Chapter 4

**WARNING** This story, like all my others, is full of gay sex, diapers, boys, and men, if none of this is what you are looking for then I suggest now that you leave. This story takes place mostly on a boat, and while I love boats, I am not a hundred percent certain on all the terminology, so forgive me if I make mistakes in boating terms. This story also contains violence, so be warned, but one of it is highly graphic. This is obviously a fantasy and for obvious reasons it has never happened. As always I appreciate feedback, but I do not require it. I like to write for myself and share it with others, however if you would like to write, please leave all flaming behind and give only constructive criticism, feel free to email me at I also have a site at should you wish to read the full story or any of my other stories. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoy.

Timmy was the first to awake late the next morning, his little dick hard and pulsing inside his soggy diaper. He had long ago become accustomed to waking up with a big dick in his ass, so his body was used to getting release first thing in the morning, and that was what he was wanting now. One hand went to his soggy diaper, feeling the squishy mass and his little dick buried inside. With a tiny little groan, Timmy slid his hand inside, instead wanting real contact. As he was stroking his own small hardness with one hand, his other hand was busy stroking the front of Matt's also soggy diaper, feeling his only slightly larger erection buried deep inside. Still not satisfied with stroking the outside of a diaper, Timmy slipped his hand inside and grabbed a hold of Matt's proud little member. Matt grunted a little in his sleep from the feeling of Timmy's attention on his sensitive little peepee.

Still not satisfied with what he was doing, Timmy removed both his hands, undid his diaper and pulled it off and out, throwing it on the ground just beyond his head. Timmy then slid down in their sleeping bag, feeling his way with his hands until he had the tapes to Matt's diaper removed as well. Timmy then pulled down the front of Matt's diaper, freeing the painfully hard little boy nail from its confines, and Timmy moved in with his mouth, taking his boyfriend as deep into his mouth as he could go. Timmy of course could take far larger cocks than the little one Matt had, but it was perfect for him, he could truly enjoy giving Matt a blowjob and not fear gagging. Using his tongue and mouth the best he knew how, and he was very good, and using one hand to play with Matt's little balls, and the other tickling Matt's pucker, he was giving his most to bring off Matt the best he could.

With all the attention that Timmy was giving to Matt, it was inevitable that Matt would wake up. He had been moaning and groaning in his sleep, fully enjoying the incredible sensations that his younger boyfriend was causing in his still immature little body, and when he woke up to realize that it was not just some fantastic dream, he moaned deeply in orgasm, exploding in the most massive little cum he had ever had.

Timmy knew that Matt had waken up, and he wanted Matt to cum huge, so he stuck two fingers deep inside Matt's cute little bum, gave a full measure of suction on his now even more sensitive little dick, and started really tickling Matt's little balls. Timmy thought it so cute how Matt was squeaking and squealing in his orgasm, how his bigger body was convulsing, how his hands were gripping and clawing, everything, he loved doing this for Matt. Matt loved the way he had been waken up as well, he had never waken up feeling so good. As with Timmy, Matt had usually been waken up with a big dick being rammed up his little ass, and only if he were lucky was it with lube, so this was wonderful.

Timmy crawled up Matt's still heaving body, pulling the soggy diaper up with him. The wet diaper joined Timmy's own that had been thrown out only a few minutes before, and Timmy laid their lips together and they started kissing softly, just barely using their tongues. It was very soft and loving. For two boys who had never truly known love before, to be so loving and tender with each other, to kiss so passionately, was amazing, but what was more amazing was what they felt for each other, they were in love, they just weren't quite sure how to deal with the feelings. Little boys were not well known for showing true love, but they were doing very well.

Matt rolled them over in their sleeping bag, keeping their lips locked together all throughout the movement, continuing to kiss. As soon as Timmy was fully on his back, Matt broke the kiss and started moving his way down in the sleeping bag, searching for the hard little boy dick he had felt poking him in the tummy. Matt found the cute little erection and engulfed both it and the cute little balls below deep into his mouth, and moving his right hand down to the little hole below. Matt started licking and sucking on Timmy's very sensitive dick and balls, while his finger started tickling the puckered entrance.

Timmy had already been pretty close earlier, so it was no surprise to him that Matt was bringing him off very rapidly, and within only just a couple minutes, he was exploding in his little orgasm, and he too was squeaking and squealing, convulsing and grasping.

As soon as Matt felt Timmy start his cum, he too inserted two of his small fingers in the not so tight little hole, thus causing Timmy to buck and writhe, also causing his orgasm to multiply in intensity. Once Timmy was down from his orgasm, Matt pulled his mouth off of Timmy's little package, removed his fingers from Timmy's hot little ass, and crawled up Timmy's body until their lips were once again attached, and they continued their very passionate kiss.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The others had all waken up at almost the exact same time, and it wasn't the squeaks and squeals that did it, they were all empathic, and with the close proximity, they were being blasted by the feelings that Matt was emanating from the feelings that Timmy was causing his body. The others all thinking that a little sexual release sounded good, started kissing their boyfriends lovingly, each releasing the tapes on their lovers diapers at the same time. All of a sudden, four diapers were thrown from two sleeping bags, all landing with a little thud at the same time, but Matt and Timmy did not notice, they were still blissfully unaware what they had caused.

