Chapter 3

**WARNING** This story, like all my others, is full of gay sex, diapers, boys, and men, if none of this is what you are looking for then I suggest now that you leave. This story takes place mostly on a boat, and while I love boats, I am not a hundred percent certain on all the terminology, so forgive me if I make mistakes in boating terms. This story also contains violence, so be warned, but one of it is highly graphic. This is obviously a fantasy and for obvious reasons it has never happened. As always I appreciate feedback, but I do not require it. I like to write for myself and share it with others, however if you would like to write, please leave all flaming behind and give only constructive criticism, feel free to email me at I also have a site at should you wish to read the full story or any of my other stories. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoy.

They all slept straight through the night, none of the rescued boys even having their customary nightmares as they would have normally had, all of them feeling very loved and safe, which was holding the bad dreams at bay. Danial and Jamie woke the next morning first, not surprising since they were the first to get to sleep. They stayed all cuddled up together for a few minutes, just luxuriating in the warmth and love. They had a whispered mind conversation, mostly just saying loving things to each other, but finally Jamie's tummy rumbled and he giggled, and then they decided together in their minds to go get breakfast started for everyone.

They got up and without getting out of their wet diapers or saying a verbal word all morning, they headed to the kitchen and started working together. Still without saying anything, they worked together and got a kilo of spicy sausage from the freezer and put it in the defroster, got potatoes, red onions, yellow peppers and the freshly defrosted sausage all chopped up. It was all thrown in a large skillet to cook. While it was cooking, nearly a kilo of cheese was grated up and a dozen eggs were broke into a bowl and beat up. When the potato mix was almost cooked, the eggs were poured into another pan and cooked up, and when they were finished, the scrambled eggs were added to the potatoes and tossed all together. Finally the cheese was spread over that and left to melt.

“I will go get the others.” Jamie said, speaking the first actual words all morning.

“No need, just call them in your mind, it will wake them up faster.”

“How do I do that?”

“Just gather them all into your thoughts, and then tell them to wake up and come and get breakfast.”

“Okay, I will try.” Jamie said and tried. Jamie was surprised with how easy it was to do as well, and only a minute later the other four joined them in the dining room, Danial and Jamie just setting the last of the stuff on the table.

“Good morning damp diaper daddy and boys, sit down and eat.” Danial grinned.

“It smells very good.” Sam grinned.

“Thanks, we hope it tastes better.” Jamie added.

“I'm sure it will.” Sam said and they all sat down to eat, digging into the large bowl of breakfast and filling their plates full.

They all enjoyed the meal a great deal, eating every spec of food there was to eat, and not one sound was heard the entire meal except the sounds of six hungry boys eating.

“That was delicious boys, thanks.” Sam said.

“Yeah, it was real good.” The others all said.

“Thanks.” Danial and Jamie said together.

“Well, we all stink a lot, so let's go get showered and dressed, as soon as we are ready we head to land to drop off our guests and get paid. It is only another two to three hours away, so we will be there nice and early.”

“But we don't have any clothes!” Timmy exclaimed.

“Actually you do, there was a number of boys clothes on the pirate ship, so there should be something in there for everyone to wear, just make due if it doesn't quite fit, we will go shopping when we dock and get you boys some good new clothes. All the clothes are in a box on the deck where it was put yesterday, so just dig through it to find something suitable.”

“Okay.” All four boys said.

Leaving the mess as it was, they all headed to their bedrooms and to their bathrooms to get cleaned up for the day. All three showers were turned on at almost the exact same time, they were all stripped of their soggy diapers at almost the exact same time, and they all stepped into the hot steamy water at about the same time. More than one of the horny boys wanted to play a little, but they knew that Sam wanted to get going right away, so they abstained from playing around, just cleaned each other thoroughly, not one of the boys was soft by the time they stepped out. Once they were all dried, each drying their partner gently, they brushed their teeth and hair and then went and grabbed diapers and diapered each other. Sam and Danial were the only ones to get dressed, and when they were, they all headed out to the deck and started digging through the large box of clothes.

“There we go, I think that should just about do it.” Sam said when they had enough clothes for the four boys. They each had a pair of shorts, a shirt, and some sandals. They quickly grabbed the clothes meant for them and got dressed.

“So are we just going to leave the beasts asleep or should we wake them up and feed them?” Danial asked.

“May as well just leave them asleep, it's only a couple hours until we get to port, why waste our good food on them.” Sam said seriously.

“Okay, well you guys go ahead and get us on our way and Jamie and I will go get breakfast cleaned up.”

“Okay.” Sam said and they split up, going their separate ways, Danial and Jamie to the kitchen, and the other four to the bridge.

“You know, it feels weird to really be wearing clothes again. It was very rare I got to wear any at all.” Jamie said when he and Danial made it to the kitchen.

“I don't like wearing clothes either, so I usually don't, unless we are meeting up with another ship or getting into port.” Danial said.

“Cool.” Jamie said and they worked to get the kitchen and dining room all cleaned up. They had of course felt the ship start to move, but just left that to the others.

Sam, Ben, Matt, and Timmy had all made it to the bridge of the ship seconds later and Sam worked quickly to get all the systems powered up.

“One of these days I will teach all of you boys just how all this works, but for now, just watch closely, you'll probably learn more that way anyways, and besides, it's not really hard to do.” Sam told the boys, he could feel the burning question in all the boys, they just nodded and smiled warmly at him.

Once the systems were all powered up on both ships, he had remote access to the other one still, Sam got the engines up and running and very slowly throttled them up. With his ships engines being far more powerful than the other ships, and not to mention the fact that they were tethered together, it would be a very bad idea to try going fast right away, and even still, there was no way they would be able to go top speed.

“There, now all we have to do is sit back and relax, except we have work to do before we get to port.” Sam said.

“What do we have to do?” Timmy asked curiously.

“Well, you already know that we are treasure hunters, well I am sure I have a number of sales pending that need to have the items shipped, so now we have to get the sales list and confirm the sales with the buyers, get the money, and then get all the goods, package them up, and then send them through my secure shipping services.”

“Neat, how do we do that?” Matt asked.

“Watch and learn my boy.” Sam grinned.

He went to the computer system dedicated to the inventory and sales of his treasures, his scanners of course uploaded everything right to it, and booted it up and brought the information up. With more than a little surprise, Sam saw that the massive diamond had already gone into a bidding war, and the top bidder had offered seventeen million dollars for it. A number of other treasures had also sold, nearly a hundred million more, so his total sales was going to be a little over a hundred million dollars, and that was only forty six pieces.

“Holy shit, are those prices for real?” Ben asked in awe.

“Yes, and as soon as I confirm the sales and that the buyer has the money, it will be transferred to my bank account, so now all we have to do is get the computer to send these items up to us and we package them up and get them ready for shipping.”

Sam hit a couple more buttons and a couple different things started happening. A stack of locking boxes, made of what appeared to be titanium, came out a hole in the wall, and then a light went on above a small door in the wall right above where the boxes came out.

“Would you boys go and grab the stuff from the lift please, and be careful, a few of those pieces are very delicate and old, I will get the lock boxes, bring them over to the table please?” Sam asked.

They all went and started bringing over the items to the table, and the large diamond was the last item, and Ben had grabbed it.

“Is this what I think it is?” Ben asked curiously.

“If you believe it to be the worlds largest, most perfect, diamond ever found, then yes it is what you think it is.” Sam grinned.

“Holy shit, how much did this sell for?”

“Seventeen million dollars, it was the most expensive, but the cheapest item here that was sold was a little over one million dollars.”

“Wow, I am holding a seventeen million dollar diamond.” Ben said in awe, and the other two boys had come over to look at the amazing expensive rock in awe as well.

“Yes you are. Now each item has a sticker on it, and each one has a different number on them. Each box has a number as well, they will match the numbers on the treasures, all you have to do is find the matching box and then store the item inside it. You will also find that the box has already been pre packed with packing material to perfectly hold the item. As well, please do not close the box until you have made sure it is packaged perfectly, wouldn't want anything to get damaged. The reason you cannot close it until you are sure is because not even I can reopen them. These boxes are made from a very special alloy that is virtually indestructible, and have a triple locking system that is nearly impossible to crack, it includes voice print, retina scan, and an actual combination, which will be emailed to the customer with their sales confirmation, and it is controlled solely by the computer system, not even I know what it is. Another added safety feature is that the boxes are tracked by the computer system at all times, so should someone decide to steal it, they will not get very far before the computer flags it as not being on its destined course. So let's get to work.”

