Chapter 5

**WARNING** This story, like all my others, is full of gay sex, diapers, boys, and men, if none of this is what you are looking for then I suggest now that you leave. This story takes place mostly on a boat, and while I love boats, I am not a hundred percent certain on all the terminology, so forgive me if I make mistakes in boating terms. This story also contains violence, so be warned, but one of it is highly graphic. This is obviously a fantasy and for obvious reasons it has never happened. As always I appreciate feedback, but I do not require it. I like to write for myself and share it with others, however if you would like to write, please leave all flaming behind and give only constructive criticism, feel free to email me at I also have a site at should you wish to read the full story or any of my other stories. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoy.

It was now three weeks later, the boys on the ship had gotten to know each other even more so, they were falling more and more in love with their boyfriends, everything was as perfect as any of them could ever hope for.

A week ago they had spent a few nights on a small island and everyone was taught how to swim, and like fish to water, they picked it up very well. They spent three days there, learning how to swim, and they all had a blast as well.

The sex had been fantastic as well, at least once per day, many days it was twice. The boys were all far happier and healthier than they had ever been, ever hoped to be, and even Sam and Danial were happier as well. It seemed that they had been missing something before, and now they found it in their boyfriends. They had of course both had sex many times, even Danial was an old pro at it, but they did not get it that often before, now they got it every day.

They had been slowly working their way to where the pirates treasure was hidden, and they were now only about three days away at the pace they were going. Everyone was getting excited about the prospect of doing more treasure hunting, and no one even stopped to think as to where they were going to store it, because it sounded like there was a lot of it. It was finally Timmy, the youngest out of them all, that thought of it, and brought it up during dinner one night.

“Um, we're going treasure hunting right, and the way it sounds there might be lots there right, so where are we going to store it all, you said the storage area is nearly full?”

“You know, I never even stopped to think of that, but it's a damn good question.” Sam smirked.

“I guess we should call and make some arrangements huh?” Danial asked.

“Yep, me thinks so.”

They finished their dinner, got everything cleaned up, and then went to the bridge. Sam went to their computer dedicated to the inventory and sales of all their goods, and he pulled up the most recent sales list. With a sigh of relief, Sam noted that a lot had sold in the past few weeks. It seemed their raw diamonds were a big hit with many of the worlds top jewelers. There were also three large purchases by private collectors, a further ten smaller ones by museums, and a few single pieces purchased by average people.

“Well it looks like we should not have to worry too terribly much about space, five hundred of our diamond packs have already sold.” Sam said with a smile.

“How much does that sell for?” Matt asked.

“The average price per bag of raw diamonds was a million dollars, so you do the math.”

“Wow, cool.” Matt stated.

Sam just smiled at the boy, and went about making some arrangements to stop at a nearby port they used from time to time, not a very friendly one, but useful. It took maybe ten minutes to make all the arrangements. Next Sam went and started the computer getting together all of their sold items and sending them up. All the items that had been sold, and the cases in which to ship them, arrived moments later. The boys were shown what to do, and how to do it, by Sam, Danial, and Jamie, and together they spent a couple hours before bed getting everything ready to ship.

They all had a lot of fun chatting and joking, just playing around as they worked. Once everything was ready to be shipped off the next day, they all headed to bed, wishing each other good nights, knowing full well that it was going to be another very good night. And a good night it was all around, they all had a nice pair of orgasms each and fell asleep, diapered this time, very satisfied.

The next morning dawned bright and early for all, and after getting off a couple more orgasms a piece before breakfast, they all got ready for the day and headed into port. They had of course stopped the ship during the night, they were far too close to land to use the autopilot, and besides, they did not normally use it at night anyways. They made good time getting to port though, and waiting for them as they docked was a pair of trucks and four men.

“Now boys, this city is not safe in the least, so I think we are just going to stay on the ship and wait. I have ordered a few extra supplies as well since we are here, hence the second truck.” Sam said once they were tied down.

“Okay.” Everyone except Danial said.