At the same time, four hands descended down four hard bodies, each groping for an erection to play with, and they each latched onto their prizes at the same time, kissing and stroking their lovers. At much the same time, Danial and Sam released from the kisses they were sharing with their boyfriends, and because they had both already been on top, they started sliding down their boyfriends bodies, kissing and licking the whole way down. Once they reached the boners, they both sucked them in and started pleasuring Ben and Jamie orally, and trailing their hands downwards to tickle their cute little bums at the same time. Both Ben and Jamie were already getting close from the feelings that Matt and Timmy had been broadcasting, and now with the added feelings, they too were getting very close, and at the same time, Danial and Sam inserted their fingers and caused both boys to explode in an amazing orgasm. Still Matt and Timmy did not notice the extra sounds, they were still in their own little world.

Danial and Sam slowly worked their way back up their boyfriends bodies, licking and kissing their way back up, ending in another passionate kiss. They were then rolled over onto their backs by Ben and Jamie, and the kisses were again broken, then Ben and Jamie slowly kissed and licked their way down their boyfriends bodies, ending at their agonizingly erect dicks as well. At the same time, Ben and Jamie sucked in their lovers dicks, savoring the tastes of the flowing precum, fondling their balls with one hand and tickling their assholes with the other. Danial and Sam were even closer than the boys had been, because they had been blasted with all the feelings, and it only took a minute for them to cum, and as soon as Jamie and Ben felt the impending eruption, they too jammed their fingers inside. They were the only ones to get to taste a nice load of cum though, and they savored it even more, slowly swallowing the entire loads without letting a single drop out of their mouths.

It wasn't until Matt and Timmy were finished that that they heard the sounds of the others just finishing up themselves, and they had to grin. They were not the only ones to be having some good healthy morning fun, and it sounded as if Danial and Sam had had a pretty good cum, and they wished they could be in there sucking the loads as well. The others all saw the thought and felt the feelings, except Jamie who could not hear others thoughts, but he was able to get the gist of it well enough from the feelings of the two little boys.

Ben and Jamie removed their fingers and let their tasty morsels fall from their mouths, and then they kissed their way back up until they were kissing their lovers. They kissed only for a couple minutes before breaking away and whispering good morning and I love you to their partners.

“Well good morning everyone, now that everyone sounds to be sexually relieved, let's get up and get on with our day shall we.” Sam called out, unashamedly hopping out of their sleeping bag, large dick, still half hard, waving too and fro for all to see, and the two littlest ones saw lots to like.

“Hey, quit thinking that of my boyfriend.” Ben said, teasing the two little boys.

“What?” They both asked, sounding so innocent.

“You know what, you want to suck Sam off until he cums in your mouths, well you can't have him.” Ben said, crossing his arms and trying to make himself look serious.

“You're just teasing, but we wouldn't take him from you anyways, but it doesn't hurt to fantasize.” Timmy said smartly, able to feel what Ben was actually feeling, and sounding far too smart for his own good.

“Yeah, I was, and thanks. Besides, Sam wouldn't even want to have you boys servicing him, he thinks I am too young as it is.” Ben grinned.

“Yeah, you are a little on the young side for me, but you're so damned hot. As for you two, don't worry, time will effectively take care of the wanting to taste cum, before too long you too will be squirting the tasty stuff, and yours will taste very good when you do start, and then you can get as much as you like.” Sam grinned.

“We know.” Matt smiled.

“Okay, let's get some breakfast and then get to work.” Sam smiled.

They all worked together this morning to make up a large filling and healthy meal, all still as naked as they were when they climbed out of their sleeping bags, none feeling embarrassed, none feeling a need to. They had all made love to their boyfriends while practically laying next to each other, so this was nothing, not to mention they walked around in diapers, what could be more embarrassing than that, but they weren't.

Once breakfast was finished, eaten, and cleaned up, they went about their work, Sam giving the instructions as soon as they were finished.

“Okay, this morning we are not all needed in the cave, so I think we will break into two teams. Danial, Ben, and I will go in and finish getting the last of the diamonds out, while the rest of you start getting all these diamonds scanned, bagged, and tagged. Danial, Jamie, and I will teach you how to do this, it is very simple. We only have three scanners for now, so that is why we are splitting up as we are. This way of course we can get lots more work done, lots faster.” Sam grinned.

“Okay.” They all said.

For the next ten minutes the boys were shown how to use the scanners, even Ben was included, even though he would not be using one at this time, he would in the future, so he may as well learn. They were informed to scan the diamonds in groups of how ever many would fit on the scanner, so that they could sell them in lots instead of singly, and it would take up far less space as well. Once the boys had the scanner operation and usage down pat, Sam, Danial, and Ben took off and the others all started getting the diamonds ready for sale.