“Wow, all that security, that's pretty cool, but I bet it's needed a lot.” Ben said and then they got to work with a nod from Sam.

They all watched Sam do the first couple items carefully before they attempted to do one on their own. Once they were sure they knew what to do, they too started boxing things, and just like Sam made it look, it really was easy to do. For the next hour the four of them worked to get all the treasures all boxed and ready to ship.

Danial and James had worked quietly cleaning the kitchen and dining room, getting all the dishes cleaned and put away, washing counters, and whatnot, but it did not really take that long. Once they were finished it was quietly decided that they would go clean the bedrooms, get fresh bedding on the beds and get the dirty bedding in the wash, empty the garbage cans, restock towels and get the dirty ones washed, just all the general house keeping type stuff. By the time they were finished and they appeared on the bridge, the other four were just finishing up their work as well.

“Looks like a pretty good shipment today, anything interesting in this batch?” Danial asked.

“Yeah, the diamond sold already, went into a bidding war and sold for seventeen million.” Sam answered.

“Man, that has to be the fastest and most expensive single piece yet!” Danial whistled out.

“I think it is too. Well we should be there in just over an hour, I can manage here, why don't you guys go on up top and relax in the nice warm sun.” Sam suggested.

“Okay.” Everyone except Ben said.

“What about you gorgeous?”

“I'll just stay here with you, if that's okay of course?” Ben smiled shyly.

“Of course it's okay, but every so often you should go and spend time with kids your age and just be a kid, too much of that was already stolen from you, you don't want to waste what precious little you have left of it.” Sam advised wisely.

“I guess I see what you mean, and I know you're right as well, I will go out and play, but only for you.” Ben smiled warmly at his big strong lover.

Sam leaned down and gave Ben a nice tender, but quick, kiss, and then swatted his padded posterior, pushing his little lover out the door to join the boys who had left almost instantly. Sam just smiled and went back about his business, making a few calls to a few important people, first and foremost was his contact in the local law enforcement in the city they were headed to, next was his shipping company, and it is his, next was a local children's home to arrange a drop off of materials, finally was a call to the supply company he used in this city.

Sam had felt it prudent long ago to not let too many people know who he was, bad people were everywhere and there was a great deal of people who would love to see him disappear, so he only used a few trusted people, hence the reason he only stopped at certain port cities and had contacts in those cities to work with and through. His local law contact happened to be the chief of police now, but ten years ago he had only been a lowly sergeant, and Sam and he trusted each other a great deal, and because Sam worked through Ron, his contact, Ron made a fair amount of money as well, which was well received all around.

Sam had also found years ago that shipping companies as a general rule were not really all that capable of carrying cargo of as precious a nature as most of his were, so he started a shipping company of his own, specializing in high security shipping anywhere in the world, and they boasted a track record second to none, not one package ever lost or damaged, and their only blemish was from when somehow someone found out what they happened to be carrying on one shipment and they were robbed. Due to the high security and the tracking devices automatically installed in the shipping containers, the robbers were very promptly caught, but that was second concern as the shipping agents on the run were murdered outright for what they were carrying. Sam made sure to pay the families a huge grievance payment for the loss, even though money would never replace them, but that was just who he was. What happened to the robbers though, well that was heavily publicized and prevented further attacks because of the ease at which they were caught, the sheer impossibility of opening the crates, and the severe sentence they received, death. Many countries had gone back to the death penalty when it came to such violent crimes such as that, hence the reason the pirates would soon be no longer.

Whenever Sam had any supplies that they would not use, such as extra food they could not keep, clothes and diapers they could not use, Sam always arranged for a local home to get it all so that the kids could be just a little better off.

Sam also used a few select supply companies for his supply needs, and the one in the city they were heading to was one of the larger ones. He had put in a huge order with them, getting enough supplies for all of them for probably three months or more.

By the time that Sam had finished talking to everyone and arranging everything, it was almost an hour later and he could now see land in the distance, and it would only be twenty minutes before they were docked. The dock master was of course one of his many calls, but it was a short two minute conversation, and he had a special berth, on the far side, very private.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The boys had all headed up to the topmost deck on the ship, followed seconds later by Ben, and they all sat around up there, relaxing in the hot sun, and just talking and laughing and having a good time, what boys are meant to be doing. They had been having such a good time talking about the adventures that Sam and Danial had had and the adventures that they would all now have, that they hardly noticed the time pass. And it was with surprise that when Matt looked up and saw land looming up in front of them that he stood up and yelled 'land ho.' Everyone laughed at this and he sat back down with a shy grin and just giggled with the others.

“Well we should be there in just a few minutes, that's the marina we always go to right there, I'm sure I don't have to point out which one.” Danial said seriously, with a perfectly straight face.

“Wow, this place is massive.” Jamie said in amazement.

“Believe it or not, this is one of the smaller port cities down here, we are in south America, you should see some of the ones further north, now those cities are huge. And guess what, this is the first city I ever had sex in. Well, we should go get ready, we will be pulling into our slip in just a minute or so more.” Danial said.

They all rushed down the ladders to the main deck and by the time they made it there, they were being tied off y three dock hands. All of a sudden, as soon as they were tied off, the engines were cut and the ship went silent, and they heard the other ship being released as well, but the boys had no idea what the odd hissing and popping sounds were, they were just the clamps releasing. Sam came walking out seconds later, all smiles to see a few people waiting for him.

“Okay gentlemen, welcome once again, first business will be to get the pirates and their ship taken care of, once you have them in custody, they will wake up. Second, I have all the stuff ready for shipping all ready to go in the bridge, you know where to go. Third, I have all these boxes and crates to go to the orphanage. And fourth are our new supplies, as per usual, please try not to trip over each other, but the police have the right of way.” Sam called out nice and clear to all those waiting there.

“Yes sir.” Everyone responded.

For the next hour the ship was a buzz of activity and the guys just stood back and watched. There was really not much else for them to do since they did not want to get in the way and they did not want to leave. No matter how much Sam trusted someone, he would never leave anyone alone on his ship. Sam of course can feel if people are lying to him or being mistrustful in any way towards him, but people could hide things too, even from him, maybe not from Danial who was far more empathic than he was, but still, even though he trusted all these people, he trusted no one with his ship. Once everyone was finished with what they were doing, Sam figured it was time to head out. All the boxes and crates, containing their supplies, stacked neatly on their deck would wait until later.

“Well boys, what are you waiting for, let's get a move on.” Sam said once everyone was gone.

“Where too?” Ben asked.

“Shopping. We need new clothes for you boys and we can just look around and find things that we want.” Sam answered.

“Okay.” The boys said.

“Sir, I trust that you want the hull cleaned sparkling clean as always?” The dock hand called up from the dock.

“Yes I do, and I am sure I don't have to tell you not to come on board any more.”

“No sir, and we will get it nice and clean.”

“Thanks. Come on boys.”

They all followed Sam off the ship, Sam hitting a button on the way out, setting an alarm on the ship, no one would be able to set foot on the ship. Sam led the boys up to the parking lot where he had a car parked for when he was in town and wanted to drive somewhere, he had something like eight cars in different places for this reason, he hated cabs and buses with a passion, and sometimes the helicopter really was impractical. They all climbed in the car and they were off into the large city.

Sam headed straight towards a large mall that he knew was in the area, one that had a great electronics supply store, he needed a bunch of new things, and he was certain Danial would want to visit it again. The mall also had a good supply of boys clothing stores, even though the girls stores outnumbered the boys, ten to one, but that was normal in nearly every mall. The drive there was haltingly slow, in other words, they kept having to halt every ten feet or so. This was one of the very reasons that Sam far preferred the open sea, nearly never any traffic, and he could easily avoid it when there was in most situations. Finally, nearly an hour later, for a trip that had there been no traffic, should have taken them maybe ten to fifteen minutes, they made it to the large shopping center.

“Okay now boys, you need to stay close by at all times, don't want to get lost in here, I doubt any of you have ever been in a place quite like this before.” Sam grinned at the boys as they were walking in.

“Okay.” They all chimed in at once.

Matt and Timmy grabbed hands, and the others all thought for a second that they should as well, but thought better of it, they were still young enough they could get away with it. Gays were of course widely accepted, but people still gave weird looks when they saw two boys holding hands or kissing in public, not that any of them really truly cared what others thought, but why show off. Sam and Danial grabbed a large shopping cart each and then headed towards their favorite store.

