Chapter 2

**WARNING** This story, like all my others, is full of gay sex, diapers, boys, and men, if none of this is what you are looking for then I suggest now that you leave. This story takes place mostly on a boat, and while I love boats, I am not a hundred percent certain on all the terminology, so forgive me if I make mistakes in boating terms. This story also contains violence, so be warned, but one of it is highly graphic. This is obviously a fantasy and for obvious reasons it has never happened. As always I appreciate feedback, but I do not require it. I like to write for myself and share it with others, however if you would like to write, please leave all flaming behind and give only constructive criticism, feel free to email me at I also have a site at should you wish to read the full story or any of my other stories. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoy.

“What do you mean?” Jamie asked.

“We have found that in some cases that the angrier they are, the easier they are to catch, because they let their anger blind them, so they are not looking out as hard as they should be. Not that it really matters any, in all likelihood they would not have seen us coming anyways.”

“Oh, that makes sense I guess. So what do we do now?”

“Now the fun begins, we sit and wait. It will be a lot easier with you here though, because we won't have to keep watch, you will know when they move if you can feel the captain.” Sam grinned.

“Yeah, like right now he is pacing, it's kind of maddening really, being able to feel him like this, I have never felt that before, I think my range and sensitivity has increased since Danial and I joined.”

“Quite possible. So what should we do then until they move?” Sam asked.

“Well I was doing some research last night before I was interrupted, so I will get back to that.” Danial smiled warmly at Jamie.

“Just point me in a direction with something to do.” Jamie said.

“We may as well all grab a computer and do some reading. Jamie, when we finish something, we always mark it as read, so if you choose something that say read already, unless you want to read it, don't bother because we have already found anything that can be found out. Of course everything we have to read does not necessarily have to do with treasure hunting, but if that's what you're going to do, then now you know.” Sam said.

“Okay, will do. So have you guys ever tried to find Atlantis?”

“Yes, like every other treasure hunter in time, we have searched out every clue we could possibly find, but to no avail. We have actually given up because we have searched every text we could search, had our satellite scan everything it could, if it's out there somewhere, it is better at hiding then we are at seeking, and we are damn good.” Danial answered.

For the next several hours the three of them sat around the bridge, all looking at screens and reading. There was next to no talking, but occasionally Jamie would ask a simple question, and it would be answered, but until Jamie said that he felt the captain moving away from them, they did nothing but read.

“I think the captain is back on his ship and moving to the west, which unless he is in his ship, would be impossible.” Jamie said suddenly, breaking all concentration, Sam and Danial automatically bookmarking their pages for later and hopping up.

“Let's see if we can see them yet then!” Sam called out, and Danial went to the scanning station and played with it for a few minutes.

“Yep, there they are, they are heading almost due west, I say we wait for them to get a little ways from here before we strike, don't want anyone seeing anything and joining the party, now do we?” Danial grinned.

“Definitely not.” Both Sam and Jamie said at the same time.

“I painted them with the satellite, they are being tracked now, so no matter where they go, we will find them, I am going to get us a ways away from here.” Danial said, mostly for Jamie's benefit, since it was his dads way of doing things.

“Sounds good to me.” Sam said, and as Danial was reaching for the throttle, Jamie realized what was about to happen and clung to his chair.

The jump to their maximum speed was still as much a shock to Jamie as it was the last time, but this time he was more prepared for it and was more used to it now. Sam and Jamie went back to their reading while Danial watched the helm, watching where the Sea Wasp was heading. About two hours later the Sea Wasp took a turn and headed to a small uninhabited island in the area.

“Dad, they are stopping at an island, I am going to borrow the use of one of the spy satellites and see what they're up to.”


“Borrow the use of a spy satellite!” Jamie asked suspiciously.

“Oh yeah, a few years ago I hacked into the American governments spy satellite network, and we have used it since, but don't tell them, they might not like it any.” Danial grinned.

“No, I bet they wouldn't, but then again, since I have been with pirates for six years and am still alive, they would execute me just as easily as the actual pirates, so I don't particularly care what they think.”

“Yeah, it's sad that they execute the captives as well, but they actually do do so for a good reason, unless they can prove you are a captive, and are not a pirate pretending to be a captive, like you for instance, they wouldn't try you, you're much too young.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

“All that went onto the island just entered into a cave and I can no longer see them, bringing up our satellite to see if it can see anything in those caves.” Danial called out.

“Me thinks they either are looking for another hiding spot, this is their real hiding place, or it is some form of meeting ground.”

“Or execution grounds, I heard whispers about a place where pirates took their captives to get rid of them, maybe this is it.” Jamie said, sounding more than little sick.

“How many people went in Danial?”

“Twelve dad, two of them looked pretty small, possibly children as well.” Danial answered.

“Were there any other children on the ship with you Jamie?”

“Not that I know of, I was almost never allowed to leave my room, and when I did, it was usually to someone else's room. There could have been other kids on board, but I honestly don't know for sure.” Jamie answered.

“I think it's time our friends took a little nap then.” Sam said.

“Come on Jamie, join hands with us and project sleepy thoughts out to the ship and the island, you might be able to boost our power?” Danial asked.

They clasped hands and within a few minutes they could tell that their chore was accomplished, anyone within their range was asleep.

“Wow, you really helped boost our power, it normally takes us twice as long to do that.” Sam said happily.

“You figure we go to the island first as well dad?” Danial asked.

“Yeah, you two can join me, but if you are right about this place Jamie, then it could be pretty bad in there.” Sam said, leaving the decision up to the boys.

“I'm going.” Jamie said with a venomous bite.

“I will as well, I've seen it all before anyways.” Danial added.

“After watching my parents be murdered in front of my face, this will be nothing, no matter what we find in there.”

“Good point, we will take the small boat in then. You boys go get dressed, I will get our weapons and vests ready.”

“You got it dad.” Danial said, grabbing Jamie's hand and leading to their bedroom.

They quickly changed each others diapers first and then got dressed. Jamie had to make due with some of Danial's clothes, and even though they were way too big, they would be fine. All he needed was a belt, and Danial found one in his closet.

“There you go, not perfect, but it will do until we get a chance to get ashore and go shopping.” Danial said with a warm smile.

“It's way better than the rags the pirates had me in, when I was even allowed to get dressed that is. I think they only let me get dressed for the pleasure of getting to rip the clothes off me to rape me. That's all in the past now and they are about to be repaid.” Jamie said with no real emotion.

“Yes, they will be repaid.”

With only a nod from Jamie they headed out and Danial led him to the stern of the boat where their two inflatable rafts were. Sam was already there and had one of the boats in the water and was just unhitching it as they came out. Danial noticed their survival belts laying on a deck box so he went and grabbed his and Jamie's.

“Here you go Jamie, put this on.” Danial said, passing the belt over.

“My god, this thing's heavy, what the hell is in here?”

“Little of everything really; first is the gun, which I'm sure you noticed, there are a couple stun grenades, a survival knife, first aid kit, three days worth of water and food rations and a few other things. Never leave home without it, trust me, some of this stuff comes in handy sometimes.”

“Hell of a survival kit.” Jamie said in shock.

“Do you even know how to fire a gun Jamie?” Sam asked.

“I have unfortunately seen the pirates use them, but I have never fired one before, and I hope I never do.”

“Don't we all, and we have been fortunate to never have had to fire more than a warning shot before, but better safe then dead I always say. We will give you a crash course on gun safety and use then before we go, and we will even show you how to use the grenades.” Sam offered.

Jamie just nodded, he really was a little stunned at all this still, but he was accepting it. For the next half an hour Sam and Danial showed Jamie everything he would need to know to safely use his weapons, even going so far as to have him shooting out to sea to make sure he did not fall over from the recoil of the weapon. He did perfectly fine, so they all climbed down to the small boat and took off for the island first.

“You saw where they headed Danial, so you get to lead this little expedition.” Sam offered as soon as they were landed.

“Okay, it is only a few hundred meters or so this way, right towards that cliff face. The entrance to the cave is somewhere in there, but I don't know where exactly. Jamie will probably be able to feel the captain better than I can guess.”

“Yes, I can feel him, but it is hard to tell where he is exactly, almost as if he is right below us.”

“Probably is, the cave probably goes down, well let's go and find this cave entrance.”

“Lead the way boys.” Sam said and they did. It only took a few minutes to find the cave opening, it was wide open and not hidden in any way.

“This is nice, the cave is nice and large and appears to be well lit as well, must be some form of a power source on the island for this, makes searching easier without having to worry about the shadows you get with flashlights.” Danial commented.

“Yeah, I have no problems taking advantage of their lighting system either.” Sam added.

