The Hunters

Chapter 1

**WARNING** This story, like all my others, is full of gay sex, diapers, boys, and men, if none of this is what you are looking for then I suggest now that you leave. This story takes place mostly on a boat, and while I love boats, I am not a hundred percent certain on all the terminology, so forgive me if I make mistakes in boating terms. This story also contains violence, so be warned, but one of it is highly graphic. This is obviously a fantasy and for obvious reasons it has never happened. As always I appreciate feedback, but I do not require it. I like to write for myself and share it with others, however if you would like to write, please leave all flaming behind and give only constructive criticism, feel free to email me at I also have a site at should you wish to read the full story or any of my other stories. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoy.

It was a dark and stormy night, no really it was, and Danial was sitting on the bridge of their ship wearing only his diaper, doing some more research, and enjoying the swaying of the boat in the stormy waters. Danial was all alone on the ship, or so he thought, and he should have been. His dad was out on business, he had already been gone for three days, and would more than likely not be home for another two days, unless Danial called him back, but there would not normally be any need to. It was with no small amount of shock that Danial heard something that he should not have heard, a scream, and Danial hopped up and started running to where he heard the scream come from, grabbing the gun as he passed it.

“Who's there, show yourself this instant?” Danial called out as soon as he got to where he had heard the scream come from, standing under the cover to prevent himself from getting wet.

Danial knew his ship very well, he had lived on it for his entire fifteen years, and he knew exactly where to go when he heard the scream. Danial was standing with his back to a wall, aiming his gun at the only place that someone could possibly be hiding, and all of a sudden a child crept out of his or her hiding place, hands in the air, visibly shaking, obviously very frightened, and soaked to the skin from the rain. Danial was unable to tell whether the child was male or female, mainly because the child had long hair, plus it was dark and hard to see.

“PPPPPPleaase don't shoot, I'm not armed and I won't do anything, just please help me!”

“Who are you, how did you get on my ship without me knowing, why did you scream, and what the hell are you doing out in this weather?” Danial asked edgily.

Danial was fully empathic, partially telepathic, and was getting better at moving things with his mind every day, so having the child be able to get onto the boat without his knowledge, was scary to him, he should be able to feel the child's feelings, hear his or her thoughts, but he couldn't.

“My name is Jamie sir, I escaped from the pirates who have had me for a very long time, and I was able to swim to this ship the easiest, I screamed when I slipped and fell as I was climbing on board, you have to help me please, they're gonna kill me!”

“What makes you think I won't?” Danial asked menacingly.

“I don't, I can't feel you like I normally could, but your shooting me quickly would be far better than what those pirates would do to me if they caught me, and what they were planning on doing to me before.”

“You're an empath, that's extremely rare, only a handful of people have that ability. Fine, I will trust you for now, however, I have no problems in shooting you if you even try anything at all, come inside and you can have a shower and get into some warm dry clothes.”

“Thanks sir.” The shivering child said.

“Enough with the sir, call me Danial.”

Jamie just nodded and followed Danial into the interior of the ship and down a few flights of stairs.

“This is my bedroom suite, the bathroom is right through there, you will find towels and everything you need, go have a nice long shower, start with the water at a cool setting and slowly work it up to as hot as you can stand it so as to warm you up without putting yourself into shock.”

“Thanks.” Jamie said pitifully and walked into the bathroom, closing the door.

“Great, what have I got myself into, I'll have to keep him or her on board now until the storm clears, can't very well let it warm up and then toss it back out now can I, and there are pirates around.” Danial said to himself.

Danial and his father, Sam, were hunters, hunters of anything, they searched for and found anything and everything, including pirates, and because of all the things they hunted for and brought in for bounty or sold, they were very rich. Their boat, while not exceedingly large, was a very good size at somewhere around sixty foot long, and large enough to house their two different submersibles, one manned, one unmanned, a helicopter, four large bedroom suites, huge kitchen, dining room, living room, a massive engine and fuel storage system that could keep them going faster than anyone else, it had a huge bridge that was fully stocked with every toy that was available, including their own personal satellite that was specially designed to help in their searches.

While Jamie was in the shower, Danial sat on his bed pondering the reason why he could not feel or hear Jamie, not even a little bit, he had never once experienced that, and it was frightening to him. He and his dad, who had the same powers, just in different ways, used those natural abilities to their advantage on more than a few occasions. As Danial had told Jamie earlier, to be an empath was very rare, but to be a telepath was even more rare, and to be able to move things with the mind, that was a skill only he and his father had as far as they knew. Now to have all that, they were very rare, and no one but they knew about it. Danial sat and pondered this serious situation for nearly an hour, sitting on his bed, watching the bathroom door, gun still in hand, waiting patiently for Jamie to come out. Finally the door opened and out stepped a very naked Jamie. He had a small soft penis dangling a couple inches over his already dropping sac and a few wispy hairs growing above it.

“My god, you're a boy and you're gorgeous!” Danial gasped out to himself, but loud enough that Jamie heard it anyways, and he blushed slightly.

“Um, thanks, I think.”

“Huh, what?”

“You just said that I am gorgeous, I don't think so, but thanks anyways.” He stuttered out.