As soon as Sam, Ben, and Danial made it into the cavern, Ben started shoveling up diamonds while Sam and Danial started up the lasers and made quick work or the roof. Ben was finished loading the cart only a few minutes before Sam and Danial were finished, so he stood there watching and waiting, and as soon as they were done, they prepared to leave.

“Wait, why don't I just head up, you two stay here, get all the remaining diamonds into a pile and then get the equipment packed up?” Sam suggested.

“Sure.” Danial and Ben said together.

So that was what they did. Sam quickly headed up top to drop off the latest load and Danial and Ben got all the diamonds into a pile and then dismantled and packed away the lasers, and then all but one of the lights. They had two loads worth of stuff Danial figured. They had finished up with only a minute to spare before Sam came back.

“So how are the boys doing up there?” Ben asked.

“They're doing real well. You can hardly tell that they have done anything by the pile of diamonds, but if you look at the pile of already scanned diamonds, you can tell they have been pushing the scanners as fast as they can get away with.” Sam grinned.

“Cool, figured as much.” Ben smiled.

They loaded up another large load, fitting all the rest of the diamonds and only two pieces of equipment.

“I'll take this one up.” Danial offered.

“Okay.” Ben and Sam said together.

Danial quickly took off with the cart, taking everything back up top. Ben and Sam sat down with their backs to the smooth wall and let their minds merge together and just explored each other, learning more about each other than they had ever let anyone else ever know, well except Sam and Danial had done this and they knew each other completely, not one secret stood between them, and now not one secret stood between Sam and Ben either. They had been concentrating so hard on each other, so into each other, that they had failed to notice Danial return. Danial could instantly tell what they were doing, so he left them to their bonding and loaded the cart up all by himself. It only took him maybe fifteen minutes to do so, so he felt it was time to get the two lovebirds up. He was fully aware that talking would do no good, if it would have they would have heard all the crashing and banging, so he knocked with his mind.

“Oh hi there, how long have you been back?” Sam asked.

“About fifteen minutes, long enough to get the rest of the stuff loaded, so we're ready to go.” Danial answered.

“Wow, it still amazes me how long that takes, and it really only feels like seconds.” Sam said.

Well Ben just looked plain surprised at how much time it had taken for them to do what they were doing. He now felt so at peace with himself, so happy with everything that he couldn't explain it if he wanted to.

Sam took the cart this time, and the three of them walked all the way back up top to drop off the rest of the stuff. Because this stuff was not getting offloaded, why bother, it could just go straight to the cargo raft, it was just set off to the side.

“You guys have gotten lots done, that's great.” Ben said when he saw the huge pile of completed bags.

“We would have gotten more done except the scanners are kinda slow.” Jamie admitted.

“Well they are extremely accurate, they measure the exact size, weight, and value of each and everything on the pad, so it does take a few seconds, and these are the very best there are, so we will just have to deal with it.” Sam smiled.

“Oh, I know, I just wish they were faster is all, we would be able to get lots more done if they were.” Jamie stated.

“I have wished the same thing many times before, oh well. Well you guys continue on that and we will start getting everything boxed that we can and then get it onto the cargo raft.” Sam said.

Everyone just nodded and got back to work, the three boys on scanning detail just continuing as if they had not been interrupted, and the other three getting started as well. Sam took the still full cart and offloaded it into the cargo raft, while Ben and Danial started boxing up the diamonds that were already ready to go and stacking them. As soon as Sam got back, he loaded as much of their supplies into the cart as he could and took it down and loaded it into the raft as well, and then came back up and started loading up the large heavy boxes. All in all they made pretty good time catching up to the scanning boys, and as soon as the boys were finished filling the last box full of scanned diamonds, they were instructed to halt and that the rest of the raw diamonds would just be boxed and scanned later as they had time. The rest of the diamonds were quickly loaded into the remaining boxes, and as it turned out, they did not have quite enough room, so the two empty water containers were brought back and they were filled up with diamonds instead of water. Finally everything was loaded onto the raft and they were ready to go, nothing being left behind, including their garbage. They all quickly diapered each other before they left, and then they headed out. It was already a couple hours past lunch by the time that they left the island, heading back to their floating home. As soon as they reached the ship, the cargo doors were opened and everything from the cargo raft was loaded into the cargo bay and then the rafts lifted up onto the deck, everyone happy to be back on board.

“Okay, Danial, you and Timmy head up and get us going, may as well point us towards our next adventure, and we can take our time getting there. Ben, you and Matt go get us all some lunch, we're all starving, and Jamie, you and I can start packing away some of this stuff.” Sam called out the orders as soon as everything was safely on board.

“Aye aye captain.” Danial saluted, the others giggled, and Sam smacked his smart ass son upside the head playfully, causing everyone to giggle further.