They walked in the mouth of the cave and walked for about a minute before they came to a chamber that had three doors cut into it, each leading a different way.

“Where to now.” Jamie asked.

“Simple, follow the path that looks like it has been actually used. That would be the left path, the center and right paths are all litter and dust filled, whereas the left path is free and clear. Not very smart, if they were trying to confuse people that should not be here, they really should have kept them all clean.” Danial answered simply.

“Good point, lead the way.” Jamie said with a smile.

They followed their chosen path and followed it for a few minutes longer, steadily going down and turning, heading towards the ocean. Finally they came to another chamber that had a few doors cut into it, the only difference being, there were actual doors covering the holes, and they all appeared to be used.

“Okay boys, take no chances, we will search each room separately, but together, guns out, just in case, I can't feel anyone in here awake, so we should be safe.” Sam said.

They went to the door on the far left first, opened it and found a bathroom, a pirate sitting on the toilet, head slumped forward, fast asleep. Sam grabbed a couple of the plastic ties he had in his pack and quickly tied the pirates hands together and then his feet together.

“Not the best place to find someone, but I've seen worse.” Sam grinned when he finished.

“No kidding.” Jamie said.

They then went to the room on the far right and found that it was simply a large storage room that was packed full of boxes and crates.

“I'm thinking that we might have some extra supplies or goodies in here.” Danial said.

“Probably yes, and after we finish with our business here we will check it all out, a lot of it is probably alcohol though which we will use to get rid of this place.” Sam said.

“Probably yes.” Danial said.

They then went to the middle door and opened it cautiously, they had not come here first because this was where they could feel the most amount of people. They opened the door to see fourteen people in the room, all asleep, most of them slumped to the floor. There were two boys, one of them currently spread on a stone table, each hand and foot tied to a different corner on the table, and both boys were naked. All over the room there was evidence as to what this place was, and Jamie had been correct, it was in essence a torture chamber, there was everything from torture tools, to a rack, and of course the stone table. The other boy was close to the rack and they all guessed that that was where that poor boy had been heading before they all fell asleep.

“How do we wake just the boys up?” Jamie asked.

“Quite easy really, just go up to them and touch them and tell them with your mind to wake up and they should wake up right away.” Danial answered, and they both headed to a boy to wake them up.

Both boys woke up at almost the same time, and both boys looked around fearfully with tears in their eyes, but not saying anything. It took them both a few moments to realize that the pirates they had come down with were all asleep and that there was only a friendly looking man and two boys with them.

“Hello boys, do not be afraid, we are here to rescue you and take these monsters into custody.” Sam said as softly as his deep voice could manage. Both boys though did relax considerably with that though.

Jamie, who had gone to the boy tied to the table, took out his knife and started cutting the ropes holding the boy tied down.

“There you go, you're free.” Jamie said soothingly.

“Thanks.” The boy whispered.

“Yeah, thanks.” The other boy whispered as well.

“You're welcome boys. So go ahead and tell us who you are and how you came to be here today?” Sam asked.

“Okay sir, my name is Ben, and I was captured by the pirates quite a few years ago now, but I enjoyed them fucking me, so they got bored with me and told me that if I didn't yell and scream while they fucked me, then they would make me really scream and brought me here.” Ben said quietly.

“And my name is Matt, and I too was captured a long time ago and have been their sex slave for as long as I can remember. They told me I was getting too easy for them and were going to take me somewhere to cure that problem. I was pretty certain I knew they were going to kill me, I could feel it, but I tried to block it.” Matt said quietly as well.

“Do either of you know how old you are, when you were captured, anything else?” Sam asked.

“All I know is that I have always been there, they said I was a baby when they captured me, still am really because I still have to be diapered.” Matt said.

“And I was about five or six when I was captured, but I have no idea how long ago that was.” Ben answered.

“Well Ben, you appear to be about twelve to thirteen by the size of your dick, and Matt, I would say you are about eight, if you know your last names we might be able to find out further.”

“Sorry, no.” Both boys answered.

“That's okay, it's probably not important.”

“I also know they killed my parents, they did it in front of me as a warning as to what would happen to me if I did anything stupid.” Ben added.

“They did the same thing to me as well guys, I escaped from the ship only a couple days ago.”

“Oh, so you're the reason they were so mad, we heard them yelling about one of their worthless little toys getting away.” Matt said.

“Yeah, that would be me. So did you guys know that there were other kids on the ship?” Jamie asked.

“No, today was the first time I have seen anyone other than a pirate since I was captured.” Ben said.

“Yeah, me neither, I wonder how many other kids there are on board.” Jamie wondered.

“Same here.” Danial added.

“Well I guess we should introduce ourselves then. I am Sam, I am a captain of a ship, but not a pirate ship, we are pirate and fortune hunters.”

“And I am Danial, Sam is my dad, and I am fifteen.”

“And I am Jamie, as you know I escaped as well, my parents murdered in front of me and then held and raped for six years, and I am eleven now.”

“Thanks.” Both boys said.

“You're welcome.” Sam said.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Matt was in fact eight, almost nine actually, he was very small and boyish, except his long hair, the pirates having never cut any of the boys hair. Matt's hair was black and straight, reaching to the top of his bum, but looked like it needed a good trim. He has dark brown eyes, medium nose and nice lips, and he was quite good looking. He had a small penis and balls that were years away from puberty. As with all pirate captives, he too was very pale and skinny.

Ben was actually closer to fourteen, but was quite small and no further along in puberty than Jamie was, except he was still very bald. He sported a still small penis and balls, but grew to a good size when hard. Ben has brown hair, long as well, but not so long as Jamie and Matt's was, brown eyes and smallish lips and nose.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So what should we do with these pieces of shit dad?” Danial asked.

“Well we have three boys here who would probably like to extract a little revenge on them, I say we tie them all to the table and pay them back for a little of the raping the boys had to suffer.” Sam grinned.

“Ah, getting blue balls again are you?” Danial grinned.

“Yeah, how did you know?” Sam asked innocently enough.

“Because it is the only time you fuck a pirate.” Danial answered honestly.

“Good point.”

They all worked together to get the pirates laid out onto the table and tied together by their hands and feet, and it took a while. Finally though Sam, Danial, and Jamie went around the table and woke each of the pirates up.

“What is the meaning of this, I am the most feared captain on the seven seas, you will pay for this.” The captain bellowed out. Sam went around the table so that he could face the captain and speak to him, the boys all following him.

“Oh really, you don't look so fearful now, and I am not scared of you anyways, and it is I that you fear, let's see if you recognize the name of my ship, the Sea Angel. Ah, I can tell by your face that you have, I know, no one has ever said they saw us, but you are a special case. I trust you recognize a few of the boys here with me today, you have raped them for many years, and you brought, or were going to bring, them here today to torture them and kill them, probably very slowly. Well they would like to pay you back just a little, you and your horrible crew members. I think though that because you are the captain and you lead this load of shit, that you get to be first.” Sam grinned.

“You can't do this, I will hunt you down and gut you so slowly you will beg me to kill you.”

“I assure you that I can, and I will too, but you are wrong about hunting us down, no one even knows who we are, and you won't be in any position to tell anyone anyways, because as soon as we get back to civilization, you and your entire crew will be executed for your many crimes, but now, enough with the talk or I instruct one of the boys to slice open your sack and let one of your balls fall out, I assure you, it would be very painful. Somehow though with all the tools in here I feel you already know that though.” Sam said, sounding as scary as he could, and it even sent chills down Danial's back, and he knew his dad would never be able to do anything like that.

The pirate captain just glared at Sam but kept his mouth shut, the other pirates had all been grumbling up until then as well, but they too quietened down considerably at the threat.

“Well boys, what are you waiting for, go rape the bastard, don't be afraid to really abuse him, and then go on down the line. There also appears to be many sex style toys in here, enjoy those too, I have few doubts they were used on you as well.” Sam grinned.

All three boys went around to the captain first, Jamie taking his knife and cutting the captain's pants off, like his had been cut off all those years ago, and soon the captain was naked from the waist down. Jamie spit onto his hand and then viciously shoved it up the captains ass, nearly to his elbow. The scream that erupted from the captain at the sudden and brutal anal raping he was getting was so loud that it actually hurt.

“How does it feel you animal, you did this to me when I was only a little boy, to really let you know how it feels, two other hands are going to be joining mine, put them in boys, I bet this monster did it to you as well.”

“Oh yeah.” They both said, spit on their hands, and one at a time, shoved them in as well.

