pumping his seed into his mate.

The four held their position while the kobolds continued to pump their copious amounts of semen and Neville's cock oozed the last of his seed out onto the floor of the raft.

Finally Tybac pulled away and Neville let his cock slip from his mouth.  The two tied kobolds then maneuvered into a lying position on the raft with practiced grace and Tybac began to lick himself.

Lyboxus continued to hold Neville but his grip eased off.  He was now waiting for his knot to release.

Ten minutes or so passed and Braxas came free from Tybac and began to clean himself as well.

Neville stayed in his position and could still feel that Lyboxus knot had not come down in size at all.  He was thrilled that the kobold had been so thoroughly aroused by him and he was happy to wait with the huge cock buried deeply into him as long as it might take.  Just thinking about it began to stir his young loins again and he knew it would not be long before he'd be fully aroused and ready to go again.  He'd never been more aroused in his life and he felt he would like nothing more than to make love with these amazingly beautiful creatures until he simply had no energy left to do it anymore.

"This is the longest I've held my knot and I do not sense it going down yet my sweet lover," Lyboxus said softly as he lay along Neville's back smiling his contentment.

The two continued to wait and nobody said a word for almost another twenty minutes.  Neville noticed the two other kobolds were now watching in awe as if they had never seen such a sight before.  Their cocks had fully retreated into their sheaths a while ago and Lyboxus was still fully erect and tied and leaking his seed into Neville.  Finally Neville could feel Lyboxus' knot had begun to shrink.  After another few minutes it finally was able to slip free and Lyboxus moved off of him.

"I have never tied even half that long before in my life.  I don't know of any kobold who ever has.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart my sweet new lover.  You have given me more joy than I've ever experienced before in my life," Lyboxus breathed and then he moved to lie down and clean himself.

Neville turned and lay down so his head was at Lyboxus crotch and he began to lick the kobolds spent erection himself.  Lyboxus stopped and smiled at him with a slightly glazed look in his eyes.

"I can't reach my own and I hate to be left out," Neville said with a smile and returned to his pleasant work.

Lyboxus then moved his head to Neville's crotch and began to lick the boy's already growing cock in return.

Neville licked at the beautiful organ and was becoming very hard and very much aroused again by the taste and the smell of Lyboxus' musk at his crotch and the sensation of the kobolds long pink tongue working Neville's crotch so thoroughly.

Lyboxus' cock finally began to retreat back into the kobold's sheath and Neville longingly chased it until it disappeared.  He then moved his face to Lyboxus' large balls and began to lick at them.  He was so deeply aroused once again that he was not ready to quit yet.

"You are full of heat again already my sweet boy.  Please, if you would care to, I would love for you to fuck me now," Lyboxus whispered.

Neville smiled and nodded at him.

Lyboxus stood on all fours and looked back at Neville with lust in his eyes and waited to be mounted.

Braxas and Tybac both had surprised looks on their faces as they sat up to witness the event.

Neville moved into position and a powerful surge of lust overcame him and he lifted Lyboxus' tail and moved his face in to tongue his anus.  The taste was incredible.  The kobold's anus had been sweating and giving off the powerful leader's musk and the smell of it made Neville's head spin.  He lustfully probed his tongue at the beautiful tight hole and he was so intensely aroused that he knew he would not last long so he had better not waste any more time or he would shoot his seed on the floor of the raft again.

Neville stood and took a position behind the big kobold and pushed his cock into the wonderfully tight warm hole.  He then did as the others had shown him and leaned over onto Lyboxus' back and gripped him around the waist and began to hump at him like a rutting dog.  He bucked his hips at the big kobold as hard and as fast as he could manage as he grunted and he tried to pull Lyboxus into him.  His feet began to slip on the raft as well as he tried desperately to merge his loins with Lyboxus' and make them one.  He marveled at the wonderful warmth of the big kobold and the luxurious softness of his fur against Neville's naked body.  He had never felt such heat before and he fucked the kobold leader harder and faster while gripping him tightly to make him his own.

Lyboxus moaned his pleasure at the sensation and after a moment he began to speak in a sonorous voice.

"I receive your gift from the Mother with love, honor and trust.  As you plant your seed in me know that it will grow into the deepest and most permanent bond between you and my people.  You will be a part of me and be one of my people from this day forward and we will afford you every status that entails.  I submit to your domination over me and for the moment that we are coupled you replace me as their leader.  I place in you the complete trust of an entire race.  Let all who witness spread the word.  You are now a kobold," Lyboxus intoned.

The ex-leader of the kobolds then looked lustily back at Neville and whispered to him, "Plant your seed in me now my sweet alpha."

Neville was overcome with sudden love for the kobold and appreciation for what Lyboxus had just done and he began to buck powerfully against the kobold as the boy's orgasm took him over once again and he shot his seed deep into Lyboxus' rectum.  Again and again he humped and spurted more of his cum into the tight hole of his new lover until finally he was spent and he held on tightly and leaned onto Lyboxus' back to enjoy the moment just a bit longer and pretended to be tied to him for a while to let him know how deeply he'd been attracted to him.

Braxas and Tybac looked on in awe at the wonderful moment they had witnessed.  When Neville finally pulled out they yipped and cackled and rushed to him and began to lick his face in joy.

"You are one of us now you beautiful human!  Welcome to the most wonderful race in the world!" Braxas exclaimed.

"You are a wonder Neville!  Lyboxus lets none of us fuck him since he became alpha.  The moment he said the words you became the first kobold to fuck him as leader and as you shot your seed into him you became alpha of the whole race for that moment.  It was beautiful and a very great honor," Tybac breathed in wonderment.

Neville's eyes began to well with tears as he moved around to Lyboxus' front and grabbed the big kobold around the neck and held him tightly.

"Thank you so much Lyboxus, this means more to me than you can imagine.  You've made me so happy!" Neville said.

"I am the one who is thrilled my love.  How could I not make you one of our people when that is clearly where your sweet soul belongs?  You are a wonderful kobold wrapped in a beautiful human body.  You are a very special individual indeed and I am proud to have you with us you dear sweet whelp.  I look forward to a great many years in your delightful company," he said.

Neville held him a while longer then suddenly the four of them felt themselves drop and surge back up again.  They all looked up and realized they were fast approaching the entrance to the canyon already and the river was narrowing again and speeding up.  They quickly got dressed and took positions to hang on tightly getting ready for the next round of the thrill ride before the river would smooth out on the other side of the mountains.

As Neville sat holding tightly to the leather loops he gazed at the beautiful creatures who were now his own kith and kin.  He marveled at how strange the world was and how quickly it was changing for him.

To his complete and utter delight he realized he was now a human, an orc and a kobold.


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