“Oh, you heard that, well you are, and I was not sure if you were a boy or a girl before, but now I can tell. Do you feel better?”

“Yes, I feel great now, thanks. Can I ask you a question though?”

“I guess so, but only one, I will ask all the questions once you have asked.”

“Okay, I guess I am on your ship so it's only fair. How come you're wearing a diaper?”

“Because I like to, at least during the day, I wet the bed at night so need them then, during the day they are just comforting and easier when I am deep in concentration studying something.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“So you escaped from a pirate ship, why were you on a pirate ship in the first place, and how did you escape?” Danial asked.

“Um, before I answer that, do you think I could get something to wear please, I am starting to get cold again?”

“Of course, sorry about that, just throw this robe on for the time being and then you can answer my questions.” Danial said, throwing his robe over to Jamie. The ship was kept pretty warm and Danial preferred being without clothing as much as possible, so he was naked other than his diaper.

“Thanks.” Jamie said and put the robe on. “Well to answer your questions, I suppose I should start at the beginning. My parents and I had gone out for a sail one day, many years ago now, and we were attacked by pirates, my parents were killed right in front of me, and they told me I would find the same fate should I decide to do anything foolish. I was only five at the time so I was powerless, I was also extremely scared and saddened to see my parents killed. I was then stripped and raped repeatedly by nearly every pirate on board the ship, and I have been their sex slave since. I finally managed to escape, I stole the clothes you found me in, and I jumped ship about a mile out and swam for it, I did that early yesterday morning I guess, could have been longer, but it was only about four am. The reason I wanted to escape, even if it meant drowning, was because they were going to kill me, I was getting too old for them, I just started getting hairs, so I was becoming of no use to them, but they are horrible and they would have killed me very slowly.”

“I see, and how is it that you knew all this?”

“Because I could feel it, I could feel what they are feeling, almost what they are thinking at times, and I could feel them wanting to kill me, and it would have happened very soon.”

“Okay, so how old are you now?”

“I have no idea. I know I was five when I was captured and that feels like a very long time ago.”

“Okay, I should be able to find out, what is your full name?”

“Jameson Stanley Weatherston.”

“Give me a minute.” Danial said and then went to the computer in his room and pulled up the information.

“Okay, it says here that you were born in 2128, and that you and your family were lost at sea in 2133, it's 2139 now, so that makes you eleven. Wow, and you are getting hairs already.”

“I was on that horrible ship for six years and I am eleven now.” Jamie said and started crying.

“You're safe now, may as well stop crying, no way to change the past, only thing we can do is change the future. Do you know what pirate ship you were on?”

“Yes, it was the Sea Wasp, named after the most poisonous and deadliest jellyfish there is, and that's how they think of themselves, the most deadliest, and I fear they are.”

“Ah yes, the Sea Wasp, they are on our list of ships we would love to bring in, the ship itself has a bounty of a million dollars and each person on it, a half million, and we will get them. If you escaped last night that means they're still close by, so we might get to go hunting tomorrow. Perhaps you have heard of us or saw the name on our ship, you're on the Sea Angel.”

“Oh my god, every pirate fears your ship, but everyone thinks that you are but a myth.”

“Yes, because no one has ever seen us coming until it's too late, and then we attack, and they never even get a chance to fight back.”

“How many people do you have on this ship to be able to do that?”

“Just me and my dad.”


“Because, we're special, you might get to find that information out some day, but right now, I still don't really trust you, so that is all you will find out.”

“That's okay, I understand, and thanks.”

“You're welcome, and I too am an empath, and for some reason I cannot feel you either, which I have never experienced, I would like to try something, I have read that this can happen at times and that physically touching a person can sometimes help. I would like to do that now please?”

“Okay.” Jamie said simply.

Danial stepped up to the boy, setting his weapon down for a minute, and put his hands on Jamie's head, one on either side of his forehead. As soon as Danial touched though, there was a massive shocking sensation that lasted for a few seconds, and then a snap, causing both boys to fall backwards and land on the floor. For nearly five minutes they laid on the floor, their bodies still tingling from the shock, but it was never painful, nearly pleasurable in fact.

“What the hell was that?” Danial asked once he finally got his senses back and sat up.

“I don't now, but I can feel you now, like you were still touching me, I can feel you all over now.”

“Me too, I can feel you more than I could ever feel anyone else, I know exactly what you are feeling, and I can hear your thoughts now, clear as if you were talking to me, I think our minds might have connected somehow.” Danial said in confusion.

“You mean we bonded or something like that, don't you. What does that mean?”

“I don't know, but I guess I can put this gun away, I can feel that there is no harm in you, and you can stop dreaming of fucking my hot baby ass as well, we need to get to know each other a bit better first.” Danial grinned.

“Well you need to stop thinking the same thing, because for the first time ever, I can hear what you're thinking as well.” Jamie grinned back.

“Not my fault you're gorgeous, and you may as well take the robe off and let me diaper you now instead of waiting until later like you want.”

“Okay.” Jamie said brightly and let the robe fall and went and laid on the bed.

“My diapers will be a bit big on you, but they will be just fine for the time being.” Danial said and then grabbed one of his diapers and diapered Jamie up.

“Wow, this is way more comfortable than I thought it would be.” Jamie said, caressing the front of the soft diaper.