The sudden addition of two more hands into his ass must have been too much for him to handle, because with only a strangled cry out, the captain passed out from the intense pain. Having three hands in the captains ass, one in quite a ways, was more than the captains ass could possibly handle, and it had torn, and he was bleeding, but the boys didn't seem to care, but as soon as they knew the captain had passed out, they figured he was no more use, so withdrew their hands. Jamie spat on the captains back, and the other two did the same thing.

“You passed out too quickly, I wanted to torture you more like you did to me, and I never once passed out, you are nothing and I will enjoy hearing about you dying.” Jamie said, spitting once again on the broken mans back.

“Wow, that was brutal.” Danial gasped out. He and Sam had both had to clamp down on their empathy because the feelings of hatred nearly made them collapse, but they in no way blamed the boys, they deserved this.

“Yeah, I think if I had have given the order to cut his balls, they might have actually done it.” Sam said in shock as well.

“Yeah.” Danial said.

“Who's next?” Jamie called out.

For obvious reasons no one answered that question, they had just seen three boys they had all enjoyed raping for many years, brutally rape their captain, making him pass out, and for the first time in their lives, they were truly afraid.

“No takers, well then, we will just pick randomly then, but you will all be raped, and I see a toy on the wall that was once used on me by one of you, I think you will remember who you are when I go and grab it, and I think you better start pushing now to loosen your ass a bit, it might help.” Jamie called out, and went to the wall of sex toys, picked out a massive dildo, nearly forty five centimeters long, and had to have been twenty across the head of the massive thing. He grabbed a large thing of lube and brought them both to the table, setting them in front of the face of one of the pirates to make him start blubbering like a little baby. He kept muttering how sorry he was, but he had enough dignity left to not beg to not have it happen, he knew it was going to. Jamie quickly cut the mans pants away and the shredded garments fell to the floor.

“Well guys, what are you waiting for, pick a pirate and have fun. As for you, I am using lube on you only because you were at least kind enough for me to use it, but this is still going to hurt like nothing you have ever imagined, and I had a lot of practice.” Jamie said menacingly.

The other four in the room each chose a pirate, and sharing the knives, cut the mens pants off, all of them, except Sam, going to the wall of toys and choosing large dildos. Sam just scooped up a little lube and smeared it on his hard dick and then in one swift move, buried himself in the mans asshole, and his scream joined the even louder scream of the pirate that Jamie was working. Jamie had used about as much force as he could and shoved the entire thing up the untrained ass of the pirate he had chosen, and with a mighty scream, Jamie started really moving the fake dick in and out of the mans widely stretched hole. Amazingly enough he did not pass out, something that sort of surprised Jamie. The other three boys in the room had all chosen the next largest toys and started brutally raping their chosen pirates, and their screams also joined the others. For only ten minutes they raped the pirates, Sam with his own large dick, and all the pirates were crying and whimpering, even the ones who knew their turns were next.

“You know, for a bunch of big mean pirates, I hear an awful lot of crying like babies, what is it most of them did to us when we cried in pain and humiliation guys?” Matt asked.

“They would stuff something in our mouths to stop that infernal racket, you'll take it and you'll like it.” Ben spat out.

“I have a wet diaper on that will make a good gag for one of them.” Danial offered.

“Me too.” Jamie added.

They both stripped their pants and diapers off and then stuffed the wet diapers as far into the mouths of two of the pirates as they could get. Sam grabbed his underwear and socks and did the same to three other pirates, and then the boys grabbed their socks and stuffed four more pirates mouths. They searched the room to see what else could be used to gag the remainder and they found a few things, three of them were large strap on dicks that had head bands on them, so three pirates had large dicks going into their throats, something they all enjoyed doing to the boys at times, and the others just got cloths they found laying around.

“There, that should keep them quiet.” Sam said. Sam had already had one orgasm, and the boys were all finished with their first victims and moved onto the next in the line.

Now that all the boys were naked as well, they each grabbed some lube and smeared their dick and sunk into their chosen pirate. Most of this round was lucky because only Sam and Danial had any real girth, but they were all in pain no matter what since they were mostly all anal virgins, the entry was very sudden and brutal, and none of them cared to prepare the men in any way. They all fucked away merrily for about ten minutes before they all came in their prisoners.

“Oh god, what was that?” Matt asked, feeling his first ever orgasm, shaking like a leaf.

“I wondered the same thing the first time it happened to me, you came. You had an orgasm, which is what the pirates always did in our mouths or bums, but they sprayed stuff in, we are too young to do that yet.” Ben answered.

“I can cum, but only just a tiny bit.” Jamie said proudly.

“Cool.” Ben said.

“Well should we continue then?” Danial asked.

“Okay.” Everyone answered.

For the next hour they all continued raping the pirates, most of them getting it twice before the boys and Sam were all tired.

“Well it's time to start scavenging, take anything that we can use or is of any value, like all the pirates jewelry. The sex and torture implements stay here though, they are vile and will never get to be used again. The booze also stays, I have special plans for it, also if you find any explosives, tell me about them.” Sam called out.

After what the pirates had all just gone through, they willingly let the boys take any rings they were wearing instead of fighting it, so all their jewelry was taken and piled on a shelf near the door. All the cupboards and drawers in the room were searched, and they did not find anything of any use to them, so it was all left. They went in search of the storage room where they figured the best stuff would be found. They were correct.

Every box and crate they found held lots of great items, mostly food and other various supplies, but they found a payment box, apparently the pirates would come here to buy their wares. They did find a whole box of different weapons, another full of every sort of bullet for the guns, another box with an assortment of grenades, and yet another one full of explosives. There were tons of ropes and other assorted things that were useful on a ship, as well as a whole host of different tools. It took nearly two hours to go through all the boxes and everything was moved out into the main chamber to be carted off. All of the alcohol, as well as a few pieces of the explosives, was moved into the torture chamber and a roll of wire was led to it and hooked up to a primer that Sam had also found.

“You're going to blow us up aren't you?” One of the pirates asked.

“You wish, no, you will be brought out as well in a few minutes and stored on your ship until we get you to the authorities where you will be tried and executed, probably the same day we get you there, so you get to think about that for a few days, and not be able to do anything. We don't want to ruin all the evidence after all, you guys are worth a lot of money to us alive.”

They all slumped down at this, wanting to tell them to just leave them, but knowing it would do no good. Using a few dollies they found in the storage room, the guys started taking all their new stuff up to the beach to take back to the boat, their last trip down was to collect their prisoners. They were all untied and strapped together using the plastic ties they had, the prisoner in the bathroom being first, the only one to have escaped being raped, only because no one wanted to clean him up first. They were all then led in a line back up to the beach and told to sit down and then they were strapped to a tree.

“Okay, I want to go check out the rest of the caves to make sure there is nothing left and and then we get to blow this place up.” Sam called out to the boys.

“Okay.” They all said.

For almost an hour they followed the caves, Sam using his scanner to plot their course and to check for hidden alcoves and rooms. They searched and searched, but it was only just a maze of tunnels, made to confuse and lose people, and they found nothing of any value in the tunnels.

“Well that was fruitless, oh well.” Jamie said.

“It happens, can't find a treasure around every corner now can we.” Sam grinned.

“No, I suppose not.”

“Well, should we go get our captives and our supplies and then go and see how high we can blow this place?” Sam asked.

“Okay.” All of them except Ben said.

“Aren't you afraid that someone will see the explosion and come and get us?” Ben asked a little scared.

“No, if they are stupid enough to come to check it out and they are pirates, then we will just take them in as well.” Sam said happily.

“Okay, but how, and how did we all fall asleep like that, and how did you wake us all up like that?” Matt asked, clearly confused.

“Here, let's go first and I will answer all that on the way out.” Sam said and Matt nodded. “Well you see, we three are empathic and Danial and I are telepathic, so we were able to project sleepy feelings at all of you to put you to sleep. To wake up all we have to do is either let you wake up on your own or tell you to wake up with our minds while we are touching you. It's quite simple.”

“Empathy is when you can feel other peoples feelings right?” Matt asked.

“Yes.” Sam answered.

“And telepathy is when you can see their thoughts right?”


“Okay, so what do you call it when you can sort of move things just by thinking about it?”

“Telekinesis, why do you ask?” Sam asked.

“Because I can do all that, but I still have a hard time doing it and it gives me a really bad headache if I try too hard.” Matt answered.

“You're pretty young to have those talents already, but that's about the same age as Danial was when he first started as well. Danial and I have all those powers as well, and Jamie is an empath.”

“Cool, I have read a little about it and have wondered if I was as well for a while now.” Matt said.

They continued the rest of the trek out of the caves in near silence as they worked their way out and it was only a minute later they were back in the first chamber that had the first set of three doors. Only a minute later they were back out on the beach.

