What follows is a work of complete fantasy.

About the story:

This series will describe the adventures of a teenaged boy who is rescued from a cruel fate in his home village
by a friend, but ultimately finds himself on his own in a world that is being ravaged by brutal race wars between the humans, and the hated vicious and barbaric races, the kobolds, orcs and ogres.  In his travels he learns the surprising truth about the history of the realm, the nature of its inhabitants and the reason for the war that has been withheld from his people.  He also learns that the humans are very close to a complete victory.  Realizing that the other races are facing obliteration he decides to take a gamble that would level the playing field once again in the hope that it might lead to a better outcome.  Doing so however will require him to utterly betray his own people.

There will be some very rough and violent sex described in great detail between men and men, men and orcs, orcs and kobolds, kobolds and men, ogres and men, and so on and so forth in various combinations with much of it involving the teenaged boy.  None of it is based in any way on reality but it may be disturbing to some.  Should you choose to read it please keep in mind that it is not real, but simply fantasy.

If this is not the type of story you would enjoy, please stop reading now.

If there is any reason legal or otherwise why you should not read such a story, please stop reading now.

If you are the type of person who has any difficulty whatsoever separating fantasy from reality, please stop reading now.

The events depicted in these stories have not happened, and will not ever happen. No one should ever attempt to replicate them in any way in real life. These events are a work of fantasy for the enjoyment of those with a healthy mind who have no problem keeping them in the realm of imagination. I have never attempted, nor would I attempt, any such acts myself and as such I am likely to get some details completely wrong. One thing I am certain of is that in real life, young boys would NOT appreciate this sort of thing being done to them and they are INCAPABLE of giving informed consent to allow these things to be done to them. If you ever even consider attempting these acts in real life then you should immediately seek help.

Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

That said if you are still reading I do hope you enjoy the story.

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The Hawthorne Accord - Chapter 9

It was early evening and the sun was a few hours away from setting when the raft was allowed to bump up against the northern shore of the river at a point where the flow turned southward.  It was widening a great deal now and slowing down as it spread out across the plain and became the Slow Man.  The river became so wide further south that there were several shallow fords that the ogre army would use to cross it as they made their way south and westward to the mountain pass for their final assault on the human forces.

The three true kobolds and the human shaped one, Lyboxus, Braxas, Tybac and Neville, disembarked.  They would need to proceed on foot but it would not take long as the three large kobolds were the fastest sentient beings in the land.  Only horses could run faster.  The rest of their journey to reach the ogre army should take less than an hour since the army was marching fast in this direction en route to the final battle of the long raging war against the humans.

They needed to get to the army before they lost all light as it would be necessary to collect as much of the mallow weed as possible while they could easily see it.  Then they could begin steeping the beverage that would prevent the ogre race from being affected by the disease that had been engineered by the twisted human alchemists.

Lyboxus went on all fours and lowered himself onto his belly and smiled an invitation at Neville to mount him once more.  This time Lyboxus was wearing his armor though and the mounting would be for quite a different purpose.

Neville was thrilled with anticipation of what he was about to experience and he quickly climbed onto the massive kobold's back and grabbed onto joints at the shoulders of Lyboxus' armor.

Once the big kobold sensed Neville was ready he gave a quick warning to the boy to hold on tight and he launched himself forward.

Neville could not help yelling out and whooping in delight at the sudden and incredible acceleration.  In an instant they were moving across the landscape faster than Neville had ever gone before in his life.  He was absolutely over the moon with joy at being able to experience this thrilling sensation.  He was so close to the earth with the long grasses where rushing past in a blur that he felt like he was flying across the plain.

Braxas and Tybac laughed as they ran alongside and saw the uncontained glee on Neville's face.  Neville laughed and whooped again and cheered Lyboxus on and asked him to go just a bit faster.  Lyboxus laughed and then he leaned into it and sprinted as hard as he could.  Neville marveled as there was another powerful surge of acceleration and they shot forward even faster and the kobold leader's mates began to fall behind as even they couldn't keep up with the massive alpha at his top speed.

There were tears in the boy's eyes partly from the incredible joy he was feeling now and partly from the intense wind from their blistering speed as they shot across the open field.  Neville did his best to hold on as he was bounced up and down.  Lyboxus' long spine curved and coiled up like a spring as his back legs came up under him and his front legs went back.  Then his hind paws would hit the ground and his spine snapped straight as the spring released all the stored energy driving him forward with amazing force.  Neville could feel the incredible power in the muscles of the wonderful creature he was riding on and he reveled in his feeling of affection for the kobold and appreciation at being included in this amazing adventure.  He laughed and laughed at how happy and free he felt running with his new pack.  He hadn't met the ogres yet but at this point he was fairly certain the kobolds would be his favorite race by a wide margin.

The kobold alpha had been sprinting as fast as he could just to give Neville a thrill but now he settled back into a speed that they could more easily maintain for the hour or so it would take to reach their destination and his mates caught back up quickly and stayed with them.

Neville laughed and yelled, "Now I feel like a true kobold!  I love being with you all like this.  What a thrill to be able to move so quickly over the land!  This is the best moment of my life!  Thank you so much!"

The others smiled at him with affection and Lyboxus breathlessly said, "It is my deepest pleasure to have you run with my pack Neville.  This will not be the last time I assure you as I am growing extremely fond of you.  We are a playful race and I look forward to a great deal of time spent with you when at last this conflict comes to an end."