“Dad, I was studying the information the satellite has retrieved for us last night, I couldn't sleep again, but anyways, it seems there are no entrances to anything anywhere on the island, but I found one in the reef. The odd thing though is that I can get just a cave and two caverns, and then that's it. It's not just seeing rock though as normal, it's almost as if somehow something down there is blocking us from scanning anything further. So I think we are going to be needing diving suits for everyone else, I have two old ones, but I doubt they are even the right sizes for the boys, and besides, they are the old style.”

“I had taken a quick look a few days ago as well but had not actually seen anything at all, so it is obviously very well hidden. We can't get our dive suits here, so I will call and get them flown to us. Do we have enough oxygen systems here or should I order more of those?”

“We probably have enough, but I know how you feel about only having just enough, so better get more.” Danial grinned.

The others were just standing around listening, sort of excited and sort of scared at the prospect of diving.

“You boys can go ahead and oversee the loading and offloading of everything then, I all of a sudden have to make some calls.” Sam smiled.

The boys just nodded and took off, except Ben of course who stayed next to Sam. Sam called his supplier for diving equipment in Canada and made arrangements for them to helilift all the needed supplies out. He ordered suits for the boys, an extra oxygen tank refill station, a dozen new tanks, and new masks for everyone because he was told they had new ones in that were far superior to anything. Sam was told the new masks were full face masks, had on board communications, a heads up display, lighting system, the works. Sam always loved new toys, and he would love to see if he could get his scanner to plug into the heads up display systems so that he could see everything as it happened. He wondered why he had never thought of it before himself, but pushed it aside, he couldn't think of everything.

In less than half an hour everything was done, the new equipment was ordered and would be on its way, the new supplies were on deck, and the sold merchandise was off the ship and securely on its way to their new owners..

Sam excitedly told everyone about all the new stuff he just bought and what all it could do. Although the boys had never really seen much of the equipment, they were smart enough to know what Sam and Danial were going on about, even if some of it confused the hell out of them.

“So why did you get an extra oxygen refill station though dad, we already have two?”

“Well this way we have an extra just in case one fails, and now we can refill three bottles at the same time, just a bit faster. With six of us now we will want faster oxygen refills.” Sam said simply.

As they had been talking, they had been slowly moving out of the port, and once they passed the markers, they shot out of there like a bullet. Once they were on their way, they all stripped down to their diapers and went and started putting away all their new supplies, not that there was that terribly much, but Sam hated getting low on anything.

The work was quickly done and everyone went off to do as they pleased, Sam and Ben heading back to the bridge to sit back and relax, Danial and Jamie to the uppermost deck to lay back and relax, and Timmy and Matt laid on the couch in the living room and cuddled up. There was lots of kissing and caressing all around, and everyone was enjoying themselves, but amazingly enough none of them stripped out of their diapers and had sex at all. The afternoon was devoted solely to loving feelings.

That evening after dinner the ship was stopped, and they were anchored off a small island, maybe a half a kilometer across at most, it had only just a few swaying palm trees and grasses littered across its sandy grounds. It was a very peaceful, yet desolate, place, nothing there at all, but this was not the reason they were here. It was simply but a place to stop for the night, nothing more.

Sam figured they could use the shallower waters of its reef though to some advantage. It was getting late though, and it was well after dark by this time, and the only way they saw anything at all was with the ships night vision viewing system, so it was decided to just rest for the rest of the night, not that they had really done much else. After curling up on the couches and watching a movie, everyone went to bed for the night.

Matt and Timmy went to their room and made it all the way on to their bed before they even started touching each other, but tonight was not about love to them, they were both more than ready for a little action. Together they tore off each others soaked diapers and locked lips in a kiss that could make an average bar wench gasp. As their kissing progressed, so did the movements of their hands, and within only just a minute of them climbing onto the bed, they each had a couple fingers buried in the others soft bottom, and were grasping each others hard little cocklets and stroking them madly.

“Oh fuck me now.” Timmy pulled away and begged.

“Okay.” Matt said brightly.