“Danial, could you go get the freight raft inflated and attached to the boat please?” Sam asked once they were all out of the cave.

“Sure dad, come on Jamie, you can come and help me out.”

“Okay, but what are we doing?”

“You'll see.” Danial said.

They headed down to the boat and Danial pulled something from under one of the seats, it was pretty big and looked real heavy. He set it in the water and pulled a pin and all of a sudden it started hissing and expanding. It took fully three minutes for the raft to finish inflating and it was huge. It was a circle, four meters in diameter, one meter high inflated walls, and anchoring points every meter or so. It was made extra durable and could hold a huge amount in it, Sam had designed and had it made a number of years ago for taking goods back to the ship, often needing a lot more space than their little boat could handle. By the time the raft was inflated the other three had the first load of goods down to the edge of the water for loading up.

“You boys go ahead and get the rest of the stuff while I start packing it all into the raft.” Sam ordered, he could do all the heavy lifting, whereas the boys would not be able to, they only had to slip the dollies under things and bring them to the water with ease.

Half an hour later all the boxes were at the waters edge, and most of them in the raft already, and the boys went back up to collect the last of their stuff, their prisoners.

“Okay guys, here's how it's gonna work, we are going to have you stand back up and then we will free you from the tree and then you are to walk down to our raft and we will have you climb in. I have a gun and I am not afraid to use it, I won't kill you, but your nuts will never be the same.” Danial threatened.

They all complied, almost totally broken now, not even thinking of fighting, not after what the boys had done to them. They were all led down to the beach and they climbed into the raft without a word. Once everything was safe and secure in the raft, a large net was passed over everything and secured to the anchor spots on the raft, ensuring that everything stayed where it was supposed to.

“Well boys, I think that's everything, hop on into the boat and we will take off, as soon as we are far enough away I will start the fireworks.” Sam said happily.

They all hopped in the boat and sat down, Sam taking the controls and Danial pushing them out. Sam got the engine started and got their raft lines tight, and then slowly started increasing the power to pull the very heavy load. Slowly they started picking up speed, but going nowhere near fast, and the trip back to the ship was quite long. They did of course stop about halfway back to watch the show.

“Well I think we are far enough away to be safe, then again we could have done this on the beach and have been safe.” Sam said and then took a remote igniter and hit the buttons to activate the systems and then hit the firing button.

For a few seconds nothing happened and then they saw a plume of dust and smoke come out where the entrance to the cave was, and one up at the top of the cliff where an air shaft must have been. A couple seconds later they heard the rumbling, and then it was over, and only a little dust and smoke was left.

“Well that was a little disappointing, I was hoping to really see it blow up.” Matt said.

“No, with all of the explosives there and on my ship, we could not have achieved that, but trust me, no one will ever use that cave again, it will be completely and totally caved in.” Sam said warmly.

“That's good at least, I don't even want to think how often that place has been used and for what.” Jamie added.

“Let's go home boys, and then we will go back to the pirate ship and scavenge everything from there as well.” Sam said and then started them moving again.

They made their way back to the ship and just as they were about to reach it, Sam grabbed another remote and hit a button and a door in the port side started opening up for them to move their new stuff right into.

“Cool ship.” Ben muttered.

“Yeah, we like it.” Danial said, he was sitting next to the boy, so was the only one to hear him.

Sam pulled right up to the opening and tied the boat off and then climbed up and into the ship, grabbing each boys hand and helping them up and in as well. Sam then grabbed a hook on the wall, it was on a long pole, stuck it out and maneuvered it a minute and undid the cargo raft and then pulled the rope inside and then attached it to a winch and pulled the raft up to the opening. He then used the hook again to remove the netting with practiced ease, and then using a cargo lift he started removing all the boxes and crates from the raft and setting them in the cargo hold. Last out were the prisoners, one of them looking a little blue, one of the ones with a diaper still in his mouth.

“Um dad, one of the pirates with a diaper in his mouth is looking a little blue, I don't think he's getting enough air.” Danial said.

“Better go remove the gags, we don't want to be called cruel now do we.” Sam grinned, not really caring one way or the other, but live prisoners were more money than dead ones.

Danial jumped down into the raft and went to the blue man first and removed the diaper.

“Thanks.” The man whispered.

Danial paid no attention to him though and just went and removed the gags from all the men, the three with the large dildo gags coughing as they were removed from their throats.

“Now, we were kind enough to remove the gags, we will put them back in if we hear anything, and this time we will all shit in diapers and use those.” Danial warned.

Not one word was said, even the captain, who was very used to getting his own way, was about as broken as his previous slaves were.

“That's disgusting.” Sam giggled as he offered his hand to pull his son up.

“Yeah, I know, and I would do it too. How much you want to bet they don't utter a word though, I think they are smart enough to realize we can do with them what we wish and get away with it.”

“You're right. Okay guys, we will leave you out there for only a few minutes and will bring you up in a minute and then we will take you to your ship.” Sam said and then detached the boat and the raft and closed the door, the five of them heading back up to the stern to retrieve the boat and raft.

When they got up there the first thing brought back up was the raft, and then a special line with five hooks on it was sent down.

“There are anchors on the raft that are marked with a hook, take a hook and attach them to those anchors and we will pull you up.” Sam called out.

Five of the pirates grabbed the hooks and maneuvered them, as best they could with secured hands, onto the anchors, and as soon as they were all attached, Sam started the hoist and lifted them all up. Less than a minute later the raft and all fifteen pirates were on the deck.

“Danial, if you would, please take us to the pirates ship?” Sam asked.

“Sure dad, you wanna come with me guys?” Danial asked the others.

“Okay.” They all said, and the four boys all headed to the bridge of the ship.

“Wow, this is impressive.” Ben said.

“Thanks, we like it.” Danial said and then started the engines up and slowly maneuvered them to the pirates ship. It took only a few minutes for them to arrive and as soon as they did, Danial fired the starboard side automatic boarding systems, quickly securing the two ships together and sending gang planks over so that they could easily move people and supplies back and forth. This was one of his dads nifty little inventions many years back and it had proven a good one many times over.

“Okay, let's go find my dad and get this show started.” Danial said happily.

And they all followed Danial back out onto the deck and to the rear of the ship.

“Okay men, walk over to your ship and sit with your backs to the rails and do not think of moving.”

The pirates all stood up and walked sullenly over to their ship and then sat down as they were instructed. Even Sam was surprised with just how cooperative they were all being, but he didn't care, if they tried anything he would just put them all back to sleep.

“Okay, our chore is to get all the pirates up onto the deck to join their friends, find any more captives if any, and find all things useful to us. Danial and I will get the crew members, the rest of you start searching for anything, bring everything up onto the deck, we have one hour.” Sam called out.

“Okay.” Everyone said and bolted.

It took a little over an hour to complete the chores that Sam had set out, and it was long tiring work for everyone, especially for Sam and Danial who had to muscle all the heavy pirates onto carts and bring them up onto the deck to join the others, each one of them being secured to the railing. There was lots to find for everyone, but the most important find was a small four to five year old boy who had been nearly pinned under the big pirate that had his dick buried in the tiny boys little ass, he too was rescued and laid gently on the deck, being kept asleep until later. Finally everything was piled up on the deck and they were finished.

“Okay boys, we have worked real hard and I know we are all hungry, but we're not quite finished yet. Danial and Jamie, you go ahead and get a good dinner going and make some slop for our friends here, we will get this stuff moved over to our deck to sort out later.”

“Okay.” They all said, Danial and Jamie heading to go get some much needed food.

“If you boys want to get started, move what you can, I am going to wake everyone up and then I will help you.”

“Yes sir.” They said.

“Please, call me Sam boys?” Sam asked gently.

“Okay Sam.” They smiled.

The boys went about their work and Sam went first to the little boy who was still sleeping peacefully, and had now curled up and was sucking his thumb in his sleep. He was a cute little guy, very small and his size defied logic as to how grown men could possibly fuck his tiny little ass without killing the poor boy. He was a mousy brown haired little boy and his hair was shoulder length, he had a tiny little button nose and small lips, and even though Sam could not yet see them, he had green eyes. He had a tiny little penis and balls that appeared to have snuck inside to keep a little warm. Sam knelt above him and gently laid his hand on the boys forehead and told him to wake up in his mind, and a few seconds later the little boys fluttered open and he had fear written all over as soon as he saw Sam.

“Ssh little man, you have nothing to fear of me, look around you and see that all the mean people that hurt you can no longer do so and I will never hurt you, no one on my ship will for as long as you want to stay with me.”

“Who are you?” The little naked boy gasped out.