Everyone did take off though, heading towards their assigned chores. Danial and Timmy went and got the engines and computers up and running, the anchor hoisted, and got them moving, Danial explaining everything as he went, Timmy following his every move and word, memorizing it instantly. Ben and Matt headed to the galley and started making a big filling lunch for everyone, both boys working together very well. Sam and Jamie barely made a dent in all the boxes and crates that they had to wade through, but they did make some headway, mostly getting the equipment cleaned and stored. Sam was a stickler for cleanliness, not one piece of equipment was put into storage until it was perfectly cleaned, and it was all done. The huge number of boxes all filled with diamonds would have to wait until later though, there were too many to deal with at the moment, and lunch was almost ready. They did not need to be called, for Sam felt it and he and Jamie just went and sat down, Danial and Timmy were only seconds behind, just as Ben was going to call everyone down to eat.

“Well that's certainly one awesome aspect of nearly everyone being telepathic, you don't even have to call anyone for lunch.” Ben grinned.

“Telepathy had nothing to do with that one, I could smell it and I was starving.” Sam said brightly.

“Yeah right.” Ben said flatly.

Everyone just smiled, they knew Sam was lying, they could all feel it, but it was in good fun. The food was laid out and no sooner had the platters hit the table when they viciously attacked, poor Timmy's hand nearly being mistaken for food. They all enjoyed the good meal, not saying one word the entire time, not verbally or mentally.

“Okay, we have a shit load of diamonds that have to be scanned and packed, and everything sent down to storage, assuming we have enough room for it all of course. We have a further two scanning stations in the cargo bay, so that means five people scanning and one person doing the running back and forth, we will switch off so that no one gets too tired.” Sam proclaimed once lunch was finished.

Everyone just nodded their agreement, got up, quickly cleaned up the mess from lunch, and went down to the cargo bay. There were only two computer stations in there, and they were the ships original scanners until Sam and Danial designed and had built for them the portable ones they used. They could not build them themselves because of some of the stuff needed to make them was not easily available to them, hence the reason they did not build them, but Danial wrote the programming for them himself, he had also written the newest software for the older terminals, so they were virtually identical in their abilities, just the older units being slightly slower, but that was of little concern.

When they got to the cargo bay, they all split up and got to work. Danial and Sam going to the terminals to get them prepared, Ben, Matt, and Timmy grabbed the portable scanners, and Jamie started the running first. Jamie would bring the diamonds to everyone and then take the completed bags and set them in one pile near the receptacle for it, he had to ask mentally where that was, and Danial showed him.

They worked for the next few hours in relative silence, every so often switching off so that the person that was running did not get too tired. Jamie had gotten tired after about twenty minutes, trying to keep up to the others, and Matt took over for him, and so on and so forth.

Once they were completed the scanning, it was time to send all the packages in for storage. They all gathered around the receptacle that had been specifically designed for this, there was another on on the bridge of course that worked the same way. It really was very easy, open the hatch and start shoving packages in and it automatically sent it to an available space in their storage room. It took nearly an hour for them just to put all the packs in to send them for storage, and with a sigh of relief, the very last one went in. Wondering just how much space they had left, Sam went to one of the terminals and checked the space availability.

He saw that they had less than twenty spots left open, and that was only because the computer automatically sent as many packs into each slot as it would fit, knowing it would do no damage to the contents. This had been a fair bit of tricky designing and engineering to make the automated warehousing system they used on the ship, but Sam had managed it, and Danial had come along when he was eight and redesigned the software controlling it so that it was even more accurate. Sam made sure to show the boys all what he had done, as well as how and why, and they were all surprised with how much could be stored in the hull of the ship. Almost the entire lower hull was dedicated to treasure storage, only about a quarter was used for other purposes; such as the engine and all the fuel and water storage, as well as their waste treatment and water purification systems, but they were small.

“That's a really cool system, I kinda wondered what happened to everything when we put it in there. So all it does is pretty much take each and every package and store it in a small cubbyhole. Pretty amazing really.” Jamie whistled. He had seen the system in use before, but not what Sam had just shown them.

“Thanks, it took me a while to design it, even longer to figure out how to incorporate it into a boat, and then build the boat around it. It worked pretty well, but required so much direction from me, that is until Danial came along and rewrote its software, now it is almost totally automatic. I can program computers well enough, but Danial can make them sing and dance and do his every bidding.” Sam smiled warmly at his son.

“Thanks dad.” Danial said proudly, he knew his programming skills were good, down right scary at times, he could hack his way past anything or make a computer do virtually anything he wanted it to do.

The other boys were just flabbergasted, except Jamie, because he really already knew all this, but the others had no idea, no idea that someone could be so good with computers and stuff. They were also surprised that Sam had designed it all as well.

“So what should we do now until dinner time?” Ben asked.

“You don't have to be a mind reader to see what you'd like to be doing.” Danial grinned at him.

“While that may be true, I have just enough restraint to hold it until bed time, thank you very much.” Ben said with a straight face, the only one in the group, the others all bursting out laughing.

“Why don't we just stop the boat, make sure there are no unsavory fish around, and go for a swim?” Danial asked.

“Um, I kinda can't swim remember.” Timmy said.

“Me neither.” Matt added.