Neville's heart felt as though it would burst from the joy that filled it as he thought of the wonderful future that lay ahead of him now.

The small pack ran across the land for considerably less than an hour before they approached the large cloud of dust being kicked up by the ogre army as it marched over the plains toward them.  The army was a bit closer than Lyboxus had expected them to be.

As they approached the front line of the army a halt was called to the march and a very large armored ogre removed his helm and gauntlets and handed them to another to hold and then he broke away from the force and lumbered toward them with a somewhat puzzled look on his face.

Lyboxus slowed down and came to a stop near the ogre and Neville climbed down and stood beside him and stared in awe as the giant ogre walked up to them.

He was even larger than the ones he'd seen at the orgy.  He had to be well over nine feet tall, maybe over ten.  His shoulders were as wide as three men standing side by side and his arms were as big around as a normal man's waist.  The sheer amount of muscle all piled up on one huge creature was truly awe inspiring.  His skin was the same lustrous waxed and polished looking slate grey that Neville had seen on the naked ogres at the orgy.  He had a swatch of hair on the center of his pate that was gathered together and tied and hung down a short way behind his broad head.  The tusks that emerged from the edges of his lower lip pointing upward were bright white and looked as though they'd been sharpened to a fine point.  He was completely covered in shiny ring mail that had been painted here and there with red and black highlights.  He had intricately engraved and massive ornate shoulder plates and wrist plates and shin plates attached to the mail.  He wore a large red cape and had a massive two handed war hammer slung across his back.  The ogre looked to Neville like he would be unstoppable and he could easily take down half the human army on his own if he should feel the need and commence to swing that hammer.

Neville was overwhelmed and impressed by the size and power of the massive giant of a creature and the sheer masculinity he exuded.  The word 'big' suddenly took on a whole new meaning for Neville and he began to wonder just how big the tackle would be on such an astoundingly large male.  He imagined how sweaty his thickly haired armpits, crotch and ass crack must be under all that armor after marching all day in the sun and once again felt a stirring in his loins as he wondered what it might be like to get him naked and crawl all over him to explore all of the hills and valleys of mount ogre for a while.

"Lyboxus!  What are you doing on this side of the mountains?  Did I get my instructions wrong again?  Was I supposed be on the other side and you on this one?" the ogre joked in a deep booming voice, "Why was there a human on your back?  You never even let me or any member of your own race mount you anymore since you became alpha.  Why does this lovely human boy get all the fun?"

The big ogre winked at Neville and grinned as he reached them and waited to hear what was going on.

Neville grinned back.  He was constantly amazed at what a difference there was between any of the soldiers he'd met of the other races versus the ones he'd met of the human race.  He could not help but fall in love with these men and he knew their armies must be the most loyal and dedicated in the world if only for the joy of pleasing their wonderful leaders more.

"This is no boy Chaum my sweet grey giant.  He is a kobold and was in fact, though very briefly, the alpha male of our entire race!" exclaimed Lyboxus.

"You don't mean..."

"I do mean my dear, and it was a most surpassing wonderful experience for me I assure you and one that I would highly recommend you undertake yourself.  In fact, I should also inform you that he is also a member of the orc race.  Zebok got to him first you see and beat us to the glory as he always seems to do," the kobold said with a smile.

The massive ogre's face split into the widest grin Neville had ever seen on the widest face he'd ever seen and the ogre suddenly impulsively rushed over and picked Neville up by the waist and held him high in the air and turned him around as he smiled up at him and bellowed, "Welcome my new friend!  Any member of my two favorite races in the world is immediately a dear friend of mine!"

The ogre set Neville back down and Neville grinned up at him.

"Neville, may I introduce you to the illustrious and tender hearted leader of the entire ogre race, Chaum.  Chaum is the sweetest and most caring individual you may ever hope to know Neville.  Chaum, I would like you to meet Neville Hawthorne, the most important individual you may ever lay eyes on in your entire life my dear sweet friend," said Lyboxus.

Chaum extended his massive slate grey hand and Neville extended his and watched it disappear into the ogre's gentle grip as they shook their greetings.

"It is a wonderful pleasure to make your acquaintance my dear boy.  Lyboxus, please do tell me what makes the lad so important and what has caused you to abandon your leadership of the combined orc and kobold armies at such a critical time in our operations.  I am positively on pins and needles," said Chaum jovially.

"I would like Neville to tell you his news himself if you don't mind my dear," said Lyboxus.

All eyes turned to Neville and he blushed at the attention.  He knew what he had to tell the ogre was important though so he did not waste any more time and it gushed out in a rush.

"We have to run and gather mallow weed!  We need as much as we can get to steep it into a beverage for you all to drink for your health!" he blurted.

The ogre smiled and looked curiously at the boy, "I am very familiar with the medicinal use of plants my dear boy and I am not aware of any use for that particular weed."

"The human alchemists have taken an ogre sickness and warped it to the point where it will be lethal to any who contract it and it will spread through your population and wipe you all out!  Please, there is no time to waste.  Steeped mallow ingested before exposure will prevent the infection from taking hold!" Neville urged.

The ogre's smile suddenly turned to a look of shock and deep concern and he looked over at Lyboxus for confirmation.