“Now you know why I like to wear them, I probably would have stopped wetting the bed years ago had the diapers not been so comfortable.” Danial grinned.

“Yeah. So how does this telepathic thing work anyways, I can hear what your thinking, but sometimes it doesn't make sense, like there are a hundred things going on all at the same time, sometimes there is nothing?”

“Well it's simple really, you can think of tons of things all at the same time right, well that's what you're hearing, same as feelings, you're used to that, and you would have felt people with dozens of different feelings all at the same time, your thoughts are the same. My dad and I are pretty good telepaths, dad better than me, but we have experimented a lot at what we can do, as well as we have done a lot of research, not that there is a lot out there. Telepathic and empathic abilities have only been around for a couple generations now, and we both have another another ability, telekinesis, we can move things with our minds, as far as we are aware, we are the only ones who can do that. Anyways, we have researched it a great deal, and we know probably more about this than anyone, but I am certain there is still tons more to learn. Dad and I have found that we are able to block our thoughts and feelings from each other, we can show each other things with our minds, we can see and hear what the other is seeing or hearing, we know when each other is hurt, we can join skills and be twice as strong. All of this we can do if we are within a certain range of each other, like for instance, I can still hear dad if he calls out loudly, I can still feel him, and he is about three kilometers away. The rest of the stuff we cannot do though unless we are way closer, and we actually have to be touching if we want to move something large together.” Danial explained.

“Wow, so can we talk mind to mind then?”

“Yes we can, if we need to, but trust me, it will give you a killer headache if you try and do it for too long, trying to concentrate so hard on just that aspect is painful.” Danial said in mind speech.

“Oh, that makes sense.” Jamie said, also in mind speech, after trying to figure out how.

“It's not all that hard to do, once you figure it out, which you did pretty quickly, but others can usually tell when you are doing so, because you really have to concentrate hard to do it. Sharing images back and forth though is a lot easier, and like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words anyways, so use that to quickly tell me something if you have to, and almost no one would notice you're doing it because it is so much faster” Danial said, sending a mental picture over, showing Jamie what he currently looked like all diapered and sexy.

“Wow, that's cool.” Jamie said and then thought for a second and then sent a image to Danial as well, showing himself naked and hard.

“Horny little thing, aren't you?”

“Yeah, I am gay, but I am pretty sure I always was, and I grew accustomed to having sex about twelve times a day, but it's been about four days since I last had sex, so I am a little on the horny side.”

“Wow, the most I ever managed was six times in one day.”

“Yeah, I was raped though, and usually tied down at the time, so I did not have that much choice, and had I had my way, it would have only been four or maybe five times a day. I usually only had just a couple cums a day though, usually I got in trouble if I came, especially before they did.”

“That's sick the way you were treated, and have no fear, we will be going after them and we will bring them in where they will be tried and executed for all their crimes.”

“What if we get caught though?”

“Never happen, we will get them and they won't even get a shot off.” Danial grinned.

“What do you know that I don't?” Jamie asked cautiously.

“Well dad and I with our empathic and telepathic abilities are able to join together and put all the pirates to sleep and we just go in and cuff them and then call in the authorities. Now since we are currently in a country that has harsh punishments for pirates, we will stay here, if they were pirate friendly, well then we would just keep them asleep and tow them to another country, we have done that a few times.”

“Wow, now that's cool, no wonder you guys are so feared yet safe.”

“Exactly, and if you join us then we may be even more powerful yet.”

“Hell yeah I'll join you.” Jamie said excitedly.

“We will have to wait and see what kind of power you can add to dad and I when the time comes, but that will have to wait. Seeing as how your stomach has not stopped rumbling since I found you, I think we should go and get some dinner and then I am going to call dad and see if he can wrap up his business early, we have some hunting to do that is more important.”

“Okay. So how is it you sneak up on ships, especially pirate ships, they are always watching?” Jamie asked as they walked down the hall to the galley kitchen.

“We have nothing but the absolute best equipment, stuff no one even knows about. My dad is super smart, he tested off the scales on every IQ test known, and he is an inventor and scientist. So a lot of our equipment he has designed and built himself, and even I have designed a few things. I am really smart as well, and dad figures I will be as smart as he is when I get to his age, and I love inventing things like he does. We both do tons of reading, we have every library known to man downloaded and saved in our computers. Anyways, one of the things that dad designed a number of years ago was a stealth system that defies every known radar and video system, the only way they could see us is to see us with their own eyes, but by that time, they are already starting to get very sleepy.”

“Wicked.” Jamie said and sat on one of the chairs in the galley while Danial started making dinner.

“Yeah, and that's not all, I am the one that designed our satellite that we put in the sky two years ago to help us in our searches. The satellite has ground penetrating sensors and we can find buried or sunken treasures anywhere in the world using it and the software I designed for it, in fact that's where dad is now, about a week ago we found some hidden texts saying that there was a possible hidden treasure in this area and we had the satellite scan for it, and sure enough, it was there, and he has gone to retrieve it.”

“That's pretty darn cool, how come you don't go with him though?”

“Someone has to stay behind to watch the ship and I don't like going on the land, I prefer the water, so he takes the land treks and I get to do the dives.”