“My name is Sam, I am the captain of the Sea Angel.” Sam said softly.

“And you're not going to hurt me any more?”

“No, no one will ever hurt you or force their big peepee's inside your little bum or mouth, or even make you do anything that you don't want to do, except for clean your room and help in the kitchen, you know, chores.”

“Thank you, sir, but I do sort of like having a peepee in my bum, it sort of feels good once it stops hurting.”

“But you're so small, how long have they been doing this to you to have you like it?”

“I don't know, forever I think sir.”

“Poor little guy, well you don't have to do anything you don't want to do, and from now on, please call me Sam okay.”

“Okay Sam, thank you.”

“So what's your name then?”


“Well Timmy, why don't you go ahead and go to our ship and find the kitchen, there you will find my son Danial and his soon to be boyfriend Jamie.”

“How do I get there?”

“Just go in that door there and follow the hall, you can't miss it.”

“Thanks Sam.”

Timmy, obviously happy with having any sort of freedom, and not even paying any attention to the fact he was naked still, just ran off in search of the kitchen. He, like the other boys, had no freedom, was kept naked most of the time, and was nothing more than a toy for the pirates.

“You make me sick.” Sam said as he walked past the captain, but kept right on walking, not allowing the pirate to say anything in his defense, not that he had any. Sam did see in the pirates mind though that Timmy had been about a year old when they kidnapped him and they had had him a little over five years, so the tiny boy was over six already, hardly looked four, but then none of the boys looked their true age. He went and touched each pirate on the forehead and told them to wake up, and they were all awaken, feeling a little groggy and disoriented, and not to mention a lot confused.

“You are not to talk, you are not to move, don't even think of screaming for help, there is none. Your captain is allowed ten minutes to explain everything to you once I am off the ship, and then you will all be fed something and then you will all go to sleep.” Sam told everyone sternly.

Sam quickly helped the boys to take the rest of their new things over to their ship. Once they were done they headed in to get some much needed dinner.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Timmy headed into the ship and found the kitchen easily enough, it was right where he was told it would be. When he arrived he found an odd sight, two older boys standing around in diapers, and he thought he was the only boy in diapers still. The pirates had never potty trained him either, just made him clean himself up. He had to learn all by himself how to poop in the toilet because he was sick of cleaning that up, it was really gross he thought, and that was not even all that long ago. He did still really like peeing in the diapers and thought them very comfortable.

“Oh, hello, and who are you?” Danial asked when he realized they were not alone, he felt Timmy all of a sudden and it was mostly his desire for being in diapers that he felt.

“My name is Timmy, and Sam said his son Danial and his soon to be boyfriend Jamie were in here and I was to come and help.” Timmy said innocently enough. Both older boys just smiled warmly.

“Well then, come on in and help us, I would offer you a diaper, but I have none that would fit you. Maybe you have some on your old ship still though that we can get later.”

“How did you know that's what I wanted?” Timmy asked curiously.

“Because it was the only thing in your mind at the time, I am a telepath which means I can see your thoughts.”

“Oh cool, what am I thinking now then?”

“That you want me to stick my big dick up your little bum, preferably through your wet diaper.”

“Wow, that's awesome, and I would totally like that.”

“Not me, and not yet, first you have to get more at home here and we have to have dinner.”

“Yeah, and I am going to be Danial's boyfriend and he hasn't even let me do that yet.”

“We have plenty of time, we can just go slow and learn to love each other first.” Danial said lovingly.

“Yeah, but what if I just want sex?”

“You can use your own hands then. Now what is your name, you still haven't told us?”

“Oh, it's Timmy, and which one are you?”

“I'm Danial and this is Jamie.”

“Thought so, you look a lot like your dad, big and strong and very good looking.” Timmy said effusively.

“Thanks.” Danial said, glad for the compliment.

“So how can I help?” Timmy asked.

“We have a big pot of oatmeal on for our prisoners, if you would like to start dishing into enough bowls to serve them all that would be good.”

“Um, I don't know how many there are out there.” Timmy said.

“Not a problem, there are forty of them out there, I will get the bowls for you, the spoons are in there.” Jamie offered.

“And I will continue on our dinner then.” Danial added.

Jamie went and grabbed enough bowls for everyone and Timmy grabbed the spoons and started dishing up all the bowls, filling each one about three quarters full and putting a spoon in it.

“How do I take this out there?” Timmy asked.

“Easy, I help you with the help of these carts.” Sam answered, just coming in. Matt and Ben had followed Sam in and they went and sat down at the table to wait quietly, they were very tired and hungry.

“Okay.” Timmy said happily, sounding so free for the first time.

They took a minute to load the bowls onto the two carts and then they took them all out and over to the other ship.

“Okay, first thing I have to do is untie our prisoners so that they can eat, if you would hold my gun and point it at the captains forehead, it should prevent them from trying anything silly, just don't pull the trigger unless you have to though please.” Sam said, handing his gun over to Timmy.

Timmy took the offered weapon and deftly held it and aimed it at the captains forehead as instructed to, and even the captain was surprised with how easily the boy held the gun. None of them dared to move though as the captain came around and cut each of the prisoners bonds with his cutters, none of them moving any at all.

“Good, I am glad you didn't move, you're smarter than you look. Now, we will hand out your dinner, you have five minutes to eat once you all have your meal.”

They quickly handed each pirate a bowl of the oatmeal and they all ate it ravenously, and as soon as the last bowl was handed out, Sam looked at his watch. He checked every so often and then as soon as they were all done, just under the five minute mark, he started projecting sleepy thoughts at them, all passing out after a few minutes. It of course took him a little longer than normal to do this as he normally had help, but it was not hard for him either.

“Wow, how did you do that?” Timmy asked.

“I am an empath, so I can project thoughts at people to make them feel almost anything I want them to feel, I made them feel very sleepy, which caused them to fall asleep. Now if you would like to help me secure them all again it would be a great help. Oh and can I have my gun back please?” Sam asked.

“Sure, you gave it to me with the safety on though, wouldn't have done much good like that, good thing I know all about guns, I turned the safety off, but it is back on now once they fell asleep.” Timmy said and handed the gun over.

“How did you learn about guns.”

“Well I just played on the computer terminal in my room a lot, I can't really read very well yet, but I knew enough to search things, and gun was one of the first things I actually spelled out on the computer by accident, so I studied all of them as good as I could.”

“That's very impressive.” Sam said and then handed Timmy a handful of the plastic ties and then quickly showed him how to put them on their prisoners.

Not even ten minutes later, all their captives were attached to the railings of the ship and they were heading back to theirs to get dinner.

“So what are you boys burning up for dinner anyways?” Sam asked as they walked back in.

“Just some spaghetti, quick, easy, and filling.” Danial answered.

“Good idea, and how about garlic toast, you know how I feel about having garlic toast with pasta?”

“Already on it dad, and I know, you find it an insult to not have garlic toast with pasta.” Danial sighed, but then ruined the look he was going for by smiling.

“Good, glad to hear you're taking care of your old dad properly.” Sam smiled warmly.

Danial just smiled back at his dad and turned back around and continued with the last few preparations he and Jamie had left to do, and within five minutes they were done. With a flourish the table was set with a huge pot of spaghetti as the centerpiece, a large bowl of salad and a large platter of garlic toast flanking it.

“Wow, look at all this food.” Matt said in awe.

“It smells so good.” Ben said, actually drooling.

“Then, by all means dig in, and don't be afraid to have seconds.” Danial proclaimed, and the rush to get food looked like a velociraptor pack attack, both Sam and Danial holding back, being smart enough. They almost chuckled at the feeding frenzy between the four hungry boys, but they deserved it, they probably had never had such a good meal, or at least not in a long time. Once the main frenzy was over, Sam and Danial grabbed a good plate full of the delicious meal and also dug in, really enjoying it along with the others. For the next thirty minutes the only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of all the hungry boys eating.

“Oh man was that good, and I can't believe it, but it's all gone, I never thought we'd eat that much.” Timmy exclaimed once he finished licking his plate clean.

“Neither did I, I actually expected that to last for lunch tomorrow as well.” Danial said in amazement.

“Oh well, can always make more, and we have four boys who are going to need lots of good food to get some weight on and get healthy again.” Sam said.

“True, but amazingly enough none of you guys look malnourished or really underfed, so they must have fed you at least decently.” Danial said.

“Yeah, I was fed twice a day, not lots, but I never went hungry, and sometimes the food was not great, but it was good enough.” Jamie said.

“Me too.” The others said.