"It is true my dear sweet friend.  Neville heard the information directly from the lips of the evil man behind the horrific plan.  There is no time to lose.  I set the wheels in motion earlier today to relay Neville's information across the back lines to your keep.  The women and children will be drinking the concoction within a couple of days.  Your race will be safe but we must act quickly to protect the army!" he said.

Chaum turned back to face his army and waved and two ogres broke from the front line and lumbered towards them and awaited his orders.

"Tell the quartermaster to empty any large sacks he has available and distribute them.  We need as many ogres as possible to spread out and begin collecting the weed called mallow in the sacks.  Bring it back and steep it into a tea and distribute it to everyone to drink.  Make sure everyone drinks!  Move quickly!" the ogre chieftain ordered.

The two ogres nodded and immediately ran back to fulfill his commands.

Chaum turned back to Neville with an awed look on his face and approached and crouched down on one knee to look Neville right in the eye and gently placed his massive hand on the boy's shoulder.

"I don't know how you came by this information Neville, but by giving it to us you are responsible for the salvation of my entire race of people.  We would have suffered the same horrific fate as the elves.  I do not know how I could ever possibly thank you for this," Chaum said.

"You don't need to thank me Chaum.  I simply relayed information I came upon unexpectedly.  I could not stand by and let my own race bring about the destruction of yours.  I would like to go and help gather the mallow if you don't mind.  I will not feel comfortable until I see you all drinking it and know you are safe," Neville said.

Tears began to well in the ogre's eyes as he then pulled Neville into him and hugged him.  Neville disappeared into the ogre's massive arms and Chaum then lifted him up and cradled him as Neville put his arms around the slate grey giant's massive neck.  The ogre held him a little tighter and then set him down while more tears slipped down his cheeks.

"What an amazing human you are!  I can already see why Zebok and Lyboxus could not resist bringing you into their races.  I would very much like to spend a bit of time alone with you later when we finish our little tea party if you would be agreeable.  Alone may not do come to think of it; we will be needing a witness.  I think you know why I would like to be with you, do you not?" asked the big ogre, smiling as more tears fell from his eyes.

"I think I do, and I can't tell you how honored I would be!  You said before you didn't know how you could thank me but I could not think of a way that would make me happier than that.  I will look for you later on," said Neville.

"No, you will not need to look for me as I will not be leaving your side my dear boy," the ogre said.

"Nor I or my mates Neville.  You are at present the single most valuable person in the land to my eyes, certainly my favorite one in any case.  We will not allow you to run around on your own any longer in these troubling times even though you have already shown you are well up to the task.  You shall have us all as your personal bodyguards.  We would all be well able to lend a hand gathering the weed I should think my sweet whelp," said Lyboxus.

"Come, let us go claim some sacks and begin gathering the weed together," said Chaum.

"Wait here, both of you, and allow my mates and I to do the fetching of the sacks.  We shall return shortly my dears," said Lyboxus.

The three kobolds shot off into the midst of the army to find the quartermaster.  

"You must tell me what led up to this most unexpected turn of events while we work in the fields together my dear Neville.  I would like to hear the full story of how a young human boy becomes the first ever in the history of the world to be a member of all races simultaneously," said Chaum.

"I will tell you the whole story gladly," said Neville.

The kobolds emerged again and ran towards them with sacks hanging from their mouths.

They stopped and gave one to the ogre and one to Neville and they each kept one for themselves and they turned and fanned out into the field to begin gathering the weed.

The ogre chieftain stayed right beside Neville as they worked.

It took them close to an hour to fill their sacks and the sun was preparing to set by the time they started heading back to the army with their sacks slung over their shoulders.

Neville had talked non-stop for the entire time as he told every detail of his story, this time he'd started right from the moment he began to eavesdrop at the inn and all of the things he heard, through to the rape by Braddock and rescue by Jake Smith, the capture of the smith by the kobold scouts and Neville's mistake in assuming Jake was being brutally raped.  He told of his witnessing of the destruction of his village, his stumbling onto the orc and ogre orgy and his subsequent flight in terror from what he saw.  Then he told of his recapture by Braddock's men and then rescue by Zebok and Tenimo followed by the eye opening education he received from them that led up to his becoming a member of the orc race.  He told the ogre of the conversation that had been overheard by Thurlowe, followed by the officer's escape and their subsequent decision to ride a raft through the mountains to bring the information to the ogres by the quickest available route.   He explained that before he had finally been told how the world really was and the true nature of the races he assumed them all to be vicious and dangerous.  From his point of view he'd been on a long and harrowing run as he was hunted by human soldiers through the dark night full of what he thought at the time were brutal and demented monsters at every turn, just waiting to catch him and make a meal of him, and how he'd been certain that Jake himself would be brutally killed by the kobolds that took him.

The ogre was at turns horrified, thrilled and also amused and entertained by the boy's telling of the tale from his point of view.  Lyboxus had moved in closer to listen to the whole thing as well as he had not yet heard the full tale and he was amazed and impressed by what he heard.

"You are even stronger and more courageous than I thought my sweet young whelp, to have come through such a harrowing ordeal in such a fine fashion.  It seems more appropriate than ever that you became the alpha of my people even if for such a brief moment," said Lyboxus, "I am curious about one thing though.  You mentioned five kobolds had your life's love hostage.  Was one of them white by chance with brown patches and a large black patch over his left eye?"