“What if it's dangerous?”

“We are usually the most dangerous things around, because by the time anyone gets close, we already know about them and my dad is super good at sneaking up on people and getting them before they can get him. Of course it can still be dangerous, but it is a risk we are both willing to take, we both know that at any time one or both of us could be killed, but we accept that.”

“So you are treasure and bounty hunters then?”

“Pretty much yeah, we pretty much do anything to have some fun and make money and learn whatever we can, whenever we can. So far this year for instance we have turned in three pirate ships and found two priceless treasures and made nearly a half a billion dollars.”

“But it's only June, you're telling me that if you keep the same average you could make a billion dollars this year alone?”

“Some years are slower, some years are better, this is a better year. So what about you, you seem pretty smart, how did you learn things?”

“Wow, that's pretty awesome. Well I don't know if I am smart or not, but I had a small room on the ship where I was pretty much locked up at all times and all I had to do was read. I had a computer terminal in there and I read everything I could. The only vid feeds were from the ship itself, and I never watched it because they would show when they attacked ships and what they did with the captives, the lucky ones were sold as slaves.”

“That had to have been very boring.”

“Yeah, it was, but it helped to pass the time. One of the things that I did find out though, I don't know if the pirates knew it or not, was that the captains personal log was on that same network, and I was able to hack past his encryption and I found out where he hides his treasure, he figures the total cost of stuff is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, I would gladly give that information to you if you do capture them and have them all executed.”

“No, we would not take it, that would belong to you, it would rightly be yours for all they did to you, but we will help you find it.”

“But what about your profits?”

“We really don't have to worry about it, we don't actually do it for the money, we have plenty of that, we don't even do it for the glory, who cares, next to no one even knows who we are, we do it because it is a good deed. And besides, think about it, how many pirates were on that ship?”

“I have no idea the exact total, but around eighty or so I guess.”

“At one million for the ship and half million for each pirate, well then if your count is correct then that would be forty one million dollars, plus whatever we can sell the ship for and everything they have on board at the time. Trust me, we will do just fine.”

“Oh, I see, well then.”

“Yeah, well I hope your hungry, I can't eat all this alone.” Danial said, setting a huge stack of grilled cheese sandwiches and a large pot of soup on the table.”

“I have been hungry since I was captured, let's just say I was only fed just enough to keep me alive, so yeah, I'm starving.” Jamie smiled and dug in with no further words.

Nearly an hour later they were finished eating, well Jamie was, Danial had finished in fifteen minutes as he was not all that hungry, and Jamie sat back with a large satisfied sigh.

“Better now?”

“Oh yeah, I just hope I didn't eat too much, I feel stuffed.”

“I'm sure you'll be fine, you probably needed it, why don't you go ahead and lay down for a while, you look very tired.”

“Okay, can I go sleep in your bed?”

“Sure, you remember the way, or would you like for me to come with you.”

“Well I have to go to the bathroom so I need you to take this diaper off of me please?”

“You just have to go pee, so just go, you may as well use the diaper for its intended purpose, no point otherwise.” Danial grinned.

“Never done that before, but okay, I should be fine then, see you in a while.”

“Okay, enjoy your sleep, it will probably be your first real sleep in a while.”

Jamie just nodded and headed out of the galley and headed back towards Danial's room. Danial quickly cleaned up the kitchen, he and his dad had a serious issue with mess, they always cleaned up, and as soon as he was done the cleaning, he headed to the bridge to call his dad.

“Hi dad, how is the hunt coming along?” Danial asked as soon as his dad answered.

“Hi Danny, the hunt is going good, I hope to come back tomorrow morning and show you what I found.”

“Oh good, well then I guess I don't have to ask you to come back early then.”

“Why would you ask me to come back early?”

“The Sea Wasp is in the area, one of their slaves is now on board, he escaped, and he told me about them, I knew you wanted them.”

“Hell, for the Wasp I would come back tonight, but no point being so close to finished already, I will work through the night and get there as early as I can then. So who is this captive?”

“His name is Jamie, he is eleven, was captured when he was five, the pirates killed his parents in front of him, and then have raped him ever since.”

“Ouch, that is horrible, then I will truly enjoy capturing them then and handing them over. I better go then, I will see you in the morning.”

“Bye dad, love you.”

“Love you too kiddo.” Sam said and then hung up.

“Well I guess I should head to bed as well, it might be an early morning.” Danial said to himself.