“Oh yeah, sorta forgot about that, sorry, we are going to have to rectify that little problem soon, if you live on a boat, you should be able to swim. Fine, something else then. Okay, how about this, hows about we go lay back and watch a movie?” Danial asked.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

“And then we can make our own pizzas for dinner, and watch another movie while we eat.” Danial said happily, he loved those types of evenings, he always loved to cuddle up to his daddy and watch movies and relax all night long, but now he had a boyfriend to cuddle up to, just as good, and maybe he could get both.

“Sounds good to me.” Sam said, knowing full well what Danial was thinking, without having to see it in his mind.

They all went to the living room and the boys all crawled onto the large couch while Sam grabbed the remotes and sat down as well, in the middle, Danial on one side of him, and Ben on the the other. Jamie was of course cuddled into Danial and then Matt and Timmy were next to Jamie, cuddled up to him and each other. It was very cozy, and the feelings of love and security permeated the room, and it was a few minutes before Sam realized he had not yet chosen a movie, they were all enjoying it so much. Sam turned everything on and the list of movies they had in their library came up immediately, and for the next five minutes, they went through the list, Sam and Danial having to do the deciding because the others had no idea what was good or not. They finally picked a good action movie and watched, all cuddled up.

Almost two hours later the movie ended, it was now a little past dinner time, and they all got up silently and headed to the kitchen to get their pizza started. Everyone did something different to get everything ready, and in under fifteen minutes they were making their own personal pizzas, most of them piled high with every topping they had. They all went into the ovens and then the guys went and chose another movie, getting it queued up to go, and waited for their dinner to finish. Once the pizzas were done, they were all cut up and then everyone took a massive plate full of pizza to the living room and sat back and watched the movie and gorged themselves on the yummy dinner.

The guys all sat around, watching the movie for the rest of the evening, all cuddled up together, relishing the loving feelings surrounding them, and when the movie ended, they all got up. Silently they cleaned up the mess that they had made, and then with good nights all around, they headed to their bedrooms.

Matt and Timmy walked into their room holding hands, smiling and thinking about the fun they were about to have. As soon as the door closed, they moved in for an amazingly tender and passionate kiss. For a couple little boys who had never before known love and tenderness, they sure knew how to get it from each other.

As their kiss increased in intensity, their hands were moving over each others bodies, stroking and caressing, both moving steadily down. When they each reached the others very wet diapers, they both released the tapes holding them on at the same time, and with a splat, they both hit the floor.

Once the diapers were out of the way, the boys moved their crotches in closer together so that their painfully hard little boy cocklets were kissing each other as the boys' lips were still kissing. Now totally naked, they quickly moved towards the bed, spilling onto it with a giggle as they accidentally fell.

“Can we suck each other, I really like that?” Timmy asked.

“Okay.” Matt said.

Timmy swung around, and because he was the smallest, he climbed on top of Matt, positioning themselves so that they could suck each other easily. With moans and groans from each boy, their expert mouths began to pleasure their little boyfriends. For the next few minutes, they sucked and licked each other, and Matt was stroking the skin on Timmy's soft smooth back and bum. Timmy thinking he wanted something more, reached over as best he could, trying to reach the lube on the end table, but not quite reaching, and ended up having to disengage slightly in order to reach it, although as soon as he had the lube in his hand, he got them back into position.

Timmy opened the tub of lube and got enough on his fingers for what he wanted to do and then set the tub in easy reach of Matt, who had seen everything, and then moved his hands underneath Matt and searched out the hot moist hole buried deep inside. Matt had of course taken the offered lube, and he too applied some to his fingers and moved them into position. The only difference of course being that Matt could clearly see his target, and it looked very inviting.

Within only seconds of each other, they each slowly inserted a small lube coated finger into each other, although in reality they really no longer needed the lube because they could have easily slipped two or three of their small fingers into each of their asses, but the lube made it feel far nicer. With even more moans of extreme happiness, they started slowly finger fucking each other, slowing down their sucking as well to match the pace so as to take their time. Both boys were very horny, and they both wanted to get off, but for some reason they both also felt that this time they needed to take it slow and easy.

Timmy was the first to pull his finger out and add a little more lube, and then insert two fingers, and Matt thought it seemed like a good idea, so he too did the same thing. Shortly after their second fingers were inserted though, both little boys exploded in the first orgasm of the night, but neither boy even stopped. One thing they had long ago gotten used to, was continuing on through their immature little orgasms, so they kept right on going, at the same slow pace, enjoying the feelings coursing through their small frames.

For the next twenty minutes the two little boys continued to suck and finger fuck each other slowly, and they had gone through another orgasm a piece about half way through that, and they were now up to four fingers buried deep inside. Once again Timmy was the first to pull his fingers out and add more lube, and this time he moved in with the full intention of slipping his entire hand inside, and Matt knew it, he could see and feel it. So what did Matt do, the same thing of course. He was fully aware that they could both easily take each others hands, after all the pirates had not been kind to their young asses, and their hands would not be the largest things to have been shoved into their tender little bums, the difference now of course was love.

The boys were in fact falling deeply in love with each other, and although they did not like what the pirates had done to them, they had become accustomed to it, and they now wanted and needed something a little larger deep inside them, and their hands would fit that bill nicely, and with no more than another groan a piece, two hands popped into two little bums at the same time. Momentarily they each forgot about sucking the other, both putting all their energy into slowly fisting their lover and drowning in the intense feelings.