"Yes, the one who mounted Jake at the back looked just like that.  Is he someone you know?"

"Indeed, he is my oldest whelp Jex that I mentioned to you before.  He runs with four of his life mates and they were scouting the area near the pass around the time that you lost your love.  Jex and I will need to have a little talk about his behavior when next we meet.  Ahhh, but who am I to judge him.  I would have likely done exactly the same thing as him in that situation.  His loins are as difficult to control as his sire's.  We do find the humans quite irresistible.  He and his mates should not have proceeded without Jake's knowledge and approval though.  I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive him Neville," said Lyboxus.

"It is no matter.  I thought it was a rape but now I know the truth of it.  I doubt even Jake will hold it against them, I certainly don't.  To be frank and honest, I very much look forward to meeting Jex and his mates and hope that the lot of them would be happy to engage in that particular entertainment with me and Jake all at once," said Neville.

"Well, I don't think that will take much convincing Neville," Lyboxus chuckled, "You are certainly a remarkable whelp yourself and I truly wish you were my own.  I would be the proudest sire in the land.  Perhaps if you and Jake and Jex all find yourselves a good match you might consider becoming the first human wed into a kobold clan?  Then I really would be your sire.  That would make me incredibly happy as you are no doubt the best example of your race in existence.  I doubt I will ever meet another like you."

"Indeed, the Mother herself clearly had designs for you these past days.  There is no other explanation.  I believe she has seen in you the strength of character and the courage and charisma she needed you to have in order to bring about the changes she has been wanting for some time now.  She needed you to help restore the balance that the humans seem incapable of maintaining on their own.  I feel she is not done with you yet and you may have some other part to play in all of this.  I sense you will be a great man and I am truly honored to be in your presence my dear boy," said Chaum.

"I am flattered Chaum and I respect your beliefs but I feel that you may be blowing things somewhat out of proportion.  I don't see how I can be the Great Mother's chosen one.  I am just a boy," said Neville feeling embarrassed at the suggestion that he was the chosen instrument of some force that he didn't even know existed before today, and that he would somehow bring about change in the world.

"Just a boy?  I know of no other boy who had the strength to endure torture at the hands of a madman and to witness the loss of his entire village just after losing his one and only life's love in the span of a day, and not collapse into a blubbering heap of misery as most might do.  I know of no other boy with the charisma to become the temporary leader and the newest permanent favorite member of two entire races and soon to add a third when he came as a complete stranger to them and had thought of them as nothing but vicious mindless monsters his whole life.  I know of no other boy who has single handedly pulled one of the oldest races back from the brink of extinction with a word!  In saving the ogre army you have likely ensured the victory of all of our races against the humans, a victory we could not achieve without the full strength of the ogre force on this side of the human army.  You have changed the fortunes of an entire world's population for the better!  Your actions will ensure the return of peace to the entire land!  Just a boy!!  You will never suggest you are 'just a boy' in my presence again or I shall have to treat you as one and pull down your trousers and take you over my knee and spank your naked ass, and given the size of my hands that is an experience you won't soon forget!" said Chaum in mock anger and then he winked and smiled at Neville.

Neville grinned back at the big loveable ogre and said, "I might actually enjoy that sort of activity with you for all I know.  It's hard for me to say though, since I'm just a boy."

The ogre roared and lunged to try to catch him but Neville laughed and ran as fast as he could back toward the army.  Chaum broke into a run as well and the chase was on.

Ogres may seem like they should be extremely slow but their incredible size and stride makes up for their awkward gait.  The earth shook as the lumbering ogre gained on the boy and just as Neville was certain he'd be lifted up into the air helplessly by the neck of his jerkin to receive his spanking, Lyboxus' head popped between the boy's legs from behind and he and the kobold laughed as the kobold leader lifted him onto his back and Lyboxus raced ahead on all fours.

Chaum raged at the cheating and then laughed and did his best to catch up but it was hopeless.

They continued to run until they arrived back at the army with their full sacks of mallow and handed them to soldiers to bring back to the quartermaster.  All around them they could already see ogres sipping at the bitter tea and making faces but forcing it all down.

Neville finally felt he could relax.  The army was safe and the rest of the ogres at their keep would be drinking the tea within days.

Chaum disappeared into the ranks and then shortly emerged with a large pot of the bitter tea and several cups.  He handed the cups around and they all drank the brew.  Even though the disease should not affect Neville or the kobolds Chaum did not want to take chances.

"I have asked our herbalists to continue to make more of the tea and use it to fill the army's water skins.  We'll continue to drink it until all of this is over," said Chaum.

"That is good thinking my dear friend.  I wonder if my mates and I might find a place to retire and rest before the final big march tomorrow?  I know you will want to spend some time with Neville," said Lyboxus.

"Indeed, I have been much looking forward to it.  I will see you in the morning my dear pups.  Neville, if you will follow me to my pavilion I would like you to meet someone," Chaum said.

Lyboxus and his mates went off to find a place to spend the night and Neville allowed Chaum to lead him to his massive tent near the center of the army.

Chaum held open the flap to the large tent and wave Neville in.  As Neville entered he saw a comfortable array of pillows piled all over large rugs that were spread on the ground.  In the center of it all was a very small ogre.  This ogre looked like he would be about six feet tall at most.  He looked quite young, though he was still heavily muscled compared to a similar sized human.  Neville knew he was male because he lay across the pillows completely naked with a very erect penis that he was lightly playing with.  Even though he was small for an ogre his penis was still considerably larger than Jake's and it looked to be more than three inches across and at least ten inches long.  The ogre smiled at them as they entered.