They went to the electronics store first and spent a little more than an hour looking around, Sam and Danial each putting various electronic parts in their buggies. They both loved experimenting with electronics and building all sorts of things, so they went through a lot of this type of thing. The other boys all just wandered around the store, looking at all the neat things the store carried. Just before it was decided that they were ready to leave, and Sam was about to go pay, he thought the boys might like some things.

“Was there anything you guys wanted while we're here, we don't often stop and go shopping like this, so if there is anything you want, get it now, and don't worry about a spending limit?” Sam asked.

“I don't think so, our room already has everything we need, a computer, stereo, and TV, so I don't want anything.” Matt answered.

“Same.” The others all said.

“No toys or anything?” Sam asked.

“No thanks.” They all said.

“No games or anything for the computers?” Sam asked again.

They all shook their heads no and Sam could feel they were all telling the truth, they really didn't want anything. They had seen a number of interesting things in the store, but nothing they wanted. Sam ended up just leaving it at that, the boys were still more than likely in a fair amount of shock from what has happened to them and to push them, even on such a small thing, could be harmful to them.

Their next stop was a large discount clothing place that had tons of great clothes for great prices. For the most part the boys would likely not even be wearing clothes, but there would be many times that they needed good durable clothes, including full rain gear, of which each boy had two sets piled in the carts. They all ended up with a whole wardrobe of clothing, despite the many complaints saying they did not need all that. Sam knew otherwise though, even though they would not be wearing clothes all the time, they would wear out quickly with the places they sometimes went and the things they would do.

Once that shopping spree was over with and paid for, Sam knew that the boys would probably be getting a bit hungry, so their next stop was the food fair in the mall, a place for mediocre at best food, at huge prices, but it was easy. They all went to the burger joint that this place featured, and they all grabbed the same things, the biggest burger, fries, and drink combo, the only difference was what they all chose to drink. A seat was picked, and they all sat down to eat the greasy food, and considering it was fast food, it was actually pretty good.

“Well boys, I think it's time we got back home to our ship, was there anything else we needed while we're here though?”

“I think we could do with a few more medical supplies, and we definitely need more diaper rash cream.” Danial said.

“Good point. Let's go to the pharmacy then.” Sam said.

Medical supplies for some reason were not always on pirate ships, so they had to buy those themselves, same with diaper rash cream, they didn't usually care too much about their prisoners. The Sea Wasp was not alone in their liking of little boys in diapers, they liked the boys to feel helpless, girls too for that matter. So off they headed to the pharmacy, picking up a huge supply of medical supplies and diaper rash cream.

“Sam, get some bigger diapers for yourself, the ones you are wearing are too small for you.” Ben told Sam in their minds.

“Okay.” Sam answered back. They swung back to the adult diaper aisle and found the best ones they had, and Sam grabbed a half dozen packs of them, and with that, they were done their shopping.

All told they had been in the mall for a little over three hours, and they had spent a lot of money, not that it would actually be noticed in Sam's bank account, but they all finally loaded up and headed back to the ship. This time, if possible, the drive back was even slower yet, it seemed they had hit rush hour, and for being called rush hour, rushing was the furthest thing from what they were doing. To pass the time though, everyone was talking and laughing, having as good a time as they could, cramped inside a car.

Finally they made it back to the ship yard and they parked, all climbing out and stretching their cramped muscles, all of them no where near used to the feeling of being cramped in such small places, unable to move for long periods of time. Although the rescued boys were used to being tied up, but that was different. As soon as Danial was stretched out, he sprinted over to the dock house and grabbed one of their large carts for carrying supplies from vehicles to ships. As soon as he arrived, they all started piling their goods onto the large cart, nearly filling it to capacity, and then the car was locked up and they were off to the ship. Once they were up on the deck, all the goods were stacked onto the deck and the cart taken back down to its storage area by Ben. Just as Ben was coming back, one of the dock hands came walking up as well.

“Sir, your boat has been cleaned and is ready to sail again.”

“Thank you very much, as usual.” Sam said, giving the man a generous tip. He would wire the marina the usual fees as soon as he was back in the bridge.

“Thanks sir, and have a good, safe trip.” He said, and headed out.

“Danial, why don't you and Jamie go ahead and get us underway, and the rest of us will go ahead and get this gear stowed?” Sam asked.

“Sure dad. Come on Jamie.” Danial said and dragged Jamie off the deck and to the bridge.

“Well boys, shall we get this stuff inside?” Sam asked.

“Okay.” They all said.

Sam grabbed one of their carts and they started loading things onto it, and as soon as it was full, with not even half their stuff, they headed inside to put it all away. It took three loads to get it all in and to their proper homes, and by the time that they were done, they were nearing the port perimeter where they could speed up.

“Now boys, you have not felt this ship jump to top speed yet, in a minute you will, I suggest you hold onto something until you get used to it.” Sam recommended.

“Why?” Timmy asked curiously, being the only one to actually ask, the other two wanted to though.

“Because you will probably land on that cute little padded bum of yours if you don't.” Sam grinned.

“Oh.” All three boys said as one.

They all grasped onto something and waited, the wait was not long, and then they were off like a shot.

“Holy shit, it's a good thing you warned us about that, I never would have stayed standing like you did.” Ben said in shock.

“You get used to it pretty quick, but even I can get knocked over if I am not ready for it, but you can feel the ship preparing for it, just learn the feel of the boat, and you will have no problem. It almost feels like it is coiling up a spring real tight, you can sort of feel the whole boat shudder a little, and then, bam, we're off.” Sam said.

“Yeah, I felt it, it felt neat, real powerful. How can this boat go so fast, I've never even heard of such a thing?” Ben asked.

“It is very powerful, and the reason you have never heard of such a thing, is simply because no one else has a ship quite like ours. I designed this boat from the hull up, built strictly for speed and handling. The engine is also a modified jet engine, so that helps. The ship yard that built this for me was sworn to total secrecy for this project, they build military ships so they are used to secrets, and they did a very good job, and have never uttered a word to anyone about what is in this beast.”

“Beast for sure. Once you get used to it though, it's not so bad.” Ben said, having let go his death grip on the railing he was holding onto.

“That was awesome, but it made me pee real hard, man is this ship fast.” Timmy giggled as he finally let go as well.

“Yeah, what he said.” Matt agreed, matching the cute little giggle.

“Hell the first time I tried gunning this thing right up to top speed like that, I damn near pissed my pants, probably didn't hurt that I was slammed against the opposite wall though, even I was not prepared for the power that this little beast has in it.” Sam said, giggling along with the young boys.

“Yikes, I'm glad you warned us then, the only thing behind us are the railings and then the ocean, I doubt we would have been stopped by the rails.”

“Me neither, and that is why you were warned. Had we been inside I might not have been so kind. Hey I figure that I learned the hard way, why can't anyone else, and that was the only warning you get, learn the signs.” Sam grinned at the boys.

“But what if we're outside when it happens and we don't hold on in time?” Matt asked.

“Then the ships automated warnings will go off, saying someone has gone overboard, it works real well, trust me, both Danial and I have tested it out, quite by accident I assure you. Even we can be caught by surprise. Hell one day Danial thought it'd be real funny to go to top speed while I was out getting some sun and rest on the top deck. I bounced around the walled deck like a bloody pinball, he thought it was hilarious, and even I saw the humor in it, after I tackled him and tickled him until he peed so many times his diaper was of no use.” Sam said, stating the last part dryly.

“Ouch, didn't that hurt?” Ben asked.

“Hell yeah, fractured my tibia, had to go to the nearest hospital to have it casted. Oh well, was all in good fun, and not like I have never had worse, hell I have been shot at, so a little fracture was nothing.” Sam answered.

“Oh.” Ben said simply.

“Well should we head inside and get everything organized, and I am certain a few little boys need fresh diapers?” Sam asked.

“Okay.” They all answered.