“That's good. Well I am going to go get the other ship prepared to get us moving and then I am going to get us on our way, we don't want to be caught out here with this anchor attached to us now do we? Danial, if you would show the boys the bedrooms please, and you can all go get cleaned up and get ready for bed.”

“No we most assuredly do not, and sure dad.”


“Come on guys, let's go then.”

“Okay.” They all said.

“Okay, we have two bedrooms left, and here they are, they have large beds and an attached bathroom, I figure that Matt and Timmy can share, since they are the smallest, and Ben you can have the other one. Jamie and I already share a room and dad has the other. Is that okay with everyone?”

“Sure.” They all said brightly.

“Good, go on in and get a nice hot shower and brush your teeth, you will find new toothbrushes in the drawers, and all the cloths and towels you need are in the cupboards.”

They all rushed off to their rooms and did as they were told. Danial and Jamie waited until the others were in their rooms before they entered theirs and they each stripped off their soggy diapers and headed to the shower.

“Could you wash my back please?” Jamie asked.

“Of course, as long as you wash mine.”


They had been in the shower for a few minutes washing themselves by that time, and they could both tell what the other was thinking, but Danial wanted to hold off, but he was finding it hard, in more sense than one. Danial grabbed the sponge and soaped it up real well and tenderly washed Jamie's back and bum, even venturing inside to clean his crack, and Jamie moaned from the attention. When Danial finished washing without doing anything fun, Jamie groaned out in frustration.

“Come on, you can't just tease me like that and not put your dick in there, I need you in me!”

“No, not yet, we have all the time in the world and we don't have to worry about sex, we should just get to know each other better, love each other first. You're not like the others I have been with, with you I want love, need love.” Danial whispered mind to mind, pouring as much love into Jamie as he could manage.

“When you put it like that, I feel the same way as well, but I need to get off as well.” Jamie pouted.

“We can give each other a hand tonight to help, okay.” Danial said, leaning in for a quick gentle kiss.

“Mmm, okay.” Jamie sighed.

“Now you wash my back please, and remember, no playing?”

Jamie just nodded, grabbed the sponge, and washed Danial up the same way. A few minutes later they were both washed and ready to get out. They dried off, brushed their teeth and then went and diapered each other. Once they were ready, they headed out to the living room to wait for the others.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Matt and Timmy had went into their room together and just looked in awe at the huge room that they would now be sharing. They went to the bathroom next and were even more amazed at the sheer size and grandeur of it. Matt went to the shower first and turned it on, getting it nice and hot.

Without a word at all, the two young boys climbed into the hat shower and they just stood under the relaxing spray for nearly five minutes before even moving. Once Matt started washing though, so did Timmy, and they each washed themselves slowly, enjoying that as well. Bathing on a pirates ship was something you did not get to enjoy, you got a shower once a week, it was in cold water, and one of the pirates scrubbed you roughly with a harsh brush, so this was a very rare treat to both boys. They both started washing their groins at the same time, and they were both watching the other, and they both got hard little dicks from the actions of washing and watching. When they both realized that they were looking at each other, they both looked up to each others eyes and blushed cutely in the hot water, still they said nothing.

Finally they climbed out of the shower and dried off and then brushed their teeth and hair. They both went out to their bedroom and for the first time since they entered, they spoke.

“I have a problem, I need diapers or I will pee all over the place.” Timmy whispered.

“That's okay, so do I, let's go see if we can find anything.” Matt answered.


They went in search of someone to see what they could do and they found Danial and Jamie in the living room talking quietly, they had only been there for a minute, so they had barely started their conversation.

“Hi guys, feel better?” Danial asked.

“Yes, lots better. Both Timmy and I need diapers and we don't have any, what can we do?”

“Well you had diapers on the other ship right, so that means they would have had them, which means that we now do, it's just a matter of finding where they are, which is on our deck somewhere. Come on, we can go and look.” Danial answered.

“Okay, never thought of that.” Matt said happily and the four of them walked out onto the deck where all the goods had been piled. Sam was out there busily working on organizing everything.

“Hi guys, diapers have been piled right over there, you can take them in if you want.” Sam said before anyone could even ask.

“Thanks dad, that's why we came out, to see if you had found them yet and if so where you put them, but you already knew that anyways.” Danial grinned.

“Because I knew they would be needed.”

“You figured that you had better get this stuff secured before getting a move on so that it did not all get blown away!” Danial half asked, half stated, he figured that was the reason they were not yet moving.

“Yeah, we aren't in any real rush anyways. If no one has come out here yet, I doubt they will be here anytime soon and I cannot feel anyone even anywhere near, so we're safe for now.”

“Yeah, me neither. Well we will get this stuff inside and get the boys diapered and then we will come out and help you.”

“You go ahead and take that stuff inside, but don't worry about coming out to help, I am almost done, you boys just go put in a movie and relax.”

“Okay dad, just call if you need anything.”

“I will.”

They each grabbed as much as they could carry, getting nearly all of it, and went to the bedrooms and dropped it off in Matt and Timmy's room, since they were the ones needing these ones anyways.

“Would you like us to diaper you guys?” Jamie asked gently.

“Please.” They both answered.

Jamie and Danial both nodded and went to work, diapering both the young boys up, taking their time, pouring as much love into the two little boys as they could, relaxing them so much they almost fell asleep.

“There you go, nice and thickly diapered, just the way us babies should be huh?” Danial asked warmly, with a silly grin on his face.

“Yeah, but I'm not really a baby.” Timmy quipped.

“Nah, not really, but no one here cares.”

“Come on, let's go watch a movie.” Jamie said.

The four of them left the room quickly and headed to the living room to find Ben already there waiting for them.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ben had went to his room, gone to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, hopped into a nice hot shower, his first in what felt like forever, and just stood there for many minutes enjoying the feel of the hot water cascading down his nice body. Finally Ben started washing himself, giving himself a nice gentle scrubbing, not like it used to be, so rough and miserable, but this felt so nice. As Ben was washing his dick, it rose up, seeking some attention, Ben, as all the other boys, had become accustomed to a lot of sex, and he needed a little attention now, so using a soapy hand, he rubbed himself off to a nice satisfying orgasm, taking less than two minutes to achieve.

Giving himself one final wash and rinse, Ben shut off the water, hopped out and dried off. As with the others, Ben had no clothes, and because he was more than a little used to going around naked, he had no problem going out to the living room wearing nothing at all, knowing full well the others would all be in diapers, secretly wishing that he himself was in one.

Ben had only been sitting on one of the couches waiting for maybe five minutes when the others all cam in together. As he had expected they would be, they were all in diapers and looked very hot and had a vision of them all bending over for him in their soggy diapers, and he fucking their cute asses. Danial obviously saw the image in Ben's head, because Danial looked at him with amusement and shook his head no, as if saying not a chance. Ben just blushed and abolished this thought.

“As enjoyable as that looked, no thanks, and I doubt Jamie would want to either, and from the way the younger boys are looking at each other in their minds, they look to want to be together as well, maybe you'll have better luck with my dad.” Danial told Ben in their minds.

“Wow, that was weird.” Ben said out loud.

“What was weird?” Jamie asked, Matt and Timmy also nodding in confusion.

“Oh, just Danial saying something to me in my mind.” Ben admitted.

“I thought that you would only be able to speak to others who are telepathic?” Jamie said.

“Not normally. You and I for instance can do so, but that is because of that bonding we went through. I can talk to others in their mind as well, but unless they are telepathic, they won't be able to talk back. The other person also has to have at least a tiny amount of telepathy in order for it to work, but most people at least have just a tiny bit, but Ben, I think you have a lot more than that, I can also feel something else, but I don't know what it is.”

“You think I might be telepathic?” Ben asked curiously.

“At least a little, but you should know it already if you are, but I guess on a ship of pirates, your mind could have shut it off to protect you I guess, the problem is going to be figuring out how to turn it back on, but that's not what I am wondering about. I feel something else in there. Would you allow me to look, I assure you it is not painful unless you fight me when I go in, and then you might get a headache, but I can sometimes see things.”

“How do you do that?”

“Well, easy really, you just lay down, relax as much as you can, clear all your thoughts and try and think peaceful, relaxing thoughts, and then I just put my hands on your forehead and look into your mind. Like I said though, I may not be able to see anything at all, I have not gotten very good at this yet with only my dad to practice on, but it doesn't hurt to try”

“Okay, I'm kinda curious as to what you're talking about, but will I know what you're doing?”

“Yes, as I go in, if you are relaxed and calm, you should be able to see what I see.”

“Neat.” Ben said and promptly laid down on the couch and closed his eyes and everyone who was empathic could feel him relax.