"Neville, this is Norn, who is my companion in bed when I am out with the army.  Norn, please meet Neville Hawthorne who is a new and very dear friend of the entire ogre race.  In case you're wondering why he is not surprised by your presence Neville, earlier when I came to get our tea I told Norn we would be having this little gathering tonight and to come and make himself ready," said Chaum.

Neville and Norn exchanged greetings.

"Is Norn your mate Chaum?" asked Neville.

"No my dear boy.  My mate is a female and she is back at home taking care of our children.  The same children I might add who have you to thank for their very futures," said Chaum, "I do not have a male mate so I do not have the luxury of bringing my closest loved one with me as I travel with my army like Zebok and Lyboxus can do.  It would be unfitting for me as leader of the army to simply fuck all of my own men so Norn here fulfills my needs for me.  Norn is a young ogre of only fifteen years and he requested the position a while ago.  I interviewed him several times and found he was quite up to the requirements.  He brings me no end of pleasure when I am in need and he greatly enjoys the position himself."

Norn grinned and began to rub at his own penis a bit faster at the ogre chieftain's words.

"Neville, I know from the tale you told me that you are experienced with sex among the other races and with your own smith, as well as having witnessed a wonderful orgy between the orcs and ogres.  You know full well that we are not the least shy about it and we often perform it openly and with anyone who might want to join.  Ogres in particular are a brusque and forthcoming race when it comes to sex.  We tend not to be shy or tender with either our language or our actions and I would be more comfortable if I could drop the polite pretense and by myself.  Is it safe to assume that I do not need to be delicate around you?" asked Chaum.

"You may act as you normally would.  I have not had a huge amount of experience sexually yet but I have practiced alone and I am very much interested in it all.  I have sucked the large cock of my life's love deep into my throat and tasted his tight warm asshole.  I have been fucked by and sucked and fucked a tight sexy orc.  I have been powerfully fucked and owned by the alpha of the kobolds and found that his hole is probably the best taste I have ever encountered yet.  I fucked him hard in return as well.  Those were all the best experiences of my life so far and I can't tell you how much I look forward to being fucked by an ogre," said Neville bluntly as his own erection started to rise.

"Wonderful!  I will not be fucking you myself as I do not wish to bring you harm.  It even took Norn here close to a year of careful training to prepare himself to be up to the job.  My cock would do extreme damage to you no matter how much you have practiced.  Norn however has a beautiful cock that is quite small for an ogre.  It would still be a bit large for you but if you feel up to the task I'm quite certain he would love to fuck you hard with it," said Chaum, "I will slip away and have my attendants bathe me and then return to engage in the fun as well."

"No, wait!  Why will you bathe?" asked Neville.

"We ogres sweat excessively as you can imagine given our size and the amount of hair we have in our pubic area and arm pits.  We are very much into our own musk and sweat but I assumed it might be a bit much for you and you may want me a bit cleaner during our intimacy.  I have been marching in this armor all day my dear boy and I am currently still sweating so much that I feel it would be appropriate to change my name to Chaum Soggybottom," said the ogre, smiling.

"Please, when I first saw you walking towards us earlier today the first thought that entered my head, well the second thought since the first was how intensely masculine you were, was how much you must be sweating in there and how wonderful it would be to get close to all that masculine musk and scent.  I have been thinking about it ever since.  I prefer you as you are if you don't mind.  Please do not bathe," said Neville.

The giant ogre's face split into a wide grin again and his eyes sparkled as he said, "You will indeed make a wonderful ogre Neville.  It will be as you wish.  Let us get naked and fuck like fiends then, shall we?"

They did not waste any more time and Neville jumped out of his jerkin and breechclout yet again and went to the middle of the room to join Norn.

"I haven't bathed yet today either Neville if it interests you.  Chaum doesn't like me too clean," Norn said and he lay back and put his arms over his head and spread his legs.

The young muscular ogre had about as much hair around his crotch and armpits as a full grown human male would have.  Neville smiled and crawled over and buried his face into Norn's armpit and inhaled.  The sweaty masculine smell instantly began to send jolts of thrill through Neville's body and he could feel his cock responding strongly.  Norn smelled surprisingly like the smith did when he was sweaty but Neville had not yet had the chance to plant his face right into Jake's pits.  Neville moaned and began to rub himself against Norn's muscular body as he moved his face around to the other armpit and deeply inhaled the wonderful aroma.

Norn suddenly rolled Neville over onto his back and then turned himself around and lowered his crotch right onto Neville's face and started rubbing his massive balls over Neville's face and then wiping his hairy butt crack up and down Neville's nose.  Neville's cock sprang to full rigidity and he moaned as he brought his hands up and latched one onto Norn's thick cock to begin working it and used his other hand to caress the ogre's big hanging balls while Neville extended his tongue and licked at the young ogre's tight pucker as it moved back and forth over his nose and lips.

"Great Mother, I wish you two would have waited until I was undressed to start," grumbled Chaum as he struggled to get out of all of his armor, "My cock is quickly growing and getting bent in half inside my steel britches as I watch the two of you beautiful boys play."