When they brought everything inside, they for the most part just stacked it where its approximate home was, they did not really put anything away. So for the next couple hours the four of them worked along side each other, chatting away amiably as if they had known each other their entire lives, having a lot of fun, and getting a lot of work done. They all did get their diaper changes of course, and opted to stay without pants, even Sam was just wearing his new diaper and no pants, and the couples of course changed their boyfriends.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

When Danial and Jamie had left the others, they of course had headed towards the bridge, however they made a quick pit stop in their room first to change each others soggy diapers, neither bothering to put on any clothes once they were done. They got to the bridge and step by step Danial explained what he was doing as he did it, while Jamie was watching intently. The engines were started, the computers booted up, and once everything was ready, the mooring lines were released. As smooth as silk, Danial backed them from their berth and out into the open waters, turning them a bit and then slowly moving from reverse to forward, and headed towards the open waters outside the port. This port had the largest area of all the ports, so for almost a mile they had to go a snails pace, but as soon as they were clear of the buoys, Danial put them at top speed, the ship hesitated for only a moment as the centrifugal clutches engaged and they felt the power building and the engines revving, and then they were off. This time Jamie was a little better prepared, and while he still held on, he did not move any.

“I take it those are the coordinates of where the pirates hid their treasures?” Danial asked, seeing the information pop into Jamie's mind.

“Yep, let's head there, and I will share it with the others, they deserve it as much as I do.”

“I'm sure they will appreciate it very much.” Danial smiled warmly at his very thoughtful boyfriend.

“So what should we do then?” Jamie asked, trying to change the topic.

“Let me show you how to get our satellite looking at that position. It will only take a few hours for it to get into position so that it can see those coordinates, whereas it will take us many days, so we can have it gather all information before we get there so we know what to be on the lookout for.”

“Okay, how many days will it take us?”

“If we were to keep going at this pace, then I would say probably eight to ten days, but we will probably take longer than that, we will probably stop every so often and have some fun. We like to do that every so often, and it's not like anyone else even knows it's there anyways, so we can take our time.”

“Oh okay, that's cool.”

Danial led Jamie to the computer used for their satellite and entered the coordinates and told the satellite to lock onto that location and scan everything, it was real easy, all he had to do was enter the information and then click two other buttons on the screen, and it was done.

“There, that easy. By the time we get there we will know everything there is to know about the area and the surrounding few miles as well as almost anything underground.” Danial said.

“Yeah, that is easy. So what should we do now then?”

“Why don't we go to our bedroom and kiss and cuddle for a little while.” Danial said lovingly.

“I'd like that.” Jamie said, but thinking he'd like something else better, and Danial did not need to see it in his mind to know it either.

They walked hand in hand to their bedroom, laying on the bed, facing each other and moving in for a nice gentle kiss. The kiss lasted for quite some time, slow and gentle, very loving, their hands not moving, just holding each other tightly. Slowly the kiss moved from slow and gentle, to a more passionate pace, their hands now moving along with their kisses. They started by feeling each others soft smooth backs, then moving to the outsides of each others diapered bums, finally slipping their hands inside the diapers to caress the tender skin of each others soft backsides. While they continued their kissing, their hands moved at the same time towards the center of the ass they were working on, heading towards the hole that resided deep in the moist valley.

They moaned into each others mouths as their fingers simultaneously tickled the lips of their boyfriends asshole, slowly probing inside. Their moans continued as they kissed and fingered each other, working quickly from tender loving, to raw lust. Finally it was Danial that pulled away.

“I need you in me, make love to me please?” He pleaded.

“Okay.” Jamie groaned.

Danial reached to his bedside table, opened the drawer, fished out a jar and set it on the bed. Next Danial rolled over, removed Jamie's tented diaper and went down and sucked his hard dick in to the root in one swallow, getting Jamie nice and wet. As Danial's mouth was working on Jamie's erection, his hands were working to remove his own diaper. Once the diaper was out of the way, Danial unscrewed the lid to the lube, got a good amount on his fingers and started working his hole.

Once Danial felt he was ready enough, he let go of Jamie's cock, rolled over and pulled his legs up and back, presenting himself to Jamie. Well Jamie was not one to turn down such an offer, so quickly got up and crawled over Danial, aiming his proud erection to the hole he very much wanted to enter. Jamie had always been on the receiving end, so he was a little clumsy at first, but after a couple failed attempts, he slipped in and moaned lowly the entire way in, joined also by an equally low moan from Danial.

“Oh man, this feels so good.” Both boys groaned out at the same time.

Jamie had to halt for a few moments to stop himself from cumming too soon, he knew that it would feel good, of that he had no doubt, but he had no idea how good it really would feel. He also got blasted with the feelings of Danial a second later, which had not helped his situation any, but he was able to hold himself from cumming. Once he was safely backed away from the precipice of orgasm, Jamie started a slow and gentle thrusting, pulling nearly all the way out before pushing all the way back in. They could both very clearly see what the other thought felt the best, and they were both doing what they could to make this feel the absolute best for their lover.

Each being able to feel the other as they could, and with how hot and horny they already were, it was with very little surprise that they both exploded at the same time, scant minutes after they had started. With yells of ecstasy, they both came, but Jamie was not quite ready to stop yet, so using the power to keep going as only the young seem to have, he kept going, working right through his first orgasm, and straight towards a second.

Jamie had sped up a little and was bucking almost wildly now, and it was only a minute or so longer before they both came again, still ultra sensitive from their first cum. This time Jamie did collapse down, too worn down to go for another round. He had found it nearly exhausting having to deal with his owns feelings, but dealing with both his and Danial's, well it almost proved too much. Jamie finally came to a few minutes later, Danial did almost at the same time as well, he had felt all the same things that Jamie had, so he too nearly passed out. Jamie got up and moved backwards, licking his way down Danial's hot hard body, licking up the messes that he had sprayed his body with, at least a couple shots hitting the underside of his chin. Jamie made it all the way down to Danial's still hard and pulsing dick and licked it clean, causing Danial's body to arch up and a high pitched squeak to escape his lips. His dick was of course still very sensitive, so when Jamie licked it, it nearly made him cum again.

“Wow, that was the most incredible sex I have ever had in my life.” Jamie said.

“Yeah, it was for me as well. I think though, that we need to turn off our empath abilities when we are making love, it is almost too intense feeling both our feelings at the same time.” Danial gasped out.

“I think I agree, but I can't figure out how to with you. Before I just had to stop thinking about it and I would not feel what others were feeling, but with you I can't seem to do that, I just automatically see and feel what you do.” Jamie said.

“Yeah, I know what you mean, well we either figure out how to do it or get used to the doubly intense feelings, which might not be a bad thing I guess.” Danial grinned.

“No, it might not be I guess, but I do need you in me now please?”

Danial didn't say a word, he didn't really need to, his mind was screaming his answer for him. Ever since the boys had bonded, and that was what had happened, they did not really even have to talk, because it was not painful for them to carry on a full conversation in their heads, but even when they were not thinking anything, they could each see everything in each others minds. They were for all intents and purposes, one person now, only in two bodies. Danial slowly rolled and slid down Jamie's body, kissing and sucking the entire way, until he reached Jamie's pulsing rod, and then sucked it in and gave it a couple quick sucks. Then lifting Jamie's legs, Danial dove downwards, going for the entrance to Jamie's love tunnel, wanting to make tender love to it with his tongue and mouth.

Jamie was moaning and groaning and panting and grasping, the sheets that is, he had never felt pleasure like this, he had never truly felt pleasure. Yes he had become accustomed to being fucked many times a day, he even liked it when a few of the more gentle pirates would claim him for the evening and fuck him softly all night long, but he had never truly felt pleasure, until now. The pleasure he was feeling was almost mind blowing, and because Danial was enjoying himself as well, and was feeling great pleasure as well, it fed down the line of their connection and reverberated into Jamie as well. Danial could tell that there was no way that Jamie was going to be able to last much longer, he was now wailing in a high pitch, squeaking like crazy, and Danial was only using his tongue and fingers, and wasn't even going very deep, just providing the most pleasure that he could, and it was working.

Danial quickly added some lube to his dick, having to pull one hand away from Jamie's hot ass to do so, and then as soon as he was lubed up, Danial pulled away. With one look to Jamie's pulsing erection, Danial knew that his boyfriend was not going to even last penetration before exploding, his boner was vibrating so fast, so in order to prolong both their pleasure as much as possible, he sucked Jamie into his mouth, and three sucks later, and a scream that had to have been heard all over the ship, Jamie came, and with it came the tiniest amount of the sweetest treat Danial had ever had the pleasure of tasting. When Jamie had cum, it had caused a near explosion of extremely intense feelings to bombard Danial, but he was ready for it, and clamped down as much as possible, trying to block as much as he could, because he wasn't ready to cum yet, and he knew he would if he was hit with what Jamie had stored in him. It had worked, barely, the explosion of feelings brought Danial right to the edge himself, but he was able to hold off and not go over as well. The explosion of the massive orgasm on Jamie though proved to be just way too much, and he passed out.