They broke apart, removing both their hands from each other, and Timmy threw himself to the edge of the bed and laid over it, his feet dangling off the edge, just barely able to touch the floor. Matt saw how Timmy wanted it, so hopped off the bed, and went to insert himself, but found a small problem, Timmy's ass was too high. In a stroke of pure genius, Matt remember the stool that was in their closet, so he grabbed it, set it in place, hopped on and sunk in.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck me.” Timmy moaned out in his high pitched squeal.

“Oh god you feel so good on me, I never imagined fucking someone else would ever feel so good.”

“And I never imagined that being fucked could ever feel so good, not until you came along.” Timmy sighed, truly enjoying the feeling of his equally young lover pounding into his experienced hole.

And pounding he was, Matt was giving it his all, every ounce of strength and stamina he poured into thrusting into Timmy. At the pace that they were going, it was not so much a matter of time that they would cum, but how fast could they cum, and it turned out to be pretty fast. Less than a minute after they started, they each shared the first of a few cums each, but Matt didn't even try and stop, he just gritted his teeth, and started ramming himself even faster and harder.

“Oh holy shit, yeah fuck my baby ass.” Timmy screamed out.

“Oh yeah, I am gonna fuck it all right.” Matt gasped out.

And they continued on, Matt going at a speed that was more than a little amazing. His little hips were thrusting so fast that you could barely see them, and even though his hard cock slipped out nearly every time he pulled out, he just slammed it back in, a fact that was driving poor Timmy mad with lust. They managed to get three more strong and dry cums in this manner, both panting like crazy.

“Oh that was the best ever.” Matt gasped as he finally pulled out.

“Oh yeah, now it's my turn to fuck your little baby ass off.” Timmy grinned and got up

“Okay.” Matt said brightly again.

Matt laid over the edge of the bed as well and Timmy climbed up on the stool behind him, and slammed his still amazingly hard little cock into Matt's still sloppy bum. Using the same pace as Matt had used, Timmy started madly thrusting into his young lover. His dick was only just a hair shorter than Matt's was, so he was able to give Matt just as much pleasure as he got many times over the past few minutes, and he too was pulling all the way out on nearly every extraction, not on purpose, but it sure felt good, to both boys.

Their first orgasm came only a few minutes after they started the second phase of their raw sex, not surprising considering how much they had already cum. Timmy though just kept right on thrusting, going even harder and faster than he had before. His hips were also just a blur, and he was slamming into Matt so hard that the sounds of their skin slapping actually drowned out the sounds of their moaning and groaning.

They only managed to squeeze out two more orgasms a piece for their second round before Timmy collapsed on Matt's back, very nearly passing out. Both boys had the biggest smiles on their faces imaginable, and both were panting something fierce.

“Wow, that was amazing. I never thought I'd like it like that again, but you know what, when you love the person fucking you, any way is nice.” Matt sighed out a few minutes, and referencing the fact that he had only ever been fucked while face down.

“Yeah, and I agree, that was why I had to try it like that.” Timmy said tiredly.

“We better get diapered and get to bed, I'm almost falling asleep now.” Matt suggested.

“Yeah, me too.” Timmy sighed and got up as best he could, having to hold on to the bed for support, and climbing off the stool gingerly. His every muscle ached and protested the short walk to the cupboard they had stored their diapers in. He grabbed two and headed back to the bed to find that Matt was busy trying to roll over, but was having about as easy a time at that as Timmy had at walking.

Timmy finally made it to the bed and Matt finally managed to roll over, and then Timmy diapered his boyfriend. Matt slowly got up and Timmy slowly laid down and then Matt diapered him as well, and then they climbed into bed, and they never even got a chance to kiss each other good night, nor did they even get the blankets pulled up, before they fell asleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ben and Sam made it to their room and embraced each other tenderly and shared a soft and passionate kiss. To anyone who would have seen them it would have looked as if they had been life long lovers, their movements were so liquid and smooth. They touched and stroked the skin of each others backs, slowly moving themselves back and forth, almost dancing on the spot. The moment was so deeply spiritual to both they did not want to break it, but eventually they needed to breath properly. They could of course breath a bit, but not enough to really matter. They held on as long as they could before breaking apart and gasping for a good deep breath.