Norn chuckled and got up to go help Chaum finish getting his armor off while Neville watched with amusement.  It was quite an operation to get all of those layers of armor off the big ogre.   Plate coverings had to be unbuckled and removed from chain, then chain from over leather, then finally the leather removed to reveal the sexy ogre beneath.  Neville noticed right away though that the smell in the tent was becoming much more interesting as Norn pulled off the ogre leader's big boots and released his big sweaty feet, then removed the mail and massive buff jerkin from his torso to reveal his sweaty pits.  The best part was yet to come and Neville watched with much anticipation now as the chain leggings came off and the leather trousers underneath leaving only a very large breechclout of leather that actually looked thoroughly damp.

"Please, may I do the final unwrapping?" Neville asked quickly before Norn could have all the fun.

Norn smiled and moved back to the middle to let Neville take his place.  Chaum grinned and stood with his legs slightly apart and his fists on each side of his waist and waited for Neville to remove the clout.

As Neville approached he was once again stunned by the sheer size of this massive wall of flesh before him.  The giant ogre stood so tall that his bulging crotch was just below the level of Neville's chin and he would only have to bend his knees or lean forward ever so slightly to bury his face right into the ogre's sweaty pubic area.  He moved slowly enjoying the anticipation of what he was about to see up close and personally.  The smell coming off the ogre's damp breechclout was powerfully masculine.  It was heady and made Neville feel floaty and light headed.  It was intensely attractive.

He reached out his hand and touched the ogre's undergarment.  The breechclout was very large and was able to contain the ogre's cock as it continued to grow and thicken, but just barely.  The ogre's massive cock was not yet fully erect but quickly getting there as it lay sideways inside the clout pointing toward his hip and pressing hard against the cloth.  Neville squeezed the base of it and ran his hand along the thickening member and breathed heavily as he was in awe of the size of it.

He ran his hand back down the wonderful tool and brought his other hand up to join it and felt the shape of the ogre's massive cantaloupe sized balls through the breechclout.  He was amazed at the size and heft of them.  Neville rubbed them gently and moved his hands under and behind them.  The cloth was too bunched up behind to do much so he realized it was time to take it off.

He carefully untied the breechclout and slipped it off and was shocked as the massive thick cock instantly pivoted out straight to hit him on the side of the face as it reached full rigidity.  The heat coming off the ogre's crotch was incredible and the overpowering masculine scent that immediately filled Neville's nostrils nearly sent him into an orgasm right then.  He knew that one of his favorite things to do from this day forward was going to be to undress a sweaty ogre and bury his face in the crotch.  He ran his face in alongside the thick organ and buried it into the thick forest of dark curly and sweaty pubic hair.  Neville rubbed his face around in frenzy covering himself with the wonderful concoction of musk and sweat and light traces of urine and precum and whatever else was coating the wonderful forest of hair.  It was the single best scent he had ever experienced in his life.

The big ogre moaned his enjoyment at the sight of the boy going crazy at his genitals and gently placed his big hands on the back of Neville's head and pushed it into this groin and rubbed himself against the boy's face.  Neville placed his hand on the other side of the incredibly massive five inch wide cock and held it against his face and felt the heat and power of it.  When he let it go he watched it bob up and down from the pressure of the huge ogre's body pumping blood into the engorged organ.  Neville moved his face down and began to lick at the hairy ball sack and played with the incredibly huge pendulous sources of the amazing amount of seed he knew he was going to be enjoying later on.  He gently pushed the big sack to the side and buried his face in the gap between the ogres balls and massive muscular thigh and Neville inhaled the amazing musky scent there and then began to lick the salty sweat off.

He crawled under and between Chaum's massive legs and came up the other side to stand and face the largest pair of muscles Neville had ever seen in his life.  The ogre's powerful ass muscles bulged massively.  They formed an amazingly rounded and powerfully shaped butt that was more intensely masculine looking than anything Neville had seen before.  He marveled at the size and the amount of strength that had to be contained in there.  He ran his hand up the sweaty crack and brought it up to his face to inhale the scent.  It was fantastic.  Neville took both hands and pulled the massive cheeks apart and planted his face right into the ogre's crack and slowly rubbed his face up and down while inhaling deeply.  The sweat smelled even better here than the other side and he began to lick up as much as he could.

As Neville's tongue brushed pass the ogre's pucker Chaum moaned and then crouched down a bit and leaned forward and took his own ass cheeks in hand and pulled them apart as far as he could to let Neville know he wanted the boy to taste him properly.  Neville was all game and when the massive sphincter was exposed he dove in and plunged his tongue into it to taste the inside of an ogre for the first of what he hoped would be countless times.  It was intense and masculine and easily the most erotic thing he'd ever done yet.  He alternated between licking furiously at the big tight hole and using his own fingers to pull it slightly open so he could plunge his tongue further in and taste the smooth walls of the ogres rectum.  He enjoyed this for quite a while and then finally pulled his face back.  He was so completely aroused that he was afraid that a light breeze might come by and cause his cock to start shooting its seed out onto the floor.

He went back around to the front of the ogre and took his massive hand and pulled him toward the middle of the tent to join Norn who had been watching the whole time while moaning and working his own cock.

Neville did what Norn had done earlier and turned himself around and sat on Norn's face and began to rub himself up and down his nose.  Norn immediately extended his tongue and licked greedily at Neville's young crotch.