Danial quickly set the alarms on the ship, shut everything down for the night that was not needed, and headed to his bedroom, stopping in the bathroom to clean up and get a clean diaper on, since he was very wet. A few minutes later Danial headed to bed and crawled in, Jamie was already sound asleep, but as soon as Danial was fully under the covers, Jamie turned over and cuddled up into Danial. Danial luxuriated in the cuddles for a few minutes before he too fell asleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Danial is an abnormal fifteen year old boy, not only was his IQ higher than most of the brightest adults, but he is also a highly talented inventor and treasure hunter. He is almost six feet tall now, long sun bleached blond hair that he normally has in either a pony tail or a braid, he has vivid green eyes, a small button nose still with freckles scattered across it. He has nice red full lips, ready to kiss at any time, and he enjoys that. Danial has lived on the family boat for his entire life, even born on it, and rarely leaves it except to dive, either nude, in a wet suit, or in their two man submarine. Danial is gay, has always known it, and his very first gay sex was when he was six, with a boy he met at one of the ports they were staying in at the time, he had gone ashore for a while, all by himself, and he found an eight year old he could feel was gay and would enjoy playing, and they did, for four hours, his dad was very proud of his sons first screw, and got the blow by blow, by the mental images that Danial was able to provide. Danial had no mother, at least not in the normal sense, he was a test tube baby, or so they used to be called, and his mother was picked from a freezer because she met all the correct specifications, and with Sam's addition, Danial was made, and he was made gay, same as Sam. Danial was a bed wetter, no real reason why, but Sam assumed it was simply because Danial loved his diapers so much, so much so it was nearly impossible to potty train Danial, and really he never truly was, Danial still more than likely would have accidents if he was not wearing diapers all the time, but he didn't poop in them, that stopped just after the age of two, he decided it was really gross, and that was it, he has never pooped a diaper since.

Sam was in his early forties, gay as can be as well, still very handsome in a rugged way, exceptionally smart, and super wealthy. Sam is a little over six feet tall, same hair as Danial, except cut to shoulder length and always kept in a pony tail, blue eyes and same nose and lips. Sam had been a sea faring man ever since he bought his first boat at the age of eighteen, he loved the freedom and the peace, found his very first treasure six months later, and started making more and more money from finding even more treasures. The reason that he captured his first pirate ship was simple, they tried to attack him, he won, and he took them in and he made even more money. That was when he started devising his new security features, and when he built his new boat a couple years later, the same one he still has, he had designed and built a number of new toys for it, to make it even better. A couple years later Sam started getting the itch to have a child, so he went and found a place that held womens eggs, found the perfect one, made an incubation system to simulate the womb, and made himself a son. He was not a geneticist by any means, but he was smart enough to know what he was doing, and it worked the very first time, and almost nine months later, Danial was born on the ship.

Jamie was born to a nice couple, fairly well off, and very loving to their only son. They tried to take trips as often as possible to get him accustomed to traveling, as they loved to do so. Jamie has long wavy blond hair as well, down to his cute little bum, and he kept it mostly loose, but occasionally in a pony tail. He has deep green eyes and a little almost pug nose, nice big dimples when he smiled, which was rare since the time he was a child because of his ordeal. Jamie stands just a little under five feet tall and is probably a good ten kilograms lighter than his height and age would suggest he should be, but that was fine, he would catch up now. Jamie was not certain if he was always gay or not, but he knew he was, the pirates did not make him gay, he knew that. Jamie was also a lot smarter than he thought he was, but most of that was book smarts, he had absolutely no other type of knowledge, but that was okay, he would learn that in the future.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Danial was the first to wake up the following morning, he looked over at the clock and saw that it was five am, his normal time of waking up. Normally Danial would just get up and get the day started with a nice long hot soothing shower, but this morning he laid there and watched Jamie sleep for a while, really and truly falling in love with the beautiful boy. What he did not realize was that he was projecting his feelings of love to Jamie at the moment, and it was causing Jamie to wake up.

“Mmmm, good morning, I haven't slept so peacefully in forever, I can feel the love pouring out of you and hitting me like tidal waves, it's very calming.” Jamie said and then stretched.

“Sorry, that may have been what had waken you up. I can't believe you are so beautiful, could I kiss you?”

“You're more beautiful than I am, and yes, I would like that very much, I haven't ever been kissed by another boy before.”

They leaned into each other and shared a nice gentle kiss, hugging each other tenderly as they lay there, and moaning lowly.

“Mmmm, that was nicer than any kiss I have ever had.” Danial said dreamily.

“For my first kiss, I can't imagine it could be any better.”

“Oh it can be. Come on, let's get up and out of these wet diapers and go get a nice hot shower.”


Danial got out of bed first and removed Jamie's soaked diaper and then Jamie sat up and reached in front and removed Danial's equally soggy diaper. Danial then put his hand out and Jamie took it and rose to his feet and they walked to the bathroom and started getting ready for the day, each sitting on the toilet, brushing their teeth, and then climbing in the shower.

Once in the shower, Danial took a cloth and the body wash he liked and started washing Jamie down from head to toe. Jamie for his part just stood there luxuriating in the incredible feelings of someone washing him and the loving feelings he could still feel from Danial. Too soon the washing was done and Jamie was pushed under the shower spray and rinsed off. Once all rinsed off, Jamie took the cloth and pulled Danial out of the spray and proceeded to wash the bigger boy just as lovingly as he had been washed a few minutes before. Danial for his part was enjoying this a great deal as well. He had been bathed by his dad until he was eight, and he still wished he could, but knew he couldn't because of what almost happened the last time.

“What was that image that just popped in and out of your head, it almost seemed sad?” Jamie asked.