Danial knelt down and put his hands on Ben's forehead and also relaxed, and as soon as he felt he had the connection, he started looking around. At first everything was sort of hazy, almost like he was looking through a dense fog, but then it all started to clear up, in fact it was exactly when Jamie put his hand on Danial's shoulder, obviously boosting his power considerably. Jamie for his part could also now see what Danial and Ben were seeing. Danial searched around all the sections of Ben's brain for quite some time, just looking for anything abnormal, sort of like opening up doors sort of and looking in. Finally Danial found something odd, a door he couldn't get through, and he could feel the reason why, it was sealed with hatred, so what was the opposite of hatred, love of course. So Danial starting blasting the area with feelings of love, and slowly the door started to open, revealing inside that Ben was fully telepathic, fully empathic, and he also had the capability of projecting images outwards. This shocked Danial so much he stumbled and lost the connection, but not worried, certain he had found what he had been looking for to begin with.

“Wow, what was that?” Both Ben and Jamie asked at the same time.

“How long was I in there and how long have we been moving for?”

“Almost an hour.” Matt answered.

“Wow, my longest ever, you don't feel the time fly by when you're doing that. Well I found the problem as you saw, your mind had sealed your talents with the hatred you had for the pirates and all you needed was love to free them. You are fully telepathic, empathic, and something I have never heard of before, you can project images outwards. Normally telepathic people can transmit images to each other, but I think you can project those images so that anybody could see what you are thinking. Give it a try, think of something and try and project it.”

Ben got a look of concentration on his cute face and after nearly a minutes wait, it happened. At first it was faint, but it got clearer, but they were surrounded by an oasis, palm trees, beautiful lagoon, huge waterfall, the works. It was almost as if they were actually there, and the only way they could tell they were still in the living room was they knew they were, nothing else would tip it off. Ben managed to hold it for a few minutes before he let the picture go, and much more suddenly than it had occurred, they were back in the living room.

“Holy shit, that's awesome.” Matt exclaimed in awe.

“I'll say, I have never seen or heard of such a thing. How do you feel after doing that Ben?”

“Weird, I didn't think I could do anything, but you know, I think I remember a few times when I was a kid that I thought of something and then briefly saw it.”

“Your head doesn't hurt at all does it, sometimes using your powers too much can give you a headache?”

“No, at least I don't think so.”

“I wonder how long you can hold that for then?”

“I am a little more tired now though.”

“To be expected I guess, I am very tired after working on you for so long like that, it is very tiring when you do things like that, but you get more used to it and can go for longer periods of time as you get better at controlling it. Well I guess a movie is out of the question now, I am tired and I can feel that Jamie is as well and Matt and Timmy are only awake because this was so interesting. Let's all get to bed.”

“Okay, but I need a change first, can you change me please?” Matt asked.

“You don't look that wet.” Danial said and then reached out and gave Matt's diaper a squeeze. “And you don't feel full, so you should be good until morning, those diapers will hold a lot, mine are even better and I once went twenty four hours without a change, it wasn't even close to leaking yet, but it was sagging so bad it was knocking my knees.”

“That's funny, but if you're sure, I don't mind.” Matt said.

“Cool, well we're going to bed, are you as well Ben?”

“No, I think I am going to stay up a little longer.”

“Okay, good night then.”

“Good night, and thank you.”

“You're welcome.”

The boys all left the living room together and Ben just stayed sitting there, just thinking and searching his own mind now, now that he could. One of the abilities of the telepathic was that they could look inside their own minds just like Danial had looked into Ben's, difference was that it was a lot easier to do. Ben sat there for nearly an hour before getting up. He was a little thirsty, so went and grabbed a drink and then went in search of Sam.

“Hi Ben, how do you feel about your newly found skills?” Sam asked, not even looking around, having felt and seen the entire scene in the living room a while ago.

“I don't know, it is sort of scary really, I am the only person to be able to do this, and I just found out.” Ben whispered.

“It's okay, Danial and I are the only ones that we're aware of that have telekinesis, and we're fine. We will be able to help you out a great deal. Everything is really controlled the same way, all you have to do is think about it and tell it to happen, and it will. Of course if you are not very powerful and you want to do something big, you might hurt yourself, and it might not happen, but we can teach you all about that. You however seem to have full power on all your abilities, whereas Danial and I do not, we only have full power in a couple areas. So what that means, is that you are more powerful than we are overall.”


“Yep, but no worries there. So what's with the image you have playing in the background with me laying on my bed wearing a diaper with my boner sticking out a hole in the front, you wearing a diaper with a hole in the seat and bouncing on my boner, are you trying to get fresh with me?” Sam teased.

“Actually I was hoping you couldn't see that.” Ben blushed cutely.

“Well I can and it looks like fun, but not tonight. You will also need some help with your telepathy and empathy to learn how to block and send only what you want and all that, but again, we can help you with that.”

“You mean you'd really let me do that to you?”

“Sure, as long as I get to do it to you as well. Do you want me to diaper you now?”

“I'd really like that.”

“Okay, go to the hall closet beside your bedroom door and you will find our selection of diapers, pick out the one you want and come on back and I will diaper you.”

“Thanks.” Ben said and ran off.

He quickly found the closet and found a huge collection of different diaper packs in virtually every size, there had only been Danial's size and up before Sam added the rest of the diapers from the pirate ship, they had never bothered to keep small diapers before. Anyways, Ben grabbed one of the thickest ones he could find for himself and then on a whim, grabbed the same style in a larger size for Sam, hoping it would fit, and hoping Sam would let himself be diapered. With his two diapers in hand, Ben went back to the bridge.

“Ah, I was wondering if you would want to diaper me as well tonight, I will let you diaper me.” Sam said, but he already knew it, the closet was not that far away.

“Thanks.” Ben said all happily.

Ben laid down on the cold deck floor first and Sam quickly diapered him, Sam then got up and got undressed and laid down as well, Ben now getting up to get Sam all nice and thickly diapered.

“There, that's better.” Ben grinned.

“It is kinda neat. I knew it was, but I have never worn one before.”

“Yeah. So how are we able to move when the pirate ship is attached to us like it is?” Ben asked curiously. The pirate ship was much larger, nearly twice the size, and it was still attached to their side as Danial had done earlier.

“Easy really. We just stay together like that, then I link up to their ships computer system for navigation and then voila, we now are running two engines. This way our ship does not have to do all the work and get too stressed out.”

“Cool. I never heard of that before.”

“Because I am the one who designed and built the systems and no one else knows how I did it, and they won't either.”

For the next hour the two stayed up and talked, getting to know each other more and getting closer together. The boys were of course all fast asleep by now. Finally Sam stopped them and let them drift for the night and they went to bed together.

“I need you in my ass, can you fuck me please?” Ben asked.

“First of all no, I will never fuck you, I will make love to you, but never just fucking. Second, not tonight, it is already very late, and you are nearly asleep on your feet. Third, let's get to know each other a bit before we start moving in that direction. We can give each other a hand tonight if you wish.” Sam said gently, giving Ben a gentle hug and pouring out the love.

“Okay, I know you're right, I can feel it.” Ben sighed.

They laid back and Ben cuddled right into Sam on the large bed, Sam reaching down to Ben's slender tummy and petting the soft skin there, Ben reaching to Sam's larger muscular stomach, playing in the hairs of the big mans treasure trail. Slowly they each slipped their hands down into the damp regions of the others diaper, each finding a very hard erection to play with. At the same time, they each took a hold of the pulsing member inside and they slowly started jacking each other off, Ben having to forcefully hold himself back from jacking Sam off too fast or he from exploding instantly at the incredible sensations. They were both moaning and groaning as they were petting and stroking each other, and even Sam, who had had nice gentle sex with many men in the past, was amazed at how loving and gentle this felt. It seemed that the poor abused little boy that was pleasuring him had a lot of love buried deep in his body. In under five minutes though they were exploding, it was fantastic to say the least, it was much too soon for both of them, but it was not able to be helped.

“Oh that felt so good.” Ben moaned out a few seconds later, coming down from his first ever orgasm caused by another person. In the past he had always had to take care of himself once the pirates were done with him. If he was lucky he might get a spontaneous orgasm while he was being raped, but he was usually punished for that anyways.

“I'll say.” Sam sighed out.

“Can I kiss you please?” Ben almost pleaded.

Sam didn't answer, he just rolled over and went in for a nice soft and tender kiss. For a boy who had never kissed before, Ben was doing a damn good job, their tongues intertwined, dancing the dance of love, and with the both of them sharing their feelings back and forth, the kiss was far more intense than the hand job only minutes before. Finally they broke the kiss and Sam rolled back over onto his back.

“Wow, I never knew that could feel so great.”