“Wow, that was way hot. Wonder how I didn't get way up there as well?” Danial asked himself a moment later, referring to the huge cum, once he was able to get his feelings back under control.

It took quite a few minutes before Jamie started to wake back up, and Danial was lightly petting his thin chest the whole time, and when Jamie's eyes fluttered open finally, the look of love in his eyes was deeper than the oceans.

“I have never felt so good, so pleasured, so loved, in my entire life. I have never really felt love before, I am sure my parents loved me, but they never showed it, and I certainly never felt anything except hatred on the pirate ship, until I found you. I don't know how I managed to find you, but maybe there was a reason I did, and maybe the reason was because our bond drew us together somehow, maybe it was fate. I don't really know if I believe in fate or not, all I know is that you make me feel loved, make me feel whole, I love you.” Jamie whispered.

“I don't know if I believe in fate either, but somehow we were brought together, and there must be a reason for it, but all I know is that I love you too, with all my heart and soul.” Danial whispered back.

“Good, now I need you to make love to me now please?” Jamie whispered, more huskily this time.

“I'd like nothing better.” Danial smiled warmly and grabbed the lube.

Danial reached in for another kiss, his fingers busily getting some more lube on them and greasing up Jamie's hole. When Danial's fingers first inserted, Jamie groaned again into the kiss. This time Danial was wasting no time, really needing to get off this time, he had held off long enough he figured.

Danial crawled over Jamie's hot body, positioning himself at the same time, and sinking in slowly until he was fully inserted into Jamie's hot hole. Danial was a fair size, not huge, and he had never been able to as easily enter another boy before, but he knew the reason why. Even though the entrance was easy and smooth, Jamie was still amazingly tight inside, and they both moaned lowly from the penetration, it felt so good. Danial found himself having to pause as well because he shot right up to the edge with both their feelings vibrating in his body. Soon though Danial was thrusting slowly inside his younger lover, the other half to his soul, and they were both moaning and groaning deeply from the incredible feelings, and although they both tried very hard to block as much as they could, they could not, so they were still feeling each other a great deal. And as much as they tried not to, and they held off as long as they could do so, they both came, again.

Danial rolled to the side so as not to crush Jamie, and they both panted and gasped for breath in the aftermath of a great orgasm. Slowly their breathing slowed back down to normal, took quite a few minutes, and when it did, they started kissing again. Slowly and tenderly again, their lovemaking now done, they were kissing like lovers.

“Well baby, let's get diapered again and go and see what the others are up to.” Danial sighed as they finally pulled apart.

“You're my baby as well.” Jamie sighed as well.

Danial hopped out of bed, grabbed two diapers, the diaper rash cream, came back to the bed, and lovingly creamed his baby again and diapered him up. As soon as Jamie was done, he hopped up and Danial laid down and got the same treatment, except this was the first time Jamie had creamed Danial. Once Danial was all diapered, he got up and they walked from the bedroom to the bridge of the ship, hand in hand.

When the others had finished their work they headed to the bridge to see what they could get up to and where it was that they were headed. They made it there only a few minutes before Danial and Jamie walked in, looking very well ravished.

“Well nice of you boys to join us. Every time you guys came though, you damn near caused us to, and at one point the blast you sent out nearly knocked us all out as well, must have been having a hell of a lot of fun.”

“Was it ever incredible. The way we are linked together makes it almost too much when we cum, but man oh man is it ever intense.” Danial said, no hint of embarrassment anywhere.

“We noticed. So I see where you have us headed and how long it should take to get there, but we will take a while longer to get there, tomorrow we are going to stop for the day and rest and play.” Sam said.

“I figured as much as well, and told Jamie the same, and tomorrow sounds good, it has been a pretty rough couple days for everyone, and some rest will probably do us all good.” Danial said.

“Agreed.” Sam said and everyone else nodded.

“So what should we do for the rest of the day then?” Danial asked.

“Why don't we head to that little uninhabited island just south of here, we can swim in the lagoon and play in the waterfall.”

“Sounds great, I love that island, so beautiful.”

“If it's so nice, how come it's uninhabited?” Matt asked curiously.

“Because it is a volcano island and it has been known to be a little unstable, but as long as you don't see any smoke coming out, for the most part you're fine. Of course it is still risky going there, but that's half the fun.” Sam grinned.

“Cool.” All four boys said at once.

“I guess we go there then.”

“Could we hike up to the volcano?” Ben asked excitedly.

“Don't see any reason why not, we did it once, but it's pretty dangerous in places.” Sam answered.

“Cool.” All four boys said again.

“Well then, I guess I will grab the backpacks and fill them with some essentials, are we going to spend the night again, or just come back and sleep on the ship?” Danial asked.

“May as well spend the night.” Sam answered.

“Wicked.” All four boys said, very excitedly now.

Danial grabbed Jamie's hand and led him out and they went to one of the many storage rooms on the ship, over half the ship was dedicated to storage, so there was lots of places to put things. From the storage room, Danial found six backpacks, two of them quite small, two medium, and two large, and then he started digging around for a few other things they would need. He found three extra large sleeping bags, six lanterns, six battery operated flashlights, a large stack of dry rations and water packs, twelve canteens, and six emergency packs, containing a knife, matches, compass, thermal sheets, a first aid kit, and a number of other useful things. He also grabbed a full sized first aid kit out as well as a bunch of other things.

“Man, we're only going for one night!” Jamie said in amazement to what Danial was pulling out.

“While that may be true, one thing I have learned over the years, is to very prepared, we will all also be carrying weapons for just in case. These islands are not always as uninhabited as you think they are, and trust me, the last thing you want, is to be caught with your pants down.” Danial said seriously.

“Good point.” Jamie said seriously as well.

They piled everything into a cart, and then their next stop was the closet where all the diapers were stored, just outside the bedroom doors, to grab a good supply of protection for everyone. Their final stop before heading back up to the bridge was to the kitchen to grab some food and to fill all the canteens with good fresh water. On a volcanic island, it was not such a good idea to drink the water, so they had to make sure to bring it. Once they had everything they thought they needed, well at least Danial did, Jamie still thought he was packing way too much, but Danial was the experienced one, they headed to the bridge.

“Okay, everyone gets to make up their own packs. Everyone gets to pack their own canteens, lanterns, flashlights, emergency packs and a supply of emergency rations. The bigger of the two in each couple will carry the sleeping bags. Dad and I will carry the heavier stuff and then the rest you can share between you, but do not make your packs too heavy. Timmy, I think you will be fine with just that though, and Matt, not too much more yourself. Remember, none of you will be used to carrying a pack, so do not overdo it your first time out.” Danial called out.

Sam nodded his agreement to the way that Danial had arranged everything and then started packing his pack along with the boys. Timmy and Matt did not take anything more than they were told they should, their packs already heavy for them, but they were fine. Ben and Jamie each took their stuff plus a few extra rations and a few other assorted things, and they too were fine. Sam and Danial took the rest, and if their packs were heavy at all, they did not show it at all. They all had their packs strapped to their backs, their emergency packs strapped around their waists, the only spot missing anything was the gun holster, and that was next.

“Now, one thing you may have already noticed, there seems to be something missing from everyones belts, and it is a gun, and you will all carry one. Leave your belts on and take your packs off, we are going to go teach you all how to properly handle guns and how to fire one without knocking yourselves on your asses or accidentally killing someone or yourself.” Sam told the boys and then shut down the engines to stop them..

The only one to look comfortable with the idea at all was Timmy, and he just nodded, the other three gulped. They took off their packs as requested and then followed Sam and Danial, they made a quick stop at a secret safe the boys had never seen before, because it was so well concealed. Sam retrieved six guns from the case, four of them quite small in caliber, just .22 caliber pistols, but more than enough for the boys, he grabbed his ivory handled silver, semi auto .44, and Danial's satin black gun, it was the same version as his dads. The boys were then led out onto the stern deck and instructed to gather around.