Once they had their breath, Sam grabbed Ben's hand and slowly walked them to the edge of the bed and he crawled on and sat up against the headboard, patting the spot in between his legs, non verbally telling Ben where to sit. Ben climbed on the bed as well and sat in the area between Sam's open legs, laying back against his big strong lover. Sam grabbed Ben's hands and brought them up behind his own head and made them touch, and Ben got the idea and clasped his own hands behind Sam's head.

Once Ben had the right idea, Sam slowly slid his fingers all the way down Ben's arms and into his armpits and then down the side of his chest. Had the moment not been so loving and gentle, the motions might have tickled Ben, but instead of laughter, he only sighed. Both of their minds were wide open to the other, and they could see each others minds fully, but Sam was carefully making it so that Ben could not see what he had planned, something that was very difficult for him to do.

Sam bent his head down as best he could, nudging Ben's own head to the side and burying his lips into the crease and kissing Ben there very softly, barely even touching him. Sam's hands had stopped on Ben's taut tummy and just lightly stroked the smooth skin there while his mouth paid homage to the shrine of Ben's body. Although the feelings were running rampant in Ben, he was not hard, this was pure love, no sex involved, and his body and mind knew it and had not acted in any other way.

Even when Sam slipped his hands inside Ben's soggy diaper, he did not get hard. Sam slowly slid his hands deep into Ben's wet diaper, looking for his silky smooth orbs buried inside, and when he found them, he slowly petted them. And still when Sam started stroking Ben's balls slowly, he did not get hard. Neither of them made any sounds, other than an almost purring sound that Ben was making.

Nearly twenty minutes later, the loving and relaxing feelings were very close to causing Ben to fall asleep, feeling even more loved than he felt before, had ever felt. Sam could tell as well, and this was fine, he never set out tonight to have sex at all, he set out to make love to his baby, and this was all they needed. Sam knew that both of their diapers would hold until morning, or longer, so he slipped them down slowly, gently working them until they were laying down, and then he positioned them so that they were laying on their sides facing each other. With another gentle loving kiss each, they whispered good night, I love you, to each other, and then they fell asleep, both very much in love and at peace with the world.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

“I need you to hold me tonight, just kiss and cuddle me please?” Jamie softly asked as they entered their bedroom.

“Okay my love, I would like that very much as well.” Danial smiled warmly to his boyfriend.

“My diaper feels like it should last through the night, how about yours?”

“Same, we can just crawl into bed and cuddle and explore each others minds.”


And that was what they did. They crawled into bed, in their already wet diapers, but nowhere near maxed out, and they curled up together in the center of the large bed and shared a gentle kiss. A few minutes later the kiss broke off and then they opened their minds fully to each other and then they each explored even more of the other. They already knew everything there was to know about each other really, but there was still much that they had in their minds that neither had seen, nothing important, but it was important for them to share it with each other. It was almost an hour later that they broke the connection that they had going, kissed another few minutes, and then with their good nights and I love yous done, they fell asleep.

The following morning everyone awoke with a glow about them that shone like the brightest of stars, and the love that was permeating the air was tangible, even to those who were not empaths. For the entire morning, hardly a word was spoken amongst them, no one wanted to break the spell. About the only way they spoke to each other, was to smile warmly. It was after lunch that they even started to speak, and that was only because Sam had no choice. He was called saying the helicopter with their new diving supplies would be there soon.

“Well boys, looks like our lovely day is going to be interrupted, the helicopter with our diving rigs will be here soon, so I guess we should all go get dressed.” Sam said, almost sadly.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

They all went and got dressed, ready for the delivery they were waiting for, and met back up on the bridge a few minutes later. They sat around talking, about nothing much, until they heard the unmistakable sounds of the chopper coming in the distance. They all headed out to the bow of the ship and waited, and slowly they saw the large helicopter come into sight. Now of course because the ship had no more room for the helicopter to land, their helicopter was already on the bow, and the two submersibles were on the stern, the helicopter would have to lower the crates while they hovered over the ship.