“I was enjoying the feelings of you washing me when it brought up the last time I was bathed by my dad. I loved that special time so much, but it had to end. We love each other a great deal, but on that day it almost went to an area that is forbidden, and my dad was scared. I was too young to realize that it was wrong for me to love my dad that way, in fact I still sort of do, because I still would if he'd let me. Anyways he was cleaning me up, and was washing my bum when I grabbed his hand and shoved a few of his fingers in my bum. He went into shock a little and actually let me continue until I had an orgasm, but as soon as my squeaking brought him too, he ripped his hand from my bum, stood up and left the bathroom. I could tell he was upset, and I even could tell that it was a little at me and a little at himself. I quickly finished cleaning up and went and found daddy and we talked, and that was when he told me that what I had done was wrong, that I should not do that and so on and so forth. Now of course I had had sex a few times before that, so knew exactly what I wanted, and at the time I could not understand why if both daddy and I were gay that he would not want to have sex with me, I felt crushed, thinking he did not love me, and it took a lot of tears on both our parts to see what he meant.”

“Oh, I see, and do you still like someones fingers in your bum?”

“Yes, but not right now, we don't have time, and we really shouldn't yet.”

“Why don't we have time?”

“Because my dad just left, I can feel him getting closer and he will be here in an hour or so. So that means that we need to get cleaned up and then go and make some breakfast.”

“Cool, do you think you can teach me how to do that as well?”

“You should be able to do it already since you're an empath, you just have to know someone and what they feel like, and then you will be able to do that as well. For instance, now that we are bonded, at least I assume that's what that was, it will probably be very easy for you and me, and unless I am mistaken with how loud and clear your thoughts and feelings are, I think we will have a lot more range than my dad and I do.”

“Oh, that's cool.” Jamie said, finishing up cleaning Danial. “There you go, now all we have to do is go get dried and diapered and then we're ready to go.”


And that was what they did, they turned off the water, hopped out, dried each other off, and headed to the bedroom where they diapered each other, Jamie doing an admiral job for his very first time diapering someone. Once they were all set to go, they headed to the galley where they started preparing a nice big breakfast because they had a tendency of only eating twice a day, so they needed a good breakfast.

“How far away is your dad now?” Jamie asked about forty five minutes later, breakfast almost completed.

“He should be landing any minute now, I can hear the chopper even.”

“You guys own a helicopter as well, wow that's so awesome!”

“Yeah, it's how we get around when we need to go on land, unless you know of an easy way to get a car on a ship like this and off again when we are rarely at an actual port.”

“No, never thought of it, but how come if you are docked in a port did your dad take the chopper, wouldn't it have been cheaper and easier to get a car in town?”

“It would have been cheaper yes, but easier, definitely not. Have you any idea how hard it is to get a decent driver in some of these places, and how bad at driving most of them are. I personally would rather take my chances with a shark.”

“Good point, never experienced it before, so I'll have to take your word for it. I can hear the helicopter now, he should be here in just a minute.”

“Yeah, he is right above the ship now, this ship is well built and he is a lot closer than he sounds from in here, there, feel that, he just set down.”

“Wow, must be a big bird to have made a boat this big sink that much!”

“It is only a four seater, and this is not really that big a ship. We barely have enough room for it and the two submersibles. When we are in the water, if the helicopter is not on the ship, we have to move the submersibles to even the weight out in fact, or just launch them and tether them behind us, whichever is easier.”

“Hi Danial and Jamie.” Sam said, coming in a second after Danial had finished speaking, but before Jamie could start.

“Hi dad, how did it go?”

“Hi sir.”

“First of all, Jamie, quit the sir bit, if you are going to be living with us, I will not stand for that, I will throw you overboard instead.” Sam said seriously.

“Um, okay sir, I mean Sam.” Jamie gulped, Sam was a big man, and more than a little imposing to the poor little boy.

“Oh daddy, quit bugging Jamie, he's had a rough life. Jamie, don't worry about dad, he's actually not nearly as scary as he would like to think he is.”

“Yeah Jamie, I was just teasing you, I wouldn't throw you overboard, but I might tackle and tickle you.”

“I'd like that I think sir.” Jamie grinned.

“Maybe later, breakfast smells real good and I haven't eaten in nearly twenty four hours.” Sam said and headed to the table.

“Then eat up, there's lots for all of us.” Danial said and they all sat down.


“So how did it go then dad?” Danial asked as they were eating.

“The texts we found didn't do it justice. I almost couldn't fit it all and I think I may have been a few kilograms over the maximum weight ratings for the helicopter, you should see it all, we will have to go and sort it all out once we are under way for our hunting trip.”

“Wicked. How much you figure it's worth?”

“If it doesn't get a few hundred million I would be surprised. There's over two thousand kilograms of jewels, and golden trinkets like you wouldn't believe, it is one of the nicest finds I have ever seen.”

“No shit.” Jamie gasped out, his fork half way to his mouth.

“Yes shit, well not shit, the finest things I have ever seen.” Sam grinned and continued eating.

“Jamie, tell dad about the treasure that the Sea Wasp has hidden!” Danial said excitedly a minute later.

“Okay, well I was able to get into the captains personal file and I found where he keeps his treasure, I told Danial that if you guys capture and get them into custody that I would give you the location.”

“Not a chance, when we catch them and get them to justice, then you can lead us there and the treasure will be yours.”

“That's what Danial said as well, but I don't need it.”

“Nonsense, you need it more than we do.”