“Now boys, these guns are already loaded, they have their safety's on, but they are still extremely dangerous. You must pay very close attention, but do not be afraid of the gun, it is but a tool, a tool that can serve you very well if you respect it. However, do not respect it and it won't be the gun you have to be afraid of, it will be me.” Sam said, very seriously, and the boys could all tell he was serious, and the boys that had it, did not need empathy to feel that.

For the next hour he and Danial taught the boys every little thing they needed to know about the guns, how to take them apart, how to clean them, how to put them back together, how to load and unload them, and they all caught on real quick. Again, the only one to already know any of this at all was Timmy, he had however never held a gun until the day before, but he seemed very comfortable with the very dangerous tool.

“Now, we are going to throw some targets out into the water, you are to aim and shoot at your target, and remember what we told you, keep yourself steady, do not lock your muscles, there will be a kick, but if you do not let the gun recoil, it will hurt you. Gently aim and squeeze the trigger softly, fire on my count. Three, two, one, fire.” Sam said, counting it down for them, and they all fired.

“Very good boys, for your first ever shots, that was very respectable.” Sam said proudly. All of them were within three inches of the bullseye, and surprisingly enough, for being the smallest, Timmy was the closest at maybe half an inch away, he was also the one that handled the recoil the best. Timmy had of course read everything there was to know about guns and handling them, so he already knew the proper stances and how to aim and pull the trigger, even how to breath, and it showed.

Of course a .22 caliber pistol really doesn't have that much kick to it, especially in comparison to most other guns out there, but for young boys, it was still pretty powerful. Danial and Sam each threw out a target for themselves, throwing theirs further out into the water. Targeting like this was a great way to learn, because with the waves constantly moving, you never knew quite how the target was going to move, so you had to constantly adjust, and that was why Sam was so proud.

“Now boys, you have a few shots each left in them, go ahead and continue shooting, try to get the bulls eye, we are going to be firing as well, and trust me, our guns are a lot louder than yours are, but don't worry.” Sam said.

As it turned out, the clips in the boys' pistols held twenty bullets each, as did Sam and Danial's, they were illegal in virtually every country, but they were not in a country, so they didn't care. They all kept firing and hitting their targets, and the boys actually had to stop and watch in awe as Danial and Sam both fired rapidly at their targets, hitting almost dead center on every shot. When they did all finish, the boys of course being last to finish, they turned to look at Sam and Danial.

“What?” They both asked.

“You guys are really good, I could never shoot like that.” Ben stated.

“Sure you can, just takes practice is all. I have been shooting since I was Timmy's age, dad taught me all about guns and then when I turned five, I got to start learning, in fact I used the same guns. You guys did amazingly well, especially Timmy, whom I noticed was the only one to get an outright bulls eye, but the rest of you were damned close as well.”

“You think so?” Ben asked.

“Yep, what Danial said is true, and he was not quite as good as Timmy is now, and look how good he is now, he is actually better at speed shooting than I am, I'm just not quite as fast.” Sam admitted.

“Wow.” They all said.

“Well, shall we get your guns all cleaned and reloaded, then we will get more ammo for them and store it in your belts as well, there is a special place just for it?” Sam asked.

“Okay.” They all said.

They all worked quickly to clean their guns, Danial and Sam standing over them, watching their every move to be sure they were doing it correctly, and they all did. As soon as they were all finished, they got the nods from Sam and they all holstered their guns and followed him back to the gun cabinet and he dug around in it and found four clips for each boy, and enough ammo to refill each clip two times each, and the clips were already loaded as well.

“Well, you boys should be well set, I doubt very seriously that any of us will have to use our guns other than for target practice, however we never take chances.”

“Why so much though?” Jamie asked.

“Easier to have more than enough than not enough, don't you think?” Sam asked.

“I guess so, but it just seems like over kill to me.” Jamie shrugged.

“It is, but in this case I do not see that as a bad thing, ones protection should never be taken too lightly.”

“True.” Jamie conceded, he knew Sam was right. His parents had not believed in weapons, and look where they ended up, at the bottom of the ocean with their throats slit. Danial just grasped Jamie's hand tighter at the image that had caused, and Danial saw the reason for the image as well.

Once they were done at the gun cabinet, they all went back to the bridge, where Sam got them back underway for the one hour trip to the island. They all sat around talking and laughing, killing the hour enjoying each others company.

“Wow, that's a really pretty island, not very big, and it doesn't even look like a volcano.” Ben said.

“You should see the other side of the island that was affected by this little volcano's last fit. It is almost grown back, but you can still tell, the lava all spilled to that side and pretty much cleared everything in its path, and even the ash from the main explosion had covered this side as well, but it has almost all disappeared, but the last real explosion was about twenty years ago. From time to time though, the lava rises and you can see it flowing from fissures in the volcano down to the ocean. It's a pretty neat site, but trust me, you don't want to get too close.”

“Cool, when we go hiking we will definitely have to go check it out.” Ben said again and the others nodded.

Sam and Danial worked quickly to shut everything down, the anchor was dropped as well, once they stopped drifting, and everyone was herded out to the stern again to hop into the boat, all grabbing their packs first. The boat was lowered to the water and then they went down the ladder to join it, Danial went down first to start the motor, and as soon as everyone was in, he got them heading towards the shore.

“Well guys, let's go set up camp first and then we can go exploring, it's still pretty early, so we have lots of light left.” Sam called out as soon as they landed on the beach.

They all scrambled out of the boat and up onto the beach, Sam grabbing the rope to tie the boat down. Danial had dropped them close to a tree so that was where Sam tied the boat off to.

“Okay, you can take your sleeping bags off, the cookware can come out as well, but the rest stays with us, oh and let's put on some actual clothes or we will get scratched to shit.” Sam said, everyone was just wearing their diapers and a pair of sandals, so they were not dressed for a hike, but they all had clothes in their packs.

They all removed their packs and anything they did not need to take was removed and they got dressed. Sam quickly covered the stuff they were going to leave behind, and as soon as everyone had their packs back on and positioned properly, they were off, Danial leading the pack and Sam taking up the rear. They walked up the stream path first, leading to the lagoon and then the waterfall, and it was very pretty, but it stunk something fierce.

“What the hell is that smell?” Jamie asked.

“Well, remember that this is a volcanic island, well the water, if you were to feel it right now, would be quite hot, it will hopefully be perfect to swim in, but as with most hot springs, they stink like sulphur. We will check to make sure the water is not too acidic later, but it should be fine, but this is the reason we brought so much water with us, you won't want to drink this at all.” Danial answered.

“Ah, makes sense. So the water is actually coming from the volcano then?”

“Yes, probably an underground water source where the water is rising because of the heat underground.”

They continued their trek, Danial looking for the path that he knew led up the small mountain. He knew where it was supposed to be, but couldn't find it for some reason, where he thought it had been, there was now a small mound of rocks that could have slid down the hill.

“Well, looks like our path might have been cleared out by a rock slide, I guess we just keep hiking around and work our way up, but make sure to watch your footing.” Danial called out.

They hiked along, cutting through bush, for about an hour, working their way to the side of the small island that was last affected by the volcanic explosion. You could tell that at one time it had all been bare, completely burned out, but there were now many small trees sprouting up, and long swaying grasses, all thriving in the rich volcanic soil.

“Hey, look over there, at the base of the mountain, there's a cave, I wonder where it leads to?” Matt called out excitedly, starting to run towards it.

“Matt, stop!” Sam called out.


“This is a volcano remember, the last thing you want to do is just go diving into a cave here, we can check it out for sure, but we have equipment that will help us and hopefully keep us alive.”

“Oh, how come?”

“Well, we haven't seen any smoke or steam right, but that does not mean that this volcano is not active, there could be lava pools in there, or even an underground flow, and you would never know. It would probably be very hot in there, but you never know.” Sam said lightly.

“Oh, I see.”

Sam got one of his scanners out, programmed it to watch out for toxic gases, and heat, as well as anything else they would have to be worried about, and then this time he took the lead and Danial took up the rear.

“Now, before we go in, I have to warn you, this is very dangerous, if the volcano were to burp, we could all be burned to a crisp in an instant, if any of you do not want to go in, say so now.” Sam warned.

None of them said a word, and he knew they were all excited to go in, despite the risks, kids after his own heart, he loved exploring things like this, and the boys all seemed to as well. Sam's scanner picked up nothing to be concerned with, so they entered. It was a pretty big cave, easy enough for them all to stand, and it appeared to go in quite a ways and sloped down, they would for sure need their lanterns, so Sam stopped.