Chaum went to his knees between Norn's legs and lifted them up and moved forward while lifting his ass and then plunged his stiff cock right into Norn's ass and grunted and then moaned as he began to fuck the young ogre while watching Neville clean himself on Norn's tongue.

Neville was feeling horny and he reached back and spread his ass cheeks to expose his hole and rubbed it back and forth along Norn's tongue causing the young ogre to moan in delight.  Neville then pulled back and plunged his cock into Norn's mouth and began to fuck his face.  He leaned well forward and began to lick at Norn's massive cock while he bucked against the ogre's face and Chaum continued to fuck Norn's hole.  Neville pulled his head back and watched in awe as the almost two foot long massive log disappeared inside the young ogre's hole and then came almost all the way out only to be thrust powerfully back inside to the hilt and Chaum's pubic hair mashed up against Norn's big balls.  It was such an amazing sight and the grunting and bucking and rutting of these two massive giant bastions of male beauty became more than he could bear and he moaned and grunted as he shot his cum into Norn's mouth.  He bucked and moaned and fucked every last bit of his seed into the hungry mouth of the young ogre until there was nothing left.

Neville pulled off of the ogre's face and rolled onto the pillows to rest and get ready for the next round.  Norn was in the habit of helping Chaum get ready for his second go so he immediately pulled away from Chaum, who allowed his cock to slip from the young ogre's asshole, and then he turned over and crawled around and between Neville's legs and began to clean Neville's cock and crotch gently to try to start getting him aroused again.  Neville lay back with his eyes half closed and enjoyed the sensation as Chaum moved up behind Norn who was on his hands and knees between Neville's legs, and firmly thrust his massive cock back into the young ogre's hungry hole while gazing into Neville's eyes.

Chaum's eyes began to wander over Neville's smooth pale firm young human form and he began to imagine himself rutting against the sweet boy.  He began to plow into Norn harder and faster as he looked at the sweet young human and he was fast approaching his climax.

"Please let me watch you cum!" Neville begged as he saw that Chaum was getting close.

The sight of the young boy begging for his seed sent Chaum over the edge and he pulled out of Norn's ass and grabbed his massive cock with one of his big hands and grunted as his seed exploded in a long stream from the end of his cock.  He continued to moan long and loudly as he worked his cock and the stream continued.  Just as Neville had seen at the orgy the ogre's cum did not spurt like a humans but came in a thick steady stream that Chaum directed up Norn's back to Neville's belly than up Neville's chest toward his face.  Neville greedily opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue and Chaum moaned as he put the stream right on the boy's mouth and continued to spew his seed.  Neville swallowed one mouthful after another of the wonderful thick treat.  It tasted fantastic and just the thought of the big ogre producing all of that semen in his balls for him was enough to start him hardening up again while Norn sucked at his cock.

Chaum finally came to the end of his orgasm and the stream slowed and dropped down and finally stopped altogether.  His massive cock went limp very quickly and pulled back as cum continued to drip from it in copious amounts and Chaum rolled back onto the pillows and breathed a long sigh of contentment.

Neville was starting to feel very horny again from being covered in cum by the massive ogre and he wanted to keep going.  He realized that Norn had not cum yet and Neville felt it was time to be fucked by an ogre.

"Will you please put your cock in me and fuck me now Norn?" Neville begged.

Norn instantly stopped what he was doing and grinned at Neville.  He lifted Neville's ass up in the air and Norn moved his knees up under Neville and rested his ass back down into Norn's lap.  He then reached up and started scooping Chaum's cum from Neville's waist and chest and then spreading it all over his own cock.  He then took more cum and spread it onto Neville's ass and began pushing it into his hole with a big finger.  He worked at Neville's hole for a while than added more cum and then two fingers and worked again.  Neville was well practiced playing with himself so it did not take long to completely relax and be ready.  Norn then took Neville by the ankles and got himself into position and carefully pushed his large cock head against Neville's anus.  He increased the pressure and Neville began to push to let him in.  The massive head popped in and Neville moaned immediately at the wonderful sensation of fullness he began to feel.

"Push it in please, I want you to really fuck me," he breathed.

Norn did as he was told and positioned himself a bit better and put all his weight into it and smoothly ran the length of his big cock into Neville's rectum.  Neville nearly fainted from the assault on his senses as the big cock rubbed against his sensitive anus and then slammed past his prostate as it kept on coming until finally Norn's big balls bumped up against Neville's ass.  Neville moaned his pleasure and Norn knew he was good to start really fucking.  He smoothly pulled almost the full length of his cock out and then ran it immediately back in and Neville moaned again.  Norn began to build the rhythm up faster and harder and began to grunt with each thrust.  He was delighted at how tight the boy was and how beautiful and smooth and slim his body was.  He was not going to last long and he began to moan loud and buck faster.

Chaum moved over and whispered to Neville, "Will you allow Norn to cum inside you and then feed me his seed?  There will be a great deal of it so it may be uncomfortable for you."

Neville nodded vigorously as he moaned his pleasure at the idea.  He definitely wanted to know how it felt to get nearly a gallon of cum shot into his bowels.