“Did you tell your dad about what happened to us yet?” Jamie asked Danial, trying to change the topic.

“No I didn't.” Danial answered, knowing full well the reason for the question.

“What happened?” Sam asked curiously.

“Well when Jamie first got on board I was a little scared of him because I couldn't feel him at all, but he was so cold and scared I decided to trust him. Once he was all cleaned up we talked for a bit, I had found out earlier that he was an empath as well, so I offered to try physically touching him to see if that would help. Well I'm still not sure entirely as to what happened, but as soon as we touched there was a feeling like almost being electrocuted, but not painful, and then there was a snap and we both fell backwards, and now we can hear each other's speech and see each others thoughts as if they were our own, as well we can feel each other real well. If I didn't know any better, I would say that our minds have bonded together, but I have never heard of it happening before.”

“That is quite interesting and I am not quite sure what to make of it either, but it almost sounds like it to me as well. I guess it helps that your both gay and diaper lovers huh, because if it is a bonding, that more than likely means that you will be together for life.”

“Yeah.” Both boys said together.

For the rest of the meal the three of them ate in near silence, the boys passing images back and forth to each other and grinning most of the time. Sam enjoyed watching the two boys, and although he was not trying to snoop, they were broadcasting to him as well, so he was seeing most of what they were sending each other. Finally they were all finished and they all got up to start cleaning up.

“Well I think that is good enough, let's go check out the new treasure, but before we go, I should make a suggestion to you boys. When you are sharing images with each other, don't broadcast to all those around you, some of this images were rather erotic, and while I don't mind, others might.”

“Oops, sorry dad, didn't even realize it.” Danial grinned.

“No worries, and besides, you already showed me a lot of that already anyways so it wasn't a big deal. I'm glad that you are not embarrassed by all this, me seeing your inner most thoughts like that Jamie, others would be blushing furiously.”

“For the last six years I have had no shame, no dignity, nothing, so this is really nice, and besides, we all have the same stuff between our legs, just yours is gonna be a whole lot bigger is all.”

“You have no idea.” Danial grinned and then sent the picture of his dad naked and hard to Jamie.

“Good grief, can you think when you're hard?” Jamie asked.

“I can, but only barely, probably just enough to not do something really stupid, just kinda stupid.” Sam grinned.

“No shit, that thing's huge, how big is it?”

“Don't know, don't care.” Sam shrugged.

“About twenty centimeters long and about five across the head.” Danial answered.

“How would you know?” Sam asked.

“Because I have the mental picture and I know your size, so I used a ruler and scaled it to the rest of your body and then measured your dick in my mind, it is not a hundred percent accurate, but close enough.”

“And I thought I was weird.”

“You are, just I can be weird as well.” Danial grinned.

“Good point. Well shall we go then?”

“Okay.” Both boys said brightly.

They all headed to the bow of the ship where the helicopter was secured and Sam opened up the doors to the passenger compartment, it currently had no seats and was just for storage, and it was full of crates and boxes.

“Jesus dad, when you said you were fully loaded I didn't think you really meant you were FULLY loaded.”

“There's two more boxes in your seat as well that wouldn't fit back here.” Sam grinned.

“Oh.” Was all Danial could think to say.

“Holy shit, I can't even lift this and it's the smallest box here.” Jamie said, going in to grab a box to help out.

“It may be the smallest box, but I am afraid that you chose the heaviest one, but I don't want either of you lifting any of these boxes, they are too heavy for even me to lift. That box for instance is filled with gold bricks, and it all appears to be twenty four carat, so about as pure as you can get. Danial is coming with our lifting system now, so back up and let's get this all out and inventoried.”


For the next half an hour they worked to offload all the boxes and crates from the helicopter, and they were all laid out on the deck for easy opening and inventory.

“Danial, why don't you go ahead and get us underway while I teach Jamie here how to start inventorying this, may as well teach him seeing as how he'll be around for a little while right.” Sam grinned.

“Sure dad. Jamie, any idea where I should start looking for the Sea Wasp?”

“Not too sure exactly, but when I got off they were skirting the coast, keeping only a mile away, and heading south, but who knows where they are now.”

“South is all I needed, thanks, I will find them, don't worry, and I have already got an idea where to go, the only place around here where pirates go is only three or so hours south of here, so we might be able to catch up to them, but it is way too dangerous to go into that area, so we will wait until they come out.”

Jamie just nodded and Danial went to the bridge to get them underway. The first thing he did was to start the engines to get them warming up, he then activated all the systems; navigation, communications, satellites, and their own personal favorite, their scanning systems. Once the engine was at optimal temperature, Danial hit the switch to release the port side lines holding them onto the pier, and then he slowly backed them out, and as soon as he was clear, swung them around and headed out at the maximum speed allowed in this port, but as soon as he was outside the port area, he hit the throttle to full speed and they were off. Once Danial was certain that there was nothing in the way, he set the auto pilot and the warning systems and then went back out to find Jamie and his dad.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Go ahead and open that crate right there and I will teach you what you need to know about inventorying jewels.” Sam told Jamie.

“Okay.” Jamie said and went to the largest crate that had come out. He opened it up and just stood there with his mouth agape, staring at the contents. “My god, this is beautiful, and there is so much of it.