A couple minutes later, they remembered to start sucking again, and again they both exploded in another orgasm. This time the orgasm was even stronger than the others, and it nearly wiped the two boys out, but they kept going, enjoying themselves just too much to stop now, but it would not be long. They were sweating fiercely now, they were moaning and groaning constantly, screams would erupt from them randomly as one or the other did something to really torture the other, usually done back to the other seconds later, and they were now clear across the bed from where they had started, their lovemaking having caused them to travel a great distance on the large bed. Now fully thirty five minutes after they had landed on the bed, and about five or so minutes after they had inserted their entire hands in each other, they exploded again in their final orgasm of the night, which turned out to be too much for both boys.

Their eyes rolled up in their heads, and they both passed out. Totally exhausted from their incredible session, they passed out for the night. Eventually they disengaged from each others mouths, but their hands stayed buried in each others awesome asses all night long. Also they of course were not diapered, so with very little surprise, both little boys wet the bed all night long, more than a few times spraying each other with the hot salty pee, but amazingly enough, neither boy woke up all night long.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Danial and Jamie also made it to their room, hands clasped lovingly together, both anticipating what laid beyond the door waiting for them, both very hard and very horny. However, as horny as they were, they were not out to have wild sex, they both wanted, no needed, deep passionate love. As soon as the door was closed, they slowly moved into a soft kiss, just slowly letting their love pour forth It was not a passionate kiss, it was deep and loving, very slow. And while they kissed, they held each other tightly in a lovers embrace, dancing slowly to music that only they could hear. For nearly ten minutes they stayed in their embrace, holding each other, kissing each other, dancing with each other, but not making any sort of move to get on the bed to start out. And though they were both hot and horny, they managed to hold off.

Holding off is a tough thing to do for young teen boys at the best of times, and had they have just wanted a good fuck, they would already be at it, but that wasn't what they wanted, in fact fucking was the furthest thing from their minds at the time, so they continued to kiss.

Finally Danial pulled them apart from the kiss, both of them giving off a deep sigh, sounding as if nothing was, or could ever be, wrong in the world, so satisfied they sounded. Danial reached forward and sensuously released the tapes holding Jamie's bursting diaper on, while giving Jamie a mental picture stating he wanted Jamie in the middle of the bed, spread eagled. Jamie just smiled warmly at his boyfriend and went to the bed and laid down as requested, Danial watching him the entire way. As soon as Jamie was laying as requested, and watching what Danial was up to, Danial slowly removed his own soggy diaper and let it fall to the floor with a plop, and then went to the dresser and grabbed something. Jamie saw the name on the bottle through Danial's eyes, but had no idea what it was, he had never seen or heard of it before.

Danial had grabbed a bottle of sensual body oil, it warmed the skin, made the areas it was applied to sensitive to touch, and smelled so nice, but hard to explain, it smelled like lust is the only way Danial could ever think to explain it, mainly because it was the smell of it just made him horny. Slowly Danial walked to the bed and climbed on, kneeling at Jamie's feet. Danial started massaging Jamie, slowly, lovingly, starting with his feet, getting each and every single toe, and working his way up Jamie's quivering body, but skipping past Jamie's entire groin area, not wanting to go there quite yet. For thirty minutes, Danial massaged each and every spot on Jamie that he could reach, except his groin, and Jamie was moaning lowly almost the entire time. Never had he imagined something so simple could feel so nice, so loving.

Danial then rolled Jamie over so that he was laying in his front and his entire backside was showing, and what a backside, so pert and cute, very firm yet soft, and nice and round, and Danial had to tear his eyes away from staring at the wonderful piece of ass that he would soon be buried in. Once again Danial started at Jamie's feet, again doing his entire foot and toes, and then moving upwards again, skipping past Jamie's cute bum, for the time being.

When Danial finally reached Jamie's neck, finishing the massage on nearly every single part of Jamie's body, Danial went down and applied a new generous coating of the incredible feeling oil to Jamie's ass. Well the massage on Jamie's back had taken nearly thirty minutes again, but Danial spent nearly as much time just on Jamie's fine little bum, working it so nicely, that Jamie was starting to fear he would cum just from the massage. Danial was of course making sure to get a very generous amount of the slippery oil worked into Jamie's experienced hole, making sure that it was ready for the finale.

Yet again Jamie was turned over, his proud young erection nearly vibrating continuously, showing the fact that it was very ready to cum, and Danial noticed it, but he already knew it, their minds were linked so much, that his dick was in the same state. Finally though, the oil was applied to the final place, Danial working in oil a lot more than was really needed, really oiling Jamie up. This proved to be just too much though for Jamie, with a strangled cry, he exploded, and as soon as the feelings blasted Danial, he too exploded, having not once the entire time, touched himself. With many grunts and gasps each, they came, and a small amount of clear fluid shot out of Jamie's dick as it spasmed. It took a few seconds for them to both catch their breath again, but as soon as they did, Danial started off again where he had left off, as if nothing had happened, oiling up Jamie's dick and balls.