“Okay everyone, let's get our lanterns out, this goes in a fair ways, and down, so it will be quite dark, and this even appears to be a lava tube, so the force of the last explosion blew this tube open and lava came spilling out of it, see how smooth all the walls are, it's pretty cool, I have never been in a lava tube before.” Sam said, and that was not an easy thing for him to say, he had seen and been in virtually every conceivable situation in his life.

They all got their lanterns out and turned them on and then started following Sam again, and he led them in quite a ways, the lanterns lighting up the dark cave as if it were daytime. The tunnel went steadily down and kept curving, so the lava just melted out the softest rock is more than likely what had happened. The heat had been steadily rising, and it was quite warm, but no where near hot enough to be of any concern, but hot enough to tell them that the volcano was producing heat, which meant lava. They all of a sudden came to a large open cavern, and the heat in there was almost stifling, and as they got closer to the edge of a chasm, they could tell why. Straight down probably a hundred or two meters was a flowing pool of lava. It was calm and not bubbling, so it was not angry, which was good for them. They seemed to be in the belly of the volcano, and the reason the heat was not so bad in the cave was because the majority of the heat had risen straight up the volcano.

“Wow, this is so cool.” Nearly all them said.

Even Sam had never been in a situation like this before, and the vision was awe inspiring, incredible, amazing. They all looked around, but keeping far enough away from the ledge so that they would not accidentally fall, it would be one hundred percent fatal. It was Timmy that noticed something odd, so he went to look closer. He saw on the walls of the cave a bunch of rocks that kind of glinted, and had they been polished, would be very shiny, but right now they were dull.

“Is it true that diamonds are often found in old volcano's?” Timmy called out.

“Yes, why?” Sam asked, looking to see what Timmy was doing, he was well behind them, staring at something in the wall.

“Because I think these might be diamonds, I saw pictures of them in a cave once, and this is what they looked like.” Timmy answered, not turning around to see the shock on the others faces.

Sam held up his lantern high and looked around the cavern, and sure enough, the walls were filled with almost sparkly rocks, pure diamonds in their raw form if he had ever seen them before. Sam was not sure whether to laugh, cry, scream, or faint, this would be a massive amount of money in diamonds, and they all appeared to be of pretty good size as well.

“Holy shit, I think we may have stumbled upon one of the largest diamond deposits around, or maybe even ever. Danial, would you go get the mining equipment from the boat, and don't forget to bring a few carts, and you know what, just swing the ship around this side of the island, grab our gear as well and take it with you please?” Sam asked, still in shock. He had never seen anything like this, there were literally thousands and thousands of the bloody crystals. Danial, also in a little shock, just nodded and grabbed Jamie's hand and pulled him along for the ride.

Sam set his lantern down on the ground next to where Timmy was still standing and holding his lantern, then taking his pocket knife, he pried out a diamond from the stones holding it in place, and surprisingly, it popped out quite easily. The boys all saw this, so set their lanterns down as well and took out their knives as well and started popping diamonds out of the wall. They found it quite easy to do, the diamonds were just coming out as if they were held in with sand, and in some cases that's almost what it was. Of course not all the diamonds wanted to come out so easily, but that was fine, those they would get out with the mining tools, mostly the laser as it would melt the rock but wouldn't touch the diamonds. Hell, if lava didn't hurt diamonds, then a little laser would have nothing on them.

Sam and the boys worked for a good couple hours in the hot cave, popping diamonds out, and they were getting a hell of a pile going. It was easy work, and even the littlest one of them, Timmy, found he was getting just as many of the precious stones out as the bigger boys and Sam were, he was just closer to the ground. Finally Sam felt Jamie and Danial returning, and it was at that time that he finally realized that he was getting very hungry, more than a little tired, and he was so hot that his clothes were soaked from sweat, and all their water was almost all used up.

“Boys, we need to stop, we have to get out of here for a while before we all burn out, I am hungry, you boys must be starved, and I am even getting very tired, we have done lots for now.” Sam called out.

“Okay.” They all said, agreeing with both parts, and also all very hot and sweaty. They dropped their latest picks into the large mound of diamonds and then started back up and out of the cave.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Danial and Jamie, as quickly as they could, hiked back out the cave and to the side of the island where they had put their stuff and where the boat was anchored. They quickly gathered together their hidden supplies, threw them in the boat, and Danial hopped in and started the motor while Jamie untied them and launched them. The trip to the ship only took a few minutes, and as soon as they got there they practically ran up the ladder. The raft was hoisted up next with all their things still in it, and as soon as that was done, they headed to the bridge. Jamie got the computer systems on line while Danial got the engines started and warming up, and raised the anchor. As soon as everything was ready to go, they took off to the far side of the island. With the reef in the way, they had to skirt around it, going far further out than they would have needed to otherwise, causing the short trip to take a while longer.

Finally half an hour later the anchor was dropped again and the engines shut down. The boys had not said a word the entire time that they had been gone, mostly because they were conveying everything by mind, and they still were not saying anything at all. Once they were fully stopped and everything was shut down, the boys went about gathering everything they would need. The boys went to the storage area where the mining equipment was stored, they did not do lots of actual mining, but the equipment came in very handy at times, and they grabbed out a few different items, starting with two laser cutters, four shovels, a dozen high power lights on stands, and a few other accessories including a large wheeled cart.

Their next stop was the kitchen to grab more water. A dozen more canteens were filled up as well as four large thirty liter insulated jugs full of ice water. They wanted to make certain that everyone stayed well hydrated. They also grabbed more food because they felt that everyone would work up some real good appetites.

Their next stop was at the diaper closet. Because everyone would be drinking lots, they would be peeing lots, and no better way to catch it than a diaper, thus not having to bother stopping, except for a change if they got too full, but they could do that at meal times.

Last stop was to grab the three scanners, and plenty of bags and tags, to scan and mark the diamonds. They also grabbed a dozen large crates and the portable crate lift.

Once they had everything that they felt that they would need, they started loading it in to the now inflated cargo raft, it had been thrown overboard and inflated, and they used the lift to lower everything down. Once everything was loaded, the raft was hooked up to the boat and they took off for the island, having been gone nearly two hours. Once they landed on the beach, they both started working to offload everything into a nice easy place, close to the mouth of the cave.

It took Danial and Jamie nearly twenty minutes to get everything from the cargo raft to the clearing they had chosen, and just as they were finished, four grimy sweaty boys appeared from the mouth of the cave.

“Was wondering when you'd decide to show up.” Danial grinned.

“And what did you two get up to while we were doing real work?” Sam grinned, able to clearly see what they had been up to.

“Nothing much, just brought a few things, had enough times to fire off four orgasms a piece though, thought we'd relax a little.” Danial said perfectly straight faced.

“You wish.” Sam grinned. “I see you brought half the ship with you, that's awesome, and I think we are going to be able to use all of it. You should see the pile we already have from just the four of us picking the damned things from the wall with our knives. We have been picking them as easily as if we were picking apples from a tree.” Sam said more giddily.

“Well, I can tell you are all beat and over heated. Sit back and relax, get some nice fresh water, Jamie and I will get lunch, we're tired, but not as much as you guys are.” Danial offered.

“Thanks.” They all said.

“And change your diapers, you're all leaking, although I am not so sure it's all pee, your shirts are as wet as your diapers are.” Jamie giggled.

“We plan on it, and I think a quick dip in the cool ocean waters would feel real nice right about now, well after a good drink.” Sam said.

“Oh yeah.” The three boys nodded.

They all went and drained a full canteen each and then stripped off their clothes and extremely soggy diapers and walked to the waters edge and in.

Danial and Jamie went to work, quickly setting up a small kitchen area and then getting a good lunch ready. Sam and the others all waded into the water and laid in the refreshing water. Timmy and Matt did not know how to swim, so stayed very close to the beach, Ben was not a great swimmer, so did not venture much further out, and Sam just stayed near the boys because he felt their unease about the water. They did not need to swim about though, they were tired and sore, and all they wanted was to cool down, and although the tropical water was warm by most standards, it was still nice and cool to their hot bodies. Danial and Jamie took a little over half an hour to prepare lunch, and they others laid in the water the entire time, but when Danial called out that lunch was ready, they came out quick enough.