Sam guided them in and they started lowering the first of five large crates down. It took only thirty minutes to get everything dropped off, and as soon as it was, the helicopter took off with a wave. Before the helicopter was hardly gone, the boys all stripped off their clothes, getting comfortable in only their diapers again, Sam following suit a second later, they started opening the crates.

“Wow, look at all this stuff, is this really for us?” Ben asked.

“Well for all of us actually. Remember I bought new masks for everyone, and you guys got new suits, and I bought a bunch of new oxygen tanks for everyone.” Sam answered.

“Cool, when can we try it out?” Ben asked excitedly.

“Well today of course. We have to get some more oxygen tanks filled up, and while they are filling, we will have to teach you boys all you need to know. It's pretty easy though, really the equipment does most everything for you, all you have to do is swim, and that's easy.”

“Neat.” Timmy said.

The first thing they had to do was get the tanks and the new oxygen filling station down to the storage area where that stuff was kept, and that took longer than anything else, it was big and bulky, and more than a little heavy. But eventually they got everything down to where it was supposed to be, and the new refill station was plugged in next to the other two and three new canisters were attached and they started filling.

“Now, each canister takes about fifteen minutes to fill, so we have plenty of time to teach you boys all you need to know. Danial, why don't you go grab the masks while I get started, we will all have to learn the new functions that they offer?” Sam asked.

Danial nodded and ran off and Sam started teaching the others all that they needed to know. Danial had come down with all the new masks before Sam had finished talking, and he noticed that the three tanks were finished, so he switched them for three new tanks, and waited for his dad to finish. When he did, Sam grabbed one of the new masks, put it on, plugged it into the pad that attached to the divers arm, and started playing and learning, Danial seeing this, did the same as well. The boys all followed suit as well, deciding they may as well learn by doing, since that was the best way.

They all played with the new masks for maybe twenty minutes before they all started showing each other all the different things they could do, and how to do it. For an hour they learned all the different things the new masks and their com pads could do. And Sam even grabbed one of his scanners and found that the plugs from it would plug right in, and at first they would not recognize each other, but Danial came in, did his magic, and in under five minutes programmed the two pieces of equipment to work together. Danial then did the same thing for everyone else, so this way they all had a full scanning system built into their dive equipment.

“This is going to make life a whole lot easier down there huh dad?” Danial asked.

“Yeah, I am starting to wonder why neither of us thought of this before, it's a very neat system, and really not all that complicated, hell we have everything on board to have made these ourselves.”

“I was thinking the same thing, but then you already knew that, and I knew you were thinking the same.” Danial grinned.

“Well now we have a great system, and now all we have to do is test it out. Who wants to go diving?” Sam asked with a wide grin.

“Me.” Everyone shouted excitedly.

“Okay, today we will only have one tank with us, that means we have two hours of oxygen use, so you will get lots of practice. Our dive gear can accept two tanks, so when we finally get to where we are going, we will have a little over four hours, but we will take extra tanks with us for just in case we need them. Today is just to get you boys used to diving, and to have some fun of course. Let's each grab a tank and go topside and get suited up.” Sam said.

They had a small problem though, the tanks were too heavy for poor Timmy and Matt. The poor boys also wondered how on earth they were going to be able to survive with one of them on their backs, let alone two. Sam could of course see the worry in their minds.

“Have no fear boys, we can carry these up to the deck and we have to help each other get suited up anyways, and when you are in the water, the tanks will not weigh you down or slow you down any.” Sam said soothingly.

Both young boys looked very pleased with this news. Everything was taken back up to the deck and they helped each other to get into their wet suits, having to remove their wet diapers first, there would be no point to having them on. Once they were in their suits, and they had their flippers, gloves, and masks on and ready, their tanks were attached to the harness on their backs and their masks hooked up. Matt and Timmy had to stay sitting, because with all the heavy equipment attached to them, they could not stand up at all, and even Jamie and Ben had a hell of a time standing up.

“Okay, the only way to do this will be just to pick you two boys up and drop you in the water. Danial will jump in first to be with you down there, and don't worry.” Sam said soothingly.