Jamie's body was on fire now, ever tiny little touch to his skin, felt like a hundred tiny feathers tickling him in the most incredible ways, the warming elements of the oil were literally causing Jamie to heat up, of course this was not the only reason, and the smell of the oil was making him even more horny, if at all humanly possible. This was nothing however compared with what Danial had in mind for their next act, and in the haze of both their minds, Jamie had not caught the picture in Danial's mind, so it was a shock what happened next.

In one fell swoop, Danial lifted Jamie's legs up and swiftly inserted himself as deep inside his lover as he could, and with a sigh and a gasp, Danial stopped. He held himself there, buried inside Jamie as far as he could go, for nearly a full minute, urging both their bodies to step back from the precipice of their impending orgasm, and he was able to do it, and they both held off. Danial started slowly thrusting himself in and out, moving nearly so slow as to not even be moving, but moving far enough so that he nearly popped all the way out, before slipping all the way back in. Danial kept this up for as long as he thought he could manage before exploding, and right before he knew they were both exceedingly close, he pulled all the way out.

Jamie nearly complained about this, but saw what was coming next, and quickly worked with Danial to clamp down on their orgasms, wanting what was about to come. Finally a full two minutes later, they were both ready again.

Danial shifted positions for the next phase, and then quickly impaled himself on Jamie's hard dick, and again a sigh and a moan was all that could be heard. Danial kept up the same motion as before, the only difference was of course that he was now raising and lowering himself, working Jamie's dick inside his own ass, but the slow sensual rhythm was the same. For another few minutes they made love, until they were both once again very close, and Danial pulled off, and they waited.

Danial leaned over and began kissing Jamie tenderly, waiting for them to both cool down in a loving way. As soon as they were, Danial shifted again and inserted his still very hard dick inside Jamie's very soft ass, and they both moaned again. This time they were able to continue their kiss as Danial slowly rocked his hips, keeping the pace nice and slow. For less than five minutes they kept it up, and as much as Danial would have loved to pull out and try for holding off even longer, he knew there was no way, his balls were aching so bad now that to pull out would still mean a huge explosion. So it was only a few seconds later that they both screeched in their combined orgasm, so strong was it that they both passed out.

Danial's dick slipped from its nice cozy hole as Danial slumped over, laying nearly on top of Jamie. They too passed out for the night, neither one of them diapered as they really should have been. They did move slightly during the night, but for the most part they stayed cuddled up all night long, peeing all over each other, not even covered up at all.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sam and Ben watched the other two cute young couples walk hand in hand into their rooms, to do what young horny boys in love do, what they were going to go into their room to do. They too were holding hands lovingly, and as soon as both doors closed for the night, they went to their room and closed their door as well. Sam walked them to the edge of their bed and released the tapes holding Ben's only item of clothing on, if you wish to call it clothing, and Ben's sodden diaper splatted to the ground. Ben then reached out and did the same for Sam, his diaper also falling with a plop. Now totally naked, totally hard, and totally in love with each other, they crawled into bed and began kissing each other, slow and gentle were their kisses.

They were laying on their sides as they kissed, and both of them had their free hands busy stroking the others soft skin. Even Sam who was much older had nice soft skin, he was very nearly hairless, the only little bit being in his arm pits and his groin, both of which he kept neatly trimmed. Sam treated his skin very well, using the best skin care products to keep it soft and young looking, he was after all a gay man who prided his appearance. As their hands were caressing each other, and their lips were locked together, they were moaning deeply into each others mouth, loving how the other was making them feel.

Suddenly Ben pushed Sam so that he rolled onto his back, effectively breaking the kiss they were sharing. Ben dove into the soft part of Sam's neck, licking, sucking, and kissing, driving Sam mad and giving him a nice big hickey at the same time. Slowly Ben moved his way down so that he was continuing in Sam's tender, and slightly hairy armpit, moving back and forth between both. Next were Sam's already hard nipples and then his belly button. Next came the junction between Sam's legs and groin, and Sam gasped at this, and then Ben even went down and gave the same treatment to Sam's ticklish feet, something he had never once experienced.

Sam had finally had enough of the foreplay that Ben was treating him to, and wanted to pay it back just a little bit, so as soon as Ben was sitting up, Sam grabbed Ben and flipped him so that he was now laying on his back, and Ben grinned from the feeling this caused. Sam then treated Ben to the exact same things, making sure to give Ben hickeys in all the same places. As soon as Sam was done all the same places, he swiftly flipped Ben over so that he was on his stomach, and then lifted Ben's hips, Ben instinctively pulling his knees up under himself. Once Ben's cute ass was poised in a prime position, Sam dove into the moist crack and started giving Ben a licking he would not soon forget.

Ben had felt good before, but this felt so amazing that he was so close to cumming from just having Sam tongue his sensitive hole, and Sam could feel this as well. Feeling that Ben was as lubed as he needed to be, Sam switched how he was sitting, got more up onto his knees, and aimed his impossibly hard dick at the winking hole, and inserted himself slowly. With deep moans of pleasure from both, Sam started a moderate pace, not too fast, but not too slow either, both just very much enjoying the ride. For the next few minutes all that could be heard from them were the grunts and groans and the sound of skin slapping together rhythmically.