Chaum nodded to Norn and Norn moaned at the thought of shooting his load into the boy and he began to buck hard, slamming his muscular body into Neville's slim one.  Norn grunted loudly as his orgasm crashed into him and he plunged his cock deep into Neville and held it there.  Neville immediately began to feel himself rapidly filling up in his bowels.  The sensation of all of that hot thick cum running into his bowels was amazing.  He knew it would be hard to hold it there as there was an amazing amount and he suddenly felt like he needed to make the biggest bowel movement of his life.  He held on tightly as Norn continued to moan and buck slightly against him as his seed continued to spray in a thick stream into Neville.  Finally the stream was slowing down and Norn nodded to Chaum who quickly lay on his back.

Norn carefully pulled out of Neville who clamped his anus down as hard as he could while he felt that massive volume of cum rushing to chase Norn's cock out of his bowels.  Neville quickly rolled over and maneuvered himself to straddle Chaum's face and sat over his mouth.  He could see Chaum's cock rapidly growing as his horniness was taking him over again.  Chaum opened his mouth and extended his tongue and Neville lowered his ass so his anus was right over Chaum's mouth and pushed.  The massive volume of Norn's cum began to stream out of Neville into the giant ogre's mouth and Chaum moaned as he occasionally closed his mouth to swallow the seed while it continued to stream out over his face.  It took a few big mouthfuls before it began to slow and Neville was starting to feel empty again.  He had never done anything quite so disgusting and wonderfully erotic before and he was sorry that it was already over.

Neville turned himself around and crawled onto the giant ogre and began to kiss him on the mouth and lick up some of Norn's cum that was there.  He finally lay down flat against the ogre and buried his face in Chaum's neck and just lay for a while as his own cock continued to harden.  He was loving this so much he wished it would never end.

"It will take me years to explore as much of your bodies as I would like.  You are two are so amazing.  I'm having the best time ever.  Thank you," he whispered into the ogre's neck.

"You truly do have the soul of an ogre inside you.  You rut with true abandon as we like to do.  We are not quite done yet my sweet young lover.  I wish you to fuck me now with Norn as witness.  I have been looking forward to this since I met you and I can't wait any longer.  Please take me now and become leader of the race you saved from extinction," said Chaum.

Neville lifted his head and looked into the ogre's wonderful face and smiled.

He moved back down Chaum's body as the ogre spread his big legs and began to lift his knees.

Norn moved off to the side and kneeled and settled down onto his legs and watched with a smile as Neville got between Chaum's thighs and waited as the big ogre lifted his legs right up and put his hands behind his knees and pulled back to bring his big asshole right into position.

Neville was already fully erect again and ready to go and the sight of this massive mountain of sheer masculine muscle and power exposing himself before him and wanting him to take him drove him into a sexual ardency he hadn't felt before.  He groaned at the sight and stood and moved into position.  He put his cock head against the ogre's big sweaty asshole and pushed it right in and buried his cock to the hilt.  To his surprise and pleasure Chaum was muscular there as well.  The ogre's anus clamped down hard on Neville's young cock and the sensation was fantastic as he pulled it back and the ogre's ass tried to hang on.  He thrust his cock back in with a grunt then pulled back and thrust forward again.  He began to quickly build a rhythm and he could feel his cock beginning to ooze precum as it prepared to shoot his load again.  His mouth opened and his head tilted back and he moaned as he became lost in his lust.  He placed his two hands against the backs of Chaum's thickly muscled thighs and began to hammer his young cock harder into the ogre.

Chaum began to intone the words that would further change Neville's life, "I receive your gift from the Mother with love, honor and trust.  As you plant your seed in me know that it will grow into the deepest and most permanent bond between you and my people.  You will be a part of me and be one of my people from this day forward and we will afford you every status that entails.  I submit to your domination over me and for the moment that we are coupled you replace me as their leader.  I place in you the complete trust of an entire race.  Let all who witness spread the word.  You are now an ogre."

Neville's heart swelled and he was overcome with joy as his orgasm crashed into him hard and he shot his load deep into the ogre's bowels.  He groaned and bucked as he continued to spurt his seed into the muscular ass of his new lover.

Neville finally began to come down and his bucking slowed and he came to a stop and held his cock inside Chaum for a little while longer as he sighed his contentment.

He finally pulled out and crawled back onto Chaum again as the ogre let go of his knees and lowered his legs.  Neville kissed Chaum on the mouth again and once again wrapped his arms around the ogre's thick neck.

"Thank you so much Chaum!  I am happier than you can imagine to be one of you now!" he exclaimed.

The massive ogre wrapped his muscular arms around the boy and held him tightly.

"You are my favorite ogre in the world now Neville and do not ever doubt that.  I will never grow tired of your company and I hope that you will do your best to try to make me do so by being at my side always.  I would be so honored if you would come to live with us in my keep.  Our race owes their existence to you Neville and you will always have a place of highest honor among us," Chaum said.

"I will always love you dearly and I will definitely be spending as much time with you as I can Chaum, but I think Jake and I might actually go to live with the kobolds for a while.  I think being with the ogres might be a bit more honor than I can handle.  I don't like to think of myself as anything so special.  After all, I'm just a boy!"

The ogre laughed and roared as he sat up and spun Neville around and took him over his knee.

Norn laughed as he watched and Neville's heart soared with joy at finding yet another group of wonderful friends he could look forward to being with for the rest of his life.

While Chaum's massive hand began to playfully slap at the boy's naked bottom and Neville laughed, he felt truly complete.

He was now a human, an orc, a kobold, and an ogre.


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