“Me neither, but then again I have never had another empath partner either, I can't wait until we do make love to each other, but I think the first few times we may both pass out from it, it just might get to be too much.”

“Oh yeah, but it will be so worth it.” Ben sighed.

“Definitely. Well we really should get to sleep, goodnight, I love you.”

“Mmm, I like that, goodnight, I love you too.”

And they both meant it, they could very easily feel the love they now shared, it had only been a very short time for them, but they knew they were in love, they knew it was for forever, and they knew they had lots of time together to explore each other. Seconds after their loving proclamations, they both fell asleep as if Sam had worked his magic, but he had not.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Matt and Timmy had gotten to their room, closed the door, and went and got under the covers, and stayed quiet like that for a few seconds each, both thinking about what they wanted, but neither boy knowing how to bring it up. It was finally Timmy that screwed up the courage to speak first.

“Matt, can you put your peepee in my bum?”

“I'd really like that, but only if you put yours in mine as well.” Matt grinned.

“Okay.” Timmy said brightly, and then they both ripped off their already wet diapers.

Both boys were very hard and pulsing, not very large, but Timmy was almost the same size at roughly eight centimeters long, and Matt at about nine. Timmy quickly got up onto his hands and knees, and Matt quickly got up onto his knees in behind Timmy, spit in his hand, rubbed it onto his little cocklet, and then with the remainder of spit in his hand, he rubbed it into Timmy's amazingly loose hole. Having adult dicks forced into it for more than a couple years has a tendency of doing that, but Timmy was used to it now, and craved it.

Once Matt felt that Timmy was ready, he lined up and sunk in his full length, which was not much, nor was it as much as Timmy was used to, but for the first time in his young life, he truly enjoyed the first penetration. It didn't burn or hurt, it felt really good, and he moaned surprisingly low for such a young boy. Timmy may have been used to anal sex, but that didn't mean that with adults that it didn't hurt, especially at first, because it did, but he had learned long ago to not cry out.

Matt also very much liked sinking into his first ever boy bum and he moaned the entire way in. Once fully inserted into Timmy's incredibly hot ass, Matt had to stop all movements because he felt like cumming already. Matt knew that he could have at least four orgasms in quick succession, but he wanted one good one, so stayed still for as long as he was able to, and it was Timmy that had to finally get him moving.

Matt had sunk in fully to Timmy's cute little bum and then stayed still for quite a few minutes, and it was starting to frustrate Timmy, he wanted Matt to start fucking his little ass, and finally Timmy decided that Matt was not going to start, so started rocking himself back and forth slowly, riding his young boyfriend.

Matt eventually started moving himself and put his hands on Timmy's hips to stop him from moving so they they did not pull apart. Matt started a nice gentle motion to start with, really truly enjoying his very first time in the drivers seat, but little boys are not known for their power of patience, and before too long Matt started picking up speed, nearly slamming into little Timmy now. Timmy for his part was enjoying this as well, this was more what he was used to, fast, almost brutal, motions, the tender loving Matt had given him felt really nice, but to get off, fast was the only way for the boys, and it would take a while before they learned the gentle art of lovemaking. Before too long, among squeaks and squeals from both boys, they slipped into their first shared orgasms, the first of many more to come.

“Oh wow, that felt way better than I ever thought it would.” Matt panted out a minute later.

“Oh yeah, that was way better than ever before, it never even hurt once at all.” Timmy sighed.

“Good, I wouldn't want to hurt you, but now it's my turn.” Matt said, quickly coming down from his immature little dry cum, and getting up on his hands and knees now.

Timmy seeing this, quickly hopped up and spit in his hand, smeared it over his still hard little cocklet, then smeared more spit on Matt's also very experienced little bum, and then lined up and sunk in. With low moans from both boys, Timmy bottomed out and also had to stay still for a moment.

Matt had also never had a pain free initial insertion, and he loved this because it still felt like he had a nice hard dick in him, and it didn't hurt. It was Matt this time that had to start the motions nearly a minute later, getting impatient and wanting the sex to start. So he too started rocking himself forward and back, signaling Timmy to start.

Timmy grabbed onto Matt's hips, causing him to stop his motions, and starting his own. Timmy started out with a good moderate pace, slipping out a couple times at first until he got the hang of it, and then really giving it good. Their second session did last longer, but not by much. And with gasps from both boys, they came again., and Timmy let himself fall backwards, sprawling out onto the bed, a silly grin plastered on his face.

“Oh man that was awesome.” Timmy sighed out a couple minutes later.

“For sure, and just like you said, it didn't even hurt, just felt really good.” Matt also sighed.

“Do you know where the diapers are, I think we should get diapered and go to sleep, I'm getting tired.” Timmy asked, emphasizing it with a yawn.

“I saw an open closet that looked like it had a shit load of diapers, I'm sure we can find more in there.”

“Okay.” Timmy said and they both hopped up out of bed and went in search of a couple new diapers. They found the aforementioned closet and found that it was in fact stacked with virtually every size of diaper. They looked through the selection for a few minutes, seeing a good many that would fit them both, in the end they both chose ones that looked super thick and super soft. They each grabbed one and went back to their bedroom and then diapered each other quickly and crawled back into bed for some sleep. With a chaste little kiss, they fell fast asleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

After dropping Matt and Timmy off at their room, Danial and Jamie went to their and as soon as the door closed, Jamie spun Danial around and laid on the startled boy such a kiss as he had never experienced before, it was deep, it was tender, it was heart melting, and they stood against the closed door for many minutes just kissing each other, falling more and more in love with each other.

“Wow, what a kiss.” Danial panted out when the kiss finally broke.

“Yeah.” Jamie sighed.

“Come on, let's go lay down and kiss and cuddle more and we can give each other a hand.” Danial grinned slyly.

“I'd rather you buried your nice big dick in my little tight ass.” Jamie whispered seductively.

“I know, and I want you to bury yours in mine as well, but we have all the time in the world to love each other, and we can move slowly and really enjoy being with each other even more.” Danial said lovingly.

“Yeah, I guess you're right.” Jamie sighed.

“Yes I am, now let's go take care of these big bothersome boners.”

Danial did not wait for an answer, just grasped Jamie's hand and led him to the bed where they both crawled in. The both rolled onto their sides, facing each other, and moving in for another nice gentle and passionate kiss. At first their hands only stayed on each others bared sides, just holding each other, but as the kiss became more and more intense, their hands started stroking all the exposed skin they could reach, ending with their hands cupping the soft diapered ass of their boyfriend.

Danial broke the kiss, removed his hand from Jamie's nice padded ass, and rolled them over so that they were on their backs now, and then grabbed the diapered bulge that was formed from Jamie's proud young erection and started stimulating him. With a deep moan from Jamie, he started grinding his hips to get even more pleasure. Jamie must have all of a sudden realized that he was the only one getting pleasure at the moment, because his hand shot out and latched onto Danial's even larger diapered bulge and started giving it some much needed attention. Danial moaned deeply from the feelings and temporarily stopped his stroking of Jamie, but regained that only a moment later. Instead of just rubbing the outside, when he did get back to work, Danial stuck his hand inside Jamie's soggy diaper and grabbed firmly onto Jamie's bare cock and started stroking him slowly. With another low growl from Jamie, he also removed his hand from the outside of Danial's wet diaper and thrust it inside, grasping onto the delicious meat inside and started stroking it at the same pace as Danial was stroking his.

They kept their rhythm nice and slow, enjoying the feelings a great deal, and sharing their feelings back and forth through their empathic link. During their kiss they had both opened up totally and the feelings were flooding them and that was what had caused the incredible kiss, but if they thought the kiss was good, it was nothing in comparison to this. Five minutes later they had both risen higher than they had ever though possible and with deep growls and grunts from them both, they came, more intense than they had ever felt before, Jamie was dry of course, not having created any more of the meager cum he could make, but Danial spilling more cum than he could ever remember doing so before.

“Oh holy shit, that was incredible.” Danial gasped out a minute or two later.

“Yeah.” Jamie panted out.

Because they both still had their hands inside each others diapers, Danial pointed Jamie's about half hard dick down for the night and then pulled his hand out, giving it a bit of a sniff and grinning at Jamie. Jamie then did the same thing for Danial, pulling his hand out and giving it a sniff, but going the extra step to lick off all the cum that was on it.

“Mmm, tasty, I can't wait to taste it properly.” Jamie said, smacking his lips.

“I bet, but good night baby, I love you.” Danial said, leaning in for a nice goodnight kiss. They kissed for a minute before Danial turned the lights off, pulled the blankets up over them and cuddled into Jamie, and they fell asleep.