The Hidden Past

Chapter Three:


"Sure, what's wrong?" I look at him confused, "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, you didn't... it's about yesterday, I shouldn't have um... kissed you like that." His voice was trembling.

"Why? It was amazing!" I was blushing now.

"You really don't mind about it?" His voice was filled with concern.

"No, I don't. Like I said, it was amazing, I was surprised at first, but it was cool."

He really looked relieved and calmer; now that he knew that I was OK with it. The bus came to a stop before I was able to say anything further, we climbed into the bus and sat together and we chatted a little on the short ride to the school. In the school, while we were walking to our lockers, he asked me what my schedule was for the day; I had Math on the first period and PE on the second. He reminded me that he too had Math on the first period. I got my stuff for the class and we headed to his locker so that he could get his stuff too. We walked to the classroom and saw that it was empty, no one was there yet, and he then turned grinning at me.

"Would you like to go to my house after school?" he asked.

"Well, my mother won't be home; we could go to my house," I replied a little excited.

"Hmm, that could be good too. Do you know when your mother will be back?" he asked me.

God, I was wishing that the day would pass very fast, but before I could answer him, the last bell rang and all the other students started arriving in the classroom. He told me to meet him at lunch. The teacher then started the class and we all sat at our desks and began our work, I loved math, so the period passed quickly. After the class, Jeremy came to my desk while I was putting all my things in my bag and he whispered in my ear that he would like to go to my place after school.

I got to my second class of the day. I had PE and Jeremy had another class, but he didn't tell me what it was. We had stretching exercises to do for the first part of the class, for the second part, the teacher decided to make us play dodge ball. Because I was small, it was easy for me to evade the balls. After PE, it was lunchtime. I barely had time to put my stuff away and get to the cafeteria when Jeremy was calling me from the dining area.

"Hey Adrian, come on!" he shouted over the other students' chatter.

I managed to go around the crowd of students in the hallway to Jeremy, standing near the foods stalls, and we got in line in to grab something for lunch. I'm sure some of you know that the lunch they served in school was somewhat repulsive, but as teens, we could eat anything when we're hungry. We found ourselves a place to sit and ate our lunch chatting with other students around us. After lunch we decided to go outside to take some fresh air. We headed for one of the far corners of the school where there was a little forest, and we decided to sit on one of the fallen trees.

"Umm, Adrian, it's a little hard for me to ask this," he started saying, a little uncomfortably.

"What's wrong?"

"Well... I wanted to ask you something." He spoke in a whisper.

"Adrian, do you like me?"

"Yes... I do... It's kind of weird... I never felt like that." I blushed. I said it before I even thought. "Yes, Jeremy, I like you."

"I like you too, Ady," he was blushing too. I seldom saw him blush before and it made him so attractive.

"Did you just call me Ady?" I asked him.

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to."

"No, it's OK... I don't mind." It's weird, but I really liked it when he called me that.

Before he could reply, we heard the school bell ring, telling us to go to our next class of the day.  I had Geography class in my third period of the day, so we both headed to our lockers and I grabbed my books for this class. I saw that Jeremy took his outfit for PE; I guessed he had that class. The afternoon passed sort of fast, I never noticed the time. Then the last period bell rang and we all headed out of school. I was approaching my locker when a senior pushed me and I fell hard on the floor. I was a little stunned, but I could hear someone yelling my name.

"Adrian, are you OK?" I couldn't recognize the voice; I think I hit my head pretty hard. After a few seconds, I was finally capable of recognizing Jeremy's voice.

"Yeah I'm OK... I was stunned when my head hit the floor." I was rubbing my head and I had a little bump on the back of my head. Jeremy helped me to get up and he walked with me to my locker. I opened my locker and put my stuff away and accompanied Jeremy to his locker. He looked at me and shook his head.

"A few weeks ago I had to hold you from falling on the stairs and today... I found you almost kissing the floor, you blonds," he told me grinning, "Do you do it intentionally?" He was laughing.

"Hey, I was pushed down, don't make fun of me," I replied with a grin.

We headed to the bus and sat together for the short ride to my house. When we arrived, my mother wasn't there yet, so we had the house to ourselves. I opened the door and saw a little paper note on the wall, it was from my mom, telling me that she needed to go to a meeting and that she'd be late.  So we headed for my room, I needed to change my cloths. I was surprised when I turn and saw that Jeremy was standing in the hall, out of my room.

"You can come in if you want to," I told him.

"Are you sure you don't mind?" he said with a small voice, barely audible.

"Why would I?" It was weird the way he became shy so suddenly.

He entered my room and sat on my bed. While I was taking off my shirt, I could feel his gaze. He was sitting cross-legged; I guess I had an effect on him. I started to take my pants off and he got up and started out of my room. I put my pants back on and followed him.

"What's wrong?" I asked him, fearing I did something wrong.

"Nothing, it's not you," he was very emotional. "I'm scared, Adrian, I'm scared of all this, I never felt like that..." He was very troubled, almost shaking. I never saw him like that; he was really scared.

"What is scaring you?" I asked, approaching him slowly.

"I just don't want to hurt you." His eyes were staring at the floor.

"What are you talking about? You are the most gentle person I know," I grabbed his shoulders and hugged him. He returned the hug after an instant.

"Adrian, I don't know how to do that," he was speaking in a low voice.

"Me neither, but we can learn together."

I grabbed his hand and pulled him into my room, I turned around to face him. I approached him slowly and kissed him and felt that shock going through my body; it was fantastic! We made out in my room for about 20 minutes. I change my cloths, but not without giving Jeremy a good show. Then we decided to watch a little television in the family room. We cuddled and watched the TV for about an hour. We heard my mother pull in the driveway, Jeremy got up as I did and we both greeted my mother.

"Well, you must be Jeremy."

"Yes ma'am, I'm Jeremy." He looked a little uncomfortable.

"Well, don't stop doing what you two were doing," she said, as she walked out to the kitchen to start supper.

We sat back on the sofa and continued to watch TV, without cuddling, we both did not want my mother to know. After about a half hour, Jeremy got up and told me that he needed to go to his house for dinner. I accompanied him to the door, looking around to see that my mother was not watching, and I gave him a quick kiss before he left.

"Well he looks very nice," my mother told me, surprising me.

"Umm, indeed, he is cool," I replied softly. She grinned, a weird grin, and walked back to the kitchen to finish the supper. I think she must have known something was going on, or I made it show, but she never made any sign of awareness.

To be Continued...


Author's Note:


There you go Chapter Three. Eh not much of an author's note.

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