“Yes it is, and other than checking a couple of the crates, I really don't know what all is in here. So here's what you do, you take each piece and this scanner, you scan each item, it spits out a ticket, you put the item into a bag, seal the bag and stick the sticker on the bag, the bag then goes into this chute here, tag facing you, and the system I have on this ship automatically takes it to where it needs to go, that easy. The scanners also keep track of everything we have and puts it on our website for sale, all automatically, when we have a buyer, we ship the item to him or her as soon as we reach a port. Most of our pieces are purchased by museums and collectors, but anyone is allowed to bid on the items.”

“Okay, sounds easy enough.” Jamie said and grabbed the first item his hand touched. It was a lovely gold tiara inset with what appeared to be a few hundred small sparkling diamonds. Jamie put it on the scanner and it took a few seconds to scan the item, beeped, and spit out a ticket. The ticket read, 2 ounces 24 carat gold, 240 ½ carat diamonds, market value $350,00.00 approximately.

“Holy shit, I am holding three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in my hands right now.” Jamie gasped.

“That is the low estimate, and that will be the minimum bidding price, it will probably sell for about five hundred thousand though.” Sam said nonchalantly.

Jamie carefully bagged the item, and stuck the tag on where he was supposed to and then put it in the chute, and it was gone to where it was to be stored. He then grabbed the next few items and did the same, but the tiara so far was the most expensive item, but the rest was all still impressive to say the least.

Sam and Jamie had felt the boat start up, felt the lines release and then back up and take off, and it was just before they were about to leave the port that Sam realized something.

“Shit, Jamie, hold on to something, I just realized you are more than likely not used to what is about to happen.” Sam said quickly.

“What, what's gonna happen?” Jamie asked, but grabbing onto the helicopter landing struts anyways.

“Danial will be hitting the throttles any time now, and trust me, you will not be prepared for the power that this boat has. It can even throw me sometimes if I am not ready for it.” Sam said, not bothering to grab onto anything.

Sam was not worried about the crates, they were secured to the deck and nothing could fall off the sides anyways, it was only Jamie he was worried about. Sam felt the boat start to pick up speed and then all of a sudden, as soon as the bow had risen enough to start planing a bit, it took off like a little bit of a rocket. Jamie had not been holding on as well as he thought he was, because he slipped and fell to the deck and slid a little before he was able to get his footing a little. It took a few seconds, but he was able to stand back up.

“Holy shit, what the hell do you have in this thing, a jet engine?”

“Actually yes. A modified one, but a jet engine none the less.”

“How the hell did you do that?”

“I'm pretty good with mechanical things, and it took me a few months to modify it, most of that though was trying to make it run on hydrogen and not jet fuel. I finally got it to work though and it has never once failed us. A smaller version provides the power to the rest of the ship and acts as a backup for just such an emergency.”

“Wow, no wonder why this thing can take off like that, this is going to take some getting used to, and I might add it was a really good thing I was wearing a diaper, 'cause that scared the piss right out of me, and to think I was thinking you were crazy for telling me to hold on to something.”

“Just be careful if we have to turn sharply, I nearly tossed Danial over the starboard side doing that once, so while moving, and until you are more used to it, stay as far from the edges as you can. As a general rule we do not make sharp turns at this speed unless necessary though, so normally you wouldn't have to worry about it, and we do try and warn each other first.”

“Okay, thanks for the warning.”

“You ready to get back to work, Danial will be out in a minute to help us and I want to get this done as quickly as possible?”

“Yep, let's get a move on.”

They continued scanning items for a few minutes before Danial came out and joined them, and it was a good thing they had a spare scanner so that they could all work, it looked as if Sam was going to have to buy another one though for a spare.

“Dad, come and look at this, the scanner just rejected this bloody diamond as being too big to read, and I have never seen or heard of a diamond so large and clear before.” Danial called out excitedly nearly thirty minutes later.

“Holy shit, neither have I.” Sam said, gingerly taking the massive rock. It weighed in at roughly three kilograms and was perfect in every way as far as his expert eyes could tell.

“What are we going to do if we can't scan it?”

“I don't know, let me try my scanner, it's newer, maybe it has better software, if not then I guess we will just have to rewrite the software, but you can do that, you're better at it than I am.” Sam said, grabbing the large diamond and putting it on his scanner. It read it for nearly a full minute and then spat out the credentials, it weighed three and a half kilograms and was valued at roughly five million dollars all by itself, but would sell for two to three times that amount for it's sheer rarity. It was bagged and tagged and sent down the chute as well and then they continued.

It took a little over two hours for them to complete the task and then they cleaned up the crates and boxes, sending them to storage, and then they all went up to the bridge. When they got there Danial went and checked the computers and found that they were only a few minutes from the waters where the pirates liked to hang out in this area, so he cut the engines. As soon as they stopped, Jamie slumped to the ground.

“What's the matter Jamie?” Danial asked, running over to him.

“I don't know, it was weird, it was like all of a sudden something hit me, but I think I know why it happened now, I feel the captain of the Sea wasp, and he's mad. He has a price on my head and he wants me back, he wants to kill me himself.”

“Good, that will make him all the easier to find then, let his anger be his undoing.” Sam grinned.