They all sat around in the tall grass, enjoying the nice breeze, and eating heartily, they were all very hungry, and it showed. Even little Timmy packed away nearly as much as Ben and Danial were able to, but he had been working very hard, every bit as hard as all the older boys. Once lunch was completed, Danial and Jamie stripped out of their clothes and pee sodden diapers and went for a cool dip, and then came back after less than ten minutes and laid down in the soft grass to join the others for a nice nap, the others having fallen asleep only minutes after Danial and Jamie had left them.

It was nearly an hour later that Ben stirred, being the first to awaken, but being followed shortly thereafter by the rest of them. They all looked a little more rested and alive after the cool dip, big meal, and nice nap.

“Ah, I feel like I could go work another five hours in the sweltering heat.” Sam said, stretching himself fully.

“Then let's go.” Ben said.

“Let's get diapered and then we can go.” Danial said.

Everyone nodded, and then they broke off into couples and they each diapered their lover. They all opted to forgo the clothes, the tunnel was safe, and this would allow them to work more easily and freely. The large cart was loaded up with as much stuff as it could hold, and then the rest of the stuff was carried in, which was fortunately not much. The crates and their backpacks would stay behind, but they all put their emergency belts on, which probably looked a little silly along with their crisp white diapers, but none of them noticed or cared.

When they got back to the cavern they first set up the twelve large work lights, lighting the entire cave up as if they were in day light, next the lasers were assembled on their stands, and then they were ready to go.

“That is a hell of a pile of diamonds you already have there, and there are still tons left.” Danial said, finally really taking a look around at things.

“No shit! I figure there is already about twenty kilograms of diamonds there, and if my estimates are correct, there is about another two to three hundred kilograms of them.” Sam said.

“Jesus, we normally sell diamonds by the ounce, not the kilogram.” Danial said.

“I know, and I have no idea what all this will even be worth, I can't even think up an approximate worth.” Sam said.

“Well let's get to work then.” Danial grinned.

The others were all just standing around, waiting for instructions, and listening in awe at what the two of them were saying

“Okay boys, Danial and I are going to use the lasers to remove the diamonds, do not touch them when they fall to the ground, they will be extremely hot, and please, do not for any reason get in front of these while they are on, the result will be death.” Sam said seriously.

“Okay.” All four of the boys said as one and backed up even further from the machines.

“You take that side, and I will take this side.” Danial said, pointing to where they should each station themselves.

Sam just nodded at the request and the both got themselves into position and started working. If the boys thought it was ridiculously easy to remove the diamonds before, it was nothing in comparison as to how they were coming out now. As the wide angle laser hit the rock, you could hear the rock hiss as it practically melted away, and the pings as the now freed diamonds fell down the walls and to the floor. The boys watched in awe at what was happening for maybe two minutes before they too got to work.

“Well, we can't touch the ones that are coming out now, but there is a large pile already out, so we may as well get them loaded up.” Jamie said.

“Yeah, there is.” Ben nodded, and they all started picking up the diamonds and throwing them in the cart. It was not even quarter full by the time that they got the first pile all loaded into it, but both Danial and Sam had moved down far enough that the boys could safely start where they had, so armed with shovels, because they were certain that some of the diamonds would still be very hot, they split up, and one younger and one older boy went to each spot and started scooping up the diamonds. Not even fifteen minutes later the cart was full, and all four boys were required to push it, so they all took it out of the cave and to the area in which they were staying.

It was a long trek through the cave, going steadily uphill the entire way, all using almost all their strength to push the fully loaded, and very heavy cart out, but finally they made it. The first thing they did was to get themselves a nice long drink of ice cold water from the jugs that had stayed out of the cave. After their drink, the cart was dumped out in a pile and then they headed back into the cave to get even more, this time Timmy could have pushed the cart by himself, but it was Ben that took it.

By the time that the four of them made it back, Sam and Danial had completed nearly half the cave, and there was at least another two full cart loads on the ground, waiting for them to pick up, so once again they started scooping up the diamonds and piling them in the cart. Twenty minutes later, the cart was again full, and again they all pushed it out, dropping it off with the others, and then getting a nice long drink. This time Jamie took the cart back, and their fatigue was starting to really show.

It had been a very long day already, the boys were not used to such hard and hot labor, and none of them really had much for muscle definition, although they were all slim and fit. When they got back, they were amazed to see that Sam and Danial were nearly done, only the roof of the cave was left, and it was not as densely covered as the walls had been and would probably take only half an hour to complete.

“Once you boys finish loading up that cart, we will call it a night and I will push the cart back out.” Said said.

“Okay.” They all said at the same time.

Sam could tell that they were all tired, and they were all sore, but he also knew that none of them were anywhere close to wanting to quit, they would keep on going until they collapsed, but he had no intention of letting them, hence the reason he told them what he did. He and Danial still had lots left in them, using the lasers was not exactly hard work, so they were not nearly so tired as the boys were, not to mention they were in far better shape and were more used to this type of work.

Danial finished his section first and came to help the boys finish loading up the rest of the cart, and by the time they were finished, Sam was as well.

“Well, I think that is good enough for tonight, let's get going.” Sam said.

The boys all just nodded tiredly and followed Sam out. Sam pushed the large heavy cart all by himself, making the four boys realize just how strong he was, because he did it so effortlessly, whereas it took all four of them, using all their strength, to push it. Sam and Danial could both very easily feel the way the boys felt at the moment, so proud to have such a big strong savior to look after them. They made it back out in less time this time than it had taken the boys, and as soon as they were out, Sam dumped the latest load of diamonds to join the rest of them. All six of them went to the large jug of water and had lots to drink.

“I say we go for a nice cooling swim, we are all in soaking wet diapers, we are all hot and sweaty, and we are all tired.” Ben said once they all had a nice drink.

“I agree.” Sam said.

They all quickly stripped off their saturated diapers and headed towards the inviting water, holding the hands of their boyfriends the entire way there. They slowly stepped into the cool water and laid down in the sand, letting the water wash over them, each and every one of them appreciating just how nice it felt.

“Oh this feels so good.” Matt moaned out.

“Oh yeah.” Everyone agreed.

They laid there for nearly twenty minutes before they all got out, and went back up to their camp. Sam went and started making some dinner, telling the boys to lay back and relax, that he had it all under control, doing so with his mind. They made no arguments and they all sat back and chatted idly amongst themselves. Sam finally finished making dinner, making enough to feed twice their numbers, but knowing that it would likely all be gone, and there would be boys actually wanting more. And they did, when Sam called out food, they literally attacked the food, putting to shame some of the worlds most vicious animals in their need to get food. And as Sam had suspected, everyone could have gone back for more, and all their plates were full more than once. Danial got up and got the dishes all cleaned up, also waving everyone back, telling them he had it under control.

“Let's go get some wood to start a fire, there is tons of driftwood on the beach that we can use, we'll take the cart and fill it up?” Sam asked.

“Okay.” They all said and got up tiredly. They followed Sam to the beach where they got a whole load of firewood with ease. They chose the stuff that was furthest away from the water so that it was less likely to be wet. Once they had all the wood that they'd need, they headed back and Sam dug a pit in the sand and made them a fire pit, filled it with wood and started a nice big fire.

Because the fire pit was almost right next to the mound of diamonds, and some of them were a little shiny, the large pile sparkled brilliantly with the flickering light of the fire in the dying light of the day. They all sat and admired the natural light show, not really saying much at all, just enjoying each others company, and talking lightly. The youngest boys fell asleep not much later, simply exhausted from the long days worth of work, and the others were really not that far behind them.

“Danial, you diaper Timmy and I will diaper Matt, Ben and Jamie, if you'd get their sleeping bag all spread out and opened up for us?”

“Okay.” Everyone said.

Not surprisingly really, but neither boy even stirred while being diapered, nor when they were bodily lifted and laid into their sleeping bag and zipped up into it to sleep by the fire for the night.

Ben and Jamie had also gotten the other two sleeping bags laid out by the fire and were laying on them with their diapers, waiting for their boyfriends to come and diaper them and get them ready for bed. Sam and Danial's diapers were also laid out and were waiting for their turns to be installed. Once Timmy and Matt were finished, Danial and Sam went and diapered their boyfriends and then laid down to be diapered as well. Once they were all ready for bed, without saying anything, they all crawled in and cuddled up to their lovers for the night. Whispered good nights and I love yous were heard all around, and then the younger boys were asleep, followed shortly thereafter by Danial and Sam.