All too soon though, with as much effort as they were putting into not doing so, they came, both at almost the exact same time, and quite powerfully. Sam's load deep inside Ben, and Ben's load splattered across the bed linens. With a deep sigh, Sam disengaged from the hot cavern he had been plundering and laid down next to his lover.

“Wow, you know just what to do to make me feel incredible.” Ben sighed out a minute later, just as soon as he was able to form words.

“I've had practice, but with you it's easy, I see everything you see, feel everything you feel, so I can easily tell what feels real good to you.” Sam smiled warmly.

“Yeah, I know what you mean, I see and feel the same things from you, but it's still amazing.”

“What will be amazing is if I don't plunder that hot ass of yours again before the night is out.” Sam grinned.

“If you don't, I will just sit on it and get it anyhow.” Ben grinned back.

“Ooh, sounds fun, but for now I think I am owed a nice ass invasion!” Sam said cheerfully, getting up onto his hands and knees and waving his firm ass.

Could Ben refuse such an offer, not on his, or anyones, life. He practically jumped into position, burying his face as deep inside the hot crack of Sam's ass as he could, ramming his tongue in and out rapidly. For the next few minutes, Ben ate deeply of his boyfriends ass, really giving it a workout, and more than once Sam actually felt as if Ben were honestly trying to crawl up inside him. Although he knew his ass could take nearly anything, he doubted even his experienced ass could take all that, and he chuckled from the thought, and so did Ben, because he saw it right along with Sam.

Ben quickly pulled his face out, got up on his knees, and quickly rammed himself inside Sam, and then he stopped. All movement ceased, even his breathing almost completely stopped, Ben stopped everything as much as he could, and held there for the better part of two minutes. When he did finally start moving, it was almost imperceivable he was going so slow. Slowly he stroked in and out, slowly their orgasms built, and slowly they let them come out, holding it for as long as they could do so.

Once they had both cum, with even more sighs of contentment, Ben pulled out and crawled up and kissed Sam deeply. Their kiss was so loving that they forgot about time and continued kissing each other for nearly fifteen minutes, just holding each other tightly, regaining their composure a little.

“I wish that we could make love to each other at the same time.” Ben sighed.

“Well we can't really do that, but we can do something else almost as good.”

“Ooh, that does look fun, sure, let's give it a shot.” Ben said happily.

What Sam had had pop into his mind was just a standard 69 and they could finger each other, so simple, but Ben had never seen it before. So Ben swung around and crawled on top of Sam, positioning themselves in a perfect 69, and they both started sucking. They sucked each other for only a couple minutes before they both started snaking their hands towards the others bum, not even thinking to add more lube or anything, knowing that they would be more than lubricated for this. Skipping just one and two fingers, they each slipped three fingers into the other, but they did so very slowly, and then started a fucking motion that matched the pace of their sucking.

It was only a few minutes before they had their first orgasm in this manner, but they just kept right on going, enjoying this way to much to stop what they were doing, and they rode through a further two cums, but by the last one, they were both shooting blanks.

Ben finally rolled off of Sam with the deepest sigh yet, and they both just laid there for a few minutes staring at the ceiling, their minds, for possibly the first time ever, were completely void of anything, they were nearly out of it, but they, unlike the others, did manage to stay awake.

“I don't really know what happened there, you made me feel so loved, so I don't know, I just know I love you more than life itself.” Ben whispered, struggling to get the words out, but none were really needed.

“I know baby, I know how you feel, you are broadcasting it so much right now that it would be impossible not to know, but know this, my love for you eclipses even that.” Sam whispered back.

“I know, I can feel that too.” Ben sighed.

“We better get each other diapered and get into bed before we pass out from sexual exhaustion and pee the bed all night long.” Sam said, not really realizing that that was what the others were going to be doing.

Ben just nodded and Sam got up and got the diapers and came back. They quickly and lovingly diapered each other, and with a final kiss, the blankets were pulled up, they whispered goodnight, I love you, and they were out.

The following morning, everyone woke up at more or less the same time, two of the couples soaking wet, and only one of them nice and dry and cozy. Matt and Timmy withdrew their hands with giggles and a grunt, swung around, gave each other a kiss, and headed to get showered. Danial and Jamie also giggled when they realized what they had done, got up, and went and had a shower. Ben and Sam just got up, kissed each other, removed their soggy diapers, and they too headed for their shower.

As they all showered, they were kissing their partners good morning, and the two younger couples still giggled about what they did through the night. Once they were all cleaned and dried, they went back to their rooms, diapered each other, and two very wet sets of bedding were carried from the bedrooms at almost the exact same time, heading to the laundry room.

“You passed out and forgot to get diapered too huh?” Danial asked the other pair.

“Yep, but it was awesome.” Timmy grinned widely.

“Yeah, it was.” All three of the others said.