Danial jumped off the side of the ship and with a splash he landed and waited. Sam dropped first Timmy in the water, and Timmy screamed the entire way down and splashed. Matt followed and he too screamed. Ben and Jamie were next, but they jumped of their own free will, but they too screamed, and then Sam jumped in and he giggled, he loved the drop.

“Wow, that was real scary falling like that, I peed all the way down.” Timmy giggled.

“Me too.” Matt giggled as well.

“At least that will help to keep you warm.” Danial laughed.

“Okay everyone, follow me.” Sam said.

They dove under the water and swam around for a while, just getting used to the feeling of near weightlessness and enjoying the freedom.

“This is so neat.” Matt said excitedly.

“Yeah, I still feel the same way, and I have been diving since before I was five.” Danial said.

For the rest of the hour that they had air for they all excitedly swam around the reef and looked at everything they could. The boys were all so excited to be down so deep in the water, well deeper than they ever thought they would be, when in actual fact they were maybe fifteen to twenty meters down, hardly very deep. They were plum amazed at the brilliant colors of everything there, the fish, the plants, the reef itself, there they saw colors they only ever imagined.

“Well boys, if you have not already noticed, your oxygen warning system should now be going off, that is the little pinging sound you hear, that means we need to get back. We still have ten minutes in our main tanks and at lest that in the reserves, but we have to go when it says so.” Sam called out.

“Awe, do we have to?” Danial asked in his winiest five year old voice he could manage.

“But my oxygen meter says I still have a little more than twenty minutes left.” Timmy complained.

“And mine says a little under twenty.” Matt groaned.

“Yes, that is true, you two are much smaller and use a little less oxygen than us big lugs do, so you would have more. Ben and Jamie's may not even be warning them yet, but they will be soon. Danial and I however will need to get going soon, which means we all have to go, so come on.” Sam grinned at the boys.

Sam had actually forgotten how much less oxygen younger children use than adults, something that frustrated the hell out of Danial when he was younger. Sam would not let him dive by himself when he was a boy, that was a treat he was not allowed to have until he was ten. The same would be true for the others once they proved themselves capable and mature enough. Mature enough he was hardly worried about, but the boys had no idea what to do in an emergency, and they only really covered the basics today. They lazily swam towards the surface of the water, aiming towards the hull of the boat, and coming up in the same place they jumped in. Sam grabbed his remote and opened the doors to the cargo bay, this would be far easier to get back on board than anything. Normally this would be where they exited as well, but almost all the gear had been up top, so that was where they went from, but in the future, since everything was stored just off the cargo bay anyways, they would jump in from there. Sam climbed in first, having to hoist himself up the half meter from the water to the deck. Danial pulled himself up next, and Ben tried to follow suit, but failed miserably.

“Okay, I just don't think I am quite strong enough for that yet, I need a hand please.” Ben admitted.

Ben and the others had kept fairly slim, but fit they hardly were. Their sole source of exercise until they were adopted by the ship had been sex, and with sparse meals, they never gained weight, but they never gained much muscle either. Of course Sam and Danial would never say, or even think, anything bad of it, they just reached down and pulled all four boys up and in with ease. Once everyone was back inside, and the door closed, they skinned themselves out of their gear and washed it all off properly, Sam and Danial having to show the others this, and hung it all up on the hooks designed just for that purpose, and luckily there were just enough.

“Looks like we will have a few more things to get rid of on our next stop.” Sam said of the old diving equipment they had that they would not longer be using.

Danial just nodded and and the others just shrugged their shoulders. And when everything was put away and three new tanks were put on for filling, three had been placed on before they left, they headed back up to the main living deck and the boys all headed to their bedrooms to get showered and diapered. Less than twenty minutes later, six sparkling clean, and thickly diapered boys, came out of their bedrooms and met in the kitchen. The swimming had built up a bit of an appetite and they all helped to make a large hearty meal.

Once dinner was made and consumed, the six guys all kicked back and relaxed for the rest of the evening, just watching movies all night. They then headed to their bedrooms for the night to enjoy each others company in a more personal manner. And although they were all tired, they each fired off at least a pair of orgasms each before diapering each other lovingly for the night and falling asleep.